When weird stuff happens 2

When Weird Stuff Happens 2

by: Lou Bealy

(I wrote this story in high school, around 2001, and they are about high school students. all characters are 18)

Part 1 is here.

Part 2


When Steve and Monica left the room, I was feeling quite uncomfortable. I didn't like the animalistic look in Jessica's eyes. I could feel a strange attraction to her. I imagined she was feeling the same. I could hear moaning from the other room. I knew what was going on over there and it was making me more hot. I could feel my pussy juicing up. I didn't expect to see what I saw. She had a slight bulge in her lap. I immediately figured it out. I wondered if Steve and Monica were aware that they had left me in a room with someone who could fuck me good and hard, not like the Jessica I used to know. The one without a dick. I saw the bulge in Jessica's lap expand and press into her dress. I couldn't help myself any more. I reached over and caressed her lump. She leaned her head back and moaned a little. I peeled her dress up. She wasn't wearing any panties or briefs or anything. Her cock was at least 6 inches long. I was feeling a longing that was beyond comparison with anything I had ever felt. I reached over and began to slowly stroke her dick up and down. She moaned and pulled up her bra. She began to caress her breasts as I manually manipulated her. She began to breath quickly as I went faster. I couldn't take the feelings that were flying through me. I stood up and pulled my jeans down, then my boxers, revealing my moist slit. She looked confused as she saw my practically dripping cunt. She guided me to the floor as she slowly probed my slit with her fingers. I moaned as she touched the right spot. She climbed between my thighs and pointed her dick right between my nether-lips. With a thrust, she was inside me. My second time was better so far. She seemed to know how to do it right as she slowly slid her dick in and out of my moist hole. I grabbed her tits and squeezed them hard as her dick pumped in me hard. I moaned loudly and put my arms on her back, trying to pull her deeper. I wrapped my legs around her ass and squeezed, driving her deeper and deeper into me. She grunted on each stroke as she fucked the shit outta me. She reached down and stroked my clit. I couldn't take all the stimulation much longer. I groaned and tilted my head back. She started pumping vigorously. I shrieked as I felt my first female orgasm. It didn't stop, just waves of pleasure for minutes. She let out a shriek of her own and I felt her cum inside me.

She looked down at me and smiled. "That was great." She said happily and groggily. She got up, wiped off her dick as it shrunk and climbed into Steve's bed. I lay there and relished in my after-orgasm glow. After a bit, I shifted my butt to find a puddle of gunk under it. I felt the cold air between my nether lips, something odd, but strangely satisfying. I spread my legs a little wider only to feel more gunk leak out into my ass. How do girls deal with this crap? I thought angrily as I got up and walked towards the bathroom. As I passed by Steve's parent's room, I saw something absolutely incredible.


When we left the room, we already had a pretty good idea what was going to happen. We smiled at each other evilly. We got to his parents room we sorta looked at each other uncomfortably. I felt like we had sat there enough. I reached over and unbuckled his pants. His eyes opened a little wider as I pulled down his pants, then his boxers. I was greeted with an unbelievable sight. There was no sign of his dick. It was completely replaced by a pussy. I wasn't as surprised as I would have been if at that moment I hadn't have felt an erection pressing uncomfortably against my panties and jeans. I pulled down my pants and he looked, his eyes wide open, at my 6 inch phallus. I didn't wait for him to say a word. I just flipped him over and shoved him into the bed. I bent him over and quickly attempted to slip my dick inside him. I started awkwardly pressing my dick into his lips.

"Oww..." He muttered quietly as I broke his cherry and slid all the way in. I started sliding my dick in and out of him. He moaned as I started fucking him harder and faster. I was getting closer to my first male orgasm when I felt something strange.

I felt something pressing up against my anus. I peered over my shoulder and saw Jessica, she was attempting to ass fuck me. I automatically bent over for her a little farther. I looked back and saw Jason laying with his legs spread, Steve was licking away at his pussy. I felt Jessica hump her hips hard and she slid into me. I gasped as she started fucking me. I looked around the room, everyone had a transformed crotch. It was incredible. As she humped into me, I humped into Steve. I couldn't take it much longer and I orgasmed with the fury of no other. I slumped onto Steve. He desperately tried to get some friction from my shrinking dick. In the meantime, he licked Jason's pussy with abandon as Jessica pumped in and out of my asshole. I heard her finally grunt and let loose inside me. She got off me and I got off Steve. Both Jessica and I slumped to the floor as Steve and Jason continued their little fun. Jason flipped over and got in a sixty-nine position. He started licking Steve's cunt with equal fury. He played with Steve's clit with his tongue and pumped his fingers in and out of his hole.

Steve whimpered as he did the same. We watched them for a little bit before both of our dicks become hard again. I got up and crawled behind Jessica, who was on her hands and knees. I snaked my dick into her asshole as quickly as possible, as not to prolong the pain. I started fucking her hard and boy was it great. I reached around started pumping her dick. Everyone in the room was moaning so loud, no one could tell who was making what noise. Everyone in the room seemed to orgasm at the same time. We all moaned loudly as our orgasms passed. We laid still, basking in our orgasmic glow, when we remembered Steve's parents were coming home soon. We all quickly got up to put our clothes on, then left, except for Steve, of course.


The next morning, I didn't know what to expect. I felt my rigid cock under the covers.

"Yes!" I yelled as I threw my covers off and peered down. Everything looked fine, I pulled my boxers down to take a look.

I saw something even weirder than yesterday. I had my dick, alright. But I didn't have any testicles. I did however, see a glistening pussy between my legs. I was now officially, a transexual. I didn't know what to do, I decided to wait to talk to the others.

When I got to school, I saw all three of them walk towards me.

"Did you wake up....different... than yesterday?" Asked Jessica.

"Yea, I got..... both now." I said with slight embarrassment.

Each of them nodded. "All of us too. What is going on?" Said Jason. We all looked like us, but we all had a secret in our underwear. It was a secret that we would only have between us. We agreed that all sex acts would be between us. We didn't know what lay ahead........


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