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Pussy Destroyer

Pussy Destroyer by Lou Bealy Commissioned by anonymous If you would like to commission me for a custom story, details are here Support my writing by becoming a subscriber on Subscribestar ! Get access to exclusive content and benefits! All characters engaging in sex acts are 18 or older Hank walked home, sad and dejected. It was appropriate that it was raining, he mused. It fit his mood and the dreary occasion. He brushed a wet lock of curly brown hair out of his eyes before crossing the street. At least he didn’t have far to go. His best friend Kayla had just basically kicked him out of her house. It was a miserable end to their third date. He knew that he would never get another shot, after what happened. It kept replaying in his head. She had finally given him a shot after she had finally broken up with her asshole boyfriend. He had been waiting since puberty for that chance. With his plain features, straw-colored hair and eyes, and slightly chubby build, he wasn’t too s