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Fuck My Brains In

  Fuck My Brains In by Lou Bealy Commissioned by anonymous If you would like to commission me for a custom story, details are here . Support my writing by becoming a subscriber on Subscribestar ! Get access to exclusive content and benefits! This is a work of fiction and all characters depicted are 18 or older. “Did you get everything I asked?” Mila asked as she picked through the pile of components. She looked positively tiny next to the large hard plastic carrying case that Charl had wheeled into the room. “And no one saw you, right?” “Yes and no.” Charl let out a huge breath as he placed the last storage container on the floor of Mila’s garage. “Are you sure your dad isn’t going to find out about this?” “He’ll never find out that you helped me steal his equipment,” she scolded as she picked opened the closest container and began to pick through the components. “Don’t be such a little pussy.” “It was my ass on camera stealing this highly sensitive technology from the lab,” he point