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The Bimbo Treatment: Gender Swap Erotica

When Frank's boss goes from riding him every day to being friendly overnight, he asks around and finds out he's been going to something called "the bimbo treatment" to help with his anger and stress. Frank decides to investigate, thinking he could use some of that kind of therapy. Little does he know that the bimbo treatment is when you become the bimbo! While there, he runs into the stunningly beautiful version of his boss. Can he resist the urge to try the treatment himself? Find out in the pages of The Bimbo Treatment: Gender Swap Erotica! For sale on amazon here . Free with Kindle Unlimited. I had a lot of fun with this one. I don't normally do the immediate full body transformation, but I loved it for this story. The confusion Frank feels when he starts putting the pieces together is a lot of fun. He thinks the beautiful woman can't really be his boss, but he keeps wondering about it. Fun stuff Anyway, enjoy!

(Promo expired) Sexy Swap Giveaway

(Giveaway has ended) The first ten people to follow me on amazon, and go to this link will receive a free copy of my ebook "The Sexy Swap: Gender Swap Erotica. I have posted an excerpt here on my blog. Must be 18+ and resident of US.

Sexy Excerpt From A Simple Exchange: Gender Swap Erotica

Buy on Amazon, free with Kindle Unlimited         ' “I want your cock.” she said sharply over his complaints. There was a pregnant pause. “I… excuse me?” he asked, thinking he had not possibly heard her correctly. His erection was already straining in his sweatpants again. “I want your cock.” she repeated, looking dead serious. She was even putting on her puppy dog eyes. He sat there, trying not to show the utter surprise he was feeling at that moment. She continued “Well, more specifically I want to borrow it for a little while, tonight. I wanted to show her how great they are. She’s only ever been with girls. Men can be such assholes, but there is nothing quite like a real cock.” her eyes lit up with wonder. “So, I need a male volunteer so that I can-” “Yeah, of course I’ll do it.” Mark said quickly. His head was practically swimming in disbelief. He had never expected Bonnie to proposition him, especially like this. “You will?” she smiled at him warmly. He alway

The Dare Game

This is a story that started out as one thing, and slowly became another as I wrote it. I'm not sure what genre it would even fit in, or if this sort of thing is interesting to others. So I'm putting it up on my blog for free, and I am open to feedback as to what comes next, if anything.  Anyway, enjoy! The Dare Game by Lou Bealy Support my writing by becoming a subscriber on Subscribestar ! Get access to exclusive content and benefits!     Nick and Melanie entered “Love-Lee’s”, the strange sex shop that had seemed to pop up out of nowhere some time in the last few days. No one seemed to know who owned it and when it had been built, but it was the talk of all the ladies at Melanie’s office. This new place supposedly had some high tech equipment that none of the girls had ever seen before. She was told that she “had” to see it, and maybe pick up one of those unique sex toys, or “marital aids” as Nick would call them. Nick had always been something of a vanilla pru