Sexy Excerpt From A Simple Exchange: Gender Swap Erotica

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        '“I want your cock.” she said sharply over his complaints.
There was a pregnant pause. “I… excuse me?” he asked, thinking he had not possibly heard her correctly. His erection was already straining in his sweatpants again.
“I want your cock.” she repeated, looking dead serious. She was even putting on her puppy dog eyes.
He sat there, trying not to show the utter surprise he was feeling at that moment.
She continued “Well, more specifically I want to borrow it for a little while, tonight. I wanted to show her how great they are. She’s only ever been with girls. Men can be such assholes, but there is nothing quite like a real cock.” her eyes lit up with wonder. “So, I need a male volunteer so that I can-”
“Yeah, of course I’ll do it.” Mark said quickly. His head was practically swimming in disbelief. He had never expected Bonnie to proposition him, especially like this.
“You will?” she smiled at him warmly. He always thought she was so beautiful when she smiled. Her freckles framed her beautiful green eyes. It made him just melt inside.
“Yeah, I just didn’t expect…” he started to say, but was interrupted by her reaching out and grasping his cock through his sweatpants. He breathed in sharply as soon as her hand made contact with his bulging erection.
Bonnie closed her eyes and whispered something under her breath and then he felt something strange. It was like a current went through him, starting and ending at her hand as it made a loop through his whole body. An instant later the feeling ceased, but Mark was momentarily disoriented.
“Thanks!” she said happily and then turned to leave. “Shouldn’t be very long.”
Mark blinked as he watched her walk away. He was confused. What the hell was that? And didn’t she want his cock? He stumbled back into his room, still confused and somewhat disoriented.
He pulled off his sweatpants and threw them on the floor. Something immediately felt wrong and he looked down to his crotch. What he saw didn’t make any sense.
He had a pussy. In between his legs, where his cock and balls should be, there was a woman’s genitals. He noticed immediately that it was covered in fine red hairs, and sopping wet.  He concluded it must be Bonnie’s as crazy as that seemed. Well, he thought, not any crazier than suddenly becoming a woman. Then he realized what had happened to his dick.
He walked over to his door and slowly opened it, trying not to make any noise. Sure enough, he heard female moans and the slapping of skin from the living room.
“No fucking way.” he whispered to himself, still in disbelief. Now he knew why she was going on and on about some old dusty books.
He reached down into his boxer shorts and felt his new pussy for the first time. He felt the tip of his finger probe between the outer folds of his vulva. It was moist and ready to fuck. It definitely felt real. So did the massive feeling of wanting to envelope coming from his nether regions. It had all the urgency of an erection, but felt completely different at the same time.
He contemplated what he should do now. There was an obvious choice, but he tried to think of alternatives. Any alternative. Nothing could distract him from what was going on between his legs. Wouldn’t it be rude, to play with her pussy? He shook his head and chuckled, remembering what was obviously happening in the living room. It sure seemed like it would be fine. It was only fair, after all. After briefly contemplating any other action except the obvious, he gave up his token resistance.'


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