The Mast from the Past

The Mast From the Past by Lou Bealy
Commissioned by anonymous

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Sam considered himself to be “the man” on campus, quite literally the “cock of the walk”. He was one of the hottest guys in class with his blonde hair, blue eyes, and six foot three, two hundred thirty pound image of what a Viking used to look like, even down to the red beard that he wore short and well-trimmed. That would have probably been enough to make him very successful with the ladies, and certainly helped him get his foot in their door, so to speak. In addition, he was blessed in the sexual department as well, on multiple levels. His sexual prowess was also legendary at this point. He had an impressive, almost obscenely large cock that never failed to make a girl’s eyes go wide upon first seeing it. He was about fourteen inches long and as big around as a beer can. 

It was so massive that a lot of girls would even be intimidated by it, requiring some convincing to let him try and fit it inside them. And with his favorite lube that he bought by the twenty-four-ounce bottle, he would always win the argument. There would be some pain of course, but the pleasure he administered was more than enough to make up for it. They would tell him as much, after the fact.

He wasn’t just blessed in terms of size. Pleasing women came naturally to him as well, and he had ungodly stamina. He would give them orgasm after orgasm until they cried uncle and only then would he let himself cum. His favorite tact, if they pushed him, would be to say he would pull out. He refused to use condoms. He would claim that they were all too small for him, which was true. But he would rarely actually pull out. He would shoot his load inside them and they would rarely complain. Especially his regular girls- he jokingly called it his harem- who were all on birth control.

This night was a night like any other for Sam. After class, he got out his phone and began texting the girls his regular partners, of which he had only a few that he regarded as hot enough for him to fuck more than once. He was having an unusually hard time finding company for the night. Angelina the gorgeous little five-foot Asian sophomore, Lisa the redhead with huge H-cup tits, and Jane the athletic blonde cheerleader who could actually fit his cock in her mouth. They were all busy with other plans. Even his little fuckbuddy nursing student Heather from across the hall that he went to when the others were busy- more out of convenience than anything since as cute as she was, she was not model-hot like the others- was unavailable. He would just have to get some strange.

That was never an issue for him either, it just took a little more work. Not that much work, since his reputation as a god in bed with a giant cock had by this point spread everywhere on campus. But it meant actually dressing nice, applying some cologne, and putting his nice face on.

There was a bar near campus called The Shark Fin that a lot of the students would frequent, and there he met Mary. She was the only girl that he would fuck that wasn’t seemingly attached. She was short and thin, with small tits, but a cute little face with high cheekbones and a button nose. She had her dark hair tied back in a ponytail and was wearing a pantsuit that contributed to making her look very smart, almost professional. He didn’t normally care for that sort of look, but she made it work for her.

She told him that she was a recent transfer and in the first year of a master’s program for biology. She worked in the bio lab at the university on some kind of hush hush research project that she wouldn’t get into beyond saying it had something to do with reversing aging. He thought about the idea of getting her to talk about it and guessed that she would open up after he had rocked her world if he even still cared at that point. He wouldn’t normally give a shit, but since she didn’t want to talk about it at all and left it mysterious, he just considered it a challenge.

He knew that in these sorts of circumstances, that he had to make out with them a little, which he hated doing with anyone, let alone a girl that he was going to use once. His harem of regular girls all knew he hated it, but sometimes he had to in order to seal the deal.

After a few drinks, he kissed her hard on the mouth, which surprised her but seemed to delight her as well. He gave her some tongue, which he knew most girls loved. After making out for a few minutes, he could tell that she was getting horny and he had her right where he wanted her.

He got her back to his apartment in pretty short order. He did have to be a little coy about it and pretend that he was really interested in her, but that was nothing new to him. He had a lot of experience in telling women exactly what they wanted to hear and this time was no different. He could tell that she may even be looking for some kind of regular thing or commitment so he kept talking about how he was unattached at the moment, but remained aloof.

“I never do this.” Mary kept repeating and giggling. He knew part of it was that she was a little drunk, but he also suspected that it wasn’t his looks or charisma that put him over the edge, though they helped of course. He figured that she probably had heard of his legendary prowess. He knew that even seemingly “good” girls would be interested in getting freaky with him if they had heard about how big and how skilled he was. It was just in their inherent nature, he had decided. After all, he was sure they also heard what a serial womanizer that he was and would get in bed with him anyway. It was their fault for believing his obvious bullshit, or else they didn’t care. Either way, it wasn’t his problem.

He was a little disappointed when they got undressed. When she pulled off her shirt and bra, he immediately noticed that she had been wearing a padded push-up bra, and her tits were practically non-existent. They were little mosquito bite A-cups. She saw the was he was looking at her and turned red with embarrassment. He quickly covered for his obvious disappointment by moving his head to one of her nipples to lick and suck it. She moaned in response. Even though they were small, they were still very sensitive. He hadn’t even been at it for very long when he got her into bed and found her to be soaking wet. Even so, she was so small that she whimpered with pain as his huge cock slid into her hairy pussy, despite using a healthy amount of extra lube. He managed to get it all the way in, with an obligatory remark about how tight she was. He knew girls loved to hear that. Just as he loved to hear about how huge he was, which she, of‌ ‌course, commented on. She wanted to kiss him some more too, but he was already fucking her so he knew he didn’t really have to go there at this point. He avoided kissing her and then flipped her onto her stomach before pulling her up on her knees. He resumed fucking her from behind, now not having to worry about her trying to kiss him.

Sam went through the motions, clinically and without much enthusiasm. He watched himself in the mirror more than he did her. They fucked in every position, and he gave her many bed shaking, pillow biting orgasms before he relented and let himself cum. Not knowing whether she was on the pill or whatever, he pulled out and sprayed cum all over her ass, which she was too worked up to complain about. Having gotten what he needed from her, he stood up to clean off in the bathroom before returning to get dressed again. He didn’t really enjoy the sex itself much anymore, but rather he really got off on the power and the pursuit of a girl before conquering her. The physical part was secondary, almost procedural to him at this point.

“This was a lot of fun.” Mary smiled. “So, what are you doing tomorrow?” she asked, her face full of hope. “I’m free in the evening  if you wanted to get together again.” He knew where this was going, he had seen it so many times before. He didn’t see any sense in drawing this out, though. Better to just be direct. She got close and tried to kiss him again, but he put his hand on her breast and held her back.

“No, I don’t think that’s a good idea.” he replied, not caring to look at her as he turned to grab his shirt. “I don’t think that this,” he gestured at the two of them. “Is going to… be a thing.”

Her cute little face scrunched up in a frown. “What’s that supposed to mean?”  She grabbed one of the towels he kept next to the bed for that very purpose and wiped his copious load of cum off of her back and ass, which was more difficult than it sounds. She lay there cleaning up as he got dressed.

“It means that this was fun, but I’m going to find some different fun tonight, okay?” He got to the door and turned back. “Now I’m going to go and get a midnight snack. Please don’t be here when I get back.”

“I can’t believe this!” she yelled, finally getting out of his bed to put her own clothes back on. “You are the asshole that all the girls say you are!” Her voice was getting shrill and clearly, she was not taking this very well. She looked over at his nightstand for something to throw at him. He knew that look.

“Yeah, Yeah.” He had heard it all before. “I’m an asshole that can get whatever girl he wants since I got this.” He cupped his package. “And I don’t usually go for girls who look like they are twelve. I might have thought you were that young, except for the hairy twat!” he teased. “I prefer girls You know, with some-” he gestured with his hands to his chest, pretending to cup a pair of big tits.

She gave him a death-stare but he didn’t react to it at all. He had seen it many many times. She looked like she wanted to say something else, but he cut her off.

“Just leave, alright?” he said in an irritated tone. “I know where you work, and if you break or steal anything, your employers will hear about it. And so will my dad’s firm. You don’t want to cross either of us.” He smiled smugly, pulling his jacket on. “He’s one of the highest-paid lawyers in the country.” He didn’t even bother to look back as he calmly shut the door and left for the nearby Taco Bell. He didn’t have much fear of any repercussions. There never really were any to speak of, no matter how much the girl screamed and yelled at him. They knew better than to fuck with him, he thought with a smug grin.

* * *

The next night, Sam had more immediate success in arranging his evening entertainment. Jane, his hot little blonde cheerleader, said she could meet up with him after class. She was one of the hottest girls in her class and she was an animal in bed. She was one of the few girls who could fit his dick in their mouth and actually please him with her mouth, which she demonstrated immediately upon entering his apartment. She was wearing her blonde hair in pigtails and had on her cheerleader outfit, which always did it for him. She had a tight little athlete’s body with C-cup tits and a nicely toned ass.

She dropped to her knees right away and fished his huge cock out of his pants. She held it in both hands and begin to lick all around the head, bringing him to full hardness. She could barely get both hands around it but somehow was able to fit the first few inches into her mouth. It never ceased to amaze him, since he had found very few girls who could pull that off, much less make it feel amazing, the way she did. He grabbed her blonde haired pigtails in each hand and began to fuck her face, making her gag and choke, which he knew that she loved.

She let him do whatever he wanted with her. She loved it rough. Which is why she squealed with glee after he pulled his cock from her mouth and pulled her by the hair over to his bed. He pulled her down so she fell face-first onto the bed. He gave her a firm slap on the ass, making her squeak and giggle.

After pouring a generous amount of lube onto his cock, he was able to slowly work his way inside of her tight little snatch. He had been so horny thinking about stretching her tight cunt that his cock was already leaking precum, which was a bit unusual for him. There was a bit of resistance as he slid in. Even after fucking her so many times, she was still seemingly as tight as ever, which was impressive. Being an athlete, she probably did some kind of exercises to keep her junk fit and tight. Not that he truly cared all that much what she did since basically, any girl would be tight for him, but he did like the result. He would hit their cervix without even thrusting hard, and there was always at least a few inches of his dick that he couldn’t fit inside them because of his sheer size.

“Oh, Sam!” she called out when he was most of the way in. “You’re so big!” a girl told him for the millionth time. He still loved hearing it, though. He would likely never get bored of hearing that tone of awe and wonder in their voice. It was the main reason he still enjoyed taking these girls when you would think it would have become almost boring at that point.

He had barely started fucking her, mainly just trying to slowly fit the rest of him inside her using short strokes to loosen her up a little more, and she was already moaning like a wanton slut. She was probably already close to orgasm, he figured. He had been with her- and girls in general- enough times that he could tell by her short breaths and low moans. He was skilled at giving girls multiple orgasms in the first place, but she in particular was always on a hair-trigger and orgasmed almost continuously. He envied her sometimes since he was so accustomed to this that he needed to really work to cum.

"You love that, don't you slut?" He asked as he continued to drill her, picking up speed. "You love being stretched open by my huge cock."

"Mhmm oh yeah…" she groaned, wiggling her hips back and forth. “Fuck me with that big dick.”

As he continued to fuck her, he gave her round ass a nice hard smack, causing her to squeal with delight. He reached up and grabbed her pigtails again, pulling them hard for leverage as he picked up speed. Soon he was fucking her as hard and fast as he could, their skin making obscene slapping sounds as he bottomed out with each thrust. He suddenly stopped and pulled hard on her pigtails, while thrusting inside her as hard as he could. 

She made a deep grunting sound and then mumbled, “Ohhhhh… fuck yeah…”

He held her there for a few moments before resuming his assault, this time trying to cum. That didn’t take him too long.

He ignored her squeals and exclamations and focused on getting off. "Here it comes, slut…" he moaned, his orgasm beginning to overtake him. He was spraying cum inside her a few moments later, his whole body shaking as he emptied his balls. Like the other girls in his harem, she was on birth control, so he had nothing to worry about on that front.

It was the most powerful orgasm that he could remember having in quite some time, which was odd because the sex was nothing special. And as soon as it began, he felt something strange. It was like a shiver that started in his crotch and then moved to his penis. He actually felt himself slide in a little further, which should not have been possible because he was up against her cervix. He was confused, but his ability to scrutinize this strangeness was limited because he was in the midst of an orgasm. After it subsided, he pulled out and looked down at his now softening dick, wondering what that weird feeling was. He didn’t even pay any attention to her as she thanked him and got up to clean up before leaving. He sat transfixed by his dick. Something was off.

He wiped off his dick with a towel and scrutinized it closely, stroking it a few times. He was still highly sensitive from the afterglow of orgasm, much more so than usual, and there was definitely something different about the look of it. It looked… smaller.

He shook his head, that can’t be right. He tried to dismiss the thought as impossible, before rolling over to try and get some sleep. Hours later, he was still awake, the feeling that he wasn’t imagining things was impossible to ignore and eventually, he got up and walked to his desk while stroking his dick to full hardness. He had only ever measured it because a girl demanded to know just how big he was, he had never been insecure enough to worry about it.

“No, no, no.” he muttered to himself as he looked at the tip of his dick next to the thirteen-inch mark on the tape measure. He told himself that it couldn’t be right. He knew he was at least fourteen. Wasn’t he? He couldn’t have shrunk an inch, that wasn’t possible, was it? He had heard that gaining weight would do that, but he kept himself in good shape. He couldn’t find any other explanation after some google searches and concluded that he must have been mistaken about his length. It was easier to believe that he had measured it incorrectly before than it was to accept that his dick was somehow shrinking. That didn’t seem possible.

And yet… he had felt himself seemingly slide a little further into Jane’s pussy despite already being up against her cervix. That must have been his imagination. How could he even try to parse what his sensations were as he was cumming? His mind wasn’t in a position to analyze anything in that moment, he decided. He was satisfied with that explanation, since having a thirteen-inch dick was plenty big and no girl would likely complain about his false advertisement on his Tinder profiles or even were likely to notice at all. He tried not to think about it and finally got to sleep a few minutes later.

* * *

The next morning, he awoke with morning wood, which prompted him to remember his strange experience from the day before. He stroked it a few times and then measured it again. It was still thirteen inches or so. He sighed with relief, thinking that at least he hadn’t shrunk more in his sleep. Then he reminded himself that he wasn’t shrinking at all, and that wasn’t even possible. He just somehow screwed up when he measured himself, that’s all. That had to be it. He willed his dick to go down, but it stayed hard for a strange amount of time, as in hours. That hadn’t happened since maybe high school. He dispelled the thought from his mind by remembering that his test was that day and he needed to hurry and get ready.

He didn’t think about it for the rest of the day until he was about to coordinate that evening's liaison. He was about to text the girls in his harem when he remembered what had happened. He looked down at his clothed cock for a moment and then shook his head. Why was he still dwelling on this? There was no way his cock was shrinking. He needed to stop worrying about it. He knew this kind of worry and doubt could be a boner killer. Not that it ever happened to him, but he knew guys who had complained about performance anxiety and how it could ruin a night’s fun.

Lisa was the first to respond and while she was on the way, he changed into a muscle shirt and sweatpants and sat down to watch some TV while he waited for her arrival. When he imagined her great big tits, he immediately got hard. He was so horny just from thinking about her. This was a bit unusual because he normally had his urges on lockdown. He had earned that sort of confidence and control by establishing his cred as a real ladies man and didn’t need to masturbate. He hadn’t had to in years, in fact. But now he found himself stroking his cock without even thinking. He had to will himself to stop, and wait for Lisa to get there. It would be highly embarrassing if she got there and he was already spent and couldn’t fuck her. He grabbed a beer from the fridge to hopefully get himself a buzz and calm his nerves.

A few minutes later, she knocked on the door and entered. She was wearing a tight little dress that couldn’t contain her boobs or her ass. She was literally spilling out of the thing on both ends. Her boobs were practically falling out and the dress was riding up so you could see her bright red thong. He stared, his jaw agape and his cock was practically poking through his sweatpants he was so hard.

“Someone is excited to see me.” she cooed and stared at his cock as she got down on her knees in front of him. She shoved the dress straps off of her shoulders and pulled the top of the dress down, allowing her barely confined boobs to pop out. She pulled his sweatpants down and his already rock hard cock spilled out and flopped onto her ample chest. She looked at it for just a moment with a look of confusion on her face. The fear he had experienced since he had felt that strange sensation from the night before returned in force. Did she notice that his dick had shrunk since the last time she saw it?

He didn’t have much time to dwell on it, though. She grabbed a massive H-cup boob in each hand and mashed them into his cock. She began to stroke his cock in her amazingly soft tit flesh, gyrating her entire upper body as her huge but firm breasts slid across the length of his cock. It didn’t take long before he felt an animalistic need to get off. He grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled her to her feet, barely noticing the shocked look on her face. 

“Oh, okay.” she said, seemingly slightly disappointed but not enough to say anything that would halt the proceedings.

He normally drew out the fun a little longer with her in particular. Fucking her cleavage and sucking her nipples was always the highlight of their play since he admired her beautiful breasts more than he truly enjoyed their mediocre sex together. He had always told herself that she probably felt similar. She seemed to fetishize his enormous dick the same way he fetishized her bosom. It was oddly fitting, really.

He threw her onto the bed and pulled his clothes the rest of the way off, revealing his toned body and muscled arms. He didn’t even wait for her to get undressed herself before climbing on top of her. He pushed her dress up further and yanked her thong off her legs before throwing it across the room.

“What’s got into you?” she asked with a nervous giggle, but he didn’t answer. He was totally focused on the task at hand.

Nonetheless, she laid back and waited for him to have his way with her. She didn’t wait long. He didn’t even finger her or anything, not even caring if she was ready. He had a burning need to get off, but more than that he wanted to somehow claim whatever manhood that he felt he had lost the night before. Despite him continually telling himself that there was nothing to worry about, he couldn’t dispel those troubling thoughts entirely. Part of his urgency was to see if he would feel that same sensation as the night before and the frightening prospect that he may shrink again. He had to know.

After an awkward and painful few minutes where she wasn’t wet or open enough to take his huge dick, he managed to get it inside her and fuck her hard for a few minutes before shooting his load. It was completely uncharacteristic of him to be so quick and so rough, which was probably why she had a disappointed and embarrassed look on her face as he began to cum.

His fears were confirmed, though. His orgasm was just as powerful as the night before, maybe even more so and that strange feeling did return as well, accompanied by the feeling of sliding into her snatch just a little bit deeper. He was freaking out and he quickly pulled out to look down at his slimy cock, inspecting it for any changes. What he saw horrified him.

It had shrunk again. He was sure of that. He stared at it as it grew soft, visibly shrinking further which disturbed him despite knowing that of course it shrank when it went soft. He didn’t even take much notice of Lisa, who saw the look on his face as he stared at his penis and wondered what his problem was. He was about to go grab the tape measure when he remembered that Lisa was still there. He turned to give her an unconvincing smile.

“That was great, babe.” he said awkwardly. He didn’t know how convincing he sounded, or how convincing his fake smile was, but there was no way he was going to admit what he was thinking.

“It was a little… different.” she said finally. Her expression betrayed her disappointment but she was too polite to say anything. “What got into you exactly? You normally take your time, and don’t hurt me as much.”

He thought quickly. “I don’t know, just really horny I guess.” He didn’t know anything else to say, but that seemed to satisfy her. She went to the bathroom to clean up and quickly ran over to his desk and again retrieved the tape measure. His nervousness and fear, in addition to his post-coital state, contributed to him being unable to get hard again to measure his cock, but he was sure that it was smaller. It even looked a little thinner, and his foreskin seemed to be looser, with more bunched up at the tip than he was used to.

Lisa exiting the bathroom snapped him out of it, he dropped his still substantial cock which thumped down on the desk. She gave him a confused look but said nothing as she finished getting dressed and left. He had never felt so humiliated.

He tried to measure himself a few more times, but it hadn’t been that long since he had cum and he was still recharging his batteries. Eventually, he gave up and went to bed, but left the tape measure on his nightstand. He tried to sleep, but the idea that somehow his dick was shrinking was making it impossible to find any kind of rest. His mind just kept replaying the events immediately following his orgasm. Every so often he would reach over to his nightstand and stroke his cock trying to get it hard to measure but to no avail. Eventually, he was able to fall asleep.

* * *

He awoke the next morning with an erection again. After he had come most of the way back to consciousness, he immediately reached for the tape measure and was so eager that he basically slapped himself in the dick with his tape measure. He was so preoccupied with his situation that he didn’t even notice the pain as he lined it up against his visibly diminished manhood. He may have been able to chalk it up to his imagination before, but there was no denying it now. His dick had lost another inch or so. Probably more, since he was now just over eleven inches long while painfully hard. He was so hard he was dripping precum, so there were no excuses he could tell himself as to why it would be so much smaller. He was mortified to realize that his girls would almost certainly notice now. He was still huge by any standard, but he had lost over two inches in length and a similar proportion of girth. It was impossible not to notice the difference. His terror at the idea that somehow his cock actually was shrinking caused it to quickly wilt back to softness.

That night, he didn’t really even want to reach out to any of his harem to see if they wanted to hang out. He was embarrassed by his diminishing manhood and was pretty sure that they would notice. They may even ask him about it, which was a horrifying thought. What would he even say? For a guy that had always regarded a large cock as a measure of true manhood and even made fun of other guys in locker rooms who were much less fortunate than he with regards to physical endowment, he was ashamed about the fact that is own manhood was seemingly dissipating before his eyes.

He heard his phone beep and saw that it was Angelina asking what he was up to that night. He sighed, knowing that he didn’t have many chances to spend time with his hot little Asian ho (as he called her). She was usually quite busy, and he didn’t want to give up the opportunity. He also realized that with how tiny and petite she was, especially down there, she may be the only girl who wouldn’t notice what was happening to him. Still, he didn’t really want to risk it.

But he found himself to be even hornier than he was the day before. Despite how distraught he was about his shrinking cock, it was still rock hard and aching to be used. He needed to cum and badly. He eventually relented and texted her back, letting her know that she could come over. He would just have to skip most of the foreplay, which he was inclined to do anyway with how horny he was. He didn’t want her or anyone else who had seen his dick before to know how small it was now in comparison. He knew he was still so much bigger than most guys, but if they saw how much smaller he was than before, they may question his manhood, or even think he was suffering from some weird condition. He didn’t want their pity, that would be even worse than embarrassment.

She arrived a little later, wearing yoga pants and a tight white t-shirt, which kind of matched his own wife-beater and sweats. Her nice B-cup breasts looked huge on her petite little frame. And it was amazing that she had such a small waist and an athletic round butt. He just loved her proportions. But this time he wasn’t even looking at her body. He was looking at her pretty face and brown eyes to see if she was looking at his crotch.

She didn’t seem to notice anything was off, except she did comment on his nervousness since it was obvious. After a little small talk, they got down to business. She was naked within seconds, and he had pulled off his shirt but left his pants on until the last moment, not wanting her to see what had happened to him.

She was about to kiss him, but stopped herself, clearly remembering that he hated it. He knew she saw other guys that probably did like to kiss, which usually didn’t bother him because no one could please her like he could. Now he was wondering if that was still the case. He didn’t have long to ponder that, though. She turned and leaned over the couch and peered at him from over her shoulder. She smiled and shook her little round ass and smiled at him. He always loved that look. His excitement and the sheer hotness of the sight almost made him forget about his situation. Almost. He still kept his cock hidden in his pants until she turned back around and begged him to fuck her.

“Mmm… It’s been too long… I’ve had nothing but little boys lately.” she cooed. “Pull out that big cock and show me what a real man can do.” she said, wiggling her ass.

He felt a little sting when she said “little”, but he reassured himself that he was still far bigger than any guy she would be talking about. He finally dropped his sweats to pool at his ankles before stepping up behind her to line up the swollen head of his cock with her wet snatch. He began to push in, trying to ignore the resistance and her little squeaks of pain. He gave up pushing and applied a large amount of lube before trying again. This time he slid in much more easily. She didn’t feel as tight as she had in the past, another reminder of how Sam’s size had been diminished, but the lack of foreplay to get her ready-made up for the difference in size. He wondered if she could tell the difference, but he didn’t dwell on it long. Now that the velvet embrace of her pussy was enveloping his cock, all distractions fell away and just his animalistic need to breed his bitch took over. He continued to stuff his cock inside her, and it took a few short thrusts to finally sink all the way in and hit her cervix.

“Fuck me daddy…” she mumbled as he slid in and out a few times, loosening her up just a little more. He hated it when girls called him “daddy”. He didn’t really care that they had daddy issues, it was still weird. But he couldn’t complain, those daddy issues were responsible for a large part of his success, he figured. He just ignored it and focused on the task at hand, getting off. She moaned and squealed as his thrusts picked up speed.

“Take it, slut.” he responded, feigning his old confidence. Though saying it did invigorate him somewhat. He grabbed her wide hips for leverage and began to slam into her as hard as he could, making obscene slapping sounds as his hips met her ass. 

Her tits were swinging back and forth until she grabbed them and started twisting her own nipples. “Yes! Yes!” she cried, her orgasm approaching. When her pussy began to contract and squeeze his cock, it sent him over the edge too. He came in her much faster than he usually did. He had not exercised his legendary control and it showed. His stamina had also seemed to have abandoned him. He also felt that same strange feeling, but this time he was already pulling out as he came. He looked down and thought he could actually see his cock shrinking some more. He hoped that was his imagination, but he knew that was too much to hope for.

“Hmph.” She huffed in disappointment, stinging his pride. “That was fast.”

“Sorry. I, uh.” he stammered. “I was really horny.” He quickly pulled his pants back up, hiding his embarrassing sex organs.

She shook her head and quickly cleaned up before leaving without a word. He could never remember feeling such shame and embarrassment, especially after sex. He didn’t even know how to handle it. He just wanted to crawl into a hole and die. He resisted the urge to measure his penis again. He knew it was smaller and was scared to find out how much.

He decided to try and drown his sorrows. He grabbed the bottle of vodka he had in his freezer that he kept in case he needed to lubricate a situation with a girl and mixed it with some orange juice to make a strong screwdriver. He quickly drained first one, then two, then three screwdrivers and then staggered into his room to collapse on his bed. He passed out shortly thereafter.

* * *

The next morning, he couldn’t resist the urge any longer and grabbed the tape measure from his nightstand. Just as he thought, he was now about eight inches long, which was still a good-sized dick, but it didn’t look right at all. Someone who didn’t know how big he once was wouldn’t notice anything but still much larger than average cock but he knew. He noticed how small it was. He used to barely be able to reach his large-sized hand all the way around it, but now his fingers overlapped somewhat. And what was even more distressing was the fact that his shrinking seemed to be accelerating. He had lost maybe an inch the first time it had happened. Then he lost two inches or so the second time. The third time saw his dick shrink by more than three inches. There was no phenomenon that he knew of or could find that would explain what was happening to him. He was considering going to the doctor, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it. It was too shameful. He just muddled through his days at school, barely able to pay any attention.

He spent the next week or so just going through the motions in his classes, and then returning home to drink himself to sleep. He ignored the texts from Lisa and Jane. He didn’t even get any from Angelina, which was typical but he imagined that his poor performance had something to do with it. He was still amazingly horny, but he couldn’t even bring himself to try and get any strange, he was too ashamed. The shrinking seemed to have stopped because he didn’t lose any size this time. Even after he lost his battle with the temptation to jerk off. He felt as horny as he was when he was a teenager and even though he wasn’t willing to risk humiliation again, he still needed to cum.

At first, he was afraid that somehow it was having an orgasm that shrank him. But after giving in to the urge to masturbate for the first time, he came almost immediately and he was relieved that he didn’t appear to shrink at all. He knew that the last few nights he had felt that strange sensation after cumming and then immediately noticed that he had shrunk. He determined that it couldn’t be from cumming, which was good because he was so horny that he jerked off at least three times a night. In addition to being smaller, he felt far more sensitive than he had before the onset of his strange condition. 

* * *

“Hey Sam, what are you up to?” he was startled by a familiar voice from behind him as he unlocked his front door after class one evening. He spun around and saw his neighbor Hannah smiling at him expectantly. She was dressed in some jeans and a shirt with a cat on it. It wasn’t very flattering because she had a pretty decent body with B-cups and curves but it was her typical style. She wore her brown hair in a short pixie cut and had hazel eyes and a smattering of freckles on her body. Not exactly his type, but he had fucked her when no other options were readily unavailable. He thought her freckled face was cute, but she wasn’t what he would call “hot” either. He could tell by the sultry look that she was giving him that she was horny and wanted to fuck. Even if he didn’t know her and her way of propositioning him, he had seen that look on enough women to readily recognize it.

“Hey Heather…” he replied uneasily. He wasn’t sure he would be able to give her what she wanted. He was certainly horny and didn’t have any other plans but to make a drink and watch some tv until passing out. That was a typical evening for him these days.

“I am free tonight if you are.” she smiled wider, clearly very horny herself. She reached out for his crotch and he was too shocked to stop her, she began rubbing his already half-hard cock through his jeans, which made him shudder and weak in the knees. He was instantly and painfully hard. He told himself it would be fine, he hadn’t shrunk in awhile. He could indulge.

“Yeah…” he opened the door. “Come on in.” His only concern was her noticing his diminished size. But he again reassured himself that he was still packing more heat than any other guy she was likely to get with. She was a bit of a homebody, just like he’d become recently.

“Great!” she beamed and then entered his apartment. He shut the door and turned back only to run into her, leaning up and trying to kiss him.

He recoiled. “Heather!”

She gave him a disappointed face with her bottom lip jutting out. “Oh, right.” she walked over to the couch and sat down to pull off her pants. “Sorry, I forgot.” she said half-heartedly. Their sexual encounters were always a very clinical affair where they both got off. She had tried after the first time or two to make it a more serious thing but he had rebuffed her. Every so often she would try again and pretend that she had forgotten. He figured she was testing the waters every time.

He walked over to pull his own pants off but stopped, remembering that she may see his throbbing erection and recognize how much smaller it was. He gestured to the end of the couch and she walked over to assume the typical position, leaving her pants behind on the floor. He admired her nice bottom as she bent over and gripped the edge of the couch. It was probably her best feature, he supposed.

“What are you waiting for?” she teased, wiggling her ass.

He hesitated a moment longer, then pulled his own pants down, his now eight-inch erection springing out. He turned to throw the pants at the laundry room and when he turned back, he saw her staring right at his cock. He was about to try and cover it, but he stopped since for one thing, it was still too big to hide with his hands, especially while erect. And the other thing was if he did, it would make it even more obvious that something was wrong. She turned back and didn’t seem to react, despite definitely having seen his visibly smaller cock. She had a grin on her face, but that wasn’t that unusual.

“Do you have a condom?” he asked her, formulating a plan.

“Since when do you use condoms?” she asked, confused. “I’m on the pill, you know that…” she trailed off and seemed to think for a moment. She didn’t say anything else, a grin creeping onto her face again.

His plan was simple, he had always hated condoms because of how they muted sensation during sex. Previously, he had to work to cum and a condom would have made it almost impossible. Now, it would be his saving grace… but the problem was he didn’t have any, for the aforementioned reason of him hating them.

After a moment he shrugged and position his cock at her entrance. “Nevermind.” He would just have to exercise some of his legendary willpower, he told himself. She was already soaking wet and clearly didn’t need any foreplay. Still, he didn’t want to hurt her and applied a generous amount of lube before getting on with the action. He grabbed his dripping cock and placed the head just inside her lips, making her coo in anticipation.

He slowly slipped into her, noticing that his increased sensitivity was even more pronounced while actually inside a woman. The heat enveloping his shaft, the sliding sensation against the condom, and the slippery folds of her sex he could still barely feel; he was about to erupt already. He stopped pushing in for a moment, as he would usually do to let his cock sleeve get adjusted to his size, but this time it was more for him.

He waited for a few moments, and she got impatient and began to wiggle herself backward, forcing more of him inside her. “Ohh… yeah…” she groaned. She reached down to finger her clit and then began to cum, her pussy convulsing around his shaft. This was way faster than normal for her, he noticed but he didn’t have time to contemplate it for more than a moment. Her hips rapidly thrust back and forth, like she was twerking.

He grabbed her ass in order to stop her and squeezed it a little to cover for his just needing to slow things down or cum. She made a whiney sound, and he slapped her ass in response, making her shriek and giggle. He took a deep breath and resumed fucking her while trying not to cum. This didn’t last long, and in short order, his cock exploded inside her with no warning. The whole thing hadn’t even lasted five minutes. He felt the same sensation again, but he was afraid to look down at his cock.

She didn’t look disappointed though, she giggled as he pulled out. He handed her a sex towel and she placed it between her legs before sitting down on the couch. He looked down and saw that again he had shrunk, way more than last time. He was not even six inches now. He tried to hide it from her with another sex towel, but she definitely saw it first.

“I knew it!” she cackled. “Angelina said-”

“Get out!” he yelled, turning to rush out of the room. He couldn’t believe this was happening to him. He slammed his bedroom door and then fell backwards into it, sliding to the floor in a sitting position. He wanted to cry. Surprisingly, he heard a knock at the door.

“Sam. Open the door.”

“Go away!” he shouted back, his head buried in his hands.

She knocked again. “Sam, it’s okay. I won’t tell anyone what happened. Angelina told me, but I was skeptical.” She pounded on the door again, this time more insistently. “I will tell if you don’t let me in. I’ll tell everyone at your school. Come on. Open up.”

He opened the door. “What do you want?” he demanded. He was fighting back tears.

“I just want to see it.” she said in a reassuring tone.

“Why?” he asked, bewildered at the whole situation. He was still hiding his now flaccid penis behind the sex towel.

“This is fascinating to me.” she said, looking away for a moment. “I, uh. I have a thing about… dicks.”

He scoffed but didn’t say anything. He wasn’t even sure how to respond to that except to stare at her in disbelief.

“I love dicks of all shapes and sizes.” Her eyes lit up in wonder. “I love big ones and small ones. And I love that now you’re probably small enough to fit in my mouth. I just find this whole thing utterly fascinating.”

He just continued to stare at her, dumbfounded.

“Please?” she asked, with her doe eyes. “I was bluffing about telling everyone at your school. I wouldn’t do that.”

He sighed and lowered his towel, showing his withered little dick. “It started, I don’t know, two weeks ago?”

“What exactly started?” she asked, marveling at his small cock. He couldn’t believe how happy she looked.

“I don’t know. I shrink sometimes after having sex. I don’t understand it.”

“You really think it’s connected to you having sex?” she asked, her voice full of wonder. “So I shrank you somehow by fucking you? That’s so hot…”

“I don’t know. It doesn’t happen every time I cum. I don’t know.” he said in a dejected tone.

“Have you been to a doctor?” She reached out toward his dick, but he shied away.

“No, I uh… too embarrassed.” he replied, clearly uncomfortable.

“So you don’t really know what is causing it.” she said matter-of-factly.

“No… no, I don’t.”

“Well, I’ll be glad to help you test this out.” she smiled at him. “I’d love to help. This is so cool.”

“I wouldn’t call it cool.” he said, sounding whinier than he wanted.

“Oh, come on. This is fascinating. I’ve never even heard of something like this. And besides,” she playfully punched his arm. “You’re probably still a good size.”

“For now…” he sighed.

“Well, we’ll get to the bottom of this.” she said, now rubbing the same spot on his arm. “Just let me know when you’re ready to go again.” she added excitedly.

He knew it wouldn’t be a long wait. He was unbelievably horny these days.

That night, they sat and watched porn together, which was strange but not unpleasant. She made him cum at least three more times, first by having sex again and then by jerking him off. He was small enough at this point that he didn’t need any extra lube like he usually did, which definitely bothered him. He came very quickly each time just as before and shot cum inside her, and then across the room but his loads were much smaller, nothing like the volume he used to be able to emit. He told himself that it was because of how recent his last orgasm was. But somehow he was able to go again in less than an hour. It was like he was fourteen years old again. He remembered those days, when he didn’t know how big his dick was compared to others and hadn’t gotten that boost of confidence yet. He used to jerk off ten times a day.

“You didn’t wax or shave, did you?” asked Heather as she got him hard for the fourth time.

“No, why?” he replied, his voice full of worry.

She gestured to his crotch. “I’ve been looking at it closely and uh… You aren’t nearly as hairy as I remember.”

He looked down and saw that she was right. He was still hairy, but it was almost like… No, that wasn’t possible. He shook his head, trying to deny the obvious.

She said what he was thinking, “It looks like a thirteen-year-old’s.” She continued to stroke him, her eyes full of wonder. “This is even more amazing than I originally thought.

He was horrified, but he had to admit it. His dick wasn’t just shrinking. It was getting younger. He had been a well-endowed kid. His dick was still about five inches long and sparsely covered in thin spindly hairs. Despite his terror making his go soft, Heather’s ministrations on his sensitive penis brought it back to full erection in short order. There also was something so sexy about a girl that was fetishizing his cock, even if it was for different reasons this time. She seemed genuinely enamored by his much smaller cock.

“It’s getting a little raw…” he muttered. First, they had fucked a couple of times, then she masturbated him for hours after and his dick was chafed and red. He was still so horny, though. He didn’t want to stop. And he was sure at this point that it wasn’t going to shrink anymore, at least right away. He handed her his bottle of lube and she poured some on her hands before returning to her work. The slick lube mitigated his chafing skin, and within a minute or two he shuddered and came again. It was his fourth orgasm in as many hours, and his cum bubbled out, with barely a load to speak of.

“Oh!” she gasped, his dick seemingly sliding in her hand, despite neither of them moving. He felt that familiar sensation again. She opened her slimy hands and revealed his dick, now having shrunk down to around four inches, and his hair was falling out. “This is amazing!” she said with glee. "It's so cute!" she giggled.

"What the fuck! he cried, standing up and pushing her away. He ran to the mirror and looked at himself closely. There was only a small amount of hair left, mostly above his crotch. It looked like the dick if a twelve-year-old! "Twice in one day? It's never happened twice in one day!" His voice got higher and higher as his terror mounted. He couldn't believe this was happening.

He turned to look at Heather, wanting to yell at her but wasn't sure what to say. How could this be her fault?

She seemed to think of something but kept it to herself. "I guess we could call it quits for the night. I uh… just got to use the bathroom." 

He turned back to inspect himself, looking at every square inch of his skin, as if he could somehow diagnose the problem. He heard her get up and walk by him on the way to the bathroom, the door slamming shut behind her.

After a few minutes, he went to make sure that the front door was locked but he saw that she hadn’t left and was still in the bathroom. He shook his head. Girls. "Lock up on the way out please!" He yelled before slamming his door. He didn't even hear her leave before falling into a troubled sleep.

* * *

At some point I the night, Sam was roused awake. He opened his eyes to see Heather, naked, standing over him.

"I think I may have figured out what is going on." she said, reaching for his crotch. "But I need to test it out." His dick was already getting hard just from seeing her B-cups breasts. She pulled the blanket back and they both looked at it. It didn't even resemble his dick at all. He hadn't been this small since he was maybe twelve.

“Mmm…” he groaned from her manipulating his sensitive cock. 

“Just lay back and let me handle it.” She giggled, then climbed on top of him and grabbed his cock. He sat there, not sure what to say and not wanting to stop. He was so horny all the time now. She aimed his cock between her legs before settling down and sliding it into her. She was already very well lubricated and his smaller cock had no trouble slipping in until he was balls-deep. The velvet walls of her cunt squeezed his cock tightly, which sort of shocked him, with how small he was now. He had no time to really contemplate it as she began rolling her hips so her pussy gripped his cock and began stroking it back and forth. He normally liked to be in control, but it was nice to let someone else in the driver’s seat for once.

It didn’t last long, though. He tried to last longer, but he couldn’t. After less than a minute, groaned and erupted inside her. He grabbed her hips and gripped them tightly, her own orgasm making her thrash a little. The orgasm was so powerful that he wasn’t sure if he had felt that strange sensation again or not. Once he came down, he pushed her back and his already softening cock slid out. It had shrunk more than an inch and was now totally hairless. He whimpered when he saw that what little hair that had remained before had fallen out and was all over his bed sheet and crotch area. He now had a hairless, two-inch dick that even a thirteen-year-old would be ashamed of.

“Not again!” he cried, tears welling up in his eyes. He couldn’t believe this was happening to him, it was like something out of his nightmares. He reached down to stroke it, and it was even more sensitive than before if that were possible. He had the beginnings of an erection already.

“I’ll get back to you later with my findings!” Heather said excitedly, her cute freckled face was lit up with a huge smile.

“Okay…” he replied weakly. He was so sad and dejected that he didn’t even ask her what her thoughts were before closing his eyes to rest. He didn’t know what else he could do but wait for her to tell him what was going on and tried not to dwell on it. His worries only kept him awake for a few more minutes. He was still pretty drowsy, and since he had an orgasm, sleep quickly returned to claim him.

* * *

The next day, Heather wasn’t home when he got up and she didn’t respond to any of his text messages. Had she figured out what was happening to him? He hoped she had, but he was skeptical. He had never even heard of this before. Besides, she seemed more thrilled by what she was doing to him than concerned about how it was even happening. He didn’t have any other options, though.

With his dick now resembling a preteen’s, he knew that he couldn’t show it to anyone. Even a new girl that had never seen his old dick would laugh at it. He felt humiliation just knowing that Heather saw it, and she seemed to love it.

He got back to his apartment that night and saw Heather waiting for him. She wasn’t smiling like she was the night before.

“So?” he asked her expectantly, unlocking his front door. She followed him inside but didn’t sit down.

“Look, this was fun, but-” she started.

“I knew it!” he cried, cutting her off. “You’re done with me too, aren’t you?!”

“Yes, but it’s not why you think.” she said, pleading with him to let her explain. He sat silently fuming, waiting for her to continue. “I know how this happened to you. I formulated my theory last night and then tested it. At first, I was so excited to be right, and by your changing cock. I carried it even farther on my own and-”

“What are you talking about?!” he demanded. “Just tell me what’s happened to me!”

“Okay!” she held up her hands in a “stop” gesture. “It’s your lube. Someone added something to it. After you came while I gave you the handjob with lube and it shrank, I suspected it, as strange as that sounded. It was the common denominator, I figured. And it needs semen to interact with it somehow.”

“I don’t understand.” he said, confused. “Who would…” and he stopped, realizing that he had a suspect already.

Heather continued, “I took some of it in the bathroom and applied it to myself. It reacted with the cum you had squirted into me earlier, and it shrank me too. That confirmed my theory."

“That’s how you were so tight…” He was trying to process all of this.

“Yup.” she beamed, a smile spread across her cute freckled face. “I just loved it at first. I couldn’t resist trying it again. I just love being stretched, and I loved what it did. At first. But…” she trailed off, her smile melting away to be replaced with a forlorn look.

“But?” he repeated.

“But I can’t have it happen again.” She pulled her sweatpants down. She wasn’t wearing any panties and he saw what she meant. Her hair was gone too. 

He gasped when he realized what it meant.

“I think multiple exposures make it much more powerful. And since it sat inside me with your cum, multiple times… it’s even more pronounced on me. I am afraid of it happening again. I can’t shrink any more.”

“But, but,” he stammered. “You’re the only one who knows about this. You love my cute little dick, you said!” he cried. He didn’t realize how much he had enjoyed their time together until now. He had been so afraid of his condition. But now he was in danger of losing the last girl that would give him the time of day. “With your shrunken… you know and mine…” he clasped his hands together, pleading. “We’re perfect for each other, aren’t we? And I’ll throw away the lube! It won’t happen again!” He approached her and grabbed her for a kiss. He had always hated kissing, but now he was trying anything to make her stay.

“I’m sorry.” she said in a sad voice, avoiding his kiss and pushing him away. “I’ve studied chemistry, and I’m afraid that there may be lingering effects. And if both of us expose our afflicted parts to the other… it may happen again, even without the lube.”

“I’ll put on a condom!” Tears welled up in his eyes. “We won’t make contact!”

She shook her head. “It could break. And besides, whoever did this to you could decide to do it again somehow, with a different delivery method. I just can’t take the chance. If it happens again, I may be rendered infertile. I just…” she sighed. “I’m sorry. It was fun.” She got up and left, not looking back. He burst out into tears as he watched her go. He cried for a while, and then remembered that he did have a suspect. Maybe she could reverse this if she knew he had learned his lesson.

* * *

He waited outside the bio lab from the time he got out of class up until the time they closed up. The person he was waiting for exited shortly thereafter. When she saw him, she smiled a knowing smile. He may have had trouble remembering what one of his one night stands looked like, even one so significant, but it was made easier by the fact that she was wearing the same hairstyle and outfit that she wore when they met.

“Funny to run into you here.” Mary taunted. 

He was so furious that he had to actively try and not run over and grab her to shake the shit out of her. But he knew that wouldn’t get him anywhere. “What did you do to me?!” he demanded.

“You mean you don’t know? I think you’d have figured it out by now.” The brunette laughed and crossed her arms across her small chest. 

He gritted his teeth, trying not to snap at her. He was at her mercy and they both knew it. “I was just hoping you would, you know, reverse it? Give me the antidote?”

“Why would I do that?” she tried to walk past him, but he stepped in front of her.

“Look, I’m sorry for what I said. I learned my lesson, okay?” Tears welled up in his eyes. “Look at me now!” he pulled his sweatpants down, revealing his withered genitals. She smiled with glee when she saw it and laughed.

“You learned your lesson, huh?”

“Yes!” he fought back the urge to cry right there. He had meant to be sad and convincing, but now he actually had to reign himself in and maintain at least a modicum of dignity. “No girl would have anything to do with me if she saw this. Angelina has already been talking about me, and-”

“I know.” she laughed. “She had a big mouth. I think all of the campus knows how you failed her, and- somehow- you aren’t the man you used to be.” she reached toward his little boy cock but he shied away. She laughed again. 

“You gotta undo this!” he cried.

She finally got around him, since he had shied away, and began to make her way to the elevator. “You know, I don’t think you have learned your lesson.”

His mind raced, and he decided on a different tact. “I’ll tell your lab!” he shouted at her as she got to the elevator. That made her stop. “Yeah… I’ll tell them, and I’ll tell my dad! We’ll sue you!” he cried, his voice getting shrill.

She turned around, looking disappointed. “Okay, fine. You definitely haven’t learned your lesson, I see.” She huffed. “But since you’re going to play it that way, I guess I have no choice.”

“Exactly!” he shouted. “Now fix this!” he pointed to his shriveled cock before pulling his pants back up.

“Wait here.” She unlocked the lab door with her keycard and went back inside for a few minutes before returning with a small bottle in hand. She handed it to him, a frown on her face. “Apply this a few times and you should return to normal after you cum. Just don’t use it too many times. It won’t grow you past a-”

He cut her off, snatching the bottle from her hand. “Finally!” he was about to open it and dump it in his hand when she laughed and gestured to the security camera above the lab door.

“I don’t think that’s a good-” she began, but he ran off before he heard the rest of her sentence.

When he got home, he eagerly applied it and began to jerk off. His little dick needed very little coaxing and was rock hard in moments. He furiously masturbated until he came, and a small dribble of cum spilled out of his tip. He felt the familiar sensation on his cock, but he shrieked when he saw that it shrank even further! “What the fuck?” He was now an inch long when still mostly erect! He began to blubber and cry, before getting furious. That bitch!

A moment later, a text from Mary came in. There was just a video, and it looked like security footage. He watched himself on camera, pulling out his little dick and showing it to her. Another text came in right after, and just said, “I’ll see you in court!”


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