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Update 2/22/19

Just wanted to give an update to everyone. I am steadily working on a couple of commissions, and the 5th part of The Sexy Swap series. I also want to add another story or two from my personal experiences, since that got such a good response. The first commission in the queue is a really big one, so that is taking up most of my free time lately. But I wanted everyone to know that more content is coming, and thanks for reading!

Dad's New Suit

Dad's New Suit by Lou Bealy Commissioned by anonymous Support my writing by becoming a subscriber on Subscribestar ! Get access to exclusive content and benefits! If you would like to commission me for a custom story, details are here . Contains incest. Be warned.     My dad and I had never really been close. He wasn't a strict disciplinarian or anything but he was just distant, when I was growing up. I had always been closer with mom. She was the one who always took me to football practice, the one who would show up for every game. She was much more supportive of my choice of college degree. My dad didn’t much care for an art major for a son. He said he didn’t want to pay for a “useless degree”, but mom convinced him to anyway. I thought he was just mad that I blew out my knee and couldn’t get any football scholarships.     Don’t get me wrong, I love my dad. I just found it ironic that I was the one he called on, and not one of my sisters. It was a little weird, s