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Free on Amazon 11/25-28th While holiday shopping, take a break to sample some fetish erotica! " A gypsy fortune teller gives Ben a reading. He will find love "close to home". His room mate Joseph finds himself changing. First he wakes up to find that his manhood is missing, and in its place is the female equivalent. He tries to hide his physical condition from Ben. What's worse, is the female part of his personality begins to take over." Free on Amazon 11/25-28th

The Sexy Swap 3: Gender Swap Erotica

Available on Amazon, free on Kindle Unlimited " The gender swapping adventure continues in The Sexy Swap part 3! Now that Greg has had his "penis privileges revoked" as punishment for his actions in Parts 1 and 2, he is stuck getting used to life as a woman. At least where it counts. Jenn loves her new male equipment, and decides she wants to have even more fun outside their marriage. She goes out to the club, and leaves the feminized Greg at home with Jake, their hot neighbor. Jake currently has what Greg wants the most. And Jake is going to give it to him. Their marriage will never be the same after the sexy action in The Sexy Swap 3!" The next part in the Sexy Swap Series is finally here! In this chapter, the characters cope with their new situation. Greg has lost his penis privileges and has to get used to having Jenn's vagina. He wishes he had his dick back, but he has to admit to himself how much he enjoys having sex in the female positi

Sexy Excerpt from The Sexy Swap 2: Gender Swap Erotica

Available on Kindle. Free on Kindle Unlimited ' She looked over at the bedroom mirror, and marveled at how large the 7 inch cock looked on her petite 5’3 frame. It was covered in thick brown hair, which heavily contrasted with the rest of her blonde hairs that made up most of her pubic region. She normally kept herself trimmed short, and now she had a thick bush of hair around the base of her cock and her ball sack. She was transfixed, watching her hand slide the skin on her dick back and forth. Her head was slick with precum and glistened in the hallway light as it emerged from her foreskin over and over. It was unbelievably sexy to see herself in the mirror, stroking that hairy cock. It felt even sexier. She lost herself in the pleasure. She began to pick up the pace, feeling an orgasm was close. She grabbed around the thick shaft with her tiny hand and rubbed as fast as she could. She couldn’t hold back anymore and let out a shriek as she sprayed thick cum all over h

A straight guy's experience with male/male sex

This is a strange subject for many reasons. I identify as a straight man. I am not attracted to men whatsoever. I've never looked at a man and felt that same visceral and automatic attraction that I do for women. But I have engaged in sex acts with other men. Before that, I fantasized about such encounters. I'll try and explain my thoughts and my journey. But it will be long winded. I will be glossing over most of it. I will change a few names and things so other people's anonymity is maintained. If there is any interest in me getting more specific with my experiences, say so in the comments. I'll start at the beginning. As you can probably guess based on my writing, I was into some niche erotica from my teenage years. I detail my childhood fascination with transformation and mind control stuff in my blog post Why I Write What I Write . At first, I was just into transformation stories. Mostly gender swap type stuff on fictionmania. So I was already reading sto

Steamy Excerpt from The Perfect Birth Control: Gender Swap Erotica (futa/male)

Available on kindle, or free on kindle unlimited “And you would be there for me no matter what?” She asked, her voice getting higher.     “Yes, yes, I will always be there for you, now what is it?” he asked, desperate now to help her with whatever was wrong.     “Okay.” She gulped. “I have a...a uh…” she said as she removed her hands. He noticed a strange bulge in the front of her panties. “I woke up and...I uh” she groaned. “I’ll just show you.” and with that she pulled the waistband of her panties down.     “What the fuck?” cried Tom. He didn’t believe what he saw.     She had a dick. It made no sense, but between her legs was a hairy, uncircumcised penis. He couldn’t believe it. He gawked at the sight. It was a normal looking penis, and definitely not a fake. It might even be a little bigger than his, but it would be hard to tell without it being erect. He tried to keep that thought out of his mind. He didn’t want to think about a cock . Even if it was his gir

Sexy Excerpt from The Girl Inside: Gender Swap Erotica

Available on Kindle and free on Kindle Unlimited He dreamed he and Ben were at the altar getting married! It was even stranger than that, though. In his dream he was a woman .     He woke up with a start. That was fucking weird. He got up to take a piss. When he reached for his manhood, he got the shock of his life. He couldn’t find it. His hand probed his crotch, only to find something else entirely. He involuntarily screamed bloody murder when he discovered what was happening down there.     “What?!” Ben came bursting in the bathroom, wondering what was wrong.     Joseph’s hand reflexively covered his crotch. “N-nothing!” he said, his voice wavering. “I, uh, I almost fell. I caught myself though.” He smiled.     Ben rolled his eyes and left the room. He was just wearing his boxer shorts, and Joseph found himself watching Ben’s ass on his way out.  He felt a certain not altogether unexpected reaction in his shorts.     With Ben gone, he could investigate his crot

Steamy Excerpt from Usurper: Straight to Gay Erotica

Available on Kindle Rob made the mistake of peeking on Tom when they were at the urinals. Now he can't get what he saw out of his head. Excerpt below. “Hey buddy” came a voice from behind him, startling him. He turned around to see Rob in his cubicle, smiling warmly. “Didn’t mean to startle you. I just wanted to say that I am sorry about how we got off on the wrong foot.” Tom felt relief at the fact that he couldn’t really see Rob’s junk through the loose kaki’s and long t-shirt he was wearing. He hadn’t even realized his eyes had instantly been drawn there. However, the smell of Rob’s masculine musk was still detectable. For some crazy reason, it was making it hard for Tom to think. He just politely smiled and nodded, agreeing that they should try and be friends. The smell lingered after Rob had left to go back to his own cubicle. Tom tried to get back to work, but he couldn’t concentrate. The smell permeated his nostrils, and filled his head with the images from

Sexy Excerpt from The Sexy Swap: Gender Swap Erotica

Available on Kindle "     As he walked to the charging station in his lab, he couldn’t help but notice the growing wetness in his crotch, and the novel sensation of his pussy lips rubbing together. His attempts at remaining detached and analytical had been largely in vain. His (wife’s!)pussy was already engorging with blood and getting wet. He felt an odd sensation, almost like an emptiness, a need to envelope.     After plugging in the transplanter, he hurried into the living room. He might as well enjoy the wait before he could get his cock back. Besides, Jenn wouldn’t mind. He played with her pussy all the time after all, he thought.     He found some lesbian porn to occupy himself while he waited. He sat on the couch with his legs spread wide and his fingers between them, exploring the new sensations of his wife’s pussy. He marvelled at the sensation of feeling his finger from the other side. As it became wet and engorged with blood, he felt an urgency, a hunger he

Why I write what I write

I knew from a very early age that I was fascinated with transformations. The first piece of media that I can remember that had me interested was the scene in the 1988 movie Willow. There was something about these people transforming against their will that fascinated me. Some other pieces of media that come to mind are an episode of Rescue Rangers where they get head-swapped with each other. And many other kids shows that I watched would have an episode or two about body swapping or possession or similar material. I've always like body horror for this reason. Movies like The Fly(1986) for instance, or several goosebumps books like Chicken Chicken where the horror aspect comes from someone changing into something else against their will. It wasn't until high school that I got the internet and discovered that there were lots of other people that were fascinated by people transforming. I found a website called fictionmania . It's still around today. I disco

The Perfect Birth Control: Gender Swap Erotica

"Jill and Tom have been a couple for a few months, and things have been getting hot and heavy. They decide on a form of birth control that they get from a "shaman". It is supposed to be one hundred percent effective "mystic" birth control. They find it is indeed very effective. With the change in her panties, there's no way she can get pregnant. The two of them engage in some risk free sex, and have fun with her new equipment. Contains futa on male sex." Available on Kindle

Late Delivery: Straight to Gay Erotica

"The pizza is late. The seduction is right on time. At first he is disgusted by the appearance and smell of the delivery driver. But when the man leaves, the smell remains. He finds himself becoming aroused by the humiliation and shame of the situation. Story about a straight guy who becomes ensnared in male/male seduction and lust." Available on Kindle

Usurper: Straight to Gay Erotica

"Tom makes the mistake of peeking while standing next to Rob at the urinal. He can't stop thinking about what he saw. Even while he is being intimate with his wife. He begins to fall into Rob's trap, and realizes that his wife may be next. A story about a married straight guy, coping with unwanted lust for another man." Available on Kindle  

The Girl Inside: Gender Swap Erotica

"A gypsy fortune teller gives Ben a reading. He will find love "close to home". His room mate Joseph finds himself changing. First he wakes up to find that his manhood is missing, and in its place is the female equivalent. He tries to hide his physical condition from Ben. What's worse, is the female part of his personality begins to take over" Available on Kindle  

The Sexy Swap: Gender Swap Erotica

"Greg has invented a device that can swap body parts. As a first test, he gender swaps with his sleeping wife, Jenn. He wants to switch right back, but the machine has to recharge first. So he decides to entertain himself, with his new equipment. His neighbor Jake shows up and inserts himself into the situation, complicating matters. They succumb to their curiosity and lust. More swaps ensue. What will Jenn think?" Available on Kindle My first story on kindle. Contains genital swapping between a married couple and their attractive male neighbor, while the woman is unaware if it. This story was based on a dream I had that was far stranger than what the story ended up being. The basic idea was what if you could borrow your significant other's junk without them knowing? The first part is mainly Greg and his neighbor Jake experimenting, and then Greg feeling guilty and trying to rationalize his newfound desire to get fucked like a girl. Part 2, available