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His Surrender

His Surrender by Lou Bealy Commissioned by anonymous Support my writing by becoming a subscriber on Subscribestar ! Get access to exclusive content and benefits! If you would like to commission me for a custom story, details are  here Based on true events Phil laid face down on the massage table. He decided not to strip completely naked but he did take off his sweats and a tee shirt, leaving him in his boxer shorts. He also covered himself in the blanket provided so he felt a little more comfortable. The slight perfume smell and the sound of waves lapping at the shore playing from the speakers also helped him to relax and get ready for his first massage. “I’m ready!” he called out and a moment later the door swung open. It was supposed to be good for a competitive swimmer to get regular massages, or so he had read. So eventually, he finally relented and paid for one at a place that was highly recommended to athletes. He had asked for a female massage therapist but s