His Surrender

His Surrender by Lou Bealy
Commissioned by anonymous

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Based on true events

Phil laid face down on the massage table. He decided not to strip completely naked but he did take off his sweats and a tee shirt, leaving him in his boxer shorts. He also covered himself in the blanket provided so he felt a little more comfortable. The slight perfume smell and the sound of waves lapping at the shore playing from the speakers also helped him to relax and get ready for his first massage.

“I’m ready!” he called out and a moment later the door swung open.

It was supposed to be good for a competitive swimmer to get regular massages, or so he had read. So eventually, he finally relented and paid for one at a place that was highly recommended to athletes. He had asked for a female massage therapist but something had come up and only a guy named Gene was available. They offered to refund his money but since he was already there, he figured he should just do it. He was secure enough with himself as a straight man to allow another man to touch him and it was not a sexual thing. This was a medical treatment, he reminded himself.

The door opened and in walked an older man, probably in his sixties, Phil guessed. He was tall, in good shape, and had short salt and pepper hair and a close trimmed full beard. He was dressed in what looked like medical scrubs and had a big warm smile on his face.

“So you must be Phillip. I’m Gene,” he said, sat down in a rolling chair and scooted up to the table. “Well, I have you down for a deep tissue massage is that right, Phil? Is it Phillip or Phil?” He smiled.

“It’s Phil,” he replied and good-naturedly. “And yeah. I was hoping just to get a full-body, deep tissue massage.”

“Gotcha.” Gene nodded. He started rubbing Phil’s back softly but with progressively more pressure. Phil wasn’t used to being touched this and he gritted his teeth in response, the hard pressure becoming almost painful.

“You gotta loosen up, Phil,” Gene said in a soothing voice. “You’ll feel a lot better if you just relax.” He patted the tense muscles of Phil’s back.

Phil willed himself to try and relax despite being touched by another man. He reminded himself that there was nothing gay about getting a massage from a man. Once he did, Gene’s manipulations were actually starting to feel really good. He sighed and just enjoyed it for a few moments…

“I’m guessing swimmer, right?” Gene’s soft high pitched but still commanding voice cut through Phil’s trance.

“Y-yeah,” Phil replied, snapping out of his reverie for a moment. “How did you know?”

“Well,” He chuckled. “Based on these legs you got here.” He reached down and rubbed Phil’s calf muscle a few times hard enough so it almost hurt. “You’re just built like a swimmer,” Gene whispered, pouring more oil onto Phil’s back before continuing his work. “Slender and athletic.” He was slow and deliberate, seemingly stretching and pressing each of the muscles to their limit before moving on to the next. He was paying special attention to Phil’s legs, rubbing them firmly and slowly.

Phil was trying his best not to make a sound but it was difficult when Gene pressed on his sore muscles. It hurt and was relieving at the same time, he couldn’t help but start moaning and groaning while his muscles were stretched and tenderized by Gene’s skilled hands.

He paid special attention to Phil’s legs, massaging them in varying amounts of pressure for an extended period of time before working his way up to his butt, then his lower back, each arm, then finally up to his neck.

“You ever shave your legs?” Gene asked in his low, reassuring voice. “I did when I was a regular swimmer. It is annoying to maintain but it feels amazing. You’d be amazed at how good your legs will look. The girls loved it when I was on the swim team. The same one you are on, I think.”

“How do you know what school I go to?” Phil demanded, getting a little creeped out.

Gene just chuckled and pointed at the pile of Phil’s discarded clothes in the corner. He had come there in his casual attire of sweats and the University logo was clearly visible.

“Oh, sorry.” Phil relaxed again, feeling foolish for being alarmed by the harmless small talk.

“Don’t worry about it. Anyway like I was saying the girls loved it. Nice legs like these deserve a better presentation, don’t you think?

Phil didn’t know how to respond. He wasn’t sure if Gene was just being friendly or coming onto him. He was also still groaning from the skilled treatment of his sore muscles. After a long pause and a few more muscles were painfully stretched, “Good looking guy like you, probably gets laid all the time, I bet.” Gene said, rubbing the soles of his feet. “ Am I right? I know I was killing it when I was your age.” He chuckled to himself. “You probably got a smoking hot girlfriend or even better, a little fuckbuddy, eh?”

Phil shook his head. “Actually… not in quite some time. I’ve been busy with school, swimming, and work so-”

“Really?” Gene interrupted, sounding almost offended on Phil’s behalf. “That’s too bad. What a waste.” He worked his way back up Phil’s legs and then began massaging his glutes heavily for a few moments.

Phil didn’t know how to respond to that and the awkward silence just hung there.

“Roll over,” Gene said in a commanding voice.

Phil complied, rolling onto his back only for his eyes to go wide with horror. He was pitching a tent in the blanket. Somehow during the massage, he had gotten an erection and didn’t know it. His uncut cock had risen to its full six inches and obscenely bulged the blanket out. He quickly sat up and covered it, while his face turned bright red with embarrassment.

Before Phil could say anything Gene put his hand on his shoulder and said in a low, soothing voice, “It’s okay, totally normal.”

“I, uh…” Phil stammered. He was still blushing and uncomfortable, sitting upright on the massage bench and covering his crotch.

“Don’t worry about it.” Gene soothed again, his hand on Phil’s shoulder was somewhat forcibly pushing him back down into a lying position. “Happens all the time.”

That reassured Phil slightly. “Really? Because this never-”

“Shh… just relax,” Gene whispered and began to rub Phil’s arms, eliciting a groan as he did finally relax again. He closed his eyes and tried to mentally move past the awkwardness.

Phil groaned as Gene worked his way down his body, again enjoying the mix of pleasure and slight pain as his muscles were stretched and manipulated. He was snapped out of it when he felt a hand reach under the blanket and grasp his erect penis.

“What the-” Phil began to sit up and reached to push Gene away but again the charming older man was somehow able to assuage his fear.

“It’s okay. I can tell that you need this.” Gene said in a very low voice, smirking. His hand held Phil’s cock in a firm grip for a moment and then began to slide a short distance back and forth, his smooth oiled fingers gently slipping over the sensitive skin. “No extra charge.” He added suavely.

Phil’s instincts were to slap the hand away and run out of the room… but those skilled fingers manipulating his dick just felt so good. Gene’s hand slid over the head of his dick, which began to leak precum which showed just how right he was about Phil needing it. It had been years since anyone had shown any interest in him sexually. He didn’t just need the physical release, but there was also something about being the object of this older man’s desires that made it even more exciting despite how strange that seemed.

“See? Just relax. Let Gene take care of you…” the masseur whispered into his ear. He stopped for just a moment to dump more oil on his hands before they returned to Phil’s crotch to massage his turgid organ.

Phil laid back and let the air out of his lungs in a long sigh, unable to summon any real resistance. He resigned to simply let the masseur have his way.

“That’s right…” Phil heard Gene whisper directly in his ear. The hand on his dick slid back and forth, gaining speed and intensity and driving Phil crazy with the sudden burning need to cum. Phil began to arch his back, involuntarily thrusting into Gene’s hand. He was completely at the man’s mercy.

“Yeah… just let it out…” Gene whispered, his hand now sliding across the full length of Phil’s dick so rapidly that it was almost starting to hurt. Gene seemingly knew exactly how much pressure and speed Phil could handle and even could tell that he was getting close. A moment later, Phil groaned.

“Oh, f-fuck!” Phil choked out. His orgasm hit him like a truck. His whole body went taught as the waves of orgasmic pleasure washed over him. His body shook and convulsed, his breath hissed through his teeth as he was completely overtaken by it. Glob after glob of cum sprayed out of the end of his throbbing member onto the blanket and his stomach as he twitched and moaned. Gene didn’t relent and kept jacking his sensitive throbbing cock until he had seemingly emptied his balls. After what felt like the longest orgasm of his life, he laid there trying to catch his breath. He looked over at Gene, who was already walking out of the room with a grin stretched wide across his face.

* * *

Phil at first tried not to think about what had happened to him at the spa. He felt… ashamed. Dirty. That was the only way he could think of to describe his feelings. He felt like he had just allowed the older man to victimize him and that it was somehow his fault. The fact that he had been craving some kind of sexual attention and the orgasm had been the most powerful he could recall having in quite some time made him even more preoccupied with what had happened.

He wasn’t gay but a man probably old enough to be his grandfather had taken advantage of him and played with his cock and he did nothing. Phil had let the older man have his way with him, even letting the man make him cum. Why had he let it happen? Had he invited it? Should he have done something to stop him, as his first instinct had been? And why did he get horny whenever he thought about it, despite the palpable sense of shame that he felt? He got hard every time he thought about how the masseur had taken control and manhandled him until the happy ending. It was like he gave up control and had even enjoyed giving it up. He seemed to crave being able to completely surrender.

The worst part was how he couldn’t seem to even control himself. When he got horny thinking about what happened, none of his regular porn of teens and lesbians and everything else could distract him from the thought of being helpless and manhandled by this older guy. Nothing else seemed to do it for him and his thoughts would always go back to that hot massage session. As soon as he came, he would feel ashamed again, wondering why he as a straight guy kept fantasizing about those firm hands sliding over his cock, making him feel helpless.

After a week or so of dealing every day with these conflicted thoughts and feelings, he found himself making another appointment. He told himself that his muscles felt better and his posture had improved after the deep tissue massage. He definitely wanted to get another one. He dialed the same massage parlor.

When asked by the receptionist if he had a preference on who he worked with, he said “Gene” without hesitation. Once he had hung up the phone, his immediate shame caused him to momentarily consider calling back and canceling. He almost did it but after staring at the phone for a minute or two he sighed in exasperation and put the phone back in his pocket.

A couple of hours later, Phil got a call from Gene who asked that they move the session to Gene’s private studio. Phil hesitated for a moment and was again very tempted to simply tell the man to forget it but found that he couldn’t do it. His heart was pounding in his chest and he was sweating by the time he agreed, got the address, and hung up the phone.

* * *

“Hey there, Phil,” Gene said happily. He grinned from ear to ear as he came back into the room. “I’m glad you made it.”

Phil was already trying to appear as if he was waiting patiently on the massage table. He lay there face down, trying to control his breathing. He still wasn’t sure why he had agreed to this in the first place or why he couldn’t just relax.

Gene poured oil onto his back and began to rub it all over Phil’s skin. He chuckled. “Still all tense, I see.” He rubbed Phil’s shoulders and back firmly, causing him to groan. “You really need to learn to relax.”

Phil sighed, trying to consciously will his muscles to relax. He was barely thinking about the rest of the massage itself at all. What was almost certainly going to happen at the conclusion was all he could seem to focus on. He noticed that not only was he tense, but he was breathing hard

“These nice muscles…” Gene rubbed his lower back and legs. “They would feel better, less sore if they weren’t so tense and full of knots.”

About the time that his body was starting to feel like jello from the deep tissue massage, his anticipation was beginning to mount. He took a deep breath and tried to calm down. When he turned onto his back he was again sporting a rock hard erection, which he figured he had been hiding almost since the massage started.

Gene stared at the tent in the blanket and grinned. “Well well, look who wants to say hi.” He chuckled, stopping the massage for a moment, and his hand rested on Phil’s leg.

Phil found himself holding his breath, waiting for what the masseur was going to do. The anticipation was so great he was almost shaking.

Gene’s hand slid back and then under the blanket. Phil looked up at Gene who grinned back at him while beginning to jack him off. He was immediately at the man’s mercy again, gently humping his hips and fucking Gene’s oiled hand.

“Let’s see if you taste as good as you look…” Gene whispered. He grabbed a hand towel and wiped the oil off of Phil’s dick before tossing it aside. He pulled the blanket off of Phil. He admired Phil’s toned body for just a moment and gave Phil an approving nod before he leaned over.

“Fuck…” Phil muttered when he felt Gene’s soft lips slide over the head of his cock. All of a sudden his dick was in the hot mouth of another guy. Gene’s tongue slid and swirled around the head of Phil’s cock with such skill that it caused him to start shaking and twitching immediately.

Gene popped the leaking dick out of his mouth for a moment. “Mmm… you have a wonderful cock…” he said breathily before resuming his tongue assault. He stopped again to add, “You obviously keep yourself nice and trimmed.”

Phil didn’t know how to respond to a man complimenting his dick like that. He wanted to say that he did like to keep himself good and tidy down there, something he had picked up for dating sites to make his dick look bigger, but before he could his cock was back in Gene’s mouth which made it hard to even think straight.

Gene continued to jack Phil off while he ran his tongue down the length of Phil’s cock from the head down to his balls. Phil had never had anyone pay much attention to his balls before and found that he loved how it felt when Gene popped one into his mouth and sucked on it for a moment before switching to the other one. His tongue playfully bounced each of them in his mouth. His slobber acted as a lubricant allowing his hand to slide over the throbbing erection while he paid attention to Phil’s previously neglected balls. He slurped them a few more times before pulling back and continuing to jack him harder and harder.

Phil was completely out of it and barely noticed Gene was pulled on his cock and balls in order to turn him onto his side. The slippery hand kept sliding up and down, pulling his foreskin back and forth over his sensitive head as he shifted around the massage bed to the opposite side so he was behind Phil.

“Hold still,” Gene whispered. “Try to relax.”

“I am relaxed,” Phil responded dreamily. His whole body felt like jelly after the massage.

Phil heard the snap of the lube bottle closing and was about to ask what he meant when he felt a slippery finger begin to probe at his rear entrance. He jerked his head back and turned to look at Gene. “What are you-”

“Shh… just relax,” Gene soothed, his finger probing deeper. “You know that you crave just letting go, giving up control for once.”

Phil’s first instinct was to struggle. As a straight man, he had always thought how painful and humiliating allowing himself to be penetrated would be. But the thin finger sliding inside of his rectum didn’t hurt so much as it was a bit uncomfortable. He also knew deep down that Gene was right, it did feel good to allow himself to be at this man’s mercy, to let his guard down and surrender. Some part of him seemed to crave it, as crazy as that would have seemed before this (whatever this was) had all started. He had truly never felt like an object of lust for anyone and even though it was another man it was still quite novel and exciting in a way he couldn’t even quite articulate even to himself.

The cool feeling of lube coating his entrance was actually somewhat pleasant. By the time it occurred to him what Gene was doing, he felt the finger pull out and something much larger begin to slide in.

“Oh!” Phil exclaimed, feeling the pressure on his asshole as the large intruder somewhat painfully forced its way inside of him. The sensitive entrance to his ass was painfully stretched as he reflexively tensed but the intruder continued to push in unabated. “Fuuuuuuck….” he groaned. He wasn’t prepared for just how large it was. It felt like it was as big around as a beer can. He felt like it was splitting him open as it slowly slid deeper.

“I’m going slow,” Gene reassured. “It’ll start to feel amazing soon. Trust me.”

Phil couldn’t believe what was happening to him, he had never even considered that he would find himself in the position of being fucked by another man and now that it was happening he felt powerless to stop it. What was stranger is how hot feeling helpless in the control of another man was.

“That’s it…” Gene whispered, his strong hands gripped his side for leverage. “Good boy…” He slowly exerted more and more pressure until his hips were directly up against Phil and he was buried to the hilt.

“G-uh!” Phil groaned, the large cock in his ass making him feel more full than he ever had in his life. He felt like he had to take a shit, which he guessed was not surprising but still felt strange. Once it was all the way in and Gene paused for a moment, Phil felt the invading organ pulse deep inside of him with Gene’s every heartbeat. A moment later Gene’s slippery fingers were sliding over the shaft of his leaking cock again in time with his first few short thrusts. He was being gentle and slow, allowing Phil to get used to the foreign presence in his virgin asshole.

“Deep breaths,” Gene whispered in a soothing voice. The thick organ went all the way in and expanded slightly as he felt Gene flex, then it slid all the way out again. “That’s it.” He thrust all the way in again. “Just let yourself get used to it.”

Phil realized how rapid and shallow his breaths were as Gene began to fuck him in earnest. He forced himself to calm down and control his breathing, but it was difficult. He had never been so stimulated in his life. The pain did not surprise him but the fact that it was quickly becoming tolerable was a bit shocking. What he had not expected was how hot it felt. Literally. It felt hot, despite the cool feeling of the lube and the ease at which the thick cock was already sliding in and out of his asshole.

“Fuck, your pussy is so tight,” Gene muttered, his thrusts picked up speed and the motion of his hand becoming quicker and rougher.

Phil gripped the blanket hard, and groaned but less in pain and more because of the building pleasure. Something deep inside him- his prostate, he supposed- was being stimulated, and combined with Gene’s firm ministrations of his cock he was already feeling an orgasm starting to build. Something about the way Gene was talking to him, calling his asshole a pussy like he truly was a woman at that moment was somehow making the whole thing even hotter for Phil.

“I knew when I saw you,” Gene said as he started to really fuck Phil in earnest, sawing his cock in and out of Phil’s tight hole. “That you needed more than just a massage. I knew right away what you really needed.”

“Fuck…” Phil groaned, barely able to pay attention to Gene’s words. The pain was now almost totally gone and what was left of it was nothing compared to the sheer pleasure that the hand on his erection and the stimulation on his prostate delivered.

“That’s right, you needed to get fucked,” Gene said in a self-satisfied tone. “And you know it now, don’t you?”

“I’m almost there…” Phil whispered, his hips beginning to move on their own to simultaneously hump forward into Gene’s hand and backward to drive the cock even deeper inside him with each thrust. He couldn’t believe how good it felt, or how empty he felt whenever the cock slid out.

Gene stopped. “Tell me what you want me to do. I need to hear it.”

Phil felt like he gave up the last of his dignity when he immediately replied. “Fuck me… please…” he begged. “I’m so close.” Before that day he would never have guessed in a million years that those words would come out of his mouth.

“Very well.” Gene resumed the rough handjob and his assault on Phil’s asshole. “I aim to please.”

Phil didn’t last more than another minute before his whole body started to shake. “Oh shit!” he cried as the most powerful orgasm he had ever felt ripped through his whole body. He had never felt contractions this powerful before. It was like wave after wave of bliss rolled over him, leaving him gasping and twitching. Glob after glob of thick white jizz sprayed from the tip of his cock onto the table. He twitched and thrashed uncontrollably while Gene continued to jack his incredibly sensitive cock while pounding his asshole. Even after the orgasmic bliss had begun to subside, his cock continued to leak milky white cum onto Gene’s hand and the table.

“Here it comes…” Gene exclaimed a moment later and let go of Phil’s now softening cock. He gripped Phil’s side hard and began to rapidly fuck him in quick, shallow strokes.

Phil heard Gene grunt and slam into him, burying his cock as deep as it would go.

“Fuck yeah…” Gene muttered, his hips going into overdrive.

Phil felt it swell and then a rush of heat in his asshole signified Gene’s orgasm. Gene continued to fuck him slowly for a little longer before pulling his soft cock out. Phil heard him walk away without a word and close the bathroom door while he continued to lie there and stare into space, still recovering from the experience.

When Phil finally had a chance to think, he felt dirty. While it was happening it had been exciting but after coming down from his orgasm he felt nothing but shame and soreness. He heard the shower start in the bathroom and took that as his cue to gather his things and quickly let himself out. The older masseur had not even asked to be paid for the massage.

On the drive home, he could feel Gene’s cum leaking out of his asshole and it served as a constant reminder of how he had allowed himself to be used by another man and one old enough to be his grandpa on top of that. He had even enjoyed it, despite how crazy that seemed since he kept reminding himself that he was straight. He continued to reassure himself of that all the way home.

* * *

“When do you want another appointment for a massage?” Gene asked a few days later via text message.

Phil stared at his phone for a minute or two, not sure how to respond. He wanted to ignore it, or even tell the older man off for taking advantage of him again. But his cock immediately growing hard in his pants made him hesitate. Besides, he had willingly gone to the man’s house the second time and he couldn’t really pretend that what had happened was some kind of surprise and he definitely couldn’t pretend that he hadn’t enjoyed it or found the prospect of doing it again exciting. His stiff cock attested to that.

You could be straight and enjoy your prostate being massaged, he told himself. Even if it was by another man. He wasn’t attracted to men and certainly not attracted someone as old as Gene, man or woman. He decided that it was just a full body massage, and that should include his dick and even his prostate.

So he found himself texting back that the weekend would work for him. And he went back to the older man’s house, knowing full well what was going to happen to him. He even looked forward to it.

This happened over and over again. Phil was hooked. Sometimes he saw Gene more than once in a week. At first, he had been conflicted about the whole thing, but he found himself looking forward to the next session more and more. Letting another man completely use him had begun to actually be exciting for him, and the orgasms were the most incredible he had ever felt in his life. He felt desired, he felt sexy. He even began to shave his legs in order to please the older man.

The relationship seemed to change immediately when Gene saw his shaved legs. He seemed to know the power and control that he now had over Phil. He stopped leaving the room so Phil could get undressed and now he watched him disrobe with a lustful smile on his face. Phil found it awkward at first. Despite this being the man that had already been inside of him, it still felt strange to undress in front of another man, especially when he knew the guy was getting off on it. Gene didn’t even have to say anything to induce Phil to slow down while undressing, making it almost like a striptease. Seeing the older man’s huge cock tenting out his sweats somehow made it even hotter. Knowing that his lithe swimmer body was getting the older man so worked up was surprisingly exciting.

Before too long, it started to get weird, though. If he went a week without seeing Gene, he would notice him at the crowds of his swim meets, but by the time it was over he would be gone before Phil could even consider confronting him.

Phil would tell himself that he wouldn’t go back, that the older man was creepy, and was stalking him. It made his shame even worse. But eventually, he would receive a call from Gene that he would allow to go to voicemail. Gene would leave messages, asking in his high pitched voice where Phil had been and that he needed to see Gene for another massage.

Since Phil still didn’t have anything going on in terms of a love life, he would get bored and horny. He would always hesitate for a moment, staring at his phone in a vain attempt to resist going back to the predatory masseur but he would ultimately lose and find himself back on the man’s table. It was like he was powerless to resist. He didn’t understand it either. He wasn’t attracted to the guy and he even found him to be creepy and stalkerish but some part of him found it all flattering and even exciting to be the object of desire. The massages would get longer and longer, making Phil wait for the inevitable main event of being fucked until his eyes rolled back in his head. The anticipating would keep building and building, his hard cock pinned underneath him just begging for attention until he heard Gene command him to “roll over”, which he did without hesitation.

Despite figuring out what kind of man Gene was, a creepy stalker predator who was taking advantage of him, he couldn’t stop it. The man knew just how to reel him back in every time he tried. Was there any way out? What was even scarier- and simultaneously more exciting- was that he had begun to doubt that he even wanted it to stop.


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