Trapped and Transformed

Trapped and Transformed by Lou Bealy
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Anthony groaned, slowly coming back to consciousness. He blinked at the bright light shining down from directly above the mattress he found himself lying naked on. It was laying directly on the floor in the corner of a mostly bare concrete room that he had never seen before.

“What the hell?!” He called out, scanning the strange room for whoever put him there. “Hello?!”

In the opposite corner there was a squat toilet with a shower head only a few feet above it. On the wall, there was a large plastic dildo mounted above the floor drain with a bottle of lube laying on the floor near it. He had no idea where he was or how he had gotten there.

“What the fuck is this?!” he shouted. “Where am I?!” He looked around, truly clueless as to where he was and how he had gotten there. Then he looked down at his shivering body covered in goosebumps. “And why am I naked?!”

The last thing he remembered was having a drink in the bar on the way home. He guessed someone must have slipped him something but why would they have put him in this strange room?

He got up and walked the handful of steps over to the solid metal door but was unable to see any way to open it. He resorted to pounding on it in frustration.

“What is going on?” He shouted at his unseen captors. “Let me out of here!” He spun around, looking for any sign that someone was listening.

One of the ceiling panels above was pulled up and out of the way, allowing a small monitor to be lowered down on a metal arm. Another arm lowered attached to a camera that pointed directly at him.

Across the monitor flashed “food” in big bold letters across a black background.

He heard a whirring sound from below the monitor and looked down to see a short white rubber hose snake out of the wall near the floor drain. A second hose of about the same length, this one blue, slid out next to the first followed by the word “water” flashing across the screen.

Anthony took in his surroundings for a moment, trying to understand what was going on. A bed, shower, food and water, all of this suggested long term captivity, which started to scare the hell out of him.

“Please… let me out!” he cried, his tone shifting from anger to one of pleading.

He waited for a while but no answer came. He gave up and despondently sat down on the mattress. He didn’t even have a blanket to cover up with. He shivered there in the corner until he had an idea.

Anthony got up and walked over to the low shower head and turned on the water. He smiled as he felt the water increase in temperature while it washed over his hand. He had to remain in the squatting position to really get under the water so it could warm him up. After a short while, he couldn’t squat down any longer and fell onto his butt. His legs were killing him, especially his knees. He had never been the most athletic guy. He spent most of his days in an office and his nights playing on the computer so he was slightly overweight and definitely out of shape. He stood back up and shivered as he waited for the air to slowly evaporate the water off of his wet skin, since there was no towel or anything else to dry off with.

After waiting for several hours for something to happen, he resigned himself to get some sleep. He felt hunger gnawing at his belly, but he was disgusted by the idea that he would be eating out of a hose. Whatever that hose dispensed couldn’t possibly be very appetizing.

The room was bright and cold, but he was too tired at that point to care. He glanced at the door and then the monitor before rolling over and trying to find sleep. He had trouble, though. He couldn’t stop his mind from wandering and contemplating his awful situation.

He thought of the fact that his family, friends, and job likely had no idea what had happened to him. They were probably imagining the worst but he figured that none of them would guess that he was locked in some kind of lab and being subjected to some kind of weird experiment. He decided that he had lost his job at the very least. If he ever made it out of here that would be a small price to pay, he thought. It was worse contemplating that his family and friends probably thought he was dead.

Eventually, he was able to fall into a restless sleep.

* * *

When Anthony shivered awake the next day it took a moment or two for him to find his bearings and remember where he was. He had no idea how long he had been sleeping but the growl in his empty stomach suggested he had probably gotten a full night’s sleep. He stared at the pair of colored hoses from across the room, trying his best to resist debasing himself by kneeling in front of them but eventually, he was too hungry and thirsty to care.

He slowly lowered himself down to his knees and grabbed the blue hose. He looked for some way to start the water flow but gave up in frustration.

“Are you going to turn the water on, or what?!” he shouted at the camera but no answer came.

Sometime later he was so thirsty that he went back to the hose, angrily shoved the hose in his mouth, and then began to suck. After a few moments, he was rewarded with the trickle of lukewarm water that he greedily sucked down. It was frustrating because every time he got greedy and rough with it, whether he started to bite or suck too hard, it would cease dispensing any water. It took him a few minutes to learn and apply the proper technique to maximize the water flow.

After much trial and error, he was eventually able to extract enough water to sate his thirst. He looked at the white hose and frowned, knowing what he would have to do in order to get any food out of it.

After resisting for as long as he could, he repeated the demeaning act of either kneeling or squatting in front of the hoses and sucking on the end of the white one this time. He utilized the same technique he had learned with the water hose and had none of his earlier problems. His efforts were rewarded by a spur of salty slurry hit his tongue, making him cough and spit it out.

“That’s so gross!” he sputtered. “What is that shit?” He spat out what he could but the unpleasant flavor remained.

No answer came but whatever it was it had to be the grossest tasting thing he could remember having in his mouth, all gooey and salty. After another couple of hours of growing hungrier and hungrier, he went back to the dreaded hoses.

He leaned in and took the soft nipple-like end of the white hose into his mouth and sucked. It didn’t yield any progress at first but his persistence was eventually rewarded with another spurt of the salty goo in his mouth. He hungrily swallowed it and kept sucking until it spurted again a moment later. He grimaced and continued the degrading act of sucking whatever wretched liquid was coming out of the hose. It was even more degrading because the monitor lit up with images of men’s penises as he was sucking on the hose. He closed his eyes and tried not to think about what his captors were clearly trying to condition him to do.

His belly full, he went to sit back down on the bed and felt the liquid slosh in his stomach, making him feel even more disgusted with the whole experience. He lay there on his back looking at the ceiling and wondering when he would learn what was going on and why he was trapped in that room.

After laying there for a bit longer, Anthony decided to use this time to some sort of positive end and began to do some basic calisthenic exercises that he hadn’t done in years. He was disappointed with how few pushups and situps he could manage to do but sighed and figured he had plenty of time to improve.

Over the next few days- he guessed they were days, there was no real way of knowing and he had given up trying to keep track- he would have much the same experience of resisting using the hoses until he had no choice and then shamefully use them once or some times even twice a day. It was even more degrading because each time after the first the monitor lit up with more images of penises. It was like they wanted him to think about dicks every time he had one of the hoses in his mouth. He didn’t want to give them the satisfaction of reacting to that so he just ignored it.

His increased appetite was most likely due to how many calories he was using during his now daily exercise. With nothing else to do, he pushed himself as far as he could in his exercises multiple times a day. HIs day became one of working out and admiring his naked reflection as he got in better shape.

There were a couple of things that he noticed that were definitely worrying, though. He had begun to get horny. Like all of the time, especially when he was working out. He would just get hard out of nowhere and feel the burning irresistible need to cum. And because of that strange change, he noticed another strange change right away.

Because of Anthony’s elevated sex drive and a complete lack of anything else to occupy him, he had begun masturbating a lot to pass the time. He didn’t even care that he was probably being watched. They could get off on watching a naked dude stroke his cock if they wanted.

There was no good reason for him to be suddenly horny all of the time, especially soon after sucking on the white hose. He would imagine fucking a hot ex-girlfriend, which usually got him going but it just wasn’t exciting. He imagined all sorts of debauched scenarios that usually sent him over the edge but nothing worked.

His captors seemed to have a sense of humor and would play more videos and show more images of male sex organs whenever he was trying to masturbate. He would squeeze his eyes shut and try to focus on cumming but to no avail. Eventually, he made the mistake of looking at one of the monitors and he couldn’t stop himself from cumming soon after. He felt disgusted and ashamed. He wasn’t gay, he told himself, and there was nothing his captors could do to change that. That seemed to be their goal, strange as it was to think about.

Because of his constant horniness, his six-inch cut cock had been basically raw all of the time due to how often he was jerking it. He would cum at least six or seven times a day. At first, he took his time, since he had no real rush, but the lust that suddenly came out of nowhere instilled an urgency in him to cum that was irresistible. On what he thought was the fourth or fifth day he noticed that his dick was definitely smaller than it had been.

He couldn’t really tell by looking at it but a man knows how his dick feels in his hand, how much space it takes up in his grip. And though he couldn’t see it, he could definitely feel that it was smaller, even when he was so hard he was throbbing. He was so freaked out that he was able to resist the ever-present urge to stroke his dick and cum.

After this had fully sunk in, he leaped to his feet and shouted, “What are you doing to me?! Let me go, goddammit!” He shouted repeatedly as he paced around the room. He was so worked up that he was practically sobbing. He marched over to the door and beat on it, crying “Let me out! Let me out!” in time with his fists slamming on the unyielding metal surface. The monitor remained blank and no answer came. Eventually he gave up and slowly ambled over to the bed to sit again.

Anthony sulked for a little while longer before he decided to do some exercises. He was getting increasingly disappointed with himself for not improving very much, still barely able to do more than five or six pushups in a row. He wondered for a moment if that was somehow part of what they were doing to him as well but tried not to think about it. There was nothing he could do about any of this, he knew... but there was also very little to distract him from dwelling on it either.

That thought was in the back of his mind as he failed to make much progress in fitness, other than his legs becoming much stronger and more toned. He surmised it was from all of the squatting down he had to do since everything was so low and the ground was too hard to kneel on. His legs and ass seemed to be filling out some but the rest of him was shrinking, if anything. His fat melted away each day but instead of revealing any kind of muscle tone, he just continued to slim down, looking skinnier and skinnier. But it was hard to tell in the small, narrow mirror. He was that skinny because he was so out of shape, he concluded. He tried to convince himself that his hands were smaller and that’s why his dick felt different... but in the back of his mind a voice said that then it should feel larger if his hands were smaller…

His hands really were smaller, though. And he had never known weight loss to have that dramatic of an effect on something like that. Everything was quickly slimming down. Except for his hips and ass, which strangely seemed to stay the same size or even grow a little but he tried to tell himself he was just imagining things. He was just getting thinner from working out and it made those parts look bigger. Or maybe it was all the squatting he was doing all of the time now in order to eat, shower, or relieve himself.

* * *

One morning-he still thought of his time after waking up as the morning despite having no way of knowing what time it actually was- Anthony awoke to find he was a lot more groggy than he usually was. Eventually he was able to wake up enough to find out what his captors had done to him while he had been unconscious. The first thing he noticed was the small budding breasts on his now hairless chest. The increase in overall size was barely noticeable only because he had never really had man boobs even though he had a bit of a belly, but it was the feminine shape and the increased size of his nipples that made them definitely look like girls' boobs. He reached up to cup them, a newfound sensitivity of his enlarged nipples became readily apparent as they rapidly grew hard against his palms.

That wasn’t all, though. He had also been fitted with some kind chastity device, at least that is what he thought it was. He didn’t have much experience with this sort of thing, but it was a kind of metal cage around the shaft of his cock with some elastic or silicone straps around his balls as well. It was bent downward, it’s size and shape clearly designed for preventing an erection. The whole thing was held together by a small metal padlock.

The device proved very sturdy, resisting all of his attempts to remove it with his bare hands. He was discouraged from trying anything creative to get it off because it would almost certainly result in some kind of injury to a very important and sensitive area and probably wouldn’t work anyway. There would be nothing stopping them from just putting it on him again anyway.

The chastity device proved to be very frustrating and inconvenient for him. He knew that since he was horny all of the time and now he couldn’t even get a proper erection, much less do anything about it. But that was far less menacing than the physical change that they were forcing on him.

Anthony went over to the mirror and looked at his now feminine chest. He tried to see if he had any other obvious changes and he noticed that his hips had a little extra fat on them too, making his round thighs and ass even more feminine in appearance. Thankfully his face looked more or less the same, except thinner, but there wasn’t the five o’clock shadow that he would expect to see when he had not shaved in what had to be at least a few weeks. He thought that his lips may have been a little bigger as well, but he wasn’t sure. It was hard to tell but after what they have done with him, he assumed it was not his imagination.

He noticed other changes. While he was struggling to remove the device, he noticed that he was practically hairless down there, which they probably did in order to easily fit the device on him more easily. But the hair loss seemed to extend to his legs and armpits as well.

The hair on his head was also longer. It was the same dark color he was used to, but it was long and maybe even thicker. The few signs that he had noticed previously of male pattern baldness starting to set in appeared to be reversed. That was a plus, at least.

Whatever they were doing to him, it was beyond belief. The trend of his body shrinking had continued on; his muscles had basically disappeared and left him with the kind of skinny, soft physique that he would expect to see on a relatively fit young woman.

They had not simply allowed his hair to grow and given him hormones to make him develop breasts. Whatever they were doing to him was more invasive and advanced than that. He had the wider hips and even the narrower shoulders and small hands that someone born a woman would be likely to have. Even his Adam’s apple was no longer apparent. He would never have guessed that someone with his body would have been born a man. Well, except of course for his penis which was straining in its cage.

All of these changes combined resulted in him looking in the mirror and seeing what looked like a flat-chested woman. It definitely did not look like a man at all, not even one with surgical or hormonal procedures to make him more feminine. His first reaction to all of this was utter shock. He stared at his reflection for a good while, astounded that it was really him.

Once he was able to calm down and process what would happen to him, a wave of emotions washed over him. He couldn’t stay strong and stoic any longer. He wanted to scream, he wanted to cry, he wanted to throw himself into the door until his fists were bloody or the door fell down. But he did none of that.

A flash out of the corner of his eye drew his attention to the monitor, which was helpfully informing him that the new makeup kit near the mirror was there for his entertainment, just like the dildo. He turned away and tried to ignore it.

The momentary urge to start demanding to know what the hell they were doing to him and to let him out. That urge quickly passed. It had become obvious what they were doing to him, as strange as it seemed, and it was also obvious that no amount of pleading or demanding his release was going to amount to anything at all.

He simply went about his daily business of working out, washing, and sleeping. He had normally passed a lot of time masturbating too but that clearly was no longer an option. His mostly erect cock straining in the cage was the most frustrating sensation that he had ever felt. He was just as horny as before, if not more so, but nothing he tried could stimulate him enough to orgasm. Then a thought occurred to him. He eyeballed the dildo on the wall, finally realizing what it was there for.

He knew of one thing that could send him over the edge, it would be direct prostate stimulation, but he didn’t want to go there. He couldn’t imagine being that desperate. He shook his head and tried to dismiss the thought.

At first, he couldn’t bring himself to eat from that dreaded white hose. He decided they must be putting something in his food and decided just to drink water. After he had filled his belly with water to help with the hunger pangs he realized his foolishness. They could have just as easily put something in his water and he wouldn’t necessarily taste anything out of the ordinary.

There was barely any fight left in him and he relented. He could maybe go on a hunger strike but a thirst strike wouldn’t last long and he had no idea if they cared enough about his well-being for it to have any impact. He wasn’t willing to bet his life on it.

So that “night” he went to sleep with the knowledge that he may be out for a long while and wake up with as many changes as he had already been subjected to. He didn’t have the will to try and fight them anymore. He went right to sleep, his giving up of any further resistance allowed for a kind of peace that he hadn’t felt since he had been put in that room.

His daily routine now was much the same except he couldn’t masturbate. A couple of times he had feebly tried to find a way to stimulate his penis but gave up with a huff of irritation. He resigned himself to the fact that the sexual frustration would go unrelieved and only continue to build on itself.

Something else that had changed was the monitor was no longer dark most of the day. Since his awakening to find the changes, it had been showing pornographic sex continuously (except for when he ate or drank from the hoses, it still showed penises then). Mostly submissive women getting fucked in all of their holes, sometimes all at once. As much as he wanted to ignore it, there was nothing else going on to distract him from it. Eventually he gave up trying to ignore it and sat on the bed staring at the endless feed of rough sex, the frustration at not being allowed sexual release only growing.

This became the new normal. Anthony became accustomed to seeing this feminine person in the mirror surprisingly quickly. He even started to appreciate how cute his captors had made him, which he wasn’t too happy about but he supposed if they were going to turn him into a woman, that he may as well be a cute one. He had been tempted a couple of times to experiment with the makeup kit that they had left him. He did have the proper canvas to work on, he told himself sarcastically. So he asked himself why not? Out of sheer boredom, he even tried applying some makeup to his face, but his inexperience resulted in him becoming immediately dissatisfied with his reflection and he tossed the makeup kit in frustration.

Ultimately he did resist the urge and just stared at the constant sex in the monitor. The scenes were getting rougher and rougher, the latest stretch being nothing but bondage scenes and other kinky shit where women were being roughly used or dominated. There were also plenty of videos of women fucking themselves on a dildo attached to a wall. He would glance at the dildo in his room but tell himself he wasn’t that desperate. But it was getting more and more difficult to resist doing what he knew his captors were trying to make him do.

Over time, his erections became less frequent and he didn’t seem to get as big and as constricted by the cage but he told himself that he was becoming accustomed to it. He didn’t want to think about what other changes they may be inflicting on him.

* * *

Anthony was severely groggy but slowly came awake but he jerked awake when he heard a thud from next to the bed. He quickly rolled over and saw that the noise had come from. The chastity cage that had caused him so much frustration was laying there, having fallen off of the bed. At first Anthony thought that his captors had shown him some mercy. But when he looked to his crotch he noticed that his dick looked shrunken, like it was almost completely made out of skin. The cage had fallen off because it was so small now that there was hardly anything to grab on to. He immediately freaked out and tried to get it hard, hoping that when it grew that it would look normal again.

But it didn’t. It hardly even grew. He was definitely horny since he was horny pretty much all of the time now, but his dick remained stubbornly limp. He was sure he would have noticed if his dick was getting that small, even in the cage. He also noticed his breasts were even more swollen. How long had he been out? What else had they done to him?

He walked over to the mirror and saw just how feminine he looked. His hips had grown wider. His hair was even longer and looked like they had styled it to be wavy and thick. His lips looked puffier and now looked like the kind of lips that he would have referred to as “dick-sucking lips” in what at this point felt like his previous life.

Just his shrunken penis was any indication that he had been born male. Other than that it was a cute girl he was looking at in the mirror. He was transfixed for a moment, staring with his mouth open at his reflection. He even got horny seeing the cute naked girl in the mirror. He still couldn’t get hard but it still felt good to just rub and stroke his flaccid shrunken dick. The pleasure went straight to his nipples, which were throbbing hard and very sensitive when he reached up and grabbed them. He rubbed his cock with one hand and alternated back and forth between each nipple with his free hand. He tried to achieve orgasm but he couldn’t, no matter how good his stroking felt or what technique he used. Something was missing. At first he thought that they had done something to him to prevent an orgasm, but then he remembered.

Anthony looked at the dildo with a level of desire that surprised even him. He ultimately was too intimidated by the size of it, which was only about six inches or so. He noticed one of the makeup brushes lying on the floor from the discarded kit and grabbed it without thinking. He tried to painfully insert it into his ass but it was too much for him.

After retrieving the bottle of lube, he applied some and then was able to ease the handle of the makeup brush into his ass. It still hurt a bit at first but after sliding it in and out he began to feel the desired stimulation. His eyes rolled back into his head and he groaned, feeling his orgasm was finally within his grasp. Eventually he was able to rub one out, his still flaccid little dick twitched and throbbed as he got closer and closer. He cried out with his now obviously girly voice, feeling the most powerful to curling orgasm of his life rip through his body.

“N-ah!” he shrieked in his feminine tone. A trickle of liquid dribbled out of his pee slit, but that was it. He was amazed that such an amazingly powerful orgasm only resulted in such a small load.

He felt like some kind of milestone had been passed. Like he had given in and given the sick bastards that were doing this to him what they want. He could have held out and resisted but now he had already given in to his lust. He would surely do it again.

He spent the rest of that day relieving the pent up frustration he had felt while his dick was trapped in the cage. He had several more orgasms before passing out.

* * *

Anthony awoke with the same grogginess that indicated more changes. He wanted to check himself out in the mirror but he found his hands were encased in some kind of soft material and tied behind his back somehow, making it hard to find his balance and get to his feet. When he finally did, he found he really had to pee. He skittered over to the squat toilet. Unable to direct his urine flow, he just guessed it was in the right spot and let go.

FSSSS came the definitively feminine sound. He looked down towards his crotch, but his now even larger breasts obscured his vision. It definitely felt different down there. The unfamiliar sensation of peeing with a vulva confused him at first but once he was done and was able to position himself in the mirror to check it out, he knew what had happened. Part of him had seen it coming but it didn’t look like a surgical job. It looked like a real hairless vagina. Without being able to feel it with his hands he couldn’t truly examine it but it looked like the real deal.

He also found that whatever they had been given him to make him horny, they must have given him a triple dose because he was knee shakingly horny just from glancing at his transfigured crotch while hearing the moans from the porn playing on the monitor. Without being able to touch himself, he just cried out in frustration before remembering what could relieve him.

He practically ran over to the corner and dropped to his knees. He slowly slid backward, allowing the fake penis attached to the wall to slowly slip into his engorged sex. He looked up at the camera which was seemingly zooming in on the initial penetration. It hurt a little but he was so horny that the pain quickly passed. The silicone dick sliding against the inner walls of his new cunt was such a novel and stimulating sensation that he groaned and completely lost himself in the act of fucking himself on it. His whole world centered at his sex and the utter satisfaction he felt when his ass hit the wall, signifying that the dildo was all of the way inside of him. He was now just a slippery cunt, hungry to envelope. He slid the dildo all the way in again and reveled in the feeling of fullness before shifting forward, allowing it to slide out.

It didn’t take long. After he was grunting and sweating with the effort of impaling himself on the dildo faster and faster, he was eventually rewarded with his first female orgasm, which seemed to wrack his entire body with waves of twitching pleasure washing over him. After it passed, he collapsed forward, the dildo sliding out of him as he fell into a heap of jumbled nerves.

He awoke sometime later, still laying there on the floor. The sound of a door slamming made him jump awake turning around to see a tall thin man in a white lab coat standing in front of the door with a menacing grin on his long narrow face.

“I think she’s ready.” He said, his deep voice able to carry despite how low he spoke. He was clearly speaking to someone else but his eyes remained locked on Anthony’s. “You are ready to come out, right? Are you prepared to be a good girl?” He gestured to his crotch, which was noticeably bulging with an erection under the thin slacks.

Anthony wanted to say something defiant. He wanted to call the man a sick bastard. But he could only whimper and walk over to kneel in front of him.

“Good.” The man chuckled. “You know your place.” He reached into his fly and pulled out a half-hard cock.

He didn’t have to be told. Some part of him recognized that it was conditioning but it didn’t matter. He took the end of the man’s penis in his mouth and used the same delicate technique he had learned from the hoses which elicited a deep moan.

“Good girl…” he whispered, running his fingers through Anthony’s now thick shoulder-length hair.

Anthony would do whatever he needed to do to get out of that room. He would probably have a better chance of escaping…

He tried to keep that thought in his mind as the man in the lab coat pushed him down so he was on all fours. He was roughly grabbed and pulled into position before being swiftly penetrated. He told himself it was just an act, that he didn’t love every moment of the thick cock slipping in and out of his wet snatch.

He told himself that again and again each subsequent time he was roughly used, fucked in every hole. At first just by the scientist-looking guy. But then he was sold to some kind of pimp who would charge for his services.

It was still just an act, him putting on makeup, getting the right tight dress, and going on the street to attract Johns. When he giggled at their catcalls, it was just an act. When he smiled at them and then gave them doe eyes while sucking their cocks, it was all just a show. He was waiting for the right time to escape. That didn’t mean he couldn’t enjoy himself until then, right?

He would sometimes wonder if after he escaped how easily he would be able to experience the simple pleasures of life, like being filled by cock in all three holes at the same time.

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