Brainwashing the Sorority

 Brainwashing the Sorority by Lou Bealy

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Contains rape and mind control. Be warned.

Neil was frustrated. He had moved to an unfamiliar city to go to college and had basically no friends. Here he was, a sophomore and he was still a virgin. He realized that he had bought into the idea of college as this golden age in your life, where there would be all kinds of drinking, sex, and debauchery on display. Or at least some. He had never been invited to any parties or had the guts to ask out any of the girls. He was alone, miserable, and bitter.

Neil did have a study buddy. That was the closest thing he had to a friend. She was a gorgeous sophomore named Sarah. She had blonde hair and blue eyes, was on the thin side, about five foot six, with b-cup breasts. He loved her freckles the most. They were faint but covered most of her face and chest (that he could see). She also had a fiery personality, bratty even. She was smart but didn’t really apply herself in academics, being more into sports, but still being more of a girly girl.

They had a chemistry class together, which is how they met. They had randomly assigned study groups, and when the groups had broken up, the two of them continued to meet up to help each other work on school. Well, it was mostly a one-way arrangement in practice. She had seen how smart he was and also his willingness to do most of the work. No matter how sweet Neil was to her, and how many of her assignments for her multiple classes that he helped her on, it didn’t seem like he was getting anywhere with her. He took her out to dinner a few times and she would openly flirt with some other guy, which would kill his desire to even try and woo her. His unrequited feelings just increased and festered. On some level, he knew that she was out of his league. She was a cute blonde sorority chick, and he was just your average guy.

He had gotten to the point of obsession. He thought about her all the time. He started fantasizing about somehow making her his. He would envision all kinds of scenarios. Coming to her rescue, convincing her with his incredible oratory skills and logic, doing some grand romantic gesture that would impress her, that sort of thing. After some time passed and he was more bitter than ever, his fantasies began to take more of a dark turn.

He didn’t really like her that much anymore. He felt like she was using him and just leading him along. He stopped imagining how he would win her over to become his girlfriend. He would imagine just taking her.

She was a horny little slut after all. She clearly didn’t want a guy who would honor her and treat her right. She just wanted some jock with a big dick to fuck her silly. He knew from talking to her (and doing some digging on her) that she was seeing a number of different guys.

It made him hot to imagine just grabbing her and tying her up or something. He would spank her until her ass was bruised, pull her hair, and use her for his own end. Use her like she clearly wanted him to. She wasn’t even worthy of being his girl anymore. Maybe his slut he used from time to time. Or maybe his slave.

That got him even hotter. Imagining her on her knees, begging to suck her master’s cock. He would brainwash her, or hypnotize her like in one of those mind control porn stories he loved to read. He indulged in this fantasy to the extent that he actually did some digging into hypnosis and mind control. He even found something on the dark web that claimed to do just that, though he didn’t really take it seriously.

“Sorry, I’m late.” Sarah said, arriving at their weekly study session. “Steve just wouldn’t hurry up and get out of my dorm room, and I already told him that I had to study!” She plopped her bag down and began to pull out her books.

“That’s okay, I got most of the quiz done while I was waiting.” He gestured to the screen of his laptop, where she could copy his answers. After catching up on that, they went over the chemistry assignments.

When the library was getting close to closing, she finally turned to him and put on one of her charming smiles. “ So anyway, I have a physics assignment… and so I was hoping that you would be able to help me with it.”

“Sure, what kind of assignment?” he asked, knowing that he would probably end up doing it for her.

“I’m not sure, you’ll have to read it. I think I have to design some kind of experiment. It is due by midnight. Could you come back to my dorm to help me with it?”

He sighed, knowing that he had his own homework to finish, and he had his part-time job to go to in the morning. He wanted to say no. But he couldn’t resist her. She was giving him the puppy dog eyes and the curled lips. She was also inviting him back to her dorm. Maybe he could finally make a move on her.

Maybe that’s what she wants, he thought. She may reward me for helping her. She is a slut, after all.

They arrived at her dorm, which was a typical girl’s room in that there were clothes covering most of the floor. He waded through them over to her desk, where she sat in the only chair. He spent the next hour and a half standing next to her desk and basically doing it for her. It wasn’t long before his back started to hurt from stooping over her. Of course, he didn’t even mention that it would be easier if he could just sit down. He was eager to just get it done, so he could either get his reward or go back to his own room to finish his homework.

When it was finally finished, she turned around and smiled at him. “Thank you so much, Neil!” she grabbed his hand and squeezed it. “You’re such a great friend!”

“It’s no big deal.” he replied. It stung when she referred to him as a “great friend”. He knew what that meant. 

“Well, I’d better get to sleep…” she said, standing up and walking toward the door.

Neil sighed, feeling conflicted on whether he should say anything or not. He felt like he couldn’t let this pass one more night. He needed to act on his desires, or she would never respect him.

“So,” he started to say but didn’t really know how to broach the subject. “Here we are, in your dorm room. You’re looking sexy as hell…” he looked at her and admiring her body in her tight little sundress.

“Neil, stop it. You know I don’t think of you that way.” she said in a slightly condescending tone. She got to the door. “I think you should go now.”

He reached out and grabbed her hand. “How about a little appreciation for everything I’ve done to help you?” He finally got it out, but he saw the look on her face and immediately knew he had made a mistake.

“Neil, let go of me.” She tried to free her hand from his grip but he held firm.

A voice in the back of his head was screaming that he was making a big mistake, but he couldn’t stop himself. All the pent up rage began to overtake him. “Everything I do for you, you never do anything for me in return. You were just flirting with me and leading me on!” He gripped her hand harder.

“What are you- Ow!” She tried to pry her herself out of his grip with her free hand. “I didn’t flirt with you-”

“You never cared about me, did you? You just used me!” He finally realized that he had been crushing her hand, and practically threw it back at her.

She stumbled a few steps from his push. “I knew you were a creep! You stay away from me!” She unlocked the door and grabbed the handle. “Come near me again, and I’ll go to the University!”

Neil put his foot in front of the door, blocking it closed. “And tell them what? That you were a bitch and a tease?”

She practically growled at him. Her lips curled back as she spat, “I’ll tell them you fucking raped me.” She crossed her arms, waiting for him to get out of her way.

“What?!” He was incredulous. “I would never-”

“Help!” she shouted. “Rape! Ra-!” 

Reacting without thinking, Neil grabbed a blanket from the bed and threw it over her head and muffled her scream. He threw her onto the bed, landing on top of her. She struggled, but he was easily able to control her with his body weight and the blanket. She managed to get one of her arms free, but he grabbed it and began to tie behind her to her opposite leg with a charge cord he found under the bed. She tried to scream, but it was muffled.

He stood up and looked at her, still struggling and screaming through the blanket.

Why the fuck did I do that? he thought. 

“If you scream, I’ll… hurt you.” he didn’t quite know how to threaten her properly. He had never envisioned himself in this situation, and he was making it up as he went along. He pulled the blanket off of her, and his awkward threat must have worked because she didn’t scream. She was glaring at him, though.

“I’m sorry, you left me no choice!” he said, trying to convince her as well as himself. “I mean, you were going to say I raped you.”

“Let me go, you pathetic piece of shit.” she demanded.

“So I guess I should just take advantage of you. Since you were going to accuse me of it anyway…”

A look of shock quickly formed on her face, but she still didn’t scream.

“I bet you would like it anyway. You like it rough, don’t you? I can do that.” He was just threatening at first, not truly intending on doing anything to her. But the more he thought about it, the more it made sense.

“That’s the only way you’d ever get a girl.” she snarled. “Tying her up.”

“And now I have you.” he growled, getting tired of her bratty attitude. He wasn’t sure what was coming over him but it felt good to finally be in charge, to be in a dominating position over her.

Fuck it, he thought. He knew that she could get him on kidnapping charges on top of whatever else she was going to accuse him of. He might as well. He wasn’t getting out of this.

He turned her on her side and climbed onto the bed next to her. He grabbed her head and forced her mouth onto his. He mashed their lips together, then forced his tongue into her mouth. He began to make out with her, licking her lips and tongue in between forceful kisses all over her face.

She didn’t struggle but didn’t cooperate by kissing him back. Part of him wanted her to enjoy it, to give in, and another part, the spiteful part, was glad she was resisting.

He realized that he couldn’t really get into it. This should be a very erotic moment. It should be hot as fuck. The problem was the inevitable consequences of what he was doing hung over him, ever present in his mind.

He was fucked. He knew it. No matter what happened, now and how much pleasure he got from this, he would have the rest of his life to regret this, probably in prison. There was no way out. Then a thought occurred to him. He might as well do what she was threatening to accuse him of.

“So you really would tell them I raped out?” He asked, turning her over so he could see her face.

“Fuck you, creep.” she spat angrily.

“Mmm… I like it. You kiss me with that mouth?” Neil taunted.

“I don’t ki- mf!” she protested but was interrupted by his mouth on hers. He grabbed the back of her head and mashed his lips and tongue into her uncooperative mouth. He wasn’t dumb enough to try and stick his tongue in her mouth, but he did lick her lips.

She continued to struggle and refused to return his kisses until an idea occurred to him. He might as well try it, he thought.

He went into his bag and grabbed his tablet from his bag and opened a video file he had saved. 

“You say no girl would ever want me, let’s ask you again in a few minutes…” he laughed, getting ready to show her a pattern of flashing lights. One supposedly that would render someone helpless and temporarily susceptible to suggestion. He would be able to make her forget all about what had happened here. After he was done with her. Maybe even include a command about treating him better, and not being such a tease.

He heard a noise behind him and spun around and saw someone he recognized enter the dorm. It was Sophie, one of Sarah’s sorority sisters he had seen her with from time to time. She was a blonde also, thin and petite with long hair, high cheekbones, and a button nose. She had a look of shock on her face.

“Sarah? Neil? What the fuck-” she turned to run, but Neil was already moving toward her.

Within moments, he had subdued her as well, throwing her on the bed and tying her up in a similar fashion with another phone charging cord that he yanked out of the wall.

“Make a sound and I’ll hurt you both.” he said, again trying to sound tougher than he felt. They seemed to buy it though and didn’t make a sound. Sarah was staring daggers through him and Sophie just looked terrified.

Now he had two girls tied up on the bed. Luckily, he was pretty sure he had a way out. He grabbed his tablet, making sure not to look at the swirling colors himself. Her eyes were drawn to the motion of the swirling colors and began to glaze over. Her body went slack.

Sophie looked over at Sarah, “What are you doing to her?” asked Sophie, her voice shaking. She was lying facing with her back to them and couldn’t see what was going on behind her.

“Just watch.” he cackled. He climbed on top of Sarah on the bed.

“Listen to my voice and only my voice. Obey.” he whispered with his mouth right next to her ear. He couldn’t believe that this was working.

“Stop it!” Sophie shrieked.

“I’m not hurting her, just making this horrible experience go away.” he said in a mock soothing voice. “She won’t remember a thing. She is already under my spell. Isn’t that right, Sarah?”

She nodded, staring off into space with a blank expression.

“How is that…” Sophie wondered out loud.

“And keep that little trigger word in there for when I want to play with you again!” he said gleefully before he turned to continue whispering in Sarah’s ear. “At any time, when you hear me say the word ‘obey’, you will be powerless to resist my commands.”

Sophie was able to turn herself over and see what Neil was doing to her. She was shocked by the lack of expression on Sarah’s face. She no longer looked upset at all. She had a blank expression and was nodding while Neil whispered in her ear.

“Obey, obey my voice...“ he kept repeating in her ear.

Sophie couldn’t help but glance at the swirling pattern. She stared at it for just a moment before she realized what must have been happening. She felt herself drifting away… then she jerked her head back, snapping herself out of it.

“Sarah! Sarah! Look away!” she cried frantically.

But it was seemingly too late. Sarah continued to nod, even while Neil began to kiss her and shove his tongue in her mouth. He put the tablet down, but Sarah was firmly under his spell.

“Kiss me.” he ordered. His dick was rock hard and straining in his pants. He was not used to being so dominant, and he practically had a buzz he was so excited.

Sarah began silently returning his sloppy wet kisses. She tasted like cherry candy.

“Sarah! Sarah, snap out of it!” Sophie called out. She struggled to get free, but the cord was wrapped too tight around her wrist and ankle. She could just fruitlessly rock back and forth.

“That’s a good idea.” He smirked. “I’ve already got her.” He chuckled. “Sarah, I want you to slowly wake up from this trance, but from now on, whenever you hear my voice, especially if I tell you to ‘obey’, you will have no choice but to follow my commands.“ 

Sarah nodded, the expression on her face was still totally blank.

Neil untied Sarah, who remained on the bed for a few moments longer before she seemed to come fully awake. She looked startled, like just waking up from a dream.

“What the fuck…” she stood up, she took a sharp inhale of breath and was about to scream.

“Obey me, and be silent for now.” Neil commanded before she could make any more noise. 

“Sarah? Are you okay?” asked Sophie, still skeptical that her friend was under Neil’s spell, despite his apparent control over her.

He hooked his arm around Sarah’s waist and pulled her close. “She is finally quiet like you should be.” He shoved his tablet into Sophie’s face. “This’ll help you calm down.”

“No!” Sophie closed her eyes and refused to look at the tablet. She was still half in disbelief that he had managed to hypnotize her friend with those swirling colors, but she was not going to take any chances. 

She groaned in pain as he mashed it into her face. He was clearly frustrated that she had figured out how to resist his attempts to hypnotize her.

After a few unsuccessful minutes, he finally shouted in frustration, “Fine!” He stood back and gestured at Sarah. “Sarah, gag her.” he commanded, feeling his cock throb in his pants. “And smile, you know you are enjoying making her my pet, just like you.” He was definitely getting off on the power. “I’ll get back to you in a moment.”

Still in hopeful disbelief, he had half expected her to resist him, slap him, run away, but she didn’t do any of that. Instead, she acted as if this hypnotic lights trick was as potent as he had read online.

Sarah obediently grinned from ear to ear, then turned to her friend who was still struggling to free herself from her bonds. She pulled a pillowcase from the bed and unceremoniously shoved it into her mouth.

Neil grabbed her and spun her back around. He wrapped his hands around her waist and pulled her close. “Kiss me”

She began to kiss back, but it was without feeling and very mechanical. She just kind of shoved her face onto his, and let him lick her tongue.

Sophie watched, horrified that her friend no longer seemed in control of her own body.

Eventually, he stopped kissing Sarah long enough to ask, “I know you have lube somewhere, where is it?”

She climbed onto the bed and crawled on all fours over to her nightstand, where she leaned over and opened the drawer, retrieving a small bottle.

“Stay there.” His voice was low and breathy.

She froze with his command.

Neil admired her nice round ass, he reached out and slapped it a few times, laughing to himself.

Sophie wanted to look away, but couldn’t. There was something about it that entranced her. She couldn’t look away. And worse, Neil noticed that she was staring.

“Watch what I do to your friend.” He climbed onto the bed behind Sarah, grabbing the bottle of lube from her hands. He pulled her little dress off, with relative ease, and left it buncher up around her shoulders, covering her face and head.

“I knew you were a total slut.” he laughed. “You’re not even wearing panties. Easier access, right?”  

She would normally be mortified that someone like Neil saw that she was going commando, but it all seemed so distant. None of it mattered any more. She was totally under his spell.

She went without panties sometimes for comfort, but now this seemed to confirm everything he seemed to think about her. And she couldn’t answer, or argue in any way. She would normally have resented being called ‘slut’, even if, despite her best efforts to resist, she was at least somewhat enjoying herself, just as he had ordered her to. But the part of her that cared about such things was completely subdued. Her mind was laser focused on him, and his commands. There was no room for anything else.

He had hoped to see her panties soaked, showing that she was truly getting off on being controlled, but he didn’t see any evidence of that. His disappointment was short lived.

She doesn’t have a choice, he told himself, and she won’t remember this, anyway.

“So go ahead and use the lube, get yourself ready.” he instructed. “I wouldn’t want it to be rough and painful. For me.” He laughed hard at his own joke.

She covered her hand with lube, then bent back over and began rubbing it around her ass. She inserted a finger, making sure to coat the inside of her tight hole.

“Well, I meant your pussy.” He chuckled in disbelief. “But that’s a good idea. You must like it there anyway if that was your go-to response.”

She remained silent, prepping her ass for the coming intrusion.

“You can answer me.” he whispered, pulling his pants down. He revealed his throbbing erection. It was uncut, six inches, and very thick. “This is no fun if you can’t speak.”

Sophie cried out into her gag, wishing she could help her friend.

“Don’t worry, I’ll get to you.” Neil taunted.

He turned back to Sarah and admired her naked form, her bare ass still hanging there lubed and ready. She had a very nice, athletic body, with just the right amount of baby fat, he thought. He admired how nice and round her butt really was. He had envisioned it naked countless times, and it definitely lived up to his imagination.

Neil grabbed his throbbing erection and began to slide the tip around the rim of her asshole, smearing a little lube on it. “Were you going to say something, Sarah?” he coaxed.

“Just that the lube was for when I want to have anal sex.” she replied, practically whispering. She was totally overcome by this new feeling. This feeling of wanting to be so utterly dominated, it was a feeling that she never knew that she wanted to experience. 

“You like getting fucked in the ass, don’t you?” he asked, the tip of his cock began to press into her.

“Yessss…” she purred, the feeling of his thick cock sliding into her tight asshole was slightly painful but utterly erotic. She loved how full she felt with a cock buried in her ass. She couldn’t help but love it.

“You’re my slut, aren’t you?” he asked, grinning from ear to ear.

She didn’t say anything, just moaned at the sensation of her tight asshole being stretched open.

“You’re my slut. Say it.” he commanded.

“I’m your slut.” she cooed, feeling his girth stretching her asshole open.

Sophie stood there silently and watched Neil begin to fuck her, slowly at first but quickly picking up speed. He grabbed her hips and began to slam into her as hard as he could. Each thrust was punctuated with a moan from Sarah.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” she cried involuntarily. Her breasts swung like fleshy pendulums as he drilled her.

Neil was getting off on the power to such an extent that he had to stop for a moment or he would have shot his load already. He thrust in hard, burying himself in her guts. A deep moan rumbled through Sarah as he moved his hips in a swirling motion. He slapped her ass. “I’m not sure if I want you to forget anymore.” He slid his cock almost all the way back and slammed it back in.

He held it there for a bit longer and then began to fuck her in earnest again. “I think I may just keep you.” he laughed with such volume and feeling that it almost was a cliche evil laugh. He turned to glance back at Sophie, who was still watching silently. “Both of you.”

Sophie could only stare, and he saw nothing but fear in her expression. She was beginning to realize what kind of power he had over her friend.

Neil was beginning to realize this as well, and it sent him over the edge.

“Cum for me.” he commanded, and before he was even finished saying it, her hips began to violently buck. She didn’t want to cum, not like this, not in these circumstances. It again would confirm to Neil everything about her that would make him think that she was a slut.

But she didn’t have a choice. She cried out as the orgasm overtook her. Waves of pleasure wracked through her body.

Sarah was moaning louder and louder. “Fuck me!” she said between shallow breaths. Was she pretending to like it or not? Even she wasn’t sure in that moment. His commands became her feelings. He told her to enjoy it, and he did. It was as simple as that. She couldn’t do anything else.

Neil fucked her for a little while longer, but he was beginning to get overstimulated from fucking her so hard. He knew he was about to be at the point of no return anyway, so he stopped and pulled out.

“Don’t stop! Put it back in!” she wailed.

“Sorry babe.” he said with a sneer. “You’re going to have to wait. I just got an idea.” He got up and turned to Sophie. “Grab her head.”

Sarah got off the bed and obediently grasped Sophie by each side of her face.

“Sarah! What are you doing?! Please! Let me go!” Sophie begged, half intelligibly through her gag, but Sarah was powerless to stop herself. She couldn’t even speak, but her eyes showed her horror at what she was doing.

“Pry her eyes open.” he gestured to her face. “And kiss me while you do it.”

On cue, Sarah turned and pressed her lips into his. There was no enthusiasm or feeling, but it was a kiss. She then used her thumbs on each side of Sophie’s face to pry her eyes open.

Sophie tried to look away or roll the eyes back in her head, but it was too late, the swirling pattern of colors quickly entranced her, and she lost all resistance. She just stared at the tablet, falling deeper into the spell.

Neil’s arms wrapped around Sarah’s waist, and he shoved his tongue back into Sarah’s mouth. She continued to hold Sophie’s head up, not because she was struggling but now because she was completely relaxed, her body totally slack.

He pulled his tongue out of her mouth long enough to whisper, “You can let her go now, we got her. Now kiss me like you mean it. You’re going to enjoy this” before shoving his tongue back in her mouth.

Sarah began to moan, kissing him back and sucking on his tongue. He knew that she must still be fighting it, but she was powerless to stop herself from complying with his demands. And she did a good job of pretending that she was into it, he decided.

After making out with his dream girl for a few minutes, he commanded her to untie her friend. She walked back over to the bed, her eyes glazed over and a lopsided grin on her face. Once she was untied, Sophie’s body went completely slack. She rolled over and stared at the ceiling, with that same blank expression that Sarah had a few minutes before.

Neil turned off his tablet and put it aside. Then he climbed on top of Sophie. He could smell her body wash or whatever it was that smelled good, and a hint of her body odor. She smelled amazing. looked her right in the eyes, and whispered. “Listen to my voice.” He stroked her cheek. “You will obey my commands. From now on, all I need to do is tell you to ‘obey’, and you will be powerless to resist.”

She stared blankly into space, nodding her head.

“Good girl. Now I want you to wake from the trance, but remember that when I say ‘obey’ you become fully under my control.”

She nodded blankly as he slowly pulled her up onto her feet. “Come and stand here.” he tapped his foot next to him.

She seemed to come awake when she got to the spot but lacked the will to fight him. She had been powerless to resist him during that trance, just like her friend Sarah must have been.

“You don’t need me to say it, do you?” he scoffed. “You know I could make you. Smart girl.” he laughed before turning back to Sarah. “I’ll have to see what your other talents are but after I resolve my unfinished business with your friend here first. Now don’t be jealous.” He laughed and climbed back onto the bed behind Sarah. His dick was still rock hard, and slick with lube.

Sarah waited there obediently for Neil to take her again. She was unsure at this point if she was doing it of her own volition or not. His programming and her thoughts were beginning to become indistinguishable.

Sophie stood silently, with an excellent view of the pair from behind. She watched as Neil lined his cock up with Sarah’s wet hole. Her ass was already stretched and slightly gaping. She waited there for him to put it back in, her hips twitching up and down almost like she was dancing, her asshole almost winking at Sophie.

“Yeah, I know you’re waiting for it, slut.” he laughed, the tip of his uncut cock finding her hole. He loved how powerful he felt, her unable to resist his control.

“Mmm… yeah, that’s it...” He sighed, his cock once again sliding inside of her tight asshole. She gripped the end of the bed for leverage as he started pounding her asshole again. 

Neil looked up at Sophie, still standing there watching with a blank expression.

“It’s okay.” he said sarcastically. “Don’t be sad. You don’t have to be left out. Give your sorority sister a kiss.”

Sophie looked even more scared but wordlessly approached the bed, leaning down so her face was level with Sophie’s. Sarah had her eyes closed and was seemingly completely absorbed in the hard fucking her anus was receiving at that moment. Sophie grabbed Sarah’s face with both hands and pulled their mouths together.

Sarah had made out with another girl before, but that was for show, to impress some frat boys or something. This time, in the heightened state of arousal she was in, it felt like her lips were connected right to her cunt as if there was like an electric current running through her body. Her physical sensations of pleasure were beginning to catch up with the pure bliss she was experiencing because he told her to.

They were both so stimulated, that it took hardly any time at all before they were both approaching their respective orgasms.

Sarah’s mind was completely focused on pleasing him. She didn’t even care about her own orgasm, or even her own pleasure. She was enjoying every second of it, because he had told her to.

 “You’ve always been such a slut. Say it.” He picked up speed, slamming his hips into her faster and faster.

“I’ve always been such a slut,” she repeated in a robotic voice, though it did waver each time his cock slid all the way in.

“That’s right.” he said, struggling to hold back for a few more moments. “And now you’re going to have the most powerful orgasm of your life.”

In response to his command, her whole body started shaking. Wave after wave of pure orgasmic bliss flowed over her whole body. Her shaking and bucking was all it took, and he was cumming a moment later.

“Oh…” he groaned, shooting load after load of cum into her ass. He pulled out and shot the last few spurts onto her ass and back.

After they lay there for a few minutes, he looked over and noticed the two girls still making out. Sophie was sucking on Sarah’s tongue. He slapped Sarah’s right cheek a few times, just for good measure as he pulled out, his cum pouring out and making a big mess on her bed.

“You can stop now if you want.” he said nonchalantly. He rolled over onto his back and staring at the ceiling.

Sophie immediately pulled away, but Sarah held on a moment longer, kissing her one more time. 

“So sluts,” he let out a huge breath and paused before continuing. “You are going to help some of your fellow sorority girls see the slutty sides of themselves as well. I had my eyes on a couple more.” he turned to look at the two of them, naked and huddled together and staring at the floor. “Rachael and Hannah. You know them right?”

Sophie bit her lip, but stayed quiet.

“Yeah, I know them.” Sarah said softly.

To be continued?

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