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Andrew's New Sneakers

  Andrew’s New Sneakers by Lou Bealy Commissioned by Diego Fante If you would like to commission me for a custom story, details are here Support my writing by becoming a subscriber on Subscribestar ! Get access to exclusive content and benefits! Free stories like this one are available 30 days earlier on my Subscribestar This is a work of fiction and all characters depicted are 18 or older. Andrew walked home dejectedly. When his dad had gotten him the interview, he had made it sound like it was a formality, that Andrew already had the job. But when the foreman laughed at him, he had begun to suspect that his dad may have misled him. He had explained that he didn’t really have any skills or experience but his dad had told him it was entry-level so that shouldn’t have mattered. No, the real problem was how he bombed the interview. The interviewer was unbelievably harsh but Andrew couldn’t argue with anything he said. The supervisor who looked to be a few years younge

6/14/21: Weekly update (Subscribestar interactive story, commission)

Hello everyone! It has been quite a week for me. I hope everyone is doing very well. I have more exclusive or early content posted on  my Subscribestar , I posted my latest commission " Andrew's New Sneakers " there and it will remain there exclusively until 7/9 when it will be available here on my blog and on Smashwords. Just $5 a month gets you this early access as well as access to a monthly exclusive story and the ability to help decide what I write next! I have also posted the latest chapter in the interactive story, " Leif Tells Jane of Tad's Betrayal ". The direction my subscribers want it to go has surprised me already and I am loving that I get to find out what happens only slightly before the rest of you! This part leaves us with some very interesting possibilities, I think. For just $10 a month you get that early access, the exclusive story and polls, as well as access to read and help create my interactive story and discounted commission rates. M