Andrew's New Sneakers

  Andrew’s New Sneakers by Lou Bealy

Commissioned by Diego Fante

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This is a work of fiction and all characters depicted are 18 or older.

Andrew walked home dejectedly. When his dad had gotten him the interview, he had made it sound like it was a formality, that Andrew already had the job. But when the foreman laughed at him, he had begun to suspect that his dad may have misled him.

He had explained that he didn’t really have any skills or experience but his dad had told him it was entry-level so that shouldn’t have mattered. No, the real problem was how he bombed the interview. The interviewer was unbelievably harsh but Andrew couldn’t argue with anything he said. The supervisor who looked to be a few years younger than Andrew just casually tore him apart. He said Andrew was unimpressive, had no confidence, and obviously didn’t even really want to be there.

Andrew couldn’t really argue against any of that. He was there because his dad made him and he did need a job, especially if he was ever planning to move out. He had not even realized that he had gotten his hopes up, that he could do something worthwhile, something besides fast food or sitting in the basement at his parent’s house. Even though it was just a labor job at a construction site, it felt like a personal rejection. Especially with what the guy had said to him.

It was just one more thing he could add to his list of failures. A skinny dark-haired guy with unremarkable looks and unremarkable drive, ambition, or skills. A loser, he sometimes admitted to himself. He would go home and wallow in his room for the rest of the night, under normal circumstances. But that day he unknowingly took a different path. He almost made it to the other side of the site when he realized the error of his choices.

He looked down and saw that he had been trudging right through wet cement. Bright orange cones and a sign marked the area but he had been distracted by his thoughts and wandered right into the middle of it. His ratty old tennis shoes were little protection from the wet cold sludge that he had already trudged through. It was up to his ankles. He looked around, realizing that he would have to walk almost as far to get back out as he would to just keep going through it. He didn’t know what was worse, to mark the rest of it or to make an even bigger trail back. So he trudged on, leaving a trail of footprints straight across the area that was supposed to be a concrete foundation.

He had made it all the way across when he realized his sore luck. After making it through the cement, he found a whole new problem to deal with. A huge dirt lot that had been completely soaked from the previous day’s rain now lay between him and home. The lot had turned to mud. He looked back between the cement and the fence and concluding that there was no other way.

By the time he had gotten across the mud lot, he had managed to fall a few times and completely soak himself. His feet had gotten stuck more than once, at one point he was so deep he wondered if he needed to call for help. He did eventually pull himself out but cursed when his bare feet squelched into the mud.

After a lot of effort, he was able to pull one shoe back out and completely lose the other. His one remaining shoe was completely caked with mud and soaked through. He put it back on, determined to simply get home so he could hide in his room and wallow in self-pity.

As he hobbled through his neighborhood, the universe seemingly decided to finally throw him a bone. He saw someone leave one of the houses with a shoebox, containing what appeared to be brand-new high-top sneakers. Curious, he walked by the house and saw that it had a bit of a crowd in front of it. Embarrassed by his situation yet intrigued, he turned to follow the path uphill to the front yard while leaning on the fence. He got close enough to see what was happening and was delighted to see that it was a yard sale.

A petite, dark-skinned woman dressed in athletic leggings and halter top was selling clothes, DVDs, furniture, appliances, and other household items off of huge tables set up in front of her house.

Andrew looked through the clothes and asked about prices. He didn’t have much money and he needed some new clothes anyway. He picked out some pants, a tee-shirt, a hooded sweatshirt, a brand-new pack of socks, and a pair of white high-top sneakers that the lady said all belonged to her late brother, Jay. Jay had unfortunately recently passed, forcing her to sell some of his things in order to raise money for the funeral and other related expenses.

Apparently, her brother Jay had been the owner of a pretty good-sized sneaker collection That communicated to Andrew the kind of guy he was perfectly well. The clothes and sneakers put him as a dude-bro jock, someone who Andrew would have probably been into but who wouldn’t have given Andrew the time of day. They always turned about to be straight anyway.

A little creeped out that he was about to put on dead man’s clothes, he nonetheless decided to buy them. The fact that they didn’t fit him very well didn’t matter much either, since he needed to get out of the wet clothes and he really needed shoes. He was getting a great deal on them anyway, especially the shoes. She even let him go inside to use the bathroom so he could rinse off and change.

He didn’t know much about shoe collecting but he knew enough to realize how good of a deal he was getting on the brand-new condition Jordans. He knew that some people would pay big money for them but he just needed shoes. Luckily the white high-tops seemed to fit. Strange, since the rest of the clothes were so big on him. They just felt right when he pulled the laces tight and his feet were safe inside.

They made a deal and he left satisfied, happy even. He had salvaged the situation and left with nicer clothes than he had started with, albeit they didn’t fit him very well. Something about them made him feel more comfortable, more confident. Or maybe it was just nice to get out of his wet clothes.

He made sure to thank her profusely before he left. She seemed nice. He felt sorry for her, for her losing her brother and having to be the one to pick up the pieces. He was glad he got a good deal but he also hoped the money helped her get things sorted out.

When he got home, he avoided talking to his parents and went straight to his room. He was feeling drained and decided to take a nap. When he got to his bedroom, he jumped onto his bed and fell asleep on top of the covers. He hadn’t bothered to get undressed or even take his new shoes off.

* * *

Andrew awoke the next morning and was momentarily disoriented before he realized that he was still wearing his newly-purchased outfit. He felt more refreshed than usual and sat right up in bed, ready for a new day. He immediately noticed his dick was rock hard. Morning wood wasn’t as common for him as it was when he was younger and he was tempted to take advantage of it. He didn’t have anything to do or anywhere to be but something stopped him when he reached for his tablet. Ultimately, he decided not to spend any more time in bed.

He got up and noticed his reflection in the closet mirror. He walked over and smiled to himself. He looked good in the black hoody, white teeshirt, faded jeans, and white high-tops. He felt good too. He didn’t even want to change his clothing. He smiled to himself before booting up his computer. He was going to start up his favorite sci-fi action game but something stopped him. He turned and looked out his window at the sun that was just peeking in over the top of the blinds.

Andrew couldn’t just sit there when it was such a nice day out. He decided to go for a walk, which was unusual for him but he had an excess of energy for some reason. He enjoyed just getting out and enjoying the fresh air and summer sun. He walked around the block a few times before returning home with a smile on his face.

Still restless, he scheduled some more job interviews, cleaned his room, groomed his beard (and pubic area), and even set up a personal ad on one of the local forums, complete with a pic of him looking cute in his new outfit. He thought his day couldn’t get much better when he received a reply right away. He agreed to meet them at the local gay bar that night.

His parents even noticed his improved mood at dinner but he couldn’t really attribute it to anything specific. He just felt like a new man that day, he said. He just decided to have a more positive attitude. His dad held back a chuckle when Andrew told them that he felt like he had turned over a new leaf. He was just happy his son seemed to be happy.

That night, Andrew entered the bar wearing the same cute outfit. He found his date, who had already ordered drinks. They danced and had a good time. Andrew was normally more self-conscious, more shy, and hesitant but not that night. That night, he was content to go with the flow, allow his date to lead the lay. He never liked to dance much but after a few drinks, he was dancing more and more provocatively with his date, grinding on him. When the brown-haired twink started groping and humping him right there on the dance floor, he didn’t complain either. He even let the guy kiss him, a big milestone for him that he usually reserved until after the first date. When the young man grabbed Andrew’s hand and pulled him towards the bathroom, he went with the flow and followed him in. He normally wouldn’t even kiss someone he just met, let alone have sex with them, and definitely not in a public place. But his dick had been hard since the moment they started dancing. He was so horny and excited, more so than he could remember being in a long time. He would feel too awkward and embarrassed, no matter how much liquid courage he had consumed. But that night he let his date fellate him and then fuck him right there in the stall. It was so hot and so fast he had to stop the guy and make sure that he was wearing a condom. It was unbelievably sexy and they both were done and satisfied within a minute of entering the room. After a short recovery, they parted without ever having exchanged their real names.

* * *

The next morning he was going to wear some of his regular clothes so he could wash the new outfit but was confounded by a strange problem. They didn’t fit.

He had worn the same size clothes since high school but now nothing was comfortable. His shirts were too tight across the chest and shoulders. His pants were not long enough and way too tight around his legs and crotch. Confused, he wondered if the clothes had shrunk in the wash but quickly dismissed the idea when he found that none of the other shirts fit him either. Every one of his shirts was too small in the chest and the arms seemed too short. Every pair of pants was even more uncomfortable, squeezing his legs and junk painfully in the mere attempt to slide them on. They didn’t appear to be long enough either but he attributed that to the overall fit being so much tighter.

Once he shed the now ill-fitting clothing, he went to the mirror to inspect his body. Nothing appeared to be any different. At least not in any immediately noticeable or drastic way. Upon close inspection, his chest, arms, and legs all may have been a bit larger with better muscle definition than he remembered. He shook his head, thinking that he couldn’t have gotten that much bigger without noticing but then there was more.

His pants no longer fit and found that even his underwear was uncomfortable as well. Not only were they too tight around the thighs, they felt like they were restricting his package as well. He yanked them off and gave a little grunt of surprise when he saw his junk.

There was nothing too dramatic, but his once small sack that would typically ride tight to his body now hung unusually low with his (maybe?) larger testicles concealed under a thicker matte of pubic fur. He shook his head, thinking that he just needed a trim. It must have been his imagination but his half-hard dick appeared larger as well.

He shook his head. He didn’t have the time to worry about what may have happened to his clothes- dismissing the idea that he somehow got larger overnight- he had to get to a job interview at the local pub.

He pulled the same outfit on that he had been wearing for the last few days, which was already starting to reek of musky male body odor, and ran out the door. He knew of only one place he could find clothes that would fit and on his budget. It had been serendipity, he decided, that he had been forced to buy a new outfit when he did. It was the only outfit he owned that currently fit him.

Strangely, he noticed, the sneakers still fit him perfectly. He had seemingly, no matter how crazy it sounded, grown overnight so that the oversized clothes fit him better. But the shoes still fit wonderfully, despite his feet seemingly also growing. He stared at the white Jordans, thinking that they did bigger. He looked at the size, and it said size ‘12’. He could have sworn that it was “11” when he picked them up, but then again he had just been glad that they fit and hadn’t spent any time worrying about the number.

He walked around the room, the Jordans providing excellent cushion and support with no pinching. His walk turned into more like a strut out of his basement room and out into the world, feeling better than he had in months.

Andrew found that the yard sale was thankfully still going on. He purchased the box of clothes that he had picked the outfit out of. It had some pretty nice stuff in it, including some nice slacks and a polo shirt that he figured would look good for his interview. He also specifically picked out and bought a white ballcap with no logo, something he questioned even as he did it since he did not generally wear hats. He threw it and the rest of the clothes he bought in a bag and graciously accepted Jay’s sister’s invitation to use her bathroom again to change. As he put the clothes on, they not only fit his body better than he expected but they just felt right on him. The style, the bright color, he looked good, he had to admit. Even his normally acne-pocked and blotchy skin looked like it had cleared up. Even the dry skin along his scalp had all but disappeared, alleviating his minor dandruff as well. He smiled to himself, feeling a sense of confidence that he could never remember experiencing. He felt like he was ready.

A job tending bar at a pub would not have been his first choice for a job but they did seem to like him when he applied the day before and actually called him back. Besides, he was ready for something different.

After his interview- that he thought went pretty well- Andrew was in a great mood. He was feeling restless and unwilling to simply walk back home. He checked his messages and found that none of his prospective dates, including the guy from the previous night, had bitten on his offer to hang out that night. That may usually have upset Andrew, even discouraged him from trying to put himself out there and find someone any further. But that day was different. He wasn’t going to let it bring him down.

He decided to go for a nice long walk in his neighborhood. He would normally never bother and just stay at home to play on his computer or binge watch a show. But he couldn’t let himself be so inactive. He had so much energy that he needed to burn off. And he enjoyed it. Getting outside, a little bit of exercise and fresh air was seemingly just what he needed to clear his head and relax.

On his way back he spotted the neighborhood bar and decided to get a drink. He wasn’t there to cruise, since it wasn’t a good place for that anyway. He just couldn’t bear to sit at home alone another night. He waltzed up to the bar and put his feet up on the stool, displaying his bright white Jordans.

He quickly pounded a couple of drinks. That was about as much as he would usually consume. He was a bit of a lightweight- and he didn’t have a job so he didn’t have much of a liquor budget. He never was the dancing type either, so unsure what to do, he just sat at the bar and ordered a cheap appetizer. He still didn’t want to go home.

Strangely, he found himself staring at the waitress. He wasn’t sure why but something about her was distracting him. He admired her cute little face with a button nose and tiny gymnast-sized body, wondering what she looked like naked. He was shocked when he realized that he was sizing up a woman and even more shocked when he caught her doing the same. Several times they caught the other staring. She wasn’t even his waitress but she seemed to invent several excuses to keep coming back to him.

The night went by in a flash. Like a whirlwind, he went from smiling at the doe-eyed waitress with a throbbing erection to being in her bed.

When they had first gotten naked he was so enamored with her tight little body that he almost forgot how his own body had changed. He noticed his dick was at least an inch longer than he remembered it being. He wanted to tell himself that it was just him being more aroused than he had been for a long time- which was weird in the first place considering he was gay- but it was thicker too. He wasn’t imagining things. A man knows his own dick and there was no doubt in his mind at that point that he had grown larger.

There was no opportunity to dwell on that, however. She grabbed his cock and slid her hand across its length before pulling him back into the bed and on top of her. They rolled around, kissing and fondling each other like teenagers, completely consumed by the passion of the moment.

It felt strange kissing and fondling her tiny body. He was normally into twink sort of guys but she was so much smaller, softer, more delicate than any guy he had ever touched. She was gentler too. She was sweet the way she softly caressed his skin with her lips, how she teased and stroked all of his sensitive areas with dainty fingers and high-pitched moans of pleasure and excitement.

When he entered her, she was soft and pliable, yet enveloped him completely. He came inside her in a short time but she didn’t complain. Her cries of pleasure had joined his in mutual orgasm just before they also joined in mutual slumber.

* * *

Andrew never got her full name, nor did he ask for her phone number. It was just a one-time thing. A fluke. An aberration in the normal order. That’s what he told himself. It didn’t stop him from thinking about the event over and over. And not only that, other women around him were distracting as well. Just as distracting as the cute guys, which he was somewhat relieved to confirm that he still found every bit as alluring as ever. Was he bisexual?

He felt like it. He started his new job as a bartender the very next day and he found himself immediately exposed to all kinds of people. He felt like it was the first day of school like he had a brand new start; a fresh sheet of paper to start on. He picked up the job right away, especially the interpersonal aspect that had always been so intimidating.

And he flirted with everyone. He needed tips after all but he also thought it was fun. He never had the confidence to just compliment someone on their clothes or on their hair out of the blue. He would never normally be able to look at a cute guy or girl and smile with the confidence to know that they could be yours, that they are a prize to be won. It was a new, novel feeling but he loved it. It made his new job much more fun than he ever would have guessed it could be.

That was new too. So much had changed in a short time that it was scary. And exciting, he had to admit. And somehow, as crazy as it seemed, he blamed the Jordans. The changes started as soon as he got them. He didn’t know how it was possible but he felt it, too. He felt like a different guy as soon as he put them on to the point that he never wanted to take them off. He had even slept every night with them on since getting them. He wore them while he worked out, while he ate, while he went on runs, everywhere. The only time he took them off was to shower.

The same part of him that knew that Jordans were responsible for the changes to him, was also the part that loved what was happening to him. He wanted to take the shoes off and throw them in the woods but he couldn’t do it. He couldn’t even get close, since the muddy ground would get his pristine white shoes dirty. They were far too perfect and bright to mar like that.

But even so, Andrew had to stop what they were doing to him. He bent down and began to untie the white laces. He noticed on the inside of the tongue, that the size now read “13 ½”. That clinched it. Something crazy was happening and these shoes were responsible. They needed to go. But he found himself simply tightening the laces so the shoes were on a bit more snug and then his hands retied them on their own. Confused, he went to untie them again but found that he couldn’t. He physically couldn’t. No matter how hard he tried, his hands would not obey. His feet wouldn’t either when he stood up and thought he might be able to kick them off since his hands were being strangely uncooperative.

But something was stopping him and he seemingly lacked the will to force through. Eventually, he gave up and decided that he would rather keep them and that was why he couldn’t take them off.

He told himself that he still needed shoes and couldn’t afford new ones yet. That was why he was walking back home with the shoes still on. That’s why he didn’t even bother to ask his parents to borrow money for new ones, or even look for some online on the cheap. No, like most any other day he went back to his room and began texting the men and women that had responded to his dating profile while laying on the bed. The bright white Jordans remained tied on his feet where they belonged. It just felt right.

* * *

“Good evening, son!” Andrew heard a voice call from behind him.

He had been taking a stroll downtown when he was suddenly startled from his daydreams. He had been thinking about the date he had the previous night, the cute girl he had hung out and gone home with when he was snapped out of it by a large, barrel-chested man wearing an apron. He had a long bushy black beard but the hair on his head was cut short on top and shaved on the sides. The bear of a man stood smiling in front of a small shop in the corner of the strip mall, a bright white, blue, and red pole spinning next to him. Seeing the barber pole disarmed Andrew and made him relax a little.

The big man smiled warmly at Andrew. “You look like you are getting kinda shaggy, my friend!” the barber teased. “How about we lower your ears a bit?”

He opened his mouth to refuse but he was cut off.

“C’mon! Don’t be scared…” the barber made a mock crying expression. “I’m just going to take some of that mane,” He reached out and touched Andrew’s thick head of frizzy hair. Andrew stood there, bemused at the attention; normally he would hate being put upon like that. The barber noticed that he had a live fish and added, “And have you looking good for the ladies.”

Andrew sat down in the chair and let the barber trim his noticeably thicker than normal hair into a short, neat haircut. It was short on top and shorter on the sides.

“What’s your name, son?” asked the barber as he worked.

“Andrew,” he replied but something made him add, “James.”

The barber removed the cape and bib and stepped back triumphantly. “You’re a new man, there AJ.” He beamed.

Andrew stared at the reflection, taking in how different he looked. It wasn’t just the hair. All of the changes to his body were on display, including new ones or ones he hadn’t noticed. His hair was thicker and lighter, with a bit of a wave to it where it had always been straight. His face had changed. His cheekbones were higher and more pronounced, his chin was more pronounced with a larger jawline. His body had changed more as well. His chest was even larger and his arms had grown to match, both in length and girth. That applied to something else, too he could already confirm. But it was true of his now much more massive legs. He looked like he was some kind of athlete, or at least never skipped leg day. He had already noticed it when he put on shorts that morning but it was at that point that he truly took in all of the changes together.

He was a new man.

That night, AJ went out to the neighborhood bar again. He dressed in his usual outfit, his trusty Jordans, and the ballcap he had bought as well. He never used to wear hats- his head was the wrong shape- but not only did it feel right but it looked sexy.

Despite his new feelings of confidence, it was undermined by the feeling that he was not really in control anymore. He was actually feeling overwhelmed by what was happening to him. He was physically tired, emotionally drained, and just wanted to hang at home. But something compelled him to put that same outfit on and walk the few blocks for a drink.

Just one drink, he told himself.

He wanted to ignore the cute girls making eyes at him. He didn’t want to buy them drinks either. He couldn’t seem to stop himself from following one home and having some wild sex with her either. He was there, he was present, he even enjoyed it... but it was like the whole thing was happening to someone else; an act being committed by someone else.

When he awoke the next morning he felt like his life as the skinny little nerd named Andrew was almost some bad dream and now AJ was awake for a new day.

* * *

AJ was taking advantage of an invitation to a college party. They were stupid enough to say that the beer was free and so they had a full frat house and very little beer left. That wasn’t why he was there, however. He knew that a full frat house meant college girls and quickly found a cute one to hit on.

Within minutes of trying to shout over the music and din of the party, they escaped to a bedroom. He took her drink from her, pounded it down, and then threw her onto the bed. He ripped her clothes off as she giggled, loving his domineering treatment. He ripped her panties off from under her skirt and threw them aside before diving face-first into her crotch. His face mashed his face into her shaved pussy, licking all around her opening before concentrating on her clit. He had her squealing within moments. His shorts clattered to the floor, revealing his cock, which had seemingly grown again. He kicked them aside and threw his b-ball jersey on top of the growing clothes pile, so he stood in only his white Jordans and ballcap. His big meaty hand wrapped around his thick cock and squeezed while he admired how much cock was left sticking out. The shaft was wide and veiny, the shiny purple glans seemed much tighter in his foreskin, which had receded to make his glans look even larger. It was already leaking precum, which he smeared all over the head with his thumb.

He jacked himself a few times before shoving it into her mouth. She lay on the bed while he stood over her and fucked her face, telling her what a good cocksucker she was. His own hands were quickly occupied by stretching her wide open and probing inside with his fingers. He fucked her in every position, calling her all kinds of names like slut and bitch, and lost count of how many orgasms she had before he allowed himself to cum inside her. He admired his handiwork; her stretched-out snatch leaked a stream of thick white cum onto the sheets of whomever’s bed they had just fucked on.

The next morning, AJ awoke next to his conquest and wanted to fuck her again. The part that was still Andrew fought to exert some kind of control, to just leave and recover from the wild night at home. He found that he couldn’t. He seemed to lack the willpower to simply get up and walk out of the room. Not even when he vaguely remembered someone, probably the resident of the room, trying to tell them to leave but he had looked sufficiently mean at the guy to scare him off.

The more he struggled, the more powerless he felt. His whole world began to shrink. As his body stood up from the bed to stretch and scratch its balls, he felt trapped inside a world growing dark. He made it to the hallway mirror and looked into his own unfamiliar face grinning back at him. He heard his new, deeper voice call out to the girl, telling her to hurry up in the bathroom. He could just barely feel himself leaning against the cold drywall but that sensation began to fade; not like he was growing used to the cold surface but instead growing numb. He couldn’t even seem to summon the will to be distressed about it. He was frozen in place. His overall emotional state was just like the smirk in the mirror: aloof, not at all worried. Even as his vision restricted down to a tunnel, then a pinhole, then complete darkness he couldn’t get worked up about it. He was calm, detached. After a short while, the sound of the bathroom faucet slowly dwindled away until he couldn’t hear anything at all. His vision restricted down to a tunnel, then a pinhole, then complete darkness. All his faculties- his ability to track time and follow what was happening to him- slowly disappeared until he was floating in a sea of utter darkness. The last thing he could make out through the haze was his meaty paws leaning down to tighten the laces of the pristine white Jordans he had worn all through the night, then smooth out the laces.

* * *

AJ was momentarily disoriented when he awoke. He had a vague sense that a lot of time had passed while he was… wherever he was. He sat up in bed, which was a sheetless king-sized mattress on the hardwood floor in the corner of a mostly unadorned room. The sun was high in the sky and light poured light through a pair of windows on either side of the room’s opposite corner, revealing his unfamiliar location. A milk crate was on the near side of the bed with a new cellphone showing it was one in the afternoon.

He stood up on shaky legs, completely naked. The sensation of the cold floor on his bare feet helped to bring him out of his mental fog. It wasn’t just the mental fog of sleep. He felt like he had been in hibernation. He was sluggish like a bear that had just awoken in spring. The force that had been animating him, changing him, and controlling him, had seemingly fled. The world slowly started to make sense again and he slowly turned in place, gradually taking in his surroundings.

Next to the milk crate, he saw the pair of Jordans that had started all of this. They were no longer pristine white, as their color had been stained yellow and worn with use. He reached out to pick up the biscuits, admiring how worn and used they were. The right one even had a blowout in the side right next to the big toe. He reached out to grab them, holding them up to his chest and embracing them for a moment. He didn’t know why, but he felt a connection to them, a connection to James. And he somehow knew James was truly gone. He wasn’t sure what had changed but it was a bittersweet feeling. He was truly on his own again, for good or bad.

He dropped the shoes with a loud clatter when they hit the hardwood floor and he was startled when he heard a voice from behind him.

“Mmm?” he heard from behind him, suddenly noticing that the pile of blankets on the far side of the bed against the wall had a person inside. He turned and saw a thin twink boy with straight dark hair and dark skin emerge from the pile. He managed to look cute even though he was still clearly very groggy. That didn’t stop him, though. Without hesitating, he climbed across the bed and reached out to grab AJs his erect cock.

AJ noticed how big it was. It had to be at least eleven inches, thick, and now seemingly circumcised, with his foreskin having completely disappeared. The twink seemed impressed as well. He smiled and nodded his approval before opening his mouth wide and slipping the head inside. He suckled hungrily at the precum already dripping from AJs slit. AJ grabbed his head and moaned, his hips beginning to take on a life of their own. He was fucking the boy’s throat before he knew it, making him gag with each thrust.

It started slow, but as he assaulted the boy’s mouth, but fragments of memory started to fade in and come back to him. The cute boy was one of his latest play partners. They had met up for what he thought was only the second time the night before and had fucked for the first time. Clearly, the twink hadn’t gotten enough, since he practically inhaled AJs cock. The residual soreness of his aching cock confirmed what recollection he did have of the previous night.

AJ let the previous night’s hookup entertain himself as he looked about the strange dwelling he found himself in. It wasn’t much, just slightly larger than a typical studio apartment. His closet was open, showing that he had acquired a whole wardrobe to match his second-hand outfits. On the floor of the closet were several pairs of different styled Jordans. In front of the closet, there was a custom Nike ID pair. The high-tops themselves were red-soled, with white sides and laces with a splash of black color. They had thick white soles speckled with red. The whole package looked sexy as hell. They were almost pristine, suggesting that they were his new everyday kicks. Next to the shoes, lay a set of keys- including what looked like a key fob to a new car- on a lanyard and a leather wallet with the initials AJ emblazoned on the side in big black letters.

Andrew’s computer desk was against the corner under the window, next to his bookcase and nerdy memorabilia. On the other side of the room, and kind of home gym on the other- complete with free weights, bench, and a heavy bag that could be hung from a hook at the center of the room once it was cleared. It was like a mix of the old and the new. Whomever he had become, there was still something of Andrew still in AJ, though clearly the Jordans and the spirit that inhabited them had left their mark on him too.

It was time to acknowledge that, he thought. Somehow, this James had lived on through the sneakers, taken over his life, and… the pleasure from the exquisite blow job made it hard to contemplate the bigger picture. It was easier to enjoy himself. To let the moment have precedence.

He lay back and moaned, letting the sensations administered by a skilled mouth take over. More memory fragments slowly surfaced. They came all at once, making it hard to think until he had slowly pieced them together.

After a moment, it started to come into focus. AJ had apparently been doing rather well for himself in the months that Andrew had been almost totally dormant. AJ’s classes at the local college on business prepared him for starting his own personal trainer fitness company that he was close to getting off of the ground. He had done very well at his new job at the bar, picking up full-time hours and a raise, though that was going to change once his company got off of the ground. He realized the experience and networking he had acquired while at the job was going to be invaluable in his new enterprise, though.

A swirl of the boy’s tongue pulled AJ back to the present business. He looked down at the skinny little thing in his lap and smiled, thinking that they may even have something more together than hooking up, though he couldn’t exactly recall. Or maybe he was just really cute.

AJ reached under the blanket to caress the slim, toned body of his companion. His fingers danced along the surprisingly soft skin and hard muscles of the boy’s trim belly. He slid across the six-pack and down his hairless abdomen and between his legs. His hand passed where he thought it would hit and instead kept going and found something intriguing between his new friend’s legs. For a moment, he was confused but he remembered that it had been a nice surprise the night before.

AJ pulled the blanket away, revealing that he had a sparsely hairy chest, which did little to hide the surgical scars from the mastectomy. He also saw what he had felt. The twink had a pussy, a pussy that was already juicing up and getting ready for him. His boy-toy from the night before- whose name still escaped him- was, in fact, a transman. But the momentary surprise quickly passed and he was simply pleased that his partner had pleasing elements of the female body and the masculine form. AJ didn’t care if his partner had a dick or a pussy, as long as they were cute and fun. His fingers probed the slick opening, provoking a moan from the slender boy in AJ’s bed. He quickly began the assault on the swollen clit right away, attacking it with his fingers and tongue. The squeals of pleasure told him he was on the right track. His fingers swirled about the swollen little nub, gathering moisture around the inner labia and teasing the opening there before coming back around to the throbbing flesh bead. He alternated probing and rubbing the cute boy’s lips and clit. After his third screaming orgasm, the boy tried to push AJ away but had a fraction of the necessary strength.

“S-slow down!” the boy squeaked but AJ ignored him. He grabbed the boy’s skinny legs and pulled them to his shoulders. He partially picked him up and pulled him to the edge of the bed. He slapped the boy’s left leg until he got the message to flip over and got up on his knees.

“That’s it, boy.” He slapped the boy’s bubble butt hard, making him yelp. “I’m gonna fuck you like the man you are,” he declared proudly. He grabbed the half-empty bottle of lube that was sitting on the floor next to the bed and slathered a generous amount on both of them. The boy giggled as he smoothed the cool lube into his puckering hole. He rubbed his legs together and presented his ass for AJ’s use.

His huge cock slid into the boy in one stroke and he proceeded to fuck the twink so hard and they were so loud that the neighbors on both sides of the wall were pounding on it. He didn’t care and kept going until the sweat was dripping off of his nose and splattering on the boy’s back. When the boy couldn’t even keep his ass in the air anymore and his cries of encouragement had dwindled to soft whimpers AJ finally allowed himself to cum. The orgasm was the most powerful of his life. He grabbed ahold of the twink’s hips and painted his guts with so much cum that he thought he would send him through the wall if he didn’t hold onto him tight. When he finally came down from his orgasm, he pulled out to look at his handiwork, cum dripping out of the twinks ass in a torrent.

“Alright, AJ. Let me up,” the boy said weakly. He clearly was exhausted but pleased.

AJ stood up and looked around the room again, this time feeling like he finally knew who he was and where he was going. The twink got up to run to the bathroom and beckoned AJ to follow him to the shower. But AJ waited a moment, giving at the old beat-up Jordans one last look.

He smiled and silently thanked James for what he had done for him. He gathered some clothes and his nice new high-tops and ran to the bathroom to shower before his shift at the bar.


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