Strange Saturday


Strange Saturday

By Lou Bealy

Commissioned by anonymoose

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This is a work of fiction and all characters depicted are 18 or older.

“Hello, honey. Did you have a good day at school?” Annie called out to her daughter, who had just walked through the front door.

“Fine,” she kissed her mom on the cheek. “Just a few more weeks and then no more high school. I can’t wait!”

“Your father decided to take his vacation time and go see your aunt, so it is just the two of us for the weekend.” Annie turned to walk back to the kitchen.

“I’m so glad the weather cooperated,” Sarah said happily. She threw her keys in the basket on the table next to the door. “Dad should have a nice drive. And I might get some sunbathing in.” She kicked off her shoes and turned to head up the stairs to her room to get changed out of her work clothes. Her tight pants suit was actually moist with sweat, it was so hot out. She had felt a little bit self-conscious at the office when she took her suit jacket off and was wearing a simple white shirt underneath. Her bosom, only B-cups but looked big on her slim body, was somewhat on display and she thought she caught a few guys staring.

“I made some lemonade and I plan to read by the pool a little bit later,” Sarah’s mother Annie called from the kitchen.

“Even with that creepy guy Kevin watching?” Sarah replied. He went to her school and the little creep was always leering at them from his window.

“I know, it’s creepy but we can’t really do anything about it. I’ve spoken to his mother and she knows he’s a little perve.” She laughed. “She told me she caught him going through her underwear drawer once.” Her mother waved her hand dismissively. “But we can’t let the fact that a horny teenager stares at us get in our way. They’ll do it your whole life. Well,” she sighed. “For a while, at least. Besides,” she chuckled. “At my age, it is nice to know I can still have that effect on a young man.”

“He’s a teenage boy. He could get excited by a draft,” Sarah pointed out. “You don’t want that effect on him.” She shook her head. “He’s always staring at me in bio class. He’s a creeper.”

Annie shrugged and moved on, “Are you hungry?” her mom asked. “I’m almost done with dinner!” She was wearing a long white sundress with red flowers and a red cardigan, her typical more formal summer wear. Her daughter came back down the stairs, wearing pair of white shorts and a tank top, showing off the same kind of slim athletic body that her mom was more conservatively covering.

The two could almost be twins if it wasn’t for the obvious age difference. They had the same high cheekbones and button nose, the same long straight blonde hair, and the same overall height and build. Annie was still very attractive in her mid-thirties, with a slim body and breasts that only sagged a little and were slightly bigger than her daughter’s.

“I am a little hungry,” Sarah said as she hit the bottom step. She walked past her mother to the fridge and poured herself a drink. “Did you want one?” She turned to her mom, still holding the vodka bottle.

“I already have a beverage.” Her mom pointed to a full glass of lemonade next to the stove. “Isn’t it a bit early to start drinking?” She glanced at the clock, which said just past four.

Sarah shook her head and laughed. “It’s not day drinking if it’s with dinner. What are we having?” She asked, moving behind her mother. She took a big whiff of whatever it was and it smelled good.

"Chicken.” Her mother replied. “It'll be ready in a few minutes, I just need to…" she began to say but her voice sort of trailed off. She suddenly stopped and remained frozen in that position, staring off into space. She had a kind of dreamy expression on her face that changed to surprise. She looked down at herself for a moment, her face looking amazed.

“You ‘just need to’...” Sarah prompted but her mother ignored her like she wasn’t there.

Sarah watched her mom simply turn and leave the room without a word, staring at her hands.

“Did the drugs just kick in or something?” Sarah teased but her mother ignored her. She shrugged and didn't think much of it. She had a few chores to finish before dinner anyway.

Once she finished sending some emails and organizing her schedule for the weekend, she came back to the kitchen to refill her drink, hoping dinner would be ready. She took a look around the room but didn’t see her mother. She shrugged and continued on to the living room where she plopped down on the couch with a big sigh.

Sarah started watching one of her reality shows that she liked while she waited for dinner. After her show ended and her mom had not returned, she got up from the couch to investigate. She smelled something burning and ran to the oven. As quickly as she could, she pulled the now charred oven-fried chicken out and put it on top of the stove, then turned the fan on. The smoke detector started beeping right after that, the piercing sound only ceasing once she waved a towel at it for a few seconds.

“Mom?” Sarah called but Annie still hadn’t come back. She looked around the main floor for her mother until she noticed the bathroom door closed and the light was on. “Mom, are you okay?” she asked, fear creeping into her voice. She knocked and called again but there was no answer. She knocked a second time. “Mom!”

Sarah was about to try the handle when the door swung open and her mom was standing there staring back at her with a crazed, wide-eyed expression. The strangest thing was she had discarded her shorts and top, which were lying on the bathroom floor, and she was standing there in her underwear for no apparent reason. She was wearing matching gray granny panties and a plain bra. Sarah smiled, momentarily thinking that she hoped she looked that good when she was her mom’s age but that thought was quickly replaced by concern for her mother, who was behaving very oddly and was clearly out of sorts.

“Mom?” she asked slowly. “Are you okay?”

Her mom turned to her and put on what could only be described as a cheesy smile. “Hello, honey!” She grabbed Sarah and pulled her surprised daughter close. “How is my beautiful beautiful baby?” She was practically shouting and giggling like a schoolgirl on wine coolers. “Why don’t you give momma a big kiss.” She squeezed Sarah around the waist and gave her a kiss on the mouth- which was something they didn’t ever do since Sarah was a child- and held it for an uncomfortable extra second before letting go.

Sarah almost stumbled back, caught off guard. “Uh, you burnt the chicken.” Sarah suddenly remembered what she came to tell her mom.

“Mmm?” Annie looked at her daughter like she had no idea what she was talking about.

“The chicken in the oven?” Sarah stared at her mom, confused.

“Oh!” her mom exclaimed with a giggle. “Shit. Sorry. I uh, I forgot about it, I guess.”

Sarah was shocked to hear her mom talk this way but didn’t comment any further. They stared at each other for another moment or two without either moving. Eventually, Sarah shook her head and left the room, walking back to the kitchen. “I’ll just have some salad or something. Do we still have that southwest mix?” Her mom didn’t reply so she just opened the fridge herself. She didn’t see it but she saw some leftover pasta from the Italian restaurant. “Ooo! I’ll just eat your leftovers. You don’t want it anyway, right? Too many carbs. Why did you even order it?” She grabbed the styrofoam container and shut the fridge door, gasping when she saw her mom walk by still in her underwear.

“We should just order a fuckin pizza or something.” Annie waved her hand dismissively. “Fuck all that salad shit.” She started walking around the main floor, clearly looking for something.

Sarah was now very confused. “You want pizza? You don’t even have it on your cheat day usually…”

“Where the hell does your mom- I mean.” Annie stopped, looking frustrated. ‘Where do I keep my money? Nevermind.” She shook her head. “Would you call for a pizza? I’ll pay you back later. When I find my wallet.”

“Are you okay?” Sarah asked her mom slowly. Her mother hadn’t carried a wallet in years. She used her phone to pay for everything. “You’re acting weird.” She stared at her mom, standing in the kitchen in her underwear.

“Weird?” Annie looked down at herself and giggled. “Come on, it’s just us girls here.” She reached out and nudged Sarah hard on the shoulder, making her take a step back. "You should take ‘em off too. Get comfortable.” She reached out to grab at Sara’s shirt, but Sarah backed away out of her reach.

“I’ll wait until I am sunbathing, thanks.” Sarah shook her head. Her mom wasn’t normally playful or mischievous so this was a bit surprising but she wasn’t going to play along and give her mom whatever reaction she was looking for. She grabbed the styrofoam container of leftover pasta and popped it in the microwave.

“You don’t want pizza?” her mom asked again. She shook her head. “Your loss. I’m getting some fucking pizzas. We can afford ‘em. As soon as I find my wallet...”

Sarah shrugged and put the leftovers back. “Sure, I guess. I’ll have a slice of whatever, just get me a salad.”

“A salad?” Annie asked, incredulous. “We can get a salad from anywhere. How about a tasty meatball sub? Or some wings? Dino’s has some good wings. Ooo!” Her eyes lit up. “That’s it! Chicken wings!”

“Chicken wings?” Sarah asked incredulously. “We never get chicken wings. It’s too much work for not enough food. It’s all about the sauce anyway.”

“With blue cheese, not ranch!” Annie shouted excitedly.

Sarah chuckled. Sure, if her mom wanted to uncharacteristically splurge, she wasn’t going to argue. It was a nice change from the passive-aggressive comments about diet and weight gain she would make any time Sarah wanted something with carbs. She headed back to the living room to watch some more TV when she turned back for her drink.

“Mmm…” her mom hummed as she finished the glass of vodka and orange juice. “Could have been stronger…” she said, sounding disappointed and then let out a belch. She patted her stomach and grinned at Sarah like she was proud. She then dropped the glass in the sink and walked towards the master bedroom. “Order us some pizza. I still haven’t found my wallet,” she said on her way out.

“What kind did you want? Veggie?” Sarah asked, grabbing her phone.

“Fuck no!” her mother yelled back from the other room. “Lotsa meat! Extra cheese! Get two of ‘em. And some wings.”

Sarah wondered why her mother so much food. “You know Dad isn’t here, right?”

“More for later!” she yelled back. “Cold pizza for breakfast!”

Sarah sat for a moment, still not getting the joke. She ultimately shook her head and left the room, unwilling to engage with whatever weird game her mom was playing. She got on Dino’s website and ordered some pizza and wings. She got one combination and one meat. She like some veggies on her pizza and mom usually didn’t get meat so they usually shared that one and dad had the meat one.

She decided she would get some sun while she waited for the food so went upstairs to get changed into her bathing suit. She got to the top of the stairs and saw her mom standing in her room looking in the dresser mirror. She was still standing there in her underwear, but one hand was reached behind the cup of her bra and was holding her boob, her fingers seemingly twisting the nipple under the fabric. Her other hand was down between her legs. She was standing with a wide stance and her fingers sliding in around the band of material covering her vulva.

Sarah wondered what the fuck her mom was doing as she hastened her walk by. Her mom never even spoke about sex- not even with her husband- while in front of anyone else, much less. Now with her seemingly… masturbating right there for her daughter to see… it was so shocking Sarah didn’t even know how to react.

Before she turned the corner, morbid curiosity had her watching her mom, who lifted her hand from behind her panties and sniffed her fingers. Sarah gasped and shut the door behind her.

She quickly got dressed in her bathing suit, deciding that she was going to ignore whatever her mom was up to and maybe it would stop. Sarah decided on her little red thong bikini that never failed to elicit a frown out of her mother whenever she wore it.

It wasn’t until after admiring her own reflection for a moment or two that she noticed in the mirror that her mother was in the doorway behind her, staring. She had no idea how long she had been standing there, perhaps the whole time she was changing.

“Did you need something?” Sarah asked, looking over her shoulder at her mother.

“No.” Annie smiled back at her and didn’t move. She just kept staring at Sarah. Her hand was buried in her crotch, just like it had been when Sarah caught her looking in her own mirror. She exaggeratedly looked down at her hand in her underwear, pulled it out, and gave a mock-shocked face, complete with a hand on each cheek.

That wasn’t the only strange thing about her mother at that moment. Annie had seemingly decided to sunbathe as well, but she wasn’t wearing her typical one-piece. Her mother wasn’t even wearing a bathing suit at all, Sarah quickly realized. She was wearing some skimpy lingerie that Dad must have bought for her. It was a bright purple lacy bra and panties matching set that Sarah thought was a pretty sexy little number, but it was definitely not what her mother would normally wear for anyone (other than her husband) to see, much less the whole neighborhood.

Sarah didn’t like how her mother was looking at her. She had never seen such a look of lust from her before and definitely not towards anyone of the female persuasion-much less her own daughter. Something about the expression was familiar and she thought to that weirdo next door, Kevin.

With a shake of her head, she dismissed that thought and went to exit her room but her mother was still awkwardly standing there blocking the doorway. Sarah wanted to squeeze her way by her mother and not engage any further with her but she had no choice. Their bodies started to brush past each other, so close that Sarah could hear it when her mother took a deep whiff, seemingly sniffing her daughter as she tried to squeeze by.

She saw the look that Sarah gave her and asked, “What?” incredulously.

Sarah shook her head. “Nothing.” She tried again to make her way past, but her mother didn’t move and grabbed her around the waist, holding her for a second. Sarah didn’t want to think about it, but she thought she could smell her mother’s… musk on her hands. She was so grossed out.

“Not so fast.” She cooed in her daughter’s ear. “Give mommy another kiss.”

Sarah pretty weirded out at that point but she wasn’t going to give her mom the satisfaction of knowing that this little game was getting to Sarah. So she gave her a quick peck on the cheek.

“That was a bit weak,” she said in a disappointed tone but she let Sarah go. “But okay.”

Sarah couldn’t walk fast enough down the stairs and out the door to the backyard where she grabbed a lawn chair and set it up next to the pool. She was not going to let her mom ruin the nice day with whatever antics she was engaging in. Whatever game her mother was playing, it wasn’t funny and she wasn’t going to feed into it. She was determined to enjoy the beautiful evening.

After finding a good spot to set up and getting comfortable in her lawn chair, she looked up at Kevin’s window reflexively to check if the creep was spying on her and noticed that he was uncharacteristically missing the show. Good. She didn’t need to think about that creep jerking it or whatever it is that he did up there while watching her or her mother. She already had enough weirdness to contend with.

Since she was thinking of her mother and her odd behavior she peered over her shoulder through the big deck windows and saw her mother pouring herself another drink. She didn’t even use any orange juice, instead simply taking a shot of vodka straight from the bottle. Then it appeared like she shouted triumphantly and marched out to the pool area.

“Woo!” she yelled, throwing her arms up above her head. “Man, I am such a lightweight!” She giggled and stumbled down the steps to the poolside.

“Easy!” Sarah called out, rising from her lawn chair to come to her mother’s aid. She tried to grab her mother’s arm but when she did, Annie grabbed her daughter around the waist.

“Ooo, yeah. Come to Mommy.” She cooed, pulling her daughter close. Her breath stank like vodka. She clearly had a few before Sarah saw it and her mother rarely ever drank. She tried to kiss Sarah on the mouth again but Sarah turned her head, so her mother’s lips instead pressed into her cheek next to her ear. “You are a pretty little thing, aren’t you?” Her mother’s arms encircled her waist and her fingers came to rest on Sarah’s ass. She felt her mother squeeze her backside with a satisfied moan. “Look at all of mommy’s good work.”

“Mother, what has gotten into you?” Sarah finally broke her composure. She pushed her off and took a step back. She didn’t let anyone touch her like that and she only had a delayed reaction because it had been so unexpected.

Annie snorted. “If you only knew!” And then burst out laughing. Then she stopped suddenly and held out her hand. “Here.” She handed Sarah a bottle of sunscreen. “Help me out and put this on me.” She turned her totally exposed back to Sarah. “Then I’ll do you.” She laughed. “Mmm… yeah. Then I’ll...” her eyes narrowed she gave what Sarah could only describe as a naughty look. “Do you…” she repeated, intentionally making it sound suggestive.

Sarah hesitated there holding the bottle. She had never wanted her mother to touch her less than that moment. However, she didn’t really want to play whatever weird game her mom was playing but on the other hand, she did need sunscreen put on where she couldn’t reach. She gave a heavy sigh- just to make sure her mom knew of her disapproval, and then began to slather the lotion on her mother’s back.

“Mmm… yeah…” her mother cooed. The weird act was beginning to get to Sarah, who was getting a bit weirded out. Annie was making sounds that one could easily mistake for sexual satisfaction. Really exaggerated sounds, like she was forcing it. It felt very awkward and embarrassing but Sarah got it over with quickly. Luckily, a quick glance up to Kevin’s window confirmed the creep wasn’t there watching them. He would love to it, she thought to herself with a hint of bitterness.

“Okay, your turn!” Her mother stood up and turned around excitedly. She beamed like a little kid as Sarah turned and sat up to give better access to her back. Sarah felt her breathing hard on the back of her neck while she applied generous amounts of sunscreen. At first, she continued to linger with her hands, rubbing the same spot. Eventually, the lotion became like massage oil. More was applied and she felt her mother’s hands sweep across her back, kneading the muscles. Her fingers massaged the lotion into Sarah’s skin and worked some of the tension and soreness out from volleyball practice.

It actually started to feel good. Sarah was able to momentarily forget about her mother’s odd behavior for just a moment. Then she felt the hard points of her mom’s erect nipples touch her bare back through the sheer fabric of the little teddy. Hands reached around and began massaging her shoulders and chest before moving down to her breasts.

Sarah gasped as the hands cupped both of her boobs and hold them firmly against her chest. “You sure have filled out well,” her mother commented nonchalantly and gave her another squeeze, this time much harder. Sarah was frozen in place, her mind suddenly snapped out of the moment of tactile pleasure and back to the bizarre situation she found herself in.

Sarah wanted to shout but the words caught in her throat. She shook her head, like she just couldn’t believe what was happening, and stood up to get away from her mother. She turned around and glared at her. “What is going on with you?!” she demanded, losing her cool at last.

“Hm?” Her mother stopped grinning and raised an eyebrow. “What is the matter? A mother can’t appreciate her daughters… assets? You got them from me after all…” She reached up and grabbed her own breasts with a satisfied grunt. “You suckled on these bad boys...” her mother said breathily. “You could do it again. Or,” She giggled. “Maybe you’ll let mommy do the same with yours…”

“Wait.” Sarah shook her head. “First of all, what the fuck?” She rolled her eyes and frowned. “Gross mom. Super gross. Second,” She pointed at her mother’s face. “You told me that I was on formula because of the medications you were on…” Sarah said, confused and completely weirded out.

“Oh.” Annie just laughed and turned to half-stumble walk up the stairs back into the house, leaving Sarah standing there, confused and feeling somewhat violated. Whatever her mother was up to, it had gone straight past weird and had zoomed right over to creepy.

The sun was nice and the pool was cool so eventually, Sarah was able to relax a bit. It wasn’t until she heard the doorbell ring- for what she assumed must be the pizza guy- that she remembered she would be facing her mother again. She was hopeful that her mother had her fill and it would stop.

“Mmm,” she heard her mother moan from the entryway. “This seems like the start of a porn movie,” she slurred. “I could give you a tip, or…” she giggled and leaned forward, pressing her boobs together and displaying her cleavage to the tall, lanky delivery boy whose pimpled face showed his pure shock at what was happening. He seemed to quickly get over the shock and stared with a goofy grin for a moment before Sarah got there.

“Mom, what the hell?!” she shouted, startling the poor young guy. He took a second and looked at Sarah and smiled. He was probably thinking this was the beginning to a really good porn with a mom/daughter combo... but when he saw the look on her face, he just turned and rushed out of there.

Annie burst out in laughter and slammed the door. “Did you see his face?” she cackled. “And I keep the tip!” She carried the bag of food back to the dining room and plopped them down on the table.

“You’re lucky Dad wasn’t around to see you pulling that shit,” Scolded, shaking her head.

“Free pizza is the best pizza,” Annie said, grabbing a slice and chowing down noisily. “Mmm-mmm-mmm.”

“You said you’d pay me back,” Sarah reminded her. “It was pretty expensive for both pizzas and wings.”

“Yeah, yeah” Chunks of crust and cheese sprayed out of her mouth. After eating another slice she gave a big belch and added, “Man, my stomach is small. I’ll have to make a plate for myself.” She stood up and grabbed a plate, loading it up with pizza and the wings she hadn’t even touched yet. “I’m uh, I’m going to go give this to that nice, attractive young man next door, Kevin.”

“What?” Sarah asked, but then gave up, deciding this was part of whatever it was her mom was up to. She wasn’t going to give her the satisfaction of paying any more attention to it. Her mom exited the back door and crossed the yard to the next door with the plate of food, still wearing the skimpy lingerie.

Sarah went back to the pool area and got back on the lawn chair to do some more sunbathing and relaxing, hopefully without her mother doing anything else crazy or bizarre that would interfere.

There was a piercing scream from next door that startled her out of her peaceful state and she turned to look up at Kevin’s window.

“Mom?!” she called out but there was no answer. She got up and ran towards the back door of Kevin’s house. Both the sliding deck door and the side door were locked. She ran around to the front and was about to grab the door when it was yanked open. Her mother stood there wild-eyed.

“Where did she go?!” she shrieked. “Did you see where she went?!” her mother demanded, sounding absolutely frantic. She went into the driveway and shouted in anger before turning back.

“Who?” Sarah asked, confused but trying to help.

“Your mom!” Annie shouted, stamping her foot on the front porch, making a loud thump. “She ran off!”

Sarah just sat there and stared for a moment. “What the hell are you talking about?” she said finally after waiting for some kind of explanation.

“I thought I had taken enough Benadryl to keep me out for long enough!” Annie walked past her daughter and back into the driveway to begin to pace around. “She must have woke up but why would she steal my body? Where would she even go?” Annie lamented, talking to no one in particular. “She has my phone, my car, and my wallet…” she groaned. “My body!”

Sarah was still struggling to understand the joke. “Mom. This isn’t funny.”

“I’m not fucking laughing!” She shouted angrily. “And I’m not your fucking mom!” She turned back to her daughter. “Now I’m stuck like this! Fuck! Fuck fuck fuck!”

“You’re scaring me…” Sarah said, backing away slowly.

“You think you’re scared?” Annie shook her head. “Your mom is doing who knows what with my body and if she isn’t back in…” she looked at her wrist but there was no watch there. “I dunno, ten minutes? Then the spell will be permanent!”

Sarah shook her head. “No.” She sounded less confident than she wanted. “That’s… that’s impossible.” There was just no way, she thought. But part of her mind went to the earlier events of the night and they made a lot more sense… assuming this crazy story was true, which was a big assumption.

“I need another drink,” Annie said sourly and marched back to the house. Sarah followed straight after, still not convinced.

“Mom. Please. Stop it right now.” She said, now sounding like she was begging.

“I told you, you dumb bitch. I can’t.” Her mother snapped as they got back inside. Annie walked over to the freezer and grabbed the vodka bottle. Sarah followed behind but gave her mom a wide berth. She took another big swig off the bottle and offered it to Sarah, who took it gingerly. She took a drink herself. She definitely needed it due to all the weirdness.

“If you’re really Kevin…” Sarah said, finally acknowledging the bizarre claim directly. “You should be able to tell me something that only-”

“Remember last summer when I caught you sneaking back in after Tod Gilmores party and I made you agree to flash me so I wouldn’t tell your mom?”

Sarah went white. There was no way Kevin ever told her mom about that. Her mother never would have kept that little gem to herself. She was as strict on the curfew as anything else, if not more. She was a teenage girl once too, after all.

“Yeah…” Sarah said uneasily. “And I did but you said it didn’t count because I still had my bra on.” Sarah couldn’t believe she was entertaining this.

“That so didn’t count.” Annie grabbed the bottle back and took another swig of vodka, making that yuck face when she swallowed. “But I wasn’t going to tell on you. You had me wrapped around your little finger, and you knew it.” She laughed, looking off into space like she was reliving the memory right then.

“Remember when I said I could find weed but we just wandered around the arcade for an hour and ended up just getting ice cream instead?” Sarah’s mother asked. She took another big drink. “You said that if you did find some you weren’t going to share it with me…” She gave a whimsical laugh. “She better come back…”

“Kevin?” Sarah asked incredulously. She still couldn’t let herself believe something so crazy.

The sound of Annie’s phone ringing startled them both. Annie reached over to grab the phone and immediately shrieked and threw it back down on the counter like it bit her.

“What now?” Sarah asked, at her wit’s end.

“It’s your dad!’ Annie/Kevin yelped, shoving Sarah over to the phone. “I don’t know what to say to him!”

Sarah was freaking out too. She refused to truly believe this but her mom looked so frightened and she was so convincing…

Sarah finally decided to pick up. “Hello?”

“Sarah? It’s dad. How are you?”

Sarah looked at her mother’s terrified face. “F-fine. I’m good,” she said awkwardly after a pause.

“Great. Great.” Dad said, moving past the awkwardness. “So anyway, where is your mother?”


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