Weekly Update 7/5/21 (Interactive story chapter, new story)

Hello everyone. I hope that you are doing very well. I have another update for you, a few projects completed.

I posted a new commission a couple of days ago on my Subscribestar:

His Surrender: Breaking Kirill

"Kirill runs into the older masseuse Gene from the first 'His Surrender' and they have a history together. A history that Kirill doesn't want to repeat. But he finds himself falling into familiar patterns."

A male/male seduction story, where a straight man is made to question his sexuality. These types of stories, though lacking any supernatural element, are interesting to me because of the mental control aspect. People in real life are mind-controlled by manipulators and that can be just as powerful as a magic spell could be.

It will be available here on my blog in 30 days but is up right now on Subscribestar.

You can read my stories as soon as they are done, as well as support my dream of writing full time, by becoming a subscriber for the cost of a cup of coffee. If you can afford to do that and think it is worth it, I appreciate it. If not, I understand. $5 get's you my introductory tier and access to my entire catalog of free stories without ads, as well as early access, and an exclusive story once a month. June's was a gender swap story called Spicing Things Up

"A guy gives his sister a ride home and on the way, she tells him that she and her wife need his help 'spicing up' their marriage. He can't help but find out what that means, especially since he had a crush on his sister-in-law from way before he knew she was a lesbian. They offer to make a simple trade, but he really doesn't know what he is getting himself into..."

I have also posted today the 7th chapter of the Weekly Interactive Story: The Swapping Device

"Leif makes a wager with Jane, each betting the other will want to be swapped back first. He is forced to go to school while still swapped with Jane."

The first chapter is free to the public and every week I have a vote on where the story goes next. The interactive story is available to Gold Tier members for just $10 you get Silver Tier benefits and get to help me create the interactive story every week. You also get a discount on any custom story commissions. Details for custom stories are here.

I've got more coming too. I just started working on the outline for my next story, a mind control story where a magical girl is ensnared and brainwashed by her weekly villain. I have will soon post a poll on what sort of story I should do for the Subscribestar monthly exclusive for July. The poll for the Weekly Interactive story is up. I always have new ideas and new outlines being made so we will see what else I come up with.

It is readers like you that make my attempt at writing full-time possible. I appreciate every one of you, whether you subscribe, commission a story, buy an Amazon or Smashwords title, donate to my Paypal, or just read a story here on my blog.

Thank you so much for your support. 



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