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The Perfect Bride 3: The Perfect Family

  The Perfect Bride Part 3: The Perfect Family by Lou Bealy Subscribestar Platinum-tier benefit for anonymous If you would like to commission me for a custom story, details are here . For maximum enjoyment, read part 1 and Part 2 before this part Joseph tried to drown out all the noise by holding a pillow over his head but it did very little to prevent him from hearing the third screaming orgasm from his mother Gloria. He couldn’t deal with the horror of what Grandpa Lou was doing to him- to his family. First Kate, then his mother, and now his sisters were in his crosshairs. The process had already begun and there was nothing he could do to stop it. What was worse than the horrible situation, was the fact that Joseph couldn’t help but be aroused by it. Even more so than when Lou had taken his girlfriend and reduced a brilliant young woman to a foul-mouthed slut that walked around the house with her big sagging hairy boobs flopping around. The humiliation of the same thing happening