Extra Credit

 Extra Credit by Lou Bealy

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This is a work of fiction and all characters depicted are 18 or older.

Professor Shwanz was sitting at her desk and going over the student’s submissions for the final project. They had all semester to work on it and she was looking forward to seeing the results. Her “diverse experiences in public fornication” class was always a popular one, with a long waiting list and the final project was the main reason. She had looked forward to this all semester. She opened the first video and leaned back to watch.

“Hello, Professor Shwanz,” began the pretty young blonde student. The subject line of the email identified her as Allison, one of the more enthusiastic members of the class and one of the school’s noted student council members. She was not tall or short, not thin or fat, but curvy with a narrow waist, wide hips, and round little butt. “This is my partner, Leo, and this is the first video in our submission for the final project.” The young man leaned into the camera frame and waved. He was of average height but fit, with a boyish face and short, red hair.

“I just wanted to say how excited I am to participate in this project. The class has been far more informative than I ever would have guessed. When Allison asked me to sign up early in this class, I didn’t realize just how popular it was. Luckily, I got in, despite applying late.”

“Yeah, it has to be a fifty-fifty split of girls and guys,” Allison agreed and flashed the camera a knowing grin. “It doesn’t work otherwise.”

“I know, I know,” he replied. “The guy slots tend to take longer to fill up, for whatever reason.”

“Anyways,” Allison raised her voice a little, “as per the assignment,” Allison went on,  “we are going to sign the student contract on the recording.” The camera moved backward and was set down on a vantage point that could still see them and they each applied their signature to the bottom of the required documentation.

“Hey, did you feel something?” asked Leo. “That was weird.”

“It’s part of the assignment, silly,” Allison laughed. “Didn’t you read the contract?”

Leo stood there dumbfounded for a moment, his mouth moving with no words coming out. He finally managed to squeak out, “I feel weird.” His hands began roaming over his body like he was searching for something. When his hands reached his lower body, his eyes went wide. “What the-,” he said, and started reaching into his pants when he seemed to remember that he was being recorded and turned to flee the room.

Allison giggled and looked into the camera. “He obviously didn’t read the contract.” She stood farther back in the frame and laughed with glee when she saw it. She stretched her skirt tight across her abdomen and crotch, revealing a large lump. She looked up again and said, “I was ready for it. Oooh it’s big.” Her hand encircled the lump and rubbed it for a moment before pulling the dress up. She wasn’t wearing underwear in preparation. The hem of the dress slid up over the protrusion and when it was above her waist, a long cock covered in red hair flopped out. It was already half-erect and still growing. It had to be at least seven inches before it had even reached full length. As if on cue, there was a shriek from the other room as Leo undoubtedly discovered the other side of the swap. Allison smiled as she glanced in that direction and then she looked back in the camera. “The next videos will be our field research.”

Professor Shwanz chuckled as she went to the next file, the one marked as being from Allison.

“Hello, Professor!” Allison sang with delight as soon as the video started. She beamed as she glanced around the nightclub. “Believe it or not, this is my first night out at a bar.” She hopped in place a few times excitedly while giggling. “I just turned twenty-one last week.” She was wearing a dark blue evening dress with a shiny silver belt around her waist, matching very high stiletto heels, and dark makeup around her eyes and lips. She was stunning, to say the least. “I’m not supposed to be filming in here, so this is just a little update until the fun.”

The camera cut out and then came back on in a very dark room. It had the look of a storage closet, with the shelves in the background and the claustrophobic space with walls very close around. The door shut and there was total darkness but then it suddenly got brighter when the single lightbulb hanging from the ceiling came on. The camera swung around and showed a young man’s face, slightly red with a grin indicating some level of alcohol consumption.

“I’ve never done this before, in a closet.” The guy laughed and leaned back, unzipping the fly of his jeans. There was a thump as the view dropped level with his crotch. “C’mon, turn that off,” he complained.

“I told you that I was going to record this,” she reminded him. He looked to be about to protest when she leaned down to remove her panties. She tossed them onto a side shelf before reaching into his pants and pulling out a half-erect dick. She took it in both hands- immediately pleasing the professor when she noticed that the student was prepared with some sort of rig to keep the camera in her point of view while leaving her hands free- and began stroking it rapidly.

“Oh yeah…” the young man moaned as he grew erect. He moaned louder when she practically inhaled the erect cock, slurping and bobbing her head in a show of obvious experience. In mere moments, he was grabbing at her head and thrusting his hips but she quickly pushed his arms away.

“You want to finish,” she said, standing up, “You’re going to have to please me first.” The camera tipped down and showed the lump growing in the front of her dress, already sizable and in a very distinctive shape.

The boy’s eyes went wide when her dress came up, showing a smooth, hairless cock that was already bigger than his, though still only partially erect. Her little hand wrapped partway around the shaft and she stroked it a few times. Her foreskin slid back and a bead of precum formed at the pee slit. She pointed it at him, like some kind of weapon.

“I, um.” He swallowed hard. “I didn’t know you were, uh,”

“You going to suck it or what?” she demanded, still stroking herself.

Professor Schwanz couldn’t help but giggle. She loved watching the men squirm when they saw a pretty young college student with a cock. They were never ready for it. She knew failures were part of the research process but she had a good feeling about this one. She felt her own sex engorge with arousal as she watched the conflicted expressions race across his cute rugged face. The fact that he was broad-shouldered with a short-cropped bushy beard made him look more manly- all the better when he eventually gave in.  His cock did remain rock-hard, she noticed.

Allison didn’t wait for him to respond. She reached out and grabbed the back of his head, pushing him downward. He seemed to resist for a moment but relented and allowed himself to be forced to his knees, his eyes remaining fixed to the end of her leaking cock.

“Oh my god…” he whispered as she stepped forward, her cock brushing across his lips, smearing a line of slimy precum across them.

“You know what to do,” she urged. “You know you want to do it. And once you do…” Her bare foot came up and brushed across his erection, making him squirm.

“I’ve never, I mean with a guy,” he stammered.

“I’m not a guy, moron,” she said and lifted the dress over her head, obscuring the camera for a moment. When he came back into view, he was staring at her round, pert B cups instead of her impressive organ. “Do these look like a guy’s?” she challenged and he shook his head. “Exactly. So what are you waiting for?”

He licked his lips- probably unconsciously- sampling her flavor for the first time. She probed at his mouth again and this time, he allowed her cock to enter.

“That’s it…” she cooed, pushing her hips forward. “That’s a good boy,” she said in a husky voice. “Watch the teeth.”

What he lacked in experience he made up in enthusiasm. He pulled back and began kissing along the length but she quickly stopped him, pushing him away.

“No, not like that,” she scolded. “It’s a cock, not your girlfriend.” She shoved it back between his lips, hitting the back of his throat and making him choke a little. His eyes watered as she pulled back out. “C’mon,” she growled. “Put that pretty mouth to work.”

He slowly seemed to get used to it, since she was able to progressively push more and more into his mouth, though there was still plenty of cock flesh separating them. She fucked his mouth and throat roughly, with no regard to his choking or the slobber dripping down his chin. He tried to assert himself, to take control and drive the motion but she didn’t allow him, and eventually, he gave up and simply let her have her way. At some point, he began jerking his own hard cock as hers poked his throat.

Without warning, she shot a load in his mouth, making him gag and choke. He swallowed a little but most sticky white cum ended up on his chin and the front of his shirt. She looked down and giggled when she saw that his own cum had sprayed on the floor, getting a little on her foot. She leaned on the wall and reached out with her foot, rubbing across the slimy head of his cock, making him twitch and groan. Her soft cock fell from his mouth and he plopped backward onto his butt. She giggled and kept rubbing, making him shrink away and whine at the overstimulation.

“Looks like you already finished yourself off,” she observed. “So my work here is done,” She pulled her dress back down without replacing her underwear.

“Wait, I didn’t even get your name” he whined, pulling himself unsteadily to her feet but she walked out without another word.

Professor Shwanz was pleased with their first entry but she knew since it was a group project, Leo’s research should be just as good. She resisted the urge to rub herself as she clicked on the next submission, this one from Leo. The video started in the parking lot of the bus station downtown.

“Hello, Professor Shwanz,” he said into the camera, appearing a bit nervous. “I know the assignment is about different perspectives in public fornication…” He closed his eyes for a moment and sighed. “I guess I thought it would just be with our partners…”

Professor Shwanz snickered and shook her head. So many guys joined this class thinking the exact same thing. They were hoping to get with a particular girl and would partner up. But that wasn’t the assignment.

“Anyway, for my first… submission,” he paused at the word, like he wished there was a better one but then continued, “I chose this club. One of the other guys in class told me this was a place I could go to… do some research without being, you know, judged?” He looked down between his legs and even panned the camera down to show his body for a moment. He was clothed, but there was an obvious difference in the contour of his tight skinny jeans, showing a lack of the typical male bulge. His hand slid along his inner thigh and rested on the mound between his legs. Expressions of fear and curiosity flashed across his face. He looked down at the paper in his hand and went on, “It says I’m supposed to do research with both men and women…” He gulped. “This is where I’m going to try with a- with a man.”

Professor Shwanz nodded in agreement. The guys in the course would typically either get their research with men out of the way all at once, pulling the bandaid off, as it were, or they would agonize over it and wait until the end. She didn’t say it to anyone, but their awkwardness and hesitance to go through with that part were some of the aspects of the class that she looked forward to seeing the most. Men were so much more squeamish about such things, in her experience. She was pleased that this Leo character was going to jump right into the part that he was clearly the most uncomfortable about.

Leo then went behind the camera and approached the gay nightclub, the camera frame sweeping across the bustling crowd of people, pausing for a moment on a few of the guys before he continued on to the bathroom. The camera frame turned to his face again and he paused at the door to say, “some of the other guys in the course told me there were some-” He turned a little red and looked away. “Some guys here that could help me out with the- ahem-  research.”

The camera was covered up but Professor Shwanz could still hear Leo’s conversations as he introduced himself and made some small talk with a few people.

“I’m Leo,” she heard him say when asked his name. His companion offered their name but it was blanked out of the audio- for privacy reasons, the professor concluded.

“You’re one of them, aren’t you?” the stranger asked, sounding a bit cocky.

“What do you mean?” Leo asked right back, getting a bit defensive.

“You know what I mean,” the other man answered. “Next time stuff it with a sock if you want to hide it. Your jeans aren’t exactly leaving anything to the imagination,” he added with a laugh. “Besides, I had that class last semester.”

“I’m not gay,” Leo blurted out.

The other guy chuckled and replied, “Me neither, I just need some pussy.” Then there was a long stretch where only the bumping music could be heard.

“So how do we do this?” Leo asked quietly.

“Go to the last stall of the bathroom and wait for me.”

Professor Shwanz leaned back in her chair and reached between her own legs as the camera was uncovered. She watched with anticipation as the young man entered the bathroom. He walked to the last stall, which was unoccupied, and then stepped inside to wait. Once he placed his phone in his jacket pocket, and hung it from the door, giving it a good vantage point. He paced back and forth, becoming more and more uncomfortable the longer it lasted. The professor giggled and cupped her crotch, giving it a good squeeze, while she eagerly watched.

Eventually, there was a tapping on the door, and a young, nerdy-looking guy wearing a polo shirt and khakis, with long arms, thin frame, and large eyeglasses entered the frame without a word. He took one look at Leo and he nodded. After a long and awkward pause where the two of them just stared at each other, the newcomer pointed to the toilet seat while unzipping his pants.

“Hey, uh,” Leo stammered, “So what do I do now?”

“Shut up, dude,” the man grumbled. “Just bend over.”

It’s a popular class and I did my research here last year. Don’t make this more awkward than it needs to be.” Then the guy whispered. “Just show me your pussy so I can get hard.”

Leo shuddered but did what he was told and turned to face the wall. He slipped his nylon workout pants- which he had obviously worn in anticipation of this moment- down to his thighs, along with his boxers. There were goosebumps on his pale bare ass, showing how cool the bathroom was. Leo shivered for a moment and then flinched as the man’s hands grasped each cheek and spread them slightly apart. The young man stared, admiring the view of a relatively fit young college guy showing a smooth, hairless pussy between his legs. His hands moved down to spread open his pussy lips, gaping himself.

“Mmm…Yeah… Are you wet already?” the nerdy guy asked in a whisper. He reached out to touch the pink, stretched-open pussy, finger slipping around the outside before making its way toward the winking opening.

Leo opened his mouth to respond but only a little squeak came out as the invading finger slipped deeper into him, and the ease with which his finger slid between those little pink lips was answer enough. Professor Shwanz moaned as she watched her male student submit this way, allowing the stranger to finger fuck him, curling to find his g spot. Her cock stiffened under her dress, filling her petite hand. She could feel each twitch of her heartbeat through the pulsing shaft.

She looked down at her huge cock, so long that the tip was almost at the hem of her dress. It was the biggest one she had borrowed in years and potent, too. She had already cum three times while reading the assignments and she was as hard as ever. She usually would trade with another one of her boy toys but it hadn’t been necessary so far with this one.

“Oh yeah, you are horny,” the stranger said with a chuckle. He slipped a second finger in up to the knuckle.

“Fuck,” Leo leaned farther over, his hands planted on the wall above the toilet. He spread his legs and thrust out his ass, grinding against the fingers inside him.

“You’re ready,” he said abruptly and pulled his fingers out and wiped them on his pants. He aimed his decent-sized cock between his lips and rubbed it up and down along his moist lips. Leo moaned, then bit his lip as the cock slid over his clit, making his eyes roll back in his head.

“Oh god,” Leo muttered.

“Yeah, your pussy is fucking wet, you’re getting off on this.” The nerd snickered, probing Leo with his tip until he settled at the wet opening.

“I thought you said we shouldn’t talk?” Leo scoffed, shutting the guy up.

The other guy grunted, gripping Leo around the waist and arching his back while he slid in. He pushed in and out slowly a few times, with Leo grunted and breathed erratically. Once Leo appeared used to it, the nerd began slamming himself into pistoned in and out of his pussy. Within a few moments, he let out a long low moan, plunging himself into Leo and growling as his lower body twitched. Then they stood there for a moment, with the nerd’s softening cock still inside Leo before he stepped back, his half-hard cock slipping out and allowing his load to drip out of the gaping pussy onto the floor. Leo bent back up at the waist and stumbled upright, looking disappointed it was over so quickly.

“Thanks,” the guy muttered as he pulled his pants up, leaving Leo to try and clean himself up before reclaiming the camera.

“Have you done a girl for your research yet?” the guy asked idly and fastened his belt while panting. When Leo shook his head in reply he added, “You got the easy part already.”

“The easy part?” Leo scoffed. “I’m not gay and had to let a guy-”

“You were a real lady’s man before the project?” the guy shot back and then exited the stall, moving past the camera and then swinging it into the corner as the door opened. “Why do you think I hang around here?” he called from offscreen and exited the bathroom.

Professor Shawnze saw the look on Leo’s face as the door swung back shut and laughed. He looked like he realized that he truly had only finished the easy part. She stroked along the turgid shaft of her huge cock as she skipped over Allison’s next entry and clicked on Leo’s instead.

As soon as the video started, there was pounding music in the background, mainly bass that was bumping so hard that something in the small bedroom was rattling. Leo’s smiling face filled the frame for a moment before he looked about to find a place for the camera. He ended up choosing a shelf, which sent vibrations through the phone with each pulse of bass though it did give a good view of the small twin bed. He backed away and turned to the door where a young dark-haired petite little beauty with a pixie cut entered the room, smiling. She wore a short jean miniskirt and bright blue tank top that barely contained her sizable C cups.

“Okay,” she said excitedly. She put her hands on her hips and stood back with a skeptical look on her face. “Let’s see it.”

“Alright,” Leo responded, his voice wavering just a bit. His hands fumbled with his button and zipper a moment before he managed to get his pants down around his ankles. He wore a pair of gray boxer briefs that had a big lump in front, which he quickly removed to reveal it as a rolled-up sock. He flashed a nervous smile before slipping his boxers around his knees.

“Oh god, you weren’t joking,” the cute nymphish girl said and giggled. She covered her mouth, trying to hide the massive grin on her face. “Well, come on.” She gestured to his underpants around his knees and made the rolling motion with her fingers. “On with the show.”

He giggled along with her, playing off of her nervous but enthusiastic energy. He pushed his boxers down to the floor and kicked them aside. They hit the wall with a wet plop, the darker color having hidden how wet they were from his leaking pussy.

“You naughty thing…” she sang when she noticed. “You have a little exhibitionist streak?”

“Well, I told you this was being recorded,” he reminded her. Professor Shwanz thought she could hear a twinge of excitement at that remark. Perhaps he did like the idea that she was watching.

She shrugged and replied, “You’re the one that’s getting naked.” She moved closer to him and audibly sniffed the air. “Just don’t use my name,” she urged, her smile shifting to a serious expression.

“Oh, of course not,” he said, shaking his head. “And only my professor will see it.” He glanced into the camera and flashed a nervous smile. “Hello, Professor. We met at the party downstairs. It’s her cousin's house. I hope that’s public enough.”

“Oooo, so she’s probably watching this and getting all wet…” the nymph giggled and pointed to the bed.

“Something like that,” Leo responded. He obeyed her command and climbed onto the bed. He lay on his back with his legs spread, staring at her with a look of sheer lust. His cheeks were flush with arousal and excitement as he spread his hairless pussy open with his fingertips. She climbed onto the bed after him, crawling until her face was between his thighs. His eyes went wide when her lips met his snatch.

She slurped and licked for a moment, making him squirm and moan before pulling back. “I’ve never been with a guy, but your pussy tastes just as sweet as a real girl.” She leaned back in and slurped some more, moaning and smacking her lips.

“It’s a real pussy,” he said, closing his eyes as she kissed his vulva.

“Yes, it is,” she whispered in a low, husky voice before she kissed his opening, licking and sucking the quivering inner lips.

His ankles crossed behind her and she settled in, making out with his snatch with her arms wrapped around his hairy thighs. After a short time, one hand snaked between his legs and began fingering his clit while she licked all over his vulva. He lay there, looking at the ceiling and pumping his hips upward, pushing her fingers deeper into him. Her other hand slipped under her little skirt and she undoubtedly began fingering herself as well. She swapped hands at one point, mixing their juices together on her fingers and in her mouth.

Professor Shwanz grasped her throbbing cock with both hands and slid them back and forth, rolling the thick, tight foreskin over the bulbous, engorged purple head. She was already getting close, watching the couple on the screen start to shriek and moan from mutual orgasms. She got to the edge and stopped herself, then clicked on the previous video, an entry from Allison.

“Professor Shwanz,” Allison beamed, her round face filling the frame. “I had the perfect place in mind for my next submission.” The camera moved down and showed the student union of the university- just one building over from where the professor sat. “There’s a girl I met online that said she would meet me here.” She raised her eyebrows and smiled. “We rented a study room.” She moved the camera to point ahead and then marched through the library to one of the small rooms on the edge of the library. Her hand reached out to open the door and it swung in to reveal a couple of girls in cheerleader outfits.

“I hope you don’t mind that I brought my friend,” the brunette with straight, long hair said. She was short, with large breasts and big hips. She was on the stocky side but very feminine. She giggled and gestured to the other girl who had short bleached hair dyed pink. She was thin and athletic like a gymnast, short as one too. They both had a definite giddy energy to them, each smiling and looking to the other while quietly giggling.

“She showed me the pic,” pink-hair said. “But I said I didn’t believe it.”

“You don’t?” Allison asked in a mock-offended tone. “Well once I show it to you, you have to suck it,” she declared. The two girls nodded, their excitement building. They both bounced there in their uniforms, giggling and jiggling.

“Here, hold this,” Allison said and jammed the phone into the brunette’s hand. The frame flipped around, showing an instant of the girl’s giggling face before it turned to show Allison doing a little striptease in what looked to be some kind of catholic school uniform- or at least imitated one with a long black and white plaid skirt, white undershirt, and a black blazer. Or at least she wore it for a short time. She twisted and gyrated as she unbuttoned her skirt and tossed it aside, revealing her dark lacy panties with a stiff cock poking out of the waistband.

“Whoa,” the voice behind the camera said with a gasp. “It is for real!”

“No way,” the other muttered as the panties slid down the shapely thighs. The huge cock remained standing, almost pointing right at her face. Without prompting, she bent forward and took it between her lips, and began bobbing her head with enthusiasm. After a few moments, Allison roughly pushed her back and she stumbled into the table.

“Now now,” she scolded. “Don’t get greedy and let your friend have a taste.” She giggled and turned toward the camera. The frame dropped toward the floor and then moved slowly as the camera girl crawled on her knees. The view moved away as she stretched out her arm but gave a perfect view of her practically inhaling that perfect cock, swirling her tongue about the head as she jacked the shaft. The two girls alternated, each sucking and licking the glistening purple head for a moment before trading. It wasn’t long before their kisses joined together, and it became them making out and including her leaking dick.

Allison reached out and snatched the camera back from the brunette and aimed it down, showing her position of superiority. “Sit up here,” she pointed to the table and both girls obeyed, jumping up onto the table with their legs hanging over the side. Allison stood back and jacked herself for a moment. Then she grabbed between the pink-haired girl’s legs to pull away the strap of her panties. She moved forward and began pressing between the girl’s legs.

“Fuck, you’re so big,” Pink Hair gasped, leaning back on her palms as Allison rammed inside her. She pressed herself into Allison, pushing with her arms and hips. It only took a few strokes and Allison buried herself completely inside her hungry snatch. Her friend was leaning over and kissing her on the lips as Allison had her way, fucking her for a long few minutes before suddenly pulling out. She cried out in surprise and anguish, her voice only growing more shrill when she saw Allison move over to the brunette and plunge right into her.

“Ah, go slow-” the brunette gasped. “I haven’t had a guy so big-” she said but wasn’t able to finish because Pink Hair’s tongue was in her throat.

“Your slutty little snatch is so wet and horny, you can take it,” Allison assured her. She slammed her body into the larger girl, sending shockwaves through both of their bodies. Each hit of her hips made a meaty slap that had to be audible outside that room. She pounded faster and faster until the girl was shrieking and then she stopped and switched back to Pink Hair.

“Fuck, this is hot,” Professor Shwanz muttered as she watched. Her own cock leaking in her hand. She licked up the precum greedily and began squeezing her cock from base to head, trying to force more precum out when there was a knock on the door. “Goddamn it,” she spat and then went to see who was there.

She whipped the door open and there was Leo standing in the hall looking awkward and embarrassed. His eyes immediately went to the cock she hadn’t bothered to hide. It stuck out from under her dress, aching for release.

“I’m sorry, Professor,” he said quickly, unable to look her in the eye. “I can come back,”

“No, no,” she assured him and backed away from the door. Her hand encircled the shaft of her thick cock, only able to reach partway around, and she continued as she jacked, “I think I know why you’re here.”

“You do?” he asked and followed her in. She backed away toward her desk and then sat behind it while she stroked herself. He stared, waiting for her answer. He shifted back and forth for a moment, clearly uncomfortable.

She let out a long moan before answering, “You need some extra credit.” She sneered and stopped jacking for a moment to point the thick mushroom head at his face. She raised her eyebrows suggestively. “Aren’t you?”

“Yes,” he said sheepishly. He couldn’t resist any longer and his hand snaked down the front of his pants to find his aching sex. He was already soaking through his underwear from watching the beautiful professor stroke her huge dick. Actually, he had felt the wetness on the walk to her office, anticipating what he would have to do.

“I knew it.” She laughed and leaned back in her chair until she was practically horizontal, her dick pointing upward. He kneeled down before her and took it into his mouth- though not without difficulty, his jaw stretched to the limit for the huge head to fit between his lips. “It’s like this every semester. You guys join, trying to bed a certain girl and get school credit for it.” She moaned and grabbed his head. She started forcing her cock deeper into his mouth until she was fucking the back of his throat. Once she worked up a good rhythm where he was gagging and choking on it, she clicked the video to start again.

She fucked Leo’s face while watching his partner cum all over the ass of one of those cheerleaders. Then switched to the next video, where Leo and Allison filmed themselves in a car at one of the local parks. She knew what was coming next.

“But the assignment is to research with other partners. It’s right there in the syllabus.” She said and pulled his head back. Tears filled his eyes and he gasped and choked on the air.

Between coughs, he managed to say, “I realized my mistake, so I-”

“Shut up,” she said, pushing his head back onto her cock. He gagged but she held him there. “Let me watch this.” She focused on the screen again, where Leo was awkwardly climbing into the back seat with Allison, where he slithered into her lap. They were already naked below the waist, and as embarrassed and out of sorts as Allison looked, her cock was rock hard and pointing at the ceiling. With some difficulty, he was able to straddle her lap and grab the rear headrest as she aimed between his lips.

“This better not be on youtube,” Allison hissed as his cunt swallowed her huge cock. The camera got all shaky as he tried to film himself grinding his pussy down into her cock but the frame wobbled and never quite came into focus. “If it wasn’t for a grade, you would never have a chance with- oh fuck… that’s good… such a tight little pussy…” she cooed.

“It is yours,” he muttered as she split him open. He dropped the camera onto the seat and it took a few moments to retrieve it.

Professor Shwanz sighed. “You’re going to need all the extra credit you can get,” she jeered, her foot moving between his legs and colliding with his hand, already desperately fingering his clit. “But I’m afraid for it to count, both of you have to be here.”

He pulled his head back and gasped for air. “B-but she was on a date with one of the football players I think,” he protested.

“Text her. We can wait,” The buxom professor said and pushed him back under the desk. Her cock probed at his mouth but he resisted.

“She’s not picking up!” he said, trying to call her on the phone and avoid the cock stabbing at her lips.

“We can wait,” Professor Shwanz said coolly. “You got someplace else to be?” She didn’t allow for a response and simply shoved her cock back into the back of his throat. He moaned and his tongue began exploring the underside once again, making her twitch. “We got all night…” She said, sighing and leaning back in her chair with her hands behind her head. Only thirty-nine more papers to grade after this.


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