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Sexy Excerpt From A Simple Exchange: Gender Swap Erotica

Buy on Amazon, free with Kindle Unlimited         ' “I want your cock.” she said sharply over his complaints. There was a pregnant pause. “I… excuse me?” he asked, thinking he had not possibly heard her correctly. His erection was already straining in his sweatpants again. “I want your cock.” she repeated, looking dead serious. She was even putting on her puppy dog eyes. He sat there, trying not to show the utter surprise he was feeling at that moment. She continued “Well, more specifically I want to borrow it for a little while, tonight. I wanted to show her how great they are. She’s only ever been with girls. Men can be such assholes, but there is nothing quite like a real cock.” her eyes lit up with wonder. “So, I need a male volunteer so that I can-” “Yeah, of course I’ll do it.” Mark said quickly. His head was practically swimming in disbelief. He had never expected Bonnie to proposition him, especially like this. “You will?” she smiled at him warmly. He alway

Sexy Excerpt from the Sexy Swap 3: Gender Swap Erotica

Available on kindle. Free for kindle unlimited " The gender swapping adventure continues in The Sexy Swap part 3! Now that Greg has had his "penis privileges revoked" as punishment for his actions in Parts 1 and 2, he is stuck getting used to life as a woman. At least where it counts. Jenn loves her new male equipment, and decides she wants to have even more fun outside their marriage. She goes out to the club, and leaves the feminized Greg at home with Jake, their hot neighbor. Jake currently has what Greg wants the most. And Jake is going to give it to him. Their marriage will never be the same after the sexy action in The Sexy Swap 3!" Excerpt below 'Jake knocked on the door as Jenn was getting ready to leave. She had put on a smoking red dress and high heels that made her legs look incredible. She put another pair of leggings on to hold her cock in place, but it would do little to hide it when she got erect, they both knew. She caught him star