Sexy Excerpt from the Sexy Swap 3: Gender Swap Erotica

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"The gender swapping adventure continues in The Sexy Swap part 3!
Now that Greg has had his "penis privileges revoked" as punishment for his actions in Parts 1 and 2, he is stuck getting used to life as a woman. At least where it counts.
Jenn loves her new male equipment, and decides she wants to have even more fun outside their marriage. She goes out to the club, and leaves the feminized Greg at home with Jake, their hot neighbor. Jake currently has what Greg wants the most. And Jake is going to give it to him.
Their marriage will never be the same after the sexy action in The Sexy Swap 3!"
Excerpt below

'Jake knocked on the door as Jenn was getting ready to leave. She had put on a smoking red dress and high heels that made her legs look incredible. She put another pair of leggings on to hold her cock in place, but it would do little to hide it when she got erect, they both knew.
She caught him staring at the barely noticeable bulge as in her dress as went walked past to get the door. She smiled. She knew what he was thinking. She might get seen. Maybe she wanted to, she thought. She still wasn’t sure, but the idea of hiding it all night and the thrill of maybe being caught was enough to start making her erect already!
Greg opened the door, and again Jake walked in wearing very little clothes, just loose shorts, wife beater and flip flops. He had a baggie weed, papers, and a lighter that he threw on the table. He then flopped onto the couch and grabbed the remote to turn on the game.
“Your team are getting their ass kicked.” Jake laughed. “Do you have any beer?”
Greg came back with a six pack just as Jake finished rolling a joint.
“They’re going to have to score twice more to even tie!” he lit the joint and took a few puffs before handing it to Greg in exchange for a beer.
The two watched the game, Greg for once not thinking about sex. He had been thoroughly serviced before Jake got there. And now, they were just hanging out like a couple of buds, watching the game.
But that only lasted so long. About halfway through the game, Jake reached down to his crotch and just obviously rubbed his cock through his shorts. His erect seven inch cock tented out the tight material.
Greg knew very well that it was his own cock there in those shorts. It filled them out very well, he observed. He had always been proud of it. Though he still wanted it back, he had to admit that there was some added sexiness to knowing that it was his cock making that obscene bulge in Jake’s shorts.
Greg wasn’t even paying attention at the end of the game. He was transfixed on Jake stroking his erect prick. He had moved closer and closer to him on the couch until he was right next to him. Jake finally pulled his shorts down, and his erect cock sprang back up. Greg reached out and grasped the base of Jake’s erection before leaning over to put it in his mouth.
He was immediately struck by how different the skin felt on his cock. He had given Jenn head while she had Jake’s cock, which was circumcised. He was uncircumcised, so the texture was even more like velvet. He knew the pleasure he was giving Jake with every twitch of his tongue.
He again was hit with a momentary feeling of missing his cock as his tongue swirled over the head, sliding between the foreskin and the glans. It was an attractive penis. But at the moment, it could give him so much more pleasure at its current location, he thought.
He bobbed his head a few more times, eliciting a “Fuck…” from Jake, who was leaning back on the couch, lost in the pleasure of the best blow job ever by the perfect person to know how to work his cock.
Greg tasted the precum leaking from Jake’s dick. He took that as the cue to stand up and yank his shorts down, kicking them across the room. He turned his back to Jake and bent over. He stroked Jake’s borrowed seven inch cock a couple more times before aiming it between his engorged pussy lips. He was still wet and leaking cum from his earlier bout with Jenn. Jake’s larger cock slid in with no resistance. He slowly forced the whole thing in, inch by inch until he was sitting in Jake’s lap.'


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