A Simple Exchange: Gender Swap Erotica

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'Average guy Mark is room mates with the beautiful Bonnie. They are just friends, but he secretly wishes it were more. When she brings a girl home for a date, she says she wants to "borrow his cock" to use for her date. When he immediately agrees, he finds out that she meant it quite literally! 
They wake the next day and find that it seems to be permanent! The two of them cope with their swapped sex organs and the monumental change that it provides for their relationship.
A bit of a romantic story, with steamy sex swapping action!'

This story was fun to write. I finished the last third of it in one night, in a burst of inspiration. It definitely grew in the telling and became my longest story by far.
It's a bit of love story, but still has plenty of hot steamy action. I hope you enjoy it!

On kindle, free on kindle unlimited


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