Sexy Excerpt From The Sexy Swap 4: Gender Swap Erotica

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"The gender swapping action continues in The Sexy Swap 4.
Greg is still waiting to get his dick back. In the meantime, he has to endure woman problems. His wife Jenn enjoys her new sexual freedom and toys with her sexy coworker, Naomi. Their hot neighbor Jake comes over to play as well, and he still has Greg's manhood. And Jenn uses the device on someone new! Find out what kind of trouble does she get into in The Sexy Swap 4!"
Excerpt below

'At the end her work day, Jenn was leaving and had to wait at the elevator. She was texting one of her new guy friends from the bar when she got on the elevator. As she looked up to hit the button for her floor, she noticed that Naomi had gotten on behind her. She was staring.
Jenn just grinned at her, waiting for her to bring it up.
“So… what is going on down there?” she pointed to Jenn’s crotch. “I thought I felt something, but you say I didn’t. And you have been acting strange.” Naomi said, clearly confused.
“Oh, you felt something alright.” said Jenn, her voice low and seductive. “What do you think you felt?” She grabbed Naomi’s hand and placed it on her growing bulge.
Naomi was speechless as she unconsciously caressed the half hard penis in its confinement. “I, uh...:” she mumbled, her face flushed as she clearly became aroused.
Jenn moved her face right next to Naomi’s. She whispered in her ear, “And how have I been acting strange?” before nibbling on her earlobe.
Naomi realized she was holding her breath. She shivered, her skin was covered in goosebumps. “You have this… swagger to you now. You keep looking at everyone like a piece of meat.” she whispered back as she rubbed the bulge in Jenn’s leggings. She marvelled at how she could feel it grow under her hand.
DING! They both were startled by the elevator reaching the bottom floor. Luckily, no one was there waiting to see the compromising situation.
    Jenn turned and walked out of the elevator. She glanced back and smiled at Naomi, but kept walking ahead.
    Naomi slowly followed her out, aroused and confused. “So if you aren’t trans… then what…?” she noticed Jenn wasn’t going to the garage. She watched as Jenn turned and licked her lips before turning back to enter the women’s bathroom.
    Naomi wasn’t sure what she was getting into, but she couldn’t help herself. She walked into the bathroom after Jenn.'


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