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His Surrender: Confession

  His Surrender: Confession by Lou Bealy commissioned by anonymous If you would like to commission me for a custom story, details are here . Support my writing by becoming a subscriber on Subscribestar ! Get access to exclusive content and benefits! Contains dubious consent and religious references There was a knock on the office door. Anthony looked up from his book and said, “Come in!” He smiled at the older man who entered. The shorter man looked to be in his early sixties, wearing a nylon tracksuit over a thin frame. He had short gray hair that was still quite thick and full. He had a thick neck, strong jaw, and wide shoulders, despite being somewhat on the slim side. Anthony recognized him as a relative newcomer, having only been to a few services. “Father Anthony,” the older man acknowledged Anthony with a chuckle. “Strange to call such a young man ‘father’.” Anthony laughed along with him. “Yes, I suppose so. You could call me ‘Padre’ if that makes you feel better.” “How about

Steamy Excerpt from Usurper: Straight to Gay Erotica

Available on Kindle Rob made the mistake of peeking on Tom when they were at the urinals. Now he can't get what he saw out of his head. Excerpt below. “Hey buddy” came a voice from behind him, startling him. He turned around to see Rob in his cubicle, smiling warmly. “Didn’t mean to startle you. I just wanted to say that I am sorry about how we got off on the wrong foot.” Tom felt relief at the fact that he couldn’t really see Rob’s junk through the loose kaki’s and long t-shirt he was wearing. He hadn’t even realized his eyes had instantly been drawn there. However, the smell of Rob’s masculine musk was still detectable. For some crazy reason, it was making it hard for Tom to think. He just politely smiled and nodded, agreeing that they should try and be friends. The smell lingered after Rob had left to go back to his own cubicle. Tom tried to get back to work, but he couldn’t concentrate. The smell permeated his nostrils, and filled his head with the images from

Late Delivery: Straight to Gay Erotica

"The pizza is late. The seduction is right on time. At first he is disgusted by the appearance and smell of the delivery driver. But when the man leaves, the smell remains. He finds himself becoming aroused by the humiliation and shame of the situation. Story about a straight guy who becomes ensnared in male/male seduction and lust." Available on Kindle

Usurper: Straight to Gay Erotica

"Tom makes the mistake of peeking while standing next to Rob at the urinal. He can't stop thinking about what he saw. Even while he is being intimate with his wife. He begins to fall into Rob's trap, and realizes that his wife may be next. A story about a married straight guy, coping with unwanted lust for another man." Available on Kindle