Steamy Excerpt from Usurper: Straight to Gay Erotica

Rob made the mistake of peeking on Tom when they were at the urinals. Now he can't get what he saw out of his head. Excerpt below.

“Hey buddy” came a voice from behind him, startling him. He turned around to see Rob in his cubicle, smiling warmly.

“Didn’t mean to startle you. I just wanted to say that I am sorry about how we got off on the wrong foot.”

Tom felt relief at the fact that he couldn’t really see Rob’s junk through the loose kaki’s and long t-shirt he was wearing. He hadn’t even realized his eyes had instantly been drawn there. However, the smell of Rob’s masculine musk was still detectable. For some crazy reason, it was making it hard for Tom to think. He just politely smiled and nodded, agreeing that they should try and be friends.

The smell lingered after Rob had left to go back to his own cubicle. Tom tried to get back to work, but he couldn’t concentrate. The smell permeated his nostrils, and filled his head with the images from his dream. He struggled to understand what was going on as he realized his hand was grasping his hard cock through his pants. He couldn’t get the image of Rob’s man meat out of his head. He kept imagining what it would look like if it got hard, so he could fuck someone with that magnificent...

No, this is crazy. I’m straight. I have a wife. He thought to himself, but he couldn’t stop standing up and walking to bathroom while trying to hide his erection. He was so aching hard. He needed to cum.

When he got inside, he locked the deadbolt, then turned and almost ran to the toilet while undoing his pants. Within seconds he had his leaking cock in his hand. He had an amazing orgasm almost right away. Afterwards, as he cleaned himself up, he was forced to reflect. How did that just happen? What was that man doing to him? How could that man’s cock have such a hold on him? It was insane.

Tom got home late that night, and went straight to bed. His dreams were once again disturbing. It started with Jesse, doing a sexy strip tease for him. Rob walked in the room and went straight for her. He pulled out his organ, which had grown to an impressive size. Tom immediately started jerking off, watching Rob lay his wife down on the bed and then service her with his magnificent tool. When Rob and Jesse orgasmed at the same time, Tom shot a load into his waiting hand. When he woke up, he was once again terrified to realize his cock was rock hard.

At work that day, he was excited for the return of his wife, but a niggling thought in the back of his mind wouldn’t go away. After what happened the last time they were together, he was apprehensive about what would happen when she climbed under the sheets with him.

Tom had no time at the moment to keep dwelling on his problems the last few days. He had a meeting with one of his clients. He was preparing his work when he received a message on his phone. Without thinking he opened the attachment and was greeted with a close up of what had to be Rob’s enormous half-hard penis. It had been burned into his memory when he had accidentally peaked on Rob at the urinal. Tom’s dick surged to life immediately. The need to cum was immediate and irresistible. He quickly made his way to the bathroom, hiding his erection. He stared at the picture as he rubbed his own much smaller cock. He couldn’t take his eyes off the picture of perfect penis. He imagined it was Rob’s penis he was rubbing, instead of his own. He imagine it was Rob’s foreskin pulling back and forth over the huge head,  and after what seemed like an agonizing eternity, cum erupted from his cock, and sprayed all over his shirt and pants.


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