Sexy Excerpt from The Sexy Swap: Gender Swap Erotica

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"    As he walked to the charging station in his lab, he couldn’t help but notice the growing wetness in his crotch, and the novel sensation of his pussy lips rubbing together. His attempts at remaining detached and analytical had been largely in vain. His (wife’s!)pussy was already engorging with blood and getting wet. He felt an odd sensation, almost like an emptiness, a need to envelope.
    After plugging in the transplanter, he hurried into the living room. He might as well enjoy the wait before he could get his cock back. Besides, Jenn wouldn’t mind. He played with her pussy all the time after all, he thought.
    He found some lesbian porn to occupy himself while he waited. He sat on the couch with his legs spread wide and his fingers between them, exploring the new sensations of his wife’s pussy. He marvelled at the sensation of feeling his finger from the other side. As it became wet and engorged with blood, he felt an urgency, a hunger he had never felt before.
    He rubbed all around his opening, getting his finger good and coated before slowly sinking it to his knuckle. He sat there for a moment, transfixed by the wonderful feeling of his pussy finally being penetrated.
After a few minutes of playing, he decided he had to try at least one thing, before giving her pussy back. One of his favorite things when they were having sex was to tease her clit, but she hardly ever let him play with it for long. She said it “drove her crazy” and was too sensitive. He immediately knew why as he winced from the touch of his finger. It had felt good, but it almost made him twitch right onto the floor. He tried again a few times, but gave up. It was too sensitive.    
He settled on his usual technique of simply inserting a finger and finding the G-spot. Again, he had trouble. He sighed as his fingers entered his wet sex. It felt really good, but he couldn’t quite get the correct angle.
    “No wonder women are so frustrated, masturbation isn’t so simple!” He gasped as he gave up trying to find an orgasm. It was harder than it seemed. He stood up and dashed to the kitchen, as if on a mission. There had to be something he could use.
    He heard a knock at the door. Who the hell could that be, he thought as he got back to his feet. He looked and saw his next door neighbor Jake in the window, and realized at once that Jake may in fact have seen him playing with his borrowed pussy on the couch. He didn’t know Jake very well but he had always seemed like a decent guy, if a bit full of himself.
Greg had always been jealous of the fit, attractive Jake. Greg’s husky dad bod and and dark hair and eyes contrasted Jake’s tall lithe body and blonde hair with blue eyes. Although Greg considered himself happily married to a beautiful woman, he was a bit jealous of Jake, whom Greg saw have some pretty attractive company over from time to time.
    He grabbed the closest article of clothes, his gym shorts and pulled them on, doing little to hide his feminine mound. He ran to the door and opened it at once.
He hid his body behind the door and peered out. “Yes, Jake? What is it?” he said, nervous and unsure what Jake may have seen.
“You don’t remember? You said you wanted those dumbbells. I’ve been texting you for days to come get them.” Jake said, annoyed.
“Now is not the best time. I’ve been really busy with my work. I’ll get them later, okay?” Greg said, just trying to get rid of him.
“Dude, I don’t want them in my living room anymore. Either come get them, or I’m throwing them away.” Jake said, getting a little pushy. “I don’t give a shit.” he turned and headed back to his house.
Greg decided to simply follow him over and get them really quick. He was self conscious of his horny wet pussy, but he hoped Jake wouldn’t notice or ask any questions.
He followed Jake through his house, noting how lucrative the used car business must be with the furnishings and appliances being of top quality. He was moving all of his equipment to his basement, and just the dumbells were left, sitting in the middle of the floor.
“It’s about time. I’ve been tripping over those for days now.” Jake said, in a huff. He sat on his couch and lit up a joint. He offered some to Greg. Greg didn’t usually partake in such things, but this was a night of firsts. With enthusiasm he grabbed the joint and took a big hit off of it. When he exhaled, he coughed hard. He felt the new muscles in his groin move as he coughed, something he had heard girls mention before. He handed the joint back and went to grab the 2 dumbbells.
Without thinking, Greg squatted down to grab the weights. He had always used proper technique when lifting anything, which was usually a good thing in that he avoided injury. This time, Greg realized his mistake as he felt the material of his shorts pull tight against his wet pussy. He looked up saw Jake’s eyes look right at the flat, female mound between his legs, now on full display with his shorts pulled tight against his crotch.
Jake didn’t say anything, but he had to have seen it. He puffed on his joint as he watched Greg leave. He cracked a smile."


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