Sexy Excerpt from The Sexy Swap 2: Gender Swap Erotica

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'She looked over at the bedroom mirror, and marveled at how large the 7 inch cock looked on her petite 5’3 frame. It was covered in thick brown hair, which heavily contrasted with the rest of her blonde hairs that made up most of her pubic region. She normally kept herself trimmed short, and now she had a thick bush of hair around the base of her cock and her ball sack.
She was transfixed, watching her hand slide the skin on her dick back and forth. Her head was slick with precum and glistened in the hallway light as it emerged from her foreskin over and over. It was unbelievably sexy to see herself in the mirror, stroking that hairy cock.
It felt even sexier. She lost herself in the pleasure. She began to pick up the pace, feeling an orgasm was close. She grabbed around the thick shaft with her tiny hand and rubbed as fast as she could. She couldn’t hold back anymore and let out a shriek as she sprayed thick cum all over her b cup tits and stomach. Her first male orgasm had been amazing. It didn’t reach from her breasts to her toes like a female orgasm, but there was something potent, and powerful about it. Like it was all concentrated into one spot.
    “Holy fuck.” she said to herself in amazement when she caught her breath. Once she came down from her orgasm, the confusion set back in. What the hell? She thought as she again looked at herself in the mirror, covered in cum. Luckily she had managed to miss the bed. What had happened to her? She looked again at her new cock, marvelling at how much smaller it was than just a few moments ago. She realized she recognized it. It was Greg’s.'



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