The Sexy Swap 3: Gender Swap Erotica

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"The gender swapping adventure continues in The Sexy Swap part 3!
Now that Greg has had his "penis privileges revoked" as punishment for his actions in Parts 1 and 2, he is stuck getting used to life as a woman. At least where it counts.
Jenn loves her new male equipment, and decides she wants to have even more fun outside their marriage. She goes out to the club, and leaves the feminized Greg at home with Jake, their hot neighbor. Jake currently has what Greg wants the most. And Jake is going to give it to him.
Their marriage will never be the same after the sexy action in The Sexy Swap 3!"

The next part in the Sexy Swap Series is finally here! In this chapter, the characters cope with their new situation. Greg has lost his penis privileges and has to get used to having Jenn's vagina. He wishes he had his dick back, but he has to admit to himself how much he enjoys having sex in the female position. His inner conflict is what drives the story. The guilt and shame combines with the excitement.

Jenn decides that since the marriage is an open one now, she can go out to the clubs, and look for some excitement there, while she leaves Greg at home with Jake, who still has Greg's cock.

Stay tuned for Part 4!
The Sexy Swap 3: Gender Swap Erotica, Available on Amazon, free on Kindle Unlimited


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