The Perfect Bride 3: The Perfect Family

 The Perfect Bride Part 3: The Perfect Family by Lou Bealy

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Joseph tried to drown out all the noise by holding a pillow over his head but it did very little to prevent him from hearing the third screaming orgasm from his mother Gloria. He couldn’t deal with the horror of what Grandpa Lou was doing to him- to his family. First Kate, then his mother, and now his sisters were in his crosshairs. The process had already begun and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

What was worse than the horrible situation, was the fact that Joseph couldn’t help but be aroused by it. Even more so than when Lou had taken his girlfriend and reduced a brilliant young woman to a foul-mouthed slut that walked around the house with her big sagging hairy boobs flopping around. The humiliation of the same thing happening to his mother- Lou’s own daughter- was paradoxically devastating and erotic. Despite the shame, he couldn’t resist reaching down to stroke himself while listening to it. After cumming for the third time, he finally found some sleep.

The next day, Joseph awoke to the familiar smell of breakfast cooking. He only felt anxiety and fear upon detecting the odor of bacon cooking. It only reminded him of the disgusting scene that had played out the day before. How Grandpa Lou had contaminated the food with his cum in order to corrupt his family and completely turn them against him. Joseph had been lucky to avoid consuming any himself, he thought. Or worse, he had been spared purposefully in order to torture him even more.

“JOE!” his Grandpa’s voice sounded out and interrupted his pitiful thoughts. “GET YOUR SCRAWNY ASS DOWN HERE!” The walls shook with the force of his voice. Joe had tried to hide his head under the pillow and ignore it but the brute continued to bellow until Joseph peeled himself off the sweat-soaked sheet and amble downstairs. He didn’t even bother to dress and came down the stairs wearing only his cum-stained boxer shorts. The cool air tickled his skin, causing goosebumps to prickle up all over his body as he descended the stairs.

“Ah, good of you to finally join us,” Grandpa Lou spat when Joseph reached the bottom. “Have some fuckin’ breakfast.” The huge troll of a man gestured with his fat hairy arm.

“I’m good, thanks.” Joseph approached the table but stood shivering in his underwear behind one of the chairs, keeping it between him and his terrifying grandfather.

“Sit.” His dark brow raised, and his cold eyes glared through his grandson. “Now.”

Joseph averted his eyes, unable to maintain eye contact with his grandfather for more than a moment. Taking a deep breath, he pulled the chair out to take his seat. He stared at the empty plate in front of him, his stomach grumbling despite the stress of the situation.

“Not hungry?” Lou asked with a menacing grin.

“Where is everyone?” Joseph asked, hoping to avoid the subject of the possibly tainted food.

“The sluts have all already had their breakfast,” the big man scolded and gestured to the now room-temperature bacon and eggs. “Then they wandered off to diddle themselves or something. The fuck should I know?”

Joseph stared at the food for a moment longer before his grandpa spoke up again. “Sorry. Your sisters took all of the milk with them.” He reached over to grab a handful of the old bacon crammed it into his mouth. He smacked and drooled as he chewed the meat. “Don’t worry, I have plenty more.” He began laughing, spitting chunks of bacon all over the table and grabbing his crotch through his dirty sweatpants as Joseph jumped up and ran from the room.

“No, no, no!” Joseph said, running up the stairs towards his sister’s rooms. He rounded the corner at the top of the stairs and immediately heard the bed in May’s room squeaking, accompanied by low frantic moans. He threw open the door and was horrified by what he saw.

On her bed, May was kneeling naked, looking up at her sister June who was pouring the “milk” on her face while filming with a webcam. The thick viscous liquid flowed into her mouth and the excess poured over her face and down between her boobs, which she held together as she pinched her nipples and moaned. They definitely looked bigger than they had before. Her tiny little A-cup breasts that sat on her normally thin, athletic frame had suddenly grown to at least C-cups, creating a valley of boob flesh that would have been impossible the day before. Tiger stripes reached from her chest to her hairy crotch, showing how her skin had been stretched by the rapid growth of both her bosom and belly. Her hips and butt looked to be rounder as well, with their own corresponding tiger stripes. Realizing he was gawking at her naked body, he quickly turned away, his face burning with embarrassment.

June stood over her, wearing only a pink thong and socks as she held a pitcher in one hand, poured the revolting liquid over her older sister. In the other hand, she held a webcam and was capturing the disgusting details from right up close. Her own body had grown larger and hairier as well, though not quite as large as her sister. She turned to see Joseph standing there and reacted with glee, her crazed smile stretching wider. “Joe is here!” she called happily. Jumping down from the bed, she ran to him- her own enlarged boobs bouncing with each step- and shoved the webcam into his arms. “You can record us!”

“W-what?” he asked, confused. She darted back to the bed and squatted down to begin licking her naked giggling sister’s face and chest, sucking up as much of the gooey cum as she could.

“For our fansite?” she said, looking at him like he was an idiot. She turned back to May and licked more of the cum from her face. May gathered some on her finger and stuck it in her own mouth and sucked. She did the same and placed her finger between June’s lips.

“Who would pay for a fansite with…” Joe began to say but stopped himself.

“With what?” she demanded, narrowing her eyes.

Unable to answer, he just stared at her for a moment until she shoved the camera into him again. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing, what his sisters had been reduced to. His formerly beautiful sisters had been replaced by these fat nymphomaniacs. May ran her finger along the length of her sister’s slit, teasing it as their brother watched with a mix of horror and fascination.

“Hey!” June shrieked at him. “You’re supposed to be filming, not gawking, dipshit.” Thick green spittle sprayed down her chin. “So gross,” she added, looking down between his legs. “Getting off looking at your sisters.”

Joseph turned red and realized to his horror that she was looking right at his dick, which had inexplicably grown hard. Hands shaking, he continued to hold the camera at the sisters and watched their bodies expand and grow hairier. Some part of him told him to flee but his morbid fascination and depraved lust held him in that spot, recording the sisters that he had known disappear before his eyes, replaced by these progressively more disgusting and depraved creatures.

The thin coat of fine body hair that coated their arms and legs rapidly darkened and grew longer, thicker, and much more wiry, like beard hairs. Their breasts grew and began to sag and sway as they bounced on their knees. The thick hair grew across their pendulous bosoms, as their nipples grew swollen and wet. Thick green mucous dripped in chunks from the tips of their saggy tits. 

After licking up much of the cum, June began suckling on May’s breasts, making her sister moan and twist on the bed. Then she offered her own tits in reciprocation, which her older sister gladly accepted with a cackle. The hair grew along their faces, now grown puffy and swollen, with saggy cheeks and big bags under their eyes. They giggled and alternated suckling each other, their limbs, bellies, faces, and especially their fat asses continued to expand, the stretch marks spreading like cracks across glass.

“No…” he whispered and threw the camera down on the bed, his face burning with shame. “I can’t just watch this happen. Please, the two of you need to stop before it is too late,” he pleaded, though he had no expectation of either girl actually listening.

The sucking and moaning ceased and the two sisters turned to glare at him but he was already moving to run. “I can’t believe this is happening…” he muttered as he turned but he didn’t get far. He heard the bed squeak and felt arms encircle his shoulders, stopping him in his tracks.

“Where are you going, little bro?” May taunted as she and her sister restrained his arms and yanked him back to the bed.

“Let me go!” he cried as they threw him down and held him on the bed. Amazingly, their grips were like iron and he couldn’t escape no matter how much he thrashed.

“You need a change of perspective,” June declared, cackling like a lunatic.

“What are you doing?!” Joseph cried, beginning to panic but he was powerless to do anything but watch as his transformed sister lowered herself on top of him. “Why are you doing this to me? I could still help you! We could find a way to change you back some-HMPH”

“Soon you will understand,” May explained. A leaking nipple was shoved into his mouth and he immediately gagged. Foul, bitter liquid filled his mouth, flowing freely from her leaking tit. It was thick as syrup; putrid and revolting. He choked and spat but more and more of it flowed down his throat until he choked and sputtered.

The thick, mucousy substance coated his throat down to his stomach, the smell and taste completely overwhelming his senses. A warmth began to spread from his belly to the rest of his body. It was like a glow that got brighter and brighter but didn’t burn. His body expanded, his belly pushing against his underwear that had been relatively loose moments before. The flesh expanded beneath his skin, causing a curious pulling sensation as he watched a spiderweb of stretch marks spread from his belly outward to his limbs, which also grew flabby and fat with folds of sick-looking yellow skin growing all over his body.

“There you go…” May cooed. She rocked his head as he nursed, his body transforming with each gulp.


June swatted at May’s face. “My turn,” she declared and slapped her again, forcing her older sister to back away lest she be hit again. “Don’t be a hog, you fat hog.” Shrieking with laugher, June grabbed Joseph roughly and yanked him into her lap. 

Bitch,” May spat. She allowed her sister to take Joseph, which she did effortlessly like he was a little child.

In his dazed state, he didn’t fight back- nor did he really want to. His mouth latched around her dribbling nipple and he began nursing on the acrid fluid right away. The laughing hag that was his sister moaned as he gulped down her foul milk, the changes in his body accelerating.

The distended gut was round, like he had swallowed a basketball, and hard as a rock. His shoulders were definitely wider, but still nowhere near as wide as his grandpa’s. His gut now hung over his waist, almost obscuring his crotch completely. His cock had grown as well. He stroked himself as he drank his sister’s milk, his cock leaking precum all over his hand.

Things began to become clear to Joseph that had bewildered him since his Grandpa had revealed his true nature. It seemed like so long ago; his life had changed so much in so little time. Back then he was afraid. Afraid for what his Grandpa would do to the women around him, to his own family. Now that he had seemingly won, what point was there to fighting, to resisting his own role? This had been the inevitable conclusion all along. Grandpa Lou showed him who his family really was- who Joseph was. Who his sisters and mother were.

They were all his sexual puppets.

His mother, his former girlfriend Kate, his sisters, even himself were all Lou’s playthings. It was as certain as the sunrise. Even himself, he realized. He was the weakling, the cuck, the one to be humiliated. At least he had been.

With his newfound bulk, there was an apparent increase in strength as well- just like his sisters. She was no longer able to hold him down. But instead of trying to throw his sister off, he was now clutching her, holding her firmly so he could continue to drink the bitter milk. As strong as he was, he couldn’t hold on to her as she forced herself from his grip.

His sister’s belated and disgusting bodies had become… appealing. The flabby rolls, the stretch marks, the yellow pallor, the bags under their eyes, and pockmarked skin. Now he realized why his grandfather had to change them. Without warning, he fell upon June and pinned her down, with his rock-hard cock probing for her entrance. The tip slid along her hairy abdomen and down between her legs. He felt the heat of her sex on his rod and smeared it through the pool of viscous sticky fluid coating her vulva and inner thighs.

“Hey! Get off you fuckin perv!” June yelled, kicking and thrashing but with his new strength, she was unable to make him budge.

Joe was laughing like a maniac, loving the role reversal when he felt a set of hair arms grab him around the chest and head, pulling him backward and off of his resistant sister.

“We can’t,” May growled. She had his arms tied up, as she yanked him off of the bed. “Not without permission.”

“Permission?” Joe scoffed. He was able to slowly force his way out of her grip and then push her away. But by then both girls were on their feet. “A couple of sluts need permission to get fucked?” He looked over at their computer screen, replaying the recording of the scene on the bed.

“No, you pathetic loser” June replied. “You’re the one who needs permission to touch Lou’s property.”

“You should be begging me to fuck your hairy cunts.” He managed to throw her off and spin around to confront her. “Begging!

He tried again to grab one of them so he could have his way with them- hold them down and pound out his frustrations- but his attempts only resulted in a struggle, ending with an embarrassing slap fight where the two girls got the best of him and forced him from the room.

“Puh-lease.” May laughed. “As hot as you are now, you still are half the man Lou is, and don’t you forget it.” She reached out and slammed the door in his face, leaving him to walk away with a raging hardon.

Dejectedly, he made his way back to his room where he caught a look at himself in the closet door mirror.

“Oh yeah…” he cooed, watching his reflection with his bloated belly, flabby man-boobs, and flabby skin. He found himself wishing that he was bigger and looked more like his grandpa, instead of a smaller, weaker-looking knockoff. Nonetheless, he found his fingers slid over his huge cock- which he also admired- since he was unable to see much of it with his larger belly in the way. In less than a minute, he splattered the mirror with a huge load of sticky greenish-white cum.

* * * 

“Stop jerking off, you worthless piece of shit,” May lifted her mouth from her sister June’s nipple long enough to chastise him. “You’re wobbling the camera.”

This was a typical day for Joe. His life had become a total blur. He felt like he had no direction or goal anymore. When his grandmother died, Grandpa Lou had swiftly taken over the family, starting with his own daughter, Gloria. At first, Joe had thought that this was all just some game to torment him, but he had quickly realized that Grandpa Lou was also being strategic about his takeover. Once he had control over Gloria, he had control over the family business.

So Joe no longer had any job or purpose. He wasn’t needed in the office, now did he really want to go anymore. He was being positioned to take over the company- it was all he ever wanted, to be chairman of the company his family built- but that seemed like a distant memory at that point. Grandpa Lou now controlled the company through Gloria transferring her shares to him. Even if he hadn’t corrupted them all, he would still have absolute control over the family. Joe was alone, with no direction, goals, or even any friends.

His own girlfriend was now playing housewife to his own grandfather, just watching TV and eating junk food all day long. That was in between their loud and vulgar sex sessions that would last for hours. His mother Gloria wasn’t much different, though Grandpa Lou seemed to take particular pleasure in tormenting her. She would spend all day fetching him food, rubbing his feet, sucking his dick, and doing little strip shows on command. When she wasn’t being fucked raw by her own father she was usually shoveling takeout into her gullet and watching some insipid reality show where people were screaming and every other word was bleeped out. In order to please her “daddy”, she would change outfits whenever he told her to, often more than a dozen times a day. She would change her as well: dying, bleaching, cutting, and coloring it until it was a completely fried, multicolored mess.

His sisters- both having grown to absolute huge size over the course of a few days- would sit in bed and record lewd videos for their fan pages all day long. Sometimes individually, but usually as a couple. He had been relegated to being their little servant, or at least that is what they seemed to regard him as.

“Go get me a soda,” May would say. Or, “go order me a pizza,” June would command. And he would dutifully go and fetch them whatever they wanted- food, more lubricants, or sex toys and come back to watch more of their show, and hopefully participate.

And he did get to participate. By holding the camera. If he tried to touch them, to give in to his now endless desires, they would shut him down immediately, humiliate him, and make fun of his pathetic simping and the overeager way he would cater to their every whim. Generally, they would regard him with a kind of apathetic contempt so long as he did exactly what they wanted.

He just had to sit there, recording while they licked each other’s hairy cunts or sucked on each other’s floppy tits while he watched and rubbed his aching dick. 

“I’m gonna fuck you so hard…” he threatened but she laughed it off.

“You’re going to fuck your hand,” June shot back and gave the jerk-off gesture. “But after you’re done making the video. We gotta make that money.”

“Why would we need that?” Joe asked. “Doesn’t Grandpa take care of the sluts in his harem?”

“Daddy told us to. That’s why,” May shot back.

“Why would he need your camwhore money?”

“It’s all a game,” June replied like she was dispensing some deep wisdom. “And money is the score.”

“Oh, I see,” Joe said sarcastically. “And you just do whatever he tells you to do. Just whore yourselves out for the world to see.”

Hard to complain while you’re hard, bro.” June giggled and pointed to his crotch. “Hold the camera straight until we’re done and we’ll let you join in.”

He had to concentrate and will himself to stop stroking his cock, with them laughing at him all the while. The sisters turned back to each other and resumed their debauchery. May leaned back and spread her thick hairy legs, revealing her weeping cunt. Despite how flabby and distended her pussy lips were, they were nonetheless hardly visible under the forest of thick black hair and the sheer volume of viscous green mucousy slime leaking out of her and the sheer size of her thighs and the sagging fat didn’t help either. The bedframe groaned as June climbed on top of her- the sisters and their thick hairy bodies looking almost identical now. She dove in with abandon and began slurping at her sister’s gash.

“Mmm... fuck yeah,” May groaned with her eyes rolled back into her head and her tongue hanging from the corner of her mouth and leaking a line of drool. She wrapped her legs around the back of her sister’s neck and pulled her tight into her crotch. Grabbing ahold of her sister’s head, she mashed her face into her vulva and began grinding on her lips and chin. “You lick that pussy so good…”

June moaned and sighed, then got up on all fours in order to crawl into position where she lowered her own pussy down onto her sister’s face. Soft slurping and moaning filled the room and Joe couldn’t help but think it was the hottest thing he had seen in his life. They turned onto their sides, May being unable to breathe with her massive sister sitting astride her head.

He knew he shouldn’t. Some part of him knew that he had never been interested in his sisters sexually and he had also never been into big or hairy girls. It was Grandpa’s power, his transformative cum was so powerful that even his victims had the power to transform His sister’s milk was seemingly about as potent because his body and mind were already well under Grandpa Lou’s grip. It was only a matter of time before he was given another dose and his transformation would be complete. He would be totally under the control of his evil troll of a grandfather and he knew it.

But it didn’t matter. He couldn’t force himself to care anymore. True, some tiny part of him still cared about all of that but it was easy to ignore. That wasn’t him anymore. His life before Grandpa Lou’s takeover was like a distant memory, almost something that had happened to someone else.

“Back up, loser,” May grunted at him as he reached for June’s boob. “And wait for your fuckin’ turn.”

Joe grinned like an idiot and took a step back to continue recording. Her repeated assurances that he would have his “turn” were enough to gain his temporary obedience. Like a good servant, he dutifully filmed every angle of their sixty-nine until he was bid to fetch their toy box from the floor.

May got up on her knees, looking over her shoulder at her siblings while June rooted through the box. She retrieved a long black realistic dildo and a strap-on harness and strapped it on- employing Joe’s help because she had a hard time reaching around her own waist.

“What’s taking so long?” May teased as she waited to be fucked. “This your first time?” She wiggled her big dimpled ass, covered in stretch marks and puffy, pockmarked skin. Spanking herself, she cooed and moaned in the lewdest and exaggerated tone, her fat gaping pussy dripped green slime onto the dark sheets.

After finally getting the straps secured, June moved in behind her sister and shoved the plastic dick into her sister in one long stroke, and immediately began fucking her at a frantic pace with no build-up at all. It didn’t seem to matter, as May was screaming and moaning like a hooker as soon as the dildo had slid inside.

The sisters took turns fucking each other with the same big strap-on dildo and making Joe clean off the thick greenish goo after each of their orgasms and then help them fasten it on.

When the fat hairy sisters had each cum so many times that Joe had lost count, Joe was finally beckoned to join the fray.

“Get in here, loser,” June pointed to the cum-soaked sheets and gestured for him to lay down.

He laid on his back and May pointed to the tent he was pitching.

“Whip it out,” she demanded and he obliged, yanking his underwear off and tossing them aside, revealing his leaking erection, grown to eight inches while straining hard. She slid over him and placed her huge mammaries around his shaft and began sliding the hairy tit-flesh along its length. He thrust his hips in time with her gyrating and flopping her chest. The thick, slimy sweat that accumulated on her chest served as decent lube, allowing his cock to slide even over the hairy surface of her chest. When he got a good rhythm going, he saw a hand reach up and grab May by the shoulder to pull her away. Before Joe could complain, his other sister was already climbing onto the bed.

“That’s right, slut,” he taunted June when he saw where her gaze was directed.

June cackled as she lowered her face down toward his crotch. She saw the shocked look on his face and grinned, then slipped the leaking tip of his cock between her lips.

Despite his crazed and horny state, some part of Joe still recognized how crazy this all was- that his sister had his dick in her mouth while his mother and girlfriend were likely pleasuring his grandpa at the other end of the house. The fact that he could barely recognize her didn’t change that he knew what was happening.

But that small part of him had no ability to stop him from enjoying every second of it. His sister seemed to know what she was doing, swirling her tongue around the head and jerking the shaft at the same time. He was already so stimulated from jerking off while watching the sisters go at it that her rough and vigorous treatment was too much stimulation. He thrashed and moaned but she held him down, with May giggling and recording all the while.

He couldn’t hold off his orgasm any longer and with a sigh, he dumped his load into her eager mouth only moments after his cock had entered it. The first spurt was swallowed down but she pulled out, squeezing the length of his shaft to the tip with her lips, and then let him shoot the rest of his load on her face and tits. She swirled her tongue around her lips and collected his cum, moaning and rubbing her big hairy tits while he emptied his balls all over her.

After recovering, Joe stood up from the bed and asked May, “When am I going to see my part of the money?”

June shook her head and looked at him like he had grown three heads. “What money?”

He scowled. “The money for the videos?”

She just laughed and shook her head. “You gotta ask Daddy.” 

* * *

“Gotcha, bitch,” Joe grunted and grabbed his sister June around her waist as she passed him on the way from the kitchen- though she was so big he couldn’t get his arms all the way around.

“You fuckin’ perv,” she spat but didn’t fight back, allowing him to pull her down into his lap so he could grind his erect dick onto her through their skimpy clothing. He wore only a bathrobe and she, only granny panties.

That was Joe’s life. A slave to his grandfather and a plaything for his sisters. His mother and (former) girlfriend basically ignored him and spent all of their time in Grandpa Lou’s room serving his every need.

Joe himself had devolved into depravity almost as bad as his family. To his shame, he would have been just as disgusting as his Grandfather had rendered his mother, girlfriend, and sisters. Every day he tried to get more of his sister’s milk so he could complete his transformation and forget all about his previous life the way they had seemed to. He also wanted to be as big and powerful as his grandfather, something he hoped would happen upon the delivery of another dose of transformative breast milk- he couldn’t bring himself to go anywhere near Grandpa Lou if he could help it so going a different route for the transformation was too far.

But his sisters would deny him, perhaps to prolong the torture or maybe they just got off on teasing him. But they would get him to film their scenes and then he would be allowed a titty fuck or a blow job. As soon as he tried to get his mouth around one of their nipples, fun time was over and he would be summarily ejected from the room by the two of them.

His sisters in particular taunted him constantly, called him names, and would even offer him various sexual favors that he would renege on. As a way to get back at them- and because he was a horny pervert- he would rummage through their drawers and hampers for their underwear, which he would smell while he jerked off and then ultimately soak them with cum before returning them. He thought it was good revenge until he realized they hardly bothered with clothes anymore and all the clothes in the drawers no longer fit them anyway.

But this time he had been ready. He pulled his struggling sister into the living room, dragged her across the hardwood floor and decorative rugs to the couch where he pushed her down and climbed on top of her struggling form.

“Fuck you!” she spat and reared up to try and bite him but he shoved her back down. “Daddy!” shouted but there was no response. After prying her legs apart, she beat upon his chest impotently with her fists but couldn’t stop him from lowering himself between her thick sweaty thighs. Her scratching and slapping turned into groping and squeezing when his throbbing tip made contact with her slimy vulva.

“Fuck you,” he snarled, feeling rather clever. All of the teasing, all of the times they had brought him to the brink of giving him actual sex only to deny him and laugh only spurred him on, made him want it all the more. Not just because he was horny but because she deserved it.

“Daddy is going to kill you,” the fat slovenly creature that June had become taunted as his cock clumsily probed for her opening as they wrestled. After a moment or two, she groaned in frustration and reached down to aim his cock between her thick flabby lips and suddenly he was inside.

“Holy fuck,” he muttered when his dick slid into his sister’s waiting cunt. Despite his discovery that it wasn’t tight or very stimulating, the moist warm hole still felt fantastic. His increased size was not enough to truly get good friction, which made him wonder if that was part of her transformation or if Grandpa Lou had just stretched her out with his cock- which still put his own to shame.

June groaned as he sunk into her, reaching the bottom with very little resistance. She licked and then aggressively bit his bottom lip while almost growling like an animal. He started pounding her as hard as he could until their bodies collided with a gross slapping sound, with little to no regard for her pleasure but she responded by rolling her hips in response to his thrusts. 

“Is that all you got, little man?” she taunted. “Harder.”

He was sweating and his muscles began to cramp from the exertion. He picked up speed and intensity until he was fucking her as hard as he could until the smacks of their skin, her shrieks of pleasure, and his grunts of effort echoed off the walls.

“Can you even tell if he’s inside?” Grandpa Lou snarled and turned the corner to walk into the room. He was wearing only a long red bathrobe that was only tied ever so loosely. It billowed open in the front as he walked past, revealing his huge hairy barrel chest and his long flaccid cock- noticeably bigger than Joe’s even without being erect.

The big man stood there for a moment, glaring at the siblings grinding on the couch. June did nothing to stop her brother from continuing to drill her cunt with abandon but she was focused only on her grandfather, staring at him with a longing look of lust and sheer awe.

“C’mere, slut,” Grandpa Lou ordered, and in a flash, June was throwing him off and jumping to her feet.

“H-hey!” Joe tried to protest and hold her down but couldn’t, concluding that he probably never truly forced her at all and that she had simply let him take her, pretending to resist. But now she was done with him as soon as something better had come along.

Giggling, June was easily swept up onto his wide shoulder, despite her considerable mass. He marched her across the living room with her draped over his shand down the hall toward his room, the floorboards creaking under their weight. Joe watched from the couch, still holding his erect cock and feeling utterly powerless.

“This one is mine, go get your own,” Grandpa taunted Joe and then turned the corner. “She needs a real man.”

Joe looked around for his other sister, May, or for his former girlfriend Kate, or even his own mother Gloria; anyone he could take his sexual frustrations out on. He spotted May, walking through the living room on her way toward Lou’s wing- her long straggly hair covering her face and bloated body made her almost indistinguishable from her sister. She was already naked, her rolls of fat and floppy tits jiggled as she walked and in her hand, she held the camera, seemingly on her way to record the scene for their fan page. She didn’t even look over at Joe as she passed, despite how shocking it would normally have been to see him sitting there on the couch, staring at her and jerking his slimy cock.

When he stood up from the couch and tried the same thing on May, forcing himself on her and hopefully recovering from the humiliation but she just shrugged him off. 

“Fuck off, loser.” She said, shoving him aside and resisting any attempt to stop her. He couldn’t even get his arms around her and they were both far too sweaty to allow him to get a good grip. He gave up in a huff and watched her round the corner toward Grandpa Lou’s wing.

Joe tried to resist, just as he had done every other time his lust called him toward Grandpa Lou’s wing of the house, but he couldn’t. He stood there with his throbbing dick in his hand, squeezing it, resisting the urge to stroke his newly enlarged, beer-can thick member, still covered in the thick viscous cunt juice from his sister June’s twat.

No matter how disgusted he was at his grandfather, his sister, his mother, his former girlfriend, at himself… he couldn’t deny how erotic it was to be powerless and simply watch Grandpa Lou dominate them all- how good it felt to let someone else take total control. He could barely remember why all of this was supposed to bother him in the first place. Why continue to fight a losing battle that he couldn’t hope to win? Better to just go with the flow and embrace the role he had always been destined to take. Maybe being his Grandpa Lou’s toy wouldn’t be so bad. This was truly his place. He had known it even before he had become closer to the perfection that his grandpa’s form and body represented, since the first time he watched his grandpa take Kate. For more than the horror and fear that he had been experiencing any time he even thought about the man and beyond the shame he felt, what he was really feeling was envy.

Yet again, he found himself standing in his grandfather’s doorway, listening to what sounded like wild animals copulating- complete with what resembled howls and guttural snarls- before rounding the corner to witness yet another debauched scene. He didn’t even bother to try and hide himself this time, waiting in the doorway for only a moment to take in the scene before continuing inside.

The first thing that hit him was the smell. It was like a swamp, filled with cigarettes and sweat and sex. The huge bed in the center had white sheets that had been stained yellow and brown with various bodily fluids. The rugs were all strewn about, balled up into sticky piles like disposable towels that had been discarded, leaving the bare hardwood floor, covered in a revolting residue that stuck to Joe’s feet.

Piles of takeout food were left to rot all on every surface and a good portion of the floor, and then piles of cigarette butts and ash were then sprinkled on top of all the dirty dishes, paper plates, and styrofoam containers.

In the middle of the floor, atop a pile of dirty clothes and the torn-down window drapes was his huge, troll-like grandfather, naked on top of his own granddaughter June, whose grinning face and writhing form could barely be seen underneath him.

May zoomed in, grinning while dutifully filming their rutting with the fat rolls of Lou’s back and wrinkled ass on full display along with just barely showing June’s dimpled butt cheeks vibrating with each smack of their bodies colliding. Her fat hairy twat being pounded by the huge, bulbous dick sliding all the way out was the center of the frame. She had to film low from between her grandpa’s pimpled legs in order to see the action because his giant fist-sized balls as they bounced in his hairy pendulous sack took up so much of the frame otherwise.

Joe looked away from the screen for a moment when he heard splashing coming from the attached master bathroom.  Peering through the door, he saw his mother and former girlfriend Kate laying in the two-person tub which was full of dark and foul-looking water. Gloria laid back with a big grin across her fat face, even more wrinkled than usual- perhaps from the water- and giggled while Kate sucked on one of her huge hairy nipples. Greenish brown fluid leaked from her other tit, darkening the brackish water even further. No steam came from the tub either, as if they had been there for quite some time.

June cried out, “Oh, FUCK!” and Joe turned back to watch her whole body start to quiver. She shrieked and cried until a spray of dark fluid erupted like a fountain all over the pile of clothes and curtains. Joe had only ever seen squirting like that in porn videos, but never this many times. After the third or fourth spurt of thick viscous cum she collapsed face-first into the soiled clothes pile.

But Grandpa Lou wasn’t done, continuing to pound away at her with abandon. He pulled out and paused for a moment to lean down and spit into her asshole a couple of times, coating it with saliva before he straightened back up. After repositioning for a moment to find the correct angle, he let out a savage roar like some kind of feral beast and forced the thick bulbous head into her ass. She squealed and yelled in pain but he didn’t even slow down, the impact from his thrusts made their whole hairy bodies jiggle and shake, like waves through the ocean.

Unable to resist any longer, Joe approached his grandfather and enslaved sister, the small part of himself that still found this all so appalling cried out with every step for him to stop and run away. But he didn’t. He couldn’t. So horny that nothing else mattered, his dick was throbbing and leaking a torrent of thick greenish-white cum. Circling around until he ended up in front of his sister, he glanced down at her while their grandfather just slammed her from behind like a jackhammer.

“Yeah, get in there!” May encouraged from behind the camera. She zoomed out slightly so she could get both siblings and their grandparent into the shot.

Their eyes met for just a moment and she smirked at her brother before her yellow, jaundiced eyes rolled back in her head. She panted like a dog and grunted with effort with each clap of their bodies colliding. On a forward thrust, Joe stepped in and kneeled slightly, shoving the tip of his cock right between her lips. Without breaking a stride, she grabbed the shaft and began jacking him with her hand to follow her mouth. Her body moved in sync with Grandpa Lou, whose pace had only quickened, and in moments Joe’s own body was moving to the same rhythm, fucking his sister’s throat. Her tongue slid along the underside and her throat made a nice tights seal, feeling absolutely exquisite- and much tighter than her vag had been.

“Ohhh!” Joe groaned, his orgasm hitting him suddenly. He shot what felt like a swimming pool full of cum into her mouth, most of which drained down her lips and chin, then pooled on her massive tits.

“That’s all you got, eh?” Grandpa Lou taunted in between thrusts. He let out a cruel, predatory laugh and only quickened his speed.

June didn’t slow down either, continuing to suck his sensitive, withering cock and draw every drop of cum she could.

“S-stop!” Joe groaned, trying to push her off but she held on firm and continued to milk his sensitive dick, making his whole body twitch and quiver. It was far too sensitive, almost like torture. She wrapped her arms around his waist and held him fast so that he could not get away.

When she had tortured him enough, she released his dick from her mouth and he slumped back into the wall, sinking into the pile of stinking clothes. 

“Here,” May grunted and tossed the camera in front of Joe. “You get to record then,” she said with a harumph and then pushed her way between him and their sister.

Joe was forced to move and stood up on unsteady legs to begin dutifully recording with no complaint. He was forced to watch as Grandpa tossed June aside so May could take her place riding his giant dick. June huffed and whined that she wasn’t finished but was promptly ignored so she just squatted down over May’s face with a squishy wet plop. Smiling at the camera, she was seemingly oblivious to her sister flailing and slapping her thighs. Eventually, the motion of grinding her crotch down on her sister's face allowed the trapped sibling to briefly take in some air.

“Here it comes, bitch!” Grandpa shouted, his voice shaking the camera. A moment later he pulled out and with a feral growl sent a torrent of cum all over June’s back. The entire pile of writhing girl flesh and fabric was coated in thick greenish jizz. 

He wasn’t done, though. He literally threw June aside, sending her flying onto the soiled bed in the center of the room, where she bounced and nearly hit the ceiling. He paid that no mind and grabbed May, forcing her face-first into the cum soaked pile of clothes where he forcefully shoved his still-erect cock against her leaking pussy. She shrieked and cried as he forced his way in and paid her obvious pain and discomfort no mind whatsoever.

Joe was forced to keep filming, by his own newfound insatiable lust and depravity but also out of fear of chastisement. Any little mistake he made in angle or steadiness provoked a stern berating by one of his sisters. Once Lou had finished with both granddaughters he called Gloria into the room, who wordlessly strode by with a hint of her old grace and plopped herself right in the disgusting mound of clothing and bodily fluids.

Lou fucked her ass too. He seemed to especially enjoy directing his grandson as well, making sure he zoomed in on the action from underneath while his massive dick spread his own daughter’s asshole wide open.

Once he had painted her with cum as well- adding even more disgusting, foul-smelling cum to the pile- he threw her aside as well. She landed on the bed but was unable to recover her balance and was sent into the air before crashing back down on top of a nightstand, shattering a ceramic lamp into a dozen pieces.

Grandpa didn’t seem to notice. He simply grinned at Kate, who grinned back with her yellow teeth and cracked lips and took her place on the pile.

“Fuck me, Daddy,” she begged while he spat on her asshole. Joe could hardly hold the camera still. His body shook, using every ounce of will not to run from the room, run from this life entirely.

But he couldn’t. He couldn’t leave his sisters to Lou with his horrifying power and nonstop licentious indulgence. He couldn’t walk away from the hottest scene he had ever been witness to either.

When all the women had been fucked until they could barely walk- coated in thick globs of green slime that they couldn’t easily wipe off- Joe knew what had to come next.

He needed it.

Staring at the panting, bloated shapes that used to be the most important people in his life, now reduced to nymphomaniac pawns in his little game. He knew there was no other path. He was to join them.

Without a word, he climbed onto the jizz-soaked pile and presented his ass to his grandfather. “Do it,” he whispered. “I need it.”

He had accepted his fate and waited for his grandfather- his master- to deliver him to that fate. He looked over his shoulder at Grandpa Lou, the only one in the room still upright. His eyes pleaded. His mouth begged.

But Grandpa Lou just smirked. He said nothing and simply began wiping all of the cum from his fat naked chest with a bedsheet.

“Please,” he begged and turned to crawl on his knees towards his grandfather, groping toward his softening cock. But Grandpa Lou didn’t look to him again. None of them did. “Please.” He insisted, sounding truly desperate. His hand encircled the shaft of his grandfather’s cock but it quickly slipped from his grasp.

Turning away, Grandpa Lou chuckled and walked from the room without a word, his bulk shaking the floor.

At the point of manic frenzy, Joe spun and looked over his other shoulder at his sisters, still lying about the floor face down, panting and staring off into space. He tried to get them to roll over so he could get some of that transformative milk but neither would budge and he lacked the strength to turn them. They didn’t make it easy, either, giggling and taunting him the harder he tried to get them to roll over but they just wouldn’t help him.

After he eventually gave up, he made it back to his room where he eventually cried himself to a fitful sleep.

* * *

As soon as they had all learned that Joe wanted his change to be finished, they were relentless in their taunting and teasing.

The very next morning, Joe went downstairs for breakfast, groaning with each step because of his new bulk- his feet and knees creaked more than he could ever remember. He entered the kitchen and saw Grandpa Lou sitting at the head of the dining room table chewing on the end of a huge sausage as he read his paper- his paper being the tabloids.

Joe scanned the kitchen and dining room table. Then he looked through the fridge. He stomped around for a few moments, frantically searching.

“Looking for something?” Kate asked as she walked by the kitchen. In her flabby arms, she held a half-empty pitcher of “milk” clutched to her hairy bosom.

Frantic, Joe whirled around and darted in her direction, his hand outstretched to take the pitcher but she stepped back and held it up, spilling milk all over her head and giggling like a schoolgirl. He got a grip on the handle and began a clumsy tug of war for a moment, struggling to get it away from her. Suddenly, she let go and he stumbled backward, flinging the pitcher to the floor where it shattered, spraying the remaining contents all over the floor.

“No!” Joe cried and dropped to his knees. Kate and Lou laughed hysterically as he tried to gather what liquid he could on his hand to lick. “Ah!” He cut his hand on the glass and a streak of red entered the white puddle. Almost in tears, he dabbed his finger into the white pool and licked.

“Awwww, is Baby sad he spilled the milk?” Kate taunted with a baby-talk voice. “We can get more from the store.”

Confused, he looked between her and his grandfather who paid them no attention and continued to read his tabloids. Gathering what tiny bit he could, he licked more but there was seemingly no effect. He got down and started slurping at the puddle.

Kate burst out laughing again and pointed at him as prone form. “So pathetic. I told you we can get more, you fucking baby.” Making kissy faces, she rubbed her big tits together and danced in place, swaying her hips. “Or is this what you wanted?” The bewildered expression he gave her only made her grin wider. “That was just regular milk, idiot.” She jammed her finger in his face and laughed even louder.

“I just want…” Joe’s voice trailed off. He didn’t know what he wanted but he thought if he could just be transformed like the rest of them, the internal conflict he felt would finally be over. He could be like them and wouldn’t have to think for himself anymore- what would have been a horrifying prospect before then. “I just want to take my place with you,” he begged, looking up at the table where his grandfather sat. He summoned the will to make prolonged eye contact with him for the first time since that night that Lou had laid claim to Joe’s girlfriend Kate. “Be like them. Like you.

“What do you think you’ve done to deserve being at my side?” Grandpa Lou put the paper down and began glaring a hole through him.

He wilted under his huge, ugly grandfather’s withering gaze and looked away.

“You’ve been nothing but a little turd since your grandmother died.” He stood from his chair and took a step around the table toward his grandson, still staring. “You tried to turn my family against me. I already support you and your stupid bitch of a girlfriend- you’re welcome for taking her off your hands by the way.” He stopped to laugh at the look of shock and offense on Kate’s hairy wrinkled face. “Why should I do anything else for you?” His voice was getting louder and louder. “You can’t even beg right. Get over here.” The walls shook from his booming voice as he nodded to the floor in front of him.

Joe began to climb to his feet but a look of admonishment from his grandfather was enough to make him sink back down to the floor and begin crawling on his hands and knees.


Joe whimpered and let himself drop to the floor so he was laying on his face and began to inch his way forward on his arms.

“No,” Lou commanded. “Get down on the fucking floor and wriggle like the worm you are.” He chuckled softly and watched from his chair while his grandson choked back tears and thrashed and wiggled his way across the floor without using his limbs.

Groaning with effort, he was able to slowly haul his bloated body across the floor to his grandfather’s feet. He rolled to his back and gasped for air while staring straight up at the ceiling, with Grandpa Lou’s wide, wrinkled face hanging over him.

“I hope you’re comfortable down there because that’s where you belong,” Grandpa Lou explained.

Joe waited, unable to come up with a worthy response- and he’d likely be too intimidated to say one if he could. All he could do was mutter, “Please… please…” He reached out for Lou’s ankle but his hand was kicked away.

“You’re pathetic.” Grandpa shook his head. “HEY! EVERYONE COME AND LOOK AT JOE!” He bellowed so loud that the floor rumbled under Joe’s head.

Joe had to roll over on his side to see Kate walk in from the kitchen, followed soon after by Gloria, May, and June entering together from the far end. All three were naked with their hair matted down and completely covered with sweat. They probably had been fucking, judging from their disheveled appearance and the greenish smears around their lips.

“Little worm,” Grandpa sang. “Little worm, why don’t you repeat what you told me?”

Joe whimpered but then readily complied following a mere frown from his grandfather. “Please. Just finish what you all started,” he pleaded. “I want to be like you, Grandpa.”

The burly old man shook his head and laughed. “And you think you will be like me when I’m through with you?”

“Won’t I?” Joe asked, looking between the 4 of them, their wrinkled and pockmarked skin, bloated bellies, flabby and hairy bodies, and thick jowls were all very similar. Joe even shared that resemblance now, though he was not nearly as fat, hairy, and disgusting as the rest of them… yet.

“Well, I do need an heir, of course.” Grandpa Lou laughed. He gestured around with open arms and added, “Someone has to inherit all of this. Who is going to fuck your mother when I am gone?”

“Me!” Joe snapped a bit too quickly.

“Well don’t get too excited, that won’t happen for a long while yet.” He puffed out his chest. “Unless some do-gooder slays me. My people do have that problem.” He chuckled and looked back at Joe still whimpering on the floor. “But you wouldn’t know anything about that- bravery and sacrifice- would you?”

Joe had no answer so he just looked at the floor in silence. They all laughed.

“It’s not all his fault,” Lou mused and turned to his daughter-turned-sex-slave. “He was raised by you after all.” His voice became deadly serious. “Perhaps if you had allowed the boy to struggle and suffer a bit more…”

“Let’s make him suffer now,” Gloria shot back with a giggle. She took a step forward and made an exaggerated move to grab her tit. She squeezed, making a greenish, viscous milk leak from her nipple. “You want this, don’t you, baby?” she cooed. “You want to leave your old self behind completely like we have?” She paused for half a moment before snapping, “TOO BAD!”  and burst out into laughter. Everyone joined in- even grandpa who’s belly laugh shook the room. Gloria turned to her daughters and squeezed her tit again, spraying a stream of liquid that she swept across their faces.

Joe’s first instinct was to jump to his feet and get as much of that… “milk” as he could. But he knew better. Despite how jovial his mood may appear on the surface, Joe knew that he had better not disobey the earlier order to remain on the floor, crawling like a worm.

“It’s a bit too late for that now, huh?” Lou responded and gave his daughter’s fat ass a hard spank. She squealed and darted away. “You already fucked up raising him.”

“But I want him to suffer too,” Kate interjected. She crossed her flabby, hairy arms under her huge floppy boobs and pouted like a little girl.

“Oh, he should definitely suffer,” Lou corrected. “You're his new mother, that’s your job now.” Glancing at his daughter he added with disdain, “You’re fucking fired.”

“I have been,” Joe supplicated. “They make me suffer every day.” He pointed to his sisters. “Always teasing me. Making me film them but never putting out.”

“Worms don’t have arms,” Kate asserted and walked over to give his back a hard kick, making a solid SMACK.

“Ah! Please stop!” Joe cried out in pain, curling into a ball. 

“Worms don’t talk either, stupid,” Gloria added and moved in as well to kick her son as well, this time right across the back of his head, making him shriek in pain.

“Shut the fuck up, all of you,” Grandpa Lou decreed, silencing the room. “He’s right, though. You girls, especially you,” he looked to May and June, “need to understand that he is a man and he has needs.”

“I thought he was a worm?” Kate asked, confused.

“Yeah,” May added. “And a disgusting little worm that will never get any of this ass again if-”

“I said shut the fuck up,” he turned back and slapped her tit, making her squeal. She slapped back at him which he deflected easily but she tried again. She quickly squealed in pain a second time when he grabbed her long fat nipple and twisted. “You’re my property and if I say you have to suck the sweat from his bead sheets, lick raspberry syrup off his asshole, or drink his dirty ass bathwater, you’ll fucking do it!” Then he smiled and softened a little. “Besides, I know you like it, dirty sluts that you are.”

They all giggled and nodded, even Joe. He was excited at the idea of finally getting to take all of his frustration out on-

“You,” Lou interrupted his thoughts, gesturing to Kate. “Do the honors.” He grabbed her tit again and squeezed, causing a spurt of mucusy green slime to spay out on his hand, which he smiled and licked.

His former girlfriend nodded and walked over to Joe, still lying prostrate on the floor. Kneeling down to his level, she crawled over to him and turned him over on his back. She shoved a nipple in his mouth and didn’t even wait for him to suck. She squeezed, spraying the thick, bitter fluid into the back of his throat. He cooed like a baby and sucked it down hungrily. She squeezed a few more times and switched tits. His mouth latched on and he sucked as hard as he could. He needed more. His tongue swirled and danced around her swollen teat, collecting as much of the bitter, musky “milk” as he could.

Joe drank and drank until his stomach began to bloat out even more, a spiderweb of dark red stretch marks followed the gross, unnatural expansion. Every square inch of his body tingled as he felt thick, dark hair begin to sprout all over. His brow and jowls grew even thicker, sticking out farther and giving him a real neanderthal kind of look- like his master. Rolls of fat sprung up and piled on to more rolls of fat. Unlike his grandfather- who was wrinkled and hairy, but also with a massive chest and huge, powerful arms- he just grew fatter and fatter, resembling the girls more than anything.

He didn’t grow any taller, or any more powerful. His dick grew no bigger, instead being slowly consumed by his growing belly fat and making it appear all the smaller. With great effort and the help of a dining chair, he was able to pull himself up to his feet and get a look at himself in the hallway mirror. Confirming his suspicions that he indeed did not resemble his much stronger and more powerful-looking grandfather, he knew he should have felt something. Disappointment. Fear. Maybe shame. But it didn’t matter. He turned away from the mirror and made eye contact with his master, this time without fear or hatred, but with pure awe and even lust.

His new master didn’t say anything but they shared a knowing look. He simply nodded to his harem, who assumed their positions in the living room, rubbing their hairy tits and pussies waiting for him to fuck them.

Joe didn’t even take a place next to them. No, he knew his place. He sat on a chair in the corner with his hard dick in his hand and waited for the show to begin.

The End

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