The Perfect Bride Part 2: The Perfect Harem

The Perfect Bride Part 2: The Perfect Harem by Lou Bealy
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Joseph could not believe what was happening to him. He watched helplessly as Kate packed her bags. He didn’t even know what to say to this strange, old-looking woman with wrinkly skin including huge bags under her eyes, and thick hair covering her arms and legs. She was apparently going on “honeymoon” with Grandpa Lou but refused to say where.

She had refused any and all of his attempts to reason with her, to explain that Grandpa Lou had done something horrible to her but she only laughed if she acknowledged him at all. Every time Lou entered a room that Joseph was in, he would flee immediately. He didn’t know how to face the man after everything that Joseph had seen.

When his mother finally got home he hesitated on how to explain what happened. He needed help but he was sure that no one would believe him.

“Mom, it’s uh…” he said, stammering and unsure of how to explain.

“What is it dear, I have a lot of appointments to attend to,” his Mother replied, not even stopping to listen as she practically glided toward the office with her usual otherworldly grace.

After stalling for another moment he finally choked out, “It’s about Grandpa Lou. He uh, he took Kate.”

“What?” she asked, finally stopping.

“Grandpa Lou took Kate,” he repeated, this time louder and with more confidence.

“What do you mean he took her?” she asked, turning around.

“It’s hard to explain…” he turned away, getting slightly evasive. He didn’t want to have to explain until she could see Kate for herself.

“Try,” she commanded. She seemed to know something.

“He, uh. He changed her into…” He hesitated again, still not sure how much to say. “A match for him.”

“Oh no…” she shook her head, her face turning to a grimace of horror. “Mother’s spell…” She shook her head. “Of course it wouldn’t last.”

“You knew?” he asked, incredulous.

“Yes, but only for a few years. I was skeptical about it at first but let’s just say that she made a believer out of me.”

“I thought he was crazy at first… but he made me believe it too.” He said in a low and sad tone. He was finally a little glad to have someone who believed him but he was not getting his hopes up just yet that something could be done about what had happened. “I have no idea what to do mom. It’s all my fault.”

“You can’t blame yourself, Joseph,” she soothed. “It was your Granda Bee that put us in this situation.”

“Yeah, but-” He stopped himself. He couldn’t exactly explain to his mother how he felt he had failed Kate sexually and then got off on watching his own grandpa steal his girl.

“I don’t know if there is any way of undoing this but,” She smiled, seemingly just remembering it. “But we can look at Mother’s old books.” She held her chin in her fingers and stared while considering his question. “It is possible that we may be able to undo what he did. We can only hope.” They exchanged grim looks at each other.

Just then, May and June both walked into the room. They were discussing how they wanted to remodel their shared bathroom but stopped when they saw Joseph and their Mother.

“What’s going on?” asked May, walking up to Gloria with June right behind her looking just as concerned.

Gloria looked to her son and then back to her daughters. She sat down on the couch and let out a long sigh, seemingly the weight of her years finally being visible on her face. “It’s hard to explain.”

Joseph’s sisters still seemed skeptical but the fact that Gloria was the one explaining this outlandish tale seemingly mollified most of their understandable reservations. One glare was all Gloria had ever needed to silence her children when they decided to protest or argue. It had not been any different with Joseph’s father when he was alive either.

After a long silence, June finally asked nervously, “So what do we do?”

“Like I told your brother,” Gloria stood and walked over to the bookcase on the wall. She reached out and grabbed what looked like an old leather tome. “There may be answers here in your Grandma Bee old books.” She started flipping through the pages slowly. “We just have to find them.”

“That doesn’t look like any language I have ever seen,” May complained. She stood behind Gloria and her tall stature allowed her to easily peer over her shoulder at the book.

“Yes, that is the ancient language.” She turned the page and pointed to what looked like much more recent writing. “These are your grandmother’s notes and she translates them here.” She flipped through a few more pages. “Hopefully there will be something useful.”

The siblings left her to look through the books. Joseph decided to go for a drive so he could process what was going on. He didn’t return home for many hours.

Joseph took a long drive down the country road, hoping the beautiful scenery would distract him from his predicament. Being at home sure didn’t help, since he was constantly reminded of how his girlfriend was stolen from him by his own grandpa, who was apparently some kind of powerful fantasy creature, who proceeded to fuck her while he watched. Being out wasn’t much better.

With no one to talk to, his mind wandered and didn’t take long to return to what had happened to Kate. His cock swelled just like it had at the time he watched Grandpa Lou fuck her like he knew that he never had and never could. She even seemed happier now, though he knew that it was obviously part of whatever sorcery he had used on her but it stung just the same.

By the time he got home, it was late and no one else seemed to be up so he went straight to bed. It took some time to get to sleep. The recent events continuously haunted his thoughts. He just hoped his Mother had found something useful in his grandmother’s old books.

* * *

Joseph awoke to the smell of frying bacon wafting up the stairs. After dressing he made his way to the kitchen to see about getting some food. He was pleased to see that his mother and sisters were all sitting around the table eating breakfast, all looking thin and fit and beautiful in their fine bright sundresses; each in a different color, of course. May was enjoying her typical smoothie power fitness drink or whatever she called it. Gloria was drinking her coffee and June was eating a bowl of cereal.

“Wow, what’s going on?” Joseph asked, taking a seat at the table. He reached out and grabbed some bacon and toast. “What are you all dressed up for, and more importantly,” he chuckled. “How exactly did you get May to wear a dress, anyway?”

“Good morning, dear.” Gloria smiled, looking much more at ease than she had the day before. She weirdly didn’t respond to his questions, though.

Even stranger, May didn’t even have some kind of sarcastic response. She just smiled at him.

“What’s got everyone so cheery?” he asked, laughing nervously. The whole situation seemed strange, off somehow. “Did you find anything in Grandma’s books?”

“What do you mean?” she asked, smiling at him sweetly.

“What do I mean?” he repeated back in disbelief. “Did you find anything that could help Kate?”

“Why would she need help?” Gloria asked, confused.

“Yeah,” June chimed in. “She seemed just fine.” She also gave the same smile that they all had been displaying on their faces since he had sat down.

“What the hell are you talking about?” Joseph asked, confused. “I already told you what he did to her… you were supposed to be looking for something in Grandma’s books for-”

“What use would those old things be?” She smiled sweetly. “I threw them out.”

Joseph shook his head, reeling from what he was hearing. “You did what?”

“Burned them, actually.” She said, still smiling.

He stared at her for a moment blinking, unable to process what was happening. “Why would you do that?” he mumbled, still totally confused.

“Because I told her to,” came a familiar gruff voice from behind him. He whirled around and saw Grandpa Lou standing there in his typical old ripped up wife-beater undershirt and sweats. He grinned with the brown nubs of his teeth showing menacingly.

Joseph swallowed hard, speechless with fear. They stared at each other for a moment, his Grandpa looming over him and only growing in menace as the silence seemed to grow deafening.

“W-when did you-” Joseph stammered but Grandpa Lou cut him off.

“I got home early. I figured you and my dear daughter here would be conspiring against me.” He grinned wider. “And I was right, as it turns out.”

“I would never conspire against you, dearest Father,” Gloria sang, standing to fawn over him. She grasped his arm but he pushed her away. She stumbled back down to the couch.

“Shut the fuck up, bitch,” he spat. “You’re lucky I have plans for you or I would have done worse than putting my cum in your milk.”

She just kept smiling. It was downright creepy.

“That goes for all of you, you know.” He turned to his grandchildren and raised his voice even more so the walls seemed to vibrate.

The aura of menace he had projected since his new awakening had only grown more and more until he had become an absolute terror at this point. Joseph tried to force himself to breathe slowly so he wouldn’t hyperventilate or something.

“You… you did this to them?” Joseph stammered, still reeling from shock. He looked at the jug of milk on the dining table, realizing what Grandpa Lou had done.

“You catch on quick.” Grandpa Lou chided him sarcastically. “I couldn’t have you or my meddling daughter ruin my plans, now could I?” He walked around the couch so he was standing behind his seated daughter.

“What plans?” Joseph demanded. He had tried to sound confident but his voice cracked on the word ‘plans’.

“I already told you.” Lou reached down with his thick callused hands and began rubbing his daughter’s bare shoulders. She closed her eyes and leaned her head onto his right arm. “I plan to give her the same treatment I did Kate.”

“Kate.” Joseph kicked himself for forgetting to ask about her up until now. “Where is she?”

“In bed,” Lou replied. “Where I will be in a moment.” He laughed cruelly. “I just wanted to make sure you know how useless it is to try and fight me.” He looked down at his daughter snuggling his arm and roughly pushed her away.

Joseph watched in a mix of horror and amazement as she fell to the floor and then slowly pulled herself up, not reacting to the violent treatment. Lou stomped out of the room, leaving Joseph there to stare at his still smiling sisters and mother, who seemed oblivious to what was going on. After he tried repeatedly to get through to them, he gave up in frustration.

None of them reacted to when the sounds of loud sex were coming from Grandpa’s room either. Grandpa Lou’s grunts and Kate’s shrieks could be heard pretty much anywhere in the house. Joseph couldn’t escape from it. The most disturbing part was how horny it seemed to make him.

He lay in bed, his hand wrapped around his swollen cock, listening to his Grandpa please his former girlfriend in a way he knew that he never could. He could imagine the scene without having to be there. Every thrust was punctuated with a shriek of pleasure from Kate. Somehow, her voice was deeper yet amazingly it was also more shrill than it had been before Grandpa Lou had chosen her for his “bride”. He saw the scene vividly in his head, whether he wanted to or not.
The sound of their fucking in the other room got louder and louder until their shared orgasm was so loud it seemed to shake the building. Joseph shot a huge load of cum onto his belly soon after. When he was done having an amazing orgasm he felt ashamed. He cleaned up and tried to forget about it.

Joseph didn’t know what to do. He looked through the house but it seemed all of the books were gone. He found the scorch mark and the pile of ash in the garage that confirmed that they really had been burned. His mother knew where they all were, and she was clearly under his power now. Grandpa Lou didn’t come out of his room all day and still, he couldn’t get her to acknowledge anything they had talked about the day before.

His sisters were no different. Neither of them seemed to want to even acknowledge him, much less have any discussions about the crazy recent events. May blew him off saying she needed to get to practice. June said much the same thing, that she needed to study and didn’t have time to hear his crazy nonsense. He was left with no one to talk to.

Joseph was feeling pretty demoralized and didn’t know what to do. He wanted to leave, to just escape from this trap he seemed to be in. But he couldn’t. He had already lost Kate to his horrible grandfather and the same fate was in store for his sisters and mother if he left. He couldn't just leave them.

* * *

“Boy!” Joseph heard his grandfather bellow from downstairs. “Get the fuck down here!”

In his depression, Joseph hadn't been able to do much besides lay around and nap. He tried to ignore his grandfather’s bellicose commands but the shouting only got louder until he couldn’t even hide from it with his pillow over his head. Eventually, he relented and got up to see what his horror of a grandfather wanted. He exited the room into the hall to look over the banister on the floor below.

“Joe!” his mother yelled up at him as they came into view. “Come have dinner with us! It’s getting cold!”

Peering up at him was Grandpa Lou, still wearing his dirty sweats and torn wife-beater. It was a strange contrast, with him standing next to Gloria, who looked all of her typical radiance in her sundress and her two daughters matched her well, even May who (previously) never seemed comfortable in girly clothes.

“Listen you little shit,” he pointed angrily with his fat calloused finger at Joseph. He continued shouting, “Your mother might let you just sit in your room and sulk. But there is a new regime in charge here.” A moment later, Kate walked from below Joseph and into view.

She was wearing pajama pants and a skimpy pajama top that was torn and filthy. He didn’t even know where she would have gotten them from. They may have fit her before but the definitely didn’t anymore. Her rolls of fat spilled over the top of her pajama pants that were far too tight. Her large breasts were also barely contained by the tiny strip of fabric. All over her back and arms, her greasy hair was on display in what would have been a sexy little outfit on her… before.

“We are going to have a family fucking dinner!” Kate shouted in her gravelly voice. She sounded like she had been smoking for 30 years and probably smelled like it too.

“And I may take that literally, hehe,” Grandpa said, grabbing Gloria, who just kept smiling, and pulled her in front of him. He grinned up at Joseph as he reached around his own Daughter’s waist to cup her breasts through the sheer cloth of her sundress.

“Mmmm…” Gloria closed her eyes and cooed. “All of a sudden I am missing the touch of a man more than I have since their father died.”

Grandpa Lou chuckled. “Not for long.”

Before Joseph could react, Kate walked over and playfully slapped his hand away with a snarky guffaw. “Not now, sugar. It’s dinner time. Dessert is for after dinner.” She wiggled her big round ass for emphasis as she walked back towards the dining room and out of Joseph’s sight.

Lou grinned let Gloria go and she followed Kate out of the room. “I may decide I want something else for dessert.” He laughed and looked to his sisters still seated on the couch and licked his lips.

Joseph stood there for a moment, unsure of what to do. He wanted to run from this place screaming but he saw his sisters sitting there with vacant smiles on their faces and just couldn't do it. He didn’t know what he could do to help them but he couldn’t leave them either. Especially his mother, whom Grandpa Lou had decided to corrupt next.

They sat around the dining table as if they were a regular family and had a meal of roasted chicken and potatoes with steamed vegetables. It would have been a lovely dinner under different circumstances but Joseph could barely taste it. He was looking at his family, just flashing those vacant smiles and eating, waiting for Lou to say something they could laugh at or otherwise approve of. He didn’t know what to say about any of it and just sat there silently.

“What’s the matter?” Lou asked him cruelly. “Not hungry?”

Joseph looked at the gravy all over the potatoes and chicken. He couldn’t help but remember what Lou had done to the milk when he looked at the gravy. He couldn’t touch it. And when he looked at his grinning Grandpa, he felt like the intimidating figure was looking right through him. He knew what Joseph was thinking and was enjoying tormenting him.

Joseph finally managed to croak out a “No.” He stood up to leave but a glare from Lou was all it took to make him sit back down. He had to sit there and watch as Lou taunted him by leering at or even groping the female members of his own family. Even if Joseph had felt hungry or had been capable of eating the possibly tainted food he wouldn’t be able to eat in that uncomfortable scenario.

What was even worse was seeing Kate there, in the condition that Lou had left her in. The pretty, proper lady he had fallen for was gone. She and Grandpa Lou were both disgusting, just shoving food into their faces, not bothering to use napkins, pouring wine all over the place when drinking. It was revolting.

“Pass the fuckin taters!” Kate shouted as he watched her, contrasting this hairy fat grotesque of a woman with what she had been before. It was even more of a contrast with what she used to be and how his sisters and Mother were acting. She used to dress well and act proper like them.

After Kate ate some more, she threw the bowl of potatoes across the room. It shattered against the wall with a loud crash, making Joseph jump out of his seat for a moment before dropping back down.

“Fuck this hoity-toity shit!” Kate stood up and walked over to the trash. She grabbed the bag of potato peelings and chicken parts before returning to the table with it. Before Joseph could wonder long or ask what she was doing, she poured the contents of the trash bag onto her plate and smashed her face down into the pile of refuse. She began grunting and eating the trash like a pig eating slop.

Joseph, who had thought that they had been disgusting before they began eating garbage like animals, gagged and had to fight the urge to vomit. He couldn’t believe what he was watching and as much as every part of him wanted to leave, he couldn’t. He couldn’t leave at that point if he wanted to; he was too scared of the forest troll that he had thought was his senile Grandpa up until a few days ago.

Lou turned and shouted, “Hey!” so loud that the walls, the windows, and even the dishes and cutlery on the table shook. “Who taught you your manners?” He pounded the table, knocking over glasses of wine and making an even bigger mess but he continued, “You have to learn to share.” He stood up and walked around the table to stand next to Kate and began mimicking her eating the garbage like a pig, grunts and all.

His sisters and Mother mostly didn’t even react to how they were acting. They just kept eating and chatting about each other’s day.

And it was his fault that it had happened. If she hadn’t been with him, Grandpa Lou never would have targeted her. He sat there and watched the rest of the family eating, barely holding back his tears.

“One by one…” Grandpa said, looking at him and smiling cruelly. “They will all be made to fit my liking.” He stood up and walked around behind Gloria again. Joseph took a deep breath as he watched Grandpa Lou stand there with that menacing look on his face. He grabbed her shoulders and massaged her roughly until she squealed. She looked back at him and smiled before resuming eating her meal.

And this repeated a number of times, with Grandpa Lou harassing Gloria or one of Joseph’s sisters.

After dinner, Joseph tried one more time to say something to Kate. He wasn’t sure what he was going to say and what it was going to accomplish but he couldn’t help himself.

“Kate…” He grabbed her arm and pulled her aside. “Please… help me stop Grandpa. I don’t know how, but we can’t let him do to them what he did to y-”

“Fuck that!” she spat in his face. “I love being with him!” She slapped him right on the crotch and grabbed his balls. He squealed in response, but she let go and laughed as she marched off while he leaned against the wall and tried to recover.

He couldn’t think of anything else to say so he blurted out, “You don’t even care if he's flirting with my mother in front of you?” He gasped and groaned from the pain to his balls as she rounded the corner without responding or even looking back.

Joseph tried something similar with his mother as well. He tried to get through to her and beg her to get herself and her daughters out of the place and away from Grandpa Lou but it did no good. He decided that the only thing to do at this point would be to watch over his mother and hope he could do something to stop what Grandpa Lou was threatening to do. He waited just outside her room on a couch, shaking with nervousness.

Later that night, he heard the familiar sounds of sex from the other side of the huge house. There was no mistaking the grunts from Grandpa Lou, which were so deep and loud that he could feel it through the floor. Every so often he heard a shriek that he recognized as Kate in her new shrill voice.

Again, just like the previous night, he felt his cock begin to stiffen in his pajamas. He imagined his girl getting rammed by his evil grandfather. She didn’t look anything like his mental image anymore, he briefly acknowledged, but it didn’t matter.

Almost without thinking, he stood and walked away from his mother’s door, seeking the source of the sound. He just couldn’t help himself. As much as it hurt, he couldn’t explain why the thought of a much bigger, stronger man was sticking it to (what used to be) his woman was so simultaneously humiliating but arousing.

He arrived at the hall, seeing the door wide open and light pouring out. The animalistic sounds accompanied by the slapping of skin echoed the hall as he quietly approached. The smell hit him right when he turned the corner and peered into the room. It was a dank, disgusting smell that he recognized from the last time he watched the forest troll disguised as a man fucked his girlfriend.

This time it was even worse. They obviously had been going at it for some time. They were each dripping wet with sweat, completely soaking the bed. As their slimy bodies collided with each loud smack, her belly and hits swung forward like a lewd pendulum. Her nipples leaked the same green, gross, mucus-looking fluid that he had seen before. He gagged at the sight of it and turned away.

But he couldn’t stop himself from turning back to watch. His hand slipped down the front of his pajamas and gripped his hard cock. He momentarily resisted the urge to jerk it at the gross sight but still, something about his former girlfriend being completely conquered by another man was still as strangely arousing as it was humiliating.

The sound of footsteps coming from behind Joseph disturbed him from his trance. He turned to look over his shoulder and saw his mother approaching, wearing only a sexy negligee nightie that showed off her trim body. She looked like she was curious but with a mischievous grin.

“Mom!” Joseph loud-whispered. “What are you doing here?”

“I could ask you the same thing,” she replied without lowering her voice. She didn’t even look at him as she passed by and entered the room.

“I was hoping you’d join us,” Grandpa Lou called out from the bed without breaking his rhythm.

“Mom!” Joe yelled, but she ignored him and walked over to the bed.

Joseph couldn’t believe what he was witnessing. He tried to say something else, anything that would stop the inevitable horror that was to come but the words stuck in his throat. He couldn’t bring himself to say anything.

Lou continued to pound the transfigured Kate from behind as he reached over to tear one of the shoulder straps of her nightie clean off. Her ample and surprisingly still firm breast came into view, her nipple hard with apparent arousal. She grinned, her eyes glued to the point where the bodies of Lou and Kate met, where the burly man’s huge cock was spreading Kate’s hairy snatch wide open.

With no warning, the large and hairy beast of a man shoved Kate down onto the bed with a satisfied grunt and a shrill “hey!” from her. He grabbed Gloria by the shoulders and forced her down to her knees. She stared at his huge thick cock, still coated in the gross mucus-like substance that Kate seemed to exude now.

“Suck it, slut,” he commanded firmly, his mouth curled into a menacing grin. “Suck Dad Dearest’s dick.” He punctuated it with a laugh.

She looked up into his eyes and leaned over towards it. Joseph mouthed the word “no” breathlessly as her lips touched the end of his phallus. It was large enough that she couldn’t get it into her mouth right away. She used both hands and grabbed a hold of his thick heavy cock and steadied herself. It took her a moment but she was slowly able to force her mouth around it, with him demanding she go faster every few seconds.

“Yeah, take that dick…” Kate said, half as a command and half in fascination with what she was watching. She reached down and began fingering her own stretched-out hole.

Once she got it in her, he began fucking her throat. Joseph watched, mesmerized as he watched his Mother allow her own Father to fuck her throat. She made a gagging noise with each thrust of his hips. His cock made it difficult for her to breath and she was obviously gagging. Her eyes watered and she whimpered but he didn’t let up. He gripped her skull hard as his thrusts into her throat picked up speed.

Joseph couldn’t help himself. His leaking dick just ached watching the disturbing but yet somehow erotic scene in front of him. He couldn’t explain why he found it so humiliating and so hot.

“Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Take it you ungrateful little cunt!” he spewed, spittle flying from his mouth as he continued his assault on her throat. “Daddy has always brought home the bread!” he huffed, his thrusts penetrating deeper and deeper into her mouth. “I got a meal for you coming up, dear daughter!”

Suddenly he gripped her hard and gave a long satisfied grunt while thick white cum began spilling out of each side of her mouth. She tried and failed to swallow it all, and by the time he threw her aside, her face and tits were just coated in globs of his jizz.

Joseph came himself and then immediately felt ashamed. He looked down at his comparatively small splatter of cum in his hand.

“Enjoy the show, Joe?” asked Grandpa Lou sarcastically, peering over at him with his cruel grin wider than ever.

“I know I did!” Kate yelled, still rubbing her hairy cunt.

Joseph stopped for just a moment, long enough to watch as his Mother’s dark hair began to change and brighten becoming blond. Her tits began to expand, hanging low until her nipples were near her belly button, which now had hair traveling up from her crotch.

Joseph left without seeing any more because he knew what was next. He practically ran back to his room, slamming the door behind him. He curled up in bed in the fetal position, eventually able to find sleep despite the humiliation and shame of the recent events distracting him.

* * *

The next morning, Joseph hesitated to even go downstairs. He didn’t know what he was going to find. Part of him couldn’t bear to be blindsided or to lose another family member and not even know about it. So he forced himself to get dressed in some sweats and march down those stairs to see what horror was in store for him next.

He wasn’t disappointed either. He had not made it halfway down the stairs before he heard a loud SMACK and a giggle from his mother, who’s voice Joseph still recognized. His feet picked up speed on their own and carried him into the kitchen where he saw his mother, wearing only an apron and cooking what appeared to be bacon and eggs. She was larger, saggier, and hairier than what he was used to seeing but it only shocked him for a moment. He had seen part of it the night before, including when her dark hair had grown longer and shifted toward the platinum blonde she was sporting now. She was wearing it in pigtails like a little girl.

Lou was standing behind her, wearing only a dark and stained pair of tighty-whitey (or now stretched out and brown-yellowish colored) underwear. His big hairy back, covered in pimples and stretch marks obscured much of the view Joseph had of his mother, so he was unable to see anything else as he took a seat at the table.

His siblings were sitting at the dining table and seemingly waiting patiently for the food to be ready. They were wearing sundresses again but this time they were wearing the one that the other had been wearing the day previous (for some odd reason Joseph couldn’t fathom).

May sat there, watching a basketball game on her phone while sipping on the smoothie while June was reading a textbook while eating a bowl of cereal. Joseph knew what that meant, just as it had the day before. They were perhaps falling even deeper into his spell and there was nothing he could do about it.

Grandpa Lou saw the look on Joseph’s face and laughed. He turned around to slap Gloria on her bare ass before yelling, “Hurry up!” in her ear.

Gloria giggled and turned around with the huge fry pan and spatula in hand, her new huge breasts were barely contained and looked like they were about to explode right out of the apron. “It’s ready Daddy.” She plopped the pile of bacon and eggs onto the large plate in the middle of the table. “Eat up, girls. Before our brother eats it all.” She turned back to the stove, to turn it off and Joseph got a better look at her for just a moment.

He was able to see that she was covered from head to toe in the same dark hair that covered Kate. She didn’t look as old or as fat as Kate (who was decades younger of course) but there was no mistaking the pattern of what Lou did to his targets.

Joseph couldn’t help but notice her use of the term “our” when calling him a “brother” and it was bothering him. “What did you say Mom?” he asked, hoping that he had just misheard her.

She turned back to look at him, making eye contact for just a moment. He saw a quick flash of pain and fear in her face before it was quickly replaced by the creepy smile again. “Mom?” She looked over at Kate. “Are you going to let him talk like that to me? I get it, I am not as young as I used to be but damn.”

“He’s just trying to be fuckin’ funny.” Kate interrupted, walking into the room wearing food-stained pajama pants and no top. Her fat hairy body was covered in sweat. She smelled like she had not showered in weeks. She walked right over to Joseph and stood in front of him. She gave him the death stare for a few more moments before she spat, “I’m the mama bear around here,” in a low voice so only he could hear. “Now shut the fuck up.”

Joseph just sat glued to his chair, dumbfounded and unsure of what to say or do. He just watched the scene unfold, a complete sense of powerlessness washing over him.

Kate smiled mock-sweetly at him as she walked over to the fridge. He held his breath when he saw the jug of milk in her hand when she turned around. She hummed tunelessly while she poured him a large glass. “Drink up,” she sang and walked over to her spot at the table opposite Grandpa Lou.

Joseph stared at the glass and then back and forth between Grandpa Lou and Kate. He didn’t know how to react so just stood there looking at the two of them, who were peering right back at him.

This went on for a long awkward moment, to Grandpa’s apparent amusement, until Kate finally broke the silence. “Girls,” she turned to the pair of sisters. “Joe, the ungrateful little bitch that he is,” she said pausing to turn to look at him as she spoke, “going to let Grandpa’s gift go to waste.”

Past their smiling facade, on some level, they seemed to know what was going on. They both hesitated for just a moment, neither wanting to take the glass until Grandpa Lou barked, “May!”

May jumped when he shouted her name, the normally outgoing and strong-willed young woman was seemingly cowed and reached out to grab the glass. She hesitated again for just a moment again.

“Drink. Slut.” He commanded, doing a drinking motion with his hand. “Good girl,” he added when she slowly complied.

Her eyes glanced over at Joseph for a second and then she tilted her head back and took a big swig from the almost full glass, spilling the frothy white milk on her face and down her dress. The sheer material clung to her body, showing her tight athletic frame and round little tits. She stared off into space and seemed unresponsive.

“Now give it to June.” Grandpa Lou commanded.

May instantly reached out to hand it to June who looked scared and hesitated to take it. May shoved it towards her sister, her own trepidation seemingly forgotten.

“June,” Grandpa Lou growled. “My dearest June.” His eyes narrowed. “Don’t make me come over there.”

She gripped the glass, her hand slightly trembling, and brought it slowly to her mouth.

“Drink, you stupid bitch.” the terrifying man hissed through gritted teeth. “Now!”

She quickly gulped down some of the tainted milk and slammed the glass down, spilling the remaining contents.

“See? That’s all you needed. Don’t you feel better?” He laughed and then turned to Joseph, his face turning dead serious. “Now I am going to go give some more medicine to your big sister,” he grabbed Gloria and began pulling her out of her chair and into his lap. “While your brother Joe watches.” He stood up and began walking out of the room toward his wing of the house.

Joseph stood there for a moment. He didn’t want to follow and prove his grandfather right but he couldn’t miss it either. He told himself that he wanted to do something to stop what was about to happen but he knew deep down he was powerless to stop it.

The sound of a chair scraping the floor behind him startled him. Reflexively, he whipped around to see his sisters were practically making out with each other. They were moaning, their eyes pressed closed as they licked each other’s lips and faces. He watched them in fascination until he heard a loud SMACK followed by a girly squeal from Grandpa’s wing. Grossed out at himself for watching his sisters kiss, he turned to walk away; toward something he knew would be even more shameful.

He made it there just in time, to see his mother get another firm smack to her ass. She was already naked, shaking her already enlarged and hairy ass and giggling. Kate was sitting on the bed, recording the whole thing with her phone in one hand and a huge dildo in the other.

“You’re such a dirty slut.” Grandpa, who was naked as well, slapped her ass hard to punctuate the thought. “Daddy is gonna give you exactly what you want.”

“I want it!” she cried, sounding like a petulant child. “Give it to me, Daddy!”

Grandpa Lou snickered while he jerked his huge cock. It leaked a thick almost yellow-colored precum by the huge glob, smearing some on her ass as he lined up his cock with her hairy wet snatch. “Mmm…” he sighed, the head finding her hole. He began to push with his hips, slipping the head inside. “There you go, bitch!” He called out, his voice getting louder. He gave out a loud groan as his hips moved forward. “How you like it?” he demanded, more and more of his cock disappearing inside of her.

“Oooooooh…” she cooed. “Fuck me, Daddy.”

Joseph grabbed his own leaking cock and squeezed as he saw his grandfather bottomed out inside of his mother’s pussy. He continued to press in, grabbing her hips and pulling hard with a heavy grunt. Her own animal sounding moans joined his labored grunts, sounding like the most over the top porn Joseph had ever seen.

“Oh yeah!” Kate yelled, skewering her pussy with the huge plastic dick and making obscene squishing noises. The white plastic was already coated in her gross, smelly yellow mucus-like cum. She joined in with their yells and moans, only adding to the strange and disturbing erotic chaos.

Joseph couldn’t hold himself back any longer. His handpicked up speed and seconds later he shot a huge glob of cum onto the floor. He continued to jerk it, his eyes glued to his grandfather and mother fucking as he squeezed more and more cum out of the end of his bright red cock.

Joseph continued to watch them fuck, his hand still wrapped around his softening dick until Grandpa Lou began to obviously get close. He began to pick up speed and shorten his strokes.

“Here it comes, bitch!” Grandpa Lou shouted.

Kate cried out in her own orgasm, using both hands to shove the dildo inside her as hard as she could. This seemed to set Gloria off, who began to shriek and howl like a scalded animal, thrashing and twitching all over the place. Her body began to grow even more and unlike Kate, it wasn’t rolls of fat. Her hips, ass, and tits just kept growing and growing to obscene proportions, though, especially on her relatively small frame. The hair covering her body grew thicker and darker, becoming more and more of a strange contrast with her blonde pigtails.

Grandpa Lou continued to thrust into Gloria for a while yet until he finally fell over on top of her with a satisfied sigh.

Joseph meekly snuck away, he hoped before anyone noticed. He couldn’t help but accept at this point that some part of him enjoyed watching what his Grandpa was doing to the girls. He wanted to somehow save his sisters but he also knew how hot it was going to be when they were defiled.

To be continued?

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  1. Been waiting for a whole year for this sequel and boy was it worth it. Hopefully it won't be another year for the next chapter to come.

  2. I wonder if Lou is going to transform Joe as well.

  3. Any news on whether a part 3 is in the works?

    1. Yes, it is in my queue as a subscribestar benefit story and is #2 on my list. If you want to read it when it comes out, consider becoming a subscriber. After 30 days it will be available on my blog for free.
      Thank you for reading either way.


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