6/14/21: Weekly update (Subscribestar interactive story, commission)

Hello everyone! It has been quite a week for me. I hope everyone is doing very well.

I have more exclusive or early content posted on my Subscribestar,

I posted my latest commission "Andrew's New Sneakers" there and it will remain there exclusively until 7/9 when it will be available here on my blog and on Smashwords. Just $5 a month gets you this early access as well as access to a monthly exclusive story and the ability to help decide what I write next!

I have also posted the latest chapter in the interactive story, "Leif Tells Jane of Tad's Betrayal". The direction my subscribers want it to go has surprised me already and I am loving that I get to find out what happens only slightly before the rest of you! This part leaves us with some very interesting possibilities, I think.

For just $10 a month you get that early access, the exclusive story and polls, as well as access to read and help create my interactive story and discounted commission rates. Most of my subscribers are at this level and we are all having so much fun with it so far.

I am also working on my next commission, which is a mom/son bodyswap story. That should be available on my Subscribestar soon, and here on my blog 30 days after.

If you like my work and wish to see more of it, you can help to ensure that by subscribing on Subscribestar, buying one of my books on Amazon or Smashwords, commissioning a custom story, or making a one-time donation to my Paypal. Anything helps and your support means I can pursue my dream of writing full time. More content, more steamy smut, more interesting and crazy situations to write about.

Thank you so much everyone.



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