The Sexy Swap 5: Gender Swap Erotica

The long awaited continuation of The Sexy Swap series!
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"Jenn finds that her friend Naomi has seemingly skipped town and taken Jakes cock with her! How will she explain this to Greg? Or to Jake, who still has Greg's cock? How will this affect her marriage? Together, they formulate a plan to get Greg's dick back from Jake."

Finally, after months it is done. I spent most of my time writing my commissions and only picked at this story from time to time. I had some fun with this part. The main characters finally reconcile and discuss their marriage and what they have to do to try and find some normalcy again. I love the sexy action and the relationship dynamics at play in this one. There will be at least one more entry in this series. I was thinking I would end it with this one, but like so many other of my stories, it grew in the telling.

I hope you enjoy! 


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