The Bimbo Treatment: Gender Swap Erotica

When Frank's boss goes from riding him every day to being friendly overnight, he asks around and finds out he's been going to something called "the bimbo treatment" to help with his anger and stress. Frank decides to investigate, thinking he could use some of that kind of therapy. Little does he know that the bimbo treatment is when you become the bimbo! While there, he runs into the stunningly beautiful version of his boss. Can he resist the urge to try the treatment himself? Find out in the pages of The Bimbo Treatment: Gender Swap Erotica!

For sale on amazon here. Free with Kindle Unlimited.

I had a lot of fun with this one. I don't normally do the immediate full body transformation, but I loved it for this story. The confusion Frank feels when he starts putting the pieces together is a lot of fun. He thinks the beautiful woman can't really be his boss, but he keeps wondering about it. Fun stuff
Anyway, enjoy!


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