Fuck My Brains In

 Fuck My Brains In by Lou Bealy

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This is a work of fiction and all characters depicted are 18 or older.

“Did you get everything I asked?” Mila asked as she picked through the pile of components. She looked positively tiny next to the large hard plastic carrying case that Charl had wheeled into the room. “And no one saw you, right?”

“Yes and no.” Charl let out a huge breath as he placed the last storage container on the floor of Mila’s garage. “Are you sure your dad isn’t going to find out about this?”

“He’ll never find out that you helped me steal his equipment,” she scolded as she picked opened the closest container and began to pick through the components. “Don’t be such a little pussy.”

“It was my ass on camera stealing this highly sensitive technology from the lab,” he pointed out. “And do I get as much as a thank you?”

She rolled her eyes and turned back to the young man. “I can’t carry it all.” She gestured to her little body, all of five foot nothing. “I told you I have access to that system. Daddy’s girl privileges. Just don’t piss me off…”

“Mila!” Charl yelled. “That’s not funny.”

“I’m going to delete it, I promise,” she said with a chuckle. She turned back to the storage containers and continued to pick through them. “You know I love you.” She momentarily glanced over her shoulder and smiled sweetly at him.

Charl sighed. He wished she loved him the same way he loved her. She said it the same way she would say it to her girlfriends, or the few that would still hang out with her, anyway. He stared at her as she took stock of everything he had taken. Even in her lab coat, plain black blouse, and slacks that hid her petite little body under rolls of loose-fitting fabric.

Mila had taken after her mother, a hot little model of a trophy wife for her genius father, the famous inventor of the most accurate and sophisticated soft-tissue imaging device to date, used in basically every hospital in the country. She had inherited her father’s personality, for better or worse, and she was every bit the eccentric genius he was. With the combination of her strong, uncompromising personality, sheer genius, and movie-star looks, most guys were too intimidated to even talk to her.

That was the only thing that gave him hope at escaping the friend zone. He was good-looking enough, he thought. Above-average height, in decent shape, but plain, with dark hair and eyes. He was smart. Not a genius like her, but they did meet in college where he got his degree in chemical engineering when she was already on her way to her second master’s. He was smitten immediately but she never seemed to be very interested. But she did keep him around, as so few people had the patience for her personality quirks.

“And you’re sure that it won’t be missed?”

She grinned. “I wrote them off as defective.” She held her finger up to her lips.

“So what are you planning to do with all of this equipment exactly?” he asked as he approached her from behind. She had already begun sorting the various components into some kind of real-life exploded diagram.

“I’m working on a neural enhancement device,” she explained as she arranged the parts. “Electrical signals are used to chemically stimulate certain parts of the brain, and the neural imager can map those pathways. Then the device can stimulate neurons to produce new pathways…” She was so excited that she bounced between each foot like a child holding their bladder. “It’s so exciting! I mean, there’s more to it, the process can be infinitely fine-tuned, or designed for certain personality profiles-”

“I get it,” he interrupted before she got too carried away. “It would be amazing if you could actually devise something that could enhance brain function like that.”

“Something that would outdo even my father’s achievements,” she beamed.

“And you had to steal from the company to do it?” he asked, giving her a skeptical look.

She bristled and spun around to glare at him, her bright blue eyes pierced into his. “Not on the timetable that I want, if you must know.”

“Hey, you got me to steal the stuff for you,” he retorted. “I deserve a little insight, don’t you think?”

She growled and threw one of the pieces down. “Look,” she said softly and turned to give him her doe eyes. “Clarissa is already ahead of me in performance marks.”

He turned his head and squinted. “Clarissa?”

She rolled her eyes again. “Yes. Clarissa has been trying to show me up ever since she got here and… I need an edge.”

His face turned to concern. “And you want to use this equipment to… enhance your mind to be smarter than her?”

“No, of course not,” she snapped, showing visible anger. “Are you saying I need something like that to beat Clarissa?!” she demanded.

“N-no. Of course not.” He shook his head vigorously. “I merely meant that-”

“Good. Because I could have half a brain and still be smarter than her,” she huffed.

He held his hands up and looked away, his eyes going wide in an ‘okay whatever’ expression.

She turned back to the components.“But if I manage to pull this off without anyone else stealing my research…”

“You think she would really do that?” he asked incredulously. “I’ve always found her to be quite pleasant if a bit ambitious. Just the other day-”

“She’s a bitch,” Mila asserted and turned back to her work. “Just because I refuse to flirt around the lab like she does, she is getting better reviews.”

“She’s getting better reviews because she’s brilliant, talented, and a team player.” He smirked.

“Yeah, she’s a team player alright…” she snorted.

“You think she only got where she is by sleeping around? Well, how far would you be without your father being the head of the company?”

She seethed but didn’t respond.

“If you ask me, I think you’re jealous.” Charl teased.

“Is that what you think?” she spat. “What could she possibly have for me to be jealous about?” She stood up and glared with her hands on her hips. “I’m smarter, prettier, richer, I have better breeding. She’s only getting better reviews than me because she sleeps around. I could use my body to get ahead if I wanted to. Much farther than her, too. I’m better than her in just about every way imaginable!”

“So much better than her you have to pull something like this?” He gestured to the stolen goods.

“If I pull this off, it will show how much smarter and better I am than her!” she practically yelled. She was getting worked up now, sweating and breathing heavily. “I’ll show everyone that I didn’t need daddy or anyone else!”

“Did you need help putting it together, or…” he cut in to ask.

“If you don’t mind,” she replied sweetly and gestured to the other storage containers. They spent the next couple of hours sorting the components and assembling them until he had to leave for the night.

He finally left at the early morning hours when he had given up the hope that she would finally pay attention to him. He wasn’t even disappointed. He had stuck his neck out for her yet again with basically no reward.

She was up the rest of the night putting the rig together that would become the basis of her research. Every day that week she spent all her time after work fine-tuning the design. Charl offered to help but she said it was unnecessary. The technology was worth a fortune and she wouldn’t share that with anyone. She trusted him to keep his mouth shut about the origin of the equipment because of his own culpability, but not with the secrets of this research.

Once the rig had been put together she ran a number of tests to confirm that it was functioning properly and then immediately hooked herself up to it. Once the electrodes were attached, she took a deep breath and initiated the countdown to the mapping sequence.

* * *

Three days into the treatment, and there was no apparent change to her intellect. Not that she could notice, anyway. If anything, she was feeling a bit slower. She chalked it up to fatigue and stress. Her regular workload was already quite rigorous and then there was all of the time she spent working on this project was beginning to affect her. What’s worse, is she was becoming more and more… distracted.

She had always been a workaholic. Even in high school, where her looks and intelligence could have made her quite popular, she was only ever focused on her schoolwork. In college, it was more of the same. She turned down many party invitations to study for exams. Only ever going on a few dates and having a few disappointing one-night stands, sex had always been something of a disappointing if still fun distraction, one she would rarely allow herself. It was too bad the men she was with would inevitably objectify her for her body instead of appreciating her for her mind. Basically, they only wanted sex. 

So it was no coincidence that she threw herself into her work. A childhood raised by nannies as she watched her parents act out a tense marriage of convenience. Her mother was a former porn star nymphomaniac trophy wife and her dad routinely had sex with many women, often flagrantly at parties and other venues where his philandering became public knowledge. Combined with her own disappointing experiences, it was a small wonder that her interest in sex was minimal. Her focus in life was her work and the company. That was it. No other considerations.

That was until after her first few treatments with the neuro mapping device. It suddenly hit Mila when she ran into Charl in the hall on the way to the computer lab. She had always thought he was cute. Smart enough. A good guy, if a bit dull. He was mainly a friend she could rely on, one of the only people who put up with her. She knew how he felt about her and knew how to use it to her advantage.

But all of a sudden, she caught herself staring at him. Not just anywhere, but at the substantial bulge that he was packing in his black slacks. There were always rumors about him, going back to college that he was packing some serious bedroom weaponry. He had even drunkenly boasted to her about his supposed size one night at one of the few parties she allowed herself to go to. He even offered to show it to her right then. Her typical reaction to seeing a man’s… thing- or even thinking about it- would normally be something like “ew”, as it had been then.

Not this time, though. She licked her lips and shot him an alluring smile. When he smiled awkwardly back at her, she went red. What was she doing? She tried to play it off like it hadn’t happened, but she knew it was too late. The rest of the day he was pretty chatty, sending her flirty texts and showing up “conveniently” during lunch to make small talk. The more she saw of him, the more distracted and agitated she became. She was absolutely relieved when her shift ended.

Mila wanted to give herself another treatment but she couldn’t seem to find the right sequences of numbers. What had come easy to her just a few days before had become extremely taxing, if not impossible. Frustrated, she turned in early for the night, hoping some rest would help her to feel better.

As she lay in bed, her worries and anxieties were becoming impossible to ignore. Some part of her suspected the procedures for the inhibiting mental effects but she didn’t want to believe it. Besides, the scans showed that she had created new pathways. She just hadn’t activated them yet.

But that was not all that prevented Mila’s slumber. Her thoughts would inexorably drift toward the moment in the lab where she caught sight of Charl’s penis, bulging out his trousers. She wondered if it was really as big as he had boasted. It was plenty big just coiled up in his underwear- much bigger than all of the few guys she had actually seen naked. She wondered if he was a “grower”, as it was called. Could something that big even fit? How would it feel pushing inside her, invading her, impaling her on its girth?

In her mind’s eye, she saw him climb on top of her, spread her open, and take her whether she wanted it or not. The way a man would. She clawed at his bareback, his muscles rippling as he gripped her thrashing body. He ravished her, showing her what her prudish dedication to work had her missing out on. He pinned her to the floor and split her open on his huge cock.

The images were so vivid. They replayed over and over in her head like a video on repeat. Never in her life could she remember being this horny. Never. Not even when she was a teenager. It was like a part of her that had been sleeping, kept prisoner for all the years of her life had been suddenly awakened. She shivered and her fingers slid over goosebumps towards her aching sex. She was already wet, her pussy engorged and ready for penetration. Her finger circled the opening like a drain, being pulled toward her center. She bit her lip to contain her moans, the exquisite pleasure quickly becoming overwhelming.

But no matter how hard or fast or soft or tender she was with her fingers, she couldn’t seem to get over the edge. Sweat pooling between her breast, on her forehead, and on the sheet where her back laid, her hands were a blur, fingering her clit and her cunt with all of her effort but it was to no avail. Eventually, she shrieked in frustration and rolled over off of the wet spot. She did find sleep after what seemed like forever, but it was a fitful sleep bereft of actual rest.

* * *

“Are you okay?” Charl asked Mila. They stood before a table full of equipment in the lab. Charl had watched Mila pace and look flustered for the better part of an hour before he had finally decided to speak up.

She turned to him with a glassy look in her eyes. “Hm?” she smiled. He noticed that her eyes swept over his body, accompanied by a look of lust on her face as she regarded him that he was not accustomed to seeing.

“You just seem… distracted lately. Your productivity is slipping as well,” he said delicately. Feeling uncomfortable, he turned away and added, “You know, if there is anything I can do to help- MMPH” He turned back just in time to see her rushing him. His eyes went wide in surprise when her lips met his.

There was a strange desperation to her kiss. She pressed her lips into his, shoving him into the table hard enough to almost knock over a computer monitor. Before he could even process her sudden oral assault he felt her hands at his waist, desperately fumbling with the fly of his pants.

“What are you-” he managed to get out before her tongue-tied up his. His pants hit the floor with a clatter. Her eyes went wide when she saw his dick. She had expected it, but actually seeing it in person, how long and thick it was even while still soft, was another matter. She stared for a moment before moving back in for another kiss. 

Stunned, Charl kissed her back and watched her hastily yank her own slacks down, revealing plain gray panties that came off straight after. Sweeping the room with his eyes, he confirmed they were alone but still felt incredibly exposed. Shoving aside a stack of technical manuals, she made space to hop up and spread her legs, exposing her blonde pussy. The inside of her thighs were already spackled with moisture from her dripping sex. Her eyes spoke of her hunger, her need.

Charl hesitated for just a moment. Was their first time really going to be like this? It felt wrong and rushed. But the opportunity to get in the pants of his long-term crush was impossible to miss. He paused for no more than a second, took another look around the room, and climbed on top of her.

“Fuck me,” she demanded. It was the first words she had spoken to him that day and she sounded absolutely crazed.

“Mila…” he smiled dreamily. “Mila I can’t believe this but-”

“Shut up.” She wrapped her legs around his waist. “And fuck me.”

Something about the way she begged, the desperate look on her face, struck him with an idea. “Ask me nicely,” he said, fixing her a stern look.

Looking away, she blushed and whispered, “Please…”

The same urge made him push further. “Beg,” he ordered.

“I need it so bad…” she panted. “I can’t sleep. I can’t think. Except about fucking. Give it to me, please…”

Satisfied he had made her wait long enough, he sidled up to her and aimed his thick cock between her legs. Probing with his tip, he felt how absolutely soaked she was. Still, his sheer girth prevented his hasty entry, despite her desperate pleas for him to hurry.

“Shut up, bitch,” he spat. The bulbous tip slipped just inside, spreading her open just enough for the next thrust to get another few inches. Slowly, he worked himself inside.

He would never normally talk to her that way but her totally submissive behavior was bringing something out of him. She was always the one talking down to him and now it just felt right that she was being put in her place and even craved it. 

Mila groaned, her eyes rolling back in her head as the air escaped her like a deflating balloon. Her need only grew as he pushed deeper and deeper into her, his seemingly never-ending cock spreading her wide open. She was almost shocked when she felt his pubic hair.

“Oooo…” she moaned. Wrapping her legs around his ass, she pulled him in tight. He ground his pelvic bone against her clit, wiggling his hips and flexing his muscles to push himself even deeper into her depths. Then he pulled out and began thrusting like a mad man, with no rhythm or grace at all.

“Fuck, so tight-” he groaned as he desperately fucked her. He looked over his shoulder every few seconds expecting a colleague- or worse a supervisor- to come walking in any moment. He looked down at Mila, whose eyes were glazed over as she blankly stared at the ceiling, her body shaking with the impact of each thrust.

Mila lost herself in the physical sensation but something was missing. “Harder,” she whispered, her voice trembling.

“I said shut up,” he hissed and then leaned down to press his upper body onto hers. Shoving his tongue in her mouth, he shoved his cock in her cunt as hard as he could, mashing her onto the table, impaling her on his massive dick. Her tiny form was almost totally covered by his much larger body. He pulled out only slightly and thrust back in, shortening his strokes until he was violently jerking his hips like he was having a seizure.

“Mmmm!” she cried into his mouth. Feeling utter dominated, flattened, crushed under him, she finally went over the edge. Her body shook, and her little whine followed by spasms through her vagina signaled her orgasm, followed by his own a moment later. He had been close since entering her and was only able to barely hold himself together until that moment.

They lay there in a sweaty gasping pile for a moment or two before he felt her violently grab him by the shoulders and give him a shove. She was barely able to move his body with her tiny arms and looked up at him with an angry expression. “Get off.”

The rest of the day had been extremely awkward. Luckily no one had caught them and she could pull the same trick with the surveillance system she had with the equipment theft to erase the footage of their illicit tryst. But it didn’t erase the shame of giving herself up like that. Not merely letting her desperation and inexplicably high libido get the better of her, she had sunk to begging for it. And from him

Now every time they made eye contact, he would blush and smile. He was being all nice and acting like they were suddenly a couple and it drove her crazy, almost as bad as thinking about how degraded she felt after surrendering herself that way.

But strangely, she actually did feel a lot better. That was the one upside to the shame and humiliation she was experiencing. The mental fog had seemingly lifted and she was able to actually get some work done. Even with the awkwardness with her partner and the distracting thoughts that still plagued her, she still managed to make up for a lot of the lost time of the previous few days. She surprised even herself with how quickly she soared through tests and reports, much faster than normal and multiples of her speed from the last few days. Was her formula finally working? She was left with the inescapable hypothesis that the sex had somehow been. Whatever the explanation, further inquiry was definitely warranted.

* * *

The mental fog seemed to set in even faster this time, with the burst of clarity only lasting about a day before her focus and drive began to wane again. In that short window, she was at least able to determine that the neuro mapping device worked as intended. After close examination and a few tests, her hypothesis was that her brain had been rewired with the parts devoted to sexual desire also being utilized for higher brain functions.

During that time, Charl would not leave her alone, texting and running into her all the time at work. It was exhausting. She had to pull him aside and explain that nothing between them had changed and that he should just forget that it had ever happened. He did agree but did not truly seem convinced.

It was two days after their encounter in the lab, Mila couldn’t concentrate at all. She stared at her computer screen at home, looking for the faulty code in her new intelligence mapping sequence. If she could just get this right, it could not only undo the faulty programming but make her even smarter than she had originally thought. After all, she did have some success in improving her cognitive function, she just needed it to be more permanent and definitely not based on the sexual part of her brain.

But the improved intelligence had already disappeared and she felt sluggish again. The numbers just jumbled together before her eyes. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t make sense of them. She knew that she knew this stuff. It was in there somewhere, she was just having trouble accessing it. The first goal was to make another program, one that could fix the damage, remap her brain to undo the sexual programming. But after a frustrating few hours in which it became increasingly difficult to make sense of her own notes, she shoved her laptop away in anger. There was only one solution that her dwindling wits could come up with.

* * *

“I didn’t think you wanted to see me, you know… after.” Charl threw his coat on the back of a dining room chair. “I am glad that you changed your- MMPH!” he started to say but was cut off when she attacked him with her lips.

Such was her enthusiasm, that the force of her attack sent him backward into the door. She licked and sucked his mouth and her hands were already busy pulling his pants down before he could even react.

“Hey, Mila.” He pushed against her shoulders to get a little space but her attack was undeterred. “Mila, what is going on with you?”

She ignored his questions and planted her mouth on his again, preventing any further inquiry. Charl wanted to press further, but the taste of her tongue and her grip on his cock silenced him. Shoving her own pants down to her thighs, she bent over and leaned on the wall of the entryway, her wet pussy on full display, now completely hairless, he noted.

Shaking his head in disbelief, he grabbed her hip and lined his cock up with her waiting entrance. He fumbled for a moment until his tip found its target and pressed inside, painfully stretching her open, despite how incredibly horny she was. She squeaked with pain as more of his girth slid into her.

“Shut up,” he barked, and bucked his hips, sending her hard into the wall and driving himself painfully deeper. He pulled her back and slammed into her again. She was barely able to get her arms up in time to stop herself from hitting her head on the wall.

She let out a long sigh as he fucked her, his strokes becoming longer and deeper. “Harder,” she commanded but it sounded more like begging when it came out.

With a snort, he grabbed a thick lock of her blonde hair and yanked and shoving himself into her as hard as he could.

“Ah!” she cried, feeling her orgasm getting close. “Fuck me,” she whimpered. Her body began to droop slightly against the wall, but he pushed harder, keeping her pinned upright.

“I said shut up,” he spat and slapped her hard on the ass, making her yelp. Pulling her hair in one hand, he alternated slapping each ass cheek hard, making a good solid SMACK with each strike. Each shriek sounded less and less like she was in pain, until she was almost delirious, mumbling and wheezing while he pounded away at her from behind.

Charl held out as long as he could but he felt his own orgasm hit only a few moments later. Gripping her hair, he pulled back as hard as he could, stabbing deep inside of her with his swelling cock. His eyes rolled back in his head and he shot a torrent of cum inside her. That set her off; she screamed, and her whole body trembled. She shook and whimpered for another few seconds and then stood straight up and pushed him off.

“You had your fun,” she said, her voice unsteady. She shoved past him to grab her clothes from the floor.

Charl almost fell from his legs being tied up in his pants but managed to catch himself on the wall. “What is your problem?!” he demanded. He bent over to pull his own pants back up, his ass pressing briefly against the cold wall before he was upright again.

She yanked her pants back up and glared at him. “I got what I needed, alright?” she said and stomped away. “You can leave now.” She turned the corner of the hall without even looking back.

He stood at the door for a moment before turning back to follow her. “No. You don’t get to just dismiss me like-” he turned the corner and saw the elaborate rig of computers, wires, medical monitors, and other electronics. “-that.”

Mila was already sitting at her computer, her fingers blazing across the keyboard, tweaking lines of code at a rapid pace. She didn’t even seem to notice him there in the doorway.

“Mila…” he glanced around her workshop, amazed at the sheer size of the now-assembled rig. It appeared that she had even added some more components, to the point of filling the entire room. “Wow…”

“You’re still here?” she glanced over her shoulder at him to ask. She rolled her eyes and went back to her programming. “I don’t have time to placate your little feelings. I have work to do.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” he yelled. “You came on to me, remember? You get what you want and then just treat me like a piece of trash you can just throw away?” His eyes swept across her monitor and equipment. “I knew there was something different about you!” He shook his head and laughed. “You rewrote your brain after all…”

She swiveled in her chair to face him, clearly trying to hide her anger. He had never stood up to her before, much less came down on her like that. She growled and was about to deny it but what would be the point?

“Okay fine,” she sighed. “I’m sorry but yes. I somehow... I can’t even really explain it.” She frowned. “Let’s just say I need to fine-tune the program. Now please, let me work before it wears off.”

“Before what wears off?” he asked, smiling.

Mila shook her head. “Don’t make me say it, please.”

He grinned and took a breath to apparently say something but stopped short and stood there with a smug look on his face for a moment. Eventually, he spoke up, “I could help you.”

“No, there’s no way I can let someone handle this, we’re talking about my brain here-”

“You may need some kind of objective opinion. You know, a second set of eyes…” he trailed off. “But I don’t even mean with programming or anything,” he pointed out. “I don’t have the skills for that, anyway.”

They shared a laugh. “No, I suppose not,” she added.

“That’s yours and Clarissa’s deal. I just build the things. No,” He looked away awkwardly.

“I mean if you need me to… you know. You don’t have to wait so long and you don’t have to attack me like that. I mean, you do like me, right? That’s why you picked me?” he asked hopefully.

She scoffed. “I just needed the right kind of stimulation. Once I get this right, I won’t need you,” she explained coldly while copying her new program to a thumb drive and putting it into the rig.

“So you’re just going to use me until you do?” he inquired.

She turned to look over her shoulder at him and smiled sweetly. “Are you telling me that you are going to say no?”

* * *

Charl came over to help her every night that week.

The positive effects of an orgasm only seemed to last a matter of hours before it began to fade. There would be a burst of extremely high productivity and then she would be back to her regular self for a short while before the fog would begin to roll in. And the fog was characterized not just by a slowing of her cognitive ability and work pace. The insatiable lust she felt was far more inhibiting. Before too long, she would be typing one-handed- with many mistakes- with her other hand jammed in her panties.

When he got there, he would assume his given role. She clearly didn’t want any warmness or affection from him. She only wanted him to dominate, and completely own her. And that, he would do. Pulling her hair, spanking her, fucking her mouth until she choked, cumming on her face, calling her names… and she loved all of it. Until she got what she needed, anyway.

It also became harder and harder to concentrate at work. She was preoccupied with her own situation. Not only because it was her mind at stake but her work, her career, and her future in the company. 

It was more than that, though. It was like her worst fears had come true and she had not even realized it until it was already too late. She had always hated the idea that she would be defined by her sex. She had worked damn hard to make something of herself. She felt it slipping. Her life was all about sex now. And what’s worse, it wasn’t just herself being valued only for her sex. She realized that her only friend was just a sex object to her. A big throbbing cock for her to grind on and nothing more. The necessity of finishing the new program was becoming more and more dire.

On the sixth day in a row of needing Charl’s help, he was about to leave her apartment when he noticed that she was back in the workshop attaching the electrodes to herself without even getting dressed first.

“So that’s it, then?” he asked.

She sighed and looked over at him. “Thank you for your help, Charl.” She fixed him with a serious look. “I got it from here.”

“Are you sure you don’t need another good fucking?” he chuckled. “I could go again here pretty quick.”

Mila rolled her eyes and affixed the last electrode to her forehead. “Very funny.” After inserting the thumb drive, she initiated the code sequence, “You don’t have to stay here for this, you know,” she told him as the machine powered up.

“Oh, I’m not going to miss this,” he said with a belly laugh.

She was going to ask him what he meant but the machine was already beginning its work. Her eyes rolled back into her head and she slunk down into her chair.

Just like the first time, she suddenly became aware that time had passed. Her head jerked up and the world came back into focus, with Charl’s smug face at the center of it.

“So how did it go?” he asked with a strange smile stretched across his face.

“I-” she shook her head, trying to clear the mental fog. “It’ll take a little time to…” she trailed off. The longer she looked at him, the less she could concentrate on his words. He just looked so… irresistible all of the sudden.

“Something wrong?” Charl asked in a smarmy tone. “Got the program wrong again?”

The longer Mila stared, the better he looked. It was like the whole world was falling away and leaving only him. “You... did something,” she muttered. She felt her body grow flush, every part of it began to tingle from her face to her feet. It was like the normal sensation of arousal but spread over her whole body. “Did something to me.”

“Why would I have had to do something to you?” he innocently asked. “I certainly didn’t do anything to you the first time around.”

“It’s faster this time,” she said as she watched her hand slid between her thighs. Her pussy was drenched already and her fingers slid right in. “I can’t, I can’t...”

“Shhh…” he put his fingers to her lips. Without thinking she sucked it into her mouth and started fellating it. “That’s a good girl…”

She paused for a moment to give him doe eyes. “Fuck me, please.”

The sound of footfalls from the next room barely even registered to Mila. She pulled at Charl’s pants but he grabbed her wrists. “Hold on,” he told her. “You’re going to love this.”

Someone entered the room outside of her line of sight but Mila was still focused only on Charl. She desperately grabbed at the growing bulge between his legs but his grip on her wrists was firm. “Fuck me,” she said again.

“She’s not even paying attention,” she heard the newcomer say. It was a familiar, feminine voice.

“Look, you stupid bitch.” Charl grabbed her by the shoulders and turned her whole body towards the entryway and she saw a tall brunette woman standing there smiling.

Mila thought she looked familiar. Was she a coworker, maybe? It didn’t matter who she was. Mila couldn’t bother to ponder same-sex relations for the first time in her life when a fine example of maleness was so readily within reach.

“Fuck me,” Mila repeated, getting annoyed now at having to wait.

“I think she’s too far gone already,” the brunette laughed. “She doesn’t even seem to recognize me. She only has sex on the brain now.”

“You did program it,” Charl pointed out. “And you did it so well that she didn’t even notice.” He stood up and backed away from the petite blonde, fending off her attempts to get his pants open.

“I’ve always been better than her at that,” the young woman said. “And everything else.”

“Fuck me!” Mila yelled and stamped her foot. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!”

“Including treating me like I matter,” Charl agreed. He shoved Mila to the floor but she was undeterred and stood right up again to grab at him. “Let’s get out of here, Clarissa.”

“You’re buying dinner,” Clariss declared. Charl pushed Mila away one last time and slammed the door behind him.

Mila flailed at anything in reach, finally able to get ahold of a plastic glasses case off of the entryway table and shoved it between her legs. It was flat and wide, a poor substitute for a phallus but nothing else was in reach. She whimpered, grinding it against her vulva in vain.


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  1. Like the twist in the end, nevertheless I'd have liked it to be a little more explicit


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