On the Pill: Chapter 4

 On the Pill: Chapter 4 by Lou Bealy

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Contains incest

Michael would never have spent more than a moment in a room where his parents were having sex. The idea that he would want to watch would have been absurd to even think about, not that long ago. Michael’s whole world was being turned on its head ever since he found those pills in his Dad’s drawer that turned him into a horny older woman. Now he was looking at his parents having sex and he was incredibly turned on.

He was able to rationalize it, as he had done since this had all started. He wasn’t Michael at all, she was Michelle. And Michelle was watching her fuck buddy Paulina have sex with their new hunky friend Mark.

Paulina was bent over the couch, her big boobs hung over the armrest, her muscular legs spread wide, and her toned legs and round ass framed her hairless pink pussy that was being mercilessly pounded by equally muscled hunk Mark from behind. His seven-inch cock slid inside her hung pussy with an audible “smack” upon each solid thrust of his hips.

Michelle watched for a short time before deciding that it looked like too much fun to not join in. She jumped onto the couch and slid forward on her back until her legs were hanging over the end, and her wet and horny pussy was right in front of Paulina’s face.

Paulina did not need any further prompting; she stuck out her tongue and shoved it between her inner lips. Michelle sighed with pleasure as Paulina found her clit. Her legs began to thrash and twitch involuntarily with the tremendous bliss each lick and nibble sent through her body like an electric current. Michelle gripped the sides of Paulina’s face and mashed it into her crotch.

Mark continued to slam Paulina from behind, grunting with each thrust. He kept picking up speed, getting closer and closer to his first male orgasm. He was breathing hard from the effort and sweat dripped from his forehead and landed on Paulina’s back. 

 Michelle recognized that Mark was getting close and reached over to shake his shoulder. “Hey, slow down!” she giggled.“Save some for me! She’s warming me up for you.” Michell ground her crotch down into Paulina’s face for emphasis. She gasped when Paulina’s tongue began to push its way between her inner lips.

Mark didn’t need any further prompting, he pulled out, his big thick cock was still painfully erect and coated in girl cum. “Make room, slut.” He slapped Paulina’s ass.

Paulina pulled her face from between Michelle’s thick legs, stood up, and sauntered a few steps away, giggling.

 Mark grinned at Michelle, waiting for her to take Paulina’s place. She grinned back and stood up to bend over the couch and present her dripping sex to him. He stepped up behind her cock-in-hand and slid the tip around her entrance, teasing her. He fumbled slightly, his hands were larger than he was used to, and she had never been in the top position before. The novelty of the situation added to her excitement.

“Mmm… yeah. She got me ready for you.”  Michelle pointed at Paulina, who was taking Michelle’s place on the couch. Her own tits were even bigger than Paulina’s and they nestled right into place on the other side of the armrest, absolutely filling the space between the couch and her torso with boob flesh. They sort of defied gravity, like they were fake tits. But they were soft and supple. 

Mark hesitated for a moment. He knew what he was about to do was wrong. It was still incest, even if they were in different bodies. He frowned, shaking his head. 

“What? You know you want to.” she smiled and wiggled her ass. “Come on. Fuck me” she bent down and grabbed Pauline’s thighs.

Mark saw this incredibly hot sight and decided that May’s hangups didn’t need to stop Mark from getting off. The moment of doubt passed, and he found the right height and angle then plunged his cock into her waiting pussy. Paulina had indeed gotten her ready for him, and it slid in to his balls with no resistance at all. She let out a deep moan, almost a growl and started making out with Pauline’s dripping pussy.

“You like that, slut?” Mark shoved his cock in even harder, eliciting a shriek from Michelle. He pulled back only slightly, his dick only sliding out an inch or two before he rammed it back in, which made her shriek again.

“Oh! Yes! Fuck! Me!” she gasped with each thrust of his hips. She was moaning so rapidly she couldn’t keep eating Paulina’s pussy. She could only whimper and moan.

Mark’s pace increased; he gripped her hips tightly as he slammed into her over and over. There was an audible smacking sound with each collision of their muscled bodies. He grunted with effort, sweat dripping down his forehead, onto his face and into his salt and pepper five o’clock shadow. He was slamming into her so hard that he was scooting the couch across the floor with Paulina on it. Michelle just bent farther and farther over, his big cock forcing its way even deeper. She felt so full and complete with it inside her. Each brief moment that it slid out felt good, but left an emptiness that was thankfully filled a moment later when he rammed back home again.

Paulina slid back a little and watched the two fuck. She reached down and began to finger her swollen pussy lips and clit, she was so turned on that she was close to orgasm already.

Michelle was the first to cum, squealing as she twitched and shrieked, the pleasure overwhelmed her. She babbled incoherently, collapsing onto the arm of the couch.

“Here it comes, bitch.” Mark muttered. He came a moment later. He rammed his cock inside her, and they both felt the tip swell and then shoot jet after jet of cum into her waiting snatch.

Paulina rubbed out her own orgasm as well, quietly biting her lip as she shook with pleasure. She brought her hand that was covered with girl cum up to her lips and licked, tasting her own musky flavor and finding it to be incredibly erotic. She leaned over and shoved her finger into Michelle’s mouth, who began to eagerly suck her juices off of it.

“Wow…” Mark sighed, plopping onto the other couch across from the girls. Michelle joined him, cuddling up next to his side, while Paulina turned over so she was laying on her side and her face was buried in the cushion. Sleep soon claimed them all.

* * *

“Rise and shine!” shouted an annoyingly chipper voice.

Michelle cracked her eyes open, and saw Paulina there, wet, naked except for the towel she was drying off with.

“I have been waiting to wake you for a while, but you were just so cute.” she giggled. She was so excited, she began to talk very quickly. “So I just got done with a long work out. This body has its own urges, though I know I don’t have to explain that to you. Well, it seems I am a morning person, and boy is this coffee good.” she stopped herself from babbling and took a sip. She liked it with more sugar now in this form, whereas before Paul liked it black. She offered a cup to Michelle.

“Mmm…” Michelle moaned, annoyed. Mark was nowhere to be seen, but she listened for a moment and heard the shower running. She took the coffee from Paulina with a grunt.

“I let you sleep for a while, you looked like you needed it.” She smiled. “Mark kept me entertained, though. We had a post workout, workout.” she giggled. “And now, we are going to go out on a lunch date, kind of have fun with the, you know, the role reversal. We are hoping you’ll understand. Our marriage needs this after, well, certain revelations.”

Michelle took a big drink of the coffee that had the perfect amount of sugar, it seemed. “Mmm… this is good.” she set the cup down. “That works for me just fine.” She stood up and stretched. She was getting used to being in a smaller, female body, and didn’t have any of the disorientation that he had been experiencing prior. “I don’t even really want to get dressed today.” she turned to look at herself in the mirror. “I love looking at my sexy naked body.” She turned and bent over to admire her voluptuous ass. “Maybe I’ll take some pictures, and see if anyone around here wants to keep me company…”

“Just but careful.” came Mark’s voice as he exited the bathroom, wearing only a towel. “You aren’t used to having to worry about this, but as a woman…” Mark saw the frown that Michelle was giving him. “Just be careful, alright?”

“I can take care of myself.” Michelle reassured, with a hint of an indignant tone.

“We know.” Paulina cut in. “We’ll be back in a few hours. Don’t have any parties, is all I am asking, alright?” she said in the familiar “dad” voice that Michelle had heard her whole life (as Michael, obviously).

They left to go to a nice restaurant for drinks and an early dinner, leaving Michelle there to entertain herself. She began taking photos of herself, posing in all kinds of lewd poses. She got several of her ass sticking out, several with her fingers spreading her pussy lips, several over the top boob shots, and a few others. She never showed her face in frame, of course. It felt so sensual, so naughty and sexy that she couldn’t stop until she had taken dozens of such photos.

She set about creating a few profiles on dating/hookup websites and then posted all of her slutty photos. She set her profile to “horny and waiting”.

She knew from her experience with online dating (as a man), that women could have the most bare-bones profile with very little of any real description or insight, and if they were hot in their pictures. And sure enough, the messages began rolling in immediately. She giggled to herself as she picked the hottest guys to reply to, and deleting the rest. She reveled in being the one with all of the power for the first time ever. She began to rate the remaining ones by attractiveness. She had so many, this was actually somewhat difficult.

Once she had few in the "maybe" pile, she began to message them, asking for naked pics, and cock shots, then sending a few more pictures of her own. It was a lot of fun, she found.

No wonder girls are on their phones all day long, she thought, giggling to herself while laying naked on the living room couch.

Michelle had been at it for a few hours, and she hadn't even pared her "maybe pile" down to less than a few dozen. She was getting all kinds of photos of hot guys showing their muscles and huge cocks. She was enamored and she scrolled through the photos. A part of her still remembered that she would be revolted by these photos while in her male form, but that was a distant memory, at least for a while longer. She had just sent a pic of her bending over and displaying her wet pussy when she heard the front door open and then saw her giggling parents enter, falling all over each other. They were clearly intoxicated. Michelle watched with a bemused expression as they stumbled into their bedroom and slammed the door.

Michelle was spreading her legs and taking a picture of her crotch when she heard the door open and someone stomped into the room. She looked up and saw it was Mark, looking annoyed. He plopped down on the couch next to her, seemingly paying no mind to her taking photos of her naked snatch. He wore some baggy sweatpants and a tee shirt that he probably had just thrown on.

“Your dad-” Mark stopped and corrected himself. “I mean, Paulina, got flirty with some guys and decided to drink too many fuzzy navels.” He sighed.

“She even warned me about that.” Michelle chuckled, putting her phone down. “So, whatever could we do to pass the time while it’s just the two of us?” she said nonchalantly and spread her legs even wider.

“You are a slut, aren’t you?” Mark laughed and gave Michelle a sexy smile. “You just give it up so easy. You’re already naked, even!” he teased.

Michelle stood up wordlessly. “Wait here.” she skipped away. A few minutes later, she came back wearing a sexy black teddy and nylons. Her gigantic boobs were barely contained by the sheer fabric. She was also wearing high heels, which she obviously wasn’t practiced at, but was making an effort anyway. She stumbled and would have fallen, but Mark was already standing up to catch her.

“Oof.” the wind was knocked out of her a little.

He stood her back up on her feet but still held her in his arms in a gentle embrace.

“Thanks...” she whispered, closing her eyes.

Now that he was clutching Michelle close, “You smell really good.” Mark said in a low voice and he started kissing her neck.

“Now, now…” She shoved him away and stepped back on wobbly legs. “Sit.” She pointed to the couch.

He sat down, a big smirk on his face.

She turned around and bent over at the waist, displaying her nice round butt. She squatted down and thrust her ass out. “You are going to just have to wait!” She squatted up and down while shaking her rear. She slowly backed up, until her ass began to almost land in his crotch. She began to thrust her hips back and grind onto his cock. She giggled when she felt it stiffen through his sweatpants.

He reached up to grab her ass, but she swatted his hands away. “You can’t touch the dancer during a lap dance!” she scolded. “Haven’t you ever been to a strip joint?”

“Actually, no.” Mark replied, laughing. “I’m- I wasn’t that kind of girl.”

“You’re not any kind of girl right now.” she snickered, grinding down on to his cock.

He moaned in response, leaning back on the couch.

She turned around and rubbed his face into her cleavage. He kissed her tits a few times before looking up at her.

“And what kind of girl are you?” he teased her back.

“A horny girl.” She turned back around and started grinding on him again, mashing his erection into his leg.

“A horny slut.” Mark said sharply. He stood up and yanked his pants down, revealing his rock hard seven-inch cock. He grabbed her around the waist and pulled her down to the couch.

“Ooh!” she exclaimed in surprise, then giggled. “I like it when you’re a little rough with me.”

Now with them sitting next to each other, Mark grabbed Michelle’s hand and moved it to his throbbing erection. She stroked it a few times before she felt his hand grab the back of her head. He gripped a handful of hair and yanked her face towards his waiting cock.

She let him force her mouth around his cock. He didn’t wait for her participation, and just started fucking her mouth, his cock sinking deeper and deeper into her throat, cutting off her ability to breath. He held it there for a moment, before he relented and pulled back out and allowed her to breathe.

She gasped for air. “You asshole.” she giggled, clearly enjoying being manhandled.

He pulled her by her hair and turned both of them so they were on their sides like they were spooning. He reached over to pull the crotch of the teddy to the side, revealing her wet dripping pussy. She was clearly ready for him. He guided his cock to her hole and slid right in.

They fucked in every position, for the next hour or so until they were exhausted. They fell asleep in each other’s arms on the couch.

The three of them awoke in their original forms and without discussion set about packing to return home. May found herself wishing she had longer to try out being a man but Michael and Paul were happy to be themselves again. They agreed that it was a nice escape to be someone else entirely for a bit, to even be able to forget yourself for a short time. All three of them independently decided not to acknowledge the illicit nature of their encounter the previous night. They each knew that they could make whatever rationalizations they wanted, that the three people who fucked each other all weekend were not them, but some kind of alter egos. But they all knew the truth. They had given in to their lust. Even May, who was somewhat tricked into it, felt some measure of guilt and shame. Despite this, they all knew that they had opened a door that could never be closed again. They took the pills again the very next weekend.

* * *

This went on for awhile. They hid their illicit encounters from Michael’s siblings, Catherine and Grant. They would take the pills whenever they could, which was becoming more often, with Catherine gone most of the time at school, and Grant busy with his own life. They were rarely even home anymore.

They did have a few close calls, like when grant came home suddenly at midnight. Luckily, he had been drinking at a party and was drunk enough not to notice that hot voluptuous brunette wasn’t May on top of Paul on the couch. They both got up and ran for the bedroom as soon as they heard the door, but he had caught a glimpse of them on their way out of the room.

“You two have your own room!” he yelled as he slowly made his way up the stairs to his room, swaying back and forth and holding the guard rail for support.

An even scarier close call came a few weeks later, when Catherine was back in town from college for for a few days. She waited until the parents were out of the house, and knocked on Michael’s door. He put his dick away and let her in. She entered with a concerned look on her face.

“I’m worried about Mom.” she said suddenly.

“What? Why?” asked Michael, his concern causing voice to go up an octave.

“I walked in on her without knocking, and-” she began to explain, and the hairs on the back of his neck stood up as he listened intently.

She saw the look on his face and added, “I didn’t mean to, okay?” she furrowed her cute little brow. “I was just so excited to show her my midterm grades!”

“So what did you see?” asked Michael in a low voice. He was sure he knew what she was about to say.

“And she quickly shoved a bag of blue pills into her dresser drawer. I pretended not to see it. But I asked Dad about it, and he was really dismissive. He said there’s nothing to worry about!” she let out a groan of frustration and plopped down next to him on his bed. “I think they might both be on drugs! They have been acting very weird and secretive ever since I came back from college.

“There isn’t anything to worry about, like Dad said.” Michael thought quickly and came up with a plausible lie. “She works very long hours as a nurse, and needed a pick-me-up to keep her awake and focused. They’re diet pills or something like that.”

That explanation seemed to satisfy her. She simply asked, “Why would mom and dad be hiding it, then?”

“I don’t know. Maybe she doesn’t have a prescription.” He replied, then realized how bad that might make their parents look. He quickly added “You know how proud they are. Mom prides herself on being the best nurse in the clinic for the last ten years.” He wrapped his arm around her and hugged her. “They were probably just embarrassed about the whole thing.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right…” her voice trailed off. She seemed to think of something and walked out of the room.

When she left, Michael let out a sigh of relief. He contemplated telling his parents, but he didn’t think they would appreciate him telling his sister that mom was on speed. He ultimately decided not to mention it, but to just warn them that he had another close call or two with the siblings, after he was sure that they were asleep.

* * *

Michael woke up suddenly, when he heard what sounded like a woman shrieking, and then someone shushing her. Then a few moments later, there was a rhythmic thumping sound coming through the floor from upstairs. At first he thought that it must be his parents having sex. He wasn’t surprised that their recent escapades may have stimulated their sex life. He was horny all the time now because he couldn’t stop thinking about the next time he would be a sexy woman again, and thought they had a similar experience.

But when he listened to it go on for awhile, he realized that it was far too loud, and couldn’t have been coming from his parent’s room on the third floor. It sounded like it was happening right above his head, which would be his sister’s old room... 

He jumped to his feet and crept upstairs in his underwear. He shook his head, thinking that he better not be right about this as he crept to the bedroom door. He was close enough to hear little whimpers and moans every few moments. He turned and looked to see that Grant’s door was wide open and his room was unoccupied. He turned back to the door in front of him. The moans turned into a shriek, which was then immediately muffled by something.

Someone just had an orgasm, Michael thought to himself with a smile.

Then he heard an unfamiliar male’s voice shush her. “You’ll wake them all up!”

“Just keep fucking me!” the female voice urged. It too was an unfamiliar voice.

Michael tried the doorknob, hoping to surprise them and maybe even get a glimpse of the action, but it was locked. He should have known that Catherine wouldn’t make the same mistake as their Mom had and leave the door unlocked.

The locked door was only a momentary setback, since the door had one of those chintzy locks that you can pick with a paperclip. After he retrieved one and jimmied the lock, he swung the door open and saw a man and woman fucking on Catherine’s bed. The woman was an older blonde, maybe late thirties, with big lips, a strong jaw, and big g cup tits. The man looked very similar to the male form that May had been using, with dark hair, which was very curly. He had a big muscled chest and shoulders, and was on top of the blonde and pounding here with his massive eight-inch dick. They had clearly been at it for a while. They were both sweaty and breathing hard. The room also reeked of sex.

Her nipple flopped out of his mouth when he looked up at Michael. The blonde started to scream but the man covered her mouth.

Michael decided to just get right to it. He looked at the man, who was now standing next to the bed, his huge dick still at attention. “I know it’s you, Catherine.” Then he turned to the blonde, who was still on the bed. “And… Grant, right?” he asked, pointing at her. “So what should I call you now? Cameron and… Grace?” he smiled, proud of his cleverness. Neither of them argued and were probably happy to have a name for their new form.

“It’s my fault.” admitted Cameron, in a now deep male voice. “I stole one of Mom’s diet pills. But surely you must have known that they weren’t diet pills, based on your reaction...” 

“Yeah, I’ve taken them already.” Michael explained. Neither seemed particularly surprised to hear it, given that he had already seemed to know exactly what was happening in that room at three in the morning.

“Well, I took one so I could study for a big test.” He looked over at Grace, now the buxom blonde sitting on the bed and turning bright red. “Grace saw the end of my transformation, and then I convinced him to take one of the pink pills I found in dad’s drawer…”

The busty blonde nodded. “I couldn’t believe how hot it was to watch her transform, and I had to try it. I am so glad I did. I love it.” she giggled.

Michael smiled. “Do you want to watch another?” he opened his hand, revealing a pink pill. “But the other way?” he grinned wider.

After taking the pill, Michael sat down and began to stroke his cock, watching his two transformed siblings resume their fucking that he had so rudely interrupted.

He transformed almost right away, probably because he was so horny and excited, which increased blood flow.

Once Michelle reemerged, this time she was a short, curvy redhead with pale skin, freckles, and curly hair. The hot blonde and dark muscled man on the bed had been fucking the whole time. They followed her with their eyes as she approached, their pace only quickened. Michelle climbed on the bed and straddled the busty blonde’s face, while she was being nailed to the bed by the muscled, dark-haired hunk their sister had become.

“Mmm, that’s right, slut.” Michelle moaned breathily. She began to grind her vulva into the blonde’s face. “Lick that pussy.” She was so excited, she was about to cum already.

“I’m gonna… I’m gonna…” he whispered breathlessly before shooting his load inside her.

Grace gave out of cry of dismay when he came. “I was so close to another…”

“Let me.” Michelle pushed Cameron back, and then leaned down so her face was over Grace’s stretched out cunt. She began to lap at Grace’s clit and then nibbling it intermittently. Grace quickly returned the favor, being quite skilled and clearly experienced at it herself.

“Don’t stop!” cried Grace turning her head away from Michelle’s snatch momentarily. She dipped her tongue inside Grace and tasted Cameron’s salty cum, mixed with Grace’s own musk. It was incredibly erotic. Moments later, her body began to shake as she felt the orgasm coming on. Michelle joined her and they shrieked almost in unison as their orgasms wracked their bodies.

“That was so fucking hot.” Cameron mused.

“We are definitely doing this again.” Grace said breathlessly, then added, “Do you think we could take more without Mom and Dad realizing it?”

Michelle laughed, climbing off the bed and stretching her legs. “There’s nothing to be embarrassed about.  You could probably just ask for them.”

* * *

It was a Friday night, and Frank was on his way over to Mike’s house to have dinner with him the family. Mike had been really excited, saying that he had something to show him. He wasn’t sure what to expect. A new gaming setup, maybe?

He knocked on the door, and a woman he didn’t recognize opened the door. she looked like a prostitute, maybe in her mid thirties. She was wearing an incredibly tight little dress that barely contained her wide hips and huge tits. She was wearing high heels, jewelry and and heavy makeup. “Frank! So good to see you! Come in.” she beckoned him in.

“I’m sorry, have we met?” he asked, confused. “I don’t remember, but I wish I did…”

“We’ve met.” she said as he entered. He hung up his coat and walked into the living room, where Mike was sitting with 3 other women that he didn’t recognize. There were 2 blondes and a redhead, all gorgeous older ladies that were dressed to kill.

“What’s going on, Mike? I thought you said this was family dinner. Are these your aunts or cousins or something?” he asked, still confused.

“Sit down, relax.” Mike gestured to an open spot next to him on the couch, between him and one of the hot looking MILFs. Someone handed him a beer, that he immediately took a big chug from.

“Well, no. Not exactly.” he chuckled and reached into his pocket to produce a pink pill. “Remember when you had fun with my lady friend a while back?”

“Yeah…” replied Frank, then laughed “And I remember you trying to pull some bullshit, pretending that somehow she was you?”

“I took one of these, and a few minutes later…” he grinned. “But you’ll find out about that here shortly.” he laughed, gesturing to the beer still in his hand.

Frank stood up and shook his head. “I don’t get the joke here, and it doesn’t look like there is going to be any dinner, so I am out of here.” He got up and walked to the door.

Before he left, Michael called after him, “See you in a few minutes!”

Frank turned back as he shut the door, and saw that Michael and the strange MILFs were all getting naked.

To be continued?

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