On the Pill: Chapter 3

 On the Pill: Chapter 3 by Lou Bealy

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For maximum enjoyment, you should read parts one and two first.

Contains incest

The weekend couldn’t come soon enough. Michael was able to find someone to take his Friday shift and Paul used some vacation time so they both would have a 3 day weekend. They were both so eager they both packed and had everything ready that day. They only had to get through Thursday and then Friday morning they were heading out.

They both were so excited about having some private time with the pills that it interfered with both of their work. Paul’s manager almost caught him jerking off in his office. He had been watching MILFs get railed by guys with big dicks. Luckily, he had locked the door so it gave him time to put his dick away. He had been looking at porn, unable to think about anything except sex. His manager scolded him for locking the door, and for his lack of productivity.

“Quit fucking off.” his manager said, sternly.

Michael had a similar run-in with his own boss when a customer or two complained that he wasn’t going fast enough on the register. He just couldn’t concentrate because of the raging hard-on that was quite distracting. He just couldn’t stop thinking about what he was going to do to Paulina, whatever form she took. He also was pretty excited to take his own pill. He kept grabbing it in his pocket, its presence pleased him and also inspired thoughts of what Michelle might get up to…

They both eagerly awaited their weekend getaway, where they didn’t know quite what to expect to happen, but they were sure that it was going to be exciting. The end of the day couldn’t come soon enough.

* * *

“So who goes first?” asked Michael excitedly. They hadn’t even made it three miles down the road but he just couldn’t wait any longer. “That pill is burning a hole in my pocket. I think I’ll take it now. We can have some fun on the way!” Michael practically shouted as he fumbled in his pocket for the pill.

“No.” Paul replied calmly. He didn’t look away from the road but reached over and grabbed Michael’s hand through his pocket for emphasis.

“What?” Michael asked, confused.

“First of all,” said Paul slowly. His tone was even but firm, the same “dad” tone that Michael had heard his whole life. “The last thing I need is to be caught in a car with another woman. Your Mom would kill me. We need to wait until we are out there, where no one knows us before we can take the pills.”

“Who would catch-” Michael protested but was quickly cut off.

“Secondly,” Paul continued speaking over him. “These pills are expensive. You want to use one in the four-hour car ride to the beach house? I think that’s a bit of waste, and not worth the risk of me being caught? Just to what, get road head and crash on the highway?” Paul shook his head. “Nope.” He chuckled. “Not worth it.”

“Alright, I get it.” Michael said in a defeated tone as his Dad destroyed another fun idea with his impeccable logic and risk-aversion.

This was the same guy that made him wear a helmet on his bike, even though none of the other kids wore one. His Dad didn’t care. He made him wear elbow pads too. Michael was a laughingstock in the neighborhood that summer. So Michael decided he shouldn’t be too surprised.

"You think that you’d get road head?" Michael laughed.

"Why not? Michael would never do such a thing, but Michelle? You know you’re a different person on the pill.” he chuckled. “Either way, it wouldn't be the first time I've had to drive while getting my knob polished." He laughed."Your mom got pretty good at-"

"Dad, no!" Michael laughed along with him. He didn't need to hear about him and mom! Then something occurred to him that snapped him out of it.

He looked at his Dad angrily and said, "I thought that you said it didn't matter if Paulina got some D. But Paul can get head and that's okay?" Michael was again feeling defensive on his Mom's behalf. The fact that it would be his own son, albeit in female form, giving him the road head went unacknowledged. "I thought we were going to meet some guys or something…." Michael added, noting the weirdness of talking about picking up guys with his Dad. This whole conversation was strange and highly awkward.

"That's an idea. We could do that." He chuckled. "But you know what the pill does to you, how it makes you into a slut.” He laughed loudly, then added, “Do you think you’ll be able to wait?"

Michael winced at the word “slut”.  "You don't have to put it so bluntly." Michael muttered.

"Here's bluntness for you: I don’t think you can hold out." He glanced away from the road and gave Michael a skeptical look. "How far down the road do you think we would get before you were all over me?"

Michael didn't answer. He regretted bringing it up in the first place. He shouldn't pretend that he didn't know exactly what he would be getting into on this trip. He just hadn’t thought about how awkward this car ride would be.

The uncomfortable silence lasted a while. A few miles down the road, Michael finally broke the tension.

“Whatever we end up doing, this will be a lot of fun, I'm sure." He smiled. "I just can’t stop thinking about it.” Michael added. “This is going to be a long car ride."

“It’ll be worth the wait.” Paul gestured to one of the suitcases in the back.

Michael smiled when reached back to open it up and saw that it was packed full of assorted frilly garments. Michael sighed and hunkered down for a long car ride.

“This is what I think.” Paul explained, once Michael had turned back around. “When we get there, you take the second pill, since you are so eager.” he added with a chuckle. “Then when yours wears off, I’ll take mine. Then we’ll see how much time we have left and go from there.”

“Did you figure out what the remaining pills will do?” Michael wondered.

“That was part of why the variety pack is so cheap.” Paul replied. “It’s MILFs, which were the least expensive option, and the variety pack is kind of a grab bag.”

“I guess we’ll find out what it does when we get there.” Michael smiled. He was sure that it would be worth the wait.

* * *

After their long trip, they finally arrived and they couldn’t get into their rooms fast enough. Before they had even settled into their living arrangement, Michael came into Paul’s room with the pill in his hand.

“So it’s cool to take it now?” he asked, eagerly.

“Yes, now we should be safe.” Paul glanced at the clock. “It’s about noon, and we have until Sunday night before we have to head back. So whatever we do, we can’t take any pills after Saturday afternoon.”

Michael didn’t need to hear it twice. He tilted his head back and threw the pill in his mouth. He gulped it down with a drink of his soda and went to finish putting his stuff away. By the time he was finished, he was already feeling a little sweaty and queasy. At first, groaned, but then remembered that it was a normal part of the transformation.

He sat down on his bed, his head swimming. He quickly stripped his clothes off, throwing his shirt into the corner and kicking his pants there to join it. His nipples were already puffing up, he watched as they expanded across his chest. He admired his little growing titties, hoping they just kept growing and growing. They didn’t disappoint.

He looked in the mirror on the dresser and saw his face had taken on a feminine aspect. His cheeks were thinner, his jaw was smaller, and his hair had begun to grow down his back. The color slowly shifted from his normally dark hair to brighten to a bright bleach blonde. The forest of dark hair covering most of his body began to thin and disappear, replaced with little peach fuzz where there was hair at all.

He lay back on the bed and felt his whole body begin to shift. His gut slowly disappeared and the fat seemed to migrate to his ass and thighs. He began to shrink and feel his bones themselves contract. Despite the disorientation and discomfort, he was quite aroused, watching himself change in the mirror. He grabbed his cock and immediately noticed that despite being rock hard, was only a few inches long. He stroked it furiously as it shrank away. It was so sensitive, it was almost like it was a clit already. He moaned, feeling his cock shrink away to a tiny nub between to rapidly moistening lips. He continued to stroke his clit, moaning in a higher and higher voice.

“Don’t get too far along without me.” came his dad’s voice from the door. “I knew you wouldn’t be able to wait.” He laughed.

Michael looked up and saw that he was already naked, and was stroking his rock hard cock, which looked to be slightly bigger than Michael’s had been when he was still male. He looked down on Michael, now Michelle, who was now a hot little thirtysomething broad with shoulder-length straight blonde hair and bangs in front. She had beautiful skin a nice tan, a toned body, with round womanly ass and hips. Her face had high cheekbones, pouty lips, and dark eyes.

She eagerly sat up on the edge of the bed, her eyes glued to his throbbing cock. “I’ve never…” she muttered before grabbing Paul’s cock by the base and shoving it in her mouth.

She finished the thought silently, I’ve never wanted a cock in my mouth before. Though she noted to herself their earlier conversation about it and how he wouldn't be able to resist once she was on the pill.

“When I saw those nice big lips,” Paul whispered. “I knew that they were the perfect blow job lips.” he added with a chuckle.

Michelle moaned in response. She had never even thought about sucking a cock before, but at the moment it was among the most sensual experiences she had ever had. It was like sucking on a nipple, but far more intense. The musky taste that was so hot, the way it pulsated in her mouth, the feeling on her tongue as she ran the tip along the underside. She began to slowly bob her head, fitting more of the cock in her mouth with each thrust. After a moment, she reached down between her legs to finger herself. She was so wet that there was an audible squelching sound every time her fingers disappeared into her hungry snatch. Her palm slapped against her abdomen with every thrust of her fingers.

She lost herself in the act of fellatio and didn’t know how much time past. Eventually, Paul grabbed her shoulders and pushed her back. His cock popped out of her mouth and she looked up at him hungrily. She had three fingers buried deep in her cunt and was still rocking back and forth on them.

“Tell me what you want.” he commanded.

“You know what I want.” she moaned and spread her legs wide, finally pulling her fingers out of her pussy. She spread her lips wide. “And I know what you want, too.” she giggled.

He admired the hot blonde slut that his son had become. Her pale skin was covered with a sheen of sweat. Her face was flush, and her cheeks were bright red. Her bright pink pussy lips contrasted against her pale skin.

“Say it.” He commanded again, this time louder. Despite his slight stature, he was able to make his voice carry when he wanted it to.

“Fuck me, Daddy.” Michelle blurted out. It sounded so wrong coming out of her mouth, which seemed to enhance how hot it was. She was plunging her fingers into herself as fast as she possibly could. 

Paul grinned when he heard that and climbed on top of her. “That’s what I wanted to hear.”

She spread her legs wide while he aimed his thick uncut cock between her pussy lips. It slid right up to the hilt with hardly any resistance.

“Fuck…” she moaned. “Yeah... fuck me, Daddy. Fuck me…” she repeated over and over.

Paul began to thrust his hips, and his thick cock began to slide in and out of Michelle’s tight pussy. “Daddy is going to fuck his slut until she can hardly walk.” Paul muttered, his rock hard cock slammed into her wet snatch to punctuate the thought.

“Ooo… yeah… that’s what I am… your slut.” Michelle moaned. “Fuck your slut, Daddy.”

As Michael, he never even used that word normally. He considered himself to be an enlightened, if not progressive, man. He didn’t “slut shame” anyone. He had respect for women and their choices. If a woman wanted to sleep with lots of men, just for fun, that was her choice. In that moment, in the body of a hot older blonde woman, it was clear exactly what being a slut was and someone would want to be one.

Michelle felt it in her bones. She loved getting fucked as a woman. She needed it like she needed air or water. It was everything important to her. Nothing else mattered. It all fell away while Daddy’s thick cock was buried in his slut’s hungry snatch. And it felt amazing. She felt an orgasm approaching, and she could only lay back and let it wash over her while Daddy continued to pound away at her.

This continued for a while until Paul suddenly pulled out. 

“Turn around.” he demanded while stroking his slimy wet cock.

Michelle whimpered, her cunt felt so empty without his cock in it but she knew that the only way it would go back in, is if she complied. She turned over so she was on her knees. Her big round ass was on full display, and her hairless pink pussy was just peeking from between her thighs.

"Beg for it, slut." Paul spanked her ass for emphasis, leaving a bright red handprint on her pale skin.

She shrieked in response to the pain but quickly began moaning again. She wiggled her ass and cooed, "Put it back in… I need it."

"You need what, slut?" Paul demanded.

"I need your cock. I need it inside me." she whimpered. "Please daddy… put it back in. Fuck your slut."

"Here it comes again." Paul yelled. His cock slipped back inside her with no resistance. "Oh… fuck yes." He muttered to himself as his cock hit bottom, which elicited a squeal from Michelle. They found a good rhythm and mashed their bodies against each other as hard and as fast as they could.

Michelle felt the strange new sensation of her big heavy tits swung back and forth with each thrust, like huge fleshy pendulums. Her big round ass bounced and jiggled against his crotch.

After a few minutes of slow fucking, Paul grabbed onto her hips and shoved his cock inside her as hard and as deep as could and held it there. He felt her pussy tremble in yet another female orgasm.

“Take it, bitch.” he said into her ear. He was pulling on her hips so hard that his arms were practically trembling.

Michelle could only whimper and moan, still in the throes of orgasm. Her eyes practically popped out of her head, she felt so stretched out and full. He at last pulled out a little and shoved back in, starting to fuck her anew. He quickly picked up speed, his own orgasm was obviously imminent. A moment later, he came, spraying cum inside Michelle’s waiting pussy.

“Oh, Daddy!” Michelle called out, as her own orgasm overtook her. She finally collapsed onto her face. Her big tits were like cushions under her chest, which felt very strange.

Paul quickly pulled out and left the room. Michelle heard the sink running in the bathroom, and guessed that Paul was rinsing off.

“Get dressed. We’re going out.” Paul shouted from the other room.

* * *

A short time later, the two of them were dressed nicely and having drinks at a quaint little bar. Paul was dressed in dark slacks and a blue dress shirt. Michelle was wearing a little black dress that barely contained her tits and ass, with high heels. She had protested at first, but Paul insisted that he try them.

She didn’t have much of a choice since he deliberately only brought heels. She had to admit that it made her ass and legs look amazing, despite how hard it was to balance. Michelle suddenly had a lot more respect for women and their ability to balance in those things and not fall on their faces. She also was a bit stiff legged from the intense fucking they had earlier, so she walked slow. He had already taunted her about not being able to walk straight, so she did her best not to give him the satisfaction of seeing her struggle or fall.

Neither of them had much experience with make-up, so he went without it. They both decided no makeup would be better than horribly applied makeup, with her looking like a clown. She was stunning without it.  Most guys would be looking at her body anyway and wouldn’t notice whether or not she was wearing makeup, anyway.

They each ordered drinks, Paul a screwdriver and Michelle ordered a gin and tonic. “Now be careful.” warned Paul, pointing to the drinks. “You weigh like half of what you did yesterday. You can overdo it very quickly. Believe me. Been there.” It sounded like the true voice of experience.

“What happened, what did you do?” Michelle asked with a little chuckle.

“Frank usually keeps tequila. I don’t want to talk about it.” He looked away and shuddered. “Let’s just say my first time as a woman I was face first in the toilet for most of the night.”

“Ah… well, I won’t make the same mistake.” Michelle said in a reassuring tone. She took a little sip of her drink and knew that Paul was correct. She had barely started and she was already feeling a buzz coming on.

“I feel so naughty.” She giggled. “You wouldn’t even let me clean up.”

“I like the idea that my cum is leaking out of you right now.” Paul pinched her bare thigh. “It’s like I’ve already marked you, so I don’t care if the guys around are looking at you.” He whispered, “And they are looking at you.” Then he leaned in and kissed her on the neck.

A chill went down her leg. The feeling Paul’s lips on her neck had been incredibly arousing and sensual. She felt herself growing even wetter, the mix of their juices leaked out of her and down the inside of her legs. She rubbed them against each other, relishing the novel feeling of her pussy lips rubbing against each other, and the slimy sensation sliding between her thighs.

When Paul left to get them their third round of drinks, an older guy with salt and pepper hair, a mustache, and a vest showing off his tattooed, muscular arms came over to her and offered to buy her a drink. She was so flattered that she didn’t know what to say. Luckily, Paul showed back up with their drinks a moment later and the guy got the hint. It sure was a thrill, the way the guy was looking at her body. She knew exactly what he was thinking because she had been there plenty of times as Michael. That seemed more and more remote, though. Like it happened to someone else.

They finished their drinks and Paul grabbed Michelle by the hand to pull her out of her seat. They made their way to the dance floor, and Michelle noticed that Paul had indeed been right, there were plenty of eyes on her. Men, and women.

She looked down at her current body. It was hot as hell, she thought. Big tits that had to be E-cups at least, stuffed into a tight black dress that showed a whole valley of cleavage and only just barely covered her big round ass. No wonder people were looking at her.

They began to dance and grind against each other in an obscene display of simulated sex. They were almost recreating the sex they had earlier, with Paul behind her his hands on her hips and thrusting his clothed cock against her ass. She was bent over, rolling her hips and grinding her ass on his erect cock through his pants. Paul continued to kiss her neck and intermittently nibbled on her ear, driving her absolutely wild.

Suddenly, she spun around and kissed him on the lips. He wrapped his arms around her and returned her kiss, their tongues met in her mouth.

They only lasted a couple of songs. “Let’s get out of here.” Michelle said in a breathy voice with a look of lust on her face.

They went back to the beach house and fucked like rabbits until three in the morning. They finally stopped when Michelle complained that it had started to really hurt. He pulled out and collapsed next to her, both out of breath. They were both completely exhausted and drenched with sweat. At some point, one of them pulled the blanket over them, but they both were fast asleep soon after.

* * *

They both slept in and didn’t really get out of bed until right around noon. She was still Michelle, at least for a little while. She stood up and then immediately almost fell down. Her legs were stiff, and her whole crotch area was sore. She could barely walk. She waddled to the bathroom to pee.

“I told you that you would hardly be able to walk straight!” Paul called after her, laughing.

“Shut up!” she shouted back, but couldn’t help but laugh also. She sat for a moment on the toilet, trying to figure out how to relax unfamiliar muscles. 

“So what’s the plan?” She asked, slowly making her way back to the bed. When she got there, she flopped down on her stomach. She was beginning to feel a little woozy.

“First, we wait for your pill to wear off.” Paul sat on the bed next to her and looked at her closely. “Which already seems to be happening.”

Michelle turned over to look down at her body and saw what Paul was referring to. There was dark hair beginning to sprout all along her legs and torso, and she looked in the mirror and saw a hint of five o’clock shadow on her face, which was also already expanding and taking on a masculine shape. She felt slightly horrified as she watched her beautiful feminine features began to once again become gradually replaced by the original, dumpier male aspect.

She knew that she would be turning back into a male eventually, and she knew that it might not be for long, depending on what they wanted to do next. But there was something freeing about becoming someone else in a different body, especially a beautiful woman that got all kinds of attention. There was something depressing about returning to the male form. Like Michelle was going away, and boring old Michael was coming back.

They both watched as Michael emerged from the transformation. The whole thing only took a few minutes. Michael stood up, still slightly out of breath. It took him a moment or two for the fog in his head to clear. It was good to be back to himself, but he already missed the sexy feeling of being a hot woman.

“I wish that it didn’t make me feel so hot and queasy.” He complained while absolutely dripping with sweat. He stood up on shaky legs, turning back into his male form seemingly not curing the soreness of the previous day's activities, though it did alleviate it somewhat.

“Small price to pay for all of the fun.” Paul replied, pulling the now drenched sheets of the bed. "I was about to take a pill. I was thinking, he grinned. "That a couple of girls might go find some male company."

Michael returned his grin.

* * *

Michael and Paul waited for their impending transformations while sitting naked on the couch. Paul had put on some lesbian porn, which they watched while they waited.

“Do you feel it yet?” asked Michael.

“I don’t know. I think so?” Paul replied, and then laughed. “I feel like I’m back in college, waiting for the acid to kick in.”

“You did acid?” asked Michael, his eyes wide with amazement.

“What? I did all kind of fun stuff before you and your brother and sister came along.” He punched Michael’s shoulder playfully. He stopped and looked at his hand. “Well, mine’s kicked in for sure.” He waved his hand, which was noticeably smaller and daintier.

“Yeah, mine has too.” Michael gestured to his hair, which was beginning to creep down the back of his head as it grew out. It was beginning to turn blonde again, as well.

“Oh, and my dick’s already shrinking!” Paul gasped. “It feels like it’s all tightening up and…”

Michael stopped listening, due largely to the fact that he had become engrossed his own transformation. He heard himself moan involuntarily from the discomfort, bordering on pain. He had been ready for it this time, and it still was very unpleasant. He reached down and felt his dick shrink to a little nub, and officially became Michelle in her mind.

Michelle felt her breasts begin to expand, this time much more rapidly than before. Before he knew it, they were even bigger than her previous set of tits. And then they kept on growing! Her ass began to grow too, as Michael’s manly shape was replaced by the emerging female Michelle, this time in the form of a slightly taller blond, with a huge ass that jutted out behind her, and size G or H cup tits. Her tits looked fake, they were so big and round. Her face now had a strong jawline, high cheekbones, and a long, thin nose. She had a nice toned body, besides the huge exceptions of her massive tits and huge round ass.

Michelle looked over and saw that this time Paulina was blonde as well. Where Michelle looked like she probably worked out sometimes, with her nicely toned body, but Paulina looked to be a total gym rat, with her body now comprised of muscles that looked like they were chiseled out of granite. She had huge round tits of her own, though not nearly as big as Michelle’s. Her face was very thin, with big pouty lips, and a little button nose.

"I don't know if I can wait to go meet up with some guys." Michelle mused. She stared at Paulina's hard, athletic body and her big round tits. Without another word, she leaned over and fastened her mouth to Paulina's left nipple, which was already a hard little nub.

"Mmm… it seems like I've got my hands full right here." Paulina cooed. She cradled Michelle's head against her breast, her licking and sucking caused what felt like electricity to flow from her nipples and connect directly to her dripping sex. She returned the favor and reached over and pinched Michelle's own nipples, which elicited a little shriek. A moment later, she felt Michelle’s hand slide between her thighs and cup her sex. She was so horny, that 

she began to involuntarily thrust her hips up into Michelle’s palm.

“And I’ve got my hands full.” Michelle giggled, feeling the heat of Paulina’s pussy radiating out and into her hand. She reached up with her other hand to tweak Paulina’s right nipple, and her mouth returned to her left.

Paulina wiggled her legs, her thighs brushing up against Michelle’s hand. “Mmm… stop teasing!”

Michelle stopped sucking her nipple long enough to reply “Not until you beg!” she teased, returning the favor from the previous day when Paulina had been in control, as Paul. She mashed her palm down into Paulina’s dripping vulva. She became determined to take control this time.

“I need it.” Paulina pleaded. She could hardly stand it any longer, her pussy was throbbing with her need.

Paulina’s tit popped out of Michelle’s mouth as she moved down between her legs. “You need what?” she teased. “Be specific.”

Paulina moaned with frustration. “Just hurry up and lick my cunt!” She grabbed Michelle’s face and pulled it toward her aching pussy, but Michelle’s hand was still covering it. Her chin just bumped into the back of her hand.

“Ah ah!” Michelle giggled. “You have to ask me nicely. In fact,” she grinned. “You are going to have to beg for it.”

“Fine.” Paulina practically shrieked. “Please! Please lick my slutty horny cunt! Please, shove your fingers inside me and stretch me open! ” Paulina babbled, she was so far beyond horny that she could hardly think straight.

“I have a better idea.” Michelle turned on the bed, swinging her leg over Paulina and crouched on her hands and knees. She again positioned her face over Paulina’s hairless pussy before adding, “Lick me first.” She wiggled her hips for emphasis, displaying her own hairless pussy.

Paulina didn’t need to be asked twice. She dove right in, shoving her tongue between Michelle’s outer lips and immediately finding her clit. She pulled the lips apart with her fingers and began to lick and suck the little nub until Michelle squealed.

Michelle’s knees almost buckled. “Mmm… yeah.” she sighed. She slipped a finger between the folds of Paulina’s pussy. She shoved it in as far as she could and curled it, stimulating her g-spot. She fingered Paulina for a few more moments before finally returning the favor. She shoved her face into Paulina’s crotch, mashing her tongue into her clit.

They lay on top of each other, faces buried in the other’s pussy, oblivious to the sound of the door opening, and someone approaching.

“What the fuck is this?” came an angry but familiar voice.

Michelle sat up and turned to look over her shoulder, then gasped. “Oh shit!” She jumped off the bed. “Mom!”

“What the fuck?” Paulina asked, now able to see who was at the bedroom door. It was Paul’s wife, May standing there in a bright yellow sundress, looking bewildered and angry.

“Yeah, I’m the mom. The wife, more accurately.” May huffed. “Where is he? Where is Paul? Or Michael?”

Michelle and Paulina stood next to the bed, naked and bright red with embarrassment. Neither of them knew what to say. Would she even believe it?

“Well?!” May demanded, getting visibly pissed off. “I know they are here somewhere. I saw that he booked the timeshare here without talking to me about it, which meant only one thing. And I was right.” She sneered at the two naked women. She then turned her head back towards the hall and shouted angrily. “So come out Paul! Before I call the cops on your bimbos!”

The fantasy they had indulged in, the fantasy of being these other people so they could justify the infidelity and the incest, had been shattered at this point. Michael looked at Paul, not knowing what to say. These were Paul’s pills, and this was Paul’s plan.

Paul sighed. “I’m right here.” he called out in his husky feminine voice.

“What are you talking about?” May turned back, her expression changing slightly from anger to confusion.

“I took a pill, called Alterex.” He explained. “I could show you the webs-”

“That’s the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. And that still doesn’t explain where Michael…” she realized the implication and looked at Michael with disbelief. She sized up his feminine form with gigantic breasts hanging from his chest. “That’s not possible.”

“It’s true.” Michael chimed in. “It’s us, Mom.” He realized how absurd it must sound and added, “That’s our truck out front.”

“Yeah, and those are our wallets on the nightstand there.” Paul gestured.

“I know they are here somewhere!” May shouted, exasperated. “But I don’t know what you’re trying to gain by pretending-”

“I can prove it.” Paul cut her off as he walked to the dresser. He grabbed a blue pill that he had ordered for just this event occurring. “Take this pill.” he held it out to her. 

May stared at the pill as it sat there in the center of Paul’s dainty feminine hand. Her face was in utter disbelief and skepticism. “You think I’m going to take a pill that some whore offers me?” she said finally.

“Ask me anything!” shouted Paul, his voice getting very high so he was almost shrieking. “After thirty-four years of marriage, I know some things that only I would know. Like your favorite color is periwinkle, you don’t like Italian food, you probably have one dark blue panties, do I need to go on?”

May still looked skeptical, but reached out and took the pill. “What will it do?” She looked at Michael, who was looking at the floor due to the sheer awkwardness of the situation. She looked back to Paul, who had a hopeful expression on his feminine face.

“It’ll prove to you I’m telling the truth.” Paul smiled and tried to cross his arms across his big boobs, and found that he couldn’t. He settled on crossing them under his tits. “Plus, it’ll fulfill a fantasy that you shared, about wishing you could try sex as a man at least once. That was when you tried to get me to let you peg me. How would I know all that?” Paul challenged.

May hesitated for just a moment longer, and then popped the pill into her mouth. She gulped it down. “Fine.” she said. She still didn’t really believe it, but there was now enough doubt to make her give in. “How long do we have to wait?”

“Not sure, give it time.” reassured Paul. He patted the bed next to him, but she shook her head and remained standing. Michelle sat on the bed as well and pulled a blanket on. "You'll want to get put of that dress, too."

After a few minutes, May was getting impatient. “Well? Why would the two of you be… messing around if you really are Paul and Michael?” she said finally.

Paul tried to explain, “We were going to go out and get some guys-”

“And that would be better?” She cut him off. She seemed to already be starting to believe it.

“Well, I didn’t think it was cheating if Paulina got some dick… but the pills make you hornier than you can imagine.” Paul squirmed uncomfortably. “You’ll see.”

“Was that part of your plan? Get me horny and then Paul comes out of hiding…” she trailed off. She grabbed her abdomen. “Oof. I don’t feel so good.” She stumbled over to the foot of the bed and sat down.

“Wow, that didn’t take long.” mused Michael. He realized he had been rubbing his nipples without thinking about it. His huge nipples were very sensitive and had areola that were the size of saucers.

“Makes sense.” Paul added. “She’s a lot smaller than our male forms.”

“Everything is spinning, I think I’m gonna throw up…” she said, getting really worried. She stood up to run to the bathroom but tripped and stumbled into the door jam. She looked down and saw her legs were growing. Her bones themselves were beginning to shift, she felt her skin slide against the wall as she grew taller. Her feet and hands elongated to match. She moaned, her voice growing deeper.

Michael began to finger his clit while he watched her transformation. It was the hottest thing he had ever seen. It came on so strong…

He watched as May stumbled back to the bed and fell onto it, rolling over to lay on her back. Paul quickly pulled off her dress and dark blue panties, and she was in no position to resist. Her legs, which were rapidly becoming covered in a forest of dark hair, were splayed wide open giving a full view of her crotch. Her clit was now poking out from between her lips. It slowly grew out and thickened. Her vulva pulled tightly around it and formed a sack, which a moment later became filled with two male testicles. She was now a he, technically.

Within a few moments, the hot, voluptuous older woman was gone and in her place was a tall, dark, ruggedly handsome man with curly hair, a strong jaw, and a bewildered expression on his face.

“This is impossible…” the new man shook his head, and then looked at the two naked ladies on the bed next to him. His hand went down to his already stiff cock and stroked it a few times.

“Well, we were looking for some male company. Should we call you Mark?” Paulina mused. She grinned at Michelle. “Who goes first?”

“Why not you first,” said Mark in a now deep male voice. “Since you didn’t warn me about how horny these pills make you, until after I took it.” He stood up on the bed. “You wanted this,” Mark said, waving his cock back and forth. “Now come over here and get it.”

To be continued in part 4!

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