On the Pill: Chapter 1

 On the Pill by Lou Bealy

Commissioned by anonymous

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Michael had decided that he needed some time to figure things out. as much as he didn’t want to do it, he decided that he had no choice but to move back in with mom and dad. It was a blow to his pride that he was a college graduate that needed to move back in with his parents. He would be looked at as one of those millennials that don’t know how to operate in the real world.

He was starting to think that there may be some truth to that, as hard as it was to admit. After all, he hadn’t been able to find a decent job after graduating from college with a degree in Philosophy and a minor in English literature. He was starting to think that he should have studied something with more career options.

His parents sure reminded him that they tried to get him into other programs, but he didn’t listen. He wanted to be a historian. Well, now he was one, but he was still stocking shelves at the department store instead of using his degree. Between his student loans and regular bills, he could barely support himself.

At first, Kelsey, his high school girlfriend, was supportive. They were together all through their college years and got along very well. She had graduated from a nursing program and was making decent money, enough to support herself comfortably and help him out. That went on for a few years, but within the last six months, they had begun to fight more and more. They would have huge screaming matches about stupid things, like him leaving his clothes on the floor, or not buying the right brand of toothpaste. But it was really about money. She was tired of being with him. Tired of supporting someone that no longer seemed to have any upward trajectory. He was in a dead end job, making shit money. He wasn’t really much of a catch. He was a little overweight, and only five foot nine. He had dark hair and dark eyes. Just not very remarkable when it came to looks. She was still as smoking hot as ever, no wonder she left.

She didn’t say it, but he knew it. She left him, claiming that she needed to “figure things out”. He was pretty sure that she was already seeing someone else. Now with her gone, he couldn’t afford the rent by himself.

So here he was, moving his shit back into his old childhood bedroom in his parent’s basement. He felt pathetic. What girl is going to want to get with him now? He was twenty-eight years old and now living with “mommy and daddy”. The fact that they were charging him rent didn’t help. He would still be seen as a loser, just with even less money.

“It’s not so bad. You’ll be saving money!” said his best friend Frank. As usual, he was upbeat. “And you’re closer to the store! You can practically walk!” He set the TV he was carrying down on the stand.

“Frank, shut up.” Michael snapped, coming off as madder than he wanted to. “I’m just not proud of this, is all.” He put his video game consoles each in their proper spot, under the TV. “I wish you and I could have moved in together.” he sighed.

“I know, but I’m not moving out of my parent's place until they kick me out.” Frank laughed.

They both went back up the stairs and grabbed more boxes from the truck. On the way down, Michael mused, “I’m sorry, I know how this is going to sound, given the circumstances. But shouldn’t you think of moving out? You’re mom still makes you breakfast every day, like she has since forever.” he laughed.

“Exactly. Why would I leave?” Frank jabbed back. “I love bacon. And I don’t need to buy it since she does. I would probably need a real job if I didn’t live at home. You know how much money I have saved up?” he laughed cruelly, setting the box down. “Meanwhile, you were playing house with Kelsey, and where did that get you? You’re back home, just like me, and you’ve got nothing to show for it.”

“I deserved that.” Michael muttered, setting his own box on top of the first. “But at least I tried. Kelsey was good for me. And now I’ll be lucky to find any girls willing to come over to my mom’s house.” They went back for a final trip to grab the last few boxes.

“What are you so worried about? I live at home. Your brother and sister still live at home too. You worry way too much about what women think. Look at me, I don’t care at all and how well am I doing?” Frank laughed, then gestured to his husky body and gut. He grinned wide, his thick unkempt beard making him look a bit like a hobo. He wore sweatpants and a torn shirt, he could be a hobo.

“When was the last time you had a girl pay any attention to you?” Michael scoffed.

Frank shrugged his large shoulders. “The right one will come along someday. I know how to please a lady, though. I just eat them out until they don’t remember how fat I am.” he gave a big laugh and slapped his stomach. “With that kind of skill and dedication, I shouldn’t worry too much. Maybe I’ll get a sugar momma. Some hot older lady. Like your mom.” he laughed.

Michael shot him a death look for mentioning her in that context.

“What about me?” Michael’s mom asked as she entered the room, interrupting the tension. He was right about her. He didn’t usually think about my mom this way, but for a lady in her fifties, she was still quite pretty. She had really taken care of herself and had good genes that I hoped I had inherited. I had inherited her dark hair and eyes, at least.

“Nothing, Mrs. Bentley. I was just wondering where you guys were going.” Frank said, grinning at me. I scowled back.

“Frank, you know it’s May. And we’re just going down to the coast to see my sisters. Michael’s father, Grant, and Catherine are going. You could have come with, but Michael didn’t want to go.” she shrugged, turning to leave. “It’s going to be really pretty out there. We should get there around noon, and then have lunch on the beach, with my sisters.” she sighed, clearly looking forward to a little time away.

I was looking for a little solitude. I was too used to living with only one other person and all the activity that came with living in a house with 4 other people was hard to get used to again. “I’ve got way too much to set up here. I want to be done with everything before I have to go back to work on Monday.” Michael sighed. “At least Frank is helping.”

“And he got me up before noon to do it, too.” Frank chuckled.

“And thank you so much, Frank.” Michael’s mom smiled at him.

“I don’t know,” he chuckled. “Can’t I still come with you? You know you enjoy my company.” he smiled back. “And I always enjoy the company of beautiful women.”

“Oh, stop.” she covered her mouth and giggled. She shook her head, still chuckling as she left the room.

As soon as she stepped out of the room, Michael turned to Frank. “Stop flirting with my mom.” He couldn’t help but chuckle at Frank’s gumption. “Dad wouldn’t like it, either.”

Frank laughed. “No offense, Mike but your dad isn’t the most intimidating guy. I think I could take him.”

He was right, Michael’s dad was a fair-haired, blue-eyed, software engineer and pretty much a skinny little nerd. It was amazing that he had landed someone as attractive and outgoing as his mom. He was small of stature, and thin, in contrast with his voluptuous wife.

After they were finally done moving the rest of his stuff inside, and organizing most of it, Frank went home so they could play an online game together. Michael made sure to pay him first. He owed him for all the help. He gave him whatever cash he had left on him, about forty bucks. He knew Frank could use it. He never actually had a real job that lasted and got by mainly with his computer repair business he did out of the basement bedroom he lived in.

“I'll see you online!” Frank yelled happily as he took off back to his place.

After shooting each other for a few hours on a battle royale game, Michael got hungry and called for a pizza. Once he heard the knock at the door, he suddenly remembered that he already gave all his cash to Frank before he left. He remembered Dad throwing change and dollar bills into his dresser when he was a kid, and went to check there.

Luckily, he had a fifty dollar bill, which was more than enough to cover the bill. He got back to the door, where the pizza guy was clearly losing his patience. His mood immediately improved when Michael gave him a good tip. Michael returned the change to the drawer, reminding himself he needed to remember to pay Dad back, or he would never hear the end of it. He noticed something in Dad’s drawer as he closed it. Something shiny had caught his eye. Curious, he opened the drawer back up to inspect whatever it was. It was a package of pills. They were labeled “Alterex: Variety Pack.”

He had never heard of it before. Curious, he googled it. He found that Alterex was supposedly a pill that transforms people into temporary body forms. Like in this case, an older hot lady. He scoffed, thinking it was some kind of joke. He was severely skeptical that it was possible that such a pill existed, much less the idea that a package of said pills would be just sitting in his dad’s drawer. He laughed, popped one the pills from its blister pack, dropped it directly in his mouth and swallowed it dry. He didn’t believe for a second that the pill would have that effect. It was some weird fantasy thing, he concluded. Something for sexy role-playing, maybe. He didn’t really want to explore the thought of his parents doing freaky role-playing during sex. Something about it intrigued him, even if he didn’t believe it.

He settled back onto the couch and began another game with Frank. For a few minutes, he didn’t even think about the pill that he had just taken. He was happily playing his game and utterly oblivious that it was already starting to take effect. He felt a little overheated and sweaty, and found himself almost out of breath just sitting there, but he chalked it up to his frantic manner of playing. He would typically get all sweaty when he got competitive, anyway. He didn’t notice what else was happening with his body, yet. He was also getting a random pain here, and a little muscle spasm there, but he tried to ignore it and finish the game.

As he played, his features softened, his dark hair slowly grew out farther toward his shoulders. His body had already slimmed down to a more feminine shape when he first began to notice something was off. The controller felt strange in his hands. It kept slipping, and his fingers were not hitting the buttons like he wanted, almost like they were not long enough to reach. After he died for the third time, he threw the controller down.

“What the fuck? I just bought that damn-” he stopped himself when he heard his voice. It didn’t sound right. He cleared his throat and then noticed his hands. They were smaller and thinner than they should be, as well. He held them in front of his face, inspecting them. He noticed that his arms looked thin too.

“Holy shit.” he heard himself say in his feminine voice. It was a deep, husky voice, but clearly feminine. He stood up in shock and felt two huge weights pulling on his chest. He looked down and saw that his shirt was stretched obscenely by two huge breasts. He reached up and grabbed them. He saw his feminine fingers curl around his big round tits, that had to be at least an E cup.

He ran to his parent’s room and the closest mirror to see a beautiful older woman with shoulder length dark hair and dark eyes looking back at him. He tried to pull his shirt off and get a better look at himself but found it more difficult than he would have expected. His huge tits made it challenging to remove his t-shirt that had never been designed to contain such a massive amount of tit flesh. Once he got it off, he turned back to the mirror to admire his newly feminized body.

He looked to be in his late forties or early fifties, with tits so huge that they looked fake. His waist was narrow, like a woman that took care of herself but still had nice curves. He turned his ass toward the mirror and verified that he had a nice round ass to match his shapely hips. He looked a lot like his mother, which wasn’t too surprising, except his tits and ass were much bigger.

“No shit…” he said to himself, finally acknowledging that the pills were not just some fantasy aid, after all. He got very close to the mirror and carefully inspected himself. He was still in disbelief that this attractive older woman staring back at him was his reflection. He pulled on the skin of his face, poked his high cheekbones and pinched his nipples. It all felt real enough. He finally worked up the nerve to reach into pants and confirm that he was a woman in all the ways that counted.

He pulled down his pants and boxer shorts, which now felt very strange on his smaller waist but wider hips. He kicked them aside and turned back to stare at the feminine mound between his legs, with its small feminine triangle of pubic hair. He wanted to be mad that his decent sized dick was gone. But he wasn’t mad at all. He had something just as good, or better instead. He turned to look over his shoulder at his beautiful round ass. It was probably his best feature, and he normally wasn’t even an ass man. He could see his hairy snatch between his legs while bending over. It was like he was “presenting”, as an animal would. It was submissive and assertive at the same time, and he loved it.

He noticed that his mom’s armoire was hanging open, and he could just barely see one of her pieces of lingerie hanging there. It was a lacy black teddy. Something possessed Michael to walk over and open it. He grabbed the Teddy and held it in front of his body so he could see if it would fit. His new proportions were almost the same as his mom’s, and he was certain it would fit.

Never in his life had he ever thought about wearing women’s clothing, or even really understood why a guy would want to in the first place. Despite this, the recognition that he would be hot in that teddy was immediate, like he had been scoping out lingerie his whole life, or something. Within moments, he had pulled on the sheer garment and admired his reflection while wearing it. He sure was smoking hot, he thought. He went back to the armoire and grabbed another tight lacy number and tried it on immediately. He threw it on the bed next to the teddy and tried another one, then another until he had tried on all of his mom’s expensive lingerie. He didn’t stop there either, he tried to fit into some of his sister’s tight slutty dresses but he was far too big. Catherine was much more petite than their mom. He tried on a bunch of different outfits. He made all of the slutty facial expressions and had all of the poses. The duck face, pushing his nice round tits together, raising his round ass towards the mirror, and the like. He felt so sexy, which was a novel feeling for a regular guy like him.

Once again naked in front of the mirror, he admired himself for a few moments, getting horny at the idea of fucking this beautiful MILF in front of him, before remembering that he was the hot MILF, and he clearly wasn’t fucking anyone.

Not in the same way, any way. he thought, grinning to himself.

No, instead of the urgent, throbbing need that he was familiar with as a man when he got an erection, he felt himself get flushed and giddy. His new pussy began to quickly lubricate itself to the point that he felt the moisture dripping. His nipples hardened on his big round breasts. His areolas were the size of silver dollars, and very dark compared to the rest of his pale skin. He slowly backed away from the mirror, his hands holding up his big tits. His round, shapely thighs brushed against each other as he moved. He could feel his moist lips sliding against each other, further stimulating and arousing him. 

He chuckled to himself, momentarily distracted from this novel turn of events by the sheer oddity of becoming aroused by seeing your own reflection. He continued to back-up until he could sit on the bed. He spread his legs wide and inspected his horny wet snatch. The matted brown hair had the appearance of never having been trimmed.

“Momma is in need of some grooming…” he said to himself in that husky voice. He reached down and spread his lips. His fingers were already soaking wet. He was so horny he could smell himself. The room was permeated with the aroma of an aroused female. All of this was driving him absolutely wild. His fingers found his moist opening and slipped right in.

Michael was in heaven. He had never felt such pleasure in his life. He heard his phone buzzing but ignored it, he was far too enthralled in his sensations. He reached up to his right breast and began pinching his own nipple, hard. He had half his other hand inside his hungry pussy, already shoving in three fingers up to the knuckle. 

After he diddled himself for a good while, he realized that he couldn’t quite get off. His fingers just weren’t enough. He tried playing with his clit, but he couldn’t stand it for very long because it was far too sensitive. He couldn’t bear to play with it long enough to get to orgasm.

He looked around in his mom’s various drawers and cabinets in her bathroom. He searched her nightstand, and under the bed. He couldn’t find a vibrator, or anything, which at first surprised him. But then he figured since she still looked as good as she did, that his dad probably gave it to her every night, and she didn’t need one. Or she was good at hiding it. Either way, he gave up searching after a good long while.

He was walking into the kitchen, with extreme sexual frustration consuming his thoughts.  He dug around in the fridge, looking for a carrot or cucumber, but had no such luck. On the way back to his room, he heard his phone chirp for the third time.

“What?!” he shouted angrily at the phone. His new feminine voice still sounded strange. He grabbed it and saw that Frank had messaged him a few times, asking why he dropped out of the game and what was going on.

He started typing into the text message app with his sticky fingers, “I’m busy, leave me alone!” but stopped himself before sending it. He thought for a moment. No, there was no way he could do that. But not that he had thought about it, he couldn’t get it out of his head. He wondered if Frank like older women. He resisted for a while, but eventually, he gave in.

“Come over, I need to show you something.” he typed into his phone. He had to wipe off the screen since he had smeared girl cream on the screen.

He went down to his room and sat waiting for the sound of the back door opening. When they were kids, he had always left the back door unlocked for Frank to come over. He would hop the fence, and come into the back entrance, which was on the basement level where my room was.

Sure enough, within a few minutes, he heard the sound of the back door opening and Frank came lumbering down the stairs. “What did you need me to see?” he called out at the bottom of the steps. He turned to walk into my room and stopped dead in his tracks.

“Mrs. Bentley?” he called out, confused. He started backing away, a look of shock and fear on his face.

Michael laughed, a cute feminine laugh. ”No, I’m a friend of Michael’s, and he thought you would like to meet me.” He grinned. 

“What are you talking about? Did Mike put you up to this?” He looked very skeptical, but still slowly entered the room. A hot naked woman told him to, after all. He couldn’t stop staring right between this strange woman’s legs. 

Michael knew exactly what he was thinking, and it made him so hot. He started rubbing his lips with one hand and continued to beckon Frank closer with the other. Now that he was looking at Frank, he realized that despite being a woman, he still wasn’t really attracted to Frank. Maybe it was because he really wasn’t a good looking guy. He was kind of a husky slob, really. But they were good friends, and that counted for a lot.

Either way, Michael was so horny, and dying to cum. He didn’t really know how well Frank was endowed and hoped it was going to be better than his fingers. He couldn’t believe he was having these thoughts, but they felt so natural at the same time. He was a confused, horny mess.

Frank just stood there, clearly not knowing what to say or do.

“Just come here.” Michael demanded. He patted the bed next to him. He crossed his legs and then crossed his arms across his breasts. It was strange, he definitely wasn’t used to having such big mounds of flesh there. He could barely contain them, they were so large. And his feminine arms were much smaller and couldn’t cover much either.

“I don’t have a condom. Do you?” Frank said quickly, clearly a bit uncomfortable.

Michael patted the bed again, and Frank finally came over to sit down, so they were next to each other on the end of the bed.

“I’m on the pill, don’t worry about it.” he whispered into Frank’s ear. He bit down on the lobe and licked it.

Frank shivered. “Holy fuck, you are hot…” he turned and scoped out this sexy older woman that for some reason was naked, had been waiting for him, and was not nibbling and sucking on his ear. It was a bit too much to process, so he just seemed to sit there.

“Michael says you really know how to please a lady.” Michael whispered into his ear. “So show me.” he lay back and spread his legs, displaying his hairy pussy. He wasn’t even sorry he was going to make his friend eat his furry snatch. He was actually kind of enjoying the power he knew that he had over Frank, who was already climbing on top of him. “If you do a good job, I’ll let you fuck me.” he giggled. He was so horny, he could hardly think about anything but fulfilling his lust.

Frank grabbed each thigh and leaned in. He saw just how soaking wet Michael was. “Wow, you are horny, aren’t you?” he chuckled.

You have no idea. Michael thought. He grabbed his head and turned it upward so they made eye contact. “Shut up, and get to work.” he demanded, in his sexy deep voice. He turned Frank’s head back toward his crotch.

Michael was surprised to learn that Frank was actually as good as he said he was. Frank’s tongue found his clit right away, and he began to lick and suck on it. Within seconds, he had Michael squirming and moaning. He took a moment to breathe, which gave Michael a momentary reprieve from the toe-curling pleasure of cunnilingus from this new perspective. 

“Fuck, you were right.” Michael gasped. You are good at this. I thought you were just bullshitting me.” he laughed. He saw the look on Frank’s face and then added, “I mean I thought you were bullshitting him, and he uh, he was bullshitting me…” Michael kind of trailed off, not sure if he had salvaged that or not.

Frank shrugged and dove back in, sucking and licking Michael’s clit until he was shrieking with multiple orgasms. He had never felt such pleasure, and it seemed to come in waves. He would almost be continually cumming, his orgasm had barely finished when he would already start feeling another one approaching rapidly.

“That’s enough…” Michael groaned. “I need a break.”

“Oh?” laughed Frank, who then dove back in, giving him another orgasm before he could even protest. 

“Sure seems like the tables are turned and I am in charge now.” he chuckled, reaching up to stroke Michael’s clit with his fingers. Michael whimpered helplessly until Frank finally stopped and stood up.

“You ready for it?” he stood up and pulled his sweat pants down. His red and white striped boxers looked like a barber pole. And he had a hard pole pitching a tent. He had a smug look on his big hairy face.

“Hold on…” said Michael, holding up his hand as if to say “stop”. He still felt a burning desire to be penetrated, that had not changed, but he had a moment of recovering where he began to question what he was doing. He was now pondering whether it was a good idea to let his best friend fuck him as a woman. Would things ever be the same between them, even if he never found out about it? What would happen to Michael himself, if he let a man take him that way?

Now Frank looked annoyed. “What?” he asked, kind of chuckling at this sexy MILF that couldn’t seem to make up her mind. “Was that not good enough?” He grinned, looking down at Michael’s twitching, sweaty, feminine body. He looked confident that he had indeed adequately pleasured this beautiful MILF.

Michael just shook his head, his long hair swirled about, heavy with sweat. He wasn’t sure how to answer it. How could he explain his sudden change of heart?

Frank pulled his boxer shorts down and his six-inch uncut cock sprang into view. A small bead of precum glistened at the tip. “You sure you don’t want any of this?” he grinned, swinging his hips back and forth, his erect dick wagging around.

Michael was so conflicted. His momentary hesitation and resistance to the idea of being fucked like a woman were already seeming to be silly and pointless. It would be the most natural thing ever, and it would feel amazing if his friend’s oral ministrations were anything to go off of. Despite how stimulated he was, and how many earth-shaking orgasms he had had by this point, the hunger between his hips was not sated at all, in fact, it had been stoked even higher by the exquisite cunnilingus. He couldn’t bring himself to say no. But he couldn’t say yes either, he just sat there and stared at his friend’s erect dick, imagining what pleasure it would administer.

Frank laughed. “That’s what I thought.”

“Frank, stop.” Michael was finally able to choke out.  “It’s me, Michael.”

Frank stopped. He shook his head, with a sort of confused smile on his face. “What?” he asked, even though they both knew he had heard what Michael said. He stood there with his hard dick in his hand.

“I took a pill, and now I’m a hot fucking bitch.” he said, attempting to sound serious, which was pretty difficult, given the absurdity of his statement.

“You are that.” he nodded and licked his lips. “But the rest sounds crazy. Where would you even get a pill that turned you into a woman?” he shook his head again and laughed. “Why would you let Mike put you up to something like this? Just to tease me?” He backed away, his dick slowly deflating.

“I didn’t put anyone,” Michael said, getting exasperated. “I mean no one put me up to anything. It’s me. It’s called Alterex. You can look it up. I didn’t believe it at first, but...” he held his hand out in a pleading gesture, but it almost served to show how absurd the situation was. His little dainty woman hands were nothing like his own. “I just don’t know if I can go through with it, is all.” he muttered, realizing how crazy he must sound. “I’m a man, I’m not supposed to want to get fucked. That’s gay” he sighed.

Frank seemed to think for a moment, and then he smiled. “Well, let’s say I believe you.”  he looked between Frank’s legs at his soaking wet pussy. “You are telling me you’ve changed into a woman and you don’t want to feel what sex feels like? Especially after my oral skills were on display?” he chuckled. “Not to mention you basically said you would fuck me if I pleased you with my mouth.” he licked his lips, tasting Michael’s juices again. “You’re telling me I didn’t do that? Or what, you don’t want to try out sex as a woman?”

“So you believe me?” asked Michael, a little confused.

“Sure.” he said nonchalantly. “But we don’t have to do anything else if you don’t want to. “I just think you’re nuts for not trying out that thing.” he gestured between Michael’s legs and then shrugged. 

Frank was making a lot of sense, why would he not want to try it? Besides, he’d had friends with benefits before. He could have sex and it not matter, or make things awkward. He assured himself of it. He wordlessly laid back and sighed. He was really going to go through with this.

“You’re right. I should try it.” he finally said after a long pause.

“How could you not?” Frank chuckled.  He stared at Michael’s generous rack as he pulled on his cock to get it hard again. 

“You should let me record it, too.” he said matter-of-factly, pulling his phone out. 

Michael didn’t have any problem with it, it’s not like it would be a recording of him having sex with Frank, it would be a hot MILF having sex with Frank. 

So he let Frank set up his phone to record on the dresser, facing them. Then he climbed on top of Michael again, his cock rock hard now.

“You ready?” he asked in a soothing voice, though with an almost sarcastic tone. It was probably Michael’s imagination.

“Yes.” Michael nodded.

Frank lined up his cock with Michael’s entrance. He started pushing, his cock slid in easily, Michael’s pussy had been ready since before even the cunnilingus. 

“Mmm…” Michael moaned, feeling elated. He wrapped his arms around Frank’s upper body and held on for dear life as Frank began to pound him harder and harder. It was amazing. It felt like his friend’s cock belonged there, inside him. As it slid in and out, the friction was exquisite. The sensation was similar to having sex in the past but so much more intense. To envelope something soft but hard at the same time was such an amazing feeling that he wished he hadn’t been deprived of all this time. There was a brief moment, where he thought that it was what he had been afraid of, that he would never be the same after this.

“Fuck yeah.” Frank grunted, slamming his thick cock to the hilt in Michael’s slick cunt. He grabbed one of Michael’s massive tits and shoved the nipple in his mouth. He sucked and nibbled on it, which Michael loved. It was so hot. Frank’s continued assault made it impossible to worry about what would happen after this moment. This moment was the only thing that mattered. Frank bit him hard on his nipple, enough to leave teeth marks, but that only drove Michael wild.

Michael began to roll his hips as they fucked, learning how a woman is supposed to move. He squeezed Frank tight against him with his arms and legs. Frank wrapped his own arms around Michael’s shoulders and began to pick up speed. They found a nice rhythm for a good amount of time before Michael felt an orgasm coming on. Their pace reached a fever pitch before he finally cried out in ecstasy, his vaginal muscles spasmed around Frank’s thick cock, which had itself began to swell.

A moment later, Michael felt a blast of heat inside of him. Frank groaned as he orgasmed while gripping Michael’s body as hard as he could, penetrating as deep as he could. He pumped load after load of cum into Michael’s waiting pussy, gasping and moaning uncontrollably. He finally let go of Michael’s abused tit and let the nipple fall out of his mouth. He climbed off of Michael and plopped onto the bed next to him. They both gasped for breath staring at the ceiling.

“Holy shit…” Michael whispered, a big smile on his face. He was already drifting off to sleep. Frank rolled over and followed him into blissful slumber.

Michael was awoken by Frank exclaiming “What the fuck?”

He shook the sleep away and saw, with some relief, that his body was back to normal. Frank was next to him, staring at his chest. He looked down and he saw the teeth marks on his now male nipple. “There’s no way that was you…” he shook his head in disbelief. “She must have bitten you, huh?” he grinned like he had it all figured out. He pointed to his head. “You can’t fool me!”

“I thought you said you believed me…” Michael quietly complained. He stood up noticed the dried cum on his crotch and immediately wanted to take shower. He felt kind of gross after what he had done.

Frank was already up and walking out. “I would have agreed to anything to fuck her. Even agree to play along with your little joke, if that is what it takes.” He laughed hard. “Tell your friend, whoever she was, that I would love to see her again, and thanks for the video, too! Not sure how you know her and what you told her, but she sure was enthusiastic. Nice touch with the weird joke. It almost worked. I’ll see you online later.” he laughed and shook his head as he walked up the stairs and out of the house.

Michael was still in a bit of a daze, both from just waking up and also because his mind was stuck in a loop, preoccupied with the previous night’s events and replaying them over and over. He knew he needed to clean up and put his mom and sister’s clothes back where he found them before they got back. He wondered if his dad would notice the missing pill.

to be continued in part 2

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