Dad's New Suit 2

Dad's New Suit 2 by Lou Bealy 
Commissioned by anonymous

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Contains incest. Be warned.

You should read part 1 first, for maximum enjoyment.

I knocked on David’s door and nervously fidgeted as I waited for him to open up. I spotted him looking through the blinds, and a moment later the door was thrown open, and there was David, standing there in the doorway in his underpants.
“Hey Jade.” he said, looking surprised but pleased. He smiled, which made me notice for the first time how attractive he was.
Dad was right about what the suit does to your mind, I noted to myself.
I couldn’t believe I had done it. It was one thing to fantasize about being a woman. To be sexually aroused by the idea. Autogynephilia, it is called. I had never really done that, though I had heard about guys who did.  But once I saw that my dad was able to be a pretty young woman, I did begin to think about it more and more. Not only how real it had felt to me, but how real it looked like it felt for Dad, as Jade.
But to actually be a woman or a very close approximation, was a whole other step. But there I was, in the Jade suit and walking into David’s apartment. I wanted to tell myself that I didn’t know what was coming, that I was just going with the flow. But I knew where it was going to go.
I passed the hallway mirror and slowed down to study myself as I walked by. It looked exactly like Jade. My facial structure was close enough to dad’s that I looked identical to him while he had been in the suit. Which is to say, I looked like sex on two legs. Especially since I was only wearing a tee shirt that barely covered my crotch.
As I walked, I noted the difference in my gait and novel feeling of my thighs rubbing together, and my balls were not in the way. I was shorter, I felt the weight of the extra fat on my ass, and my boobs hanging on my chest. It was absolutely amazing. I still had no idea how such a thing was possible, but the results were real enough.
I marveled at the suit and wondered again how it worked, how a suit could change my body shape like it did. I sashayed as I walked, enjoying this new shape my body somehow possessed. I felt so sexy and feminine.
I walked into the room right behind him, and he walked over to a bed with dark sheets and sat down. I followed over to the bed and sat down next to him. I looked away, being too embarrassed to look at him directly. I awkwardly stared at the wall.
The feelings of being horny were real enough, as I had suspected they got the better of Dad, and now I was allowing them to get the better of me. Not just feeling horny, but feeling like a sexy girl, like a walking wet dream for most men. It was scary and exhilarating.
Although I was pretty sure I knew what was about to happen, it was somehow thrilling to be the one that could sit back, and be the prize to be taken, instead of the taker.
“So…” he said, nervously. He didn’t seem to know what to say. His underpants bulged with his half hard cock. He was actually a pretty good size, I admired. Bigger than me.
That thought reminded me of the fact that I couldn’t feel my own cock while wearing the suit, even as I became aroused looking at his. I felt myself growing wetter and wetter, to the point that it felt like I had pissed myself. Liquid was dripping down my thighs. I hadn’t bothered to put any underwear, knowing what the goal of going there was, and they would only get in the way.
“So…” I repeated back to him, not sure how to proceed. I resolved to let him make the first move.
I didn’t have to wait long, he placed his hand on my leg, and then leaned in to kiss me. I leaned down, headbutting him slightly and stopping his kiss.
“Huh?” he grunted, confused.
“No kissing.” I said, wondering if dad had kissed him. I quickly put that out of my mind. As horny as I was, that would have been too far. “Unless it is on my tits…” I said, pulling my shirt over my head and revealing my naked body.
I admired it again. My thin athletic frame, my beautiful tits that seemed to defy gravity on my chest, with big erect nipples. My eyes traveled further down to my crotch, where I could see the slit and mound of my hairless vulva.
His mouth was on my breasts, which he kissed all over. I giggled and laid back on the bed, pulling him on top of me. I pushed his shorts down, and his impressive seven-inch manhood popped out. I spread my legs, displaying my hungry pussy. It was positively dripping with anticipation.
He needed no further invitation. I felt the head of his penis at my entrance. With a grunt, he gave a solid push with his hips and slid in with almost no resistance.
   “Fuck…” I moaned as I felt him stretch me open. The head of his cock pressed inside me, pushing my lips apart. It was the most exquisite and novel feeling I had ever experienced. I gasped in pleasure, his cock was halfway in.
   “Mmm… baby… god, you’re so tight…” David whispered, his cock finally all the way inside me. His eyes were open wide like he still didn’t believe his luck.
I gripped his back as his length pushed into me. I didn’t know how I was able to accommodate his huge organ inside my body. I felt like a stuffed turkey, completely full. The fact that this should be impossible, and I didn’t even know if his cock was really inside me, or if the suit just made me think it was. It didn’t matter. It felt like the most real thing I had ever felt. Nothing else existed but the two of us, connected in the most intimate way. I felt complete, like the whole world had stopped and this moment would last forever.
It didn’t, but it got even better. His cock started to slide in out of me. Slowly at first, but it quickly picked up speed. After a few moments, he pulled my hips up off the bed and placed my legs on his shoulders. His cock slid even deeper inside me.
“Fuck, yes!” I exclaimed as he bottomed out inside me. He started thrusting his hips faster and faster. He started grunting with each thrust, sweat building up on his forehead. We had a good rhythm for a few minutes until he pulled out.
I cried out in disappointment, but he reached out to grab my leg, tugging me over and turning me so I was on my knees. I stood up on all fours and he kneeled behind me. I felt him fumble for a few moments before his cock slid back inside me. He grabbed my hips and pushed hard, going even deeper than before.
“Oh!” I cried out. I was barely able to stay up on my knees, I was quivering so hard.
He slapped my shapely ass, the sound echoed off the walls. “Oh yeah, you like that, don’t you slut?” he asked, slapping my ass again as his thrusts picked up speed. I did like it.
“Mmm… yes…” I squeaked out in response. I grabbed onto the corner of his bed and held on for dear life while he pounded me relentlessly from behind, throwing in a slap on the ass periodically. He was nailing me so hard, I could hardly stay up on my arms, I ended up face down, with my ass in the air. He had ahold of my hips and was pounding away at me. He spanked my ass hard, which elicited a girly shriek. It was so hot. There was something viscerally satisfying about being used by him, being degraded by him. In that moment, I was his fucktoy and I loved it. I felt my orgasm building and it washed over me like waves. My whole body felt the heat and pleasure radiating out from every square inch. I twitched and thrashed. I moaned and groaned. In the wake of my first female orgasm, he picked up speed, clearly trying to get off himself.
After continuing to ravage me hard and fast until I could feel sweat dripping on my back, he grunted and I felt his cock swell inside me, signaling his impending orgasm.
“Shit!” he groaned as he went over the edge. His cock exploded inside me and he pumped me full of his cum. I wondered if I should ask Dad if there was any way you could get pregnant. I knew he was just wearing a suit, but it sure felt like my friend David had just bred my pussy.
He pulled out, a stream of cum dripped from my pussy as his cock came free. I reveled in the afterglow of my orgasm for a few moments, just laying there on his bed.
“I have to get ready for work… thanks? For coming by.” David stammered awkwardly. “That was fun.”
“Yes, we might have to do it again some time…” I smiled at him as I climbed to my feet.
“What would James think? Are you still talking to him, or what?” asked David as he walked over to his bathroom and turned on the shower. He came back in the room and looked at me, clearly expecting an answer.
“Don’t worry about what James would think.” I said seductively. “He’s out of the picture.”
I got back to my apartment and took the suit off to get ready for class. It was only then, with the suit off and my normal faculties returned that I felt a little weird and gross about what I had done. I didn’t have any attraction to David at all, or any man for that matter.
But in that suit, it was like I was a real woman. I felt sexy and submissive. I wanted to be taken and dominated. I wanted to be ravished and defiled. As soaped up in the shower, I got hard just thinking about it. I gave a half-hearted attempt to try and feel like a man again, to think about fucking some broad. But my mind kept going back to being nailed to the bed from behind. Being stretched out and utterly used. Being spanked and called a slut. I sprayed the shower wall with cum a few moments later.
I wanted to ask Dad if he had similar thoughts, but he already left, apparently. I didn’t know where he went, he was normally off that day. I started gushing about how fucking hot it was to wear that suit and get fucked by a hot guy… and then stopped myself. It felt really weird, to describe how good it had felt to be fucked as a woman. I realized that I didn’t want anything like that to appear in my message feeds, ever. I wasn’t about to make the same mistake my dad had and let anyone find out about this. Some part of me was ashamed that I had enjoyed being a woman so much. I didn’t want anyone to know about it, and ask the questions about me that it may provoke.
I did send him a text asking where he was, but never got a response. I went to class, wondering what was up with him.
* * *
When I got home from class, Dad was there, sleeping. That made sense since he did work nights usually, but it was still frustrating that I still didn’t have anyone that I could talk to about this.
I started doing some homework, but my mind kept drifting. It kept going back to the feeling of David’s big cock splitting me open. I couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that the suit was hanging up in the other room, and that I could be feeling that sexy again right now.
My cock twitched in my pants. I tried to just keep studying, but I couldn’t get anything done. I found myself running my eyes over the same paragraph over and over but not really retaining it. I was too distracted by the memory of getting hard fucked by my neighbor. I tried to deny it to even myself but I couldn’t. I wanted to do it again. I wanted to be a woman again.
I kept telling myself I wasn’t going to do it. That I had work to do. I told myself that, right up until the time I found myself standing in front of the suit again. I shook my head “no” to myself as my hands reached out to grab it off the hook. It stunk of sex. I held the strange, fleshy suit in my hands, still shaking my head.  I draped the suit over myself in front of the mirror, the smell of cum and sweat permeated my nostrils. My cock was rock hard, but I didn’t want the short, unimpressive, singular orgasm as a man. I knew I wanted something else entirely.
I looked at myself in the mirror. I was Jade again, and I felt so sexy. I looked at my perfect tits, cute face framed by long blonde hair, a button nose, and high cheekbones, and a nice round figure. I was totally irresistible to men. I had found that out myself when Dad was in the suit. I knew that I could get what I wanted with no difficulty. And I knew what I wanted.
I grabbed my phone and downloaded an app designed to help you meet local people, called meetem or something like that. I made a profile and began taking pictures. I had seen enough of those kinds of pictures to know how to stage one myself. I got all the standard slut pictures: the duck face, the confused mouth-agape look, the half-drunk holding a beer look, the overhead cleavage shot, the ass shot in the mirror, all of the classics. I added some bullshit about how I had just broken up with my man and needed some company.
When the messages started coming in, I was so glad that I made a new email address for the profile. My standard one wouldn’t have fit with a young hot stripper lady anyway, which is why I changed it in the first place. I was immediately inundated with a steady stream of replies. I couldn’t read them fast enough. I had always figured that with online dating, women just had to sit back and wait for men to message them, but I had no idea just how many messages they would get. It was amazing. There were dozens and dozens of them. Maybe hundreds, but I turned off email notifications before I could find out.
I selected a guy who was tall, dark and stacked with bulging muscles. I messaged him and we chatted for a bit. I told him I just needed the D and- I couldn’t believe I was doing this- I wanted to see his piece first to make sure it would satisfy me. He was more than willing to oblige and sent me a few dick shots. I couldn’t believe I even wanted them, and I couldn’t believe how huge he was either. They made me so hot, just looking at the pictures, imagining his huge dick inside me.
My new female desires were then put in high gear as I waited for this Greek god to come over and ravish me like the slut I was. He said he would be right over, but it seemed like it was taking forever. I got impatient waiting and started the fun without him. I couldn’t help myself and was already naked on the couch, fingering my clit when he arrived.
He was wearing what looked like work-out clothes: sweatpants and a wife-beater shirt. He was every bit the adonis that his pictures had portrayed. His six-pack abs were visible through the tight material of his shirt. His arms were huge and just corded muscle. He didn’t look like he skipped leg day, either, with his sweatpants being noticeably tight around his legs. His tight sweatpants also displayed his bulging erection, which seemed to be as advertised as well. Not that I had to look through his clothes for very long.
I was already nude on the couch, and I looked up at him, waiting for him to simply climb on me and give me a good dicking. But he didn’t. After he got undressed, his muscles and big hard dick were on full display but he just stood there, with a big grin on his face.
“Come on.” I said, trying to be seductive. “We both know why we are here.” I spread my legs wider, inviting him to hop on and defile me.
“And what is that, slut?” he smugly asked, still grinning.
“You know what.” I huffed like a pouting girl.
“Not until you say it.” he taunted, spinning his hips back and forth, waggling his erect eleven-inch cock at me.
“Fuck me.” I said, impatiently.
“That’s no way to ask for something.” he continued to taunt.
“Look,” I said, getting very annoyed. “I could have someone else who is more cooperative here in ten minutes. I could have two if I wanted.” I ceased masturbating for a moment and crossed my arms. “ Are we doing this, or what?”
“I like a feisty woman.” he laughed, a deep manly laugh. He reached out and grabbed my legs, pulling me onto my back and positioning my ass on the edge of the couch. He kneeled down and aimed his huge cock at my entrance.
There was no foreplay, no attempt to be sweet or sensual. This was all very mechanical and methodical. He had definitely done this before. Many times, I guessed. He didn’t try and kiss me or butter me up by telling me how beautiful I was. He just got straight to business.
His huge cock somehow fit inside me. It also felt incredible, stretching me to what felt like my limit, filling me all the way up. I let out a long sigh as he pushed completely inside. My eyes were practically bugging out of my head when I felt him grab my hips and begin rocking side to side. His cock swirled around inside me, driving me absolutely wild. My fingernails dug into his back as I wailed with absolute pleasure. I thought I may wake up Dad, but I didn’t even care at that point.
By the time we were done, he had fucked me in every position. I was amazed at his considerable stamina. He was like a machine. His cock unrelentingly assaulted my poor used pussy, that was beginning to feel sore. Despite the beginning of pain and discomfort, I was eager to continue, eager for him to have an orgasm too. I wanted to get him off like he got me off. I had so many orgasms, I had lost count. I was so overstimulated, I was a quivering, moaning pile of jelly as he fucked me doggy style. He stood over me while I leaned over and clutched the armrest of the couch. I could barely stay on my feet, even with most of my weight on the armrest, it felt like he was mostly holding me up as he pounded away at my well-used pussy.
He did eventually cum, but he had the courtesy to pull out and jizz on my back and ass. It was incredibly sensual and hot as hell. He could have cum inside me, I thought. I couldn’t get pregnant, while in the suit. That would just be insane. But he didn’t know that, of course. I realized as he walked out, that I didn’t even know his name.
After he left, I was in the shower, cleaning off the suit before I putting it away. That done, I came back and washed my own body as well. I was sweaty and smelly after being in the suit and getting all worked up.
I enjoyed the feeling of the hot water draining over me. I contemplated the events of the last few days with almost disbelief and awe. I was startled from my reverie when I heard the door open. I washed the soap out of my eyes in time to see Dad come in and sit down on the toilet.
“I’ve got a surprise for you, Junior.” he smiled. “Come into my room, and I’ll show you.” he said before walking out.
I finished washing and followed him to his room, assuming he had some kind of kinky sex thing to show me. I couldn’t think of anything else. My mind was still so consumed by the thought of sex as a woman. It had felt like the most novel and natural thing in the world, all at the same time. But when I walked into his room, I saw him holding what looked like another suit.
“Whatcha got there?” I said in a singsong voice, my beautiful soprano voice so different from my regular male baritone.
“I got another suit! It’s the only one they had left, but it’s a hot milf! Lemme show you!” he threw it down and was about to open it up when I stopped him.
“Wait.” I said. He looked at me with a puzzled expression as I pondered. “Let me try it.”
Dad looked on, bemused. “I figured you would want the Jade suit, and I would take this hot milf one.
A few moments later, I was standing naked in the mirror, looking at myself. I looked a lot like Jade, with the same basic facial structure. I still had the little button nose and high cheekbones, framed by long blonde hair. I did look noticeably older, but still smoking hot. It looked like I could be Jade’s older sister or even her mother. Jade had a more athletic, slim frame of a young woman, and in contrast, I was nice and thick. I had a big round ass, huge round tits with large nipples that were still somewhat perky, and child-bearing hips.
“Wow.” Dad’s eyes went wide and he gave a wolf whistle. “You almost look like your mother. Smoking hot. Except you have a better rack.” he chuckled.
I wanted to argue with him, but when I looked in the mirror again, I had to agree that I did look a lot like her, except she had a more athletic frame and smaller tits. But the face and the blonde hair was surprisingly close. Mom had always been a looker, which is part of why I was so confused about him cheating on her. I didn’t really want to get into that, so I did not share my thoughts.
“I never would have figured you to pick that suit, over the young one.” said Dad, still obviously amused at the surprise.
“I don’t know, it just seemed right. I guess I have a thing for the older ladies.” I said, not truly being able to understand it myself. My voice was noticeably deeper and was low and sultry to my ears.
“Well, I definitely agree!” He grinned at me and wrapped his arm around my waist. He pulled me close and whispered. “So what do I call you?”
I leaned into him and relaxed, closing my eyes. The feeling of his big strong arms around me gave me a feeling of contentment that is hard to even explain. Like I felt safe. I could smell his cologne and it was beginning to excite me, which I knew it was designed to do. I felt my nipples harden with arousal. I thought for a moment. “Pearl. Jade’s mother.” I finally said.
“Pearl. I like it.” he gripped me harder, pulling me close. “What do you say to a little romp, there Pearl?” he chuckled.
I laughed and pushed him away. There was something about him that was all the sudden unappealing. I couldn’t place it. It was weird,  I knew he was an attractive older man, my brief time with him as Jade confirmed this from the female perspective. But… he just seemed… old. Which was weird because I knew that the suit was supposed to be an older woman. Why would she not be attracted to… and then I realized why.
“Sorry, you’re not my type.” I took a few steps, sashaying my hips and displaying my beautiful naked ass. “I’m a cougar. I need some younger prey.” I laughed at my own cleverness.
“Well, that should be easy enough.” he said and chuckled. “I was able to get the second suit as a loaner, to see if I like it. If you want to wear it… I could see about getting you a job at the Tiger Lilly.”
I spun on my heels in a circle and came to a stop looking at myself, as Pearl, in the mirror again. “Yeah, okay.” I laughed. I turned to him, getting serious for a moment. “But for tonight… I think it’s a girls night out, what do you think…” I reached into his closet and grabbed the Jade suit, tossing it to him. “Jade?”
* * *
We brought a couple of cute boys home and fucked them silly. Mine was a young Asian guy named Ken, I think I don't really remember. Let me just say, that not all Asian men fit a certain stereotype that I had taken for granted. His dick was probably bigger than mine, but it was hard to think in those terms while in the suit. It felt like the young man that existed out of the suit was a totally different person than the beautiful older blonde chick that I was while in the suit. I had gotten home first and was already finished with the first round of hot sex with my cute little Asian boy when I heard Jade come in.
She brought home an older guy whose name I never got, with a big chest and dirty blonde hair that was parted at the side. He looked like some kind of executive, with his tailored suit and a fresh haircut that did a good job of hiding his receding hairline. He was good looking, for an older guy, I suppose. Jade obviously couldn’t get enough of him. The expression on his face when I walked in on the two of them was priceless.  My cute Asian boy was recharging, so I figured I would have some fun.
The two of them hadn’t even gotten undressed yet, and Jade was sucking his rather large cock. I stared at it. Though he wasn’t really my type, a big cock was a big cock. He looked really worried that he shouldn’t be getting naked with this young woman at all. He must have thought Mom had caught him in the act of fucking her daughter and he was in big trouble. He didn’t think this long, though. I pulled off my long t-shirt, revealing my naked body.  My hot curves and breasts were covered in sweat from my previous exertions. My hairless pussy was on full display, with my legs slightly spread. His expression changed from one of surprise to being quite pleased.
I kneeled in front of him, right next to  Jade and began jacking his cock, while she sucked on it.  I loved the look of shock on his face, and the way it turned to a big grin. After a few moments, I pulled it from her mouth and then wrapped my own lips around the head, which was still dripping wet with her saliva. It wasn’t huge, but it was a decent size, and thick.
“Mom!” said Jade in a whiney voice, and pushed me. She was more teasing than truly upset. “Get your own boy!”
“Shush.” I answered, after pulling his cock out of my mouth for a moment. Mother already used up her boy, and he’s recharging.” I mock-scolded. “And now you’re going share yours. He certainly isn’t going to complain.” I shoved his cock back in my mouth and swirled my tongue around the head, really sampling his male musk. I savored the taste. As he looked down on me, he didn’t seem to feel the need to voice any complaints.
Jade moved up behind him and pulled off his shirt, exposing his hairy chest. He had a decent dad-bod kinda look. I continued to fellate him, bobbing my head back and forth as my tongue lapped the length of his cock. Jade pulled him down into a sitting position on the bed, and I followed with my mouth still attached to his nice big cock. She pushed him back so he was laying on his back, and she swung her leg over to straddle his face. He quickly found her clit and began licking and sucking it. She squealed with delight and squirmed all over him. She reached down to pinch his nipples while he pleasured her with his mouth.
I turned around and bent over at the waist, displaying my dripping cunt to him. He got the idea and helped me position myself so I could slip his erect cock inside me. I sat down and it slid right in, with one long stroke.
After he fucked me for what seemed like hours, I opened my eyes and saw that Jade was no longer sitting on the older man’s face and instead was getting fucked by the boy toy that I thought was still sleeping in the other room. He had evidently heard my moans and shrieks of pleasure and come to get in on the action himself. By the end of the night, we were exhausted. All four of us ended up asleep on the couches in the living room.
* * *
The next day, once our guests left, the two of us got cleaned up and then relaxed for the day. Neither of us had anything pressing to do that day, so we hung out naked and watched some Survivor for a while before going to get lunch at the mall. I wore one of Jade’s stripper outfits and she wore her little cowgirl number.
When walking out of the restaurant, I noticed a cute red dress on a mannequin in a store window. I looked down at myself at realized that I didn’t really have any clothes! So the two of us splurged on some cute clothes.
When we got home, I started taking pictures and constructing an account for myself on the Meetem app. I showed Jade the account that I had already made for her while I was in the suit, which made her happy because she wasn’t as skilled at making such things because she was… older than me.
I was then reminded me that the real me, James, had responsibilities that day. I had been so consumed by Pearl, that I had completely forgotten. I had missed most of my classes that day, but I could still make it to the last one if I hurried. I rushed to get ready, grab my textbook and laptop and ran out the door. I was in the car and about to back up when I realized that I was still Pearl. I was about to walk into class that day as a hot milf wearing a sheer black dress that I had bought at the mall. I had to rush back inside and get undressed so I could take the suit off, get dressed again- in my normal clothes- and run back to the car to speed off to class. I was going to be late to that one, but at least I would get most of it.
On the way there, I was stopped at the stoplight and looked myself in the mirror, seeing the real me. I shook my head. What was happening to me? It was like I forgot the real me was inside the suit. Even after acknowledging that James had some obligations, I almost forgot to change back to him. James had problems and responsibilities. James was a single loser nerd. Pearl was a hot cougar who could get whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted.
When I got home from class, Jade was sitting on the couch watching TV and taking selfies, probably flirting with some guy, I assumed. She hadn’t seemed to have moved from that spot since she was still naked.
I walked right past her and went back to my room, where I immediately put the Pearl suit back on. I admired my gorgeous naked form in the mirror, turning to look at my nice round ass before turning back. I pushed my nice round tits together and made a kissy face to myself, marveling at how sexy and sensual this all was. My nipples were starting to get hard, as I got aroused. My pussy began to lubricate itself in preparation for the night’s festivities. I got on the app and started looking through my hundreds of messages for the right guy.
The two of us started spending all of our time as Pearl and Jade. Whether it was just sitting around at home, or going out on the town, if we didn’t have to be there as our “regular” selves, we were the hot mother/daughter combo. I was barely keeping up with my schoolwork, and instead of spending my time partying, or making money at the Tiger Lilly.
We played that combo up at the Lilly as well. I quit my job at the coffee shop and instead I worked a few nights a week there, making way better money and having way more fun. The two of us would perform one after the other, and then both say we would be in a VIP room after we were both finished. It wasn’t a surprise to me, that the number of guys on our waiting list was way higher than any other performer. Who wouldn’t want a blowjob from a hot blonde while her mother watches and waits for her turn? Who wouldn’t pay a little extra for that?
I wasn’t even thinking about being James anymore, except in a negative light. I was at home as Pearl. I felt happier and more alive as Pearl than I ever did as James. And Jade was the same way. She was happier, and we got along better as the two hot blondes than we did as father and son. It wasn’t even strange that I was the “mom”, we seamlessly entered those roles, and also got along great. I felt adept and confident at taking charge, and Jade would defer to me. I usually got to pick which guy I wanted first. And when I was done with him, I would sample the guy she picked as well. I was insatiable.
We didn’t even really see David anymore, either. He was cute and all, but there were much better looking guys that we played with now. And we were never in our male guises long enough to hang out with anyone.
* * *
We got back from another shopping trip one day to find the door unlocked. Concerned about robbers, we slowly snuck into the apartment, making sure no one else was there. Only later did I think that if we were so concerned, we should have taken off the suits and been in our male guises so we could be better prepared for such an altercation. Luckily, there were no sign burglars or rapists or something.
But when we got to the living room, there was someone else there, sitting on the couch. It was Mom. She knew about the extra key under the rug and had let herself in. She looked at us, in our bimbo stripper outfits and she didn’t disguise an obvious disdain. She was wearing her blonde hair up in a bun, and her outfit was a business casual type outfit with dark slacks and overshirt with a white undershirt. It wasn’t the most flattering outfit for her, but her nice body could still be admired through the thick fabric. Dad was right, she had always been a looker. I was almost jealous, but remembered my huge tits and felt better about it.
“Who are you?” she demanded of the two of us. “And where are James or his dad?” she asked angrily.
“We’re uh.” I stammered, trying to think quickly. “Their girlfriends.”
“Yes, I’m sure you are.” she replied, clearly unimpressed.
Jade quickly nodded and added. “Yeah, we have our own keys and everything.” she held up her keyring.
“So you live here?” Mom asked, trying to be patient.
“No.” I said quickly.
“Yes!” Jade added at almost the same time.
Mom was starting to lose her patience. She waved her hand dismissively. “Whatever. James hasn’t even told me about you at all. I haven’t been able to get ahold of him. He hasn’t answered my phone calls or text messages in weeks. When I called the office at the University to ask if he was okay, they said they haven’t seen him in weeks. Too busy having fun, to talk to me, or even go to class, I guess.” she was getting angry now.
I realized that I had been ignoring her calls. As Pearl, they hadn’t seemed important. They were for that loser James, not for Pearl. Pearl was too busy to placate James’ mom. But now, I realized why she would be so emotional. She was worried about her son.
“When will they be here?” she said, exasperated.
“Um, not sure.” said Jade but I talked right over him.
“Later tonight!” I said, a little too urgently.
“Well, can you give James a message?” She stood up, and continued her rant, not stopping to see if we agreed. “Tell him Mom is cutting him off.” she began to storm out. “If he can’t be bothered to go to class that I am paying for, and won’t even return my calls, he can do without my financial support!”
“Wait!” called out Jade, in a desperate shriek. Mom turned around with a bemused expression.
“What?” she said, staring daggers through this hot floozy-looking young girl that was almost certainly corrupting her son. Her expression changed to confusion as Jade opened the suit and Dad stepped out. He was naked and sweaty from being inside for what was now several days. Mom looked like she couldn’t believe it.
“It was my fault, I introduced him to these suits. It was for a job!” he said, pleading with his eyes and voice.
“Where, a strip club?” Mom asked, still clearly in shock.
“Yes.” he admitted. “It’s good money. And… Well, we got carried away. You don’t know what it’s like… it’s like you become a whole other person.” his eyes glazed over, as he seemingly relived the experience.
Mom turned to look at me, and I stepped out of the suit as well. She looked equally as shocked as she was seeing it the first time. “That is amazing…” she said, her voice filled with wonder.
We sat there for a few moments, until she turned to us and asked “Does this strip club have a ladies night?”  A sly grin appearing on her face.
Dad grinned back, seemingly getting her implication. “Yes, and they have a few male suits available, in a variety of body shapes.”
Mom just stared at the suits, her smile kept getting wider and wider.

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