Magical Slaves

 Magical Slaves by Lou Bealy

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This is a work of fiction and all characters depicted are 18 or older.

When the air was cool and the mist had fallen, a great rumbling sound could be heard approaching the forest. The sun had gone down but the light of day had not yet vanished but a source of the sound could not immediately be seen. From a high vantage point, lights could be seen approaching, piercing the mist and twilight to illuminate the old-growth trees, the last of their kind on the continent, had survived the centuries of deforestation that had claimed the rest of the once-great forest.

There was confusion, a lack of preparation for whatever this potential threat was. The lookouts all sent signals below and were told to stand by until they knew what they were dealing with. They waited, watched, and listened, nervous as to what it could be.

The huge blinding spotlights sweeping over the trees sent a few lookouts behind cover until they passed. As the lights got closer, the rumble became more of a grinding sound. Metal upon metal upon dirt, propelling the source of the sound closer and closer. The lights swept across the area like it was searching for something. Then it stopped on the small hill in the middle of the grove, with the largest tree at the top.

Then came a series of crashing sounds. The lights slowed their approach and became chaotic, moving about in the night. A grinding sound more like a screech or howl echoed from the surrounding hills followed by a loud boom like something hit the ground. Over and over, the sound got louder and the lights approached. Soon each boom sent shockwaves through the ground. Then the source of the sound got close enough to be identified and sent the lookouts running into the little burrows that led under the hill. They left just in time.

A giant, mechanical monster came to stop a the foot of the small hill at the center of the grove. It had the vague shape of a human torso atop a pair of armored treads. It had two long mechanical arms, one that ended in a claw-like hand and the other with what looked like a bucket from a backhoe. It had a pair of blazing bright lights atop a round lighting rig that had the appearance of eyes on a face. It even appeared to rear its “head” back and emit a roar that sounded like an explosion slowed down.

In its clawed hand, it held a tree with dirt clinging to the roots. It tossed the tree aside and grabbed another, tearing it from the ground as well. The machine crept forward, ripping any tree in its path as it made its way up the hill.

An old man in a white lab coat hid behind a tree, watching from a good distance away. He was not doing a good job of concealing himself, pacing and rubbing his hands together every few moments. Then he screamed in horror.

There was a flash of light, and a sound of thunder, making the man close his eyes and cover his face. It was so bright and loud, he was stunned for a moment. It had to have come from near him.

When his eyes cleared, he saw the mechanical monster was set alight in flames. He shrieked in horror but before he could even start to formulate a countermeasure, there was another BOOM, this one much louder, sending him crashing to the dirt. He looked up and saw the metal monstrosity flying apart just in time to roll behind a tree.

“No!” the old man cried, after recovering. “My Excavatron! My beautiful creation!” The orange glow from the burning debris lit his cragged face, showing it contorting with rage. He growled and shouted at the flaming wreckage, “How could this have happened? The secrets of the faerie grove were almost mine!” He stared at the crest of the hill, where the small holes in the ground marked the location of the hidden faerie enclave. Just above them, his broken, smoldering digging machine sending a column of black smoke into the sky.

A bolt of light from the twilight sky landed in front of him and sent motes of luminescence about the grove. The explosion of radiance dazzled him, rendering him momentarily blinding and sending him reeling back behind a copse of trees on the edge of the field. He stumbled over some branches and leaned against the trunk until he was able to see again.

When his eyes cleared, he saw the silhouettes of three figures standing in front of the burning wreckage, right where the bolt of light had hit. He squinted, trying to make out who they could be. They were talking but he wasn’t close enough to hear what they were saying. Still a little disoriented, he was able to start creeping forward towards them. When he was closer, it looked like the figures were three young women. Confused, he crept closer, trying his best to stay quiet and low.

“...and it seems the plan worked,” one of them said. He made it to the cover of a rock and was able to peer around it to get a better look. He couldn’t believe his eyes. It was those damn teenagers. The ones who had tried to warn him off of searching the grove. But they looked much different than the high-schoolers he had met before, seemingly just on some activist crusade.

They were each dressed in what looked like full-length white leotards with little skirts that were styled to look like flower petals. All three were white but they had different patterns on them. Upon each of their foreheads was a glittering multicolored jewel on a silk headband. They carried weapons and had grim, serious expressions on their faces like they were looking for someone to fight. He had no idea where they came from or how they seemingly appeared out of nowhere.

“After we chased off those supposed surveyors, I kept their IDs and did some digging,” one of them said. She was a short, curvy blonde with a green leaf pattern on her leotard, green gloves, boots, skirt, headband, and belt. On her belt hung what looked like a whip and a tube in a leather sheath that he guessed was some kind of blowgun. She held up a fragment of a circuit board she had just claimed from the wreckage and added, “They work for a company called ‘Clover Construction Corporation” or something like that. I bet when I run the serial numbers on these components we will have a match. We shouldn’t have just let them go.”

The old man smiled, knowing that several shell corporations stood between them and finding out his identity. Still, this was a bit worrisome. He had not believed his men at first, that there were some teenage girls in leotards that had somehow beat the crap out of them, but he was starting to. He didn’t even know who these strange girls were but they were evidently resourceful enough to stop his plans in their tracks.

“Good work on the alchemist fire, Barbara,” said the first girl, a tall stoic-looking brunette with long flowing hair, and a swimmer’s physique. Her leotard was white but with a mottled, camouflage pattern of browns, tans, and greens, with skirt, boots, gloves, headband, and belt to match. On her back there appeared to be a quiver of arrows and a bow. In her hands was a what appeared to be a longsword. She held it in one hand and dropped the heavy round end into her palm, making a SMACK with each hit. “Find out what other info you can dig up about them when we get back. For now, go ask the lookouts if any intruders were spotted in the grove.” When the girl in green left, she turned to the third girl.

“Someone is out here,” said the third girl whispered in a low timbre. “I heard them shouting.” She was a curly redhead with a thick, voluptuous physique wearing only a simply faded white leotard, headband, and skirt. She also seemed to have no weapons. She gave a curt nod and scowled, scanning the forest. She sniffed and took another few steps then began striding with purpose straight toward him. He had didn’t know how she could find “his scent”- he didn’t see any dogs- or what she could do if she found him but he didn’t want to find out. 

“Over the explosion?” the leader asked in amused disbelief. “Tara, you never cease to amaze.”

“It’s Chrysanna,” the redhead corrected. “We shouldn’t be using our reals names.” She stood up tall and audibly sniffed a few times.

“She’s right, Olivia,” said Barbara. “Er- Orchida. Sorry.” 

Chrysanna continued, “If whoever set this machine on the grove is still here-” Her eyes scanned the area. “We can’t let them get away, see if you can pick up a scent.”

He turned to flee and immediately crunched down on a bush. He didn’t wait to see if any of them had heard it and just took off running. He tripped and fell down a small hill but managed to pull himself up on a fallen tree. He heard a snarl and looked behind him to see the girl hitting the edge of the small hill only for the unstable dirt at the edge to collapse beneath her unexpectedly. She rolled down the hill and back onto her feet with inhuman grace but it still gave him a moment to scramble to his feet and duck around a copse of trees. He got low to the ground and shuffled toward the hiking trail, hoping he had evaded her.

He thought that he could hear a snorting sound, but he was too scared to turn around. He kept running, just focusing on the trail. His ATV was right there. He just needed to push a little farther. But within a few yards, his old body was already slowing down.

“You can’t attack the faerie grove,” he heard a low and bestial voice growl from behind him. It sounded like it was right on top of him. “And expect to get away with it.” Then heard what sounded like a yowl.

He felt something sharp grab into his shoulder and jerked him backward off of his feet.  “Oof!” he grunted as the air was driven from his body as something slammed on top of him. He scrambled to get away but whatever it was bit down on his other shoulder. He shrieked in pain. He somehow managed to pull himself slightly free but succeeded only in turning onto his back, coming face to face with his mysterious attacker.

It was one of the girls, or at least he thought it was. She had the same camo leotard and bright red curly hair as one of the girls, but her arms and legs were larger, with a thin coat of tan fur. At the end of each limb, there was a large, lion-like paw instead of a hand or foot. One of her paws still held a chunk of his lab coat, like the one hanging out of her fanged mouth. She snarled and reared back to claw him again.

“Ah! What are you?” he shrieked, crossing his extended arms in front of him as a shield. He turned away, squeezing his eyes shut and trembling with fear but the blow was never struck. 

He heard the sound of a thousand icicles breaking followed by an “OOF” from his attacker. There was immediate relief as the weight suddenly left his chest. After a few moments of not being torn to bits, he opened his eyes and saw that she had been sent flying and bounced off of a tree before hitting the ground. A layer of frost clung to her body and mist poured off of it like dry ice. Confused, he spun his head around and saw a tall, older woman in a dark robe. She was foul and ugly, with a long nose, warted and wrinkled skin, and a humped back. Her hair hung in long white strands, obscuring her face except for her grimacing, jagged-toothed mouth. In her hand she held out a long gnarled wooden staff; smoke trailed off of the end.

“They’re the Guardians of Spring,” the old woman croaked. She cackled between a series of low utterances and then the same ear-splitting sound split the air as another bolt of blue light left the top of her staff, striking the redhead in the chest as she tried to regain her feet.

The girl opened her mouth to scream but nothing came out as solid ice spread over her body, covering her face in an instant. She clawed at the ice for a moment longer before her body went slack and she fell backward to the ground with a CLUNK, stiff as a board.

“And you, Doctor Elms,” The strange old woman, approaching like she glided on air to land next to him. He just sat stunned in the same spot, bewildered. “Are lucky that I came along when I did.” He recoiled from her hideous visage and menacing demeanor, which only seemed to amuse her further. “A man, one stuck in his materialist mindset like you would never know what forces you are playing with.”

After recovering from the shock, he finally was able to pull himself to his feet. He inspected his wounds but aside from torn clothing and a few surface cuts, he was okay. He brushed off the dust and straightened up to face this strange old woman. “H-how do you know who I am?” he asked nervously. Efforts to get a better look at her face came up short.

She cackled so loud that spittle hit his face from feet away. “I know much.” She floated around behind him, unnerving him and making him spin to meet her eyes but she was already floating around behind him again. “I know you seek to claim the grove and its resources for yourself,” she grinned from behind her spindly hair.

“I know much as well.” He puffed up a little, spinning on his heels to follow her. “I know there are supposed sightings of faeries going back centuries. I know every time someone tried to develop this area, their projects would always meet unexpected delays and problems on the site. I know that the minerals and timber alone are worth  fortune.” He gave up on spinning around while trying to look her in the face and tried to maintain a bit of composure. “I’m a materialist, sure. But I am also a man of science and if there is any truth at all to the stories…”

“I take it by your tone, that you still have some doubt that there really are faeries in the grove?” She continued to circle about him. The stench was becoming so unbearable that his eyes watered.

He stood, watching this hag float around him in the air. He turned to the redheaded lion-girl laying on the ground, covered in frost. He looked back to the hag. “The contents beneath that hill could spur a whole new field of research.” He wrung his hands together. “The mere idea that “faeries” actually live there is reason enough to dig it up and reveal its secrets. But now…” He grinned at the idea and held up his clenched fists. “I want it more than ever.”

“I have no doubt.” she laughed.

“So who are you?” he demanded, finding some courage. “The evil ice witch or something?”

She laughed but it was a menacing laugh, like a hyena. “Something like that. I am Elmaria. And I also want the grove for myself. For different reasons altogether.”

He looked at the girl still trapped in ice. She had transformed back into a seemingly normal girl in jeans and a tee-shirt but was still frozen solid. He looked back to the witch and asked, “And what are those?”

She got quiet and whispered, “I already told you that you wouldn’t understand. But suffice to say, they have something I want. They have something you want. We should help one another, don’t you think?”

He waited for a moment to consider, but the way she circled him like a predator continued to make him uneasy. “What if I said no? That I want all of the secrets to myself?”

She laughed again. She floated close again, right up to his face. He could barely breathe from the smell. “You have resources that I could use,” she said calmly in a low growl. “But I don’t need you, Dr. Elms. You are more convenience than necessity.” They stared at each other for a moment, neither speaking nor blinking until she added, “You wouldn’t want to be an inconvenience, Doctor Elms.” The end of her staff began to glow a bright blue and he could suddenly feel a chill as if he had just walked into a freezer.

“My resources?” the bad doctor laughed. “You mean my genius?”

She scoffed. “If you want to put it that way. But your ‘genius’ couldn’t help you figure out a way to legally excavate the grove. So now that your equipment has been sabotaged, you have no recourse at all.”

“If you know as much as you say, you know how impossible it is to do it legally,” the bad doctor lamented. “I’ve been trying. The company I bought has been trying for years before that,” he grumbled. “There’s always an endangered slug or something.” He looked back to the column of smoke still trailing into the sky and sighed. “They destroyed my beautiful machine, the Excavatron,” Doctor Elms said, trying not to sound sad. “So I’ll need time to build another before I can try again.”

She shook her head and laughed cruelly. “That would end in a similar failure as well. Probably even worse for you, since they almost captured you once. No, the Guardians will need to be dealt with first. That’s where you need me. You and your men and even your mechanical monsters will not be sufficient to handle their faerie magic. You have no idea what you are meddling with.”

“I can handle some teenage girls,” Doctor Elms growled.

The witch tilted her head back and cackled like a hyena. “You couldn’t even handle one Guardian. You’re lucky I came along when I did. Besides,” She turned back to him. “You already have the machine I am planning to use. Your mind control device.”

He crossed his arms. “I don’t have a ‘mind control’ device”.

She glared with a gaze terrible enough to wilt flowers. “I told you that I know much. It will not serve you to lie to me, Doctor Elms.”

“Then why not simply take it?” he challenged her, trying not to appear too smug. “Is it because you don’t know how to use it?”

She pointed her staff at him and began chanting.

Ignoring his instinct to run, the bad doctor sighed. “Very well,” he relented after a moment. “Explain this plan of yours.”

“Collect the girl and take her to your lab.”

* * *

“So how is this going to get us the grove?” Doctor Elms asked the witch. He attached an electrode to the unconscious redhead’s temple, the last of several that were on her nipples, temples, and fingertips. He stepped back to admire her naked form for the first time but was quickly shooed out of the way by the hideous witch. “I made this machine to scan people’s thoughts, for blackmail, hacking, that sort of thing. It’s not a mind control device. I’m not sure what you think that you’re going to accomplish by-”

“Watch how you talk to me,” she warned. “I already told you I know much. Much more than you think.” She stared until he wilted under her glare then continued, “As for how this helps us… it’s simple,” she cackled. “But with a great deal of effort.” She began to chant in some strange tongue, her hands moving in elaborate gestures. After some time, there was a strange glow about her whole body that slowly focused only on her hands and then one hand. Then she extended a single crooked finger and the glow moved to the end, now bright and fiery like a torch. She reached out and bushed across the center of their captive’s chest, right along the breastbone.

The semi-conscious redhead sighed and gave a little moan of pleasure, a smile forming on her face. Her cheeks began to flush red with apparent arousal; her legs rubbed together.

The witch stroked along her leg, and then back up to her forehead. Her hand lingered over her jeweled headband, the only article remaining from her original outfit. “The Guardians of Spring are empowered by the faeries in that grove. Their powers come from the very force of nature herself and are bound to the Spring Stones, giving them durability and strength far beyond a normal human as well as individual specialties. These girls are the first in millennia to take up the mantle but clearly, the faeries thought you posed that much of a threat.” Her other hand slipped back down between the young girl’s legs and a moment later the redhead gave a quiet little moan. “They have formidable powers. Powers they have not even begun to truly access. They haven’t had time to get used to them yet and I plan to take advantage of that.” She grasped the gem and it began to flicker and then glowed brightly in a kaleidoscope of colors.

“What are you doing to-”

“Silence!” The witch glared at him. He could see her hideous face clearly for the first time. It was thin and skeletal with warts and boils all along her skin. He couldn’t help but avert his eyes in disgust. “Her powers of spring will be her downfall. She has the powers of fertility and therefore lust inside her.” She emphasized her words with a twist of her wrist, making the girl moan even louder. “I have merely activated them.” She laughed and shook her head. “I have studied the usage of the stones since before these girls' grandparents were alive. I know their secrets better than even the Faeries.” She spat on the floor. “These children do not deserve them.”

“So you seek to steal the stones… then I can have her?” the bad doctor asked with glee. “You’re already getting her going…”

“You don’t understand,” the witch chastised him. She pulled her fingers from inside the girl and jammed one right in his face. He could smell the teen’s musk. “I could take this one,” the witch continued. “But then the girls would be on alert. The faeries may even be warned and that would complicate everything. No.” She shook her head. “We will use the stone we do have to get the other four.”

“That’s why you need me,” Doctor Elms realized aloud. “And my ‘mind control device’, as you call it.”

She looked back to their helpless captive. “It took a great deal of will to do it, to activate her stone, but your machine will know exactly how to recreate it. Exactly how to stimulate her brain to put her in this state again.”

Doctor Elms was about to ask the witch how she could tell if it was working but was interrupted by the glow that surrounded her body. He watched as the leotard outfit she had been wearing faded into view, somehow replacing the regular outfit that had emerged when she was rendered unconscious.

Doctor Elms watched as the witch spread the girl’s legs wide open and sliced the leotard open with her claw-like finger, leaving a slit in the material right over her crotch. She ripped the hole wide enough to shover her hand in and went straight for the unconscious girl’s sex. The witch began shoving one then two fingers into her wet snatch. The hag reached out with the other hand and began roughly squeezing and groping the young girl’s breasts. She cried and moaned like a whore pretending for her client. 

“And then we just do this to the others!” He laughed, getting very excited. He was also getting a bit of an erection watching the young girl be manhandled. He hadn’t even thought about sex in years and he was finding himself more aroused than he could ever remember being.

“Not so easy,” the hag warned. She turned to look at him while continuing to pleasure the teen. “We will need several readings to find the depths of her lust, to put her in the most suggestible state.” She pulled her hand back from the girl’s crotch and wiped it along her bare chest. “And then we will need a focus for her lust… otherwise she will find one or merely… satisfy her own needs, shall we say.”

Doctor Elms looked between the two of them. “And you have someone in mind?”

She laughed in his face again, which was beginning to annoy him. She slowly stood upright with a groan. When she saw the smug look on his face she hissed, “Of course I do, Doctor.

With that reading, I can find out what makes her tick, how she accesses her powers in the gem…” Her finger slid along the glowing stone. “I get her powers. And you’ll have a willing sex slave, someone you can keep in a perpetual state of arousal. Once I know how the Spring Stones work, I can take the others as well.”

“And I get the grove,” He said sternly.

“The grove is mine.” She glared at him, her yellow eyes seemingly peering through his soul. “You and yours can have the bounty that all men take. Take the trees, take the riches buried in the ground. Take it all.” Her crooked finger now pointed between his eyes. “But only after I am finished. The faeries are mine. The Spring Stones are mine. All of them. You get what remains of the grove and the girls when I am done with them. Is that clear?”

Frightened into silence, he merely nodded. After a moment, he asked, “Is that now?” He licked his lips, staring at the teen.

“You can’t handle her yet.” the witch laughed. My spell will soon wear off and you’ll be left to contend with a girl who is stronger, faster, and far deadlier than you could ever hope to be.”

“My men would hold her. We could-”

“They would all die too,” she dismissed his argument with a wave of her hand. “We already have a suitable object for her desire. I need to make a few… changes first.” She approached him, the grin on her face unsettling him enough to begin backing away. Before he could react, she held up her staff and sent a bolt of light into his chest. He grimaced and turned away, covering himself with his arms. “Ah!” he cried out involuntarily. But there was no pain or anything. He straightened back up and looked down at himself but couldn’t believe his eyes.

His clothes had changed into some tan slacks and a green polo shirt stretched tightly over large chest muscles. Confused, he turned to look into the computer screen and switched it off to see his reflection. He saw what looked to be himself looking back, but only decades younger. It was shocking. He also never was as tall or had as large of muscles as he appeared to have. But he didn’t feel any different. As he moved, his old bones still ached. He rubbed his still arthritic fingers through his now red beard, realizing what she had done.

“A simple glamor. I can make us look like whomever I please. Though once I have their power for myself,” she said with glee and licked her cracked lips. “I could make the changes real.

“Well, that is an enticing offer…” He marveled at his new, younger shape.

“We must first succeed and bring the Guardians to heel,” she reminded him. “For your glamor, I picked someone from her memories that she seems to have a certain lust for,” she stated. “After you… have your fun, we just bring her back to her friends.”

“Why would we do that?” He wondered, walking back over to the semiconscious young woman. He stroked her cheek, still red with arousal. She was so beautiful. So young. He almost regretted what they were going to do to her. Almost.

“Why, she is going to help us bring them down, of course!” She floated back over to the table as well, now standing next to the bad doctor. She grabbed his hand and yanked it forward, placing it on the girl’s crotch. He could feel the heat of her arousal just pouring from her sex. “Aren’t you, slut? We just need to break down your resistance.”

“So we just leave her for them to find?” he asked, seemingly more and more on board with her plan. He gripped their captive’s crotch, squeezing her mound, feeling her leaking wet pussy against his palm.

“I plan to hand-deliver her,” the witch cackled. “You’re not the only one who has prepared for this.”

Chrysanna gave a little high-pitched moan and her legs wrapped around her arm, pulling him closer. Her eyes were still squeezed shut but now she was writhing and thrashing around the table. He had barely touched her and she was already gushing. His fingers slid inside her soft wetness, making her whimper. He finger fucked her for a few moments while the witch floated around to the other side. 

She leaned down and whispered right in her ear, “That’s right, slut.” She grabbed the girl’s breast again. “This is what you were made for. You’re a little whore, who took on superpowers that tap into your lust. What a perfect fit.”

“Yeah…” the bad doctor chimed in. He wasn’t used to talking dirty… at all. Not even with the prostitutes that he would see on occasion (which constituted his entire sex life). “That’s right you little fuckhole.” He loved how low and sultry the glamor had apparently made his voice.

“Careful Doctor,” the witch looked up and warned him. “I told you of her powers over lust. Try not to lose control.”

“Watch who you’re talking to,” the bad doctor snarled. “How do you think one masters the fields of robotics, engineering, physics, chemistry, biology-”

The witch waved her hand and turned away to ignore him. She continued to whisper into their captive’s ear while the bad doctor dropped his pants, revealing his leaking erection. It was quickly apparent that he was substantially bigger than he had before the glamor, to his delight.

“This is what you were made for,” the witch repeated. “This is your purpose,” she whispered. Doctor Elms climbed on top of her and held her thrashing form down. Her eyes were squeezed shut and she didn’t say a word, only squealed and moaned. He guided the tip of his cock to her slick opening and pushed inside, driving the air out of her body in one long, low moan. 

The bad doctor could hardly believe what was happening. His eyes were wide as he stared down at where their bodies met. His erect cock plunged into her. She was so tight... He could feel every twitch of her body. There was something more, like electricity flowing between them. When their skin touched, it was like the pure pleasure flowed from their connection and throughout his entire body.

Their captive seemed to be having the same feeling. But in her unconscious state, she couldn’t resist the way he could and her body began to quake. Her thrashing reached a crescendo. It became so violent that he had to hold her down to keep pumping into her. He felt her squeeze him with inhuman strength, slowly constricting him and forcing the air from his lungs.

Her body began to flash again, and her outfit was rapidly replaced a second time. This time her leotard began to darken and turn pitch black. The texture appeared to shift and become more like leather. Her hard nipples emerged from the tight material as it parted around them. The material tightened to lift them like a pushup bra with the nipples cut out. The material around her legs became like fishnet stockings, and her feet were suddenly clad in black stiletto heels.

She squeezed the bad doctor so hard that he could barely move and was just able to continue rocking his hips, his need to get off seemingly approaching her own apparent urgency. The witch was manhandling her breasts and twisting her exposed nipples while telling her what a slut she was, shouting it in her face and spraying her with spittle. 

“Now, you say it!” the witch commanded Doctor Elms. Looking back down at their captive, she hissed, “Focus on his voice.”

He told her what a slut she was, that she belonged to him. Her body knew its place, subordinate to him and being used for his pleasure. As he insulted, berated, and belittled her, he noticed that his voice was apparently not affected by the glamor. The witch explained that his original voice would be the trigger and he need only will his voice to change between the two.

He had assumed he would take forever, as he usually did in his old age. But since entering her he almost felt young again. “F-fuck!” he growled. He felt his cock spasm inside her. He had never felt an orgasm so powerful in his life. He absolutely erupted. It felt like he emptied his whole body inside of her. Her own body thrashed beneath his, her moans and cries joining his own, becoming shrill. But her eyes remained shut.

For a good while after, the bad doctor lay on top of her still-quivering form, listening to the witch hypnotically chant over and over, “Remember.” she whispered. “Remember this feeling. Remember your masters. Remember your place. Remember your purpose.”

* * *

There was pain and bright light. The grove faded into view. She was leaning up against a tree. 

“Easy, Tara,” she could hear through the haze. She could barely make out the silhouette of a young woman standing over her, looking very concerned.

“What happened?” Tara blinked, trying to wake up. Her whole body ached but her head hurt the worst. She grasped her temples and groaned in pain.

“You’re lucky, Tara.” The girl smiled wide.  “I was nearby.” Tara couldn’t place it but this skinny hippie-looking girl in shorts and band shirt with multicolored hair definitely seemed to know her. 

Tara lay there blinking, trying to clear the mental haze. “Where did he go?”

“He already had you down and was trying to…” The girl looked away for a moment and then back. “Rape you.” The girl pulled Tara to her feet and helped her brush the dirt from her pants.

Tara shuddered when she heard the word. “Thanks for stepping in and stopping him...” she trailed off, not remembering anything from after she tackled the old man in the lab coat. “Whatever you did.”

The girl held up her purse and pulled out a stun gun. “I gave him a little zap. He was too busy to even see it coming.” She laughed.

“Well, thanks again,” Tara nervously laughed along. She struggled to remember how her quarry had gotten the upper hand on her. “What happened to him?” She looked around for him nervously. “And…” she swallowed. “Was I already… unconscious when you got here?” She had to know what the girl saw.

“Yeah. And I got the drop on him,” the girl replied. “After I zapped him, I started kicking him and calling for help. Not long after that, these weird guys in masks and dark outfits pulled up on ATVs and grabbed him.”

“Hm,” Tara grunted “Some kind of security. Mercenaries maybe.” She took a deep breath. “But nothing strange about me?”

“Strange?” she asked innocently. “Like what?”

“Like… I don’t know,” Tara stammered. “Like anything weird?”

“I’m not sure what I saw,” she said a bit cryptically. She shook her head, her long multicolored hair flowed about in the sun, almost sparkling. “I mean, I thought I saw you wearing lingerie or something when I first came up but that must have been my imagination. It’s not possible to change clothes in an eye blink.”

“HAHAHA!” Tara laughed forcefully. “Yeah, some imagination you got there…” She looked down at her slacks and top shaking her head and gave another little forced chuckle.

“You know who that guy was?” the girl asked. “He’s some corporate asshole coming for the grove, right?”

“Something like that… Hey,” Tara said, abruptly changing tones. “I know you from somewhere…” she trailed off, staring at the girl and trying to place her. Tara’s head was still pounding, making it difficult to think.

The girl laughed and rolled her eyes. “Duh. I’m Emily. From homeroom?” She raised her eyebrows and stared at Tara expectantly.

It took a moment, but she did seem to remember that they sat near each other in first period. “Oh, sorry,” she muttered, a bit embarrassed.

“Don’t be!” Emily rubbed her arm and smiled warmly. “I know you because I admire all the causes you and your friends are always working on. “Save the grove” and all that. I’ve never joined up, myself though. Too busy with school and such...”

Tara smiled. “You’ve helped the cause more than you know.”

That seemed to delight Emily. “You’d be surprised, “ she said with a wink. Then she turned to look around. “So let’s get you out of here, huh? Those security guys could come back.”

“This way,” Tara said, turning to walk back toward the grove. She was still a little unsteady on her legs but it was quickly passing. “That guy you zapped probably owns the chemical plant at the edge of the industrial block,” she explained. “We think it is his little thugs that have been snooping around the grove. Me and my friends, we wanted to know what they were after.”

“They’re after the grove and all of its secrets.”

Tara stopped and looked back at Emily, scrutinizing her. But she looked friendly and warm. “What do you about know that?” Tara asked carefully.

“Tara!” they heard from behind, as if on cue.

She whirled around and saw her teammates coming down a side trail. They were dressed in their regular outfits as well: Barbara in her green sundress and Olivia in her dark green polo shirt and tan pants. They looked just as relieved to see her. She limped over to the pair and all three hugged for a moment.

“Aw,” cooed Emily. “You guys are so cute together.”

“Who is this?” asked Olivia coldly. She glared at Emily, sizing her up.

“This is Emily. She uh…” Tara glanced around nervously. “She saved me.”

Olivia’s eyes went wide in concern, then immediately shifted to Emily again, suspicious.

“Oh, I know you!” Barabara announced excitedly. “You’re in my chemistry class.”

“That’s right!” Emily replied excitedly.

“How did she ‘save you’ exactly?” Olivia asked, still quite suspicious. She glared at the new girl, looking for any weakness or sign of trouble. She turned her back to Emily so only the other girls could see her mouth the words, “Are you okay?”

Tara nodded but did not look too sure. “I- I was,” she stammered, looking at her hiking shoes. She didn’t want to say that the doctor had somehow gotten the better of her and was still confused about the whole thing herself. 

Olivia still was a bit cold and a bit distant, but they all walked the rest of the way along the trail back towards the highway, where the girls had parked Barbara’s car. They offered and she gratefully accepted a ride home, since she had taken an uber out to the forest area for her hike. Once they got on the road, she spilled the beans.

“Look,” she said suddenly from the middle seat in the back. “I saw Tara… I know who she is. Who you are.”

No one said anything at first. There was silence except for the sound of the car and the road.

“Your classmates?” Olivia offered, scowling.

“Well yeah.” Emily chuckled. “But I mean you guys are the new Guardians of Spring, aren’t you?”

There was a violent lurch and a screech of metal as the car ground to a stop. Again there was no response right away. Everyone except Barbara stared at Emily, waiting for her next words.

“It’s okay,” Emily reassured them. “I’m not going to tell anyone.”

Olivia shook her head and growled, “What the hell are you talking about?”

She laughed in response, which made Olivia even madder but Barbara interjected.

“Yeah,” the blonde said nervously. “We’re just activists. High schoolers,” she explained innocently. “I’m not familiar with these, “guardians” you speak of.”

Emily laughed. “Look. I’ve read the stories. The legends about how the faeries needed champions to fight and defend their grove, the last one on Earth. You can’t tell me you are familiar with the area and don’t know about this. Especially you, Barbara of all people.”

“Why are you just bringing this up now?” Olivia demanded. She glanced over at Tara who was just sitting there quietly, an unreadable expression on her face. 

“Because I can help you!” Emily exclaimed. “I know that this guy who owns the chemical plant and Clover Construction is a guy named Doctor Greg Elms. Well, he owns a series of shell corporations that own the plant among many properties.”

Barbara gave a guarded nod. “That’s what I’ve found so far… the shell corporations I mean.”

“Yeah. He’s some kind of,” She paused to laugh. “Mad scientist? I dunno. But he has his sights set on the grove. That’s for sure. The guys skulking around the grove that you beat up are his security team, his muscle.”

“You saw that too?” Olivia grumbled.

“Saw it?” Emily laughed. “It was awesome!

“Who are you?” Olivia demanded with an angry scowl.

“I’m someone who cares about defending the grove, just like you,” she explained. “My grandmother told me stories of the faeries when I was a little girl. I’ve read about them for years. I’ve seen things with my own eyes that I cannot explain. I’ve watched the encroaching gears of industry and destruction my whole life.” Her voice was getting louder and she was becoming more and more passionate, more animated. “It’s time I do something about it.”

Olivia was still a bit suspicious. “And you just so happen to be there at the right place at the right-”

“I’m a hacker,” Emily interrupted, getting defensive. “And I’ve been working against the system when you were making out with boys at summer camp and writing nasty words on other girl’s lockers.”

“Enough!” Tara shouted, silencing the car. There was an awkward pause and then she continued. “She came to my aid and fought off that Doctor Elms guy. We should at least give her a chance!” Tara took a deep breath. She had kept quiet, trying to understand her own feelings and where she stood while they argued. When she realized how grateful she was for Emily it had all suddenly come spilling out in a torrent.

Barabara put the car back in gear and resumed their return trip wordlessly. No one said anything for what seemed like minutes. The long ride back was quiet and awkward but they did slowly warmed up to Emily. She agreed to meet up with them the next day after school to work on finding more on this Doctor Elms character. Once they had dropped Emily off, the girls argued some more on what to do about her but Tara was resolute that they give her a chance. Barabara was optimistic, even hopeful that they could have a useful ally. Olivia was mostly convinced but still somewhat skeptical. She relented and agreed to give Emily a chance but she wanted to keep an eye on her. Before they parted ways, Olivia warned that there would be no mercy at all if they found out Emily was playing them somehow.

Over the next week, the group met up to compare notes and continue their investigation into Doctor Elms. Emily proved herself to be quite the asset to the team, showing them the trail she was able to follow through the shell corporations to find the man responsible for the attempt on the grove (and on Tara herself). The next step was to gather evidence that the man tried to excavate the grove without going through the proper channels. They all knew that he would try again unless they stopped him.

Tara and Emily were seemingly growing close as well. Tara showed a lot of gratitude for being saved and took Emily out for a nice dinner. They immediately hit it off, having much in common. Within a few weeks, Emily was like one of the group. She even began taking turns in the watch rotation of the grove, which they did every night after school. During one of these watches in which it was just the two of them, the conversation turned to boy talk and Tara mentioned a cute, tall, dark-haired guy in one of her classes named Gregory. For some reason, she hadn’t noticed him before. Sure he was a hunk but she just had not really interacted with him at all.

But she admitted to Emily with a nervous giggle that within the last week she had begun to have some… lewd fantasies about him. She was delighted when Tara said that she could introduce the two of them and suggested they meet at the mall to hang out for the few hours they had before nightfall.

* * *

Tara was shocked at how well she hit it off with this guy Gregory that Tara introduced her to. He was funny, sexy, and smart. Tara wondered how she had missed this wonderful guy right under her nose- why she had dismissed him as not being her “type” but tried not to dwell on it. They made the usual small talk that people do on first dates but she found herself having difficulty following the conversation, she was so distracted by her erotic fantasies of what she would do to him.

This was a bit shocking to her. She had never considered “boys” to be all that important to her, focusing on sports and academics instead. She had fooled around at parties before, dated throughout her high school experience, so she wasn’t a stranger to sex but it just had never dominated her thoughts.

But the feeling of butterflies in her stomach was undeniable. She felt chemistry with this sexy guy that always seemed to have the right thing to say. It was like he knew her already. By the end of the date, they were already cuddling, holding hands, and finishing each other’s sentences.

When the mall was about to close, they met up with Emily at the entrance they had come in. Emily seemed pleased that the two of them had apparently hit it off so well. She gave a naughty look to Tara before offering to give Gregory a ride home. 

Tara noticed they were driving toward the nearby industrial block instead of the dorms or the nearby neighborhoods but Gregory explained that he lived off-campus in an apartment above an office that his parents owned. They piled into the car, with Emily up front and the two of them in the back. When Tara went to buckle herself in, Gregory grabbed her around the waist and pulled her closer into the middle seat. They spent the drive making more small talk about their educational goals and kept the conversation very formal while Gregory’s hand on her leg was anything but. He gently squeezed and stroked her through her slacks, giving her goosebumps. Ever so often he would lean in and whisper in her ear how sexy and beautiful she was and give her leg a squeeze, his hand moving higher and higher up her thigh. She reached out to push his hand away, fully intending to admonish him for taking liberties. But when her hand met his, she grasped it and slid farther up her leg.

When they arrived, she was practically in his lap. The butterflies in her stomach were going crazy and she was practically tingling all over. Her nipples were hard. Her pussy was wet. His every smile, every touch was electric. He asked if she wanted to come up with him and she was shocked when the word ‘yes’ came out of her mouth before she had even thought about it.

Emily asked to use the restroom and followed the two snogging teens inside. They were all over each other, groping and kissing all the way to the couch where they plopped down and continued to make out.

“You’re so hot…” he whispered, but his voice sounded strange.

“Mmmm…” she moaned, her arousal magnifying as soon as she heard the words. The voice was enchanting. Not sexy, exactly; he had sounded like an elderly man. But some part of her viscerally reacted to it. She could feel how sexy he was, even if he didn’t actually sound like it.

Emily called out, exiting the bathroom with flair. She sauntered over to the two of them entwined on the couch. Tara looked at Emily in the corner of her eye but their lips did not break contact. 

“Tell her,” Emily urged, confusing Tara. What was she still doing there? “Tell her, Doctor. Tell her what a good job she has done so far helping me to infiltrate the Guardians.”

Before she could ask who Emily was talking to- this mysterious doctor- Gregory pulled back and fixed Tara with an intense look. “You’re my slut,” he said louder, in the same raspy voice that didn’t fit his young features at all. He felt a little awkward at first but quickly gained confidence. “My horny little slave,” he added with more enthusiasm.

Suddenly the world started dropping away. It felt like she was falling down a tunnel, and Gregory’s words echoed about her. She tried to reach out, to grasp for something to stop her descent. “What?” she said dreamily. “What are you talking-”

He felt her body turn to jelly and go slack in his arms. He leaned back in and continued to press his face into hers, mashing their lips together but she was now in a trance. His hands roughly roamed her body, groping her breasts through her polo shirt and sports bra. Then there was a slight glow about her body as she transformed into Chrysanna, Guardian of Spring once again. Her clothing morphed, sliding out of his hands and becoming the same tight lingerie-patterned outfit she had transformed into before, cotton was replaced with slick black leather. The gem on her forehead flashed a vibrant, passionate red, glowing bright with each moan.

A flash of light drew Doctor Elms’ attention and he saw the witch standing before him in her true form, grinning wide and laughing like a hyena. “She’s ready now,” the hag cackled. “Tell her who her master is now, who owns her. Are you listening, slut?!” She barked at Tara. She turned to the doctor again. “We’ve got to reinforce it while we have her like this…” 

Doctor Elms stood up and loomed over Tara, who sat on the couch, appearing to look up at him but her eyes were glassy and unfocused. “You and your body,” he growled and grabbed a nipple sticking out of her outfit. “Belong to me. You have no will to act on your own anymore.” He moved back in for a long, deep kiss, invading her mouth with his tongue again. His hands drifted down from her breasts between her legs. The strap across her pussy was easily shoved aside. His face hovered above her crotch and he admired her pretty shaved pussy for a moment before reaching out to probe with his fingers. Her pussy was so wet already that he slid right in up to the last knuckle.

“This is what you’re made for…” he said and continued the chant he remembered from the last treatment they gave their victim. “Everything: your mind, your body, it’s all for me now.”

Tara frowned. Her eyes were still glazed over but she shook her head.

“Slut?” he asked, stroking her insides. She moaned but didn’t respond. “Are you paying attention my little slave?” he demanded in a low voice.

“I’m not,” she muttered, her voice weak, staring off into space. “I’m not your-”

“What’s that?” he growled, driving his fingers deeper. “I couldn’t hear you.”

The witch cackled. “I think there is some fight left in her.”

“Not for long…” the bad doctor pulled his fingers from inside her, making her squeal with disappointment. The couch creaked as he climbed on top of her. The hard leaking cock probed at her entrance while she stared at the ceiling with glassy eyes. The tip slid up and down from her clit  to her entrance and back. Her body seemed to move on its own, twitching as he stimulated her throbbing little bud. “What did you try to say, slut?” he asked and continued to stimulate her by just moving his hips.

“I’m…I’m,” she muttered. “I’m a Guardian, a warrior…” Her voice sounded like she was pleading.

“I can’t hear you.” He laughed.

She groaned and grabbed him by the shoulders. She felt her hands squeeze with her enhanced strength, her fingers pressing hard into him. But instead of pushing him away, she pulled him in. He turned his hips slightly, so instead of penetrating her, his cock slid to the side.

“Not until you say it,” the bad doctor assured his captive.

“No…” she moaned, gripping him harder. She shook her head, her eyes still squeezed shut. She groaned and squealed, her hips seeming to move on their own. She ground against him impotently, moaning and groaning in frustration.

“Admit who owns your body,” he assured her. “And I will give it what it wants… what you want.”

He felt her great strength, how easily she could crush him with her little body if she really wanted to. But she didn’t. She continued to grind on him, humping his body. Her body needed him. Craved him. But after only a moment or two, she let out a loud sigh. “Please…” she whispered.

“Please what?” he asked smugly. “Tell me what you need.”

“I need you,” she growled, becoming more insistent.

“Not until you say it,” he taunted. Her legs pulled him unto her squeezing him, making it hard to breathe.

She clenched her eyes shut, shaking her head ‘no’. 

“You know what you need to say,” he soothed. “You know what you are. Just admit it.” He angled his body so his cock rested between her thighs. “Your powers only prove it. They only magnify what you are.”

She continued to shake her head ‘no’, but she whispered, “I’m a slut,” and then let out a big sigh. “Just fuck me…”

“As soon as you tell me who owns you,” he declared. She just moaned in response, his dick slipping around her opening, teasing her.

Little frustrated moans escaped her as she writhed. Eventually, after she couldn’t take it anymore, she finally gave in. “You do…”

“I what?” He pushed in just a little, so the tip of his cock was inside for only a moment.

“You own me,” she said, and immediately it was like a great burden had been lifted. “Fuck your slut,” she hissed, repeating it over and over. “Please fuck me. Fuck you slut…”

The witch’s cackling laugh filled the room. Soon after, rhythmic cries of passion shook the walls.

* * *

It took a lot of patience. Olivia followed the men they had identified as Elms’ security team and confirmed their employment at the chemical plant. tracking, and investigation. Barbara began gathering evidence of the chemical plant’s poor record of environmental safety, as well as their own web of investments and holdings. Tara and Emily formed a close team, with Tara able to use her powers to sneak them both into the plant, allowing Emily to hack directly into their systems and plant surveillance devices.

During that time, they all got closer, Especially Tara and Emily. They went everywhere together, even when Tara had a date with her new boyfriend Gregory. He seemed like a good guy but they all warned her not to get too close, for his own protection. At least not until the current threat had passed.

They had gotten so close, that Tara would often let Emily lead the way in conversation, often deferring to her and even keeping quiet to let her speak for the both of them in the team’s planning. It got to the point that Barbara and Olivia would tease Tara about it, saying she was dating Emily and this Greg guy was obviously the third wheel. This never failed to make Tara blush but Emily would just play into it, often giving Tara a playful grope or kiss on the cheek, making her even more uncomfortable.

With all this effort over weeks, the Guardians were able to gather the evidence against Clover. Emily was able to prove the connection between Clover and the chemical plant, which had the “surveyors” on their payroll. And she was able to connect the construction of the machine that almost dug up the grove. 

The problem was the series of shell corporations that owned Clover made it very difficult to prove who owned it at all. Even after accessing their internal systems, there was no evidence of his name being on anything. They never saw him physically at the plant either. It made sense, seeing as his plan had already failed. It just made them more certain that he had some other base of operations in town. Clover Construction was just a name and didn’t even really have a physical office - the address turned about to be a derelict residence That had been condemned for years. 

After weeks of work, they had little to show for it. They agreed that shutting Clover and the chemical plant down would ultimately be pointless if Doctor Elms got away.

“We are going to have to catch him in the act,” Emily assured them. They walked through the grove at night on one of their regular patrols.

“Or we catch him building another one of those robot monsters,” Barbara added. “We have enough evidence that we could match them, maybe.”

“That only works if we somehow prove that he owns Clover and the plant,” Olivia said, pushing a branch out of their wooded path as she led the way. “Otherwise we’re back to square one.”

“Can’t we just, you know,” Tara wondered. “Capture him? Beat him up? I mean we can wait until he tries again and just not let him get away this time.”

“No,” Olivia declared. “He will be ready for us this time too. We must be ready if he attacks but that is not much of a plan. We need to be proactive.”

“I meant proactive,” Tara grinned, holding up her hand like a claw. “We just go find him.”

“Anyone who has the resources to build a machine like that, hide its origin as well as he has, and funding for his own private security force is someone to be feared,” Barbara pointed out. 

“Even with your powers, things could go very badly,” Emily added. “You saw what happened to Tara. Sorry Tara, but it’s true. Glare at me all you want. Besides,” she continued. “Then we would be the criminals.”

“What do we care about the law?” Tara asked as she walked along, balanced deftly on a tree branch. “The grove is more important than that.”

“I care,” Barbara shot back. “The law is part of what has protected the grove so far. It’s part of the strategy that’s been working.”

“It’s going to come down to a fight,” Oliva stated bluntly. “I don’t think we can avoid it. Which,” she said, turning to Emily. “Is part of why we are all here tonight,” Olivia explained. “The three of us have asked the faeries if they would accept you as another member.”

Emily’s face lit up. “You would allow me to bear the fourth Spring Stone?” she asked, her voice full of wonder.

“I can’t think of anyone who deserves it more,” Tara happily exclaimed. She reached out and rubbed Emily’s bare back- her halter top having left it exposed. “You’ve been invaluable.”

“I’m not sure how much help I’ve been,” Emily said a bit dejectedly. “We still are no closer to getting Elms.”

“We wouldn’t even know who he was if it weren’t for you!” Barbara exclaimed and embraced her as well.

Olivia seemed reluctant but joined them in a big hug. “We decided that we can’t keep putting you in harm’s way as we have been,” she explained. “Without offering you some protection. Besides, when the time comes to fight, we may need all the help we can get. Those security guys are no joke.”

“And if he makes another one of those… things…” Barbara trailed off.

“We won’t let him destroy the grove,” Tara said with enthusiasm. “I won’t let him.”

The ceremony was beautiful. Emily joined the others wearing crowns of wildflowers as they walked along the wooded path through the center of the grove. Faeries lit up the night with lights and colors that looked like tiny fireworks (though they assured that anyone outside the grove could not see them). Once Emily swore to defend the Grove with her life, she was presented with the final Spring Stone.  With visible glee, she reached down to pluck the small round glowing stone and placed it upon her brow. She immediately transformed into her own matching leotard. 

Hers was dark green, with a black headband, gloves, boots, and belt. She carried a staff in one hand and the other was enveloped in flame. For a moment, her face took on an aspect of pure joy and adulation before she noticeably reigned herself in. She wore a solemn expression for the rest of the ceremony and the time that preceded it, however.

It would take time for Emily’s powers to fully manifest, as they were chaotic as nature itself but always based in some way on the nature of their possessor. The fact that she was able to use her powers to produce flame immediately impressed everyone, including the faeries themselves, and only suggested the depths of what her power may be once she grew into it.

Olivia mentioned that she could finally join them during their routine sparring and training during the long days and nights of waiting in the grove. She gratefully accepted

Afterward, they spent all night planning what they would do if there was another attack. Emily and Tara would be the main fighting unit, using their flashy powers to draw the attention of the enemy while Barba and Olivia would wait until the enemy had committed before they would strike.

With their collective powers increased and a plan in place, the Guardians once again settled into the routine of regular watch and patrol.

* * *

“So I can’t come to the grove to watch tonight,” Tara explained. She gathered her books and closed her locker. “I have a date with Gregory.”

Olivia fixed her with a glare. “I thought we talked about this. We would focus on our mission and also protect him from any potential reprisals.”

Tara glared right back. “You may give the orders out there in the woods,” she hissed. “But you do not get to tell me who I can hang out with and who I can love.”

Olivia rolled her eyes. “Tara, you know that I’m not trying to control you or tell you who you can love.” She shook her head. “How do you love this guy, anyway, you just started dating a couple of weeks ago.”

Tara looked confused like she hadn’t realized what she had said. “I don’t love him, love him…” she trailed off.

Barbara stepped between them, giving Olivia a concerned look. “Back off, okay?” She scowled. “We have all been working hard and a little break here or there to see a friend-”

“You too?” Olivia exclaimed, growing more irritated. “Am I the only one who is focused on the mission?”

“Emily is. I am,” Tara shot back. “We all are. That doesn’t mean I can’t have a life.”

Olivia sighed. “Can’t you come to the grove after the date?” she asked, a bit dejected.

Tara didn’t respond and just looked away.

“You can’t be serious.” Olivia was in disbelief. “Save that for when the mission is done and Elms is in jail!”

Tara simply walked away and the bell ringing for the start of class prevented any further discussion on the matter.

* * * 

Olivia and Barbara waited in a small hollow under a large fallen tree. This was the usual spot the girls like to watch the grove from. Olivia watched and Baraba continued to monitor Clover’s activities. 

“Emily should have reported back by now,” Oliva said, getting annoyed. “She said she just had to grab some things from home for the stakeout. That was over an hour ago. I swear, the focus is waning here. Maybe we never should have invited her into-”

“I can’t believe you,” Barbara interjected, looking up from her laptop. “She has done nothing but help us. She may even be in trouble but here you are thinking the worst of her.”

“Give it a little more time. Maybe Tara will show up too,” Olivia grumbled.

“Hold on!” Barbara exclaimed suddenly, her eyes wide. Then she squinted, concentrating as her fingers flew across the keyboard. Then her face lit up with delight. “My bug is finally getting me something we can really use.”

Olivia came up behind her to look at the screen. “What have we got?”

“Doctor Elms is building another one of those robots!” she exclaimed. “I see a payment for the same components from the same vendors from the last one, all headed to a…” she seemed confused. “An abandoned homestead on the far side of the forest.”

“That must be his new hideout,” Oliva reasoned. “It’s outside the city, isolated, but access to the grove…”

“No, it isn’t new,” Barbara explained. “The date on the order was weeks ago. It is apparently just being processed now. Who knows how far along it is?”

“We need everyone now,” Olivia declared. “Call Tara.”

Olivia got a hold of Emily, who said she would meet them there. But Tara still didn’t answer.

“Damn it, Tara!” Olivia shouted. “I told her we needed her.” She tried calling a couple more times but it went straight to voicemail. She left a couple of angry messages, telling her to call.

“Go get her. She said she was going to be at the bowling alley with Gregory and then home.” Barbara shut her laptop and shoved it into her bag. “I’ll go to the site and see about getting some surveillance set up.”

“Okay. But you and Emily get a look around but wait for us to get there before you do anything else,” Olivia ordered. “Once we are all there, we can confront him. Since it is far outside the city, we won’t need to worry about the authorities coming after us. We can handle him ourselves.”

Barabara nodded and they parted ways, scared but excited that they could finally act to save the faerie grove.

* * * 

Olivia did eventually find Tara, hanging all over Gregory at the bowling alley, and oblivious to the fact that her team had been trying to contact her. Olivia was shocked to learn that Tara had told Gregory about the threat to the grove and their desire to stop it. Tara had thankfully left out the more fantastical parts but Olivia was still a bit miffed with how much she had shared with this guy she had just started dating. She knew that Tara claimed to love the guy but this was moving awfully fast.

When they went to leave, Gregory said he could give them a ride down there. He wanted to help too. Olivia tried to decline but Tara insisted that they let him help. She didn’t have time to argue so the three of them jumped in the car and headed straight for this homestead.

They stopped in a lot that was just before the homestead on a dirt road. They spotted Barabara and Emily’s cars but they were nowhere to be found. There was no sign of struggle but Olivia quickly found their tracks leading into the greenbelt of trees lining the edge of the property. They could just make out the large farmhouse just over the hill, looking run down. After trying to call the two girls with no answer, they agreed they would have to follow them in.

“Thank you for the ride, Gregory. If you wish to help further, just wait here for our return. We don’t need to put you in danger. Tara, let’s go.” Olivia said before turning to approach the homestead, planning to transform as soon as they were out of sight from Gregory.

“I’m coming with you,” Gregory declared, exiting the car. He came around the front and grabbed Tara in a tender embrace. “Do you think I am going to let you girls go in there without me while I just sit in the car?”

Olivia shot Tara a wide-eyed look and shook her head but Tara ignored her. The redhead leaned in and gave Gregory a kiss on the lips. Olivia watched as they appeared to make out for a moment before she couldn’t take anymore.

“Hello?” Tara said, getting aggravated. “Tara, we gotta go,” she insisted. “And he can’t come.”

“Olivia!” Tara yelled, her voice growing shrill. “He can help!” She clung to him, looking terrified.

“Keep your voice down.” Olivia hissed. “What is the matter with you?”

“It’s okay, babe,” Gregory assured her, stroking her hair. “I’m here.”

Olivia stared in shock at the strong, powerful warrior who was seemingly falling apart. Olivia wasn’t even sure how to handle this situation but she didn’t have long to ponder. There was a huge BOOM from the homestead. The force of the explosion sent a shockwave that could be felt as well as heard, sending all three teens to the ground- though more out of surprise and shock than force.

“That may have been an alchemist fire…” Olivia stated, thinking aloud.

After taking a moment to regain their bearings, Olivia looked up to see a cloud of dust hanging just over the hill, above their intended destination. She got up on her feet but kept low, moving cautiously but groaned in frustration when she saw Tara grab Gregory’s hand and begin running up the grassy hill. 

“Wait!” Olivia spat but they didn’t look back. “Tara!” She had no choice but to follow, climbing the hill after them.

Olivia was racking her brain trying to figure out how they were going to transform without Gregory seeing them. At first, she thought that perhaps Tara had some plan for that but with how she had been acting lately, Olivia wasn’t so sure. 

They made it to the top of the hill and saw a large sheet metal building in the center of the property, along with several smaller wooden structures surrounding it. A huge hole had been blown in the side of the main building and debris lay strewn about but there was no apparent activity.

Olivia’s first instinct was to rush down there to see if Barbara or Emily needed help but she hesitated for just a moment. They had no idea what they were rushing into. But there was no time to even discuss it. Tara and Gregory were already halfway down the hill.

“Tara stop!” Olivia yelled after them as they got to the bottom of the hill.

The pair, still holding hands, ran straight toward the gaping hole in the side of the sheet metal building that appeared to be some kind of disused animal pen. Olivia moved as swiftly as she could while maintaining a bit of stealth. She circled to gain a better vantage point before entering the building through the whole, stepping onto a concrete floor that was broken up by water channels and railings. She felt immediately vindicated in her caution when the door to one of the nearby wooden buildings opened and a group of men armed with rifles and garbed in black stormed out, heading straight after Tara and Gregory.

Left with no further choice, Olivia reached into her pocket to grasp the stone. She concentrated for a moment, closing her eyes and whispering the secret fae chant. Normally she would proudly shout her name to complete the transformation but she whispered it instead.

“Orchida!” she loud-whispered. In a flash, she was enveloped in light and her regular clothes were replaced with her Guardian uniform. Strength, power, confidence, and heightened awareness flowed into her from the very power of nature itself. The gem flashed on her forehead, continuously pouring magical energy into her body.

“Freeze!” yelled one of the men as they trained their guns on Tara and Gregory, who raised up their hands.

“Look behind you!” Tara shouted, pointing through the hole to the outside.

The black-clad men laughed at the obvious attempt to distract them. Only a couple of them had even bothered to turn and look where the young lady pointed. When they did, they only had a moment to yell a warning.

With a ferocious roar, Orchida slammed into one of the men, sending him flying through the air until his back struck a tree. The next man tried to train his rifle on her but she was so much faster. With blinding speed, she drew her longsword and slashed the rifle in two, and elbowed his chest hard enough to send him sliding through the dirt on his back.

Tara shoved Gregory aside, telling him “I love you.” She watched him find a hiding spot behind a nearby railing before she stepped away and shouted “Chrysanna!” in a booming voice that echoed throughout the empty sheet metal and concrete room. Her body was enveloped in light, signaling her transformation to Guardian of Spring but instead of her drab leotard, she appeared in a black leather corset-like suit with exposed nipples.

Orchida immediately noticed the strange attire but was far too busy to question it. She slashed another rifle in half and kicked the wielder’s knees out from under him. He groaned in pain for a moment then went silent as she struck the side of his masked face with the hilt of her sword. She struck another rifle in two and the assailant attempted to hit her with the butt, only for it to bounce off of her face. He stared for a moment in confusion at her completely unmarked face before her kick sent him flying.

Chrysanna tilted her head back and howled with bestial fury. One of the men shot her with his rifle, drawing blood but she ignored it and pounced, flying the twelve or so feet between them onto his chest. Her hands morphed into claws that sank straight through the heavy coverall and into his torso. He snarled in pain and spun in a circle, firing wildly and hitting one of his own men. Her face shifted, forming a muzzle as she became more tiger-like. She bit down hard on the man’s arm, making him drop the gun. Then with a jerk of her hips, she slammed him to the ground before pouncing on the next man.

In a matter of moments, the two Guardians had torn through the twelve armed men and left them lying in a groaning, bleeding heap on the floor with pieces of their weapons scattered about the room. Orchida stood proudly over their moaning, broken bodies and sheathed her blade.

“Stay down,” she ordered and looked up to survey their surroundings.

Gregory emerged from his hiding spot, grinning and wide-eyed. He ran to Tara and threw his arms around her. “You were amazing, Babe!” The more tiger-like features dropped away as her face morphed back into a human shape and then the couple shared a brief kiss.

Orchida wasn’t sure what to even say. The new outfit that Chrysanna wore was strange and inappropriate. She was also concerned about the fact that Gregory didn’t even seem surprised that the girls had transformed or at his girlfriend’s revealing outfit.

“So much power for such young girls to wield,” a strange voice echoed about the room.

The Guardians turned around and saw Emily standing in the far doorway with her arms crossed.

“Emily!” Orchida cried. The girls rushed towards Emily with Gregory in tow. “Are you okay? Where’s Barbara?”

“She’s with me,” Emily said in a foreboding tone, her voice sounding deeper and raspier than her normal timbre. She began to saunter toward them with no urgency in her movement. A moment later, Barbara emerged from the same doorway and stood motionless just inside the cavernous room, holding some kind of metal box with wires protruding in several places.

Even with her heightened senses, Orchida couldn’t see her very well due to her being backlit in the dim room. But something about the way Barbara was standing there, her odd body language, made Orchida uneasy.

“The power of the stones is truly impressive,” Emily boomed. “When I combine them together they will surely make me the most powerful sorceress on Earth.” She held her stone above her head in one hand and her staff in the other. The stone began to glow with blinding light, enveloping her body in waves of flowing colors.

Immediately Orchida was on the offensive. She drew her sword and stepped back into a fighting stance. “I knew not to trust you! Chrysanna! Carnatia!” She looked at her teammates, neither seemingly showing much of a reaction. Barabara had still not even transformed yet. “Get the stone from her!”

Barbara set the box down on a set of rails and then casually pulled her Spring Stone from a pouch. She stared at it for a moment before she finally held it up above her head. “Carnatia!” And she emerged a moment later as a Guardian of Spring. Her own leotard had been replaced with a leather getup that was a dark color as well, matching Tara’s- though it was not as revealing. But she still seemed to have little urgency and slowly sauntered her way towards the group.

Orchida looked back to see Chrysanna, still in her bizarre new revealing getup, simply staring back at her. Next to her stood Gregory, holding her hand with a strange, almost bemused expression on his face.

Then the flaring corona of colors swirling around Emily became one, a blinding white light that flashed brightly, revealing Emily’s true form underneath the pulsing aura, that of an old hag in a dark robe. She let go of the stone and it remained suspended in the air for a moment before it was seemingly pulled by some force straight into the end of her staff. There was a burst of light when they made contact, and the corona of energy intensified. The swirling energy grew larger, brighter, more chaotic in its pattern of color. Then the energy seemed to flow into her staff, where it collected at the end in a swirling ball.

“Guardians?!” Orchida yelled in despair. Neither of them seemed to be moving to react at all. Chrysanna stood behind her, arms crossed and unmoving. Orchida looked past Emily and saw Carnatia was still slowly sauntering her way over.

Carnatia pulled one of her potion vials from her pouch and cocked her arm. She seemed to hesitate for just a moment.

“Do it, Carnatia!” the witch shrieked, glancing over her shoulder at the blonde.

Orchida watched in horror as her teammate threw the vial straight at her. She jumped straight up, lifting her legs into the splits to avoid it but when she landed in the resulting pool of liquid, she found her feet stuck to the floor.

“Yes!” the hag howled. “Now take this!” She thrust her staff forward with a great shout and the mote of energy was sent forth. Orchida held her arms up to shield her face but the resulting explosion of energy sent her crashing to the floor.

“Ah!” Orchida cried out in pain. She felt like she had been hit with the most blistering heat and the bitterest cold at the same time. As soon as it hit her, it was like her strength completely left her body. She collapsed into the puddle of sticky liquid, which caused her Spring Stone to come loose from the headband and clatter to the floor next to her. She was just Olivia again.

“Ha ha ha!” The witch cackled with glee. “You are no match for me now! With my mastery of the sorcerous arts, I can tap the true potential of the Stones! You teenage girls don’t even deserve them!” She looked over her shoulder as the still untransformed Barbara stepped up behind her. “Isn’t that right?” she asked the blank-faced blonde, who simply nodded in response. “Get the stone for me, would you?”

Olivia watched from the floor as Barbara obeyed. She robotically stepped forward, reached down, and plucked the stone from the floor like she was picking up a piece of trash. She held it out in between her thumb and forefinger as she walked back to the witch’s side.

“Barbara… what are you doing?” Olivia weakly demanded.

“My bidding,” Elmaria laughed triumphantly. “Which is to help me claim the power of the Faerie Grove for myself. Just ask your other teammate.” She pointed past Olivia.

Olivia struggled and was able to turn over slightly to see Tara, still standing in the same spot holding Gregory. Tara had the same blank look that Barbara did but Gregory looked very pleased. He looked right at her and smiled cruelly. She looked back to the witch, who was reaching her hand out for the stone that Barbara still held. But she seemed to hesitate there, holding the stone above the witch’s hand.

“Give me the stone,” the witch commanded. Her open hand shook for emphasis. “And your own stone, while you are at it.”

“No, I don’t think so.”

The girls all turned to look and see Gregory shaking his head, a smug grin on his face.

“Tara, Barbara.” Gregory’s voice suddenly deepened. “Now.”

In a flash, the two remaining Guardians went from motionless to action. The smug superior look on the witch’s face drained and twisted into horror as Carnatia struck her with an elbow to the face. She was momentarily stunned long enough for the blonde to get ahold of the hag’s staff. Then Chryssana pounced, her body shifting into her feral form again as she was a streak through the air. She slammed into the hag who let out an “OOF” as the air was forced from her body. The two of them toppled to the ground, causing the witch to lose her grip on her staff, and allowing Carnatia to tear it away from her.

The two Guardians in their matching dark leather corsets restrained the hag’s arms, angling them back behind her and pressing her struggling form face down into the concrete floor. The witch howled in anger, her head twisted unnaturally to an angle where she could glare at Gregory. “You!” 

Gregory’s form shimmered for a moment. The visage of the cute college student faded as her glamor fell away. His much older body emerged from the illusion, wearing his lab coat, dark slacks, and a wide grin. “Come now,” he taunted. “Let's all just calm down, huh?” He laughed, standing over the witch. “We're all friends, right? Men?!" He turned to address the hole in the wall.

On cue, several dozen more henchmen rushed in. They gave a quick salute to the old man and ran to the pile of beaten henchmen. They peeled their motionless comrades off the ground and fled the room without a word or regard for the beaten girls laying about the floor.

“Doctor Elms?” Olivia asked weakly. 

The old man grinned and replied, “You catch on fast.”

“Carnatia! Why won’t you obey me?” the witch snarled. She struggled to get to her feet, to weave a spell, but without her staff or the ability to move her arms, she was helpless. “I took the machine! I used it on her and she fell right into it!” she lamented to no one in particular. She wailed in despair.

“That’s because I had already broken her with my new machine. Hadn’t I?”

“Yes, master.” the two girls said in unison, their iron grips holding the witch in place despite all of her efforts.

“You can’t do this!” “ Elmaria shrieked. “The Stones are mine! The grove is mine! The girls are mine!

“I’m afraid not,” the bad doctor replied with mock sympathy. “You didn’t realize that you were just showing me how to take it all first. And now that you are bound to a stone…” he gestured to Chrysanna, who plucked it from the end of the staff that Carnatia was still holding. She held it against the witch’s cheek and whispered an arcane chant. Chrysanna joined in and the chorus of their voices filled the room.

“No!” she howled but it quickly became a raspy moan. The stone glowed, energy swirling around her body.

“The girls know more than you gave them credit for. And with a  little guidance from me…” he paused as the witch moaned louder. “They can turn your lust against you just as easily.”

Olivia watched in horror from the floor as her teammates ripped the robe from the witch, revealing her wrinkled, bloated body. She was much shorter than Doctor Elms had expected, around four feet tall. She evidently had used a much-oversized robe and her ability to levitate to hide this fact when she wasn’t using a glamor.

“You said with more than one stone you could permanently alter your body…” Doctor Elms coaxed. Tara gripped the second stone in her fist while the one on her forehead glowed even brighter. The energy poured from her brow and into her hand before she sent it into the witch’s body. 

She cried out, her voice a mixture of pain and pleasure. Her body shifted and twisted. Years melted off of her. Wrinkles smoothed out. Gray hair turned raven black. Her figure shrank. In just a moment, the hag was replaced with a beautiful naked young woman, face down on the cold concrete floor. He gave his slaves a nod and Carnatia let her go while Chrysanna pulled her onto her back. Her dark, almond-shaped eyes were glassy and unfocused as she stared at the ceiling, flushed and breathing heavy. The last of the changes flowed over her body, her stomach tightening into a six-pack and her boobs shrinking into nice little A-cups. She had a nymph-like appearance, with an almost impossibly thin waist, round hips and butt, and pointy ears.

Barbara crouched down and began roughly manhandling the new, younger Elmaria, twisting her hard nipples and rubbing her thigh. She groaned in response, her eyes still squeezed shut. She half-heartedly tried to slap at the blonde or push her away but it was ineffectual.

“Good… and now me.” He smiled and held his arms wide.

Chrysanna nodded, walking over to him and giving him a shot of the arcane energy as well. He groaned and fell to a knee. The change was immediate, liver spots disappearing and hair regrowing were the first signs. Then he stood back up, growing a few inches in height.  He struggled to remove his lab coat from his thickening arms but eventually got it off and threw it aside. His shirt grew tight around his chest and shoulders as his muscles expanded along with the size of his torso and limbs.

His hair turned a flaxen color from the white, his jaw became more pronounced, and his nose and brow shrank down slightly. His transformation complete, he stood tall, looking like a much younger, fitter, manlier, and more attractive version of himself. He stripped his shirt off, showing off his new physique.

“Mmm… that’s better.” He flexed his arms, his new muscles rippling under the thicker body hair, and took a few long steps to stretch his legs. He reached into his pants and his grin grew even wider. “Perfect.” He surveyed the scene, all four women totally at his mercy and he laughed with satisfaction. He shook his head and said, “You are going to make the best slaves.”

Without a word, the pair of puppets grabbed the formerly ugly witch and dragged her groaning, shaking body over to the railing where the box had been laid. Carnatia began attaching the electrodes to the nymph’s breasts and temples.

“I made some adjustments, using the knowledge I got from Tara’s sessions,” the attractive young man explained. “Barbara was much easier. I had her do the same trick you did but to herself. I made her want to activate her fertility powers on herself. Didn’t you, slave?”

“Yes, master.” Chrysanna walked robotically over to Olivia, who was still struggling to pull herself out of the sticky pool. The redhead leaned down and plucked her effortlessly from the ground, tearing her painfully from her sticky bonds, and then carried her like a baby.

“Chrysanna,” Olivia croaked. “Tara.” Her voice broke into a sob. “Please.” But her brainwashed teammate didn’t respond. She didn’t even make eye contact with Olivia, looking right past her. She weakly tried to struggle, but Chrysanna just tightened her grip, crushing and immobilizing her.

“Even transformed, you wouldn’t be a match for me.” Chrysanna asserted. “Just relax, Olivia.”

“You can fight it!” Olivia pleaded. “Whatever he did to you, this isn’t you!”

Tara shook her head, her face still blank and without expression. “I don’t want to fight it. And neither will you.” 

Olivia struggled uselessly but was dumped next to the nymph, hitting the ground with a painful THUD and knocking the wind out of her. She looked up to protest one more time but yelped when Chrysanna touched her with the stone, sending another jolt of arcane energy into her captive.

“Ah!” she cried. She watched as her own outfit began to change back from her street clothes to her leotard. Orchida emerged but she was still powerless to resist, only more enthralled in the feeling of submission, of surrender.

Chrysanna crouched down and leaned on Olivia, pressing her flat on her back as she tried and failed to resist in any way. Her body wouldn’t obey, and her mind grew cloudy with pure feelings overriding her conscious mind, her logic.

“That’s it,” the bad doctor soothed. “No use fighting. You were made for this.”

Olivia’s eyes rolled back in her head and she moaned involuntarily. She knew what her enslaved teammate meant. Every part of her body was on fire; feelings of pleasure, lust, fear, excitement, anticipation, dread, submission, belonging, and curiosity roiled about in her mind and body. She was consumed by the sheer carnal stimulation, oblivious to the electrodes being attached to her head and nipples. As wave after wave of lust and carnal pleasure hit her, the transforming light enveloped her body and her leotard shimmered. The camouflage colors all darkened and became one, then darker and darker. The material grew tougher, thicker until it matched the dark leather of her former teammates. It shrunk down, revealing her naked privates. The top portion was reshaped into a pushup bra that exposed her hard-as-rock nipples.

“I have all the data I need already but why risk it?” Doctor Elms rhetorically asked. “Better to know how each of you ticks. I can reinforce my hold on you without your magic.”

“You don’t…” the nymph moaned then cried out as she was struck.

SMACK, her head was snapped back from a slap to the cheek. Carnatia held up her hand and glared. “Shut up, slave.”

That only seemed to heighten her pleasure, the nymph moaning even louder. Her hands slid down her belly and between her legs. Her pussy was already so wet, her fingers slid in with no resistance at all. First one, then two fingers disappeared inside her new lithe young body. Then her whole hand.

“That’s more like it…” Carnatia cooed. Moving over her captive, she lifted her skirt up, showing a lack of underwear of any kind before sitting down on and straddling the nymph’s face. She ground her wet hairless pussy down on Elmaria, her own hands on her breasts, twisting her nipples.

Olivia tried to fight it but she could barely remember why she didn’t want this pleasure. “The Grove…” she said finally. “We can’t let him take the…”

“It will be in good hands.” He waved at Chrysanna, who followed her fellow enslaved Guardian’s lead.

She straddled her captive’s face and shoved her wet pussy down onto her mouth. There was a slight struggle that was quickly quelled when she leaned over and planted a kiss on Olivia’s wet pussy. Her tongue invaded, sliding between slick folds and finding the hard little nub that craved the touch. Her body shuddered, the soft, slick flesh of Chrysanna’s tongue dancing about her sensitive flesh. Her nipples were painfully stretched in her captor’s grasp.

Carnatia stood up and turned before settling back down, her crotch sliding down toward Elmaria’s. Elmaria lifted her hips to allow Carnatia’s legs to entwine with hers. Their engorged pussies touched and then ground together.

The cold, concrete, and metal room was filled with the sounds of slurping and slapping skin, of feminine moans and cries of pleasure. After getting all the data he could ever need on the captives, he had his slaves discard the mind control device.

“Get them up on their knees. Right here.” He demanded.

Carnatia and Chrysanna stood up and grabbed their respective captive, pulling them up on their knees and pushing them to lean on the lower bar of the long metal rail that ran across the width of the room. There they waited on all fours, waiting. All the fight was gone out of them. He circled behind them, his newly huge ten-inch cock in hand. He wasn’t even hard and he dwarfed his previous size. His hand was a blur. He cupped his balls in one hand and stroked his length with the other, smearing precum along his thick shaft. It grew bigger, harder, like a monument to his power, to his domination over them all.

He positioned himself behind Orchida, whose upper body was lazily draped over the railing; her eyes were barely focused, her tongue hung out of her mouth. He slapped Elmaria on the ass, getting her attention. He smiled and kept eye contact with her as his cock slid into Orchida’s wet snatch.

A low moan was pushed out of her body like all of her breath. She suddenly came alive, grabbing the railing and pushing back against him, thrusting him even deeper inside her. As ready as she was, her pussy was still stretched by his thick shaft. He found her cervix and waited for a moment, flexing his muscles and arching his back. After a moment, he slid back out and then in again before grabbing her hips and beginning to thrust with abandon.

“You couldn’t give this up if you wanted to,” he hissed between his teeth. Sweat began to bead on his forehead and drip down onto her back. “Your body craves it. You need it. To be put in your place. To be shown what your powers of fertility and lust are truly for.”

Orchida’s low animal moans coincided with SLAP as their young, muscular bodies connected. Elmaria’s voice joined in, the Guardians now giving her their full attention. All of Carnatia’s hand was thrusting, squelching in and out of her snatch, making obscene sounds as the air was forced out. Chrysanna’s mouth was on hers, their tongues slid and caressed each other as she twisted and pinched her engorged nipples, tiny little engorged nubs sticking out like erasers on her petite little frame.

“Admit it,” he demanded, punctuated with a thrust.

She didn’t respond right away and he spanked her. Electric pleasure and pain shot through her body. 

“Just keep fucking me…” Orchida heard herself say. “Don’t stop. Don’t stop. Don’t stop.” She babbled. She rocked her hips, fucking herself on his motionless shaft.

“You are my slave.” He slapped her ass again. He slapped her a third time and pushed her down so her hips were flat against the cold floor.

She couldn’t move. His new body seemed to have strength enough to immobilize her. Or maybe she wanted to be controlled.

“You are my slave,” he repeated sternly. “Because I control your body. Let me give your body the pleasure it needs. You just have to give in.”

Orchida, leader of the mighty Guardians of Spring, didn’t say anything. She just gave a small nod of her head that signaled her assent. She surrendered.

So he rewarded her. His weight bore down on her, his huge thick cock stretching her more than she thought possible. He pulled out slightly and pushed back in. He rocked his hips, rolled them in a circle without pulling out.

He fucked her hard, varying his speed for long stretches of minutes on end. But he still didn’t allow her to orgasm. He would stop short as soon as he felt her getting close. Tease her. Hold her down so she couldn’t move and then start again. Eventually, after he was through torturing her, the bad doctor felt himself getting close and pulled out, a mix of precum and her juices dribbled out into a puddle on the cold dirty concrete floor. Orchida wailed, reaching back to grab at him, to keep him inside but she was too slow.

“I own them,” Doctor Elms proudly announced. “Like now own the grove.” The witch-turned-nymph thrall felt the bulbous tip of his thick cock at her entrance. His hands grabbed her hips and slid down to her ass, pulling her cheeks apart. “And how I own you, bitch.” His hips thrust forward and split her in two. His huge cock slid inside, the rough treatment, the fucking she had already been subjected to, was the mere foreplay to prepare her for his girth.

He didn’t start slow. He didn’t move with her pleasure in mind. He took his pleasure. He slammed into her as hard as he could, his new muscles rippling, their bodies vibrating with each collision. He grabbed her hair and pulled it back hard, with each thrust, the force rippling through her whole body.

When she was at her peak and the nymph was breathing so hard that her face was tingling, the Guardian’s master pulled out without warning, removing the source of her pleasure, of her absolute bliss.

“What? Why did you...” she demanded weakly, sounding like a spoiled child. “Why the fuck did you stop?” She looked over her shoulder at his grinning face. She needed to cum so badly.

“Just lay there.” He commanded. They all four turned onto their backs on the dirty floor, looking up at the ceiling. Even the nymph. In her desperation, she crawled over to lay next to them, all four in a row on the floor, their sweaty bodies turning black, collecting the filth and dust from the floor. “Fuck yourselves. Fuck yourselves for as long as you can.” He laughed with glee. All four spread their legs, their eyes squeezed shut. Little whimpers of pleasure echoed in the huge open space.

He went to each one, making sure their stone was in place, using its maximum power to amplify their lust. All four, using their power the same way in the same spot seemed to amplify the effect, like a feedback loop. Their moans got louder and louder, their voices hoarser and hoarser. Their hands were each a blur, sliding along their slick, engorged sex, penetrating their hole, flicking and rubbing their little nub.

“I’m a. I’m a. I’m a.” Elmaria muttered over and over. She felt her orgasm getting close. She could feel it. They could feel it too. Her urgency became theirs. She found her G-spot. Slick, fingers squeezed so hard inside her that it hurt. Her internal muscles squeezed just as hard.

“Stop,” the bad doctor commanded. All three cried out in anguish but their hands stopped.

“Fuck! Please master!” Chrysanna shrieked. “Please!

“You belong to me,” he declared, standing over them. He looked down with a superior, almost paternalistic look. “My slaves are allowed to touch themselves.”

Chrysanna, Orchids, and Carnatia all began fucking themselves with their fingers again. Elmaria could feel their stimulation flowing into them from the stone. She could feel their orgasms approaching. It was like she was being pulled along like she had no choice. Each digit that slid on moist flesh, pushed through resistance, and was enveloped in the warm, velvet embrace of their pussies.She could feel it. Their voices rose in pitch. The world fell away.

“I’m your slave!” all four yelled in unison, followed by unbridled wails of bliss, their voices ringing off the metal walls.

The witch hadn’t realized she said it until she was hit by the most powerful orgasm of her long life. Their bodies quivered and twitched. They shrieked and cried. It seemingly went on forever. Nothing mattered but that moment. The entire span of her life felt like it was meaningless before then. They were whole.

But even then, he didn’t let them stop.

“Keep going.” He commanded, standing over them with his arms crossed. He stroked his huge cock, the tip leaking precum. “Let’s see just how much these magical bodies of yours can take.”

Elmaria barely had the strength to turn her head and look at the row of teenage girls, all passed out. She looked back at him and smiled.


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