Brotherly Bond

 Brotherly Bond by Lou Bealy

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This is a work of fiction and all characters depicted are 18 or older

Contains incest

“This is such bullshit,” Kyle muttered. He put his phone down for a moment and looked across the coffee table to his brother. “What do you really think we are going to do here?”

“I don’t know,” Kevin shrugged while continuing to swipe away on his phone. “The money sounds good. We can pay off the program, put away bank for ourselves, and save the business.”

“But they said-!” Kyle stopped and looked around the mostly empty waiting room. “They said we would be hookers,” he hissed quietly.

“No,” Kevin corrected his brother. “They said we would be adult entertainment.”

“And what did you think that meant?” Kyle challenged. “It’s a brothel.

Kevin shrugged. “I didn’t give it much thought. This is our last chance. I’m certainly not going to screw it up.”

“Yeah, but this is a bit unbelievable don’t you think?” Kyle asked. “I mean, who is gonna pay for this?” He grabbed the fat rolls on his midsection. “Or for you? You’re even fatter. And with your neckbeard.” He poked his brother in his rather generous belly. Neither of them was what one would call traditionally attractive, at least in their unkempt and out-of-shape condition.

Kevin frowned and swatted away the assaulting digit. “That’s the beauty of it. We can look like whatever we want!” he beamed. “They said that the procedure would-”

“And you believe it?” Kyle cut him off. “I mean, they could shave us and maybe get us to lose some weight but-”

“Look.” Kevin interrupted. He got up and shoved his phone in Kyle’s face. “This is that neighbor guy Hank after the procedure.” He showed a picture of their neighbor Hank labeled “before” and a beautiful, smiling young woman, with huge tits and a tiny waist wearing a purple bikini labeled “after”.

Kyle stopped for a moment to admire the girl’s thin young body and cute face again. “Yes, mom showed me that too.” He shook his head. “She’s pretty but…” he stared for a moment but dismissed the thought. “That’s not Hank.”

“Look at the face, the jaw, the nose.” Kevin insisted and continued to push the image in front of Kyle until his brother pushed him away.

“Yeah, I guess she looks like him but that doesn’t mean-” Kyle stopped himself. “You sound like you’re okay with this.”

“I don’t want to be a-” Kevin cleared his throat. “Working girl either. But what choice do we have? Mom and Dad laid it all out. Do you have some other way to make this much money?”

“No,” Kyle grumbled.

“And you always said that pretty girls have it so easy and can just rely on their bodies,” Kevin jabbed.

“Yes, Mom made sure to point that out. I shouldn’t have said that she hasn’t worked a day in her life or she wouldn’t be making us do this.”

“Dad wants to throw us out and disinherit us,” Kevin hissed. “You’re lucky we have this kind of chance. You flunked out of high school, got your GED, and have done nothing so far but leech of Mom and Dad.”

“Like you’re doing any better there, mister college student?” Kyle shot right back. “You wasted all that tuition money only to party, skip class, and flunk out.”

“Kevin and Kyle?” the nurse called out, interrupting their bickering. They each scrambled over the other to be the first to stand in front of the rather attractive five-foot-nothing brunette nurse with D-cups, knocking the wooden coffee table between them hard enough to send the magazines scattering to the floor. The glare she gave them could have wilted flowers.

“Sorry,” Kevin muttered, returning to retrieve the fallen reading material.

Kyle just crossed his arms and huffed, “So this is supposed to all be reversible, right?”

The nurse chuckled and pulled out her phone. She showed him a pic of a pasty portly older guy, shirtless in a lawn chair and smiling a grin with missing teeth. To call him homely would be the polite way to put it. “Why would I ever want to be this again?” she asked with a smile.

“Okay, let’s say I buy that you looked like that,” he offered, “you could look like that again if you wanted to?”

She chuckled and turned to lead the way through the maze of offices and exam rooms. They watched intently as they followed, her hips sashaying nicely. The high heels, pantyhose, and short skirt truly showed off her feminine figure. “I could go back to being a man, someone I try to forget. I sometimes barely remember that was me. This sad little lonely man.” She stared at the picture for a moment, then her eyes went unfocused like she was looking past it. “It’s not just what you look like…” she explained. Once at the exam room, she directed them to each get undressed and climb up on the table. “It’s how you feel inside too. I am so much happier as me than I was as him. I love being a woman. And you will too, I bet.” She smiled warmly.

After she left, the smell of her floral perfume lingered. Kevin took a whiff, thinking of how hot she was and hoping he could look remotely like that.

Kyle could only think of how humiliating it would be to give up on his masculinity, that it would be queer and unmanly to want to stay as a woman- especially in the line of work they were getting into. This was a business decision and nothing more. Not that he truly believed all of this but their parents sure did and they were paying for it.

After they disrobed and got up on the table, the two of them sat awkwardly and stared straight ahead. Neither straight guy had any interest in seeing their fat hairy brother naked. Neither did they want to watch the giant needle be inserted into their testicles and inject the nanobots that were supposed to transform them. Some comfort was found in the two of them turning to the other and looking on with the reassurance that the other was going through the same pain.

Afterward, they went back to their shared room to rest and let the nanos do their work. But their parents had scheduled a full day of training to get their money’s worth so she recommended they turn in early. Neither of the teenage boys wanted to be told to go to bed early but upon returning to their room, they were overcome with weariness. They put a movie on and talked about comic books for a few minutes but it wasn’t long before the brothers were fast asleep.

* * *

“Hey, wake up.”

Kyle groaned and looked up at his brother standing over him, grinning. “What?” he asked, his voice raspy and deep from his slumber. The Sahara desert was in his mouth and the Florida Everglades in his bed. He coughed and rolled over in bed to grab the water glass on the nightstand, the sheets clinging to his sweaty body.

“It’s started already,” Kevin beamed.

“What has?” Kyle grumbled, his eyes still half-closed. He saw his half-naked brother was holding something out to him but his brain was still too sleep-fogged to process it.

“The transformation, idiot,” Kevin teased. He turned his hand over and dumped its contents onto Kyle’s face, who sputtered when he realized it was fine brown hairs.

“The fuck?” Kyle spat, launching out of bed to brush the hairs off. He sputtered, trying to get them out of his mouth.

“Just look.” Kevin laughed, pointing at the bed. Kyle turned to look and saw that there were more of the hairs coating his sheets.

“What did you-?” Kyle asked but stopped when he noticed his hands. He straightened up on sore legs and back, looked down at his body, and saw the same thing, that much of his body hair had seemingly fallen out during the night. It finally dawned on him that his brother’s face was mostly smooth now, with only a spares patchwork of hair remaining.

“That’s not all.” Kevin giggled. “Look.” He held his arms out to his sides and puffed his chest out. Most of the black hairs that had coated his chest the day before had fallen out. Much of them stuck to his sweaty skin and a few remained in the patchwork of hair that still coated his body.

“What am I looking at?” Kyle asked, getting annoyed. “They gave us something to make our hair fall out. That isn’t much of a transformation.”

Kevin laughed. His hand shot out and grabbed at Kyle’s own chest, pinching him through yesterday’s shirt.

“Hey, what are you- ow!” Kyle yelped when Kevin got ahold of his nipple. He was about to return the favor when he realized what his brother had meant. He looked again at his brother’s now mostly hairless chest and the slight swelling behind each nipple.

“What do you call that?” Kevin asked.

“You need to lose weight? I dunno.” Kyle was getting a bit defensive. He didn’t want to believe he had volunteered to actually be turned into a woman.

“Whatever man.” Kevin laughed again. “We need to get going, we have ten minutes before class and I got first dibs on the shower.”

“The fuck you do!” Kyle sprang past his brother and ran to the bathroom. He managed to slam the door and lock it before his brother could stop him.

Kyle wasn’t sure what these classes were supposed to be exactly but he could guess and he dreaded finding out. He took an extra long shower, watching the body hair slide off of his body and collect in the drain. His own chest resembled his brother’s. Just like Kevin’s face, there was now a patchwork of the remaining hair and a slight swelling under each nipple. Had it been that way before? Did he and his brother just need to lose some weight?

“Hey!” There was a pounding on the door that interrupted Kyle’s thoughts. “Asshole! I need to shower too!”

Kyle rushed and finished his shower, deliberately not inspecting his body for any more changes. It was crazy to believe that they could actually be turned into women, he told himself. But he left so little time for Kevin to shower that he didn’t have much chance to check himself over either. They each threw on some comfortable clothes, sweatpants, and hoodies, before running down the hall to class.

“Oof,” Kyle grunted as they jogged down the hall. “Man, I don’t feel well.”

“Yeah,” Kevin agreed. “I’m all sore…”

“And she did say it wouldn't get any easier over the three-day program,” Kyle remarked. He took a deep breath, feeling his own lethargy and soreness. “C’mon. Just a little farther.”

* * *

“Did she have to humiliate us like that?” Kyle asked after class was over. "We were only a few minutes late."

"Headmistress Johanna says punctuality is essential for a lady," Kevin stated.

“Yeah, I heard it when she said it,” Kyle grumbled. “There wasn’t even anyone else there.” He shook his head. “She didn’t have to-” he stopped short, his hands shaking with anger. He seethed as he thought of how she had made them strip all of their clothes off and put on feminine garments, including panties and training bras, before putting thin jumpers over them. Kyle would never have gone along with it if Kevin had not been there to remind him of what was at stake. Then they each had to write “I apologize for being late, Headmistress Johanna” one hundred times before she would begin any instruction.

“Well, if we’re going to take up this kind of work…” Kevin shrugged.

Kyle rolled his eyes. “Don’t remind me. Ugh. What a waste of a day,” he muttered as he flopped on the bed. “Did they really need to show us three different middle school health class videos on feminine hygiene?” He pulled off his shirt and pants and then grumbled when he saw he was still wearing the training bra. He pulled it over his head and cast it aside in disgust before settling back down.

“I think the classes on posture and makeup should be the most useful. But yeah…” Kevin shook his head. “You think that this is for real, that they are actually turning us into women?”

Kyle didn’t answer. His eyes wandered from his reflection in the mirror on the closet door and to his brother. It had to be his imagination, he thought.

“What?” Kevin asked once he saw his brother’s expression.

“Nothing, it’s just…” He stopped himself and shook his head. “You look… shorter.”

“Shorter?” Kevin turned to look at himself in the mirror but didn’t seem to notice anything and looked back. “What are you talking about?” He turned back to Kyle. “We’re still the same height.”

“That’s because we both got the shot. I think…” he shook his head. “No. This isn’t happening. I didn’t want to mention it in the first place.”

Once undressed, Kevin looked back at the mirror again. “You think it’s happening that fast?” His naked chest was now almost bare of any hair and his nipples may have been a bit more swollen but it was hard to tell for sure. He didn’t immediately notice anything else different, but he lacked the energy for a more thorough inspection.

“You’re starting to believe it, aren’t you?” Kyle scoffed. “That one morning you are going to wake up as a woman? It’s impossible.”

Kevin shrugged and countered with, “We’ll just see.” He climbed into his own bed. “Man, sitting in that chair for hours didn’t help my soreness.”

“You said it…” Kyle sighed. “My bones are sore. My teeth are sore.”

“Then stop talking so I can sleep.”

Kyle sat for a moment, staring at the ceiling. Thoughts of their impending transformation into women, no matter how crazy and impossible it seemed, plagued his mind. The rough material of his shirt rubbed against his sensitive nipples as he turned in bed, preventing his mind from wandering to any other subject.

After lying awake for a while longer, he sighed and reached down to check something. It still felt the same but he had to be sure. Thoughts of what he may look like as a woman, a blonde bombshell with big tits, produced a throbbing erection in short order.

It didn’t seem to be any smaller. Still about six inches or so and filling his hand nicely. Less hairy, perhaps but that was it. He was sure of it. Thoughts of that beautiful blonde that could be him continued to touch herself in his mind’s eye. She rubbed her nipple in one hand and fingered her hairless wet pussy with the other. He climaxed moments later, allowing him to finally drift off to sleep.

* * *

The next morning, Kyle awoke with a sense of relief. He took a step out of bed and confirmed that the soreness had passed. He looked to see that his brother had again awoken before him. Kevin was standing a few inches from a mirror, inspecting his reflection. It was immediately apparent why. Even in the dim light, the changes to his body were apparent. Kevin fumbled to switch on the light and confirmed the same for himself.

His brother had breasts.

They were small but unmistakable. His bare chest was completely hairless now. The slightly swollen nipples had grown into full-on A-cups. Tiny little things, nothing more than “mosquito bites” on a typically proportioned woman. But on a man’s chest, even one overweight like himself, there was no doubt what they were.

After he was done gawking at his brother, shaking hands slid up his hairless torso. Squeezing through his shirt, he confirmed small feminine mounds now grew from his own chest as well.

“You too?” Kevin asked, trying to hide the smile on his face. His hands covered his nipples.

“You’re doing that already?” Kyle asked incredulously.

“I think it’s appropriate under the circumstances.” Kevin retorted. “Now where did I put the training bra?”

Kyle rolled his eyes and put on a shirt without the cursed garment. But when he straightened up, he could see the mounds of his breasts through the thin shirt, his nipples poked through and were displayed prominently. He sighed, his lips quivering slightly.

“She’s just going to make you put it on again,” Kevin warned his brother. He found the training bra under the bed and put it on, then a clean jumper from the dresser.

“I’m not a girl,” Kyle protested, stamping his foot, which only made Kevin giggle.

“Whatever you say.” Kevin chuckled and shook his head as he waited at the door. “Let’s go.”

“Hold on,” Kyle snapped. “I need to piss.”

Kevin rolled his eyes. “Well, hurry up. We don’t want to be late again.”

Kyle ran to the bathroom and put the toilet seat up to pee. Reaching into his underwear, his hand slid around the shaft of his penis for manual inspection. Was it smaller? When he finished peeing, his now mostly hairless penis had grown erect. The bombshell came back in his mind and he stroked himself. But even throbbing and dripping, his manhood was noticeably smaller. “No…” he muttered. Visually, he couldn’t detect much difference but his hand was very used to his size and he knew how little he filled his own hand compared to the day before. He also noticed that his nipples were rock hard, and tingled with every stroke of his palm along his shaft. Reaching under his shirt, his fingers crept towards his tingling nipples...

“Come on!” Kevin’s voice interrupted his thoughts.

Kyle sighed and pulled his shorts up. He turned to leave but stopped. After a moment he groaned and started pulling his shirt off. After the training bra slid over his little budding breasts to protect his still rock-hard nipples, he decided that there was no point in resisting. The tight jumper slid into place just a bit easier than it had the previous day, which he didn’t have time to contemplate as he hurried to class.

* * *

The first thing Kyle did upon returning to their room was to wash his face. “Can you believe this?” he exclaimed in outrage as he scrubbed the bronze concealer from his skin. “I can’t believe that she gave me an ‘F’! I wore the stupid girly clothes and put the makeup on!”

Kevin came in behind him and slid over to his bed. He sat down and glanced at his reflection, giving it a bemused smile. “I still can’t believe how many ways women have to enhance their look. I think I could get the hang of this make-up thing. And my eyebrows look so much better. You on the other hand…” He turned to his brother. “Barely even tried.”

“I don’t want to be a woman!” Kyle shouted and threw the makeup wipe at his grinning brother. “Especially not a hooker!”

“Could’ve fooled me.” Kevin shrugged and turned away from his reflection to glare at his younger brother. “But that is the deal we made, so stop being a baby and woman up.” He grabbed a make-up wipe as well, making sure to remove all of the cosmetics before bed, lest he fall asleep with it and irritate his skin.

Kyle seethed but didn’t respond, knowing that is what his brother wanted. Besides that, he didn’t have the energy. “Man, I am tired…” He sighed, looking at his bed. After he finished removing the makeup, he threw himself in bed. “Man, I wonder what could possibly be next for us in class.”

“Me too…” Kevin agreed, climbing into bed as well. “It does seem to be moving rather fast, doesn’t it? Like our transformation…” He couldn’t help but giggle, his voice going up an octave or two.

“Would you stop it with that?” Kevin snapped. “It’s day two and we spent most of the day on venereal disease, birth control, sex positions, erogenous zones, foreplay, even kink and BDSM stuff. What could be next?”

“She said that the nanos would give us instincts on this stuff but a crash course would help to unlock it,” Kevin remembered. “Would could be next? Practice?” he guessed. Neither of them knew what to say after that. With the both of them quietly sitting in bed, exhausted, they were soon drifting off. Kyle thought about checking himself out again for more changes and grew instantly erect at the thought. His hand slipped into his underwear and gripped his cock. He began stroking, this time the fact that it was even smaller than he remembered- about five inches now, he guessed- excited him. He grabbed his aching nipple and twisted, making him even harder. His hand gliding across his throbbing dick and spreading precum on the shaft and head with each stroke. He imagined his breasts growing, his cock shrinking away, his hips and ass growing into a feminine shape. He would be a gorgeous blonde...He groaned, spilling his seed within moments. He sat there wearing his cum for a few moments to come down and catch his breath.

“It’s hot, isn’t it?” Kevin asked, startling his brother. Kyle saw his brother holding his own dick in the dim light and he chose not to reply.

* * *

There was no doubt about it now. He was definitely shorter. Kyle looked in the mirror, noting that it even appeared to be higher up, just like every counter and table. His overweight, chinless hairy male image was almost totally gone now. Instead, a waifish, high-cheekboned, androgynous, little thing stared back. Even his hair was longer. It had grown a few inches and the root appeared to be coming in as a light blonde. Even those few male features that remained mostly in the larger brow, wider shoulders, and narrower hips- were sharply contrasted by his now large breasts that were c-cups at least. Strangely, their nipples and areola were the same size, though.

He cupped them and felt their weight. Disbelief completely melted away. He didn’t even mentally fight having to put on the new bra. They had already shown him how to get it on and fasten it. His boxer briefs had been replaced by panties in various colors which fit surprisingly well. Surprisingly, that is until he felt himself. He didn’t think that he had shrunk that much more but it was still the most terrifying part. Would he really become a woman? He remembered the classes on birth control and shuddered.

His brother looked very much the same, though he looked happier about it. “This is so exciting!” He beamed. “Did you need help putting on your makeup?”

“Fuck off,” Kyle grumbled.

“And why are you getting dressed already?” Kevin asked. “You know that the Headmistress said that ladies need to be clean and presentable.

Kyle sighed. He didn’t want to get in the shower and touch his tingling nipples. He didn’t want to think about how aroused he was at the idea of becoming a woman. He shook his head. “You go first.”

“Suit yourself.” Kevin chuckled. “But I may take all of the hot water.”

Kyle chuckled, thinking that he knew exactly why Kevin would take longer than usual in the shower. When it was his turn, he was able to avoid masturbating in the shower from the sheer eroticism of turning into a woman. But it was difficult. He washed his arms and legs, feeling how thin they were compared to the previous day. Except his legs were more feminine, being dainty but rounding at the top into what was becoming a nice butt. His hips had gained a bit of fat as well, just like his chest. The only definitively male thing left was his penis. Just looking at his naked reflection- how feminine he had become- for a moment was enough to get him going. Aching hard, it was less than five inches long, he guessed, and a little thinner but be dare not touch it for fear of spending all day there. There was no way he was going to be late again.

He waited for his turn in the shower, watching his brother’s naked body and becoming more and more turned on. He looked down at his own changed form and back. They were becoming so small and dainty. He even looked like a woman through the blurry, foggy glass, especially when his back was turned and his round ass was on display.

The school day went by fast. It was their last day for in-classroom training and it was a long one. Their sore bodies did not exempt them from putting on even more feminine clothing. Kevin was given a very fine black dress, with a slit in the side the entire length of his legs. It clung elegantly to his body, showing off his newly feminine contours. He stood in the mirror and admired his reflection, looking every bit of a thin, attractive, albeit a bit mannish woman in a sheer black “fuck me” dress. His makeup was applied like he had been doing it his whole life, with smokey eyes and dark red lips.

When Kyle had applied his makeup, he was told it looked like a whores. He was given a pair of cutoff jean shorts, fishnet stockings, and a red halter top “to match”. He looked at himself in the mirror and he looked like a common streetwalker. His pale skin was accentuated by white makeup, contrasting his dark lipstick and eye shadow.

After getting properly dolled up, instruction for that day was focused on the common etiquette for working girls in the various types of working conditions, from a high-end brothel, to escort by appointment, to the street corner.

Kevin’s words from the day before proved to be prophetic. Their final day of class turned out to be more hands-on training than actual instruction. Kyle watched as Kevin was led away to a swanky club to meet a high-end regular that the Headmistress liked to use to “gently break in” the new girls. He was told his new working name was Demi.

Kyle on the other hand was put in the back of a van with a few other girls dressed like him. When he protested and said he wanted to be in the brothel with his brother, the headmistress laughed and said he wasn’t as good a student as his brother so he was doing the job that he was suited for. He guessed they were also girls in training. They were dropped off at a street corner in the more seedy part of town and told to wait for some of the frequent clientele. He was assigned the name “Shay”. He wanted to complain but he remembered how receptive they had been to his last complaints and accepted it. It could be a worse name, he figured.

Kyle thought he would be horrified but he was actually pleased to finally put his training and skills to the test. The whistles and catcalling he got as he stood on the corner were unexpectedly thrilling. A car pulled up and he gave the john a sweet little smile as he sauntered over. He could feel the weight of his breasts move with each step, arousing him even more than the lustful look the john gave him. The older bald guy unlocked the car and Kyle climbed into the passenger seat. His little cock was hard as a rock and leaking inside his red thong panties but the john didn’t notice the little bulge or didn’t care. He was staring at Kyle’s round tits- that he swore were already bigger than that morning. His halter top slipped down his shoulders and he pressed his boobs together with his arms.

“You like what you see?” he asked. Kyle couldn’t believe how low and sultry his voice sounded.

* * *

“So what did he do?” Kevin asked, giggling and giddy. “I mean, what did he pay for?” she asked in a more serious tone.

“I let him fuck my tits and cum on them.” Kyle looked away, feeling strange even talking about it. He felt dirty that he had let it happen… but he couldn’t deny how excited he was. Whatever the nanos were doing, it must be working because all he felt when he thought about it was excitement, arousal, and even a bit of pride that he had made the guy cum so fast.

“Not bad for a first time, eh?” Kevin asked with a musical, feminine laugh. He seemed more advanced in his transformation than Kyle. He had definitely filled out some, his features softening. His breasts had grown even larger too. Even his hair was longer, now about his shoulders with brown tips on mostly blonde.

“What about you?” Kyle asked, quick to change the subject. “What was your first?”

Kevin smiled a devilish grin, his lips a deep red. “We talked for a bit.” He rolled over onto his back to lay on the covers of his bed and stare at the ceiling. “He was really nice. He just wanted to suck on my tits a little bit.” He chuckled. “I think he has a mommy thing.” He hefted his round naked boobs up on his chest, relishing the weight and feel. They looked like D-cups by that point, practically overflowing his hands.

“And you didn’t have any trouble with… you know.” Kyle gestured to his crotch. His cock was rock hard in his panties, showing through the sheer material as he lay atop his bed.

“No, it was tucked back like a good girl but he knew about it. He’s a regular.” Kevin replied, rubbing his nipple absentmindedly. “The next guy, though… He actually liked it.”

“He liked it?” Kyle asked in surprise. “I just did,” he paused, still ashamed to say it but then decided it didn’t matter anymore. “Mouth and tit stuff,” he added finally.

“My next few guys paid so they could,” Kevin giggled. “Suck my dick. What’s left of it, anyway.” He peeled off his panties, showing that his little dick was rock hard and only a couple of inches long. Kyle stared in wonder, almost feeling jealousy towards his brother for being farther along.

“Wow,” Kyle said, his eyes wide with amazement.

“Yeah,” Kevin beamed. “I mentioned my rapid change to Headmistress Johanna and she said that lots of sex helps to push them through your system, purge your old hormones, and the like.”

“Ugh…” Kyle groaned. “I just want to finish so I can make some real money! We all know what guys want and we don’t have it yet.” His hand slid over his aching cock, dwelling on the head to gather the copious precum in his palm then smear it over the sensitive tip.

They sat for a moment in the quiet dark and stared at the ceiling, stroking their little cocks and playing with their sensitive breasts until Kevin started giggling.

“What?” Kyle asked.

“Let me help you out,” Kevin whispered in a sexy, low voice. Before Kyle could respond, he slipped out of bed and came around to the foot of Kyle’s. Grinning, he climbed up onto the bed and over Kyle until he came face to face with Kyle’s dripping member. He hesitated for just a moment before he leaned down and slipped the tip between his lips.

Kyle’s eyes rolled back into his head. “Oh fuck… Kevin, what are you doing?”

“Demi,” came the reply before his cock was slurped back into that warm mouth.

this is soooo wrong…” He groaned, his cock sliding over his brother’s warm tongue.

“We’re just a couple of working girls,” Demi responded while her fingers slid along the shaft of his little brother’s four-inch dick. “Helping each other out.” She turned his body, climbing onto the bed so what was left of her former maleness hung an inch from Kyle’s mouth.

Kyle hesitated for a moment longer than Kevin (now Demi in his mind) had before he gave in. He slowly parted his lips and stuck out his tongue. Gripping the shaft, he slid the tip of his tongue from the glans to his hairless balls, now held tightly against the body in a shriveled, hairless sack. He knew exactly how hard to squeeze, how soft to caress, and which spots to massage and it was clear his former brother did too. They were both obviously close. Kyle stopped for just a moment to ask, no beg his brother. “Make me Shay… I can’t wait to be her…” He closed his eyes. He could see her there in his mind. He was almost there.

“Fuck!” Kyle cried, his voice cracking. Demi swallowed the tiny spurt of cum but continued to lick, making her former brother thrash and twitch even harder. “Ah!” It was so much more sensitive than he ever had felt. Now he was begging her to stop. And she did. For five minutes.

* * *

The next morning was their final one at the clinic side of the school. They were complete women now. They had stayed up all night making sure every trace of masculinity was sucked right out of them. They looked almost identical in the twin mirrors. The last vestige of masculinity gone. Their breasts had grown considerably, now looking like they were so full they were going to pop. Giant bags, at least F-cups hung from their now completely hairless chests. Totally defying gravity, they looked like the rock-hard boobs that porn stars sported. Their lips matched this aesthetic too, so large that they looked like they both had collagen implants.

Their penises had been completely transformed into soft perfect, hairless little vulvas with no excess skin. They each possessed the picture of femininity, nestled between shapely feminine legs that widened to round and full asses below thin barbie-doll waists. They had the same, thin, angular faces with small button noses, narrow chins, and high cheekbones. They were almost twins.

Shay was a tad bit shorter than Demi, as he had been before, but now it was a matter of less than an inch. They regarded each other with bright-blue eyes, one of the last things to change from their old male bodies. It was like the exclamation point, the final symbol of a new identity, even more than the change in genitals.

Now with the instruction portion done, they would spend all day at their respective posts, working off the debt for the program and putting enough aside to save the business.

Shay tried to ease herself into this. She performed tit and oral jobs at first, referring a john to one of the other corner girls if he wanted something else. There was something about giving up her virginity that was a little scary but she knew it had to happen and the sooner she did, the sooner she could start making some real money.

And when she finally did, it wasn’t as magical and romantic as she had imagined her first time would be… but she did get to charge a nice premium to the guy who did it. By that point, she was so worked up from sucking the john off that it hardly even hurt going in. She was just beginning to truly appreciate the advantages of being a woman when the guy grunted and went completely stiff. A moment later she felt his cock pulse and the warmth of his cum painting her insides.

After that, it became easy to offer up any hole, any time.

It was only a few days in that Shay found that one of the other working girls had a room available for only a couple hundred a month, so she could have a spot right near her post. With transportation dealt with, she could easily work through clients and put away bank.

She would check on Demi, but she was always busy. She would spend all day doing her hair, nails, tanning, and shopping for cute clothes, and her nights working. Shay wondered how much she could possibly be saving, even with what would be the obviously higher rate she commanded.

Then one day she couldn’t find Demi at the brothel. She asked the Madame and was informed that Demi had moved on to another post, where she could find more high-end johns that she could have a regular thing with. Seems like she already had a few fans and she was bringing them with her.

Shay felt jealous. She didn’t have any “regulars”, just an endless stream of married guys, old guys, and loser guys. But at least it was steady and their money spent. Some of them actually knew how to please a woman, and were glad to do it. She quickly discovered that female orgasms were a lot more powerful than a man’s ever could be, not that she had that many but that was okay. It was just a bonus anyway. She knew how to do this job well and didn’t feel the same shame anymore but she never took her eyes off of the prize. The family picture pinned to her mirror reminded her who she was doing this for, and the life that she used to have. She could still remember most of it clearly, but it was almost like it happened to someone else. Like Kyle was a different person, someone that she was merely told about or knew a long time ago. She wanted to meet him again when she had made enough money and the job was done.

* * *

“I can’t believe you gave it up,” Demi laughed and sipped her sex on the beach. “Just to go run your parents’ smelly car wash business?”

“Our parents.” Kyle corrected but she just shrugged. “Well, they retired and it was time for someone to take over,” Kyle replied, smiling. “And it’s been rather successful after the cash infusions, I must say. We just bought three more locations.”

They sat at a corner table at the nicest restaurant in town, sipping drinks over fine Italian food. You would never believe the two of them were once brothers. Not only because of the obvious, but they also looked nothing alike.

Kyle had begun taking better care of himself since coming back. He was thinner, with more muscle tone so even his jaw was more pronounced. He wore an expensive tailored tan suit with a black tie, short modern-styled hair, and a nicely trimmed goatee. His round face, barrel chest, and dark hair were in stark contrast to his former brother.

Demi was wearing a bright evening dress, almost a metallic blue color, with a slit up the side that went all the way to her waist, showing so much leg that Kyle was amazed that they let her in the restaurant. Her breasts spilled out of the dress, its tight top portion barely containing their mass. The thin material was stretched to the point of near-transparency, showing off every contour and curve of her breasts, thin waist, and wide child-bearing hips. She smiled at him, watching him slurp down his spaghetti while she picked at her salad.

“C’mon,” Kyle urged. “This can be your cheat day, right?”

Demi’s face scrunched and she shook her head. “Too many carbs. But you enjoy. I’ll get my dessert later.” She giggled.

“You don’t have to do that…” Kyle remarked. “I just made this appointment because I couldn’t get ahold of you any other way.”

“Not for much longer,” she mused.

“What does that mean?”

“One of my clients proposed to me,” she beamed. “I told him I had to think about it, but I am not sure if I am going to accept.” She downed her drink. “He’s a business man, like you. Owns some casinos on the river.” She looked off into space for a moment with a dreamy expression.

“Oh!” Kyle exclaimed in surprise. “Um… good for you!” He tried not to sound too disappointed.

“But that doesn’t mean anything for tonight, baby.” She smiled seductively. “He knows I’m working while I decide.”

“What?” Kyle asked incredulously hiding his shameful arousal behind a facade of revulsion. “Of course not, don’t be-”

“It’s going to cost you the same amount either way,” she whispered and raised her eyebrows enticingly. “I already have your cash.”

“No, I-” he started to say but she slipped into the booth next to him and slid her hand up his thigh. He wanted to tell her to stop, that this was wrong but he didn’t. The words just died in his throat as he felt her rub his cock through his suit pants just the right way. “I wanted to see if you would come back, help me run the business, you know?”

“Mmmm…” she moaned in his ear. “You’re already hard…” He felt her thin, dainty fingers resting on his manhood, just a few layers of fabric between them, making him groan. “Should we get the check?”

He wanted to refuse her, to continue to press the issue, but he found her captivating. She looked just like the bombshell that Kyle had been when he was Shay. That perfect ideal feminine form. He sighed and didn’t answer, leaning in towards her. She smelled incredible; familiar yet decidedly feminine with a floral perfume that was also familiar. When the waitress came back, he asked for the check immediately.

“Do you need a box?” the waitress asked when she brought the bill.

“Nah, honey.” Demi’s hand cupped Kyle’s package. She turned to the waitress and gave a big smile. “We’re going to have plenty to eat.”

* * *

Demi was all over Kyle as soon as the door of her regular room at the brothel slammed shut. She almost tripped him, his pants catching around his legs as she yanked them down. He turned to land in a sitting position on the couch and before he could even tell her to slow down, her hot wet mouth was around his cock.

“Oh fuck.” He groaned and leaned back, lost in the carnal sensation of a skilled mouth sliding along his manhood. The lips perfectly curled over her teeth, sliding along his shaft like velvet. Her tongue slid around the frenulum, to the top and back, collecting the drops of precum oozing out of the tip.

He felt the cool air on his dick and he looked up to see she had already discarded her dress. She spread her legs and rubbed her sopping wet pussy, hairless and glistening in the light from the fireplace.

“We really shouldn’t be-” his protests were interrupted by her mouth on his. Her tongue pushed its way into his mouth, where it swirled around his own. She climbed into his lap and with expert aim slipped him inside. She raised her hips and lowered again, her lips flowing and parting over his rigid pole as it sunk deeper into her.

“One last job before I say yes,” Demi muttered as she began to rock her hips. He grabbed ahold, cupping her round ass, pushing and pulling her dainty body as he thrust against her. He was so hard, he was throbbing and pulsing. He could feel her every twitch and heartbeat in her velvet embrace, as she could feel his.

The shock at what they were doing, the shame of the taboo, melted away and there was only their bodies and their lust. He grabbed her around the thin little waist and lifted her up to spin around and put her on the couch. He almost tripped, his pants still around his ankles, but he managed to catch himself and plop her down on the couch with his dick still inside. When he fell on top of her, his dick slid all the way in, driving the air out of her in one long low moan.

He held her down and began thrusting as hard as he could. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Their sweaty skin collided with each thrust. He kept going until his breath was hoarse, sweat dripping from his forehead to join the pool growing between her voluminous breasts that swayed up and down her body in time with each impact.

“He won’t fuck you like this,” Kyle declared with a satisfied grunt.

She didn’t answer. Her little squeaks and cries became more urgent. She grabbed at his shoulders, her breasts so big she could barely reach, and pulled him tight against her body. She mashed her face into his and bit onto his lip as her body began to shake.

“Mm! Mm! Mm! MMMM!” She went completely rigid for a moment and then shook as her body was overtaken by her orgasm. That was all it took and he erupted inside her a moment later, holding her body as tightly as he could as thrust into her.

After catching her breath, she finally pushed him off and got to shaky legs. “I may just give you a discount. Thanks, babe,” she said, her voice hoarse. Before he could respond she headed to the bathroom to clean up.

Kyle sat there on the couch, staring at the ceiling, groping with what he had just done until his post-coital drowsiness got the better of him.

* * *

Kyle never did find out where she went. She didn’t leave a number. But Kyle knew that she would be taken care of. She was off being a trophy wife to some rich business guy, whomever that was. She was young, pretty, and skilled in the bedroom that she could probably keep that “job” for at least another decade, he figured. If not, she could always rope another guy. She seemed happy.

He was happy too, running his own successful business. He hadn’t yet decided to join the dating pool, being far too busy with his company. But he did go back to that brothel from time, hoping to run into her. Maybe she would need another rich guy to latch on to, he would think to himself. Or maybe she would just need a real fuck before finding some old loser with money. And that was fine with him too. No one could fuck her with the same passion and feeling that he had. No one would ever know her like he did, even with her new identity. He understood her better as the old and the new, better than anyone could.

They had a bond.


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