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The Swapping Device by Lou Bealy

This is the first part of the Gender Swap Interactive Story, a Gold Tier benefit on my Subcribestar.

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Leif was walking home from school when he took his usual detour through the scrap yard. He gave a big sigh as he entered the dusty lot. He wished he could take the more direct route home but that would mean having to deal with Roger and his little minions.

As inconvenient as it was to take the long detour, it was preferable to any kind of interaction with the guy. It was bad enough Leif had to deal with him at school. Every time they had an encounter outside of school, Leif would have to explain to everyone why he was so bruised and why he didn’t have his cell phone.

A few of the stray dogs that lived around the area came to inspect him for food. No one else even noticed him making his way through. Every so often he would get caught and yelled at by one of the workers but the yard was so big that they rarely even noticed him. They should fix their fence if they don’t want him to cut through, he thought. He had almost made it across the yard to the fence near his neighborhood when he tripped and fell, painfully landing on a big rock. The rock came loose and they both tumbled down a small hill into a hollow filled with foul-smelling mud. He landed face-first on top of the rock, which stunned him for a moment. He lay there briefly before he could recover enough to get his bearings.

“Son of a bitch,” he yelled, with great effort managing to pull himself from the disgusting brown water and filth. He wiped the mud from his face and looked down. His hand had a bit of blood on it from where the rock had scraped his face. The brand new white shirt he was wearing already had a rip near the collar and was soaked in mud. His slacks were even worse, as he had sunk almost to his knees in the muck. The cold smelly mud made his clothes cling to his skinny body and was already giving him a chill. The worst part, he suddenly realized, was he noticed he was no longer wearing his glasses. He looked down at the mud puddle and whimpered.

He groaned in exertion, pulling himself back out of the hollow with his glasses in hand. He lay there on his back, breathing hard for a moment before turning over so he could get up on his knees. He probably weighed twice as much with the sodden clothes on. He finally made it to his feet but he still felt disoriented and on shaky legs. He groaned, turning back to see what had tripped him, finding what looked like a sci-fi ray gun made out of gray plastic sticking out the ground. He kicked it, expecting to send it flying, but it actually had some heft to it. Curious, he picked it up.

“What have we here?” He examined it closely for a moment, forgetting about the sorry state of his clothing and bleeding forehead. It wasn’t a toy, as he had first thought. It looked like a piece of scientific equipment, like something from one of the sci-fi TV shows he liked to watch. He looked into the dark, dirt-covered screen, wondering what it was supposed to detect or display. He found a single button on the bottom that was probably the power switch but nothing happened when he pressed it. There was a port to plug a power cord into though and he decided he would try to recharge it... once he got a change of clothes.

“What happened to you?” asked his mom when he walked in the front door. “Roger?”

“I don’t want to talk about it.” Especially with you, he added in his head.

“What did he say, something about me again?” she asked gently, following him up the stairs to the bathroom where he began removing his mud-soaked clothes. “You don’t need to get into a fight every time some bully makes a crude remark about me.”

“Especially since you can’t fight!” Leif heard his older brother Kurt yell from the living room.

Leif shook his head. “No.” Sometimes having a hot mom was a detriment, he sourly mused to himself. He briefly admired her still-youthful thin face and toned body, thinking that he was lucky to have her genes, at least. The tight sundress she was wearing emphasized the point, clinging tightly to her petite body. “I don’t want to talk about it,” he grumbled and slammed the door.

After getting cleaned up and retaping the arm of his glasses, he decided to inspect the device. It appeared to be charging, once he got it plugged in but he couldn’t make heads or tails of what its intended use may be. The screen lit up and seemed to only display something when he pointed it at himself. He was able to deduce that the touch screen was used to select a person, and then a part of their body. Once he confirmed the selection, it told him to find another target.

“Leif!” he heard his dad yell from downstairs. “Dinner!”

“I’ll be down in a minute!” he yelled back. He wanted to find out what the thing was more than he wanted his dad’s mediocre barbecue chicken that he was so proud of.

“I just took them off the grill!” his dad happily announced. “I’m about to put on the sauce! Get your ass down here so we can say grace and then I can eat them!”

“Just a minute!” Leif shook his head and put the device back down on the desk to continue charging.

Before he could stand up, his door burst open and Kurt barged in. “C’mon, twerp,” his deep voice boomed. He grabbed Leif in a headlock before he could even think to react. “Time for chicken.”

“Get offa me!” Leif struggled to break free but Kurt the linebacker was far too big and strong for a scrawny nerd like Leif to do much of anything against.

“Dad said dinner time.” Kurt happily reiterated, not even breathing hard as he practically carried Leif’s struggling from down the stairs.

“I can’t wait for you to leave for college,” Leif grumbled, sitting down at his usual spot at the table. “Hard for you to be an asshole from across the state.”

“I’ll make a special trip if I need to,” Kurt laughed, taking the seat across from him. “You won’t be rid of me so easy.” He looked back and forth. “Where’s Erika?”

“She had a date,” Mom replied on her way in from the kitchen. “So Leif,” Mom said gently. “You could ask Kurt if he can do something about Roger,” she said, sitting down. “Perhaps he could talk to him.”

Leif scowled at her. He knew she was only trying to help but really he wished she had not brought it up.

“Chicken!” Dad announced proudly and laid the plate of charred meat down in front of them. He sat and folded his hands together. “Thank god for barbecue. Let’s dig in!” he said quickly. That done, he began to happily tear into a drumstick.

“What about Roger? What did he do now?” Kurt asked in a slightly irritated tone, grabbing chicken and corn for himself. “You know we hardly hang out anymore. It’s not like we’re friends.”

“I don’t know what he said,” Mom replied, taking an ear of corn. “But they got into a fight over it.”

“So that’s what happened to your face?” Dad asked, noticing it for the first time.

Leif tried to respond, but his mouth was full. “No, it’s-”

“You shouldn’t indulge him,” Mom interrupted. “Just walk away. It’s not worth it. Don’t pick a fight with someone twice your size. I’ll have a talk with his mother, that’s what I’ll do.” She grabbed a chicken breast and began to cut it into pieces.

“He and Leif are seniors,” Kurt argued, grabbing an ear of corn. “Isn’t it a bit late for Mommy to come to his rescue? He should have known better than to start shit.”

“That’s not what happened!” Leif yelled, slamming his fist on the table, rattling all of the dishes.

“Honey,” Mom asked with a big sigh. “Then what happened to your-”

“I said I didn’t want to talk about it!” He yelled. He then turned bright red from embarrassment. There was a silent moment where they all stared at him.

“Leif.” Dad put the chicken down. His blue eyes stared daggers through his son. His frown of disapproval was visible through his thick beard. “Apologize to your mother,” he growled. When Leif didn’t immediately obey he added, “Now.”

“Bo,” Mom said, reaching out to hold his arm. “It’s okay,” Mom tried to soothe but Dad was having none of it.

“Kristina,” Dad said sternly, holding up his hand to silence her. “Leif…” he said, turning back to his youngest son, growing rather impatient.

“It’s cool. I’ll kick his ass for you,” Kurt chimed in, aloof as ever. He took a big bite of chicken breast and chewed loudly.

“Roger didn’t do anything!” Leif stood up abruptly, throwing his wooden chair aside and sending it clattering to the floor. “I fell, okay? I tripped and fell and broke my glasses again like the moronic klutz I am.” He turned and fled the dining room, trying to hold back tears.

“Leif, get back here!” Dad shouted after him but he didn’t stop. He ran to his room, slammed the door behind him, and locked it.

* * *

Once the device was charged, Leif set about trying to understand the strange device he found at the scrap yard. It took a lot of trial and error but eventually, Leif determined it was used to target the organs, body parts, or tissues anyone he pointed it at. Strangely, he noticed right away that the first organ that it targeted on himself was his penis.

He sighed, looking at the display as it highlighted his unimpressive but average package. He grinned, thinking that whatever the device was, it sort of acted as x-ray goggles for something.

Intrigued, he turned and looked out of his bedroom window to the house next door and wondered if Jane was home. He had been crushing on her since before he could remember, but she never even noticed him. They even in the same class at school and had a couple of courses together but he had never worked up the courage to make a move. Besides, she was taken. She always had some douchebag jock boyfriend hanging around. He had always wondered why such a nice girl ended up with such assholes. A cute, smart, nice, athletic girl like her would have the pick of the school, or so he would have thought.

He aimed the device at her room, hoping that it had sufficient range since they were only about fifteen feet apart. He opened the window, in case that would help. He was elated when he discovered that not only was it in range but she also appeared to be home. A grin spread across Leif’s face when he saw what she was doing.

She was laying on her back in bed, her legs spread with her hand shoved between her thighs. The cute, innocent girl next door, his crush for years was masturbating while he watched, mouth hanging to his knees.

His cock was instantly rock hard, which for some reason was still being displayed on the left side of the screen while he watched Jane on the right. He reached down and began rubbing through his slacks. A small wet spot formed as his precum began to soak through. He targeted her pussy with the machine, getting a good close look. Her index finger moved from her engorged clit to begin rubbing the edge of her inner lips. He stared intently, taking in every inch of her beautiful folds.

It was perfectly hairless so he could make out every little detail. Her outer lips were small and didn’t hang down at all. Her inner lips were tight against the entrance with nothing protruding at all. In short, it was like the perfect pussy. It was just how he had imagined.

Leif whipped his cock out and began stroking the furiously, his eyes glued to the left side of the screen. His hand slid up and down his shaft so fast that it was a blur. His foreskin slid across his head like velvet, his thumb slid across the glans. He was already close to orgasm when he felt his hand slip on the device. He hit the stud on the grip that resembled the trigger and instantly felt a jolt go through his body. There was no pain and it passed in an instant but he was immediately disoriented and he dropped the device to the floor. It bounced under his bed but he didn’t even notice.

He instantly knew something was wrong when he couldn’t feel his throbbing erection anymore. He still felt incredibly horny but the aching hardness had been replaced with a totally different and alien feeling: a strange but exquisite tingling coming from his groin. It also felt strangely like a hunger pang or an itch.

Confused, Leif looked down and noticed that he couldn’t see his erection anymore either. There was just a stretch of blank skin where his dick should be. He shoved his hand between his legs, desperate to find his elusive member and was greeted by something quite different.

He had never felt one before. But he was familiar with them enough to know it instantly.

He had a pussy between his legs. His eyes went wide. He rubbed them and blinked a few times but it was still there. He walked over to the closet mirror to get a better look but before he got there, he was startled by a scream coming from next door.

Continued in Part 2

This is the first part of the Gender Swap Interactive Story, a Gold Tier benefit on my Subcribestar.

You can vote on the next part here, exclusively on Subscribestar!


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