Drained By the Manpire: Chapter 2

 Drained By the Manpire Chapter 2 by Lou Bealy

Commissioned by Joey Joe

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All characters are 18 or older.

Kimberly went to push the door open to Mrs. Allbright’s class but it was locked. Curious, she tried to look in the window but the angle didn’t allow her to see anything. She knew Victor had a couple of weeks of serving detention with Mrs. Allbright after what he had done to her husband. Kimberly watched that scene play out in her head over and over as she made her way to the alternative entrance through the utility closet. The way Victor had utterly dominated Mr. Allbright still gave her chills down her spine every time she saw it in her mind’s eye.

She crept through the utility room. Something about the locked door made her think that she should keep quiet. She was able to adroitly dodge past the dusty cleaning supplies and cobwebs and make it to the other door. She grabbed the handle but stopped and her eyes went wide when she heard sounds coming from the other room. They were sound she was all too familiar with. Rhythmic slurping and low moans oozed into the small room, giving Kimberly an unbelievable thrill. She leaned in and pressed her ear against the old wooden door, trying her best not to giggle.

“That’s right, bitch,” Kimberly heard a familiar voice say in the other room. “This is why you gave me detention. Not because of what I did to your pussy of a husband.”

Kimberly’s hand reflexively covered her mouth, hiding her shocked face from no one in the dark utility room. It was one thing to suspect that Victor, the newly turned hunk, was getting blown by Mrs. Allbright while her husband graded papers a few rooms away. It was quite another to have it confirmed.

“Mmph!” came the reply, punctuated with a long slurp. Mrs. Allbright was clearly enjoying it, Kimberly thought. Then the sounds changed. The slow rhythmic slurping became a series of rapid gagging sounds.

As she listened intently to the erotic scene, Kimberly noticed a small beam of light coming from a pinhole in the wall. She eagerly shuffled over to it and quickly found that when she leaned in at the right angle, she could see through to the other side.

Mrs. Allbright was laying on her back on her desk, her blouse had been ripped open revealing her tight white undershirt that just barely contained her c-cup breasts. Victor stood over her head, fucking her in the mouth. His hand grasped her breasts through the shirt, roughly squeezing them intermittently between thrusts. Amazingly, Mrs. Allbright was somehow taking almost the whole thing into her throat, the end of each thrust of his hips punctuated with a loud gagging sound.

Kimberly couldn’t help herself. Her hand seemed to move on its own, slipping underneath her cheerleader uniform and pulling the crotch of her panties to one side. They were already soaked from her arousal. Her finger slid between her legs, quickly finding her engorged clit.

“All right,” Victor grunted. He grabbed her head and slammed his cock deep into his teacher’s waiting throat. “I got shit to do.” He pulled back out and grabbed his twelve-inch cock, still slick with her juices. He rubbed his hand down the impressive length until the purple mushroom head swelled and then shot a huge load of white jizz all over her face and chest. There was so much that he managed to hit the stack of papers on her desk, drenching them in cum also.

Kimberly bit her lip, holding in a squeal as her whole body was overtaken by the fastest orgasm of her life. Her whole body shook uncontrollably and it took all of her willpower not to cry out. When she finally came down, she let out a long sigh and reached a hand out to grab the wall for support. Her hand slipped against something unseen and she lost her balance, stumbled over slightly, and collided with a broom handle. It fell and hit the floor with a loud clatter. 

“Shit!” she whispered to herself. She immediately bolted from the room, not waiting to see if Victor had heard the sound. She sped away toward the lady’s room to clean up, hoping no one would see her or try and talk to her. She felt so naughty with her thighs rubbing together, so wet that she was afraid her skirt wouldn’t be able to hide it, so aroused that her face was flushed. Her mind raced with fantasies that revolved around the twelve-inch dick she had just seen. She nervously glanced at her exposed knees every few moments until she made it to the bathroom. 

* * *

Riley sent his fifteenth text to Kimberly since school ended, at this point begging her to talk to him. He couldn’t lose her. He had seemingly lost his athletic talents, his spot on the team, his pride and dignity after what Victor had done to him, and even his manhood. She was the last thing he had that gave him a shred of credibility as one of the class elites. He finally gave up and drove over to her house.

“Kimberly!” He shouted, pounding on her ground-floor bedroom window. “Kimberly please! Open up!” He pounded on the window a few more times. “I need to talk to you!”

Eventually, after he pounded until his knuckles hurt, the window slid open. He crawled in and was greeted by Kimberly, standing there still wearing her cheerleading outfit and frowning. Normally he would tease her, say that she was cute when she was mad, that he liked his spicey Latina, or something halfway clever like that. But this time she didn’t look like she was in the mood and neither was he, really.

“What, Riley?” she demanded, with her arms crossed while leaning back with hips stuck out.

Riley stood there for a moment, hesitating on what to say. “I- uh. I just wanted to say that I love you and-” Unsure of what else to say, he took a step forward and tried to embrace her.

“Save it,” she cut him off, then turned her back to him. He tried to put his hand on her shoulder but she shrugged it off before turning back. “I need a real man, Riley. A real man.” She shook her head. “Not some little boy with a,” she stopped to chuckle. “Baby dick.” She turned back and grinned in his face.

“You’re still coming with me to my award ceremony tomorrow, right?” he asked, his tone became one of begging.

“You really think you still deserve an award?” she scoffed with her hand on her hip. “For football?”

He stood there dumbfounded for a moment, unable to think of how to respond.

She raised her eyebrows, emboldened by his silence. She continued, “I need a real man.”

“Please…” Riley whined, reaching toward her but she shrank away again. “Baby, don’t do this,” he added with a whimper.

She scoffed and walked away, pausing near the door. She turned around to face him again, shaking her head. “You’re pathetic.” She gestured to him. “Look at you. You’re crying.” She couldn’t help but laugh.

He hadn’t noticed until she said it, but he reached up to wipe away the tears. He opened his mouth to beg some more but only a long sob came out. She laughed again, which drove him to the window in shame. He tripped as he climbed out, landing on top of the bushes in a sobbing heap. He heard the window slam shut behind him. He looked back and saw that she had already left the room.

* * *

Riley sat behind the curtain on stage, listening to the emcee give out a list of accomplishments that he and the team he was leading had won out on the field. He felt like the statements were about someone else. He wasn’t that guy anymore and Victor had proved it in the locker room. He was an imposter if he took this award. Brad and Kimberly, the people that he would have wanted to be there the most, were nowhere to be found either.

He looked up at the screen above the stage and smiled. He watched the pretty good highlight package that the AV department had put together and it almost brought a tear to his eye. After a few moments, he noticed something. He wasn’t anywhere in the package as one of the featured players. He was going to get his award, wasn’t he? No one had told him that anything had changed.

Riley waited and waited for his name to be called. He watched and watched but he was nowhere to be found. That was before the video screen went black for a moment. Then he saw a familiar scene, albeit from a much different angle this time, a shaky cell phone video.

“I’m going to fucking ruin you, little boy!” Riley heard Victor’s voice coming through the speakers. His heart leaped up into his throat when he saw that the whole school was watching his naked body being unceremoniously dumped in the girl’s locker room by Victor. The screen cut to another room entirely. It looked like an unlit bedroom with the vague silhouette of a person standing in the center. A moment later the light came on and revealed the person to be Kimberly. She appeared to be on all fours on her bed, looking up into the camera that was seemingly on her headboard.

She was giving the camera a kind of naughty smile and wiggling her butt. After a few moments, she stood up on her knees and quickly pulled her cheerleading uniform over her head then tossed it aside. She was wearing a matching set of white bra and panties with lacey frills. She had worn those for Riley before, he noted. He didn’t have long to dwell on it because she pulled her underwear off just as quickly, tossing them off-camera as well. And just like that, Riley’s (ex) girlfriend was naked on screen in front of the entire school. She had been the acknowledged Hottest Girl In School for as long as Riley could remember and now everyone knew that she, amazingly, lived up to the hype. Up until then, only a very few guys got to see the hot Latina’s goods- her amazing, athletic body with perky tits and nice round ass. Riley sardonically noted to himself that a bunch of his fellow male students (and teachers) would be picturing her when they jerked off that night. He clenched his teeth watching Kimberly sway and dance to some club music in the background, her tits jiggling and her hips swaying.

But it got even worse. A naked Victor stepped into frame, looking even taller and more muscled than Riley remembered from the day before. He turned to adjust the angle of the camera to face himself, his trademark grin stretched across his face. He jerked his huge twelve-inch cock a couple of times, precum dripping from the tip. The camera turned back to Kimberly who was again on all fours shaking her ass. Victor took his place standing behind her at the end of the bed. One hand slid up and down the length of his shaft and the other began to probe Kimberly who gave a low guttural moan.

“Here it comes, bitch,” Victor growled, the speakers rumbled with the bass of his voice.

“Ah!” she cried and fell forward onto her face. “You’re so big!” He grabbed her around the waist and roughly pulled her back onto her hands and knees, making her giggle. The angle of the camera provided the perfect view from above of her magnificent toned ass.

“Hold your wiggly ass still,” commanded Victor. He placed one hand on her hip to steady himself and aimed his cock with the other. He eased his hips forward slightly. She drew a breath in through her teeth but didn’t cry out. Despite his huge size, she seemed ready for it. She squealed when he grabbed her by the hips and slammed into her with no further preamble.

“Fuck!” Kimberly shrieked. She began to give little cries with each thrust of his hips, coinciding with each SMACK as their bodies met.

Riley felt himself get hard watching the scene, despite what he would have wanted. His hand snaked down unconsciously to rub his growing erection and got another humiliating reminder of his inferiority to Victor. His tiny dick barely showed through his jeans, as if he didn’t have an erection at all. He both hated watching and was incredibly aroused by seeing the girl that he still thought of as his being fucked in a way that he never could and certainly couldn’t even dream of at that point).

The majority of the crowd joined Riley in watching with rapt interest as Kimberly was plowed from behind by the (newly) big, dark, and foreign Victor. There was a kind of shocked hush that befell the crowd. It only lasted a few moments, though.

Quickly the adults- the women teachers mainly- got to their feet and there was a loud clamoring as they called for the video to be stopped, or they ran towards the production area to personally stop the feed themselves.

“Who’s your daddy now, bitch?” Victor demanded, slamming all the way home with a fleshy thud and then holding himself inside her. He turned to look up at the camera and flashed a grin turning to look up directly into the camera. Then one of the faculty finally killed the feed.

The crowd groaned in response. Victor had barely gotten started and Kimberly had already been howling like some kind of wild animal as he serviced her; his massive wet cock sliding its entire length back and forth, disappearing and reappearing from between her legs. The scene replayed in his mind over and over as his hand continued to stroke his tiny erection.

Riley felt like he had been unmanned even more severely than the day before in the locker room, which of course the whole school had seen as well. The fact that the event would end without Riley receiving any kind of award for football (or anything else) was the last thing on his mind at that point.

He sat stunned behind the curtain, listening to the crowd whoop and holler and jeer. He could feel tears welling up in his eyes. He tried not to sniffle or sob. He was already humiliated enough and he didn’t need anyone seeing him cry. He wondered briefly if Kimberly was in the crowd but was far too embarrassed to look. He was too embarrassed to do anything but hide backstage. He wondered if the feelings of utter humiliation and shame would ever pass or if he could just stay behind that curtain forever. 

* * *

“Are you sure your slutty friend Kimberly would be okay with this?” Victor asked, grinning. He took a hit off the joint and passed it over to Stacey. “Or your boyfriend, Brad the pretend alpha?”

They sat on the hill overlooking the town that the kids somewhat called “the red light district” because you could score some weed or cigarettes there. Sometimes one of the guys that graduated a few years before would be selling beer.

“I’m already with you at the district with you. Someone is probably going to see.” She laughed, flipping her long blonde hair out of her face so she could take a hit, coughing as she exhaled. “Good shit,” she remarked, her eyes going a little glassy. “People will assume the most lurid thing.” She handed the joint back. “And then people talk.”

“Hey, you got in my car.” He held his hands up innocently. “You didn’t have to take me up on the smoke-out.” He puffed on the joint, letting the smoke out of his nose, then handed it back to her. “You followed me up here, didn’t you?”

She took it, smiled, but looked away without answering. 

“And what will these people say about you, since you have decided to come to the district with me?” He puffed up his chest a little more, shoving his shoulders back and appearing even larger and more intimidating. “The guy who fucked your friend and fellow cheerleader; and punked her boyfriend in front of everyone?” He took a long hit on the joint, giving her a chance to respond.

“I still can’t believe I’ve come here,” she said, shaking her head. She almost added that Brad would kill her, but she realized that neither of them likely cared what Brad thought. She hesitated for a moment, unsure how to respond. “Look, nothing is going to happen tonight,” she said and then quickly added, “or ever.” “

“What?” he cried in mock surprise. He put his hand over his heart. “Why would you wound me so?”

“Maybe, we try and keep what we do… a secret?” she said finally. She took the joint back and took another puff. She held her breath for just a moment before she let it out in a string of hacks and coughs. She didn’t usually smoke weed and was doing her best to keep up while also not getting the giggles.

“And how will it be secret if they saw us come here?” he replied quickly before taking another long drag. He let out a huge billow of smoke without coughing at all; the cloud obscured his face somewhat, but his grin was visible clean through the haze

“We don’t have to confirm it…” she giggled. “And certainly not broadcast it in front of the whole school,” she added with more seriousness.

He looked pleased. “Broadcast what?”

“Nothing!” she snapped, realizing what she had already said.

He said nothing in response, but sat looking smugly satisfied.

She wiggled in her seat until her boobs were pressed together and her cleavage was on full display. “They can talk all they want. There are a lot of rumors about you right now.” She reached out and took the joint, but grabbed his hand. “What’s one more?” She held on for a moment, caressing the back of his hand with her thumb before releasing it.

“You’re used to rumors about yourself.” He said with certainty. “‘The queen bee’,” he said, clearly mocking her a bit.

“I guess that’s true,” she replied, not taking the bait. She tried not to burn her fingers while taking a hit on the now much-reduced joint until she finished it. She held the hit in her lungs and then leaned in towards Victor. Their lips met and parted; he took the hit as she breathed out. They held the kiss for a moment longer before they both laid back and exhaled a collective cloud of smoke. She couldn’t stop coughing but he sat there like a rock, unmoving.

“Let’s see what they say tomorrow,” Victor chuckled. He leaned over into her seat and their lips met again. Stacey closed her eyes and moaned into his mouth.

She had never been so frightened and never been so excited. It was another few minutes before she managed to pull herself out of the car before she did something she would regret. Victor had not even pressed the issue; he simply let her go with that knowing grin on his face. 

Stacey knew she was playing with fire here but couldn’t help herself. She still didn’t know why she felt so… entranced by Victor. She walked across the grassy hill back to her car. She didn’t realize that she had passed by Riley who was watching from his own car.

“That son of a bitch!” Riley yelled in astonishment. Had he just seen his ex come up to the red light district with Victor (because he had followed them) and then immediately after she left Victor was already macking on his bro’s girl too? He could only guess that she knew that something really strange was happening with Victor. Riley wondered if he had power over women since he obviously displayed his power over men already.

Curious, he continued to watch Stacey, who didn’t look happy. She looked like she was barely keeping it together. He was also confused since he had watched her get in his car and then back out again without them doing the deed. She sat in her car for a good while, looking shaken up before she left the district. Riley waited a minute or two before following her out, leaving Victor behind in the seediest little make-out spot, possibly to find another target.

* * * 

“Where is he?!” Brad demanded, storming into the locker room.

“Where’s who?” Brad heard a familiar voice. He marched around the corner and came face to face with Victor, naked except for a towel. “Oh,” he said, smiling wide. “Good of you to show up. You’re not still sick, are you?” Victor laughed. The other members of the football team joined in, all laughing at Brad. “Or is it something worse than the flu? You may have a case of the baby dick, like your buddy Riley.”

Brad, who wasn’t used to being on this side of the teasing, stood there with his lower lip quivering, hands shaking with rage. He looked down at his own crotch before he balled his fists and went to take a swing at Victor.

“You motherfucker!” he shouted, his arm going wide in a looping punch that Victor easily deflected.

With Brad off-balance, Victor used Brad’s own momentum against him, grabbing his arm and pulling it behind his back. Brad tried to resist, but Victor had an iron grip on his arm, which he bent painfully upward. Before he could protest, Brad hit the wall of lockers headfirst with a BANG. Victor followed through, slamming his own body into Brad’s with such force that it flattened Brad against the wall. Brad felt a jolt of pain go through his neck as his head snapped back.

His vision went completely white and he felt Victor roughly swing his body around, practically rag-dolling him through the air. He felt his shoulder hit something hard that quickly gave way. He stumbled and fell, hitting the tile with a thud. He rolled onto his back as the world faded back into view. He was laying in the hall, looking up at the stars that were still swirling about the water-stained ceiling. Victor stepped into view, still grinning wide. Through the pounding throbs of pain in his head, he heard the team laughing.

Brad tried to get to his feet but Victor put a foot on his chest, effortlessly pinning him to the floor. “Listen, bitch boy.” He pressed down hard for emphasis. “I don’t blame you for this reaction. It’s only natural. You were, or at least thought you were, the big man, the Alpha.”

Brad grumbled, “This is my fucking sch-”

“Shut the fuck up, pussy.” Victor cut him off by stepping hard on his chest, just below the neck. “I guess it just hasn’t been made clear yet who the Alpha is. You and your little-dicked friend are just so stupid you haven’t gotten it yet.” There was the audible sound of pants unzipping. “So I guess I’ll show you in the crudest and most direct way that I know.”

Victor fished his huge uncut cock out of his pants. It wasn’t even hard and Brad knew it must put every guy to shame that every girl in the room had ever been with. The activity in the hall came to an almost silent halt as Brad was humiliated even further. Victor stood over him with a look of utter smug superiority on his face before he let out a stream of piss that Brad never could have guessed came from a human.

Brad was instantly soaked before he could even react. He lay there as the warm piss poured over him for a moment before trying to turn and crawl to his feet. Victor lifted his leg, letting Brad turn but continued to piss all over his back. Brad’s hands slipped in the puddle of piss and he fell back down on his face. The chorus of laughter from all around only increased.

One voice among the many was Stacey herself. Brad looked over and noticed her, her face red, her hand obscuring her mouth. But she wasn’t laughing. She, like many of the girls witnessing the humiliating scene, was staring at Victor. She had a look on her face that was a mix of fear and awe. When Victor finished pissing on Brad and began struggling to cram his half-hard manhood back in his pants, her lips curled and her eyebrows went up in an intrigued smile.

Victor made eye contact with Stacey and marched over to her without hesitation. She gasped when he stood before her. He towered above her, intimidating and sexy at the same time. He even smelled sexy, with a masculine musk that was almost overpowering. It made her even wetter. She looked up at him, wondering if it was her imagination that she thought he had been shorter but his arms encircling her waist interrupted her thoughts.

“Let’s go, slut,” Victor said gruffly, his voice deep and booming.

Stacey wanted to protest, to hold on to some kind of control but she was actually glad that Victor had picked her up. She had become so weak in the knees in his presence that she may have stumbled if he hadn’t been holding her. Stacey couldn’t deny that she could feel her pussy getting wet and aroused at his rough handling of her, despite the indignity of it.

Victor calmly carried Stacey into the empty art classroom and didn’t even bother to close the door behind him. He threw Stacey down on the teacher’s desk, scattering art supplies and knocking a clay sculpture of a horse to the floor with a crash.

Momentarily stunned by how roughly Victor had thrown her down on the desk, Stacey got to her feet and began to do a little striptease. She loved the power her body gave her over men and was quite good at it, whether it was showing just enough on the field to titillate or showing more in the bedroom, she knew how to use her sex appeal. It was how she ruled the school.

But Victor watched with bemusement for only a moment or two before he simply reached out and grabbed her again. She yelped when he slammed her back against the desk, imposing his size and weight to crush her back down into a sitting position. She could smell his male musk. It was intoxicating.

Stacey felt Victor reach under her skirt. He grabbed her soaked panties and yanked them down her legs, revealing her shaved snatch. He held the dripping panties up for everyone to see before tossing them aside with an audible splat. She lay back to spread her legs but he grabbed her by the arm. She yelped when he pulled her to her feet. He spun her around by her arm and waist, then shoved her face-first down onto the desk. 

Stacey again felt like protesting but a part of her, a growing part, absolutely loved being manhandled by Victor.

SMACK! Victor spanked her hard.

“You’re used to using men, getting what you want with your body,” Victor said. It wasn’t a question. “But now I’m going to use you as I want.” 

SMACK. He spanked her again. Stacey bit her lip and tried not to cry out. 

“And you know what?” 

SMACK. She cried out in pain but when he spanked her again even harder her cry was more like a moan.

“I am in charge.”  Victor kicked her feet apart, spreading her legs wide. “Of the school.” He spanked her again a few more times, making her cry out louder and louder. “Of you.” She felt the head of his cock at the entrance of her dripping pussy. 

She held her breath; simply waiting for what she knew had to come next. What she needed.

After being made to agonizingly wait for some time, she felt a hand on her ass, holding her in place. She felt the head of his cock begin to press in, stretching her open around its girth.

“Ah!” she shrieked, feeling his immense size. She had never felt so full.

“Hold still, bitch. It’ll hurt less.” He growled. He let go of her, reaching around each side of her to grip the desk. He pulled hard, slamming his body into hers with an audible SMACK of skin until he was completely buried inside. She squealed when his hips met her ass. She felt every inch, every throbbing contour of the huge cock buried inside of her. He held her there, pulling on her waist pressing her into the desk. She relished the sensation of the head pulsing with his heartbeat, his weight, and strength crushing her into the desk until she could hardly breathe. She felt like she was absolutely impaled on his huge cock.

She felt him pull out slightly, letting her breath for a moment before he slammed back in, driving the air out of her with a squeak. He began roughly thrusting into her as fast as he could. Each SMACK of their skin and BOOM of their bodies crashing into the metal-sided desk could likely be heard across the school. 

Stacey tried to contain herself, to keep from crying out in order to preserve some shred of dignity and discretion left. She didn’t last long and soon her ecstatic cries too echoed down the halls.

Brad was eventually able to pull himself back to his feet, once the crowd around him had dispersed and largely moved in front of the doorway to the art room. He couldn’t help but be drawn to it as well. The sounds of loud sex were unmistakable but a part of him demanded that he see it with his own eyes.

He wished that he hadn’t, though. When he got there, he saw Victor just plowing into his girlfriend, who was bent over the desk in the center of the room. Kimberly was standing filing the whole thing on her phone, cheering them on. She slowly circled around to the front of the desk, getting the look of pure ecstasy on Stacey's face as she was roughly fucked. Her eyes were rolled back in her head, her tongue hung out of her mouth so she was practically drooling, sweat dripped down the front of her cheerleader outfit, soaking the material and revealing her rock-hard nipples through it.

When Stacey’s cries became so high-pitched that she sounded like she was in agony, Victor suddenly stopped. “You’re my little whore,” he said calmly. After a moment she tried to sit up but he shoved her back down onto the desk. “And you’ll do whatever I say from now on. Just like the rest.” He held her down, his dick still buried inside of her. “Just like your best friend, Kimberly. She’s live streaming this so everyone knows.” 

Stacey looked up and noticed Kimberly for the first time, but couldn’t react. Victor pushed himself in as hard as he could, holding his huge throbbing member inside her as deep as it would go, stretching her to the absolute limit until she squealed, tears in her eyes.

“Say it,” he commanded, still unmoving. “Say you’re my whore. Beg for it.”

She felt his dick pulsing inside of her. She tried to roll her hips, to fuck herself on that wonderful cock but his grip was like iron. He held her down on the desk and she was helpless to move a muscle. She struggled against him but it was useless. The more she struggled, the more she needed it.

“Say it,” he repeated. He could sense her need.

“I’m…” she paused. “I’m your whore,” she finally admitted, shakily discarding her last shred of dignity. “I’m your whore,” she said again, this time with utter conviction. He released his grip, allowing her to fuck herself on his cock. He snickered, letting her moan and quiver on his dick before he grabbed her hips and resumed impaling her. She gave herself to him completely. She was his whore. She knew she belonged to him and he could do whatever he wanted with her body, it was his to use for his pleasure.

“Oh, FUCK,” she cried, finally able to tip over the edge. Her total surrender to her desires was a feeling of bliss matched only by the sensations of the powerful orgasm ripping through her body.

With a grunt of satisfaction, Victor grabbed her around the shoulders and unceremoniously lifted her from the desk, dumping her on the floor. She felt a pang of disappointment as his dick slipped out of her. 

She looked up in shock as he turned around to the crowd of students and teachers at the door, his dick still erect, dripping, and slick with their combined juices. “Next!” he shouted.

The End

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