Brainwashing the Sorority Part 3


Brainwashing the Sorority Part 3 by Lou Bealy

Commissioned by anonymous

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Contains rape, incest, and mind control. Be warned.

For maximum enjoyment, read Part 1 and Part 2 first

Neil was starting to become more and more comfortable wielding the power that he had discovered. Just a few days before, he would never have thought that he would be willing to do something like mind-controlling a classmate and forcing himself on them, much less multiple times. But now, Neil was even smiling at the prospect of doing it again. He was giddy in anticipation, knowing that his plans were already in motion.

Neil had instructed the sorority girls under his control, Sarah, Sophie, and Hannah to set up a meeting with him as a tutor for a girl named Reed (who was even hotter than Rachael and- more importantly- in need of a tutor). He had seen her picture on their sorority website and decided that he simply had to have her.

Neil received a text from Reed with a sweet little greeting and her address. His slaves had done a good job convincing her of his trustworthiness so she was willing to just give that to him. Also, she probably felt even more secure because she lived with her mom in the suburbs.

It was perfect, Neil thought. If Reed’s stunning good looks were any indication of her genes, he may want to take her mom as well. That had all kinds of possibilities, he mused. He grinned to himself, getting hard just thinking about it.

Reed was a stunner indeed. She was tall, thin but nicely proportioned with beautiful long blonde hair parted down the middle. She had a strong chin and angled nose and brow which gave her an almost aristocratic vibe that meshed well with her typical style which was very modest. She usually wore jeans and a sweater of one variety or another, showing off just enough of her lithe body to entice. Neil was going to see more that night, he decided.

When he arrived at the nice little house on a decent tract of land, he was greeted by Reed at the door, looking stunning as ever wearing a pair of dark slacks and a button-up top that showed only a little bit of cleavage. She had nice boobs; a pair of b-cups that looked pretty big on her thin frame. He stared at them for just a moment before he shook his head and entered the cozy-looking house.

When she left him alone for a moment, he used the opportunity to quickly look around the house. He quickly noted that the mother was nowhere to be seen and probably not home but it would be pretty suspicious to ask such a thing. He would just have to take the chance that he was right.

Neil wasn’t sure how to proceed because he had been so eager that he had neglected to even take note of what he was supposed to be tutoring her in. He figured once he got her alone that it didn’t matter but he at least needed the pretense to show her a screen. He was unsure of what to say under the circumstances and just stared at her. She looked back at him with a polite smile on her face like she was waiting for him to say something.

He sat there awkwardly for a moment before deciding to say something to break the tension.

“So, I’m Neil. I’m going to be your tutor.” He smiled at her and extended a hand.

“Hi, I’m Reed.” She took his hand and smiled warmly. “I’m so glad that you are here. You came highly recommended.”

“It’s no problem.” He smiled back, thinking to himself how much fun he was about to have. “Shall we?” He gestured into the house from the entryway.

“Yes, of course.” She turned and led him to the dining room where her books and notebooks were spread all over the rectangular wooden dining room table.

He set up his laptop and began pulling up the video, telling her to watch it because he thought it was a good primer. He walked around behind her and reached around the tall back of the wooden chair to click the play button. She stared at the screen intently before the colors began to flash. She looked confused and moved to turn her head to probably ask him what was going on, but he didn’t give her the chance.

He quickly grabbed her around the neck and torso, holding her to the chair and forcing her to look at the screen. She shrieked and struggled for a moment, the bright colors flashing over her face in quick succession and bathing her in multicolored light that he knew would have its effect any moment.

“What the fuck are you doing?” she was barely able to gasp out while he squeezed hard and held her in place.

“Just look into the light. Relax,” he said with a grunt while he kept her pinned against the chair. She tried to look away but he held her head. She had seen the swirling pattern long enough for her to be caught in its power. She couldn’t help but stare, despite trying to physically pull herself away. Her eyes were glued to the screen.

Neil was glad when no one immediately came running into the room to save her. He was equally glad that the house was far enough away from the neighbors to not even hear it. Even if they did, there were plenty of harmless reasons why you might hear a girl shriek briefly when a gentleman comes calling.

“Just listen to my voice and only my voice…” he said soothingly as she struggled against his arms. She was clearly not very strong to begin with, but he could tell the lights were already having an effect on her because of how easy it was to hold her there.

“No…” she protested, her arms brace against him like she was about to shove him. But she never did. Her protests were half-hearted at best.

Sure enough, she only struggled and squirmed for a few moments before the fight started to drain out of her. She was still struggling but weakly like she could hardly lift her arms after only a moment. It wasn’t long before she was staring into the screen with the familiar blank expression.

“You will listen-” he whispered softly, slackening his grip slightly and meeting no increased resistance. “And obey. Say it.”

“No...” she whispered, trying to turn away from the light but he forcefully turned her head toward it.

“Say it,” he repeated in a forceful whisper. “You will listen.” He shoved her forward a little, aligning her head with the flashing lights a little better. “You will listen to my voice and obey.”

“I-” she slackened somewhat in his grip as the lights began to do their work, to render her mind helpless vulnerable to his commands. “Will listen... and obey,” she said finally.

He sat behind the chair and held onto her loosely for a few moments longer in order to be sure he had her before letting her go and quickly shutting off the hypnotizing colors. He walked around her chair and looked into her glassy eyes.

“Say it again,” he demanded. He couldn’t help but grin wider, enjoying testing his power over her.

“I will listen and obey,” she said much more readily, making Neil grin in satisfaction.

“The first thing you can do now that you are listening and obeying.” Neil walked over to the couch and sat down before proceeding. “Strip.”

There was a moment of hesitation where he saw her tremble as she stood there. He glared at her but she had already relented and reached down to pull off her sweater. He was greeted with her pale skin contrasting the dark color of her bra. It was one of those pushup deals where she had a nice cleavage that he took a moment to admire before she reached behind her back to remove the restrictive garment. Her boobs fell free, only slightly pulled down by gravity into nice little mounds on her otherwise petite frame. Her nipples were huge, with wide areolas that covered almost her entire breast.

He took note of the fact that her nipples were hard as well. Could it have been from the cold or was she perhaps enjoying the domination? He watched as she slid her jeans off, enjoying the slow reveal of her lithe little body. She was in good shape and had muscle definition that suggested that she had some kind of physical hobby like swimming or yoga. He circled her and admired her mostly naked form as she finished removing her socks.

After stripping, she stood upright in her bra and panties, staring at him blankly. He would have figured that she was completely under his power if it weren’t for her flushed skin and rapid breathing. He knew that it may take a few sessions before her resistance was completely extinguished and stamped out but he was pleased with the results so far.

He waited for a moment longer before barking at her, “I didn’t say to stop at your underwear.” Which made her jump but he continued, “I said strip.” He gestured with his hand in a wiping motion across her body.

She hesitated for just a moment before she reached behind her back to undo her bra. The momentary resistance alerted Neil to the fact that there seemed to be a little more resistance left in her that needed squashing. He waited until she bent at the waist to push her panties down and gave her a firm slap on the ass. She didn’t react and merely kicked the panties aside, then stood up straight to resume staring ahead blankly.

Having enjoyed the view he just had over her nice naked ass that was on the small side but still the perfect round shape, he stepped forward to grab the back of her neck. “Bend over,” he barked as he shoved her forward. She complied immediately, catching herself on the chair before she fell which resulted in her holding herself up at an almost ninety-degree angle.

Neil dropped his loose pants and grabbed his aching hard cock. He shoved his cock between her legs and probed for the hole for a few moments. This time, he didn’t care that she clearly wasn’t horny or wet, just thrilled that his power over her seemed absolute already. She wasn’t resisting or reacting in any way as he slowly worked the tip into her. After a few moments, he was able to work up a good rhythm, plunging deeper and deeper into her pussy as it juiced up on its own from the physical stimulation (he supposed).

Reed stared blankly ahead while holding herself rigidly in place. Her expressionless face didn’t change even while he rapidly picked up speed and intensity, hammering his entire length into her with an audible SMACK at the end of each thrust when he slid all the way in with such force that her round little butt jiggled all over. He kept that pace up as long as he could until he could barely breathe.

After what was probably only a few minutes of pounding her he was already huffing and puffing. He had ripped his own shirt off shortly after starting due to overheating. Sweat dripped down his brow and onto her back as he continued his all-out assault. His entire cock slid in and out of her tight warm hole with a wet squelching sound.

He was so focused, his tongue rolled out of his mouth and he tilted his head back as he pounded away. His lips curled into an incurable grin, the feelings of power becoming so overwhelming he had to suppress the urge to cry out in exaltation, like an expression of his animalistic dominance over his prey. He didn’t think anyone would hear but better not test it.

The whole time, Reed stared blankly and didn’t make a single sound. Her breathing had not changed at all. Her skin hardly even looked flush and what little it was, he knew was probably strictly due to the physical stimulation her body was feeling. He wondered how much of it she even felt. He had only done this to a few girls so far and he was already seeing some significant variance in the response. He didn’t know whether the apparent enthusiasm some girls showed was due to their own proclivities or an expression of how much control he had over them. At this point, he shrugged and decided he didn’t care either. They were all his slaves; how much they may know it or enjoy it didn’t really matter to him anymore.

He continued to pound her at top speed, occasionally pausing for a moment only to slap her on the ass before continuing. He had by this point developed excellent stamina and was able to keep going almost as long as he wanted to. After continuing for some time while every muscle in his body burned from the continuous exertion, he finally allowed himself to cum. He grunted as he painted her insides with his thick cum.

He lay there trying to catch his breath for a few moments and watched as Reed continued to hold the same pose that he had left her in, keeping herself up by holding onto the chair for support. She was beginning to tremble slightly when he finally relented and allowed her to move from that position. He gave a simple gesture of his hand indicating she could stand up.

“So,” he said to her as they put their clothes back on. “As my now loyal slave,” he grinned, watching her pull her panties back up and once again. “Lead me to some more of your sorority sisters that should have the same treatment. I want you to do it with my cum leaking out into your panties.” He chuckled at the idea that the evidence of his dominance over her was currently oozing out into her underwear. And all the while helping to collect even more girls for his harem.

* * *

Neil was impressed with Reed’s immediate loyalty to her new master. She had offered to take him directly to her sorority house to see if there were any girls that he wanted to take as his slaves, which seemed like a great idea to him. It was normal for guys to hang out on the first floor so he didn’t have to worry about too many questions.

He had given Reed similar instructions to the other girls that he had enslaved so far. She could act normal until he told her to ‘obey’ and she would go into the obedient trance. She would of course not be able to tell anyone about what was happening to her. At the moment, they were just two students hanging out, as far as everyone else could tell.

He sat on a corner couch with Reed and watched as the sorority sisters walked by, asking her each time what about that particular girl made them worthy of being his slave. She mentioned physical characteristics like boob size or a nice round ass but also things like their supposed skills in bed or how nice or smart they were.

He sat alongside her, fondling her, pulling her into an occasional kiss, and overall taking advantage of his power over her frequently by forcing her to play the role of girlfriend or at least friend with benefits of some kind. On his other side, sat his bag with his computer in it. It was like a loaded weapon, ready to be deployed whenever he needed it.

Needless to say, he was enjoying himself when she said something very strange when an older woman walked by. Reed stared at her for a moment but didn’t say anything.

“What about her?” Reed said immediately upon seeing her.

She looked similar to Reed, actually. She was tall, thin, with blonde hair that was even parted the same way. Her face had similar features too, especially the nose, jaw, and cheekbones. It took Neil a moment to realize the significance of these similarities and then he grinned.

There was a moment of further hesitation from Reed. Her face was twisted into a grimace like she didn’t want to say what she was thinking. Neil glared at her as if to say that she shouldn’t test him and she relented a moment later.

“Remember slave,” Neil whispered. “Don’t say any-”

“Hi, Mom!” Reed cut him off, calling out to the older but yet still quite attractive woman as she got close enough to potentially overhear their conversation.

“Reed! There you are!” Her mom called as she rushed to meet her daughter. She was wearing a dark blue pantsuit with a white undershirt that gave her a commanding presence. She hugged her daughter who stood up to greet her before turning to glance at him with a skeptical expression.

“Who is this?” she asked, doing a poor job of hiding her immediate suspicion.

Reed gave a fake smile. “This is Neil. He is my m-” she stopped for a second when he glared at her and then continued, “math tutor.”

She had almost reflexively called him master and given everything away, which had caused his heart to feel like it was about to explode for a brief moment before she had caught it. He relaxed and stuck out his hand.

“Neil.” He grinned when they shook hands. Reed’s mother didn’t break eye contact with him and smiled right back. This was a confident woman, he surmised.

“I am Reed’s mother, Melinda. It is a pleasure to meet you.” She glanced over at her daughter to give a brief look of disappointment. “It is also good to know that she is serious about getting her scores up. Math was never her strong suit.” Her mother sighed and shook her head.

“Well, that’s why I am here. To help her.” He chuckled to himself as they sat back down.

“Any particular reason you came to visit your daughter tonight, Melinda?” Neil asked, prying more than the typical person would.

Reed’s mother’s face registered the surprise that someone would casually ask her something like that. She put a polite smile on and answered, “I am an alumna of this sorority.” She flipped her long hair and gave a charming smile. “Who do you think had put in a good word for her?” She gestured to her daughter, who was turning red with embarrassment.

“And you were a student here just a few years ago, right?” Neil asked in a charming voice, laying it on thick.

Her expression softened a little. “He is charming too, this one.” Melinda laughed and shook her head. She still didn’t seem too impressed with him, barely hiding her sneer at him and his attempts to charm her. It was probably because he looked like an average guy in his jeans and tee-shirt. She continued, “I was here to talk to the senior sisters about getting Reed into a more prominent position in the sorority.” She turned back to her daughter. “I expected I may run into you but not with a boy…” she said, looking away and sounding very disappointed.

“I have many charming qualities,” he countered, feeling a little slighted. “Your daughter can tell you all about it,”

“Mom, Neil has something to show you,” Reed blurted out, cutting off the embarrassing line of conversation. She had immediately picked up on what he was trying to do, to his immediate satisfaction.

Neil had to stifle his own laughter in response to Reed’s obvious enthusiasm to deliver her mother right into his arms and into his harem. He could understand why after spending only a few minutes watching the two of them.

“Oh?” she scoffed. “And what could that be?”

“A- uh,” he stalled and thought quickly. “A study aid that should help your daughter in math and in every other class too.”

“Why would I need to see that?” Melinda asked while looking at her manicure job.

“Mother,” Reed whined. “Just come and look, please?” She gave her mom a doe-eyed look that probably worked throughout her life.

“Very well,” Melinda relented. She shook her head and followed them to a study area that Reed had already reserved for private use. He had questioned it at first, but she assured Neil that it would be clear and they would be uninterrupted.

Once they had shuffled in, they made her wait as Neil set up his laptop. She clearly wasn’t typically required to exercise patience because she had barely stepped foot in the room before she was tapping her toe with her arms crossed. Neil had to stifle a chuckle as he pretended that he was searching for something on his computer so he could make her wait even longer.

After a few minutes, she groaned. “Um, how much longer is this going to be?” she whined.

Neil smiled and finally went to open the file with his hypnotic patterns. “Here it is,” he announced cheerfully as he clicked it on and turned his head away.

“You’re going to make Master so happy,” Reed beamed from behind her mother, the screen beginning to bathe the room in a swirl of colors.

“Reed?!” Melinda shouted, confused. She went to turn and face her daughter but something about the pattern of lights distracted her and she found that she couldn’t look away. She could only stare at the kaleidoscope of colors.

“He’s going to just love fucking you.” Reed giggled, twirling her hair around her fingers.

Despite the alarm she was feeling at her daughter’s behavior, Melinda continued to stare into the lights. She heard shuffling from behind her and then felt a hot breath on her neck.

“I will,” he soothed in a now well-practiced tone. “Just like I did when I raped your daughter.”

Her eyes went wide but she couldn’t face him. She continued to stare at the swirling colors, trying to summon her righteous anger at what she had just heard. But it didn’t come. She could only half-heartedly croak, “You… you raped my daughter?”

“It’s okay. I’d say you are going to enjoy it, but I’d be lying.” He chuckled. “You won’t feel or remember a thing, really.”

Melinda took a deep breath and summoned what little bit of fight there was left in her. She tried to stand, but she felt Neil’s arms reach around the chair and grip her across her chest, groping and roughly squeezing her breasts.

“Just relax,” Neil whispered breathily directly in her ear. “Relax and obey.”

Melinda struggled to move, but her body felt like molasses. “He… raped… you,” she murmured. She grabbed at the arms encircling her and realized that they were too small to be Neil’s. Her eyes went wide in shock for just a moment before she felt the arms squeeze her tight against the chair.

“Listen to Master,” her daughter said in her other ear while holding her down. “There is no such thing as rape when you are with him,” she whispered in a reverent tone.

Melinda groaned and slipped deeper into a hypnotic trance, the pattern of lights totally mesmerizing her.

Neil sat and watched Melinda stare into the light-always careful not to look into it himself- and waited for a few moments to be sure she was firmly under his power. After a few moments, he switched off the screen and turned to face the two blondes- both staring blankly ahead- not even looking at him but looking through him.

“Who is your master?” he asked, his arms crossed and he stood over them.

“You are,” Reed said without hesitation, followed by her mother after a few moments.

“You-” Melinda gulped, trying not to say it. She tried not to say anything, but she couldn’t resist. “You are,” She finally added, her voice empty of expression.

“Prove it,” he challenged. “Kiss.” His voice went from playful to stern very quickly. He felt his cock throb in his pants. The prospect of forcing the mother-daughter pair to perform in this way for his amusement was immediately enticing.

They turned to each other, their faces only inches apart. The mother and daughter looked each other in the eye briefly, their blank faces were still able to communicate their hesitation

Reed was the first to move, closing her eyes and puckering her lips as she slowly moved forward. Melinda did the same, closing her eyes and sticking out her lips. They briefly pressed their lips together and then backed away, technically following his instructions.

“No, No,” he chided. “The two of you look like a couple of preteens practicing kissing each other at a slumber party.” He approached them quickly and got right in their faces. “Melinda,” he barked, drops of spittle spraying Reed’s mother. “I know that you can do better than that. Show your daughter how it is done. And use some tongue.”

The pair of women stared at him for just a moment before Reed reached out to grasp her mother’s head between her hands. She forcefully pulled her own mother into a kiss. It was more like they were smashing their mouths together than a kiss, but Reed did shove her tongue into Melinda’s mouth as ordered. Their tongues danced between their mouths while they both stared blankly through the other.

Neil watched, grinning while they made out. They kissed, sucked each other’s lips and tongues, rubbed and groped each other’s bodies, and moaned like whores as the cherry on top. He rubbed his throbbing hard cock through his pants. The sheer hotness of a mother and daughter doing this right in front of him was unbelievable. Even with all of the exciting if not warped things he had done lately, this was by far the hottest. He resolved to himself that he had to keep pushing and exploring, finding new heights of power- and the corresponding depths of depravity.

It wasn’t more than a few minutes of watching the girls slobber all over one another before he grew bored. “Alright, let’s see how the years and pregnancy have treated your mother,” he commanded, his hand sweeping up and down Melinda’s body. “Melinda, let her undress you.”

Melinda stood there, only moving to cooperate with being disrobed by her daughter. Once her daughter pulled her top and bra off, she stood back to cover her body with her arms.

“I didn’t say that you could cover yourself,” he scolded. “I already said that I wanted to see your body and how it compares to your dear daughter’s. Reed,” he turned to the still fully clothed younger girl who stood there staring blankly holding her mother’s bra for a moment before he bade her continue by spinning his open hand towards himself at the wrist.

Reed knelt down and removed her mother’s pants, sliding them down to the floor and allowing Melinda to step out of them, already naked due to not wearing any underwear.

“Wow, no panties?” Neil mused, clicking his tongue in a mock-tease. “Are you some kind of slut?” He grinned at their blank faces for a moment before continuing with his fun.

“Alright, Mom,” he commanded, sneering as he said the word ‘mom’. “Bend over.” He pointed to the desk. She took a step forward and grabbed the edge of the table, leaning on it and presenting her toned ass.

He took a moment to take in her body, the fact that it was almost as nice as her daughter’s. She was thin and toned, in addition to being well-groomed. Her shaved pink pussy peeked out from between her shapely thighs. The whole package was pretty impressive, he had to admit to himself before grabbing her daughter and shoving her down so that her face was between her mother’s toned cheeks.

“Get in there and clean it up for me,” he snarled. Reed grabbed her mother by the hips to steady herself and began licking all around her mother’s pussy before settling on her hole. She licked every inch of her mother’s pussy, getting it all juiced up and ready for her master’s big cock.

Melinda stared straight ahead as she leaned over the table, staring at the wall as her own daughter ate her pussy, getting it ready for their new master. When he was satisfied that it was good and ready, he came around to face Melinda. He waited for a moment, grinning and looking her in the eye while her daughter’s tongue probed away inside her.

“Melinda, darling,” Neil eventually said in an over-the-top sarcastic tone. “Why don’t you undress your daughter and return the favor? Reed, why don’t you make that easy on her.”

She dutifully followed his orders, quickly standing upright to approach her daughter. She took no time stripping her clothes from Reed’s body and shoving her into the same position of leaning over the table. She then got down on her knees and leaned in to begin licking her daughter’s already dripping pussy. Her tongue slid across the outer lips and to her clit, making Reed shudder. More cum leaked out as her body involuntarily spasmed from the stimulation.

“How do you like the taste? My cum in your daughter’s cunt?” Neil taunted with glee while he watched Melinda’s tongue disappear inside her daughter.

Melinda lifted her head back and said, “It tastes-”

“Shut up, slave.” He barked, pointing to Reed’s saliva coated pussy. “ And keep eating.” He shook his head in disappointment. “That was obviously rhetorical. You need a lesson in properly following orders.”

Neil forcefully pushed his way between them knocking Reed aside. She resisted him for a moment, trying to continue fulfilling his previous demands but he shooed her away. She took a step back and stood there awkwardly as Neil addressed her mother, who was still standing there in the same spot, her dripping pussy on full display.

“Get on the table.” He dropped his pants and underwear to the floor at the same time she hopped up onto the table and spread her legs, her leaking pussy already creating a puddle. “Looks like we need a coaster.” He quipped as he moved in between her legs.

He didn’t hesitate, grabbing the base of his dick and aiming it between her pussy lips. Her daughter had done a good job getting her ready and he slid all the way inside in one stroke. The air left both of their bodies as he bottomed out, his balls resting on her ass. He looked into her blank eyes as he began pumping his cock in and out of her while her daughter watched.

“Not. As tight.” He teased in between thrusts. “As your daughter.” He sneered at her expressionless face.

He began to pick up speed, slamming into her harder, faster, deeper. He was getting close to cumming and stopped himself. He was not finished with his mother-daughter pair of slaves yet. He pulled out with an almost audible POP and stood back to admire how stretched out it was from the pounding he had just given her.

“Reed, be a good daughter and come here,” he said softly, pointing to Melinda’s now gaping pussy. “Finish Mommy off and give her an orgasm, will you?”

Reed obliged, stepping between them to lean down and begin licking her mother’s clit. As soon as the words left his mouth, Melinda began moaning and writhing on the table- her daughter had to grab ahold of her hips in order to continue giving her mom’s pussy a tongue bath. She now seemingly had permission to enjoy herself and it didn’t take long before she was squealing.

Meanwhile, Neil grabbed Reed’s leg and pulled her into position before shoving her down, her face squashing down between her mother’s legs. He quickly found her hole with the tip of his cock and grunted as he roughly shoved himself inside. Like her mother, she was ready for him. Her cunt was still slick with what cum Melinda had left behind, and she was able to easily accommodate his length. After a few strokes, he was all the way into her hungry wet hole. He held his throbbing cock there inside her for a moment and marveled at her eating her mother’s pussy before pulling out and slamming into her again. He picked up speed, slamming into her harder and faster until he felt himself getting close again.

“Wait until your mother cums,” he spat in Reed’s ear as his cock slid all the way in. “Then you can.” He held himself there trying to regain some stamina, pushing as hard as he could. He waited until it sounded like Melinda was getting close to orgasm before he resumed fucking her daughter.

Melinda gave a shriek, reaching down to press her daughter’s face into her pussy even harder as her whole body quaked with orgasm. She had barely let out a sound before Neil felt Reed’s pussy spasm around his cock, signifying her own orgasm. Her voice joined with her daughter in a euphoric wail. Neil came right after with a much quieter grunt. He gripped her hips hard enough for his knuckles to turn white. His eyes rolled back in his head and he felt his most powerful orgasm yet rip through his body like a tsunami. He felt like he shot jets of cum into her, to the point that he was surprised that the two women weren’t propelled across the room from the sheer intensity of it, table and all.

After a few moments of recovering and trying to catch his breath, he pulled out and stumbled back into one of the chairs. He sat there in a post-orgasmic haze before he noticed the two blondes were still there in the same position, waiting for more instructions. He grinned, wondering at the possibilities.

To be continued in Part 4


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