Brainwashing the Sorority Part 2

Brainwashing the Sorority Part 2 by Lou Bealy
Commissioned by anonymous
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Contains rape and mind control. Be warned.

For maximum enjoyment, read Part 1 first

Neil was still in disbelief that he had been able to turn two of the hottest girls in his class into his obedient pets, his slaves. He knew that the flashing colors and their rhythmic pattern would induce a state where the subject- really victim in this case- would be vulnerable to suggestion, but he wasn’t sure how long it would have an effect or if it would wear off and if it did, how quickly.

His plan to get the other girls in the sorority under his control would certainly fail if Sophie and Sarah were able to free themselves from his control and blab to anyone about what he had done. He would have to be sure that would not happen. To that end, he went home straight after his little adventure and got straight to work. He was up most of the night working on something he thought would strengthen his control, if not make it permanent, and he planned on testing it out as quickly as he could.

He told them to go home and go to sleep. They would wake up as themselves and would only remember a study night that had gone late, and that he had left before Sophie even arrived. They may notice a little soreness but wouldn’t think anything of it. After all, he told them, they got railed on a nightly basis.

Before they left, he had them tell him their schedules so he knew where he could intercept them. He figured that he was safe for the time being since he wasn’t already in handcuffs but he had to do something fast, so he got them after their morning writing class. He caught them coming out of the classroom and when they looked at him, he saw their blank expressions.

He got close and stepped between them before he uttered the words, “Obey and follow me”. They both stiffened up and dutifully complied, following him to the stairs. He led them to the bottom floor to an area that was under construction but had been left unfinished due to budget cuts. It now lay unused, with sheets covering all of the spare lumber and unfinished fixtures. It was perfect for his needs.

In the center of the room, he had cleared a space and placed a camera there, with a bright board of LEDs mounted to it that was plugged into his tablet and a couple of folding chairs.

He commanded each of them to sit down in the chairs. Once they did, he proceeded to grab some loose wire and tied them both to the chairs and then together so there was no chance they would be able to move or escape, once he had brought them out of the trance. Through the whole thing, the two pretty blondes just stared ahead blankly.

“Okay, the two of you can now have control of yourselves again, for now,” he said slowly. 

Their expressions immediately changed. Sarah to horror, and Sophie to what looked like rage. Sophie took a deep breath, clearly about to scream, when he interrupted.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” he warned. “I could put you right back under my control and make you do all kinds of fun things.” He grinned menacingly. “You don’t want to test me.” He had no intention of actually doing it since the whole point was for them to be awake and aware for the next part but he figured the threat was enough to stop any calls for help and he was right. 

Sophie stopped herself from screaming and looked at the floor trembling, now looking just as scared as Sarah, who just glared at him in horrified silence.

“Now.” He walked over to the camera set-up and opened an app on his tablet. “This is the rig that I am going to use to film your sorority president, the lovely Hannah, once you two convince her to do it.” 

He hit a button on his screen and quickly turned away, and the same pattern of lights started to swirl about the screen. The same pattern was now reproduced in the LED board, bathing them with the swirling colors, far brighter than anything his tablet could do. The two of them noticed too late what was happening and they fell into the trance, their expressions becoming blank again, their eyes glassy. This time they seemed to be taken by it far faster than they had the last time. He shut off the screen and the lights only after a few seconds and turned to look at his two pets. He was very pleased with the results.

“What do you think, girls?” he asked rhetorically. He laughed when they didn’t reply, both just staring ahead. “Exactly. Nothing. I think I’ll leave you this way for now. You’ll be of use later as yourselves but for now, you are my completely obedient pets. And I want to hear you say it.” He walked closer. “Sophie, are you my loyal slave?”

“Yes,” she said softly, her voice wavering slightly.

“Yes, what?” he demanded, his voice becoming more stern and less taunting.

The beautiful blonde girl had seemingly no will of her own at all. She stared ahead blankly and quickly added,  “Yes master.” This time speaking with more confidence.

“How about you, Sarah?” He turned to the other blonde. “Are you my loyal slave?” he asked, grinning.

“Yes master,” she said immediately, not needing to be prompted.

He walked over and removed their bonds and neither of them even moved as the wires hit the floor. They were obviously waiting for his commands.

“Alright, my little obedient sluts,” he said proudly. “Now that you are my loyal slaves. I want you to kiss each other while I watch.” He sat in a chair nearby and watched patiently.

The two of them turned to each other and began to kiss while still sitting. Sarah reached over and grabbed one of Sophie’s breasts, squeezing it through her bra and tight shirt.

Neil got up and slapped her hand away. “I appreciate your enthusiasm, my slave” he scolded. “But I didn’t tell you to make out or grope a titty. Do as I tell you and nothing more. I said kiss.”

He watched as they kissed again, this time a rather chaste display of just pressing their lips together.

“Use some tongue.” He commanded, still watching from his chair and relaxing with his hands behind his head.

Sophie slowly stuck out her tongue and Sarah wrapped her lips around it. She moaned as she sucked on it.

He watched for a little longer before he couldn’t help himself any longer and stepped between them. “Alright. Now you both get to kiss me instead and you had better make it good. Sarah first. You can show Sophie how it is done.”

Sarah stepped up and shoved her lips into his. He stuck his tongue in her mouth and again she moaned and sucked on it. He thrust his tongue into her mouth rhythmically, like he was fucking her mouth with his tongue. After a moment they switched places and he sucked on her tongue. He momentarily lost himself in the kissing. 

He almost forgot that he was forcing her to do it. He imagined, for a brief time, that really had her as his woman, instead of his puppet. It was all he had ever dreamed about. That quickly passed when he opened his eyes and saw she was staring at him with that completely blank expression. It could never be that way. But, he realized, his power over her was a different kind of excitement and he told himself that it was even better than a relationship with her ever could have been. He pulled back, so excited by that thought he was practically panting. His cock was rock hard in his pants.

“Sophie?” He asked, turning to her and catching his breath. “Your turn. Let’s see if you can do any better than your sister here.”
She stepped in a moment later and dutifully recreated what she had just seen Sarah and him do. It wasn’t creative at all but he was still satisfied by the fact that it represented his utter control of her. Sophie seemed more blank than Sarah, who seemed like she was almost into what was happening, despite her blank expression. Maybe she was just better at following instructions, he thought.

“Sarah, now show her again.” He stepped back, allowing the two of them to kiss again, this time with more feigned enthusiasm than before. They kissed and sucked each other’s faces for a few more minutes before he got bored with it. “Alright, that’s enough.”

They stopped and both turned to him, their expressions still utterly blank, though they were sweaty and their make-up was smeared.

“Sarah, over here.” He pointed to one of the chairs. She stepped over and was about to step down but he shook his head. “No. Bend over.”

She blankly turned around and bent over, grabbing the back of the chair and bending over, displaying her nice round ass- that he loved so much- in the tight jeans she was wearing. He slapped it a couple of times but she didn’t react at all.

“Why don’t you try it, Sophie?” he asked sweetly, turning to her sorority sister.

Sophie came closer and slapped Sarah on the ass a couple of times, just like he had done. She was barely even looking at it, though and kept staring blankly ahead, her green eyes glazed over.

“Take her pants off,” he commanded Sophie before turning back to Sarah. “Sarah, make it easy on her.”

Sophie reached down to unbutton them, then slid them down her legs, Sarah stood on one leg and then the other while leaning on the chair so they could be removed. She wasn’t wearing panties, which pleased Neil. He admired the view of her backside and the view of her hairless cunt from the rear for a moment before continuing.

Neil retrieved a bottle from his pocket and then unfastened his pants. His belt clanked as it hit the floor. He wasn’t wearing any underwear either. He moved up behind Sarah, and looked down at the bottle of lube in his hand and then smiled.

“Sophie? Get her ready.” He handed the bottle to the blank-faced blonde and stepped back for a moment, stroking his leaking cock.

Sophie dutifully turned the bottle over and poured some lube into her hand then began to apply it to Sarah’s backside. Her fingers slide around the entrance to Sarah’s ass.

“Make sure you get it nice and deep in there,” he said with a chuckle, willing himself to stop stroking his cock because he was so excited that he could already feel an orgasm approaching.

Sophie applied some more lube to the tip of her index finger and Sarah just stared ahead as her sorority sister pushed into her puckered asshole to her last knuckle.

“Okay. Now come and get me ready,” he commanded Sophie, who turned to him, her green eyes seemingly looking right through him. She applied some more of the lube to her palm and then rubbed the length of his cock, her slick hand coating it. “You know what they say,” he whispered into her ear. “If you think you have enough lube, use some more.”

She dumped more of the lube directly onto the tip of his cock and then returned to Sarah to add more to her as well, coating her finger and pushing it deep into Sarah’s asshole again. Neither of them changed their expression or even moved their eyes.

“Now put me inside her,” he said to Sophy, shoving his hips forward to emphasize his erection. She grabbed the base of his cock and aimed it at Sarah’s asshole. He stepped forward, letting her pull him into place. “Relax your ass, Sarah,” he added. Then he slowly eased his hips forward as Sophie guided him inside of her mesmerized classmate. His cock easily slipped into her slick opening, the ring of her asshole seemed completely relaxed, just like he told her.

He grabbed her child-bearing hips and began to thrust his hips back and forth, sliding the head of his cock from her entrance to balls deep. He paid no mind to being gentle or slow. It felt amazing to him, every inch of his cock being squeezed and rubbed by her slick velvety channel, but she gave no reaction whatsoever. Apparently, even if she was even able to feel pain or discomfort- or pleasure- she wasn’t expressing it in any way.

He continued to slam into her for a few more minutes, trying desperately not to cum but he soon succumbed and emptied himself into her bowels. After catching his breath, he pulled out and his cum poured out of her onto the floor. She was still in the exact same spot she had been when he started, still pushing her ass out while leaning on the chair. Sophie was looking off to the side, the bottle of lube still in her hand.

“Now,” he said in an amused tone, turning to his motionless slaves. “About getting your sorority president down here for a photoshoot…”

* * *

Neil waited in a dingy room he had rented in a seedy hotel downtown. He had his camera rig set up in the center of the room, pointed at the bed. He had noticed just how stained the sheets were when he was lining up the shot and he tried not to let it bother him. He knew what these hotels were largely used for and it was all he could afford. He chuckled when he realized that he was using it for pretty much the same purpose as everyone else who rented one of these rooms. Maybe he could add to the stains, he thought with a smile.

It was approaching midnight when he heard a knock on the door. He stood up and walked towards the door, his heart pounding in his chest from his nervousness. He was pretty sure he had adequately prepared for the night’s festivities but anything could happen once she walked through the door. That was part of the excitement too. The thrill of knowing that he could be caught added something to the whole experience that he had never felt before.

He opened the door and saw Hannah standing there in a tight black dress, smiling nervously. She was tall for a woman, with long blonde hair parted down the middle and blue eyes. She was thin, but shapely with nice hips and b-cup breasts that looked pretty big on her slim frame.

“Are you Hannah?” he asked, returning her smile, trying to look friendly. He was dressed in khakis and a blue shirt, with one of those photographer vests on, to complete the look of his disguise.

“Yes,” she looked him up and down. “And you must be… “ She looked at the card in her hand
Darryl, was it?”

“Yes, that’s me. You must have found my card on campus, right?” He stepped back and gestured for her to come in.

She saw his camera set-up and seemed slightly reassured. “No, one of my sorority sisters gave it to me. She said you have done some work with her.” She stepped into the room. “You are supposed to be very professional. I saw some of your work and thought it was good. How much is this going to cost?”

“Well, you saw my website, so you know my rates. I think it is pretty fair, considering my talent.” He said walking over to the camera and pretending to calibrate it. He was so glad that his plan seemed like it had worked, so far anyway. “And I don’t want to hear about you being some poor college student. This is an investment, after all.” He had rehearsed the speech and was trying not to rush through it and to sound genuine.

He had swiped a photographer’s card that had been left on bulletin boards around campus. Luckily, that artist themselves wasn’t actually pictured on the web site, for whatever reason. At least not that he had found and apparently she hadn’t either. If he hadn’t had that lucky break, he wasn’t sure what he would have done. It would have been a lot of work to set up a website just to fool her. He may have had to take a different approach entirely.

“It seemed a bit on the expensive side, especially for this cheap of a room, but you came highly recommended.” She walked in and sat on the bed. “I haven’t done anything like this before.” She smiled and laughed. Her smile was just as enchanting as Sarah’s had always been to him. “I’ve had people tell me I should model, but I guess I was always too shy.”

“It's good enough for our purposes. Why spend more on a nicer hotel room when the beautiful lady is the subject and focus?” He smiled, putting on his best schmoozer act. “So anyway, what changed your mind this time?” he asked from behind the camera. “You grow out of your shyness?”

“Well, yeah. You can’t be shy and be a sorority president. I grew out of that when I got to college. Had to grow up, you know?”

He tried to seem interested. “Yeah, of course. That makes sense.”

“And my sorority sisters told me how great that they looked in your photos, and that they would share them with me as soon as you are done processing them. I decided to do it when they told me how much money you said we would make if you submitted them to your contacts in modeling agencies” She flipped her hair out of her face and smiled wide into the lense. “You are starting already? Don’t I need some direction or something?”

He laughed. “I would have given you some, but you came in and did exactly what I would have told you to do anyway. Sit there, look into the lens, and give me your best smile.” He smiled warmly.

She smiled wider, her hands folded in her lap, her legs crossed like a lady. She was a pretty girl, no doubt about that. Pretty enough to model for real. He almost wanted to photograph her but having that kind of evidence that could be found and used against him at some point was not a good idea.

“Okay, just hold still. I need just a couple more from this angle,” he said as he reached over to his tablet and opened the app. He looked back at her again, her smile was truly enchanting. He smiled back. A moment later she was bathed in swirling colors from the LED board. She blinked for a moment due to the brightness. Her expression changed from a smile to one of confusion. She stood up, but her eyes were still glued to the colors. Her face twisted into a grimace like she was trying to resist falling into the trance, but a moment later it was blank, just like his other slaves when he put them under. She was now under his power.

He waited a few moments before shutting off the lights. She continued to stare blankly and he knew he had her. She would have asked what the hell he was doing by now if she wasn’t.

“Hannah. You are powerless to resist,” he said softly as he approached her. He pushed her back onto the bed and climbed on top of her. She didn’t resist at all and stared up at nothing. His dick was already rock hard in his pants. He was anticipating what he was about to do. He was practically shaking, he was so excited.

He continued to whisper in her ear. “You will listen to my voice and only my voice. You will be powerless to resist me or my commands, especially when I say the word ‘obey’. Isn’t that right?”

“No…” she moaned, shaking her head. 

He was a little surprised that she was still able to resist but that made the eventual success even sweeter. He laughed. “Yes.” He circled around her. She hadn’t moved from the spot since she stood up. “You can’t even move from that spot. You are powerless to resist.”

“I am…” she paused, but eventually said, “Powerless to resist…” she muttered back to him, her voice barely audible. “I will obey.”

This had been even easier than bringing Sarah or Sophie under the first time. He grinned from ear to ear due to the ease of replicating his success with his other slaves. “No matter where you are when you hear my voice you will become my pliable little slave, completely in my power.”

“...completely in your power…” she slurred, seemingly even deeper in the trance than either of his previous slaves had been.

“Now make out with your new master,” he commanded, then shoved his tongue into her mouth while roughly grabbing her breast. “Like you enjoy it, or at least pretend to.”

She moaned into his mouth and then their tongues intertwined. Their lips pressed together in a sloppy kiss, spit getting all over the outside of her mouth and dripping down her chin. He reached under her dress from the top, pulling one of her tits out of her bra and then pinched the nipple hard. He tore his mouth away from hers and she moaned even louder when it was attached to her nipple, biting and sucking on it. Her arms encircled his back and held him tightly. After a moment, he did the same thing to the other tit, her bra and dress were now shoved under the curve of her tits. He reached down to her legs, pulling the hem of her dress up and reaching under, finding a lacy pair of panties that matched her bra.

“You are such a slut. You were going to strip down for the photo, weren’t you?” he asked, hooking his finger into the waistband of her underwear and then slowly pulling them down.

“Mm-hm...” she moaned, laying there motionless now. He had to yank them from around her butt since she didn’t lift it off the bed to help. A moment later they went sailing across the room. He rubbed her smooth creamy thighs with both hands, loving the feeling of her skin. He kept rubbing for a few minutes, loving how soft her skin was. After a short time, he moved on to the fun.

“Now just lay there while I fuck your brains out,” he said, pulling his own pants down a moment later and then climbed between her legs. She was utterly relaxed and staring at the ceiling as he slid into her tight snatch. 

Despite the remote possibility that she was actually enjoying this, he was surprised that her pussy was already juiced up and ready for sex. He guessed that either him telling her to enjoy it made her believe that she was or maybe it was a physiological response to him kissing her and sucking her nipples. Either way, the initial penetration was easy. He slid halfway in and pulled out before driving back in the rest of the way until he could feel his balls resting on her skin. He could tell that there was none of the tensing or squeezing that a girl who was into the act would be doing but she was still plenty tight.

“Mmm… your pussy is so nice and tight,” Neil muttered into her ear, the speed of his thrusts increasing. “You just lie there and think about the girls that are in your sorority. How you are now my loyal slave and will be making more slaves for me,” he commanded as he slammed into her as hard as he could and held himself there.

She lay there motionless and staring at the ceiling with glassy eyes. He continued to pound her for a few minutes straight, she didn’t react at all and her expression remained completely blank.

Eventually, he started up again, slowly fucking her at first but quickly picking up speed. “You’re liking this, aren’t you?”

She didn’t answer at first, but he didn’t let up. “Well?” he demanded.

“Yes...” she moaned.

“Yes what?” he asked, pulling out and then slamming back in with an audible SLAP as his hips hit the inside of her thighs.

“Yes master!” she said louder, with more volume but still no feeling in her voice.

“Good girl.” He buried himself as deep inside her as he could, flexing his muscles to reach even farther into her body with his throbbing cock. She still didn’t react or even blink. He held himself there and asked, “You like having a master, don’t you? You probably let guys tie you up and spank you, don’t you?”

She didn’t say anything, but she looked like she wanted to.

“You can be honest. In fact, you must be honest with me,” he said sternly, still halting his thrusts.

“Yes. Yes, I do,” she said finally after a few moments.

“Gets you hot when a man is in total control of you, doesn’t it?” He grinned. This was all very unexpected. He wasn’t anticipating her being into what he was doing at all. 

She shook her head but said, “Yes.”

He had heard that many women had rape fantasies and bondage play but he didn’t think that any woman would be into what he was doing now. Maybe she didn’t even know that she was into being taken like he had taken her and his command to be honest made her admit it to him and herself. He remained still, denying her any more stimulation. “And now you’re going to help me, right? To enslave more of your sisters? Give them a master too? Not that you have a choice… But that’s what you want, isn’t it?”

She waited for a good long while before she finally replied, “I would never let my sisters be…” she paused.

“Enslaved, like you and Sarah and Sophie are?” he offered, crossing his arms, visually refusing to service her until he got what he wanted.

“I could never…” she trailed off, she whimpered, not taking her eyes off of him. He had a suspicion that it was because she wanted him to keep going but she was powerless to move since his command to lay there was still in effect.

“No, but it makes you hot none-the-less, right?” he asked, smiling.

She bit her lip and shook her head but didn’t reply.

He knew what that meant. He had gotten what he wanted and resumed his assault on her pussy. Her eyes rolled back into her head, a definite cue that she was actually getting close to an orgasm.

“You can’t cum until I hear it from you.” He grabbed her legs and pulled them farther apart. “Does that make you hot?” he drove into her, faster and faster. “It does, doesn’t it?”

She sighed, and finally answered after a short while. “Yes.” It was barely audible.

“I didn’t hear you!” he yelled, slamming into her as hard as he could. “What did you say?”

“Yes. My god, yes!” she cried. She had a look of utter desperation on her face. She needed to cum.

“And you’ll help me get more?” He slammed into her again. “You don’t have a choice but to do what I say.” He was grunting and dripping with sweat from all of the effort. He was actually getting a decent work out from this, which he didn’t get very often. “You’re going to do it anyway. You are already my obedient slave. But knowing that it makes you hot and you would help me willingly… that would be even better.” He stopped, leaving her there quivering but unable to move. He also needed to recover for a few moments; he wasn’t going to cum until after she did. “Just say that you want to help me do it and I’ll let you cum,” he added.

She shook her head and groaned. She was resisting it, but they both knew that she was excited by the prospect of having a strong man control her, make her do things that she would never do on her own, and some part of her wanted to help him, even if it took the trance to let it out. Unlike her sorority sisters that he had already enslaved, in her case it wouldn't be him compelling her to do something against her will, it would be him allowing her to do something that she wanted to do but she would never do without being told. He just had to get her to admit she wanted it. He needed to. It would be the ultimate victory over her.

He began fucking her again, gritting his teeth and trying desperately not to cum. “Come on. Say it.”

She held out for maybe another minute before she finally shrieked, “I’ll help you!”

“And who am I?” he asked, feeling himself about to cum and he couldn’t stop it.

“Master!” she cried. “Please! Let me-”

“Cum,” he said and a moment later he let loose inside her spasming pussy.

“Oh fuck!” She shouted, her whole body shook with orgasm. “Oh, master…” She twitched and whimpered, but stayed in that same spot, her eyes practically bugging out of her head.

He pulled out his softening cock and his cum leaked out of her onto the bed and the floor. He rolled off of her onto the bed and they both lay there panting and recovering. She finally came down seemingly minutes after he did.

“You can move now,” he told her, confident she wouldn’t scream or run at this point.

She rolled over out of the spot she had been laying in for a while, wet with sweat and all of the cum dripping from her snatch. She was just staring off into space but she wasn’t blank like before, she was clearly thinking about everything that had just happened.

He turned to her and “Now, how are we going to get Rachael into my little harem?”

To be continued in Part 3

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