The Otherworldly Intruder

The Otherworldly Intruder by Lou Bealy
Commissioned by anonymous

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Mandy returned home from work for another lonely night. She had moved to the city in order to go to college for art design, and then through connections she had made at college she got a pretty decent job in the records department at a local hospital. College was paid for mostly by scholarships, so she made enough money to get her own house, which she basically spent every evening at, hanging out alone.  She didn’t have much of a social life. She didn’t really have any friends that lived within a few hundred miles. She played guitar and sang, but mostly just to herself and her small following on Youtube. She was pretty, but she hadn’t had a boyfriend since her first year of college.

Not that she was unattractive. She was about five foot nine, thin but with enough curves to make the guys stare, at least when she was wearing tight clothes anyway, which she rarely did. She usually had a bit of a skater look, wearing loose jeans and hooded sweatshirts, with Vans sneakers. She was on the tall side for a woman at five foot eight inches, with blonde hair, blue eyes, high cheekbones, and a button nose. She wasn’t one of those girls who thinks she’s fat or ugly when she’s not. She knew she was pretty. Her problem was she was just overall a shy and timid person. She didn’t have any coworkers her age, she kept to herself at school, and she just liked to be in her own space where she could read, or play her guitar.

Her timidness was to the extent that she hated the idea of anyone seeing too much of her body at all. In addition to wearing thick, oversized clothes she would typically keep herself covered at all times. Even in the shower, she wore plastic shower slippers. She would always have her hood down, covering her face. She especially hated the idea of anyone seeing her feet. 

She thought feet, in general, were gross and hers were no exception. She would always make sure that she had fresh, thick socks covering her feet. She preferred the knee-high variety, white with black stripes at the top. When they had just a hint of growing thin, or when they had the smallest hole, she would throw them away.

Her past boyfriends had always at least pretended to be understanding about it, but after it became clear that the only time she was at least partially naked was when the lights were off and it was pitch black, they would start to get annoyed. They would demand to see her naked for real and the relationship wouldn’t last long after that. At this point, she didn’t even try to find any company like that anymore. She was comfortable just doing her own thing at home where no one would bother her.

One night, unbeknownst to her, she had a visitor in her home. It crept into her home by squeezing its amorphous body through a crack in her basement window. She was fast asleep, so she did not hear it explored the silent house, its semi-liquid body rolling across the hardwood floor. It noticed Mandy in bed sleeping in her room and steered clear of her, not wanting to be discovered. After it had surveyed the entire premises, it settled into a convenient spot that it had found in an air vent. It was sure that it would remain safe there and could watch its potential targets for consumption. It was getting hungry, but it wouldn’t act until it was sure that it was safe. There is sat for the remainder of the night, watching and waiting.

* * *

The next morning, Mandy was getting ready for work and discovered some strange streaks across the floor. She could be a little untidy since she lived alone, so she often didn’t clean her hardwood floors. Now there were clean spots that seemed to form trails as if something was sliding over the floor. She was puzzled by this but she lacked the time to investigate it since she was in a hurry to get to work.

When she got home that night, she discovered even more of these strange trails across her floor, which was making her very nervous. Did she have rats or something? She looked around for awhile trying to find whatever it is that had made these trails but came up with nothing. They seemed to lead to the basement, but it was so cluttered with junk that she couldn’t really search it thoroughly. She still wasn’t sure what was happening, but she resolved to do something about it. She had been meaning to look at getting a cat, but it hadn’t been a high priority. Now she had a good reason to get one immediately.

She went to the animal shelter and came back with a mature orange tabby named Garth. He was friendly enough, and the shelter told him that he was captured as a stray living on the street, so his hunting instincts were seemingly sharp. She let him get acquainted with the house while she looked around in vain to find whatever was causing these trails. She gave up and decided to play some music before going to bed. When she was ready to get in bed for the night, she searched for Garth, but couldn’t find him. She liked the idea of cuddling the little furry guy in bed, but she wasn’t going to search all over for him. He was probably exploring. He would hopefully come around eventually. She hoped he was finding whatever was creeping around in the house.

After Mandy had fallen asleep, Garth did indeed run into the intruder on its way out of the basement. The tough street cat took a defensive posture, raised his hackles and hissed. The blob of goo seemed to rear up and make itself bigger as well. When it opened its strange red eyes and glared at Garth, the poor cat hesitated for just a moment and then fled from the basement. He ran up the stairs to hide behind the couch.

The blob monster didn’t have anything to fear from the feline. It simply rolled by him on the way up the stairs. It was so hungry, it had to feed. At this point, it had observed the house for long enough to be confident in its safety. It crept across the hardwood floor into her room, where it found its first meal.

* * *

The next morning Mandy got up to see that her clothes hamper had been tipped over. She had been planning on doing laundry in the next day or two, so the hamper had been full. Now her clothes were scattered about the floor. She walked over to it and picked it up, and as she returned her clothes inside it, she noticed that all of her socks were missing. She was confused since she had several pairs that were dirty. She was beginning to get nervous when she saw Garth enter the room and meow at her to remind her it was his breakfast time. She shook her head and laughed. 

“Did you take all of my socks?” she asked the hungry feline, scratching his chin. She knew that cats sometimes were into dirty socks. She would just have to find where the cat had hidden them when she got home from work. She had no way of knowing that they were eaten by the strange intruder that was watching her from the air vent.

“If I feed you, will you still be hungry enough to find whatever critters are loose in here?” she asked the cat while filling his bowl. “Or maybe you already did,” she added before getting ready for work.

That night, when she got home, she opened the front door and Garth immediately ran outside. She was surprised and didn’t even have time to react before he disappeared into the trees that were just behind the block her house sat on.

“Garth! Garth! Come back” she called out, shaking his freshly refilled bowl. She went to put her shoes on to the chase Garth outside, and couldn’t find them. She was so desperate to get her cat back inside that she didn’t think about it and just ran upstairs to grab a pair from the closet before running outside.

She was distraught that she hadn’t even had a chance to really get to know this cat. He had a collar and he was chipped, but she was still worried about him. It was dangerous out there, after all. After spending most of the night fruitlessly looking for him, she gave up and went back inside to first get some food to set out for him, and then to wind down before getting ready for bed. It had gotten too late to ask her neighbors if they had seen anyone prowling around. She was so concerned with finding the cat that she hadn’t even thought about checking on that until it was too late.

She began to notice a few strange things. She couldn’t find any of the shoes that she kept next to the front door. Her pair of indoor shoes that she wore around the house during the day was missing, just like her dirty socks, which she was still unable to find. Her slippers that she kept under her bed were also nowhere to be found. This was just getting weirder and weirder.

She began to get nervous, suspecting that someone had been in her house. It seemed unlikely that the cat had somehow hidden all of these items where she couldn’t find them. But why would someone break in just to take her footwear? Some kind of pervert? It would have to be a pretty skilled and sneaky pervert since she could find no evidence of any kind of break-in. She decided to search her house from top to bottom. It was times like these that she hated to admit that having a man around would be nice. He could check the basement or the closet for intruders that were hiding and waiting to victimize her in the worst ways that she could imagine.

She breathed a sigh of relief when she opened her walk-in closet and saw that her few pairs of dress and work out shoes were all seemingly untouched, as were the socks in her drawer. 

I guess it wasn’t a very thorough pervert, she thought sarcastically, closing her closet door.

She eventually gave up her search, getting too tired to continue. She pulled a fresh pair of socks from the dresser drawer in and put them on before climbing into bed. She eventually fell into a somewhat restful sleep.

The viscous blob watched her and waited for her to be asleep for a while before it made its move. It had sampled the taste of her dirty socks, relishing the musk and flavor as it enveloped and then slowly dissolved them inside it. Now it knew that it liked the taste of her skin oils and felt confident enough to go directly to the source, her feet, its true target in the first place.

It reached a tentacle up to the edge of the bed and pulled itself onto the side. It slowly flowed up the side of her wooden framed captain’s bed before slipping under her covers to settle within inches of her feet. It willed its body to begin generating heat, one of its many abilities. Its body increased rapidly in temperature and began to radiate heat under her blanket. It stopped short of being hot enough to burn anything, but hot enough to normally cause her to begin sweating, but instead it somehow just stimulated the production of more of her skin oils, so it would help increase the intensity of the flavor. Then the creature advanced on target that it had been after all along.

It wrapped its gelatinous body around her feet. First, it relished the taste of her skin oils through the socks for a while. It quickly absorbed her flavor. After a little while, it decided to taste her feet directly and began to dissolve the socks right off of them.

It was in ecstasy since her skin oil was particularly delectable to it. Its body undulated, swirling so it could taste her with its entire body. It didn’t take long before he socks had totally melted away, leaving her feet bare. No trace of her socks was left at all. The monster continued to wash over them for a while yet, tasting her skin and the flavor emitting from every pore of her foot. It slid across the top before wrapping around to slather itself in her arch. It quickly moved on to her heel, then between her toes and it had her whole feet completely coated in itself. When she began to stir, it quickly retreated to the air vent in her room and slipped inside, where it waited for another opportunity to taste her delicious feet.

* * *

Mandy awoke and immediately knew that something was off. Her feet felt kind of sticky, for one thing, and… no. That wasn’t possible. She sat up and threw the covers aside in confusion and saw something even stranger. Her socks were gone. Just… gone. If this had been an event all by itself, she may have dismissed it as she took them off in her sleep. But the recent strange events of her footwear going missing from multiple points in the house already had her primed to react with fear before she had even tried to look for them. She did look for them, just to be sure, but they were nowhere to be found, just as she expected. 

She pulled her sock drawer open, half expecting all of her socks to be missing from it and was relieved to see them all still there. She grabbed a pair and quickly covered her feet before finishing putting on the rest of her clothes. She simply hated her feet being uncovered and all of this was really freaking her out.

Once dressed, she ran downstairs to find her work shoes were now missing as well. She had to run back up the stairs to retrieve a pair of dress shoes from her closet before running back down the stairs. She exited her house to go ask the neighbors if they had seen anything the previous night. Luckily, it was a Saturday and most of them should be home now to ask. She barely paused as she passed the still full bowl of cat food she had left out the night before. She hated the idea of the cat being out in the cold night to survive, but she hated the idea of strangers creeping around in her house even less.

None of her neighbors reported seeing any suspicious characters in the area recently.  It took most of the day to make her way around the whole neighborhood. She talked with everyone about the strange occurrences in the last few days and tried to find her cat, and both were ultimately fruitless. She had to remind herself to ask about Garth as well, but none of them know anything about her poor missing cat either. After speaking with her neighbors, she spent the rest of the day wandering through the green belt behind her block, trying to find Garth but was ultimately unsuccessful.

She eventually returned home, dejected and more than a little nervous. She searched the house again, but still found no sign of anyone. The inconvenience of her missing socks, slippers, and shoes was only a small part of her current predicament. She had to cope with the feeling of violation, the mystery and the suspense of what was going to happen next, both of which were almost as bad as her fear of whoever or whatever was prowling through her house at night while she was sleeping.

She eventually calmed down enough to try and get some sleep. She put her dress shoes back in her closet, though she didn’t know what protection that would offer, except nothing had gone missing from it yet. She wasn’t sure what good it would do, but it made her slightly more comfortable once her bedroom door was locked. If this intruder was able to get through one of her doors or windows without leaving a trace, they would probably have no problem bypassing her bedroom door either, she guessed but she wasn’t sure what else to do.

She climbed into bed and stared at her bedroom door for some time. She strained her ears, trying to hear anything that would indicate an intruder and eventually fell into a troubled sleep.

The blob monster waited for a while, listening to her breathing patterns for the sound of her sleeping. Once it was convinced she was unconscious, it slid across the floor to her closet door. It squeezed itself completely flat and flowed under the door and entered her closet, where it found several pairs of dress shoes and her dresser. It slid up the side of the dresser to inspect its contents, not really caring about her undergarments, pants, or tops. It eventually entered her top drawer to find it full of socks. They were clean so they only had the slightest trace of her scent on them but it still enjoyed consuming them, which it did slowly so it could savor the taste. That wasn’t its main intent, though. It wanted to keep her feet bare, where it could have easier access. It did the same to her pair of shoes, eating them while enjoying her flavor. The large rubber soles were all that remained, and they lacked any trace of her taste so they were discarded.

That done, it moved onto her bed again. It repeated the same tactic as the previous night and heated itself up to increase her skin oil production. It then enveloped her feet, quickly absorbing the delicious socks so it could get to the main course. It had really grown to love her taste, and it swirled and undulated its body all over her feet. It drank in and absorbed the oils for a while before hungrily stripping all of the dead skin off all the way up to her ankles. Last time, it had been satiated by eating her socks and merely tasting her feet, only stripping off a little of the skin and leaving most of it, wanting to save it for later. The nourishment from her socks and shoes had allowed it to increase its size somewhat, going from about the size of a dinner plate to being as large as her pillow. As its size increased, its appetite had increased as well. This time once it had gotten started, it couldn’t resist taking all of it off.

Mandy began to stir in her sleep, the monster’s extended treatment of her feet had disturbed her to the point that she came awake, wondering why she was so sticky. She felt something slide off of her feet and hit the floor with an audible “plop”.

“What the hell?” she asked, throwing off the covers. She saw that once again her feet were uncovered. She turned to her nightstand and switched on her light, then got up to look at the floor at the end of the bed, wondering if that strange sound was her socks may be falling off.

The gelatinous blob slid under her bed and then reached a pseudopod up to grasp the frame and pull itself up. It squeezed itself into a corner, evading detection once again.

“What the fuck is going on?” she asked walking around the room in confusion. Her door was still locked, and again there was no sign of any forced entry. Her socks were not on the floor, or anywhere else. She shuddered in fear, realizing that this weirdo had stolen her socks right off of her feet.

What was weirder yet was her feet felt strange as they slide across the hardwood floor. They were almost slippery and silky. Like they had been perfectly exfoliated. She inspected them close and saw that there wasn’t a bit of dead skin left on them, which was the most disturbing thing she had yet experienced in this whole episode. She hadn’t exfoliated her feet in a long time since she was uncomfortable merely having her socks off for any stretch of time. This was getting too weird. Why would someone break into her house to steal her socks and exfoliate the skin on her feet?

She walked over to her closet to grab more socks, hating her feet being uncovered for even this short amount of time. She was further shocked to discover that all of her socks were missing from her drawer. Her shoes too. No, weirder than her shoes were missing, it seemed like the intruder had cut the soles clean off and stole the rest. That was so strange that she couldn’t even grasp what the purpose behind that could possibly be. Why would they steal most of her shoes and leave the rubber soles behind?

“No…” she whimpered, starting to truly freak out. She had a few more hours before she normally got up, but now she was wide awake. There was no way she would be able to get back to sleep. The nervousness was one thing, and the fact that she didn’t even have anything to cover her feet with was even worse.

She checked the door to her room and found that to still be locked, which she supposed the intruder could have simply locked behind him as he left, but why would he bother? This was all so strange and she had no explanation, other than some pervert with a foot fetish was stalking around her house at night and stealing her footwear.

* * *

Mandy was truly freaking out now. She had to go and borrow a pair of shoes from a neighbor so she could get to the store and buy more. The neighbor, along with everyone else on the block, had no idea what could be happening. They were all as puzzled as her, and a few of them expressed their own fear that this skilled intruder could target them next. She asked if she could call the cops, but they told her that so far there wasn’t any real evidence of a break-in. There was nothing really to investigate. She decided not to call since she knew how undermanned their local police were.

Once she got back from the mal, she immediately set about installing the security system that she had just purchased at the mall. It just amounted to a couple of motion-detecting cameras that she pointed at the front and back door. She also got some pepper spray for if she had to confront this perverted night stalked. She had gotten some more shoes and socks while at the mall, which almost seemed secondary to the security system, despite how important it was for her to keep her feet covered. She settled on a couple of cheap pairs of shoes and decided to leave a set in her car, in case she needed them. She left a packet of socks there too for the same reason.

After returning the borrowed pair of shoes and once again making a serious effort at finding her missing cat, she reluctantly went back inside her home. Although she had a weapon and security system, she still felt scared and vulnerable. She checked the cameras immediately, and they revealed nothing. She swept the house, with her pepper spray in hand and again, nothing. She finally got ready for bed, locking her bedroom door again, for what little good that had done. She propped a chair up against the door handle as well, perhaps it would keep the intruder out or at least make a sound when it fell over upon the pervert’s forced entry.

She climbed into bed and settled down for sleep. As she lay there trying to sleep, she kept wiggling her toes, feeling the comforting warmth of her brand new socks covering her feet. She had the idea to keep her shoes on in bed as well. She would normally hate the idea of keeping shoes on in bed, but she didn’t feel like she had much of a choice. She tied the laces tight and double knotted them, hoping that during the involved task of removing them, she would be woken up by the foot fetishist. The pepper spray was on her nightstand for when that happened. 

She hated the idea that some weirdo with a foot fetish would probably be breaking into her room at any time but her fear only kept her awake for a short while. She was exhausted from the exertions and fell into a troubled sleep within a few minutes.

The monster eventually crept out of its hiding place and looked around to make sure that Mandy was asleep and hadn’t brought in any more interlopers like the cat that could give away its presence. It didn’t think it had much to fear from Mandy, but it hadn’t survived as long as it had by being reckless.

It rolled over to her bed and slid up the side to slip under the covers where it saw that she was still wearing shoes. It was slightly annoyed, since these shoes didn’t smell like her much at all and were just an obstacle to its delectable meal underneath. It had done this enough times to know that its victim’s footwear, in the beginning, would be the tastiest and the replacements were always gross to the taste and just got in the way.

No matter. It quickly raised the temperature under her covers to make her emit more skin oils once more. It would help to flavor them, at least a little bit anyway. Once her feet had marinated in her shoes, her socks completely marinated in her flavor, it enveloped her feet. It didn’t enjoy the taste of her shoes much at all and quickly tried to dissolve them, which took a lot more time than doing so to her socks. It got impatient, and instead of dissolving everything except the soles at it had done the previous night, it instead got impatient and decided to dissolve narrow sections along the top, so it could squeeze itself into her shoes, splitting them in half from the top lengthwise. It forced more and more of its gooey gelatinous body into the shoes so it could taste her delicious flavor. This split the shoes wide open, and they fell right off of her feet and onto the floor.

“Gah!” Mandy sat straight up in bed, disoriented but wide awake. She hadn’t been able to sleep very deeply due to her anxiety which was good because the intruder must be in her room! She reached over to turn on the light and grab her pepper spray. “I’ll call the-!” she started to yell but stopped when she saw that no one was there. Her shoes were off, but her socks were still on.

Confused, she stepped onto the floor and felt her socks stick to the floor, and to each other. She was able to pull her feet apart, with some difficulty. They were coated in some kind of sludge that had stuck them together and was now sticking to the floor as she tried to walk, which made her fall to the floor. She landed next to her door, where she noticed that the chair she propped against the door was still there.

The sludge monster let go of her feet the moment she hit the floor and then slid under the door to hide in a vent in the hall, but not before knocking the chair over. It realized that it would probably have a tougher time with this one now that she was suspicious. Her taste was so delicious, though. It didn’t want to give up on her yet.

“What is going on?!” Mandy turned and looked at her feet to see why she fell. She paused for a moment, wondering if she should follow the intruder but was too scared to try it. She figured that he must have just left, and that’s why the chair fell over.

She rolled over and reached down to pull her socks off and inspected them. What she saw didn’t make sense. Her brand new socks now looked worn and even had holes in the top, of all places. They didn’t seem sticky at all now, which was very puzzling. She threw the socks aside and rushed the closet to grab another pair. Once they were on and she felt better about her feet being covered again, she turned back and immediately noticed her shoes on the floor next to the bed.

This was the weirdest thing yet. She saw immediately how her shoes were split in half. Did this weirdo cut her shoes off of her feet and just leave them? After pondering the intruder’s actions for a moment, that prompted her to check her cameras, but she wanted to wait until she was sure that the pervert was gone. She kept listening to hear footsteps, or the door closing, or anything at all. She heard only silence.

When she finally summoned the courage to exit her room, her door was still locked, of course, she went and check the recording on her new security system and she was flabbergasted by what she found.

No one had come in either way. Her windows were all still locked and secure, and there was no way someone could lock those behind them. She almost started crying but decided instead to move the cameras to her room, where she aimed them at the bed and the closet. She wasn’t just going to let this pervert get away with violating her home and stealing her footwear.

To be continued in Chapter 2 here

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