Reclaiming the Territory

 Reclaiming the Territory by Lou Bealy

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The patrons of the Stravagante Casino went about another day of obliviously throwing their money away at the various tables and machines that had been put there specifically to take their money. One such patron, a rather large man weighing at least four hundred pounds, decided to take a load off on a bench near the entrance. He took a big drink of his long island iced tea and stared off into space, oblivious at the groaning sound coming from his wooden seat. The bench was old, dating back decades to the original founding of the hotel.

Made from fine, dark wood, it used to be polished and positively shined in its day. After decades of wear and age, it was rather worn and creaky at this point. When the huge man sat down in the middle, it creaked and then gave way. One of the legs creaked and then broke off with an earsplitting snap, sending its occupant hurtling the few feet straight down to the floor. His body crashed through the plank that had made of the seat, breaking it into several pieces.

“Son of a bitch!” the man shouted to no one in particular. “What asshole put this piece of shit bench here?” He tried to climb to his feet but slipped on his spilled drink and fell on the ground again, cursing hard. “I oughta sue this fucking place for-” he stopped his ranting for a moment when he thought he saw something strange.

A glimmer of light caught his eye from over his shoulder. He groaned and rolled to the side and looked up at a glimmering shape that had suddenly appeared over the bench. It was a mass of swirling color that quickly coalesced into a wispy, transparent image of a female shape. The strange-looking woman, with long dark stringy hair full of leaves that just barely covered her thin, pale, nude body. Mottled spots dotted across her skin and small elk horns were upon her brow.

The big man groaned and pulled himself to his feet before turning back to see this strange vision of a woman but she had disappeared without a trace. He shook his head and went about finding a manager to complain to.

Megalia the forest nymph was very confused. An extremely cold winter had driven her to take refuge inside of a great tree in the middle of the forest, as her people often did. Maybe she had overslept a little. Or a lot. Was it spring yet, she wondered? It was impossible to tell because she found that the forest had been replaced with some man-made monstrosity of a structure, made of metal and stone. What had these wretched mortals done to her beloved grove? What happened to her people?

A few divinations spells and a quick look around the huge cavernous structure full of bright lights, loud sounds, and strange foods allowed Megalia to determine that centuries had passed since her woodland home had been hacked down to stumps and replaced with this… monstrosity, this desecration.

These humans openly flaunted their decadence, giving their money freely to these corrupt robber barons in the off chance they may win one of the many rigged contests and be among the few to leave with more riches than they came with. They sat in front of the flashing, buzzing machines and steely-eyed swindlers, losing all of their coin, stuffing their faces with foul-looking confections, washing it down with wine and spirits, getting fatter and more corrupt by the moment, wallowing in their avarice and greed.

The rather well-fed example of humanity that had awakened her had her gratitude and was spared her immediate wrath. She scolded herself when she allowed him to see her for a brief moment before the glamor activated. No human had ever seen her before, not even a druid and not even for a second. Clearly, her long sleep had not been kind to her magic skills. Divination spells had been a lot more difficult to perform than she remembered as well. Magic itself had apparently weakened.

No matter how far she reached out, she couldn’t sense any of her kind, nor any enlightened humans either like the druids of old. No. She was alone. If there were any of her kind left, they were probably hiding. Hiding in the wastelands that had been their forests, probably just as frightened and confused as she was. If she was ever going to see another faerie again, she would have to make them come to her. And the first step would be taking over this place. 

But she had to start small. Her magic wasn’t what it used to be. Perhaps she could warm up with something easy. Like granting wishes. Granting a mortal’s wish was the easiest feat that a fae could perform. There was a kind of magic in a wish or a contract. That much would not have changed.

* * *

“Which one said it, Deb?” Victor asked as he dragged his little sister back towards the pool by her wrist. He was about to enter college on a football scholarship, so he exerted little effort in pulling the resisting nine-year-old across the floor.

“Victor, please let go. Don’t do this,” she pleaded, pulling with all the strength in her little sixty-pound body with no effect.

“Only I’m allowed to pick on my little sister,” Victor declared outside the door to the indoor pool. “Now which one did it?” 

Deborah ran ahead and stood between him and the door with her arms crossed, pouting.  “Please don’t start causing trouble. You could get us kicked out.” When he began to push past her, she added snarkily, “You’re just trying to show off for your girlfriend.’

“Don’t mind me,” Kasey giggled from behind them. The redhead was grinning and obviously enjoying her apparent power over Deborah’s brother. “I’m just along for the ride. It’s none of my business, you're his sister,” she snarked.

“I can’t believe Mom and Dad let you bring her,” the tiny blonde huffed. “Why don’t you go smooch or something?” She stepped in front of the door handle and tried to block it.

“Maybe afterward?” Victor asked, turning to glance at Kasey, who raised her eyebrows suggestively. “I’d think you would want me to kick their little ass,” Victor said, as he turned back and reached past his little sister to yank the door open. She planted her foot to try and prevent its opening, but she was thrown aside and barely caught herself on the wall.

“Hey!” she shouted in surprise. Victor was already inside by the time she found her footing again but Kasey pushed past her as well, and even though the teenager wasn’t all that bigger than her, she also was easily able to push Deborah aside. The tween again had to catch herself on the wall, this time more easily, and then scrambled through the door. “You’re gonna embarrass me!” she hissed after them. “You might even get us kicked out! Mom and Dad will kill us!”

“Oh, that’s definitely him,” Victor said when he spotted the presumed culprit. “You didn’t say how big he was.”

Kasey followed his eyes to one of only two groups of people left at the pool area, all of them apparently teenagers. There was a group of five in the hot tub, on the younger side, except one guy who had to be as big as Victor, if not bigger-though it was difficult to judge with him still sitting under the water.

The little punk was still wearing his beanie in the tub and had an arm wrapped around each girl. There was a couple of boys too that looked to be half his size too. Victor hesitated for a second. He obviously hadn’t anticipated a guy so big, and with a couple of minions too. This may not be as easy as he expected.

“What are you waiting for?” Kasey asked with a smug smile. “Go on, kick his little ass.”

“Yeah, what are you waiting for?” Deborah repeated in that annoying little sister tone.

Egged on by the two girls, Victor took approached the group, puffing himself up a bit more with each step. “Hey!” he shouted at the group, “Which one of you assholes was picking on my little sister?” Some part of him hoped it wasn’t the big guy, though Deborah had all but confirmed it.

He didn’t have to wait long, because the hairy guy in the beanie stood up. He was taller and more muscular than Victor and had a mean look on his face. “Your sister shouldn’t be running around and hitting the cannonball to splash my friends here.”

Victor shook his head. “No, you don’t get to complain about getting wet at the pool.”

“Oh, you think you’re funny, Mister Tough Guy?” The douche got out of the hot tub and strode over to Victor. “You wanna make me stop complaining?”

Victor didn’t budge and Kasey pushing his back made him step forward. “It’s cornering my sister that I have a problem with, asshole,” he said, trying not to sound as nervous as he felt. He glanced at the other teens who just watched on from the tub.

“This is so stupid!” Deborah yelled but no one was even paying her any attention at that point. The two teenage boys squared off nose to nose, neither of them appearing to budge an inch. “I wish I was as big and strong as you idiots!” she shrieked and shoved her way between them.

What had started as a likely futile attempt to squeeze between the much older, bigger boys resulted in both of them being flung aside. Beanie-wearing douche fell backward and just barely missed the edge of the pool as he splashed into the water, while Victor managed to only slide a few feet before regaining his footing.

“Let’s go!” Deborah insisted, following after her brother and pushing him further back toward the door. No matter how many times he thought he planted his feet, somehow his little sister was pushing him right out the door.

“Where are you going?” Kasey asked Victor, sounding very disappointed. She stepped in front of him but she ended up being carried as well.

“I’m not doing-”

“You’re dead, asshole!” Douche said when he came back up, pointing angrily at Victor.

Victor shook his head and dismissed what he thought he had seen- his little sister throw that massive guy in the pool- and concluded that he must have slipped or something. But it became harder and harder to ignore that something strange was going on, when he found himself pushed right out of the pool area and into the hall. Douche had just made it to his feet but a member of the hotel staff entered the room and killed any hope for his immediate revenge. But his eyes remained locked on Victor in a death stare as the door swung shut between them.

“What the hell, Victor?” Kasey demanded as they walked back to the room. But he wasn’t even looking at her, instead he watched his sister.

“What?” Kasey asked, confused. She looked between the two siblings.

“Why did you have to do that!” Deborah chided Victor, who still looked stunned as they walked. She shoved him from the side, sending him stumbling into the wall with a solid thud. He just barely caught himself on the railing before he fell. “You were just embarrassing me!” She pushed him again, slamming him into the wall and knocking the air out of him in an audible OOF.

Kasey watched the tween girl seemingly bully her much bigger and bewildered older brother and concluded he was letting her do it. Not one to be disappointed when she was egging her boyfriend into a fight, she stepped behind Deborah to pull her away. “Knock it off, you little-” Strangely, Deborah seemed to be taller than her- which had to be her imagination- and even stranger, she didn’t budge an inch when Kasey tried to move her.

Deborah shrugged her off with a HARUMPH and marched into the room she shared with Victor. Kasey shot her boyfriend a questioning look but the bewildered look remained on his face and he merely shook his head and walked past the door to wait at the room that Kasey was able to convince her parents to pay for (since there was no way Victor and Deborah’s parents were going to let her stay with them, or pay for it).

“That wasn’t funny,” Kasey scolded him and then gave him a kiss, but he was still looking toward his and Kasey’s room and hardly responded to her at all. He just continued to shake his head, looking past her like he was stuck in thought. “What?!” she finally demanded when he still wouldn’t return her kiss.

“I… Nothing,” he finally answered. He went to plant his lips on hers but was interrupted by Deborah popping out of the room.

“Hey!” she shouted, breaking the mood completely. “Mom and Dad want to see you!”

“Hold on,” he insisted, becoming annoyed.

She scowled and stomped over to him and grabbed his wrist. He blinked twice but she still looked taller than he remembered, actually reaching down to his wrist. Before he could react, she was pulling him to his feet. He tried to resist but she yanked him right out of the room.

“What the fuck?” Kasey exclaimed. She grabbed Victor’s wrist as it trailed behind him and she was pulled right along with him. “Hey!” The two of them were dragged down the hall and past the kid’s room and through the door. Kasey let go of Victor and just stood back, stunned by what she was witnessing. How was Deborah so strong?

Kasey yanked the door open, leaving only one hand clamped around Victor. He growled with frustration when his attempts to pry her hand loose were totally ineffective. Her grip was like steel and when she got the door open, she flung him with one hand right into the room, dragging his girlfriend with him.

“There you are,” Victor’s father scolded. “What is this I hear about you picking fights at the pool? Oh, and good. I’m glad you brought her.” He turned to Kasey. “Your parents will be getting a call here soon, young lady. If he’s going to act like this to impress you, you can go home. I never should have agreed to this!”

Victor turned around to glare at Deborah but she had already run off. When he looked back at his father, that man seemed to loom over him even more than before, becoming larger and scarier as he scolded his son.

After the severe tongue lashing Victor and Kasey exited the parent’s room, neither wanting to even look at the other. Victor especially was too cowed and defeated from the dressing down to have much of anything to say to her other than a mumbled, “Sorry.” She didn’t even look at him but did follow him to the shared room where Deborah was supposed to be.

“Thanks a lot, you little-” Victor started to say as soon as he entered the sibling’s spare room. But he stopped when he was greeted with who he thought was his sister.

“What’s wrong?” asked the familiar-looking girl standing in their room.

“No way…” Kasey stood in the doorway and muttered to herself.

Deborah- or the teenage girl that somehow got her clothes and looked just like her- was standing there in the middle of the room grinning. Looking to be about eighteen years old, her bare legs sticking out of the bottom of her pant legs, making what had been full-length pants look like capris. Her little tee-shirt was stretched across her now much larger chest, leaving her midriff exposed, creating the look of a belly shirt. She was tall, taller than Victor, and skinny, but with some muscle definition showing, displaying a faint six-pack, thicker arms, and large calves.

“What were you were saying, little bro?” the strange girl sneered. She strode over to the stunned Victor and poked him in the chest with her finger. She seemed to tower over him now, leering inches above him. “I told you not to embarrass me like that, not to possibly get us kicked out.”

“But you didn’t have to rat me out to mom and dad. They are talking to Kasey’s parents about her going home early!” He glanced at her, looking for a sign of support but something strange caught his eye.

Kasey saw him staring and asked, “What?” but she seemed to realize right after she said it.

They were almost the same height.

It seemed impossible but when he took a step closer to confirm, he realized that he was now about five feet tall. His tight athletic shorts and shirt were even hanging on him, his chest now narrower, his legs and arms were both thinner and shorter. He looked back to his sister, who was now tall than both of them.

“What’s the matter?” Deborah asked, and then took a slow menacing step forward. “You afraid you’ll get pushed around the way you pushed me around?” She grabbed the finger he still was pressing into her chest and then twisted his arm roughly.

“Ah!” he shrieked when she twisted his arm behind him into some kind of hold and then squealed until she pushed him away. He stumbled a few steps and then fell to the floor. Tears began to well up in his eyes. He again looked to Kasey for some kind of support, but she was backing away out of the room, looking just as shocked as when she walked in.

“What’s happening to me?” he croaked, holding his hand out to Kasey, as if his girlfriend could save him.

“You’re shrinking down to my level,” Deborah- or whoever the teen girl was- said cheerfully. “Or, what was my level,” she added with a chuckle.

Kasey continued to back away, shaking her head. “I- uh,” she stammered. “At least you’re still big where it counts?” she blurted out, grasping for anything to say.

“Is that true?” mocked the tall smirking blonde. ‘Are you “big where it counts’, big bro?”

Victor’s hand instinctively moved to his crotch and slid down his loose shorts to cup his package. It didn’t seem like it was any smaller… but then he remember how much smaller his whole body was than before, including his hand.

Again, Victor looked to Kasey for some kind of help but instead only saw the door shut behind her. Turning back to Deborah- he was finally convinced that’s who she was- he was too slow to avoid her tackle and was sent crashing to the floor.

“What are you doing!” he yelled as he struggled. But his voice no longer had any bass or authority in it. She ignored him and wrapped him up in her arms and lifted him effortlessly from the ground. “Let me go!” he demanded. He pulled on her hands, pushed on her arms, and even tried hitting her but all it did was make her laugh. She took him into the hall, where he saw Kasey stare wide-eyed for a moment before ducking into her room. Any hope of her helping him ended when the door swung shut. He looked back to his grinning sister and was about to ask where the hell she was taking him until it dawned on him, right about the time he looked over his shoulder to see the door to the pool area. He braced himself as she pushed through the door, using his body. There wasn’t even time to form a complaint before she walked right over to the pool and tossed him inside while laughing hysterically. He swam back to the surface to immediately complain.

“Dammit, Deborah! What the fuck-” he stopped when he saw the same douchebag approaching her from behind.

“Hey babe-” he said with a cocky sneer pasted across his smug face. “You giving your little brother a-” he glanced down at Victor and somehow his sneer spread even further. “Hey! Look who it is!” Then he saw Victor climbing out of the pool and seemed to realize how much smaller Victor was than before. His sneer slowly drained into a look of confusion. He turned back to Deborah and looked even more confused. “Wait…”

Deborah smiled wide. “Ha!” she shouted gleefully and before the beanie-wearing bro could react, she had stepped forward, grabbed him by the arm, and swung him toward the pool. The look of shock on his face made her giggle with delight before she let go, sending him spinning into the pool.

“I thought you said we shouldn’t be fighting?” Victor complained as he wrung out his shirt. “That we would be kicked out?”

Deborah spun on her heel and strode back out of the pool area. “Don’t be such a little bitch,” she growled over her shoulder and then yanked the door open. She noticed Kasey had followed them to watch and was staring at her, her expression a mixture of fear and awe. “Hey babe,” she said to the girl who was now half her size. “Want to see how big I am where it counts?” Her hand slid down the front of her pants, stretched thin by her sudden growth.

Kasey moaned involuntarily when she saw Deborah’s hand cup what looked to be an impressive male package. She noticed the look of horror on Victor’s face when she took Deborah’s hand but paid it no mind as Deborah pulled her along to Kasey’s room. Victor rushed to follow, but the door slammed shut in his face, right as he got a glimpse of Kasey pulling off her shirt.

Megalia smiled wide as she watched the result of the wishes she granted. It was a good start, she thought. Her magic was beginning to come back to her. She could even sense all of the life in this place that wasn’t immediately visible: the molds on the food in the fridge, the lichens that lay about the outside of the building drying and waiting for rain, the mice that hid in every little cranny. Despite their best efforts, humans could not completely dominate the natural order. Their control was just an illusion as this decadent place she found herself in was the perfect symbol of that arrogance. Her desire to reassert nature’s order only grew as she looked for another suitable target.

* * *

“Can’t we just enjoy our honeymoon?” Gerry lamented to his new wife, Alyssa. They had just started settling into their honeymoon suite and they were already arguing with each other.

“We’re married now, on our honeymoon,” she said, losing her patience. “Why do you insist that I have to take those birth control pills?” She slapped the bottle from the nightstand and crossed her arms while staring at him.

He stared for a moment at his beautiful brunette wife and was reminded why he married her. In addition to being smart and creative, her round hips and ass, generous bosom, and round, dimpled face were the perfect shape and form of a woman. There was a reason he put up with her occasional tantrums. He wasn’t a bad-looking guy, but wasn’t exactly tall or buff. And while he was on a good education path, working as a computer salesman to pay his way, he wasn’t wealthy either. In short, most people would say that he “wasn’t in her league”. She had to know it, too. And as well as they got along, every so often he felt like she would hold that over him.

“We agreed that we wouldn’t start a family until after I graduate,” he answered back, already defensive. “And you deliberately left the pills behind, thinking I wouldn’t notice.”

“Gerry, don’t you want to have a baby with me?” she said softly, her bottom lip quivering.

“Don’t pout. You’re just upset I caught you.”

She scowled. “I’m not taking them.”

“Alyssa…” he said, facepalming. “Why do we have to argue like this right now?”

“Because I am thirty and not getting any younger!” She said with a stomp on the floor to punctuate. “And since we are married, we shouldn’t have to wait anymore.”

“I’m thirty-three,” he pointed out. “And it’s just another year that we decided it was best to wait.”

You decided,” she shot back. “I decided that I can’t wait any longer. You’re a man, you wouldn’t understand.”

“Alyssa, that’s not fair.”

“You’re right!” She snapped. “It’s not fair that you as a man can wait forever. I don’t have that luxury. I want a baby, Gerry.”

“We have a few years left to try, at least!” he replied, his voice becoming louder and more shrill.

“Maybe!” she shouted and stomped to the door. “And maybe not! Just once, I wish you would understand what it’s like to be a woman. I can feel my biological clock ticking!” She yanked the door open and stepped through. “I’m going to the bar. Maybe someone there will want to give me a baby!”

“What?!” Gerry turned to follow her but the door slammed in his face. His hands were sweaty- he hadn’t really become accustomed to the desert heat yet- and so he fumbled on the door handle for a moment before he could get it open. By the time he followed her into the hall, the elevator door was closing. He caught a glimpse of her normally beautiful face, scrunched into a nasty frown as the doors slid shut.

The elevator took forever to get back to his floor. He impatiently tapped his feet until the doors did eventually open again. On the way down, he began to feel woozy and had to grab the safety rail to steady himself. By the time he made it to the bottom floor, he was steady on his feet once again and attributed the disorientation to the elevator’s rapid descent.

When he stepped out into the lobby, he quickly located the bar and strode toward it with purpose, feeling fairly annoyed at the whole exercise. With every step, there was an increasing sense that something was off but he couldn’t quite place it. He tried to ignore it and find his wife. His eyes swept across the bar and he quickly located her: already on the dance floor, grinding on a tall swarthy bearded guy wearing a suit and tie. Gerry ground his teeth, as he approached but stopped when he saw the strange look creep across the guy’s face. He attempted to grab under Alyssa’s short skirt but she punched him across the face, sending the much larger man to the floor.

“Alyssa, what the hell?” Gerry cried. He ran towards her, thinking that the big guy might hurt her, but instead, the guy just shook his head.

“Freak!” he yelled from the floor. Climbing to his feet, he fled the area as quickly as possible.

Gerry glared at his wife, not even sure what he should say, but she just stared ahead with a vacant, confused expression. When he finally found the words, he asked, “What is the matter with you?!” he demanded. “And what was that about, anyway?” Alyssa looked pale, concerned. She slowly reached down and patted her crotch and her eyes went wide. In the dim light of the dance floor, he couldn’t see anything out of place but the growing look of horror on her face betrayed the seriousness.

“I need to get out of here!” she said, her eyes wide with fear. Before he could say anything she was already running off again. He followed close behind, trying to ignore the strange feeling in his gut. Whatever was going wrong with her was far more important than the fact that every step he took felt off somehow; his flesh and skin were shifting and pulling in unfamiliar ways. Passing by the elevator, she ran straight to the main front entrance and shoved her way through.

“Alyssa!” he shouted when he cleared the glass doors. Standing on the curb, she was leaning over with her hands on her knees, breathing hard and looking like she was about to vomit. “Are you okay?” He reached out to caress her back but she flinched and shrunk away. He resisted his urge to simply follow her and grab her, sensing something was deeply wrong. He waited a few moments, watching her breathe hard.

When she finally turned to face him, she looked to be on the verge of tears. Gerry opened his arms and she rushed to him, clutching tightly against his body in a shaking embrace.

“Gerry… something strange is going on,” she whispered. And he nodded in agreement; something was wrong with him too. Clutching her close to his body, he moved toward the entrance but she shoved him away and continued walking on her own. “What do you care?” she spat and continued inside without him. “You don’t want a baby anyway.” He shook his head, confused, and followed her back to the elevator. 

“I don’t get it,” he said when the elevator closed behind them. “What’s going on?” Unable to continue to ignore whatever was happening to his body, he reached down between his legs to give his crotch a routine adjustment and his face went white.

Alyssa, who had been watching his face closely nodded as soon as she saw his reaction. “You too?” She smiled, relief creeping into her expression. “Maybe we can still have a baby,” she added with a little chuckle.

Her words barely registered but they would have given him little comfort. His hand frantically explored his groin for what had always been there- but somehow had disappeared- replaced by something very different and yet very familiar. When he saw where Alyssa was looking, he quickly yanked his hand back out but she already seemed to know what he had discovered because she didn’t even ask. She sauntered the few feet across the elevator and grabbed right for his crotch but he reflexively caught her by the wrist. She only smiled wider and somehow pushed hard enough to overpower him. His hand slipped away and hers hit flat against his groin. She roughly squeezed but instead of the pain he would expect from his junk being crushed, her hand was cupping a soft mound.

“What’s happening?” he whimpered as her grin spread. Her fingers slid between the soft folds of skin that shouldn’t have been there, probing for an opening that had only seemingly just appeared there magically.

“I got my wish.” She giggled and leaned in for a kiss. With her other hand, she grabbed his wrist and pulled his hand under her dress. He found there a lump in the front of her panties, growing even bigger as his hand encircled a stiff shaft of warm flesh. He gasped in shock right as the door opened. A pair of older tourists stood in front of the elevator for a moment, staring at the couple with disapproving eyes.

The pair released each other and stood back at arm’s length, avoiding eye contact with the older couple. The woman just stared at him angrily but the man was fixated on the lump in Alyssa’s dress that she was failing to hide with her little hands. The awkwardness was palpable and no one said a word until the newlyweds arrived at their floor and quickly fled the elevator. Neither said a word until they made it back to their room. As soon as the door swung shut, they turned to each other- Alyssa appearing quite amused and Gerry only looked scared and confused.

“How is this possible?” Gerry said finally, his hand resting again upon his flat groin, feeling the heat emanating from within him, pouring out of the small opening that shouldn’t possibly be there.

“I don’t know but something was listening to my wish,” she said, giggling with glee. Lifting her dress up, she tossed it onto the floor and then looked down. Both of their eyes were glued to…


Her panties bulged out in the front, with a very distinctive shape of a growing, stiffening penis. Before their eyes, the leaking tip emerged from the waistband of her panties, leaving absolutely no doubt what they were looking at. It only delighted Alyssa, who yanked her panties down and tossed them on top of her dress. She straightened back up and stood in a wide stance, her mysteriously-grown appendage jutting proudly straight out. Without hesitation, she wrapped her petite hand around the thick shaft and began stroking slowly up and down. Beads of precum dripped down her hand, which she brought to her mouth and sucked up greedily.

Gerry stood, jaw agape, watching his new wife jerk herself off and feeling very much confused as to why it was so… sexy. Never in his life had he looked at another man’s penis with anything but revulsion but now… now he couldn’t look away. He told himself that it was because it was still his beautiful wife… but it wasn’t her trim belly, round tits, or smiling face he was staring at.

It was her huge cock. It was far bigger than his had been by far- reminding him that he didn’t have one at all at the moment. Almost as thick as her forearm and just as long, it was downright intimidating. Covered in dark hair and exuding a manly musk, somehow with her mixed-up body, she was simultaneously both more masculine and feminine than he ever could hope to be.

“Come on,” she said breathily, pointing at his crotch. “Show me.”

Shrinking away from her, he covered himself defensively.

“What’s wrong?” she taunted, moving toward him. She moaned, pulling her stiff cock down and allowing it to spring back up. Her palm slid across the turgid purple head, gathering more precum to lick. “Are you afraid?”

Gerry couldn’t admit to his wife how scared- downright unmanned in every way- he was. Her shaming forced his hand. With shaking hands, he slid his pants and underwear down to his ankles, revealing what her wish had done to him.

His transformation was just as dramatic as hers. His dick and balls had disappeared and in their place, was a little pink hairless pussy. It boggled the mind and defied understanding how they both could have such a sudden- downright magical- transformation other than Alyssa’s wish was somehow granted. Still grappling with disbelief, he felt himself down there, hoping that he somehow was seeing things but again his hand missed his familiar male genitals and made contact with the soft, hairless female vulva that had replaced it. The soft, sensitive flesh his fingers encountered felt real enough, as did the sensation of his finger slipping between his lips. He jerked his hand back like it had been burned, and then looked to his wife again, who was reveling in the discovery of their mutual changes.

After pulling his shirt over his head, Gerry confirmed that at least nothing else had changed. He had always been proud of his fit physique that he worked hard for- not bulky or huge but healthy-looking- and was relieved that at least this dramatic change could be hidden- until it hopefully ran its course. He was still himself- not the pinnacle of masculinity but decidedly male- except for the one place that was the most important.

He had seen many, few in person but countless pictures and videos. He had read health books and knew the birds and the bees. The plain image of a female vulva between his legs was undeniable, but his brain still wouldn’t accept it… yet.

“It’s pretty.” Alyssa cooed and then sauntered over to him, dick still in hand then laid a wet kiss right on his mouth. He moaned into her mouth, returning her sloppy kiss with passion and tongue. For the first time, he felt himself begin to grow horny as a female. The sensation of blood rushing to the area and swelling was familiar but the added moistness and tingling ache were all new. His exploratory probing turned from curiosity to lust, his fingers sinking deeper inside until he groaned, leaning onto his wife for support as his legs became weak.

“Mmmm… why so glum?” she asked after their mouths parted, a string of slobber connecting them for a moment. “This is so exciting!”

He wanted to argue with her but the words wouldn’t come. Their mouths met again and she dragged him toward the bed. He didn’t resist, allowing her to take control and put him right where she wanted. She pushed him and he flopped on his back in the middle of the bed, his legs spread wide in anticipation. The fear he felt at what was happening was still very real, but it somehow only enhanced the burning lust he felt. Looking on his wife, she looked like sex personified. Her thick feminine curves, her expression of pure lust, and even the huge stiff cock she held excited him.

Alyssa stood there for a moment, seemingly admiring him as well. She licked her lips and climbed onto the bed, slowly crawling over to him. “What do you think?” she whispered. “Should we stop? You aren’t on the pill…” she giggled.

Gerry just shook his head, the idea of stopping now was alien. He needed her, in a way he had never experienced. Just waiting, submitting to her so she could do what she would, was the sexiest feeling he had ever experienced. To be lusted after and desired so purely and rawly- he had never felt it before; nor the kind of hunger he felt for her. It was all so overpowering.

“I didn’t think so.” She climbed on top of him and held herself up on one arm while she aimed. She appeared to be about to say something else but was interrupted when he began roughly pawing at her breasts, groping and squeezing her and making her squeal. She paused for a moment with her eyes closed, pushing her chest forward. She slowly let her breath out and leaned forward. Her lips met his, as the tip of her cock met his other lips. The tip tickled him- teased him and made his lust only grow. The heat and wetness built inside of him, magnifying the strange tingling he felt- almost like an itch.

It was Gerry’s last chance to say something- or do something- to avoid what was about to happen. But he couldn’t. The words died on his lips. He was glued to that spot on the bed, helpless to stop her from having her way with him. He needed it.

“Oh god…” he murmured. His eyes went wide when he felt the tip begin to press in. “Ah!” he whimpered, feeling a painful pinch when there was a bit of resistance.

“It always hurts the first time, baby,” Alyssa soothed. Her lips met his again, and she lightly bit onto the top one when he moaned in pain again. With a grunt of effort, she pushed past the barrier. He cried out in pain but she shoved her tongue into his mouth, turning his feminine cry into a muffled moan. He was so tight, she had to perform short, rapid strokes to slowly work her way in. Despite how aroused and wet he was, she was so large that it took a lot of patience and effort to penetrate him without hurting him too badly- or hurting herself by bending her new cock (she had seen this happen enough times to know to avoid is, being a bit of a size queen in her party girl days).

“S-sooo big!” he managed to squeak but then cried out again in a high-pitched squeal when she thrust in even farther. He had never felt so full in his life, the soft, fleshy tunnel he had just discovered that he possessed was stretched painfully as it was forced to accommodate more and more. The cock seemed endless, sinking deeper and deeper until he felt like he was a stuffed turkey.

Almost in,” she giggled and then gave one final push. There was a wet squelch and finally, her big hairy balls were pressed against his ass.

His arms flailed for a moment, with his hands eventually finding purchase against her shoulders. He pushed, groaning with eyes closed. At first, he was trying to force her back, to end the pain and discomfort he felt from his body being forced to accommodate. The feeling of the thick mushroom-headed tip sliding against his inner walls, pulling and rubbing the walls of the sensitive tunnel. But he only pushed as far as she pulled out, leaving only the fat tip inside his entrance, and offered no resistance when she thrust back inside, this time in one long stroke. Gerry’s legs encircled her smooth round ass, forcing her even deeper. Arching his hips to allow her better entry, he shoved her inside with all his strength, his new muscles gripping and pulling the shaft of quivering flesh that was finding new depths within him, to places he couldn’t have even imagined before that moment.

She stopped for a moment to catch her breath, and they sloppily made out for a moment until she pulled all the way out. He groaned with disappointment until she slapped his inner thigh a couple times. He eventually got the message and flipped over onto his knees.

“You’re my bitch,” she whispered. “And I’m going to fuck you like one.” The tip slipped inside him much easier, this time gliding against his smooth velvet flesh until she was even deeper than before. He bent forward, giving her even better access, and buried his face in the pillow. Reaching back with one hand, he pulled at his flesh, spreading himself open even wider.

With an animal grunt, Alyssa began pounding with all of her newfound vigor and strength, as fast as she could. She was enthusiastic but still inexperienced. Her orgasm began to build almost immediately, and this time she couldn’t stop herself from fucking him harder and harder until she felt her whole body tense.

“I’m- I’m gonna cum!” she grunted. It was little warning because she exploded a moment later, the thick cock swelling and then dumping hot cum into his womb. His own orgasm swept over him and he collapsed onto his face, crying into the fabric. Leaning over him, she continued to pound his spasming pussy for as long as she could until the sensation was too much- almost like her clit being rubbed to the point of being raw and overstimulated. Slowly, she pulled out with a groan and flopped onto the bed next to him, gasping for air. After a few minutes, he rolled over and his mouth found hers. Their tongues danced, their lips caressed the other, and their hands explored every crevasse and wrinkle of each other’s bodies while they came down.

It was only a few minutes later when Gerry asked, “So are you ready for round two?” With her eyes half-open, Alyssa stared at his grinning face for a moment and he added, “In case we didn’t already make a baby.” She smiled back and gave him a wet kiss on the cheek.

* * *

Megalia was quite pleased with her work so far. The second wish she granted had been even easier- and more entertaining- than the first one had been. There was nothing more affirming to nature’s power than the creation of new life.

The patrons still could not see her but now when she floated by them, she knew that they could feel her. They would look around, comment to themselves or each other about how they thought they heard something, saw a shape in the corner of their eye, or even felt something strange. A few of the people who she could tell were more in tune with the mystical energy that was gathering around her and became noticeably- and desperately- aroused. There was some screaming on the gaming floor when some older men decided they couldn’t help themselves and fondled one of the cocktail waitresses. This only amused Megalia more and confirmed to her that her power was waxing. Reaching out with all her power and senses, she could feel the very dirt under and around the obscene structure, how it was teeming with life despite the human’s attempt to sterilize and control everything. She flexed, causing the various fresh fruits and vegetables on display and in storage to begin flowering or producing seeds. The bouquets and vases holding living plants were shattered as they grew, expanding beyond the confines humans had created for them.

The humans looked as frightened as she had expected. They should be scared, she decided. She would force them to take their rightful place, subordinate to nature and herself as its rightful avatar. But when she tried reaching beyond the building, she felt her powers wane again. It was still too soon to begin her conquest. She needed at least one more wish to grant, one more invocation of her power by a mortal. Then they would all be hers.

* * *

“I swear, some guys are just shameless!” Charlotte huffed. “That old fart grabbed me right in front of his wife!”

“I’m sorry, Char,” Keith replied, the corners of his mouth curled into a frown of sympathy. He finished making the drinks for that party’s order and placed them on her tray. She had to take a deep breath to steel herself for her return to that table.

“Marcus, please.” She turned to the bar manager. She clasped her hands together and pleaded. “Can you come back with me and tell them that they can’t touch me like that?”

“Oh, save it,” Marcus snapped back. “Look how you’re dressed and tell me you blame the guy for sampling the goods.” He turned back to his clipboard and made a few notes. “If you got a problem, you can go home for the night.”

Keith turned and walked away, not wanting to get in the middle of this again, leaving Charlotte to defend herself from the huge man’s criticism.

“But Marcus, this is the uniform,” she whined and gestured to the tight blue dress that was so short it was practically a bathing suit. It was so tight, it clung to her body and displayed her lithe, athletic form and pert little breasts, leaving nothing to the imagination. Her long and shapely legs, probably her best feature, were bare and further enhanced in shape by the stiletto heels she wore.

“Exactly,” he huffed. “You know what kind of attention you’re going to get. It helps your tips anyway, doesn’t it?”

“Sometimes,” she muttered. “But it doesn’t make it okay. You wouldn’t let someone touch you like that.” She looked up at the six-foot-three man who obviously lifted weights. He even wore a suit that was a size or two smaller than it should be in order to make his chest and shoulders look even larger.

“No,” he snorted. “I would beat some ass.” He turned to walk away and called over his shoulder, “Enough stalling, get back over there before I send you home and yank your hours for the week.”

“But I need those hours!” she wailed. Tears welled up in her eyes, which she carefully dabbed in order to avoid ruining her makeup. “I have bills and-”

He spun back around and glared at her, his angry scowl enough to cut her complaint short and send her skittering back toward the offending table.

“I wish just once that you would understand what it’s like,” she grumbled. When she saw the fat geriatric tourist look up from the slot machine to smile at her, she added, “and I wish that I could beat some ass for a change.”

As soon as the words left her lips, the world around her seemed to shimmer and warp for a moment. She stumbled and caught herself on a pillar and closed her eyes for a moment. It felt like her hands were slipping on the smooth painted surface like she was falling… except her hands were sliding up. When she opened her eyes, she found herself looking down on Marcus, who clung to a table and looked just as disoriented as she felt. Her eyes went wide when she saw the very clothes on his back begin to change, the dark suit turning to a bright blue as it grew even tighter across his body. But instead of revealing his bulging muscles, his own body seemed to shrink down along with it, revealing a petite- and decidedly feminine physique. His face grew softer and more feminine as well, with his five-o'clock shadow disappearing right before her eyes. In just a matter of seconds, he appeared to be just another pretty little cocktail waitress, albeit with an absolutely bewildered expression. The name tag pinned to his bright blue uniform even said “Marcia”. 

“What just happened?” Charlotte wondered aloud but stopped when she heard her own voice. It was deep, husky, almost baritone but decidedly still feminine. She looked down at herself and found the floor seemed much farther away than she was used to, triggering a kind of vertigo. But that was only the beginning.

Her clothing had changed as well. She was now wearing a dark, professional-looking pantsuit with padded shoulders and long sleeves. Her low-cut white top revealed that her bosom had grown as well, now easily D-cups but tastefully, only a tiny glimpse of cleavage was showing. Despite her apparent increase in height, her shoes had also changed, going from the high heels into dark flats.

Marcus- or “Marcia”- didn’t respond right away and just stared in horror for another moment before finally answering, “I- I don’t know,” in a high-pitched and feminine squeak. Both of them noticed at the same time that the tray of drinks that Charlotte had been holding a moment ago was now on the table in front of him (her?). The clipboard that the manager had been holding had also transported itself into Charlotte’s hands. She glared at it, wondering what was happening, and noticed a name under the schedule for the bar, “Marcia” was listed as a waitress, right below the manager’s name, which now read “Charlie”.

“What are you waiting for?” she smugly asked the confused Marcia. “Get those drinks to the table. We’ve got orders backing up.”

Marcia’s eyes went wide. “What? What are you talking about?”

Charlie just smiled back and tapped her own name tag that read “Charlie, Assistant Manager.”

“This can’t be happening.” Marcia shook her head. “This cannot be real.”

“I’m about to send you home and yank your hours,” Charlie warned. “So you had better get your ass in gear.” With a grin, she held out the clipboard, showing the new hierarchy between them. Marcia shook her head in disbelief but said nothing. “Well?” Charlie demanded with her hands on her hips.

Marcia’s lips began to quiver, looking like she was about to cry. She grabbed the tray and took a step toward the table but stumbled dropping the whole thing to the floor. A number of patrons began clapping and cheering, noticeably the older man who had ordered the drinks. “Good job!” he shouted and laughed. Marcia turned bright red and her eyes began to water.

“What is wrong with you now?” Charlie demanded. “I have more things to do than babysit you.”

“The- the heels made me-”

“You’re blaming the uniform now?” Charlie scoffed. “That’s just pathetic. Now get back over there and submit their order again.” She shook her head. “Amazing how hard it is to find good help.”

After Marcia collected the replacements and- very slowly- walked over to drop them off at the table, Charlie couldn’t help but smile. The large man was already pawing all over the petite little waitress, grabbing her around the waist and pulling her in. She almost fell again from the sudden force and when she was in the man’s clutches, she struggled unsuccessfully to escape. The man only laughed louder.  Marcia looked over to Charlie with pleading eyes. The wife just sat there with a blank expression on her wrinkled face, just like Marcia had described.

Charlie straightened her jacket and approached the table in question. “I do apologize for the wait. She is new but you can’t-”

“Hey, baby cake, don’t worry about it,” the older corpulent man interrupted. “You can bring over the next round instead.” He guffawed and pulled Marcia close as if he wanted a kiss. Charlie stepped around the table and grabbed the man’s wrist. With a flick of her forearm, the man’s grip was broken, allowing Marcia to dart away on her unsteady legs. She turned back for a moment like she wanted to say something but remained silent, watching for what her manager was going to do.

“I’ll take over.” She said, looking at Marcia who gave a nod of appreciation before fleeing back to the bar. “What would you folks like for the next round?” Charlie asked patiently, ignoring the ill behavior in lieu of losing the possible business.

He reached to give her a slap on the ass, just as he had done before, but this time she caught him by the wrist. “Sir,” she growled. “I would ask you to refrain from assaulting the staff.”

He frowned, glaring at her. “Excuse me?” he huffed. “I’d like to speak to-”

“I’m the bar manager,” she cut him off. “And if you can’t follow the rules, you’ll be thrown out.”

“Yeah, you had better watch it, Heath,” his wife taunted. “She is gonna throw you out.” The wife grinned and Charlie instantly knew what kind of woman she was, the kind that loved to stir up trouble and let their husband act a fool in its wake.

That was too much for Heath, who groaned as he pulled himself from the seat. “Listen, toots,” he reached out to poke her chest with his hairy fat finger. His rolls of fat jiggled as he made it to his feet. His multiple chins quivered with rage as he poked her again, harder. “You don’t get to talk to me like- AH!” he cried when she grabbed him by the wrist, spun him around, and pinned him to the table, holding his arm behind his back in a sort of joint lock that she had seen performed on TV (but never so much as practiced, let alone utilized herself). He groaned in helpless frustration. “Let me go!”

“Not so tough now, are you?” she taunted right in his ear. “You like making little women feel helpless, eh? Not so tough with someone who can fight back.”

The man groaned in frustration but was helpless to escape her iron grip. When he finally settled down and stopped struggling, she pushed him into the table hard and then back up a few steps. “Don’t worry about who will bring the next round, I am cutting you all off from alcohol.” She smiled sweetly and straightened her jacket again. “I have determined that you have had enough.” And with that, she turned to leave. She had a bar to manage.

* * *

Daryl didn’t even know how to begin writing the incident reports for the day. He stared at his computer screen, the cursor blinking on the first blank line. How could he explain strange, premature food spoilage, rampant and seemingly spontaneous vermin infestations, employees disappearing, patrons fighting, not to mention his some of his most trusted staff members- even among management- becoming just as belligerent and unpredictable as the drunken gamblers that he was accustomed to having to throw out on a nightly basis. It wasn’t even a full moon that night- he checked.

So what could be causing all of this? Gas leak? Some kind of food contaminant? He wasn’t sure but he knew that he would be receiving a call from the CEO in the morning, no matter how he tried to dress up all of this craziness. No, better to just be honest. He knew that all of this… this chaos may somehow be pinned on him but he felt like he had no other option.

There was a creak as the door came open and in walked a beautiful, ageless woman with long flowing hair that seemed to change colors as she moved. Her ears were pointed, like an elf or something, and upon her head were two short horns like that of some kind of deer. Her pale skin was mottled with dark spots like one as well. She wore only a collection of leaves that barely concealed her nakedness. He couldn’t help but stare at this vision of beauty for a moment, her thin but womanly figure on full display. She almost seemed to glide into the room, like her feet were barely making contact with the floor. There was an indescribable feeling of grace and simultaneous menace that was exuding from her the moment he laid eyes on her. It was alluring and intimidating all in one.

“Is there a fantasy convention in town that I wasn’t aware of?” he asked with a chuckle, forcing himself to display anything but the fear growing in his gut. “I don’t know how you got in here, but-” he stood up to show her the way out.

With a wave of her hand, an unseen force pushed him back into his chair and then held him like a vice. Instantly, fear ran through him like ice through his veins. He was already terrified but couldn’t move a muscle to flee. He could only stare at her, shaking with fear, any cries for help dying in his chest.

“That’s better,” she whispered, her voice like that of wind through trees, water on the shore, and fire crackling all at once.

“Who are you? What is going on?” he managed to croak out. “I’ll call security!”

“Your warriors are too busy with fulfilling their natural desires.” She smiled, her teeth looked like sharp fangs.

“Their what?” he asked, bewildered.

She just smiled wider in response. Silence hung in the air for a moment before she continued. “I am Megalia. And this is now my territory.”

He wanted to ask what this crazy woman was talking about, but there was part of him that sensed the truth in her words. He could feel it, like he was suddenly a trespasser on sacred lands.

“You mortals tried to assert yourselves over the natural order, destroying and defiling anything you touch.” Her body began to rise above the floor as an inexplicable wind began blowing in the closed room, sending papers flying from his desk and his necktie flipping into his face. He squinted, the wind almost preventing him from being able to look upon her. “You even thought that you could rob me of my power by bringing me here, far from my forest. But you didn’t know that in this land, nature still reigns, even if you can’t see it.”

None of this was making any sense to Heath but there were no words to answer her. He was used to having all of the power and people at his beck and call to answer any problem. There was no one he could call, nothing he could do to get out of this. And he knew it.

“W-what do you want?” he squeaked, holding up his hands in front of his face to block the wind but also as an instinctive defense.

“Simple,” she laughed, her voice shaking the room. “To let nature claim these lands once again and for you mortals to get in touch with her. There must still be druids in the world that can teach you how to coexist with her.”

“I- I don’t understand,” he whimpered, his heart pounding in his chest, his fine suit soaked with nervous sweat.

“You will,” she answered. With another sweep of her petite hand, he felt something else unseen take him. This time, it came from inside him.

The End

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