He's Not Good Enough For Her

He’s Not Good Enough For Her by Lou Bealy

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This is a work of fiction and all characters depicted are 18 or older.

Robert sat at the hotel bar, nursing a rum and coke while watching his daughter dance with a complete loser.

“You need another?” the bartender, a cute young blonde covered in piercings and tattoos, asked him with a sly little smile.

“Yeah, maybe one more,” he replied and smiled back. Glad that he could still attract a woman twenty years his junior, he thanked her with a nice tip and turned back to glare at the disappointing scene playing out on the dance floor.

It’s not that Joe was a bad guy… he was just a… well, a loser.

Robert had high hopes for his daughter, Lisa. She was valedictorian of her high school class, got a full academic scholarship to a prestigious university, and got an internship at an important research lab while studying for her master’s. She was on the track team as well, a key officer of her sorority, and a beautiful young woman on top of all of that. She had so much going for her, so much potential.

And she was marrying Joe.

Joe was not up to Lisa’s standards, in Robert’s opinion. He didn’t have a job. Not a regular job, anyway. He “didn’t want a boss anymore”, so did gig work. He delivered people’s meals and groceries, drove for ridesharing apps, and even busked playing guitar downtown on the weekends. He was one of those guys that always had some kind of hustle or scheme. He would haunt the local thrift stores and pawn shops for stuff he could resell online, especially guitar and recording equipment. He claimed that he could fix them but it amounted to a pile of junk collecting dust on the back deck- Robert’s back deck since he had moved in at Marcy’s insistence following the loss of his job.

That was how he had somehow ensnared by this guy. She met him in a nightclub where he was playing guitar and after many requests, eventually gave him a date. Before Robert knew it, he went from just some guy she was seeing to her fiance before he and Marcy had even gotten a chance to get to know the guy. And what he had learned since then was not exactly encouraging.

Robert stared at his daughter dancing with this oaf of a man- a big, clumsy, jobless, ambitionless, homely, out-of-shape loser who had somehow snagged himself a wonderful young woman like Lisa- and decided he needed another drink. He threw his head back and gulped down the last swallow of his rum and coke, then slammed the empty glass down onto the bar.

The bartender looked up and smiled. “What else would you like, tonight?”

“Something to derail my daughter’s wedding,” Robert muttered, still staring at his beautiful daughter and that schmuck.

“No problem,” the cute bartender said cheerfully.

Robert turned back to look at the young woman with a quizzical expression. “What’s that?”

“I said I didn’t hear you, babe?” the bartender asked with a pleasant smile.

Robert stared for a moment before deciding that he had imagined the bartender’s strange response. He got his drink and turned back to stare at his daughter make a horrible mistake, a grim expression on his face. Before he could stew on his personal misery for very long, a strange sensation seized his guts.

Leaning against the bar, he groaned in response to the strange cramping feeling. It felt like a balloon was inflating inside his abdomen; it was as if his organs were being squeezed on all sides. Grunting in pain, he stood and walked on shaky legs to the bathroom. He pushed open a stall and stood over the toilet, breathing deeply and trying not to vomit.

He waited for something to happen, hyper-aware of any sensation in his body. His skin had become clammy from his nervous sweat. Every muscle in his body was clenched tight from the strange pain, even his groin muscles. At some point during his uncomfortable wait over the toilet, his dick had grown rock hard.

Finding it weird that he would have an erection despite the pain, discomfort, and resulting nervousness he was feeling- after all, his days of spontaneous erections had long ago passed him by- he groped at his tingling penis. His fingers swept across the tip, pressing through his pants and underwear but a heartbeat later, the tip slipped from his grasp. He pawed at his groin, but his cock seemed to evade his hand completely.

“What the hell?” he muttered to himself. Reaching into the open flap of his pants, his hand slid past his underwear and felt around for his still aching hard cock but wasn’t immediately successful. He just brushed the tip twice but it somehow continued to evade his grip. There was a strange sensation that accompanied his panicked fervor; the pain had given way to a dull tingling and a feeling of stretching skin becoming unstuck. It was quite bizarre.

Sliding along his inner thigh, his fingers found something quite unexpected. Instead of a turgid shaft of warm flesh, there was moist, sensitive skin that yielded to the touch. His finger slipped between folds of tender flesh, making him wince from the raw skin rubbing and stretching.

“No,” he declared aloud. “No, no, no, no, no…” He couldn’t get his pants down fast enough, but his nervous, shaking hands fumbled with his belt and zipper before he could finally yank his slacks down and see what was going on down there. His eyes confirmed what his fingers had discovered. His cock and balls had somehow disappeared, and in their place was a very feminine-shaped mound, bare except a small wisp of fair pubic hair above it.

He stared in complete disbelief, running his fingers across the crease of skin, poking and prodding at it like a fresh wound. Probing further, he felt for his cock and found a tiny throbbing nub, hiding under folds of delicate skin. His finger delicately brushed the bead of flesh, sending a shiver through his body- wow was that sensitive. He felt himself grow wetter, his mind filled with images of being fucked like a woman in all kinds of positions.

The door suddenly swung open and someone stumbled in, giggling and panting. Robert froze, standing there cupping his crotch and covering his female anatomy. Reminding himself to breathe, he waited for the interloper to finish his business and leave before pulling his hand from between his legs. After hurriedly fastening his trousers, he sped from the room, plagued by the irrational fear that he would be discovered if he stayed in the bathroom any longer. The idea of anyone finding out what happened to him was utterly terrifying.

He briefly considered calling the doctor to report his condition but decided that it was too embarrassing to show to anyone. Besides, who would believe him? People’s sex organs don’t just spontaneously transform into the other sex’s!

Slowly making his way across the dance hall in a daze, he headed straight back toward the bar. Every step reminded him of his plight; with no balls to get in the way as he walked. There was also an odd sensation of his new anatomy contracting and rubbing with his movements, distracting him to the point of almost stumbling into several couples dancing before finally arriving at the bar. He ordered a stiff drink and turned back to the dance floor. After locating his daughter, he was surprised to see her looking quite upset. She was arguing with Joe about something.

“Don’t touch me like that! Especially with my father watching,” she hissed. He tried to grab her in a hug but she pushed him away.

“Babe, what’s the matter?” he asked as she stormed off. He tried to follow but she entered the ladies’ room. He stood there awkwardly waiting for her to exit but after a few minutes, he gave up and came over to the bar. Of course, he just had to pick the spot right next to Robert.

“Hey, Bob.” The young man gave him a lopsided smile. “How’s it hangin’?”

Robert tried to summon one of his usual death stares at his daughter’s biggest mistake. But Joe didn’t wilt under the gaze of the older man and kept smiling at him.

“What was that about?” Bob gestured toward the bathrooms.

“Oh, her? I don’t know.” He laughed, his huge belly shaking up and down. “You know women, she suddenly got all mad.”

Robert was going to point out how sexist he was, and say that he had never known his daughter to behave like an irrational stereotype of a woman but her choice in men contradicted that notion. So he said nothing. Something told him that there was some connection between what had happened to him and her sudden exit to the restroom.

“I’ll go talk to her.” Robert stood up and stumbled, feeling his drink more than he expected. Combined with his strange new gait, he almost fell to the floor. It was only grabbing onto Joe at that last moment that prevented him from landing face-first on the floor.

“Hey Dad,” Joe pushed him back onto his feet. He squinted at Robert, looking concerned. “You okay?”

“Fine,” Robert pulled away, his face burning with shame. He didn’t even tell the oaf to stop calling him dad. “I’ll talk to her.”

“What for?” the mouth-breathing goon laughed again. “She just needs to cool off.”

He arrived outside the ladies’ room and pushed the door open. “Honey, you okay?” he called out. 

He waited a moment, then called for her again but there was no answer. He waited another minute or so and then stepped inside. Luckily the only person in there was an employee of the hotel who gave him a quizzical look but said nothing. After looking around the small bathroom and discovering another exit, he concluded Lisa must have left.

Back out on the floor, he approached Joe at the bar, loath as he was to interact with him. “Did she say she was leaving?” he asked the younger man.

Joe just laughed. “No, but good riddance. She probably went back to the room. She was being a pill anyway.” She tipped back and took a shot of whiskey.

“Aren’t you going to go home after her?” Robert asked.

“Nah, she’s just going to be mad when I get there.” The big man slurped down another shot. “I’ll just enjoy the open bar until we get kicked out. Thanks for paying for that for our rehearsal dinner here. That was really nice of you. Wish the hotel was a nicer one, maybe closer to the strip, though...”

Robert rolled his eyes and walked away without listening to the rest. He pulled his phone from his pocket and contemplated calling Lisa to ask her what was wrong but opted to send her a text message instead. She didn’t answer. 

Robert tried to be a good host and stay to talk to the other guests but the strange situation in his pants was far too distracting. The physical sensation of merely walking was already novel enough to occupy his thoughts but the idea of what would happen if he actually tried out his new anatomy was beyond compelling.

He kept losing track of the conversations, focused instead on his condition and his daughter’s corresponding odd behavior. He was so self-conscious about someone noticing his condition- his lack of a male bulge in his crotch- he shoved his hands into his pockets and held them there to block any sort of view. He kept them there for the rest of his time at the party, though that strategy had the critical flaw of his hands having access to his new feminine mound. He was barely able to follow any of the conversation, as he lost the battle to resist exploring his new anatomy. His fingers were just barely able to brush across his vulva, confirming that he wasn’t imagining things, as he could feel the lack of a penis and the novel sensation of a hand caressing his tender new flesh.

The physical sensations were distracting enough, but the implications of what happened were far greater. How could this possibly have happened? Was it permanent? What would he say to his daughter if she indeed was having the same problem? 

He was able to finally get away by explaining to the guests that he wasn’t feeling well and would have to miss the last few hours of the party. During the elevator ride, he again tried to resist the urge, but the momentary privacy allowed him to explore his feminized sex through the thin material of his pocket and underwear. When the door opened to let on another passenger- an older lady with a “Karen” hairdo- his shame and embarrassment halted his explorations as he was overcome with the fear of being discovered. He immediately snapped his arms to his sides and looked away from her.

She glared at him for a moment, like she was assessing his threat level, and she stiffened when she saw his nervous manner. Slowly, she crept into the elevator, never taking her eyes off of him. Taking her spot opposite of him, she hit her number and they proceeded up in uncomfortable silence.

The quiet was broken when the older lady took a deep whiff, clearly trying to detect something. She frowned and looked like she wanted to say something but the doors opened and more passengers got on.

Oh shit, he thought. His thighs rubbed together, spreading the growing wetness between them. She smells me. He moved as far away from her as he could, until he was pressing himself into the opposite corner, cowering and hoping to evade further notice. He covered his crotch with both hands, though it seemed unlikely someone would really be able to see he couldn’t take the chance. As soon as the paranoia began, she looked up and made eye contact with him. His eyes darted away a moment later, but he wasn’t sure if he ever felt more exposed.

Mercifully, the ding signaled Robert’s floor and he darted through the doors before they were even halfway open. Practically in a run, he made it to his room and stood there for a moment while catching his breath. The room right next to his was his daughter’s and he looked between the two doors for a moment, conflicted about even pursuing his suspicions. What if he was wrong and she wasn’t having the same problem as him? What if trying to find out just exposed his secret?

Unable to resist his curiosity, he knocked on her door and waited, nervously fidgeting. He wanted to touch himself down there, to prove that it was still there and he wasn’t going crazy, but he managed to contain himself. The last thing he needed was someone spotting him doing that in that hallway. Besides, his legs pressed firmly together was all the proof he needed in the moment.

“What?” came his daughter’s voice from behind the door, sounding quite irritated.

“It’s me, Lisa. Dad,” he announced. “Let me in, will you?”

“What do you want?” she asked, sounding just as irritated.

“I need to talk to you about something.”

“Go away.”

He waited a moment and knocked again. “Lisa. Lisa, come on. It’s really personal and I don’t want to say it out here.”

“I know you don’t like Joe,” she yelled through the door. It sounded like she had already walked away.

He waited some more and there was still no answer. For a few moments at least until Lisa asked, “What do you mean?” She sounded like she was close to the door again.

“I think you know what I mean,” he replied.

Some part of him hoped she would ignore him, or tell him to leave again. As crazy as the situation was, and as much as he wanted to talk to someone about it, he really did hope that whatever strange event caused him to suddenly change sex spontaneously at the hotel bar hadn’t affected anyone else, especially his own daughter.

The door clicked and swung open, showing his beautiful daughter with smeared makeup, still wearing the thin cocktail dress from earlier. She held a tablet in one hand, covering her crotch so he couldn’t confirm his suspicions. She glared at him, looking nervous and skeptical.

His daughter’s beauty, despite the sheen of sweat, worried frown, and dripping eye shadow, reminded him of Marcy when she was that age. Her high cheekbones, button nose, and long dirty-blonde hair she had clearly inherited from her mother. That alone meant that she was way too good for Joe, in Robert’s mind. Even looking disheveled, she was quite the sight. The thin dress did little to hide her athletic body. He admired how nicely her child-bearing hips and pert C-cup breasts filled out the garment. The shameful twinge of arousal he felt was accompanied by the still novel sensation of his pussy lips tingling and growing wetter.

He shook his head to try and clear his mind. “Can I come in?” he asked. She shrugged and stepped aside and then shut the door behind him.

“So what did you need to say in private?” she asked, sounding suspicious. She clutched the pad with a shaking hand, rigidly hanging to obscure his view. She seemed to realize he was staring too and turned an even brighter shade of red.

“It happened to you too, didn’t it?” he asked, his voice breaking as he whispered.

“W-what are you talking about?” she asked, moving slowly and unsteadily away until she stumbled backward onto the bed. She fell flat on her back, and her short dress slid up until her panties were peeking out from between her legs. He only caught a glimpse before she squeaked and pulled the hem of her dress down and covered herself with the pad again but he was sure he had spotted a large lump there in front.

She lay there for a moment staring at the ceiling with a vacant expression, the room probably spinning from the alcohol. She tried to sit up a couple of times and failed, then growled in frustration before beginning to roll over. But he stopped her.

“Hey-” he said quickly. What was he supposed to say? “What’s going on… down here?” He moved his hand down to gesture at her crotch but she turned her body away from him. He didn’t stop her and she ended up with her back to him, laying on her side in the fetal position.

“Don’t,” she whined.

“What is it?” he asked gently. He froze in place, waiting for her to calm down.

“I don’t- I don’t know. I-” she stammered. “I was dancing with Joe and suddenly…” she trailed off.

He waited silently for her to continue, still standing motionless with his hand outstretched. After she didn’t say anything for what seemed like minutes, he offered, “Something happened to me too.”

She looked over her shoulder and took a deep breath. “It appeared,” she whispered. She rolled back over with her legs still pressed to her chest.

“Is that why you fought with him?” Robert asked after a moment.

She gave him a quizzical look. “No, I… I don’t know. I had to get out of there.” She shook her head. “He tried to touch me and I thought he may…” She turned back over. “Find it.”

“Find what?” he asked, though he had a pretty good idea. Ever since seeing her, the evidence of his own change became more prominent by the moment. He had never felt so… aroused in his life. He felt so wet that for a moment he had thought that he peed himself. “Show it to me.”

“Dad, why would I- what happened to you, anyway?” she asked, suddenly remembering what her father had said to get in the door. She turned over and straightened out so her feet touched the floor again, but her hands still covered her crotch.

He backed away, covering himself with his hands but then he stopped. Feeling foolish, his arms slowly returned to his sides. “I think you know.”

She shook her head but her eyes were glued to his groin. After a few more moments, he decided to make the first move and began unfastening his belt and pants. She opened her mouth like she was going to say something but then closed it again and simply watched.

He pushed his slacks and tighty-whiteys down his legs and they fell past his thighs. Lisa gasped when he stood up straight and took a somewhat wide stance.

“Oh my god,” she whispered, her hands moving to cover her mouth in shock, leaving her crotch uncovered and allowing him a better look at her growing bulge.

He felt the cool air move against his naked sex, the sensitive lips moist and flush with arousal. Slowly, the shock drained from her face. She moaned and reached down, then lifted her skirt, showing her rapidly stiffening cock sticking out the side of the panties. Even half-hard, it was impressive and looked to be about as big as his was...

He gasped and his jaw hung down in shock when he moved to get a better look. Peeling her panties back, he saw a thick bush of salt-and-pepper hair that matched his own.

She had his dick. He was certain of that. Somehow, that made the situation so much more erotic. Without another moment’s hesitation, he reached out to grasp it, feeling its familiar shape and texture in his hand, though from an unfamiliar angle. She moaned and leaned back on the bed, leaving her cock pointing at the ceiling.

“I’ve been so horny…” she whispered. His hand moving across her thick pulsing shaft made her sigh and close her eyes. “I can’t think of anything else.”

Robert nodded but his eyes were focused only on his cock, with one hand expertly rubbing the thick bulbous head down to her balls and the other between his own legs, probing and stretching its way inside. “That’s really why you really left, isn’t it?” he asked, his hand still gliding across her now aching hard cock. “So you could jerk off with daddy’s cock.” He stopped for a moment, provoking a whine from his daughter but he only spat in his hand and resumed stroking her, rubbing his slimy palm over her leaking tip. “Let me help you, show you how to do it.”

“Mmm…” she cooed. “Show me, daddy.” She moved so she was laying along the edge of the bed and began humping his hand as he stroked her.

He winced and sucked in his breath through his teeth when he felt her fingers brush across his inner thigh. She slapped his hand away and her daintier fingers slipped right inside with little resistance. His eyes rolled back in his head and he almost fell, swooning when she found his G-spot.

“Have you ever eaten pussy, baby?” he asked, the thought just springing into her head. The idea of her and her little girlfriends eating each other out just made him tingle. It was as if all of the forbidden, taboo thoughts about his lovely daughter that he was never allowed to have were given free rein. Gritting his teeth, he ground down onto her hand and he felt unfamiliar muscles inside him squeezing her fingers, pulling them deeper inside him.

“I was in a sorority,” she answered with a giggle. With her fingers still inside him, she pulled him up against the bed and then pushed him onto his back with his legs draped over the edge. She climbed down and then between his legs. Her grinning face looked up at him from between his hairy thighs, her mouth inches away from his throbbing sex. She curled her fingers still buried inside his cunt and began licking and sucking his hard little nub of a clit. It could have been ten seconds or ten hours with only Robert’s sudden orgasm exploding to mark the time. It was like an irresistible wave crashing over him, pulling him tingling and quivering with it out to a sea of boundless carnal pleasure.

He was too lost in it to even notice her climbing onto the bed. He grunted in shock when the precum-soaked tip of her cock met his lips but he didn’t resist. The tip slid into his mouth, pushing against the roof and gliding over his tongue. He enjoyed the smooth and spongy texture, as well as the- and there was no other word for it- manly taste. He had never even dreamed that he would allow a dick into his mouth but the fact that it was his own allowed him to give himself permission to truly enjoy it.

Pushing it into his throat, he was able to almost get the whole thing inside his mouth. But he had to pull back, groaning and gagging while his eyes watered. He tried a few more times but could never quite reach her balls. The manly musk mixed with her feminine body odor drove him absolutely wild.

The wonderful sensation was compounded when her mouth returned to his tingling cunt. “Oh my god!” he cried, pulling her cock from his mouth for the first time. His first orgasm had left him feeling so sensitive that every little twitch of his daughter’s tongue across his tender flesh would send his thrashing and moaning like a wanton slut. Before he could yell anything else, she shoved her leaking cock back into his mouth and began roughly fucking his throat.

Suddenly Lisa reared up and grabbed the edge of the bed for leverage. She began pounding his mouth, shoving most of her girth into his throat before pulling all the way back out. “Mmm, you like that, don’t you Daddy? You like that hard cock in your mouth. I see why you men like this so much.”

“Your mother would never do it for me,” he stopped to complain but she slapped his hands away again so he had no control over her hips. He was at her mercy.

“Shut up,” she commanded, slowly inserting her cock all of the way back in and holding it there for a moment. When he felt like he was about to pass out from his air being blocked she moved away and began deliberately fucking his face again. “Just suck the dick.”

“Mmmm…” he moaned around the cock.

Her fingers slipped into his hole again and soon she brought him to another body-quaking orgasm, leaving him a sweaty pile of jelly on the bed, still slurping and nursing on her dripping dick. He lapped up every drop of the sweet and salty liquid, savoring his own flavor.

“You’re not done yet,” she sang, climbing off of him and pulling her throbbing cock from his mouth. He followed it with his neck for a moment, trying to keep the wonderful organ inside him to no avail.

Looking up at her, she was almost the spitting image of his wife decades earlier. Long fair hair, a beautiful face with a sexy smile stretched from cheek to cheek, and a curvy, feminine body with wide hips and round ass. And she was standing there, giving him the same look that his wife gave him that first night together, a look of pure hunger. But this time, instead of the tight little pussy that he eventually saw his children emerge from and stretch out beyond recognition, she had the same throbbing dick that had sired those children, that had conquered her the way that his own daughter was going to use it to conquer him.

Without another word, she moved between his legs. She jacked her huge cock, using both hands to get partway around the impressive girth. Taking a deep breath, he leaned back and spread his legs, waiting for her to do what he had been imagining since he figured out where his cock went.

After a few moments without anything happening, he shook his lower body, his hair legs flailing and bouncing him on the bed. “Come on.”

“What?” she asked smugly while humping her hands. Her foreskin slid all the way back and forth as she slowly fucked the hole made by her fingers.

“Do it,” he urged, growing truly desperate.

“You have to say it,” his daughter said with a mischievous grin, clearly enjoying her power. “Say what you want, Daddy.”

“Fuck me,” he whispered, looking away.

“What?” Lisa asked. He felt the tip of her cock brush across his tingling vulva, making him gasp and whine.

“I said please fuck me,” he begged her. Slowly, his hips rolled and he humped the air.

“I can’t hear you,” Lisa sang.

“FUCK ME!” he shouted. “I need it!”

“Mmm…” she moaned. “Here it comes, Daddy.” He felt the huge tip press between his legs, probing clumsily for his opening. After a few unsuccessful attempts and the tip poking him right in the butt, he grabbed the shaft and aimed it for her, positioning it between his soft and sensitive lips. Grabbing the bed, she pulled herself toward him, forcing her girth into the tight opening between his legs.

“Ow!” he cried. “Slow down. You’re so big.”

“I’m way bigger than Joe,” Lisa said, smiling wide. She wiggled her hips, moving her cock side to side, stimulating and stretching him open wider. She pulled back and then pressed in again, the huge throbbing cock inside him forcing its way deeper and deeper.

He croaked as more disappeared into him. He felt like he couldn’t breathe, like it was filling him completely. He had never been so full, so completely stretched open. The feeling of enveloping the stiff rod inside him, wrapping his soft, velvet flesh around it, and squeezing was beyond exquisite. It was the most erotic sensation he had ever felt.

He looked up in his daughter’s lust-filled eyes- focused in concentration with her tongue stuck out the side of her mouth- and reached out to stroke her cheek.

“I love you!” he called out. It became too much and the stimulation pushed him over the edge. Another orgasm washed over him. He groaned and moaned, screaming like a woman and thrashing while she continued to pound away at him.

“Oh yeah. I love you too Daddy. I love your tight little pussy, Daddy.”

“What the fuck?” came a voice from behind them, but she didn’t stop.

“I’m so close…” she muttered, now pounding her dad so fast that their bodies collided with a wet smack.

“Lisa?” she heard the familiar voice ask but she didn’t bother to reply.

“I love yooooooooooooooooou!” she shouted and then groaned. He felt her huge cock push in as far as it would go and swell before bursting with heat, spraying a massive load of cum inside him.

“Robert?” asked Joe, standing in the doorway, his eyes wide in shock.

Needless to say, the wedding was indeed postponed indefinitely.


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