Inked by Lou Bealy
Commissioned by anonymous

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“It is not going to hurt too bad, right?” Colin asked, trying not to sound too timid. “You know I have a thing about needles.” He was so nervous that he was almost shaking in the tattoo chair.
“You’re pretty big for a baby, aren’t you?” Brooke asked with her hands on her hips, teasing and mocking him in a high-pitched voice. “It’s just a little tattoo. If you want to welsh on the bet…” She pointed to the door that led back out to the street and shrugged.
“I’m going to do it!” he said a bit too forcefully. “I just mean… It’s easy for you to say, you’ve got a bunch of tattoos already.” He pointed to her short, voluptuous body.
Only a few of her tattoos were visible, a segment of a scorpion tail could be seen in the gap between her dark blue v-neck top and black leggings. She had partial sleeves on her forearms that obscured the tattoos depicting different floral designs and animals, including a horse and a fox. He thought that the tattoos enhanced her raw sexiness. She was his idea of the perfect woman, petite but shapely, with dark hair and pale skin.
“That’s what I’m saying. If I did it multiple times, you can do it once.” She walked back over, carrying the book of all the typical tattoo designs. She handed it to him.
Lexi flipped her long hair to the side and laughed. “I thought you men were supposed to be tough.” She folded her toned arms across her c-cup breasts. Her tight work-out clothes showed off her athletic runner’s physique. “Isn’t that what they say? Even though women through history have done all of the hard, painful work including actually bearing children, raising them, and-”
“Okay, okay,” Erika interrupted, laughing. “I think he’s had enough. He’s going to get the tattoo, just like he said he would, right?” She smiled at him, her blonde hair parted down the middle framed her high cheekbones and dark eyes.
She was his best friend. She was the sweetest and kindest person he knew and she was almost too nice, which was why they ended up not being able to date each other. They had been friends since childhood but only decided to get together right after they had graduated high school but it didn’t last long.
He had told her that she was almost too nice, someone who spent a bunch of time and money on friends and family in her life who didn’t reciprocate. She said that he was kind of an asshole who was selfish and only cared about himself. But they did have a lot of interests in common like cars and outdoor activities like hiking and fishing. They got along so well that when they both needed to find roommates they moved in together. It wasn’t even a problem that each of them continued to date. It helped that they eventually ended up working different schedules and not seeing each other all that much anyway during the week.
Colin’s new crush was Brooke. He had only met her recently and she hit it off with him and Erika right away. She was a wild party girl but was also kind of a go-getter. She was a tattoo artist by day and had a graphic design business by night.
Lexi had been harder to win over since she was always such a stick in the mud but she was Erika’s best girlfriend so they just put up with it. Despite her prickly outward persona, she was actually pretty nice herself when you got to know her, she just didn’t show it very often. She was just on guard all of the time, only rarely relaxing or letting someone in close.
The three of them had been at a bar drinking together when they made the bet. The foolish bet he never should have made. Erika had tried to talk him out of it but Brooke was egging him on. She had a bit of a competitive spirit.
Brooke had bet him that the cute girl he was scoping out would give him her number if he followed Brooke’s advice when he went to talk to her. He had said there was no way; that she was too hot and out of his league.
Colin liked to think he was a pretty good catch. He was still young, not even thirty yet but already making good money as an automotive engineer. He thought he was decently attractive physically too, at five foot ten with a medium build with short brown hair and trimmed beard. But as good of a catch as he believed he was, this girl was like model hot and clearly way out of his league. Or so he thought.
He had been proven wrong when he returned to the table with her number in tow. He now had to accept the consequences of losing the bet and allow Brooke to tattoo him (incidentally, he had one date with that girl and it was clear it wasn’t going to work out).
“Yeah…” he said, finally acquiescing. He gave up and accepted his fate, but couldn’t stop staring at the needle gun.
“Don’t overthink it and get all tense. You need to relax.” Brooke said and handed him the tattoo book. “Besides, if you didn’t want to get the tattoo, you shouldn’t have made the bet. Now, I’m thinking of that little butterfly there.” She pointed to a small butterfly with an interesting pattern on its wings. It was monochromatic, a simple black outline. That was good at least, because something more elaborate would not only take longer and be more painful but it would draw more attention to something that he really didn’t want anyone to see. He would hate to have to explain why he had a butterfly tattoo over his ass.
“Really, a fucking butterfly?” he complained, his voice rising in pitch. “Are you trying to turn me into a basic bitch college girl?” He scoffed. “Will you include the matching gender studies course with it too?”
“Very funny,” Lexi grumbled with her usual humorless sarcasm. Colin wondered why she was even there but figured she probably just wanted to see him humiliated and in pain.
“Hey, you said I could select the tattoo. I could make it a big unicorn with rainbows if you want to complain about the butterfly,” Brooke challenged.
“You know she’ll do it!” Erika laughed.
He sighed. “Whatever, let’s just get this over with.”
It wasn’t as painful as he had imagined and he definitely did not want to sell it in front of the girls. He was able to keep himself still and hold in any outbursts while she worked on the tattoo.
He was able to hold it together long enough for her to finish and tape it up and send him with the instruction not to mess with it and that it needed to heal. That worked fine for him because he didn’t want to even know it was there, much less look at it or mess with it. The pain was a reminder that he was permanently marked for his stupid bet but he tried not to think about it.
* * *
Over the next couple of days, the tattoo healed and came out looking pretty good, Colin thought. Well, pretty good for a cliched tramp stamp above a man’s ass. He had to admire how good Brooke’s work was. She was able to depict the butterfly with only dark ink and a hint of pink but she was able to create such a sense of realism to the image that it was downright remarkable.
He had followed Brooke’s instructions of how long to leave the wrap on and how to clean it but he had been tempted to deliberately mess it up. He ultimately decided that a shitty looking girl tattoo would be even worse. He was actually considering getting another tattoo to cover it up.
He was still kicking himself for even letting it all happen. He should have just grown some balls and refused to get the tattoo at all. But his pride prevented him from backing down and letting them “win”. He was a man, after all.
But as he stared at the tattoo in the mirror before his morning shower, he noticed something strange. He immediately snapped a photo over his shoulder and sent it to Brooke with an attached message.
“What the fuck?!” he demanded. “You said a butterfly! You didn’t tell me that you added ribbons too! That was not part of the bet!”
A minute or two later, a text came back in from her. “Very funny,” was all that it said.
That enraged him further. “No, it’s not funny!” he texted back. “Why would you do this to me? A butterfly was bad enough but you had to add fucking ribbons too?”
“I don’t get the joke, but I like how well you did on the fake tattoo,” she replied, adding a laughing emoji. “How did you even do that on your own back? Or did you get someone else to do it?”
Colin sat staring at that message for a few moments. Was she really pretending she didn’t know? He shook his head. She had gone too far this time with her pranks. He wished Erika was around to see it but with their different work schedules, they didn’t happen during the week much.
A part of him wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt. She was just messing with him, he hoped. But when he tried to remove the offending extra ink, it would not come off, confirming that she had indeed permanently tattooed him with that girly crap beyond what he had agreed to. If she thought that she could get away with this by pleading ignorance, she was in for a rude awakening. He would have to contemplate his revenge.
He got in the shower and went about his normal business. He noted that when he scrubbed his chest, his nipples were more sensitive than usual but he didn’t think much of it. He avoided rubbing them too hard and finished his shower. Afterward, he went to shave but noticed that he didn’t really need it. That sort of shocked him because he usually shaved every other day. Maybe he had shaved the previous day and just didn’t remember it? He took it as a blessing because he was running slightly behind because of the tattoo distraction.
That day at the office where he worked for the car company as an automotive engineer there were a few nagging distractions that interfered with his work throughout the day. His shirt kept rubbing up against his sore nipples. He wished he was wearing an undershirt with softer material than his dress shirt.
He also found himself in a strange mood. He felt more self-conscious than usual. Normally he didn’t worry too much about what others thought about his appearance, He didn’t even really care if he was liked or made friends as long as he got his job done. He was actually pretty shy and didn’t have the easiest time making friends in the first place.
He prided himself on being productive and effective at work and letting the social aspects take a back seat. His talent and natural aptitude allowed him to focus on his work and not office politics. But that day he was different. He found himself being routinely distracted by his coworkers gossipping, which he never would have normally paid any mind to. He wasn’t sure why but ultimately he wrote it off as just being in an irritable mood that day.
After work, Colin got home and changed out of his work clothes into something more comfortable, as he usually did, but this time he was preoccupied by the tattoo. It was like Brooke was taunting him when he looked at the ribbons she had added. How had he not noticed them until that morning? He was about to text Erika at work to complain about Brooke and her constant pranks when he did a double-take.
“No fucking way…” he muttered. How had he not noticed? Under the butterfly was what looked like the beginning of a floral design, like a field that the butterfly was about to land on. He was certain that it wasn’t there before. Confused, he looked on his phone at the shot he had sent Brooke that morning and sure enough, there were no flowers there. It had somehow appeared during the day. How was that even possible? And again, when he tried to remove the new ink, it was again revealed to be a part of the tattoo. He didn’t remember anyone drawing on him either but he would definitely remember getting another tattoo. What was going on? Was this a trick? Was there a type of tattoo ink that could disappear and reappear? He had never heard of such a thing.
He did a web search but also came up with nothing. Supposedly there were tattoos that could quickly fade and thus not be permanent in the long term, but he found nothing about them reappearing.
He sat with his phone in his hand. He wanted to tell Brooke or Erika what was going on, but it was so unbelievable. They would think that he was playing a joke, which is what he would assume too if the tables were turned. It was rather unbelievable, he had to admit.
They wouldn’t really be able to see each other until the weekend but they all planned on meeting up at his place before going out for drinks so Lexi and Brooke would be over at the same time that he could finally see Erika. He would have to show them then so they would believe him. He wasn’t sure that they would believe him even after seeing it. He wasn’t sure he believed that he had magically appearing tattoos, or what could possibly be done about it but convincing the girls would be a start at least.
The few days went by and he began noticing more and more strange things. The tattoo appearing on his back was only the beginning. Whatever was happening to him was not limited to the tattoo continuing to expand on his back. Things that were far more worrisome.
He woke up on Thursday and immediately checked his back. The floral scene under the butterfly had been finished and expanded slightly, there were now three other similar looking flowers surrounding the first. They each looked like sunflowers but with dark pink, almost red petals. They were striking in their brightness and detail, every bit as impressive as the work Brooke had done on the original butterfly. He had no idea how this could be happening. He was about to cry out in despair when he noticed the other changes.
The first thing he noticed other than the tattoo was that his face was still smooth, not requiring him to shave as he would normally do. His nipples were still sensitive, and they looked swollen. He wondered what had irritated them so much to make them swell up like that. His hair also appeared to be growing rapidly. But only on his head. He inspected himself closely and noticed that he seemed to be losing body hair as well. His normally hairy arms and torso had thinned out considerably seemingly overnight.
He looked at his swollen nipples again and concluded that they were not swelling due to irritation. Combined with the body hair disappearing, he began to suspect that he was growing breasts, as frightening of a prospect as that was. He wasn’t an expert on the subject but when he looked at his chest, it had the appearance of having budding pubescent breasts, if it wasn’t for the little hair that remained.
The tattoo magically expanding and adding to itself became a total afterthought in the face of these changes to his body. He had no idea what would cause it. He did google searches and came up with a few things it could be and they all seemed like serious hormonal issues. He made an appointment to be seen by a doctor but it would be another week before they could see him.
Colin’s day at work went by quickly. He was in a haze; his situation was utterly distracting and made it hard to get any work done at all. But again, he noticed how distracting all of the conversations around him was. He noticed something even more strange. Whenever guys walked by or visited him in his office, he found himself checking them out. The taller and more attractive guys were particularly distracting. He would note how pretty their eyes or how big their muscles were and rate them for attractiveness before he had even realized he had done it.
That horrified him far more than anything that had yet happened to him. What was happening to him, he wondered? His hormones must be completely out of whack, he concluded. The doctor’s appointment couldn’t come fast enough.
He wondered throughout the day what the tattoo looked like but he couldn’t bring himself to check it where someone may see it and ask why he had such a feminine tattoo on his back. When he finally got home and checked the tattoo, he wasn’t even surprised anymore that it had expanded yet again.
A few more of the same kind of flowers were added to the scene, as well as a blue hummingbird. Just like the flowers and butterfly, the bird was beautifully and realistically depicted. He wondered how he would ever cover up this much with a future tattoo.
He was so exhausted from the mental strain of the day, he zoned out watching some reality TV show about bridesmaids or something that normally would have turned off immediately and fell asleep.
* * *
The next day Colin rushed into work late. He was late because he had fallen asleep on the couch, having never set an alarm or anything. He didn’t even have the time to scrutinize any new changes he might have undergone while sleeping.
He was barely able to focus on work at all. He was distracted by what was happening to his body and was fixated on what could be happening under his shirt. His nipples were still swollen, he knew that much. He had put on an undershirt to protect his sensitive nipples but they were still getting irritated, which contributed to his paranoia and almost complete lack of productivity.
At one point, around lunchtime, Colin couldn’t take it anymore and rushed to the bathroom to look at the tattoo for any changes. He felt like he was crazy as he hiked up his shirt and turned to look over his shoulder. He half expected to see that he had been imagining things and that the magical additions to the tattoo wouldn’t be there and he could stop freaking out. He wasn’t so lucky, though. What he saw only brought more horror and a sense of impotence in the face of these incomprehensible events.
The butterfly and hummingbird both hovered in front of a green field that stretched across his entire lower back. Several more flowers had appeared, these ones a mix of different shapes giving the look of wildflowers in the field. He gawked at how extensive and detailed the tattoo was. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. His limited knowledge of tattoos indicated to him that it would have taken hours and hours to add all of this extra ink to his back and yet it just kept appearing on its own. There was no doubt now that he wasn’t crazy. He had a god damned nature scene on his back.
Once he had taken all of that in, he remembered that there would likely be other changes too. He looked over his body real quick but nothing else had noticeably changed. He wasn’t sure if his nipples were more swollen than the day before or if he had lost more body hair or if it was his paranoid imagination. He couldn’t be sure if it was in his head or really happening. He looked at his face and noticed he still didn’t need to shave, that much was clear. He whimpered to himself as he put his shirt back down.
He went to one of the urinals to answer the call and noticed what had changed since he last checked. His penis was flaccid so it was hard to tell but he was sure that it was smaller than it was supposed to be. A man pretty much knows how much of his hand that his package fills up. He told himself that a logical explanation was that it was probably just cold and that would explain the shrinkage. But something told him that his enlarged nipples and thinning body hair were related. It was a hormonal disorder for sure, he thought.
And yet he couldn’t also deny the possibility that the changes had something to do with the magically appearing tattoo. He feared that there was something far more strange and sinister happening to him than a hormonal problem.
The sound of the door opening startled him out of his reverie. He turned and saw Greg enter the bathroom and approach one of the urinals. He found himself unable to stop staring.
Greg was a very attractive man, as Colin had really noticed recently. He was about six foot four, with broad shoulders, large hands. He looked like a football player, he was so big and fit. He had dark curly hair and a short beard that framed his strong jaw. He gave Colin the nod of acknowledgment before stepping up to the urinal. Colin just watched as Greg reached into his jockey shorts and pulled out an uncut cock that had to be at least six inches while flaccid. His eyes went wide as he admired the smooth and trimmed example of manhood. He took in every inch, wondering what it would look like hard.
Suddenly he snapped out of it. What the hell was happening to him? Why was this... exquisite organ so mesmerizing?
“Hey!” shouted Greg. “What are you looking at?” he demanded.
Colin’s trance was broken and he finally looked away from the beautiful penis, making eye contact with Greg for the first time since it had appeared. He awkwardly laughed and opened his mouth to say something but nothing came out. He was befuddled and didn’t know how to explain what had just happened.
Greg stared back and he didn’t appear to appreciate the attention. His dark eyes narrowed in a hostile glare as he finished peeing. “I said,” He zipped up his pants and turned to Colin, who was standing there awkwardly still facing the urinal and holding his now throbbing erection. “What the fuck are you staring at?”
Colin was momentarily distracted by the confirmation of his earlier fears. His dick was now painfully erect but it was obvious right away that it filled less of his hand than it usually did. He glanced down and immediately surmised it had to be an inch or two shorter than it was supposed to be. He was understandably horrified by this development, as a man would be.
Greg suddenly reached out and shoved Colin back. “You sick fuck,” he grunted.
Colin stumbled and fell landing on his back with his erection pointing at the ceiling.
“Wait until HR hears about this…” Greg muttered to himself as he walked out of the bathroom, leaving Colin to wallow in his shame.
* * *
“You’re still carrying on about that?” asked Brooke, obviously annoyed. She shook her head and sighed. “Fine, show it to me.” She waved her hand dismissively. “I wish my tattoos would just magically appear on people. It would save me a lot of time and effort.”
“Just hold on,” Colin whined. “I’ll show you.”
Brooke rolled her eyes and waited for Colin to untuck his shirt from the rear of his pants. “Why do you even try and pull some kind of crap like this, thinking that I’ll fall for it?” She crossed her arms and gave an evil smile. “If you are going to try and prank me, you have got to do better than,” she pointed at his back just as he pulled his shirt up. “Holy shit.”
She stared at his back in awe, touching the skin where the ink had spread and shaking her head in disbelief. “I can’t believe you would let someone do this.” She looked closer and rubbed his skin hard with her finger. “This isn’t marker or anything like that. What is it, henna or something? Some kind of temporary job?”
“I told you, it just appeared there! You saw the photo from a few days ago!” he practically shrieked, his voice going shrill. “Look at it now! What could be going on here? I feel like I am going insane!”
Brooke ignored his frantic inquiry. She clearly wasn’t buying his magic appearing tattoo story. “Man, whoever you got to do this really went all out.” She stepped forward and got a closer look at the detail in the art surrounding the butterfly she had put there. “It even looks like my work.” She smiled, admiring the fine work. “Who did this? One of the guys from Monster Ink?”
“No!” he cried, now getting frustrated. “I told you-”
“Yeah, I know,” Brooke interrupted. “The tattoo just appeared there all on its own.” She laughed. “I’m going to either make a billion off of my new magically appearing tattoos or I’ll be out of a job!”
Colin sulked. He figured it would be a hard sell but now his hope of getting any kind of answers from Brooke was quickly fading away.
“What a lovely scene!” teased Lexi, a wide grin plastered on her face. “I especially love the pretty flowers!” She giggled.
Erika just sat back and watched as Colin turned to her with pleading eyes. She just shrugged in response. She could tell that something was really wrong and Colin’s frantic manner was not being faked. But she also didn’t buy that his back tattoo was expanding on its own. She just awkwardly stood there and watched the scene playing out in front of her, not knowing what to say or do under the strange circumstances.
Seeing that he wasn’t getting anywhere, he pulled off his shirt. “And it did something else to me too!” Colin cried, now desperate to convince someone that something strange was really happening to him. As embarrassing as it was, he decided that he would have to show them what else was changing in order to convince them. He turned back around and heard all three of them gasp as they stared wide-eyed at his chest.
“What the hell?” cried Brooke, her hand covering her mouth. “This is a bit far to go for a joke, don’t you think?”
Erika just stood there speechless, covering her mouth as it hung wide open.
Colin stood there holding up his shirt, showing off his feminine looking large nipples, almost hairless chest, and puffy masses that were starting to look like…
Lexi scoffed. “Nice little tits Colin!” She started laughing hysterically. She was barely able to choke out between laughs, “Is there something you wanted to tell us? Are you taking estrogen or something?”
“No!” Colin yelled in reply, dropping his shirt. “It sounds crazy but I think the tattoo did it!”
That caused Lexi and Brooke to burst into laughter. Lexi added, “Well you did say that it would turn you into a basic bitch. That part is right at least.”
Erika just stared in confusion and shock for a few moments before finally speaking. “Okay, what’s the joke, Colin?”
“You don’t believe me? That’s not all! Look!” He yanked his trousers down, now completely willing to expose his embarrassing developments if it meant someone would actually believe him.
Brooke and Lexi continued to laugh at what they saw but Erika gasped in shock.
“I don’t know if I would have shown us that…” Lexi said between giggles. “Your chances with Brooke just went out the window!” She howled with laughter.
Brooke just grinned, shook her head. She tried to choke back her own laughter until Erika finally spoke up.
“Colin…” Erika said finally. She paused, choosing her words carefully. “You’ve never mentioned that you wanted to take estrogen or anything like that… if this is a joke then why would you go this far...”
“That’s because I didn’t!” Colin replied practically shouting. His desperation for anyone to believe him was reaching its peak. “I’m telling you all the truth! When have I ever talked about taking estrogen or anything like that? How could I start growing tits in just a couple days?! And the tattoo expanding on its own! When do you think I had the time to get that done? You know my work schedule, Erika!” He turned to her, his eyes pleading.
He became so overwhelmed by emotion, he started sobbing and sat down on the couch with his face in his hands. He hadn’t even pulled his pants back up. That killed the laughter. The girls stared at his changing body and they started to wonder if he was telling the truth.
Erika sat down next to him and rubbed his back. She began to believe that he was telling the truth. Or at the very least he believed what he was saying. She still couldn’t buy a magic feminizing tattoo, but she was beginning to believe in his sincerity.
She also could check the security system for when he was coming and going… just to be sure. She held her breath as she waited for the app to load. She gasped when she saw that there was nothing abnormal about his comings and goings that week.
“He uh-” She couldn’t believe she was saying this. “He’s telling the truth that he has come home every night at the same time he always does…”
“You’re not buying into this, are you Erika?” Lexi asked, still grinning and trying to act jovial. “You’re in on this too, I guess?”
“Lexi-” Erika began to say but Lexi pulled away and turned to Brooke.
“This is crazy, right Brooke?” She laughed.
Brooke didn’t answer and instead walked around the couch and lifted Colin’s shirt. She stared at the ink that stretched across his back. She scoffed and shook her head in disbelief. “The only part that even looks like it was done recently is the original butterfly.”
She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She again tried to rub at the new additions to his back and they did not come off. They appeared every bit as permanent as the tattoo that she had given him a few days ago.
“How did you do this?” Brooke asked, bewildered.
“I told you!” Colin whined. “The tattoo is growing or something.” He whimpered.
Erika turned to Brooke. “It’s real, isn’t it?”
Brooke just nodded without looking back.
“You too? You can’t be serious!” Lexi cried in disbelief. “You’re all in on this, aren’t you?” She looked at each of them for some sign that they were joking. “This is another one of your pranks, isn’t it Brooke?”
“Lexi, look at it. You’ve gotten a tattoo before.” Brooke pointed to his back. ”Does this look like he got it done this week?”
Lexi took a long look but turned around in a huff. “This is all too weird. I don’t know what to think.” She walked out, muttering to herself about how unbelievable the joke they were trying to pull was.
Brooke shook her head and both of the guests quickly showed themselves out. Erika was left to comfort Colin, who looked on the verge of tears.
“I have a doctor’s appointment coming up this week,” Colin practically whispered. “But I’m afraid it will be too late.” He whimpered. “That’s assuming that they can help me at all.”
The evenings planned activities of going out and having fun at the club had been derailed by Colin’s revelations. Erika stayed with him on the couch for a little while longer, trying to comfort him long after Lexi and Brooke had left.
“Whatever happens,” she rubbed his hand and smiled at him when he looked up for the first time since sitting down. “I’ll be here to help and support you.” She smiled warmly.
He just smiled back nervously and they hugged before she finally left him to go to bed. He followed soon after. He was utterly exhausted but had held off going to bed until then because of his fear of what changes he would find in the morning.
* * *
Erika awoke after hearing a cry from Colin’s bedroom. She rushed to the door but when she tried to open it she found it locked.
“Colin?” She knocked on the door. “ Colin, open up.”
“It’s getting faster!” She heard his desperate shout in reply.
She knocked on the door again. “Colin, let me see.”
She heard him approach the door and open it. She gasped when she saw him.
He was only wearing a pair of pajama pants so his chest was exposed, showing what had happened.
He had tits.
Before, they were just little nubs. This was it. The moment that he truly began to accept what was happening to him. He could have convinced himself that they were just from an allergy, or the slight bumps were a result of his having maybe gained some weight.  But not anymore. They were clearly little budding breasts growing on his chest. It only took a few days. This wasn’t caused by some hormonal issue, he was sure of it. He was turning into a woman.
He turned around and stared at his back in the mirror. The tattoo had spread to his shoulders now, where he had a very lifelike pair of wings tattooed on his back as if he was an angel. Every feather was exquisitely detailed. It would have taken many hours to complete a tattoo that lifelike, much less one that was big enough to stretch across his upper back and shoulders from one side to the other.
He looked at his chest again and saw the change to his figure. He could definitely notice a slight flare to his hips like he had just a little more fat on them than usual. He had a slightly feminine figure, there was no doubting it. He looked back over his shoulder and saw his rounder butt in the mirror.
“Colin, open up.” Erika urged again.
Colin, who had forgotten she was even there, finally looked away from his transfigured body and went to unlock the door.
“Now do you believe me?” He cried out, flinging the door open.
“Colin,” Erika said gently, entering his room. “I actually was the one who did believe you.” She turned the corner of his doorway and gasped when she saw him.
“Look at me…” He stared in the mirror and whimpered.
She approached slowly, stopping for a moment to admire the beautiful tattoo on his back. The flowers, birds, and now wings were all too well done she couldn’t deny it, despite how strange this all was.
He turned to her, the swollen little nubs on his hairless chest on full display. His pajama pants were low on his hips, showing how they had become just a little wider and more feminine.
“Colin…” she whispered, staring at his feminized body. He had lost most of his body hair, grown little tits, and tiny curves, even his face looked a little different but she couldn’t pin down exactly how. Maybe something about his jawline.
“You believe me, and Brooke seemed like she was just about there…” he turned back to the mirror. “I bet even Lexi will have to admit that I’m not playing some kind of prank.”
“Even if you were on some kind of hormone treatment, it could never be this fast…” she shook her head. “And those wings were not there yesterday.” She pointed at the new additions to his back tattoos. She reached out to rub on the ink, in one last attempt to have a reasonable explanation for what was happening. She wasn’t even surprised at this point when the ink proved to be as permanent as the rest of the tattoos on his back.
“I am so glad I don’t have to go into work on Monday…” Colin muttered sardonically.
“What? Why not?” Erika asked, confused and concerned.
“Well…” Colin paused, wishing he hadn’t brought it up. “I kinda… got fired.”
Erika gasped. “Colin! How did you-”
“Let’s just say the changes aren’t limited to the physical…” he shook his head and explained how he had gotten a complaint about sexual harassment when he was sort of caught checking a coworker out at the urinal. “But you can’t tell anyone. Especially not Lexi or Brooke. I don’t know what they would say.”
Erika was sworn to secrecy about his job but she did invite the girls over at his request. He wanted them to see what had happened to him overnight.
Lexi was the first one to get there and gasped when she saw his back. She still seemed unsure of how to react. She just awkwardly stood away and watched. She did momentarily move closer to take a close look at the tattoos and muttered about how pretty they were coming out but then walked away to lean against the wall.
Brooke got there later on and immediately saw the awkward energy in the room, with Lexi still standing off to the side and a shirtless Colin standing at the mirror and Erika right behind him. Everyone was staring at Colin’s reflection without saying a word.
“Wow…” Brooke said, staring in wonder at the addition of the angel wings to the art on his back. Her eyes wandered down to his now wider hips and rounder butt which made her gasp.
Colin turned around, showing his hairless chest and little budding breasts. His face was scrunched up like he was trying not to cry.
“Well, at least the tattoos are such good work…” Brooke said, trying to say something positive. “They all look beautiful, especially the new wings…”
“Yeah,” Colin replied sarcastically. “They’ll be appropriate there too since I’ll have a woman’s body to match the girly tattoos…” Colin was doing his best to make light of the strange situation but his wavering voice betrayed how scared he was. “I don’t know what I’m going to do…” He shook his head.
All doubt that had remained about Colin’s changing body or the magically expanding tattoo seemed to have been dispelled. No one even questioned it at this point.
“Can’t the doctor do something?” Brooke asked, hopeful.
“I can’t see the doctor until Wednesday,” Colin replied despondently.  “I’m afraid that will be too late!” He threw up his hands in frustration. “I don’t even know how to be a woman!”
“You’ll have us to help you,” Lexi spoke for the first time since Brooke entered the room. She smiled reassuringly. “This might not be all bad.” She almost sounded glad about what was happening to him.
“Yeah…” Erika joined in, smiling as well and trying not to stare at Colin’s chest. “You may actually enjoy being a woman,” she said gently.
“No!” He cried, rushing out of the room. “I’m a man!” he shouted down the hall and slammed the door.
They all three followed after him and crowded around his door.
“Colin, it was just an offer!” Erika yelled through the door.
Lexi couldn’t help but giggle, which caused Brooke to start laughing too, with Erika doing her best to not join in. Lexi caught her breath for a second and called through the door, “Honey, we’re here to help. You know you’re going to need it.” She couldn’t stifle her resulting giggles.
Brooke laughed along with her. “I have some clothes that may fit you now!”
Brooke grabbed the two of them and pulled them back a little. “Hey, let him be,” she scolded. “He’s going through a lot.”
They left him alone and went out like they planned while Colin stayed home and felt sorry for himself. Every so often he would go to the mirror and inspect his back for more tattoos or the rest of his body for other changes but it was like watching a pot of water boil: nothing seemed to be happening.
As he stared at himself in the mirror, he did have to admit that the changes to his face and body made him very androgynous and even on somewhat on the cute and feminine side. He found himself admiring his hairless, feminine body the more he stared at it. He thought maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to be a woman but then immediately he dismissed the idea. He was a man and the idea of being emasculated was humiliating.
* * *
The next day the first thing Colin did upon awakening was to jump out of bed and run to the mirror. The first thing he noticed, though, was how his body weight had seemingly shifted. He felt his growing breasts bounce with each step. It was subtle but his hyperawareness to changes in his body made it feel much more noticeable than it otherwise would have been.
He looked down to see that his pajama pants were stretched around his wider hips, but they bunched up at ankles. He immediately realized why: he had shrunk. He was at least a couple inches shorter than he normally was. Did that happen overnight or did he miss it and it had just become more noticeable? He wasn’t sure. He guessed he was about five foot eight at that point, still tall for a woman but shorter for a guy.
He made it to the mirror and saw his feminine face with high cheekbones and puffy lips. His hair was growing faster than usual, now coming halfway down to his shoulders when normally he kept it much shorter.
His breasts had indeed noticeably grown as well, to the point of what could be comfortably called A cup size. He gripped them in his hands and smiled in the mirror at himself. He was a cute girl, with tits, and he was starting to like it. He was even starting to like the tattoos. Now the ink had started to wrap over his shoulders and onto his chest. A spread of blue sky with tiny brass bells stretched from near the wings, over his shoulders to his front side near his collar bone, again with stunning detail, shading, and color. He shook his head, tried to ignore how much he was beginning to like his new appearance, and moved on to check the rest of his body.
With his pajama pants removed, he saw the worst of it. His legs were now only covered with sparse little hair and much more feminine shaped which now gave him a feminine aspect when he admired himself in the mirror.
The only thing that indicated otherwise was his still noticeable bulge in his boxer briefs. He deliberately checked that last because he was afraid of what he was going to find, but it was already apparent. He had shrunk there too.
He removed his underwear and saw the shrunken flaccid little penis he had left and just about cried. It looked like that of a prepubescent boy. Even with the sight of a cute girl in the mirror (albeit one with a little penis) it took a good bit of effort to get his dick hard. And with that, he confirmed just how much it had shrunk. It was now only about two inches when hard, if that.
That scared him even more and any time he tried to calm himself down the only comforting thought was that at least he was turning into a cute girl.
He crept into the hall and looked to see if Erika was home, but she evidently wasn’t because her car was gone. He figured she may have crashed at Brooke or Lexi’s place or maybe got up early and left on an errand or something. Either way, he took the opportunity to see if any of her clothes fit him better since their body shapes were closer now. He figured he would need to know what kind of clothes to get when his transformation completed, which didn’t seem too crazy, looking at the changes to his body so far.
He tried on a pair of her panties, and despite the garment obviously not being designed with male anatomy in mind, his bulge was now small enough to fit anyway. The important thing, though, is that it fit around his wider hips and rounder ass, at least better than his own underwear did. He tried on multiple pairs until he found the right one.
Once he had found a pair of panties that fit decently well, he picked through Erika’s closet until he found something that appealed to him. He knew the perfect thing when he saw it and a moment later slipped into one of Erika’s sundresses. He loved the feeling of the soft material against his now more sensitive skin. He looked up in the mirror and for a moment saw a cute, if skinny brunette in a yellow sundress smiling back at him in the mirror. He found that he was briefly capable of forgetting the horror of the situation and just appreciated his reflection for a moment. Without thinking, he snapped a picture of himself in the mirror and then stared at it for a moment while he thought about what a cute girl he had become. Then he was immediately ashamed of having that thought.
Having removed the feminine garments, he went back to his room and put his own clothes back on. They were ill-fitting at this point but it was comfortable for another reason.
He placed a red ball cap on his head and smiled. His jeans and black hoodie outfit definitely presented as male.
After spending some time looking for a new job online, he found himself bored and wandering over to the living room to turn on the TV. He sat and watched some inane reality show about women and cakes or something for fifteen minutes before he realized it and switched to a car show. He was relieved to find that the show still seemed to keep his attention, although he was not as into it. He spent most of the time on his phone setting up his new dating account.
He had continued to stare at that cute picture of himself in the dress while the car show played in the background. He had decided that he would test how many guys would actually think he was a girl. He told himself he was hoping for none, but he could feel a part of him was thrilled at the prospect of getting some validation and affirmation for his feminine cuteness.
When comparing his pic to the pics on other girl’s profiles he noticed immediately his hairstyle and lack of makeup. He was tempted for just a moment, but dismissed the thought. He finally pushed back against these feelings. He was a man, he wasn’t going to put on makeup. He also couldn't put on makeup if he wanted to. He didn’t know how.
He shut off his phone and threw it aside. This was stupid. Why would he even want some guy’s attention anyway?
Later that night, Erika and the girls came in at once, like they had been together, which made Colin suspicious.
“Colin!” Erika called up the stairs. “Colin we have a surprise for-” she turned the corner and found Colin there in the living room. “Oh! Good.” She smiled. “You’re down here. Look!” She beamed, handing him a shopping bag.
“Ooo!” he called out excitedly. Normally he didn’t really like surprises and this one was even kind of predictable, with the department store label on the bags. But he was totally distracted by the idea of getting such a present and forgot he was supposed to be denying their help. He eagerly reached inside and pulled out a little black dress. He looked up at her smiled before suddenly changing to a frown.
“Erika,” Colin grumbled. “I told you, I’m a-”
“We had to guess at your size, but we saved the receipts,” Lexi said, walking in behind Erika and handing him another shopping bag.
He wanted to give them back their supposed gifts. He wanted to yell in their faces about the fact that he was a man. But the surprise gifts were flattering and he had to at least look at them. He plopped the bags on the floor and began to rifle through them. He squealed with delight when he saw a couple of cute dresses and a makeup kit in the first bag.
The girls just smiled and watched on as he picked through the bags. At a certain point, he realized what was happening and he pushed the bags away.
“Sorry, uh ladies,” he stammered. “Thank you but I won’t be needing ladies things. Men don’t wear this stuff.”
“But women do.” Lexi laughed. “Honey, have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately?”
Brooke smiled and walked over to rub his arm and console him. She just wordlessly gave him a hug and stepped back, giving him a reassuring smile.
Normally, Brooke in her tight jeans and halter top giving him a hug- squeezing her nice pert boobs against his chest- he would immediately get horny.
But he didn’t this time.
And it wasn’t because of the change of equipment. He just wasn’t as excited by her as he once was. And that realization terrified him.
He turned to escape back to his room, but Erika stepped in the way.
“You can’t escape from it, Colin,” she said, sounding like she was trying to reassure him. “You’re already pretty much a woman.”
Lexi picked up on what Erika was doing and added excitedly, “Yeah, so you’re going to need to know how to put on makeup, how to shop for a bra size-”
“When they’re done growing,” Brooke interjected. She reached out for one of Colin’s little breasts with a stupid grin on her face but Colin slapped it away. He couldn’t help but giggle along with her.
“Yeah, whatever you need.” Erika smiled warmly. “We just want to help.”
Colin didn’t have it in him to throw their offers of help back in their faces. He felt their genuine desire to help him, even if he didn’t really want their help.
“I am hoping the doctor will be able to help me,” Colin replied, though he couldn’t make it sound like he even believed what he was saying. He was already so far along in his apparent transformation into a woman that he wasn’t sure it could be reversed at this point.
The girls shared a look with each other but said nothing.
“Well anyway,” Brooke tried to move on. “You are going to need this stuff sooner rather than later. How much longer do you think that you can really pass for a man?” Brooke teased. “I figured you would be more thankful for our help since you got that going on.”
“I could!” he turned and yelled back. “I mean, I do!” he corrected himself.
“Nah,” Brooke shook her head. “Your voice is even changing. There’s no way that-”
“Yes I fucking could!” he cut her off angrily. “I could go out right now and anyone could tell I’m a guy!” He wasn’t even sure he believed what he was saying but he couldn’t roll over so easily. He was a man, he reminded himself.
“Look, I don’t want to fight about it,” Brooke backed away, shaking her head with her palms up. “If you really wanted to, could bet you that anyone, especially a guy, would think that you were a cute girl.”
“They would,” agreed Lexi, nodding.
“I accept!” he shouted. “Where do you wanna do this?” Colin demanded, his hands on his hips, unknowingly emphasizing how wide they had become. When he realized it a moment later, he crossed his arms, but that only made his predicament even more obvious when his arms pressed into growing tits on his chest. He threw his arms to his side in a huff of frustration and then looked over to Brooke.
“Oh, this is going to be good…” she giggled, rubbing her hands together. “He’s going to have to learn it the hard way I guess, girls.”
“We could go to the club.” Lexi said, getting excited as well. “How about you dress in guy’s clothes and-”
“You mean my regular clothes!” Colin shouted, getting frustrated. “I’m a guy!”
“Right,” said Brooke, ignoring Colin’s proclamations. “You’ll go to the bar and we’ll get a neutral party to address you as either a man, you win and you lose if he addresses you as a woman.”
“You think picking out a drunk in a dark bar that thinks I am a woman is going to prove your point?” Colin barked, hands on his hips. He was doing his best to exude machismo and bravado, but was being far too forceful and overdoing it. Just the looks on the girl’s faces said that immediately.
“We’ll pick someone who isn’t so far gone.” Brooke insisted. “Besides, some guy trying to bang you would be a dead giveaway, don’t you think?”
“What if he is gay?” Colin shot back.
“Give us some credit, huh?” Brooke dismissed his protests. “It’ll be clear either way. You’ll see. Right girls?” She turned to the other two, who enthusiastically agreed.
Colin relented. “Fine.” He grumbled, which sounded amusing in his higher-pitched voice. “And If I lose, I’ll wear girls’ clothes the next time we go out!’ He blurted out before he had even thought about it.
“And what do you want if you win?” Erika wondered.
“Yeah,” Lexi giggled. “You sound like you are eager to lose…”
“No! I, uh…” Colin stammered, trying to think. It seemed they were right. He didn’t even know what to say. Then he smiled. He had an idea.
“How about you pay my rent for this month? The three of you?” he said, proud of his idea.
“Why would you need us to pay for your rent?” Brooke asked, confused. “You make more money than any of us with your cushy engineering job.”
“I uh…” Colin stammered again. He didn’t want to talk about why he had been fired, especially now, with the three girls intent on pointing out any reason why he was irrevocably changing into a woman.
“He was laid off!” Erika blurted out. He looked over at her with a questioning look and she simply shrugged.
Brooke looked back to him and raised an eyebrow as if to ask, ‘Is that true?’
“I didn’t want to say it,” he looked to Erika and smiled, acknowledging her discretion. “But yeah, I’m looking for a job, I’m afraid. And it’s going to be tough while I’m… transforming.”
“I thought you could pass for a guy, no problem?” Lexi jabbed, grinning. She flipped her long blonde hair over her shoulder. “What’s the matter, sister?”
He glared at her for a moment before Erika told her, “Shut up, Lexi. You’re not helping.”
She continued to giggle and walked over to sit down on the couch.
“Deal.” Brooke approached Colin and stuck out her hand. “I’ll take that bet.”
As he shook her hand, Colin wondered if he had bitten off more than he could chew and seemingly done so on purpose.
* * *
They walked into the club, the girls first and Colin trailing behind as usual. He was never really comfortable in these types of places anyway, but he felt especially self-conscious under the circumstances.
The club as filled with young people dancing and grinding on each other to the heavy bass and rapid melodies of the club music. The lighting was dark and filled with strobes, and the drinks were flowing freely dulling the senses of the denizens of the club even more.
He had chosen some baggy jeans to hide his shapely butt and hips, and a loose polo shirt that hid his little tits pretty well. He had first tried on a pair of his own shoes but found that his feet and had shrunk and they no longer fit. He borrowed a pair of Erika’s shoes that fit well enough and were dark-colored and easily mistaken for men’s shoes. He completed the ensemble with a dark blue ball cap on his head, hiding his longer hair. He hoped that the girls would be plenty distracting- Erika in her typical tight red skirt, Lexi in her long dark dress with a slit up the side, and Brooke in her tight leggings and blouse- because he would need all the help he could get.
He felt like he had prepared as well as he could to give himself a shot at this. There was a feeling that this was his last chance to try and be a man. He didn’t know how much longer his body could even be described as male but he didn’t think that there wasn’t much time left.
His friends had quickly made their way to the bar and ordered some drinks. They were looking back at him, watching him approach the bar with smiles on their faces. He shook his head, hoping to wipe the smiles off of their faces.
He was glad that he was wearing an undershirt because even the soft cotton material was stimulating his nipples more than he would have liked. He could only imagine how bad the scratchy polo shirt would irritate them. He also was pained to note that he had felt his chest jiggle as he came down the entrance stairs.
In addition to his legs being noticeably shorter, reducing the length of his steps, he found that he had to deliberately spread his legs apart as he walked in order to simulate a package between his legs that he may have previously possessed but did not currently. He was so overdoing it that he had developed a ridiculously exaggerated swagger that he just notices and toned down when he was only a few steps away from the bar. His overacting had been pointless anyway because the bartender hadn’t even been looking.
That night, one of the regular bartenders named Earnie, a tall and skinny college student, was working the bar. He was one of their favorites because he poured heavy drinks, especially for cute girls like Erika, Lexi, and Brooke. For that reason, he usually let one of them order the drinks when he did actually tag along when they went out clubbing. That meant thankfully Earnie would be unlikely to recognize him and ask what had happened but it also meant he wouldn’t know who he was and that he was indeed a man.
He climbed up on the stool, briefly taking note of how much higher the seat seemed to be. “Hey, I’ll have whatever pale ale you got on.” He tried to say in a low voice as possible, but it didn’t come off. His voice cracked and kind of squeaked. He was amazed at how high pitched and feminine that it had become and wondered if it had just happened or he simply hadn’t (or hadn’t wanted to) notice.
Earnie looked up and gave a polite smile. “You got it.” In a blur of motion, Earnie the skilled bartender had a full beer with no head in a glass in front of Colin.
Colin was frustrated, however, since Earnie hadn’t said or done anything to give away what gender he thought Colin was. He looked over to the girls and threw up his hands, communicating his lack of an idea of how to proceed.
Lexi and Erika just shrugged back at him but Brooke looked like she was deep in thought. She smiled like she had an idea and called Earnie over.
Colin watched and wondered what they were talking about. His curiosity was especially piqued when Earnie glanced right at him before turning back to talk to Brooke some more. After some more discussion, he nodded once more and then came back to Colin.
He stopped and looked at Colin up and down for a moment, clearly checking him out. He didn’t seem impressed until he got to Colin’s face, which made him smile. He paused for another moment, then finally said suavely. “I’m Earnie. Your girlfriends said you’re Natalie, right?”
“What?” He scowled at Brooke. “No, I’m Colin,” he shouted over the loud club music.
“Sorry, Colleen!” he corrected himself. “So your girlfriends said you wanted to maybe get a drink after work?” He flashed a confident smile at Colin.
Colin was momentarily horrified but then flattered that Earnie would ask him. He knew Earnie was a decent looking guy but he had not noticed before just how alluring he was. He had a confidence and a swagger that was definitely intriguing to Colin, even if he couldn’t explain why.
They stared at each other for a moment longer before Colin realized he was supposed to respond. He glanced over at Brooke and scowled at her before turning back to Earnie. “No, thank you. I said, ‘I’m COLIN!’” he shouted again and paid for his drink. “I’m a GUY!”
Earnie backed away, holding up his hands. “Sorry, my mistake.” He glared at the girls alongside Colin for a moment before shaking his head and muttering while making rushing over to serve someone else.
“What the hell was that, Brooke?” he demanded when he got back to them.
She just laughed. “You’re just mad that you lost the bet!”
“Because Earnie was hitting on me? You told him I was a girl, didn’t you!” He yelled over the music. His voice was getting shrill as he became more upset.
“No,” Erika shook her head. “I thought I just heard Brooke say that you were interested in Earnie.”
“He called me Natalie!” Colin practically shrieked.
“Okay, fine,” Brooke admitted, an evil grin on her face. “But he bought it, right? Even with the guy clothes and the ballcap?”
He glared back at her, unable to come up with any retort.
The rest of the night elapsed without much incident. He supposed that he could have challenged the conclusion of the bet and pointed out that they had poisoned the well by giving him a girl’s name… but he couldn’t bring himself to do it. The fact that Earnie had hit on him was like a nail in the coffin. He sat impotently and waited for the girls to get tired of flirting and dancing so they could leave.
* * *
Lexi, Brooke, and Erika walked into the club. They each were intermittently glancing behind them, anticipating Colin’s entrance. Lexi was giggling with excitement. Brooke and Erika were slightly more reserved and merely grinned while waiting.
The doors opened and in walked a skinny, short-haired brunette in a tight black dress that showed lots of skin and displayed her tattoos. In addition to the bells on her upper chest and shoulders, between her small breasts a large sunflower was expertly depicted in white ink for the petals and dark ink for the stalk and leaves.
“Looking good…” Lexi hooted, giggling. “Brooke did a good job on your makeup,” she added as the girl walked by. “I hope you were paying attention.”
The cute girl sauntered up to the bar next to Erika and muttered, “I can’t believe I am doing this.”
“Nonsense, Natalie.” She smirked. “You look great. Nice legs.”
Colin pulled the hem of the dress down. “Good thing I shaved them because they are on complete display. I didn’t realize how short this thing is.”
“When did you start doing that?” Lexi asked, smirking alongside Erika.
He blushed. “This morning. There wasn’t much hair left anyway.”
“Feels amazing, doesn’t it?” asked Brooke. She reached out and ran her hand down his thigh.
Colin’s heart fluttered for a moment. The hot young woman he had been trying to court for some time touched him in such an intimate way. But he realized a moment later that it hadn’t really excited him the way he had anticipated that it would. He had been so excited to see something like that finally happen but since it actually had he had to wonder what he had been getting so worked up about. It was just his friend Brooke.
And then he realized what had happened. He looked around, at the crowd. His eyes instinctively wandered to the bodies and outfits of the females that were grinding away on the dance floor or grabbing drinks at the bar. He wasn’t checking them out as a matter of sexual attraction or evaluation as a potential mate. Instead he was comparing them to the girl he remembered in the mirror. He took note of the girls whose combination of looks and outfit may outshine his own newly achieved cuteness.
There was a sense of dread that washed over him when he contemplated these new developments. He didn’t find women alluring anymore. When had that happened, he wondered? His thoughts turned momentarily to how his opinions on men might have changed and that was a disturbing line of thought to go down.
As his eyes wandered over the crowd, they were increasingly drawn to the male bodies as well. Especially men who were tall and muscled.
“Natalie!” Brooke shouted over the pulsing dance music, regaining his attention. “I asked how it… nevermind.” She smiled, seeing what Colin was looking at.
“So what now?” Colin asked. Despite how exciting it secretly was to be dressed up like a girl and going out to a dance club, his natural shyness and awkwardness began to creep back in. He was unsure how to proceed.
“Come on,” Lexi said grabbing Colin’s hand and pulling him off of his stool. “I’ll show you how to get their attention.”
“I don’t want their atten-” Colin argued before Lexi cut him off.
“Of course you do,” she said matter of factly. Once they made it to the floor she began dancing with him, standing close enough for him to smell her shampoo. “Just remember what we said before.”
Colin nodded. “No alcohol. At least until I am used to my new body.”
“Good,” Erika added solemnly. “You have to be more careful as a woman. We wouldn’t want anything to happen to you.”
“Don’t worry about me. I can take care of myself.” Colin tried to sound gruff but it came off very hollow.
Brooke scoffed. “You aren’t as big as you used to be. I bet I could even take you now.” She giggled and reached for him but he darted away. He couldn’t help but laugh too but he knew they were serious about protecting himself.
His male bravado prevented him from admitting to them but he knew it. He was a lot smaller than he had been. He was not only a few inches shorter but he was carrying a lot less weight as well.
The fear of the men around him didn’t linger long. Once he got out on the dance floor, he forgot about all of that. All of the fear about what was going to happen to him drained out of him as he let the music overtake him.
As he spun and turned and ground his body into Lexi, he lost himself in the moment with the music. He didn’t immediately notice when Lexi let one of the guys cut in.
At first, he enjoyed the way it felt when the guy ground his body into Colin’s, grabbing him firmly around his now slender waist and pulling him close.
“I’m Blake.” The guy whispered, beginning to grind on Colin.
“N-Natalie,” he replied, his high pitched feminine voice still sounding strange. What made it worse,  he had to yell over the crowd and his voice was particularly shrill.
It didn’t take long before the excitement passed and instead he started to find it weird and embarrassing.
“I’m sorry.” He shook his head and turned away. “I can’t do this.”
“Where are you going?” the clueless guy asked.
“Yeah, where are you going?” Lexi demanded.
He didn’t respond and simply kept walking. He heard Erika and Brooke’s voices calling out for him as the door slammed shut behind him.
* * *
“Natalie, open up,” Erika said gently through the door. She knocked a few more times before she started to get frustrated.
He deliberately avoided seeing the girls for the next few days so they didn’t really get to see him or monitor his transformation. Even Erika didn’t get to see him at all. When she wasn’t working, she would get home and see the light on in his room but the door was locked and he had refused to come out.
The door flew open and a truly stunning sight appeared before her. A beautiful young woman with shoulder-length dark hair scowled at her from the doorway. Her hands were on her wide feminine hips in a display of irritation. She wore only a white t-shirt stretched across her  breasts- which had to be about a B cup at that point- and cutoff jean shorts. Erika briefly wondered when Colin had gotten those clothes but then realized that they were among the items the girls had brought him. He had just filled out so much in the last few days, his curvier body now looked smaller, especially around the hips and legs which now had an unmistakable feminine shape.
The tattoos were the most striking. What looked like ivy vines were tattooed down her arms in dark ink, complete with shading and shadows, depicted with such detail they almost looked like real vines wrapped around her arms.
“It’s Colin!” the girl that was her guy friend a few days before said with a stamp of her foot. “I’m still a man, dammit!”
“Honey,” Erika shook her head and tried not to giggle at the feminine-looking person in short shorts claiming to be a man with that high pitched feminine sounding voice. “You can ask for help if you’re having trouble with the makeup.”
“What’s wrong with it?” the tattooed girl in the doorway turned and looked over her shoulder at the mirror above the dresser.
“It’s way too much.” She shook her head in disapproval. “A little goes a long way, you know. You look like a clown,” she added with a giggle.
“I didn’t want you or especially Brooke to see me…” Colin began walking back into his bedroom, but left his door open. She took the apparent invitation and followed him in.
“But you are still a man I guess?” Erika asked innocently.
“Technically, I guess,” he grumbled then looked down at his crotch. “It’s still there. For now.”
She nodded, looking closely at those shorts didn’t reveal a male bulge of any kind. She noticed behind Colin that his laptop was on a dating app with a profile made for his female persona. She couldn’t help herself and walked past Colin to check it out.
“Hey! That’s private…” Colin turned to close the laptop but she snatched it away.
“So who’s “Jake Mcthick”?” she giggled, looking through his messages.
“No one!” He managed to get the laptop away from her and closed it before tossing it on the bed. “I’m a lesbian. I said as much. That’s just some douche,” he added quickly.
“I’m just trying to help.” She shook her head and laughed. “I’ll show you how to take a good picture with the right filters. We need to get some more variety in your outfits too,” she added, starting to get excited. “You only had what looked like one photo set.”
“These are the only ones that still fit…” he said softly, looking down at his curvy body.
“We will just have to go shopping then.” She grabbed Colin’s hand and pulled him to his feet. “C’mon.”
They spent the rest of the day having girl time. They met up with Lexi and went clothes shopping first. They picked out some more outfits, making sure he tried them on in multiple color combinations to get just the right match. He had resisted at first the idea of getting his hair or nails done but after some berating he gave in. When they got home, they spent the rest of the evening taking pictures and working on his profile. Neither girl asked him any more questions about if he was into guys now or anything like that. They were just seemingly happy to help.
After they finally left was when he started to feel ashamed at what he had allowed to happen. He turned and looked at the mirror, seeing a beautiful young brunette all dolled up in tight new form-fitting clothes, manicured hands, with modest and less noticeable makeup, he had to rub the small lump in his crotch to remind himself that he was still a man… for the time being.
Because the next day he woke up and it had finally happened.
* * *
Colin’s physical changes had progressed to the point where he couldn’t really ignore them anymore, or be in denial about what was happening to him.
His chest jiggled, he was shorter and thinner with less mass and less strength than before. His face was softer, more feminine. His voice had changed, growing higher in timbre and sounding definitively feminine. He had lost body hair, as well as the hair on his head seemingly growing faster. Even scarier, his mind had seemingly changed too, but that was at least easier to compartmentalize and ignore.
What he definitely couldn’t ignore was the fact that his penis was gone. He had gone to sleep with a shriveled little nub of a package and he awoke to find nothing there. Well, not nothing.
Below the empty space where his dick should have been, he found something else. Something familiar. His hand probed the sensitive folds of skin that he couldn’t believe was a part of him. He ripped off his pajama pants and panties, throwing them across the room before his hand returned to investigate the unbelievable but undeniable situation going on between his legs.
Colin looked up into the mirror on the dresser, noting how hot a sight it was to behold. A cute little brunette with her hand in her snatch. He grinned to himself as he took the opportunity to slide down the bed closer to the mirror. He spread his legs wide and inspected his new anatomy. It was hairy enough to convince him that he definitely needed a trim- he would get to that later- but the hair was more sparse and finer than he was used to, though it was the same color as before, thankfully.
His clinical inspection of his new anatomy turned into a more sexy affair pretty quickly as soon as he discovered his clitoris. The first thing that he discovered by how rough he had always been with the vaginas he had touched in the past.
He probed his entrances some more, far from finished. It was beginning to get really wet at this point. He heard squelching sounds as he pressed her digits into the moist flesh. The feeling of the pressure on his tender moist flesh was both exquisite and unbearable at the same time. His new parts were far more sensitive than he ever could have imagined. After some more experimentation and practice, he eventually found out just the right level of pressure and speed to stimulate his clitoris.
It felt so incredible, he felt a moan of pleasure force its way out of him almost involuntarily. His toes curled and his eyes rolled back in his head as his fingers found just the perfect spot to rub. He began moaning like a pornstar, despite his best efforts to control it. Eventually, he gave up and concentrated on the business at hand, so to speak.
He was just starting to get a real good technique and rhythm going when he heard a pounding at the door. He tried to ignore it and keep rubbing his clit and lips with both hands but the pounding continued until he gave up and hopped out of bed without bothering to get dressed..
He smiled at the novel sensation of his wet lips and thighs sliding together as he walked over to unlock the door.
“What?!” he shouted, tearing the door open. It slipped out of his grasp due to his wet fingers and flew all the open to hit the wall with a resounding slam.
Erika stood in the doorway with a bemused expression. “Your part of the rent is due, that’s what.” She didn’t look happy and he could understand why. She was even scarier because he had shrunk to the point that she was actually taller than him.
Colin stared for a moment, not sure what to say.
“What?” she demanded. “You thought I would forget? Or because you are turning into a girl that you don’t have to pay?” Her expression softened when he looked at Colin’s naked body. “Congrats, by the way.” She smiled.
“For what?” Colin asked, confused.
She grinned and gestured to his crotch. “You know. On being a woman.”
It hit him. He really had transformed from a man completely into a woman and there wasn’t anything that could be done about it.
“Let me see.” Erika pointed to his hands. At the end of the vines that grew down his arms, her hands had flowers covering the back. There was a rose covering the back of his left hand and what looked like a lily on the back of the other. She looked closely at the new additions to his tattoos with a smile. “Beautiful.”
Colin sat there for a moment, unsure what to say. “I… I don’t have a job.” He looked at the floor. “I don’t know what I am going to do!” He threw himself on the bed and wailed. “I don’t even look like myself anymore… how will I get a job?”
At first Erika wasn’t sure what to tell him but then she smiled. “I know how you can get some money.”
* * *
Colin looked in the mirror. “Wow,” he said dreamily. His hair was teased into almost a pixie cut. His makeup was subtle and on point, thanks to Erika. He was wearing a tight red dress that showed off his larger hips and breasts. He also had red flat shoes to match the dress and complete the ensemble.
“You look amazing,” Erika added. “Smile.”
He looked over and smiled so she could take his picture. Within a few minutes, he had created a cam model profile on a prominent porn site. It felt strange, almost dirty but that was actually part of what made it exciting as well. And the anonymity of being able to create a story for this new girl he had become was equally exciting. He decided she was a party girl and bartender.
Erika talked him through it, having done a little cam model business herself she admitted for the first time. She helped him set up the payments, the profile, and the show schedule. He said he would only do it once, but when she pointed out that he had no other prospects for income, he relented to scheduling more shows. Many more shows.
He wrote a little backstory about growing up in some little town and wanting to hit it big. The more cliche, the better, he thought. He made some doe eyes in the mirror, playing up the innocent act.
“Oh yeah…” Natalie whispered in her feminine voice before changing her expression from innocent to a look that was more like ‘come over here and fuck me’. She got in various other poses both sexy and lewd and let Erika photograph it for the web page.
“That’s perfect. Do that look.” Erika said, giggling as she took photos. The little camera shutter noise sounded over and over as she rapidly hit the button. Once they had finished their little pg-13 photoshoot in the tight dress they posted it on the site and waited for guys to sign up for the upcoming show at the end of the day.
Following Erika’s advice for how to extract maximum tips, Natalie was able to only show her pussy a few times and fuck herself with a hairbrush once. But the tips were still good enough to pay a significant portion of rent. It definitely helped that Natalie was a skinny little nubile looking brunette. She would just have to keep doing shows.
It wasn’t until the next morning that Colin woke up and realized that he had lost himself during the show. It was scary to realize that he had really been a female in body and mind but he tried to reclaim his male identity by putting his ill-fitting male clothes on but it didn’t work.
It didn’t help that he knew he would have to keep doing shows to support himself. Besides, he looked and felt like a woman now. He may really be a man inside but to everyone else who looked at him, he was a woman. And it didn’t help that his sexuality had changed but he tried not to think about that.
* * *
As time passed for the next week, he did cam shows and got enough money to pay rent a few times over. He canceled his doctor’s appointment, not seeing a point to it since he had already been totally transformed. The tattoos continued to spread with flowers and vines beginning to grow down his legs as well as his arms.
His boobs continued to grow, with him currently sporting nice B-cups that giggled as he walked. He refused to wear a bra because he loved that feeling too much. The sensation of the cloth against his nipples was almost stimulating and made them hard. He was constantly horny because of it. Or maybe he just needed to get fucked.
And on the subject of walking, the giggling boobs were not the only major difference. His legs sliding together most of the time smearing his cum leaking from his horny pussy was also a novel sensation. He would look down and stare at his flat crotch, or pull his skirt up to look at his panties. It was all still so strange to him but he was getting used to it fast.
The weekend came and got all dolled up again and went out with the girls. Brooke would do his makeup and Lexi his clothes and hair. Erika was his main backup at the club, a buddy to keep an eye on him. Erika and Brooke were mostly encouraging but Lexi usually had to add some sarcastic quip about how he would have to work hard to pass as a woman, and that a man would have a hard time pulling it off.
He started out dancing with his friends but would always end up dancing with men and not even caring. He was normally a shy wallflower at the clubs but now it was all different. He was confident. He knew what he was doing to everyone around. The men wanted him and the women were jealous of his skinny body with nice curves and round little titties.
He started going every night, which the girls signed on to at first but even Lexi tapped out after the sixth or seventh night in a row going out. It became a one-woman show. Colin, shedding his identity as Colin which only his few friends and family would even remember and he was going out to express his feminine side as Natalie. And she was having the time of her life. When he was out there, Colin almost ceased to exist and Natalie would emerge. First, he would dance with (at first) either Lexi, Brooke, or Erika, and with their encouragement, then let a man dance with him.
It wasn’t long before he was ignoring the advice of his friends and having a long island ice tea or two to start the evenings. Then Natalie would truly emerge, free of his inhibitions. She would have him making out with guys and even bringing them home on a few occasions. He would sit on the couch, making out, getting the guy hot and horny only to make an excuse to turn them away. He loved the power that he felt over the men but there was also a part of him that kept stopping short of letting them fuck him because he thought it was a step too far. He was a man inside, after all. That is what he would keep telling himself anyway.
The first few days into the week, he didn’t go anywhere during the day. He just stayed home, shopped on amazon, watched TV, and diddled himself on live stream for money. When he did eventually decide to go out, he had a moment of conflict where he wanted to wear his old male clothes when he went out, despite how ill-fitting they were at this point. He refused to give up the last bit of his male identity (still thinking of himself as male no matter what had happened to his body or what he got up to at night to blow off some steam). At the store or whatever other errands he had to eventually run, he was still consistently called “miss” and “ma’am”, which hurt but he couldn’t exactly blame them. They weren’t even really mistaken. He did look like a woman. He felt his thighs sliding together reminded him that he was a woman.
And that was a whole other challenge. Since his penis had gone, he had to get used to sitting to pee. As a man who had gotten to stand his whole life and do his business anywhere, it was almost offensive to him that he was now saddled with the necessity to squat or sit in order to properly do his business now. That was definitely going to take some getting used to. The girls had grins on their faces when they cornered him and explained the ins and outs of panty liners, pads, tampons, and all of that fun stuff. There was no telling when he would have his first period, but they all expected it. They also insisted that he would be thankful for panty liners if he got horny out in public, which incidentally did happen to him all of the time.
The tattoos continued to spread with no sign of stopping. His legs were covered with vines and wildflowers. His ass had hearts all over it. His neck had thorned vines wrapped around it. But he found that it wasn’t enough. The tattoos and the body changes alone were not enough. He was now truly addicted to making himself more and more feminine and beautiful. He would indulge in putting on makeup or frilly clothes and then immediately feel ashamed. He felt like he was losing himself. But he couldn’t deny how good it felt to let the girls doll him up before they went out.
He even decided to let Brooke give him a Brazilian wax which would help his live cam business and have the added effect of making the prospect of sex even more titillating. His smooth legs now had a smooth snatch to match, he noted with satisfaction. He loved how the all felt sliding together. That was another pleasant change, his skin was so much softer now.
Colin even decided to let Brooke pierce his nipples. It turned out to be surprisingly erotic and not as painful as he had imagined that it would be. After it was all said and done, he stood in front of the mirror and admired his naked chest. His little breasts were not so little anymore at nice round B-cups that looked big on his newly narrow little feminine frame. The sunflower on his chest above his boobs really drew attention to his now ample cleavage as well. The rings through each nipple glinted in the light, drawing even more attention to his chest- which was already eye-catching as it was.
* * *
Natalie danced to the electronic music and thumping beat that pounded through the dark lit club. She grinded, thrusted, and pretty much rode a couple of cute guys and was able to get a few kamikazes out of them before the two guys discovered each other on their way to bring her another fruity girl drink. They shouted and left angrily but she didn’t pay much attention.
When Colin had decided to imbibe alcohol, his inhibitions had quickly left him and soon he was grinding away on the dance floor. Colin was quickly replaced by Natalie, who loved being a woman and flirting and dancing and being a cute feminine girl and didn’t resist it, even when compared to the small amount that Colin still could resist. Natalie didn’t resist becoming a woman. Natalie was a woman. She looked in the mirror and her heeled shoes, tight black dress, and smokin’ hot makeup just screamed sex.
She loved how she felt while out there on the floor. The guys leering over her curvy body, round ass, and nice little tits under her very tight, revealing little black dress. She liked it even better when her pussy got wet from grinding on some cute guy.
What she wasn’t ready for was how quickly and easily she had gotten drunk. Being smaller and less massive, the alcohol affected her a lot more than it did Colin.
She was so messed up that the really cute guy that she was grinding on at that moment also just so happened to be Lexi’s date.
Lexi had brought a new guy named Sheldon along with her and she had been swooning over him all night and not paying the rest of them much mind to the point that the others wondered why she had even met them there.
Natalie, drunk and oblivious to Lexi’s death stare, ground her ass into his crotch in a simulation of sex so blatant that he stopped dancing to grab her hips and started thrusting his clothed erection against her.
“What are you doing?” Erika yelled into Natalie’s ear, still barely intelligible over the music. When Natalie didn’t respond, she pried her off of Sheldon and dragged her to the bathroom, leaving him with a bemused expression.
“What’s the deal?” Natalie slurred, grinning with her eyes half-open.
“That’s Sheldon,” Erika replied with her hands on her hips, clearly annoyed. “You don’t remember Lexi talking about him?”
Natalie giggled. “Yeah, he’s as cute as Lexi said. What do you think?”
“Why would you go after him of all people?” she asked, confused. “Lexi has only been helping you during… this.”
“I don’t know. He’s cute,” Natalie said in a sing-song voice. She twirled her hair and then turned back to Erika. “Ask Lexi what she thinks about a guy stealing her man,” she added, continuing to giggle like a schoolgirl.
“Ask her yourself.” She gestured to Lexi who had just entered the bathroom looking furious.
They locked eyes for just a moment but then Lexi’s hostile expression softened into a smile and then her lips curled into a wry sneer. “Of course a man would act like a total slut given the first chance,” she said sarcastically. “You can go ahead and have him. You got him by acting like a ho.” She grinned wider, emphasizing the word. “I don’t need a guy only interested in booty anyway.” She turned and left without waiting for a response.
Erika sidled up to Natalie and said softly in her ear, “She’ll get over it.” She pointed to Lexi as she walked out. “I’ll explain you don’t know how it works. But now you know that you definitely don’t start dry humping on a guy your girlfriend wants to get with.”
Natalie sobered up for the first time and realized she had made a serious error. “I… I’ll have to apologize,” she stammered.
“Like I said,” Erika reassured her. “She’ll be fine. I’ll explain. You have fun. Just be careful.” She slapped Natalie on the ass before leaving the bathroom.
And Natalie did have fun, from what Colin could remember later on. She found Sheldon again and they danced some more. She could definitely understand why Lexi wanted this guy. He was tall, blonde, with broad shoulders and a square jaw. He was clean-shaven with short buzzed hair and wore a simple white t-shirt and jeans.
Their faces were so close she could feel his breath on her neck. She gripped his hands and forced them onto her ass, which he happily gripped hard through the thin material of her dress. They moved as one to the music, every so often locking eyes, regarding each other with expressions of pure lust illuminated by the strobing multicolored lights of the dance floor.
Their bodies communicated in a way that their words couldn’t. They had barely tried to talk and yet they were in perfect sync. They twisted and grinded in a more and more sexually explicit way until Natalie was so wet she was afraid it would show through her skirt. Her panties were soaked.
After dancing for a while, they went to the bar for drinks and to chat.
“So what do you do?” she asked him, making the typical small talk while they sipped on their drinks, his jack and coke and her gin and juice.
“I’m an electrical engineer,” said the cute blonde hunk she had successfully stolen from Lexi.
Natalie kept the conversation all about Sheldon, since Natalie hadn’t expanded on the story yet beyond a party girl bartender and Natalie was too tipsy to try. She just said that she was between jobs. Natalie learned that they had a lot in common, or at least they did while Natalie was still Colin. They both liked cars and computers. They liked going camping and hiking outdoors. They had similar political and philosophical leanings, thought the same way about a number of subjects (At least that is what Colin would vaguely remember later when sober and himself again).
He also made a point of checking out all of her different tattoos and remarking about how real each one looked. He remarked how he didn’t have any tattoos but if he got one, he would want it done by her tattoo artist.
They were both seemingly enjoying themselves and Natalie spontaneously decided to lean in and kiss him, but it was then that all of the drinks caught up with her. Before Sheldon had even seen what Natalie was about to do, she was already turning to run to the bathroom. She ran to a stall and seemingly emptied her guts out in the toilet.
She had to get his number and take an uber home. A part of her, the part that was still Colin, was thankful something had happened to prevent Natalie from taking things any farther with a man.
* * *
“So how are you doing, Natalie?” asked Erika when her groggy roommate entered the room the next morning. “You look like you have the hangover from hell.”
“I definitely had too much to drink. And it’s Colin.” He sighed and climbed on the stool at the breakfast bar counter, noting the extra effort it took to climb up when he was smaller and weaker than he was as a male.
“Sorry. Colin.” Erika chuckled. “So when are you going to see him again??”
“I-” He was about to say that he was going to call Sheldon later that night but then realized how far he had let Natalie push things. “I don’t know. I am not sure that I should.”
“Really? Why not?” Erika asked, confused. “The two of you seemed to hit it off.”
“That’s what I am afraid of…” Colin shook his head. “I’m afraid of what I may do. I already want to do it.”
“That’s silly. What are you afraid of?” She laughed and shook her head. “You’re not a man anymore. Just face it. And even if you were, there’s nothing wrong with-”
“I feel like it would be giving up, you know?” He turned to her, hoping someone could understand what he was going through. “Like, I would be Natalie for good. And Colin would be gone forever.”
Erika stood there, unsure of what to say. After an uncomfortable moment, she finally spoke. “I think Colin will always be in you. But maybe you are Natalie now.” She shrugged.
Colin didn’t know how to respond. Erika flashed an uncomfortable smile and left the room.
Colin sat and stared at his phone for a good long while. He really wanted to text Sheldon and see about setting up a date but he kept stopping himself. He would type out the message and then delete it over and over again. Eventually, he slowly typed a message where he said that he couldn’t see each other again for flimsy reasons.
When he set his phone down, he felt devastated. But he refused to give up being a man. He wasn’t going to go on a date with another guy, he just couldn’t. He spent the rest of the night sulking and alone. He got texts from Sheldon asking for another chance and from the girls as well who were wondering if he was okay. He didn’t respond and ignored subsequent texts entirely.
* * *
The next morning he was doing his customary body and tattoo check- discovering peacock feathers on his sides and ribbons on his calves. The physical changes seemed limited to his breasts that were seemingly slightly bigger- when he heard a knock at his door.
“Colin?” Erika asked through the door. “Can we come in?”
He sighed. “Yes,” he said while climbing up and sitting on the bed.
Erika walked in followed behind by Brooke. They stood awkwardly for a moment before he got annoyed.
“What do you want?” he demanded. He sat there, unconsciously rubbing his thighs together and enjoying his balls not being in the way at all.
“I talked to Lexi like I said I would,” Erika explained. “She was going to tell Sheldon that you were really a man and all of that.”
“I was drunk, okay?” he snapped, exasperated. “I wasn’t even really myself. Natalie was in full control.”
“She was going to tell him,” Erika snapped right back. “I did explain that you were drunk. And obviously horny and you need to get some D. She should understand that.” Erika grinned.
“Erika,” Colin said slowly and a little tensely, trying not to get upset at the accusations. “I wasn’t trying to get-”
“It doesn’t matter anyway,” Brooke added. “What proof would there be? You’re all girl now, right?” she asked bluntly.
“Y-yeah.” Colin stopped rubbing his thighs together, suddenly hyper-aware that he was actually a man trapped in a woman’s body.  
Then Lexi suddenly walked in the open door. “So we decided to set you up on a date,” she said, grinning and looking pleased with herself.
“Guys-” Colin began but was cut off.
“Ladies. Or people,” Lexi corrected.
Colin ignored her and went on, “I don’t want to go on a date with him. I’m a guy. I like women.”
“Oh really?” Brooke challenged. She leaned in and laid a smooch right on Colin’s lips.
He didn’t respond right away and though he went to kiss back, it felt weird.
She pulled back. “That’s what I thought,” Brooke said in a smug tone.
He couldn’t say anything, she was right.
“So you need to get ready for your date,” Lexi insisted. “He said he had a surprise for you.”
“I can’t believe you set this up.” He laughed, shaking his head. He was already giving in. “Another one of your pranks, eh?” He looked over at Brooke.
“Don’t look at me.” She laughed along with him. “This was all Lexi.”
Lexi gave a genuinely warm smile. “Actually, it was Sheldon. He said he had a surprise for you but he wouldn't tell me what it was.”
Colin shook his head. “I don’t-”
He was interrupted by a knock at the front door. He opened the door and what he saw melted his heart. There was a delivery driver holding a huge bouquet of flowers who handed them over and promptly departed.
 They were sunflowers and the other types of flowers that matched his tattoos. Natalie blushed when she read the card that invited him to court a fine young man at the cafe later that day.
“What does it say?” asked Lexi, trying not to giggle.
“Oh, I bet you know already, don’t you?” she asked, laughing and shaking her head.
The part that was still Colin tried once more to resist, he wanted to tell them to go away and leave him alone. But he had barely any fight left. Natalie was looking back on her foggy memories of the previous evening fondly. When she thought of Sheldon, there was a fluttering of butterflies in her stomach and a tingle in her pussy that could overpower any and all remaining resistance that the Colin part could muster. Besides, they would be giving her one of their makeovers.
Again Brooke would do the makeup and Lexi had the perfect little red and white dress for Natalie to wear. She also styled her short hair into a pixie cut that made her look positively adorable, as Brooke put it.
Natalie sat waiting in the cafe for Sheldon to show, wearing a cute yellow sundress and white sneakers. It still felt so strange to be sitting there with no pants on, bare legs covered in tattoos on display for all to see. The dress left a lot of skin exposed as well, showing most of the finely decorated canvas that was her skin. She kept getting stares from most of the men and some of the women as she sat there sipping his mocha latte.
Her legs were pressed together in a way she never could have done as a man. She wasn’t wearing a bra so she would feel the soft, thin fabric of the dress rub her nipples as she moved. She fidgeted impatiently, nervous and excited and scared all at once. Not just about the date, but also the fact that she had fully embraced her identity. She was a woman.
The bell above the door jingled behind Natalie, who turned to look over her shoulder and saw Sheldon enter, wearing the same sort of white t-shirt and jeans he had been wearing before. She admired his muscles, his face, his blue eyes, and even his package which was even larger in his tight jeans than she had expected based on his height and foot size was pretty impressive. In his arms, he had a clipboard and some paperwork.
After standing up to hug him she stared at the clipboard for a moment. “Is that my surprise?” she skeptically asked, sitting back down in the booth.
He climbed into the seat across from her with a big grin on his face. “Sort of.” He set it aside and grabbed a pair of menus, handing her one. “Let’s order food and I’ll get to this later.”
“You can’t just leave me hanging like that!” She laughed, reaching out for the clipboard but he grabbed it off the table and put it on the seat between him and the wall.
“Nah-ah!” he teased and shook his finger at her mockingly. “You can’t have it yet.”
She pouted, sticking out her bottom lip but didn’t argue and just grabbed a menu. They chatted a bit about his job and then he asked her if she had any luck finding a job of her own. She said no and changed the subject, not really wanting to get into it.
After enjoying some coffee and sandwiches, he finally smiled and handed over the clipboard. On it there was a job application.
“Hm?” She grabbed the clipboard, a little confused. “You got me a job?”
“Yes.” He smiled big. “The guy who owns this cafe is a friend of mine. He also owns a couple of bars and the one downtown needs a bartender. Or you could work here in the cafe. He has a lot of openings. He always needs people.”
She was about to say ‘no thank you’ but she realized that it actually didn’t sound so bad. She had come out of her shell and began to like people more since the change. She definitely didn’t want to sit in an office in front of the computer anymore. And when she looked down at her lithe little body with curves where it counted, she figured she could do pretty well with tips. She would have to flirt to really get good tips but she was prepared for that. It sounded fun anyway. And the best part about it is that it also meant not having to do degrading camwhore videos anymore (unless she needed some extra cash). But then she realized the problem.
“I don’t know if I could be hired. I, uh…” she wasn’t sure how to say she had magically transformed into a woman without sounding crazy. She also didn’t know of another way to explain why she couldn’t get the job.
“Lexi told me.” He laughed. “Carl, that’s your potential new boss, he understands too.”
Trying not to freak out, she asked slowly, “What did Lexi tell you?” Her eyes narrowed.
He took a big sip of coffee. “That you’re in-between situations and in need.”
She softened a little but was still a little guarded though.
“He can pay you under the table, don’t worry. He does that sometimes. Let’s just say he has connections.” He reached out and grabbed her hand and smiled wide. “Besides, you’re going to make killer money on tips.”
Natalie jumped out of her chair and grabbed him in a hug. They embraced for a moment before they shared a kiss. When their lips met, it was like electricity through her whole body. She was energized and giddy. She giggled and kissed him again, her pussy growing wet when his tongue entered her mouth.
Once back at his apartment, the quickly discarded their clothes while still making out, finding their way slowly to the bedroom as the kissed and groped one another. His revealed body was muscular but on the slim side like a swimmer or gymnast. He was covered in blonde hair which seemingly enhanced his rugged manliness.
 They fell down in a heap on his bed, their mouths locked firmly together and his hands around her little bubble butt. She felt his impressive erection throbbing between their bodies, making her even wetter.
“I’ve never done this before.” She giggled and kissed him again. She was trying to explain why it was going to be awkward, that she was a virgin but it sounded unbelievable.
“Me neither.” He kissed her again. “Never done this on the first date.”
She didn’t correct his interpretation of her statement. She was focused on other things anyway.
He slid down so his face was between her legs, resting them on his broad hairy shoulders. He admired her hairless wet pussy for a moment before diving in. She squealed when his tongue found her clit and tried to squirm away. It was so sensitive she could barely stand it. But Sheldon held onto her legs, keeping her in place and continuing his assault on her pussy. Her back arched and her legs thrashed but he held her firm and skillfully licked and sucked her lips and clit until she felt an orgasm approaching.
“Oh fuck!” Natalie cried out, her body shaking as an orgasm wracked through her whole body. But he wasn’t done with her yet. He threw her legs to the side and shifted his body so his nine-inch cut cock was staring her right in the face. It made her nervous. She had never done something like this before- one last bit of resistance from Colin made him pause, thinking how he never would have sucked a cock.
But his hand reached between her thighs to her now dripping wet pussy and slid a finger into her wet hole. Without another moment’s hesitation, she slipped her mouth around the throbbing purple head of his beautiful cock. She quickly got the hang of slipping her full feminine lips around her teeth to protect the sensitive skin.
His fingers seemed to be well educated too. He found her G-spot immediately and began sliding his fingers in and out so the tips rubbed that spot going each way. He began timing his thrusts into her mouth with his fingers into her hungry snatch, making her feel like they were totally in sync. She forced his cock into her throat, her eyes watering but that didn’t stop her.
After letting him fuck her in the throat and with his fingers, she grabbed ahold of his dick and pulled herself back until just the tip was in her mouth. She expertly swirled her tongue around the head, then behind it, and back to the piss hole. She knew exactly how a cock liked to be licked and sucked and put that knowledge to use. She was so good, that within seconds he grabbed her shoulders and pushed her back.
“Wow, you’re going to make me cum if you keep that up.” He chuckled. “And I have other plans.” He gripped her shoulders harder and pulled her up and placing her on her back, making her squeal.
She loved being manhandled. The throat fucking, the rough finger fucking, the tossing her around, it was making her so hot she couldn’t wait any longer. He was on the same page because a moment later his cock was at the entrance to her pussy.
He looked up into her eyes and paused as if he was asking her permission. She looked back and nodded breathlessly.
He turned back to the business at hand, aiming his cock between her lips and easing his hips forward. There was some resistance but his licking and finger fucking had loosened her up enough so with a grunt he slid most of the way in.
Her eyes rolled back in her head as she felt it press inside of her. It was forcing its way in, claiming her, owning her. It brought such pleasure that she couldn’t resist its power and surrendered to it completely.
“Fuck me…” she whispered over and over until she was just mouthing it. Then her eyes rolled back in her head and she moaned from the exquisite feeling of the big throbbing head of Sheldon’s cock sliding against the inner walls of his pussy.
“You’re so fucking tight,” Sheldon groaned, unaware that he was fucking a virgin pussy. He grunted with each thrust, the depth of his cock increasing with each thrust until he was buried to the hilt before withdrawing and thrusting in again. After a couple of strokes, he buried his cock as deep as he could and held it there, pulling on her hips and grunting with effort.
Natalie couldn’t believe that the entire thing was inside her. It felt like she was completely full. Then he pushed in harder. She felt like all of the air was forced out of her in a deep moan that seemed to be just the perfect frequency to vibrate her entire body. Then he pulled out, slowly sliding his huge round head out of her and back in again.
“This feels soooooo good…” Natalie moaned, wrapping her legs around his waist and crossing around his back. As his thrusts picked up speed, she squeezed him against her harder and harder in time, trying to force the cock that much deeper inside of her. She did the same thing with her arms, squeezing his chiseled body to hers with all of her strength. His hairy chest slid across her, their sweat smearing on each other where their skin met. At some point, he flipped her over and began drilling her from behind, his huge cock finding its way even deeper inside her.
“You’re so fucking hot,” he barked, holding himself up with one hand and grabbing her tit roughly with the other. He pawed at it and squeeze way too hard but it didn’t matter. She didn’t even notice. He pulled out and said, “When I first laid eyes on you.” He thrusted in and added, “I knew I had to fuck you.” He slapped her ass hard and gave a triumphant laugh before resuming fucking her even harder. It build and built and built until she exploded in another female orgasm. She begged him to stop but he shook his head.
“Not until I am satisfied,” he roared. “This pussy.” He emphasized with a thrust and then shoving and holding in his rock hard dick as hard as he could. “Belongs to me tonight. You got that?”
“Uh…” Natalie moaned, loving every second of his domination.
“I didn’t hear you.” He stopped and spanked her round little ass.
“Ah!” she shrieked, trying to shrink away, but he followed her, keeping his cock buried inside her. He grabbed her hips and held her in place.
“Say it.”
“Say what?” she gasped, too high on sex and endorphins to really think straight.
“You know.” He spanked her ass again.
“This pussy.” She gripped the cock inside her with the now-familiar muscles. “Belongs to you.”
“You’re fucking right it does,” he grunted and began fucking her again, starting over again all slow and gradually picking up speed.
Natalie was in heaven. When his cock was inside her, she felt complete, like it was the most natural thing in the world, it belonged there. Then it felt incredible as it slid out, the sheer girth of his cock and especially the head stimulating the inner walls of her pussy almost as much on the way out. In response to this stimulation, she was gripping harder and harder to the point that her nails were digging into his back. He didn’t seem to notice or care and kept pounding away at her pussy.
After what seemed like an interminable time period, he suddenly began to shorten up his thrusts, finding a rhythm that stimulated her very nicely. He began to grunt and moan, so she knew he was getting close.
“Fuck…” he moaned, continuing to thrust into her and bringing her to another orgasm before he finally let go. He pulled out and sprayed his hot thick cum onto her butterfly tattoo above her ass. She turned upright, and the cum dripped down over the smaller butterfly and flower tattoos covering her sexy round little butt cheeks.
Afterward, they lay next to each other for a while before either said a word. He just about choked when Natalie finally turned to him and asked, “When do you think you can do round two?” And flashed a naughty grin.
*  *  *
“So, is it going well?” Sheldon asked Natalie on her first night, sipping his Jack and coke at the bar and looking as cute as ever in his standard t-shirt and jeans.
“Yeah.” She replied, not wanting to explain that she was learning all of this stuff for the first time since that would contradict her story.
“Are you sure you are okay with me, you know?” she asked sheepishly.
“Babe,” He laughed and grinned. “I got you the job, didn’t I? I know how a lady bartender makes her dough.”
The first few days on the new job was pretty tough for Natalie. She had never learned these types of skills in her previous life but her eagerness to learn and her seeming natural aptitude for not just the drink mixing part but the people reading part combined to make her a quick study. She got the hang of it pretty quickly so she was left to run things on her own on weekday nights within a week of starting.
She had been uncomfortable with flirting with guys at first. A lot of them she knew would never have a chance with her- and she was taken besides- so it felt a little dishonest. But when she saw how much money she could make by holding eye contact and touching their hands or maybe their arm or shoulder. Her uniform of short tight black shorts with dark blue apron partially covering them from the waist and a tight white tank top. Her nicely tattooed legs with her flowered vines, peacock feathers, and ribbons were on full display, as well as her arms covered in the same vines and her thorny collar around her neck. Her nice toned midriff was also on display, showing the crescent moon around her belly button.
A few of the regulars even commented about the flowers of different colors appearing on the vine tattoos on her arms and legs. She just told them she had a wonderful tattoo artist that could ‘do magical things’. That was the same line she gave Sheldon when he noticed the same things. Though the spread of the tattoos had slowed down, it seemed like little details like those flowers appearing on the vines were still filling in and appearing. She hoped not for much longer, but that had to be the case since she was running out of canvas for ribbons, hummingbirds, wings, hearts, butterflies, flowers, vines, feathers, and leaves. She did appear to have stopped changing as far as her body, though. Her tits stopped at nice B-cups that looked pretty big on her petite, lithe frame.
Weeks later Natalie was tending bar when Erika finally got there dressed impeccably in a short red skirt. Natalie poured her a screwdriver and handed it to her without her needing to ask.
“Thanks, girlfriend.” She gladly accepted the drink and took a big sip. “Mmm… a few more like that and I won’t even be able to dance. Lighten up just a little, huh?” She laughed.
“Sorry.” Natalie laughed too. “Still getting the hang of this.”
Erika took another long drink. “Do you ever think about it? Miss it?” she asked, genuinely curious.
“Miss what?” Natalie replied after filling a drink for another patron.
Erika shook her head and laughed. “You don’t, do you?”
“What?” Natalie yelled over the person who had just started singing karaoke.
“Nevermind!” Erika shouted back. “There they are!” She pointed at Brooke in her tight black leggings and top and Lexi with her short black and white dress.
After receiving their own heavy poured drinks, they began commiserating as well.
“So when does Sheldon get here?” Brooke asked, taking a long drink of her gin and tonic. “Looking good, by the way. Love the work your artist has done.” She giggled and gestured to the flowers that had “grown” on the vines on her arms and legs.
“Any time now, I hope,” Natalie replied, filling some more drinks for other patrons. “He just texted and said he got out of school early.”
“He’s a college student?” Erika asked, laughing. “So he must be broke all of the time. I remember those days.”
“He’s a master’s student.” Lexi chimed in after gulping down half of her cranberry kamikaze. “He goes to night school after working as an electrical engineer during the day. I should be madder about how this one stole such a catch from me.” She shook her head and laughed harder, gulping the rest of the drink down.
“So do you ever think about it? Miss it?” Brooke asked after draining her drink and receiving another one.
“I just asked her that and she didn’t even know what I was talking about.” Erika laughed.
“She must not miss it at all.” Lexi teased. “I told you that women were the superior gender. It’s challenging but worth it.” She finished her drink and stood up. “Speaking of which…” she walked off onto the dance floor, soon joined by Brooke.
“Oh,” Natalie exclaimed, finally realizing what they meant. “I guess I don’t really-”
“There he is!” Erika yelled, cutting Natalie off. She pointed Sheldon out before she joined her friends dancing on the floor.
Sheldon waved for her to join him and they had stepped into the break room for their customary thirty-second tongue kiss where no one could see it.
“How is it going tonight?” He asked when they got back to the bar and he got his jack and coke.
“It’s going well. I have the opportunity to show Carl I can run the show myself. I impressed them enough to give me the chance this quickly. I’m already making great money with tips but he is going to give me a promotion to manager if I impress him enough.”
“That’s excellent!’ He smiled, rubbing her hand and taking a sip of his drink.
“Yeah, I have a great feeling about this. I think I just may have hit the jackpot.” She looked at Sheldon, a dreamy smile stretched across her face. She had never felt more content and excited about the future.

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  1. SPOILERS An epic story. I can tell you spent a long time on this. Far far more detailed descriptions than a lot of magical gender changing stores I have found online. I've been jaded by other stories but I kept expecting something terrible fate to befall the protagonist. What a wonderful upbeat ending.


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