Speed Dating

Speed Dating by Lou Bealy
Commissioned by anonymous

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“So, first of all, I would like to thank each of you for volunteering for this social and medical experiment.” The man in a white lab coat smiled. 

The volunteers sitting around the long wooden table in some kind of conference room all assumed he was some kind of doctor. None of them were quite clear on his exact qualifications, though. He looked a bit young to be a doctor but he had one of those faces that made it hard to pinpoint his age, with his plain features and a full beard. It didn’t really matter to any of them, though. It was the money he was offering to participate in this experiment that they were focusing on.

Again, just like the doctor or researcher’s qualifications, the exact nature of the experiment was not clear, which was why there were so few volunteers. But the five people who did end up in that room were too desperate to let an opportunity to make money, on what they were told was a “role reversal” experiment involving some kind of rapid dating simulation, pass them by.

“Why don’t you all just introduce yourself and explain why you volunteered. ” He pointed his hand in a circle around the table. “So you will each have some names to work with once we get started.”

Each of them introduced themselves by saying their names and why they were volunteering for the experiment.

“Hey guys, I’m Austin,” said the tall, blonde jock with blue eyes. The girls in the room took notice of how pretty his eyes were, which were about as remarkable as his muscled physique. He was dressed in sweatpants and a basketball-style jersey. “I am currently going to this university on an athletic scholarship for football. Why did I volunteer?” He leaned back an put his hands behind his head. “Well, I’ll just admit it.” He flashed his trademark charming smile. “I have a bad habit of spending all of my available cash on partying and booze.”  He didn’t want to admit to everyone just how bad it was, that it had gotten to the point that he had even recently spent a good portion of his student loans frivolously. Since he was a full-time student and didn’t have a job, he needed this money to get him through the next few weeks. 

“Good afternoon, everyone,” the attractive Hispanic girl said next. Her thick accent and formal, awkward way of speaking were indicative of English not being her native language. “My name is Ariana.” She smiled warmly, looking around. “I am an exchange student from Colombia. I’m still new here and I am not yet used to being out on my own, as I have been for the last few months. I just need some extra money to help me get settled here.” She didn’t mention that she had shopped her way through her savings and her monthly stipend before she even realized it and now her credit card bills were piling up. The guys, especially Austin, were admiring her form. She was of average height, a bit of a gym rat with a toned body with nice C-cups that looked big on her slim body and generous round hips and ass that Hispanic girls were known for. She was wearing leggings and a tight athletic top.

“I’m Jonas. I just wanted to meet people and a speed dating experiment sounded like a good idea.” He smiled awkwardly. He was not quick to admit that he was never very successful with the ladies and he didn’t expect to get much from this speed dating thing but it couldn’t hurt to try. He was the typical looking nerd, with thick glasses, short bowl-cut brown hair and a skinny frame. He was dressed in slacks and a white button-up shirt complete with pocket protector for his pens. “Also, I am a recent graduate from the computer science program. I need some seed money to set up a software programming company. I could get a loan, I suppose, but I already have massive student loan payments to make and hope to avoid getting another loan if I can get away with it.”

“Hello everyone,” the cute petite Asian girl said next. She was maybe five foot two, with long dark hair and eyes. She was dressed in a tight dark top and jeans that were so form-fitting that she had to slice holes in the knees so she could walk properly. “My name is Masumi and it is nice to meet you all.” She gave a polite nod to each of them. “I am a research student here at the university. Of course, I could use the money, since I am a poor college student. But I have to say that the experiment itself is the most interesting to me. I hope to conduct experiments myself soon and this is a good way to get a feel for them.”

The final volunteer spoke up. “Haley,” she said, gruffly. “I can only find part-time work, so I just need a bit of cash to get me through to next month.” She didn’t get into detail. She worked at the headshop near the campus who was struggling to make ends meet. She had a bit of a goth look to her. Her blonde hair was long on one side and top but shaved on the other. She wore dark make-up on her lips and around her eyes and had several facial piercings. She was dressed in a red and black plaid top with a matching skirt that was short enough to show her nice stockinged legs most of the way up. She wore stiletto heels to emphasize her legs even more. Austin and Jonas both couldn’t help but stare.

“Okay, so now that we got that out of the way...” The doctor guy said as he grabbed some kind of remote control. Each of the volunteers looked around at each other, sharing in the confusion that the researcher still hadn’t introduced himself. “We can get started.”

“All of you,” he said, waving the remote around and pointing at each of them in turn. “Have this last opportunity to get up and leave before we begin the experiment.” He looked around and saw that none of them were going to back out at this point. “Alright, then.” He stood up and walked over to the door before turning to aim the remote up at the ceiling. They followed where he was pointing and saw what looked like a projector of some kind. “Let us begin.” He clicked the remote and swiftly jumped out of the room, closing the door behind him.

They watched as the projector came to life. It began to spin on its axis like a sprinkler, spewing multicolored light in every direction. It seemed to pause for just a moment on each of them. And then it stopped as quickly as it had begun.

There was a chorus of groans from around the room. Each of them had been dazzled disoriented by the sudden blast of light. They looked at each other, blinking and trying to clear their eyes.

Austin was the first to stand up and walk toward the door, but he stumbled against the wall and had to stop. Something was wrong. It wasn’t just the disorientation from the dazzling lights, something else was happening. He didn’t have long to think about it because the room began to erupt in chaos.

“Oh my god!” Masumi cried, jumping to her feet, her body shoving the chair back against the wall with a slamming sound. She moaned and clutched her stomach, suddenly feeling very uncomfortable. She was dizzy and disoriented but that wasn’t all. She watched in shock as the front of her jeans began to obscenely bulge at the crotch. “This can’t be real…” She felt it through her jeans, her jaw hanging down in disbelief. She felt her panties becoming more and more restrictive as the protrusion filled the available space in her tight pants and quickly started to become painful. 

Haley gasped and her arms flew under the table, but she didn’t stand. She turned bright red, her bottom half still hidden from everyone under the table. She began to breathe so rapidly she was practically panting. She didn’t know why the front of her skirt was beginning to bulge out but she knew that she didn’t want anyone else to see it. Confused, she reached down under her skirt to feel the growing mass and was surprised to feel some kind of sticky wetness that had begun to seep through her panties. Her hand slowly slipped under the waistband her increasingly tight panties and encircled something that shouldn’t be possible. She slipped her frilly underwear down her legs, freeing her growing member from the restriction that had already been painful.

Jonas stood up instinctively with the intention of trying to help these girls who were seemingly crying out in pain, but he quickly lost his balance and sat back down on the edge of the table due to being totally disoriented. He was dizzy, and his insides felt like they were swirling. He looked around at the others and saw facial expressions that indicated that they were experiencing similar sensations.

Ariana stood up, her hands covering her crotch but failing to completely conceal a noticeable growing lump. She turned to the door and shouted, “What the hell is going on?! What did you do to us?!” But there was no answer.

Austin finally noticed the growing lump in and Ariana’s crotch and turned to look at the other two girls. Haley was still sitting down, red-faced and panting. Masumi wasn’t even trying to hide the protrusion that just kept growing. She moaned in pain and reached through one of the slits in the legs of her jeans and grabbed at the growth, pulling her panties to the side to release it. A moment later everyone gasped.

She had pulled out a huge cock. It defied all reason but there it was. It was thick, uncut, and at least ten inches long while flaccid. But it wasn’t done growing yet and continued to expand, creeping farther down her petite little leg. She looked up from the impossible organ to Ariana, who stood there with her mouth agape. It did eventually stop, but by then it was almost to her knee.

“Isn’t it obvious what they have done to us?” she reached down and lifted her heavy cock up. “Haven’t you ever read any hentai?” She giggled. “C’mon, let’s see it,” she urged. She began to stroke her long cock and making it stiffen up.

Ariana ignored the petite Asian girls’ imposition and continued trying to hide the bulge that appeared to have stopped growing already, long before Masumi’s did. Even as she covered it with her hands, it did little to hide the substantial bump there. The tight leggings left nothing to the imagination. She looked down and inspected herself through her leggings. Her cock, though decently sized at around five inches while flaccid was not even half the size of Masumi’s. It too was uncut, since the leggings were so tight, that could be seen as well.

Jonas and Austin both saw this transpire and were frozen in curiosity and wonder as they watched it play out. Jonas was the first to suspect that something similar might be happening to him. He had seen a hentai or two that reminded him of what was happening. But he didn’t feel or see any growing bulge in his slacks.

“What’s a hentai?” Austin asked but no one answered.

“Fuck…” Jonas muttered, slowly realizing what must be happening. His hand slapped his crotch and his worst fears were confirmed. He reached his hand inside to investigate. His hand found what he had suspected but still couldn’t quite believe. When he touched it, he yanked his hand back out of his pants like it had been bitten. He cupped his crotch on the outside of his pants, hiding the way the material showed his lack of a bulge.

Austin noticed Jonas cupping his crotch and took note of how the fabric of his slacks was laying flat against his groin. He saw the look on Jonas’ face and finally understood what was happening. He turned bright red. He slowly reached under the waistband of his sweats to feel his own crotch. His face went from red to white. He and Jonas made eye contact and they both knew that the other was experiencing the same thing.

Jonas sat there, too shocked and freaked out to reach into his pants again, he just sat there with his hands over his crotch, too afraid to move them and let someone possibly see what had happened to him.

Austin was compelled to feel his new anatomy, still not believing it was there. His hand pushed into the impossible crease between his legs. His eyes went wide as he felt the folds of skin separating slightly as he pushed into his vulva. He began to breathe a little heavier as he felt blood flow to his new nethers. He felt a different kind of arousal than he had ever felt. Less of a throbbing, pulsating need and more of a dull ache or hunger emanating from between his legs.

“You too, Haley.” Masumi prodded, seemingly enjoying this. “Let’s see what you got down there.”

The goth girl was still seated, her lower body hidden under the table. When Masumi called her name, she squeaked and yanked her sticky hands from below the table, like she was caught doing something she wasn’t supposed to.

Masumi turned and looked at Austin and Jonas, both were speechless. Austin’s hand was still shoved down the front of his sweats and Jonas was still cupping his crotch. “What about you two?” She giggled. “You’re not saying a whole lot.” She gestured toward Austin’s crotch. “Obviously there is something going on down there,” she teased.

Austin yanked his hand out of his pants, his fingers shining with wetness. Neither guy seemed to want to answer. The fact that she seemed to be on to what was happening in their pants was frightening. They were saved from the awkwardness of the three girls staring at them when the door flew open, reminding them that what had happened to them was only the beginning. In walked the doctor guy again, pushing a cart over to the table.

“Now we can begin the role reversal experiment,” said the doctor guy. He reached into the cart and placed a large plastic bowl of condoms on the table. “Please make sure to use these. An unwanted pregnancy would… complicate things.”

“What is the meaning of this?” Arrania demanded. “You can’t do this to us!” She pointed to the outline of her half-hard cock in her leggings.

“It’s what you agreed to,” the doctor said matter of factly. “You were told this was a role reversal experiment and it was all detailed in the waiver that none of you seem to have read completely.”

“Pregnancy, huh?” Masumi grinned at the two boys. “I knew it…” she laughed and rubbed her hands together.

“What do you mean, pregnancy?” asked Haley, standing up and speaking up for the first time. “How could we possibly get pregnant if…” she looked down at her crotch, her new appendage still hidden by her skirt. There was an obvious wet spot forming right in front. Then she seemed to realize the implication. She looked at Jonas who turned an even brighter shade of red.

He ignored her questions and continued to pull supplies out of the cart. He put a bottle of lube, some blankets, pillows, and a clipboard. “You have a few minutes to get yourselves set up.” He pointed to the clipboard. “Since we have 5 volunteers, one of you will have to sit the first round out. The first two couples to put their names down will go first.” He turned to the group and smiled. “Then the pairs will be switched up at regular intervals, with us picking the new pairings.”

Austin finally found his voice. “She’s right,” he managed to croak. He couldn’t seem to find his typical confidence. “You should change us back right now!”

“Y-yeah,” Jonas added. He wasn’t very forceful about it because he was a little curious about his new anatomy. His male pride made him say that he wanted to be changed back.

“The agreement was to conduct the experiment,” he replied with a clinical, unfeeling tone. “Then we will change you back and not before. Don’t you want to try sex from the other side?” the doctor asked, smiling. “You have to be at least a little curious.” He pointed to Austin’s hand, which was unconsciously creeping toward his waistband again.

“I know I do,” Masumi said, stroking her long cock until it was a full twelve inches at least. Her nipples also were noticeably erect and poking through her tight top.

Austin hesitated, not able to answer right away. He wanted to say no because the idea of being...fucked like a woman insulted his masculinity but he couldn’t deny that he was already horny and more than a little curious.

Arriana also paused, considering the idea for the first time. She looked down at the lump in her leggings, noticing that it started to grow again when she considered the idea of turning the tables on men and being the aggressor for once. Her cock seemed to have a mind of its own, growing larger and larger, seemingly demanding that she use it. She felt a kind of animalistic urge to conquer something that she had never quite experienced before. She felt predatory, aggressive. And it made her hot. She was hornier than she had ever been in her life and it was a much more urgent feeling.

Haley and Jonas both stood there, both still too freaked out by the situation and their own respective fascination to add anything.

“Either way,” the doctor added. “You won’t be switched back until the end of the experiment, whether you participate or not. Those that do participate will then be paid the agreed-upon sum for their involvement.” He smiled and spread his arms. “So you may as well take advantage of the opportunity to try something totally new.” He turned and walked out of the room, leaving them silent for a moment.

They each looked around the room at each other, no one yet making the first move until Masumi walked over to the clipboard and wrote her name. “Who wants to be the first one with me?” She grinned, looking between the two guys.

“Fuck it.” Austin walked over, his legs sliding together in an unfamiliar way as he made his way over to Masumi’s side. He signed his name right below hers. “I’m not squeamish about trying new things. And I do need the money.”

Haley shook her head but didn’t say anything. She just stared at the other four volunteers, clearly still trying to process what was going on. She tried to resist the animalistic urges seemingly coming from her new appendage. She was a strong, independent woman who would not be a slave to her urges. Part of her even wanted to get up and leave but then she would never be changed back.

Arriana saw Austin and Masumi grab some bedding and walk to one of the far corners of the room and felt left out. What’s more, she imagined what the petite Asian girl was about to do with the tall jock and it… made her even hornier than she already was. She smiled, thinking that she could do the same thing to the lanky and awkward nerd that still had a certain cuteness to him.

“You coming?” she asked, smiling sweetly at him.

“Hopefully I will soon.” Jonas blurted out, laughing nervously. He still needed the money and the prospect of having a sexy fun time with the hot Latina was an alluring one, despite the reversed positions. He didn’t exactly have an opportunity like this very often and that wasn’t even considering the aspect of getting to experience sex from the other side. That was beginning to intrigue him too, despite his initial doubts. He had already started to get wet earlier but now he could actually feel the moisture collecting on his lips and drip down onto his legs.

Arriana grabbed some of the bedding and walked toward the other end of the long room. She was walking funny, her erect cock and package in her tight leggins made her spread her legs apart so she looked like she was waddling. She threw the blanket down on the carpeted floor and then arranged some pillows into a makeshift bed, then turned around to smile at Jonas. Jonas stood there awkwardly for a moment, bouncing back and forth on each leg nervously. He couldn’t take his eyes off of the lump in her crotch. It had grown tremendously since it had first appeared.

They laid down on the makeshift bed but neither made the first move. It was all so strange and awkward that they didn’t even know quite what to say. They were both horny already, though. The lump in her pants and the smell of a wet horny pussy coming from him were totally obvious. 

“So… when was the last time you were… with a woman?” Arriana finally asked to break the tension.

“I… I don’t even remember the last time,” he replied. “I, uh… I don’t have much luck with women.”

“Aw, why? You’re so cute!” She giggled. “And you’re obviously very smart, with your software company you are going to start.” She smiled warmly.

He blushed, not used to this kind of attention or compliments from women. “That’s not exactly something that gets me a lot of dates. Besides, I am a bit of a loner, that’s why I wanted to do this experiment. The whole speed dating element.”

They chatted a little longer about her and her life back in Columbia before she finally said, “Well, I think we ought to get down to business, don’t you?” She gripped her cock through her pants. She was done waiting to use it. She reached under her leggings and rubbed her cock.

He looked at her massaging her eight-inch cock and gulped. “Yeah, I suppose so.” He stood up, hesitated for a moment and then began to unbuckle his belt. She watched intently as he dropped his pants. His tight briefs laid flat against his now feminine crotch. She watched on intently, urging him with her eyes and facial expression to continue. He reached down and slipped his briefs off, then kicked them aside. His new pussy was revealed to the world for the first time. It was covered in dark hair that matched his head, but it was thinner than it was before the change. His wet snatch was still clearly visible beneath the hair. He instinctively pushed his thighs together, protecting his new vulnerability. It was a strange feeling to not have his balls obstructing his legs and he to admit to himself that he kind of liked it.

He turned to look at Arriana, who was staring at his pussy, still rubbing her cock. She saw him staring at it and grinned wider, reaching down to slide her leggings off. The head of her cock was sticking out of the top of her panties, reaching past her belly button. It was huge and thick to the point of being downright intimidating for a guy who had a cock that was maybe half that size on a good day… back when he still had a cock. He was expected to… get fucked by that thing? He remembered Masumi and looked over at the other couple, realizing Austin was expected to take something even bigger reassured him slightly. Though that dissipated when he remembered that he was probably going to be with her next.

He turned back and saw her slip her panties off, revealing her cock and balls in their full glory. Her balls were big to match her cock, and the whole thing was covered in dark hair that matched her head. It was strange, this beautiful grinning girl with a pretty face and curves in all the right places had this hairy, manly appendage. He stared at the strange but erotic sight.

“What are you waiting for?” she teasingly demanded, her arms crossed in front of her boobs. She was still smiling, waiting for him to make the first real move.

“You’re so beautiful…” he told her, his voice full of wonder. He leaned over and wrapped his lips around her already erect nipple. He flicked his tongue across the tip. Then he moved his mouth to the other nipple and did the same thing.

“Mmm… yeah…” she moaned, then cradled his head in her hands and pressed his face into her bosom. The stimulation on her nipples was driving her crazy. It felt like they were connected directly to her cock, which was so erect it was almost painful. It was throbbing and dripping precum. He reached over and slid his hand over her cock, gripping it tightly for a moment before beginning to stroke it. Gently at first, and then harder in response to her moaning into his ear.

“That feels so good…” she whispered breathily into his ear. Her knees got weaker and a shudder went through her whole body as a result of the stimulation.

Jonas removed his mouth from her nippled long enough to reply, “I’ve had a lot of practice,” he chuckled and returned to his work. She leaned her head back and gasped with pleasure.
They had to stop for a moment, remembering the condoms they had helped themselves to. Being more experienced, he tore open the package and rolled it onto her cock for her. She smiled at him, their eyes locked on each other’s as he rolled it down to the base. Luckily, they had offered magnum-sized condoms because her big cock almost filled the larger size completely. He could hardly stand the anticipation as he finished covering her erection in latex. He stroked her some more, planting his mouth on hers. Their tongues danced between their mouths while his hand slid up and down her hardness.

After a few moments, he could tell by the way she began to thrust into his hand that she must be getting close. He leaned over and laid her down on the bed before climbing on top of her. He was already wet and ready. He hesitated for a moment, wondering if he should try the advanced maneuver of being the one to thread the needle, given his inexperience with sex in general and total lack thereof when it came to being the female party.

He didn’t have long because she leaned up to grab his waist and pull him onto her. He let her and moved to straddle her, grabbing her leaking cock and aiming it towards his lips. It took him a moment to position himself correctly but he eventually found the mark and lowered his weight down. There was a stab of pain. He gritted his teeth as his lips were stretched apart by the girth of her uncut cock. The pain quickly passed, replaced by slight discomfort as he continued to lower himself and accept more of her cock inside him. He felt like it would go on forever, more and more of her huge cock disappeared into him until he felt her hairy abdomen up against his lips. He took a moment to get used to the feeling of being totally filled, stretched to his limit.

“You ready?” she asked, her breath shallow and quick. She was obviously impatient but she didn’t want to hurt him.

“Fuck…” he muttered, reaching back to hold his weight on his arms, then began to raise his crotch up, sliding her cock out of him, the thick throbbing head sliding against his insides and making him gasp as the pleasure mostly replaced the pain and discomfort. He lowered himself back down again, this time he was able to accept her into him a little easier. The pain was almost completely gone but what remained was totally eclipsed by the ecstasy rippling through him.

She squeezed her waist harder, pulling and pushing him as his motions increased in speed and vigor. Despite having a condom on, the stimulation was incredible. It may even be a good thing, she thought, because it would extend the fun. She was new at this and probably wouldn’t be able to hold herself back for very long. “You like that, don’t you?” she hissed between short breaths. “Getting fucked.”

“Oh, fuck yes.” He couldn’t even deny it. Some small part of him felt like he was surrendering what was left of his manhood but it didn’t matter. It was the most amazing feeling he had ever experienced in his life. He continued to impale himself onto her throbbing erection, faster and faster until he couldn’t help but moan loud enough that it echoed throughout the room.

“Shit,” he heard her mutter but he was too busy sliding his wet cunt up and down her rod to care.

She had felt the latex prison around her cock rip inside of him. Now she felt his warm pussy directly on her cock. The feeling of her head sliding against the velvety texture of his inner walls without the rubber barrier was exquisite. She kept thrusting into him until she felt herself getting close to an orgasm. She remembered the warning from the doc and held Jonas around the waist to stop him.

“Hm?” he asked, obviously confused. He had no idea why she would stop him when he was feeling something building… was that his first female orgasm he had been approaching?
“I broke the condom,” she whispered.

He groaned with impatience and climbed off of her, grabbing another condom and quickly slipping it onto her cock. He decided on a different technique and this time turned to face her. Leaning down to lay a kiss on her lips, which she returned, then raising himself up again to grab her cock and aim it between his lips. They held the kiss and a moment later he slid back down and her cock disappeared into her wetness again. He sat there motionless for a few moments, just appreciating the feeling of penetration. They kissed and sucked on each other’s tongues.

As they made out, Arriana wiggled her hips. She was on the bottom but she was able to thrust her hips slightly, eliciting a moan from Jonas. He couldn’t wait any longer and began grinding onto her dick once again.

They fucked for a few more minutes before she broke the condom again.

“Fuck!” she shouted when she felt it, getting frustrated. She tried to push him off, but he wouldn’t move.

“Jonas…” she began to say but he kissed her again, mashing his lips forcefully onto hers.

“Fuck it…” he whispered and then kissed her again, his cunt gripped her cock hard as he raised himself and then lowered back down.

Her eyes rolled back into her head and it wasn’t long before she was grabbing his waist and pounding into him in time with his thrusts as her orgasm approached.

“Nnn-ah!” she exclaimed, feeling herself boil over. Her whole universe centered on her cock as she erupted.

Jonas felt her cock swell inside him as she shortened up her thrusts. He knew what was about to happen. He was sent over the edge and joined her in crying out in orgasm. He felt the explosion of heat inside of his quivering cunt. He couldn’t believe the intensity, it was similar to a male orgasm but it radiated out from his pussy and seemed to touch his whole body, making him twitch and moan involuntarily.

On the other side of the room, while Arriana and Jonas were still chatting awkwardly, the other pair of volunteers had skipped all of that and instead had decided to just get straight down to business.

Masumi threw the blankets and pillows aside next to the table and quickly yanked her jeans off, with a brief moment of difficulty due to her huge erect cock being stuck through the hole in her jeans. She didn’t even look at Austin when she simply told him, “Strip.”

Austin quickly obeyed and kicked off his shoes and then pulled his sweatpants down. His tight jockey shorts looked strangely empty in the front but those quickly joined his pants on the floor. His thin blonde bush did little to hide his engorged pussy that was already wet and dripping. When it came into view, the smell hit her in the face, the familiar smell of an aroused female. It was strangely enticing in a way that it never had been before.

With no wasted time, Masumi turned to Austin and then pointed to the huge table. “Bend over and let’s see your nasty wet pussy,” she commanded, unwrapping one of the magnum condoms. “It must be positively soaked, judging by the smell,” she teased.

He did as he was told and bent over, completely submitting to her.

“You’re enjoying me taking control, huh?” she asked, slapping his ass which made him squeak. “Guys in this situation always turn into complete horny sluts.” She giggled. “At least in the manga I’ve read.”

She fell right into the role that she had seen so many girls in hentai that grew penises. They became dominant, in control, confident. She didn’t just feel it, she knew she was in control. Austin followed her every command without question. Was it just the change in equipment? Or were they just falling into the roles they expected to fill?

“You ready?” she asked smugly. He just nodded in response, looking ahead at the wall and taking short breaths.

She then had a similar experience to Arriana in that even the oversized condom was not enough to contain her sheer size and girth. Or she was inexperienced at putting one on. Or both. Either way, her attempt at safe sex ended even faster, tearing the condom while trying in vain to fit all of her twelve inches inside of it.

Austin sat and waited, shifting back and forth on his feet, the anticipation and suspense becoming unbearable. He couldn’t believe that her huge dick was expected to fit inside of him. He was downright intimidated by its size, which was way bigger than any cock he had ever seen and absolutely dwarfed the one he used to have.

Masumi noticed that he was ready but clearly apprehensive and hurried to put another condom on but this one was no more effective than the last one. She shrugged and gave up, throwing the remaining wrapped condoms aside without another thought. She moved up behind Austin, who was practically shaking with anticipation.

Masumi grabbed his waist and then aimed her cock with the other hand. She looked at his pussy from behind, looking completely out of place on his athletic, hairy male ass. She placed the huge purple head of her leaking cock against his vulva and pressed, but it was obvious she was far too big. He made a little squeak as his lips were painfully stretched apart.

“You said you’re ready, but I’ll need to prep you a little more before you can take me,” she said with a bit of pride.

He wondered for a moment what she had in mind but then he felt her fingers probing inside him. He was wet and ready enough to easily accept her fingers inside him. First one, then two. She pumped them in and out, his copious wetness coating her fingers. He pushed in a third finger and pulled down with the tips, rubbing his G-spot.

“F-fuck!” he cried out, being totally unprepared for the sheer stimulation he experienced in the blink of an eye.

She continued to loosen him up to the sound of his moans for a few more minutes until she was confident that he was ready. She brought her fingers to her mouth and gave them a quick lick before rubbing his remaining pussy juice on her cock.

“Let’s try this again…” she muttered, aiming her cock to his hole and pushing her hips forward.

“Gah!” he cried, still too tight to easily accept her cock but it did begin to slip in. But it didn’t go far. He whimpered in pain as it met serious resistance, her sheer size still too much to fit inside him.

Frustrated, Masumi stood back and looked over at the table for more supplies left by the doc. She saw what she was looking for and walked over to retrieve the bottle of lube. Austin was beginning to wonder what was happening and looked over his shoulder in time to see her return.

“This should help.” She slathered a layer of it onto her cock before once again settling in behind him.

She was able to get a few more inches inside of him, sliding what length she could back and forth inside of him. Both of them moaned from the novel pleasure. She couldn’t believe how sexy the feeling of dominating him was and he was experiencing the pleasure of penetration for the first time, despite the continued discomfort and pain. She began to fuck him slowly, her cock progressively slipping farther and farther into him by fractions of an inch, and his moans getting louder and louder. She had to pace herself when it came to shoving more in, she didn’t want to hurt him or bend her cock and injure herself.

Austin couldn’t believe that she wasn’t all the way inside him. Every time he thought he couldn’t take any more inside him, she would shove more in. There was a degree of pain that never seemed to stop as the unfamiliar sensations became more and more intense. He gripped the table tightly while moaning breathily, trying to relax as much as he could and not move at all. It was pleasurable too and the pain began to lessen slightly allowing the sensations of pleasure to become more prominent. He tried to push back a little and get the rest of her inside but it hurt and he had to stop and just let her do it.

Masumi began fucking him harder, trying her best to get to the hilt but there were still a few inches hanging out. The animalistic urge she felt to breed her new bitch became more and more irresistible.

Haley couldn’t help herself. She had been stroking her ten-inch uncut cock while watching the hot scene of the petite Asian girl with the monster cock unsuccessfully trying to fit it inside of the feminized jock. She was surprised to find that in addition to appreciating Austin’s chiseled body and Jonas’ boyish cuteness, she also found the curves of the other girls alluring. Their breasts and butts were just as enticing to her, which was weird because she never thought of herself as bisexual before. Their huge dicks completely the perfect erotic image, the best of both worlds.

Her cock was leaking so much precum that it was flowing down her balls and dripping onto the floor. Her hands were coated in the stuff. She was about to cum when a loud bell went off.
“Time’s up!” came a voice over a loudspeaker. It sounded like a different voice than the doctor they had seen already. “There will be a short break and then we will continue. Stand by for your new pairings.”

Haley couldn’t stop, though. It was like her hand had a mind of its own and she kept jerking her cock until she shot a huge load onto the floor under the table. Rope after rope of thick white jizz sprayed out of her cock. It was not the longest or most intense orgasm of her life but she had enjoyed it immensely none the less. It was so utterly different from a female orgasm. While it lasted, it was like the entire world centered on her cock.

Masumi groaned in frustration. She had not even gotten all of her cock meat into Austin when they had run out of time. She tried to continue, maybe she could finish while on the break, but Austin was already wiggling away from her. She sighed, thinking that this was nothing like the hentai she had seen.

“C’mon,” he said. Pushing her off and walking back toward the group, leaving her unsatisfied. He didn’t bother to get dressed again.

Jonas and Arriana had been in the middle of round two when the time was called and they continued to fuck for a minute or so longer before Arriana exploded in orgasm once again. It took a moment for them to recover before she pulled out and they stood up to return to the table.

None of them bothered to get dressed and just joined each other back at the center of the table. There were bottles of water that Arriana and Jonas each grabbed right away. Their exertions had made them both very thirsty. Haley was thirsty too, her mouth was very dry from her heavy mouth-breathing. The two guys grabbed some paper napkins to wipe their pussies. Austin was just really wet but Jonas was leaking cum down his legs.

Austin and Masumi both looked a little upset and unsatisfied. Masumi was the first to speak up.

“That was fun. It would have been better if I hadn’t even bothered with the condom in the first place. I broke it anyway.” She shook her head. “And man did it feel good without it…” she said dreamily, staring off into space for a moment. “Too bad I didn’t even get to-”

“The next pairs are as follows!” came the loud voice over the intercom, interrupting her. “Haley and Jonas! Arriana and Austin!”

Masumi groaned, even more frustrated that she was left out and had to wait. She watched as the others paired off and went back to the opposite corners of the room.

Haley was the only one still mostly clothed. Her panties were the only thing she had removed and her cock at the moment remained hidden. She was too embarrassed to show it right away. Jonas saw the look on her face and figured out what was wrong.

“It’s okay,” he soothed. “I’m already naked!” he spun in a circle, displaying his skinny body with his pussy still leaking Arriana’s cum. He bent at the waist and slapped his own ass, giggling like a schoolgirl. He wasn’t really her type, but she had to admit that it was an erotic sight.

“I don’t know…” she said in a low voice, turning away. “This is all so strange and…” she gestured to her crotch. Globs of cum kept spilling out of her head and soaking into the carpet. “Gross.”

“Not at all,” Jonas said with a laugh. “You know, most guys would kill for a cock that size.”

She turned back to him, her expression hopeful. “Yeah, I guess.”

“And it’s actually kind of a good sign that you are so… productive,” he soothed. “It’s more… manly- for lack of a better word- to shoot big loads. Most guys won’t admit it, but that’s why they watch the money shot in porn. They like a big load as much as a girl might.” He laughed again. “Probably more.”

Part of Haley still felt awkward and embarrassed but what he said made her smile and soothed her embarrassment and awkwardness a little. What’s more, she wasn’t going to let the other girls show her up. She would not be left out. And she wouldn’t miss the opportunity to be the one in total control of sex. She still somewhat resented having these alien urges forced on her, but that resentment seemed to fade as she grew more and more horny looking at Jonas. He was obviously ready for her, she just had to take control.

“What do you think?” Jonas asked, still looking at her over his shoulder. “You gonna give it to me?”

That did it for her. Now he was practically begging to be fucked. That flipped a switch in her. She would give him what he wanted and also take what she wanted.

She finally returned his grin. “Come here,” she commanded. She reached under her skirt and began stroking her cock, which was amazingly hard again already, even though she had shot a huge load only a few minutes ago.

Jonas walked over to her, his eyes glued to her dripping ten-inch cock sticking out from under her skirt. It was even bigger than Arriana’s. And the sheer amount of precum dripping onto the floor was an amazing sight to behold.

Haley pointed to the pile of bedding. He got the message and laid down on his back with his legs spread, his fucked out gaping cunt in full view. She climbed on top of him, not bothering to strip off any of her clothes. He laid back looking at the ceiling as he felt her aim her cock between his legs. Neither of them even thought about using a condom.

Jonas was ready for her since Arriana had stretched him open but he still felt a bit more stretching because she was able to fit herself all the way in right away. She may not be as long as Masumi, but it seemed she may be just as thick, maybe even be thicker. Haley was longer and thicker than Arriana. Jonas didn’t think that roughly two inches of length and a similar proportion of increased girth would make such a big difference but as she slid into his hungry pussy, he learned just how much bigger those inches felt inside him. He grunted and reached around her back to grip her hard while gritting his teeth. The discomfort and slight pain were briefly intense but it passed almost as quickly.

“Take it, bitch.” Haley barked. It just felt right to talk that way, since she had always liked it when guys took control and were forceful in action and deed. It felt even better to be on the giving end this time. She felt like it was the most natural thing in the world to bury herself inside him.

The feeling of this encounter had been established already and it was much different than when Jonas was with Arriana, there was none of the affection and tenderness, it was all business. He found that he wasn’t disappointed by that at all. He spread his legs wider and accepted her cock inside of him.

The other couple was jumping right in as well, without even glancing at the pile of condoms. Arriana was under the complete sway of her new male urges now. She admired Austin’s hard athletic body, similar to hers, but she was more focused on the pussy between his legs that his eyes were begging her to fill. Wordlessly, he turned around and waited for her to make the first move. He didn’t wait very long.

Arriana didn’t bother to ask if he was ready. She was more than ready. She aimed her cock between his lips and pushed forward.

Austin’s eyes rolled back in his head as she entered him. He had already endured the pain and been stretched wide by Masumi, accepting Arrian’s girth easily. There was no pain this time, only the stimulation of her cock rubbing against his sensitive insides. He still couldn’t believe how good it felt. As a formerly dominant man, there was some resistance to the idea of enjoying being fucked but he just couldn’t deny it.

“You’re so smooth and soft…” Arriana grunted as she slid in to the hilt. There was something inherently hot about a hard body like his being so soft and pliable where it counted. Her cock was so hard it was throbbing inside of him. She reached up and felt his arm, the bulging muscle there was such a lovely contrast with his velvety pussy. After waiting for a moment, she started moving her hips again. She didn’t start slow. She immediately began banging away, moving her hips as fast as she could.

Masumi watched the proceedings with a scowl on her face. She was still miffed that she barely got started when she was interrupted. She was not going to let that happen again. As much as she was still horny, her foot long cock throbbed and leaked so that everyone could see that much, she resisted the urge to stroke it. She was not going to cum before she got another chance to fuck one of these guys. She just looked on at the two hot scenes playing out on opposite sides of the room and impatiently waited her turn.

There was an increased sense of urgency from the two pairs this time. They knew how little time they had to get off. Arriana had already gotten off twice but that somehow only increased her desire for another orgasm. It did take a bit longer than it had before, but her increased speed and vigor resulted in her feeling the orgasm coming on in short order.

Haley had cum once before as well, but she seemed to be able to produce limitless amounts of cum. A combination of Jonas’ girl cream and her precum that flowed like a fountain, a steady stream of sticky fluid leaked out of Jonas as she drilled into him, her mouth hanging open. She had her second orgasm of the night within a minute of entering Jonas.

“Oh, fuck yeah!” she growled, her body shaking.

Jonas was amazed that she didn’t stop her assault on his pussy after feeling her cock swell and then paint his insides with an absurd amount of cum. The wet spot on the bedding beneath his ass grew and grew until it was halfway up his back.

She just kept thrusting, even after their combined cum squelched inside of him. Her dick was super sensitive after she came but that only drove her on to keep fucking him.

Arriana wasn’t far behind her. She gripped Austin’s ass, slamming into him as hard and as fast as she possibly could. Austin was slamming himself back into her, driving her even deeper inside of him.

“Fuck… me…” Austin croaked, unable to even see straight he was so amped up from the stimulation. He could feel his orgasm getting close.

“So close…” Arriana muttered. She became single-minded in her pursuit of her orgasm, tuning everything else out as only her cock and inside of his slick cunt remained. Before she knew it, it was on her. She groaned, shooting a huge load inside of him. He cried out, his voice turning shrill. His pussy spasmed around her erupting cock. Once spent, she collapsed onto his back, trying to catch her breath.

Masumi mused that this was better than any hentai she had ever seen or read but was disappointed that she was not directly involved in the hotter parts… yet. It would be her turn next.

“Switch!” the voice called out on the speakers, almost on cue. “Haley and Austin! Jonas and Masumi!” the voice said immediately, not even waiting to announce the pairs.

The participants made the most of the few moments they had to get clean and get a drink of water before they went right back to it.

Arriana’s face was scrunched as she pouted. But she reassured herself that she had already fucked both guys and cum multiple times in each one, so she was momentarily satiated. She probably needed a break anyway. She looked down and saw that she actually was wrong. Her cock was hard again already.

Masumi was happy to get back into the action. She smiled at Jonas. “Are you ready to act out a hentai with me?” She chuckled. He nodded in response.

He jumped up on to the table and spread his legs, displaying his well-used cunt, still dripping cum from his last romp.

Meanwhile, Haley turned to Austin who gave his cocky grin and walked toward the pile of bedding that she hadn’t already covered in her goo, her half-hard cock swinging as she walked, dripping cum on her legs. When she got there, she realized a problem, though. She was soft and still extremely sensitive after the two consecutive orgasms. She scoffed at her own limitations, now wishing she had her female anatomy once again and the ability to have multiple orgasms that went with it.

“What’s wrong?” Arriana teased. “Aren’t man enough to keep going?”

Haley scowled at her but said nothing. She stood back as the hot Latina sashayed over and moved in on what was supposed to be her partner and turn. She was seemingly powerless to do anything about it, too. She looked over at the loudspeaker, wondering if the doctor would chime in on this situation but that didn’t happen. She huffed over to the pile of discarded clothing next to the table and grabbed a pair of boxer shorts, pulling them on. Her cock and balls felt good, supported by and nestled in the cotton garment. She resigned herself to watch… for the time being.

Arriana followed Austin to the pile of bedding with a smug grin on her face. “Ready for round two?” she asked. He got down on all fours and turned over his shoulder to watch as she kneeled behind him, aiming her thick cock between his lips and pushing in effortlessly.

Masumi eagerly sauntered up to Jonas, slipping between his spread legs with her huge erection in hand. Jonas stared at it, intimidated by her sheer size. He had already been fucked by the other two girls but her dick was so much bigger. It did give him pause but he only had a moment to think about it because Masumi leaned in, aiming her cock between hips engorged lips.

“Here it comes,” she said in a sing-song voice then giggled. “Ready or not.”

She pressed in her thick cock head spreading him open slightly. He was ready for her girth but her length seemed to go on forever. She started a foot or so away from him and just kept getting closer, feeding more and more of her huge cock into him. He squeezed his eyes shut and gritted his teeth, the stretching caused by its sheer length was painful but manageable. As she slowly approached him, he wrapped his legs around her back, pulling her in faster and forcing her huge cock deeper inside him. He didn’t care about the pain, he wanted all of her.

“Shit…” he whispered as he felt her slide all the way in.

Masumi was so stimulated by the intense sensation of being completely enveloped in the velvet embrace of his warm cunt that her legs were shaking. It was all she could do to not cum right then. She took a deep breath, trying to steady herself. She leaned on the table for support and began to pull out and thrust back in, making very shallow strokes.

Jonas wrapped his arms and legs around her, squeezing as hard as he could. “That’s sooo good…” he sighed, holding her close against his body.

Masumi’s strokes were becoming longer as his body became accustomed to her size, though she couldn’t pull back very far due to Jonas’ tight grip. She may be the one with the big dick but he was still much stronger than her, and she was unable to pull out very far. They were both breathing hard and slick with sweat before too long.

Arriana was enjoying drilling Austin for the second time. She admired his athletic ass from behind and was possessed by the urge to slap it. She pulled out and spanked him across his ass and pussy making him yelp with surprise and then giggle before she plunged back in.

“You like it rough, don’t you slut?” she teased, spanking his ass some more as she continued to impale him with her eight-inch cock.

After a few minutes of watching, teasing her cock by rolling the foreskin back and forth, Haley was finally able to get hard again. She was leaking copious amounts of precum yet again but by this point, it didn’t bother her anymore. Someone else would have to clean up the mess, was her bemused thought.

She wasted no time, walked over to the gyrating couple, dropped the boxers, kicked them aside and then grabbed Arriana and pulled her back. Arriana was surprised, falling back onto her butt. She looked like she wanted to say something but thought better of it. She looked pissed but she knew it was supposed to be Haley’s turn.

Austin’s eyes shot open in surprise but he didn’t say anything and simply watched as Haley took Arriana’s place behind him and shoved her bigger cock into his hungry snatch. His eyes rolled back into his head before he closed them again, feeling another orgasm approaching already as she banged away at him from behind. A moment later he cried out and his body quaked. His female orgasm overtook him and he loved the feeling of it washing over his whole body. Haley didn’t miss a beat and continued to pound his pussy hard.

Masumi was so close, she began jackhammering Jonas’ well-used pussy. She found the perfect angle and combined with him guiding his slick walls to match her thrusts, she began to boil over.

“Oh fuck…” she gasped, her hips going into overdrive.

“Give it to me…” he pleaded, his own orgasm not far behind. When he felt her cock swell even more he knew that she was about to go.

She shoved herself against him as hard as she could, burying her pulsating member as deeper inside him than he thought possible. He was so utterly full. His whole body began to shake as he whimpered, his orgasm overtaking him and consuming his entire world. She exploded a moment later, shooting jet after jet of cum into him.

“That was amazing,” she cooed once she caught her breath. She tried to pull away but Jonas was still gripping her hard against his body. He was staring off into space, himself gasping for air as well. 

He seemed to snap out of it a moment later and let her go. “That was… something else alright,” he replied, falling back onto the table and laying there.

“And that concludes the experiment!” the voice announced over the loudspeaker.

Jonas and Masumi walked back over to the middle of the table and began dressing again. Jonas couldn’t find his underwear though.

Haley continued to pound Austin’s pussy for a few more moments, desperate to find another orgasm. Austin made no move to stop her, relishing the feeling of her thick cock sliding in and out his pussy and knowing that he may not get the opportunity to have this feeling ever again.

Haley came with a grunt a moment later. She got off of him, satisfied. She walked past Arriana, who gave her a dirty look.

Arriana and Austin made eye contact. They both seemed to be thinking the same thing. She was staring at his pussy, which was well fucked and dripping cum. When the doctor entered the room, it seemed to spell the real end to the experiment.

Austin felt a pang of disappointment that he didn’t get one more orgasm before he had to give up his pussy but he was happy that he would be a proper man again very shortly. They joined the doctor, Haley, Masumi, and Jonas at the center of the room.

Haley saw Jonas looking around for his boxers and she laughed. “They’re over there.” She pointed to where she had discarded them. “I borrowed them. You can borrow my panties if you like. They’re frilly, but they match your cute little pussy,” she teased.

“No thanks…” He chuckled as he walked over to retrieve them. “I’ll need this pretty quick.”

“Thank you all for participating in this experiment.” The doctor’s face was expressionless, which was strange given what had just occurred in the room. “Please take your original seats and we will reverse the process shortly, once the machine has finished calibrating.”

They all found their original spots. Haley left her panties on the table for the moment, waiting for them to fit again. Masumi and Arriana didn’t bother to get dressed at all. The two guys were again fully clothed before sitting down.

“Thank you again, everyone. You will be paid on your way out.” He turned to leave the room again but Masumi spoke up.

“I want to keep it,” she announced, her face dead serious. “I love having it. I’m simultaneously more manly than any man and still a cute young girl.” She giggled.

“That is up to you,” the doctor replied. “You can step out of the room to avoid any further transformations. Anyone else?” He looked around the room at the other volunteers.

“I don’t want it anymore,” Arriana said quickly. “It was fun but this thing has a mind of its own. Besides, I want to still compete in women’s sports and this… would complicate that.”

“I definitely want my dick back,” Jonas said without hesitation.

“Me too. I can’t be much of a ladies man without it,” added Austin.

That left Haley. Everyone looked at her, waiting for her answer.

“I don’t know…” she said finally. “Do I have to decide now?”

“Well,” the doctor replied. “The machine will have extra power since Masumi is going to sit it out. We should have enough juice to use it again on one person if you wanted some more time to think about it. I’m sure Austin, Jonas, and Arriana don’t want to wait much longer.”

They all nodded in response. Haley got up to join him in the hall, with Masumi exiting the room also once she was clothed again, minus her panties which she left on the table. He handed Masumi an envelope and she strode away confidently, seemingly in love with her new situation.

After the blast of multicolored light hit the room, Arriana groaned as she felt her insides twist. Her cock began to slowly shrink away until it became her clit again, her balls flattening and becoming her vulva.

“Mmm… good to be back to normal.” She began to dress again.

Jonas and Austin gave each other a strange look. Neither had felt anything. They turned to the doctor who entered the room again.

“What happened?” Austin asked, standing up and patting himself on the crotch to verify that he indeed still was dickless. “It didn’t work.”

“I warned you,” he said, still no expression on his face or in his voice. “That pregnancy would complicate things.”

“Pregnancy?!” they both shouted in unison.

Haley looked on from the hall, a bemused expression on her face.

“Yes. That is why you were warned and condoms were provided. It is very likely that both of you are with child, so to speak. We could do tests but I am certain that is why the procedure to reverse you didn’t work.” He turned to Haley and asked coldly, “Have you made a decision yet?”

“I…” she began but hesitated.

“Why don’t you keep it?” asked Jonas. “I’m sure I am going to get horny during my… pregnancy.” He seemed happier than anyone would have expected.

“Okay.” Haley smiled at Jonas. They got up to leave, and walked by the doctor, getting their envelopes on the way out.

Austin still sat there, stunned.

“Oh, doc?” asked Arriana.

He turned back and raised his eyebrows.

“You got any more juice left to reverse it again?” She looked over at Austin and grinned.

The End

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  1. Great story. Although I kind of guessed the guys might end up that way. You have a real talent for this kind of fiction. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you for saying so. I appreciate it very much. I am glad you enjoyed it.


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