Draconic Plaything

Draconic Plaything by Lou Bealy
Commissioned by anonymous

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Steven thought he was having a bad day when he overslept and was late to work at the car wash. He thought it couldn’t get much worse when he was subsequently fired by his boss for being late for the fifth or sixth time that month. He then thought it definitely couldn’t get much worse, but he would soon be proven quite wrong.

Not that he cared too much about that job, but he needed the money. He had dropped out of college but still had loans to pay, as well as all the normal living expenses. His roommate and best friend Robert probably wouldn’t appreciate him not being able to pay his rent.

He decided that he would pick up a bottle on the way home, to help soothe the sting of how bad his day had been so far. He didn’t have a job, so why not? He got a cheap bottle of vodka from the corner store and turned to head home through the wooded trail behind his neighborhood on the edge of town when he heard something strange.

From above him came a whooshing sound. He thought it was a helicopter or something, but it was too close and not loud enough. As a shadow fell on him, he looked up to see a huge dark shape descend on him. Suddenly, he was yanked up into the air with such force, it snapped his head back, disorienting him. For a moment, he could hardly think, let alone scream.

By the time he had regained his senses, he was at least a hundred feet in the air. Whatever it was that was holding him, it had grabbed him firmly by the shoulders and flown away with him. He watched the ground streaking by, the trees shrinking as he gained elevation. He couldn’t turn his head around far enough to see whatever it was that had him, except he could make out the large bat-like wings beating against the overcast sky. The town disappeared in the distance as he was dragged deeper into the wilderness. 

Eventually, his heart was jerked up into his throat when he suddenly plummeted from the sky. He closed his eyes and screamed at the top of his lungs. He thought he was going to die, but instead, he felt the impact of whatever it was carrying him hitting the ground and then he was dumped onto the floor. He couldn’t see right away, his eyes were still adjusting to the bright light that seemed to come from directly above him. As his vision cleared, he saw that he was in a large cage, in what appeared to be a cave. He turned to see what had been holding him, and his eyes nearly popped out of his head.

It was still shrouded in mostly darkness, the only part of the cave that was well lit was his new cage, but he swore it looked like a dragon. That didn’t seem possible. He thought that he must be imagining things, or the shadows were playing tricks on his eyes. But when a large reptilian arm reached out from the shade and slammed the cage door shut, his skepticism began to crumble.

It was roughly human-shaped, covered in red scales, and had decidedly feminine characteristics. She- he decided it must be a she- had a narrow waist, large breasts of perhaps about F-cup size, and a narrow face grinning at him. Her face was framed by long, human-like brown hair that was pulled back into a ponytail. She was thin but also muscled enough to look dangerous and very tall, probably almost seven feet tall. Her huge leathery wings were folded tightly behind her back, almost disappearing. Her fingers ended in what looked like very sharp claws. She had a long tail that was twitching back and forth in apparent amusement. At first, she appeared naked but he noticed she had a skin-tight almost leotard covering her crotch and breasts, but it was very thin and left nothing to the imagination.

“Alenia? Did you bring back any food?!” came a voice from deeper in the cave. This voice was loud and deep to the point that it reverberated through the cave but was still decidedly feminine.

“No, I didn’t, I found another boy!” the half-dragon looking woman shouted back, looking annoyed. “Why don’t you catch your own food?! I’m going to have some fun with this one!”

“Again?! Can’t you get your kicks some other way?!” the mysterious voice complained from deep in the cave.

“Oh, shut up, Lellondra!” the half-dragon- Alenia, he guessed- angrily responded. “I don’t tell you how to spend your time!” Then she turned back to him. “So what’s your name, cutie?” She smiled mischievously.

He felt a little flattered since he was rarely called anything like “cutie”. He thought he had a plain face and was a little on the smaller side with no muscle definition to speak of, his spending most of his time on the internet or playing video games made sure of that. But he was more scared than flattered. He just sat there staring at her, still not quite believing what was happening to him.

“Hello? I’m talking to you,” she said walking over to the cage. She fixed him a glare that scared him even more. Her jovial attitude had evaporated and now she looked pissed. “If you’re not going to make this fun, we could just eat you.” She licked her lips.

“S-Steven,” he stammered, looking at the floor to avoid her glare. “I’m Steven.”

“Steven. Well, Steven… I’m Alenia. And no, you are not dreaming."

"Are you a, uh, a dragon?" he asked slowly.

"Half-Dragon. But I’m not going to get into that. This is for fun, not to educate you.” She grinned, showing her many sharp teeth. “I am going to make you a little more to my liking. Play with you a little, at least until I get bored.” Her grin stretched wider and became more menacing. “You’re kinda cute, but I like my playthings to be a little more like me.”

He didn’t know how to respond, he just stared at her.

“Usually my playthings start with the questions. ‘What does that mean? What are you going to do?’ But not you, huh?” She looked a little disappointed. “I guess if you see a half-dragon you don’t question that she has magic, huh?”

“I- I guess not.” Steven. “Are you gonna like… cast a spell? Make me cute and buff or something?” he asked, almost hopeful.

“Something like that… let’s just say my tastes are even more… particular than that.” she licked her lips with her long black tongue.

“What does that-” he began to say, but she threw her arms wide, which startled him to silence.

She made large circles in the air with her hands and then there was a loud hum. A moment later, a flash of light from all around the cave that almost blinded him. It took a moment for him to blink away the dazzling effect of the bright light and when his vision finally cleared, he immediately noticed something was off.

It was strange and at first, he didn’t understand what was going on. The room seemed to be shifting, like the angle he saw it from was changing, even though he remained rooted to the same spot. His body felt hot all over, then cold, then hot again in the span of a second. 

“What’s happening?!” he cried out in fear, turning to look at Alenia with pleading eyes.

“I told you already. Just enjoy it. I’m sure it’s a rush.” She giggled, putting her hands on her narrow waist above her hips, seemingly getting comfortable so she could watch the show.

He looked down at his feet, which somehow seemed farther away, and stumbled from his disorientation. He grabbed one of the metal bars of the cage to steady himself and saw his hand out of the corner of his eye.

His nails had narrowed and began to protrude out from his skin. He had claws. The skin of his hand was shifting too. It was like he was made out of putty and was being stretched and pulled so it grew in front of his eyes. His hands began to change color, turning a bright shade of blue as scales began to cover them. His hair also began growing out, and turning a bright platinum blonde as he felt it snake down his neck. He felt a jolt to his system, his whole body was expanding as he watched, which explained why his perspective was shifting. He was growing in height. His clothes felt tight and restrictive, particularly in certain areas, mostly around his hips, ass, and chest.

“Oh fuck…” he gawked when he realized what was happening.

“I love this part.” She clapped, laughing. “I love when they notice what I’ve done.”

He had tits. They didn’t need to be very big to be bulging out his tee-shirt. He could see his nipples poking through the material, it stretched until he could see his areola were themselves growing as well. He reached up to cup them, his strange clawed hands grasping at them as he felt them continue to expand. His shirt became tighter and tighter, until it could not contain him anymore and began to rip at the shoulders as he continued to grow in all dimensions.

“It’s hard to find a playmate that fits my tastes. Dragons are rare these days and half-dragons even more so.” She licked her lips with her long black tongue, which was surprisingly alluring despite her monstrous appearance but also a bit menacing at the same time.

He was going to respond, but all that came out was a groan as his legs seemed to give out from under him. He wasn’t ready for it, and lost his grip on the cage, crashing to the floor. He rolled onto his hands and knees. The remnants of his shirt fell to either side of him, his new wings emerging from his back and stretching out for the first time. He was unfamiliar with how the muscles worked but it seemed to come naturally. He felt his face begin to elongate until it resembled hers, with her many more teeth and a kind of snout.

There was a sudden pain in his hips, as his pants became too tight to accommodate him any longer. He unbuckled his belt and tried to remove them, but he couldn’t he had grown too large and the material was clinging to his expanding body. Desperate to end the pain, he slashed his pants open with his new claws and ripped them and his underwear both from his body in tatters. He gasped when he saw that his legs were covered in the same blue scales as his hands. He realized he had lost his balance because his knees were completely reforming. That and his large lizard-like tail had completely thrown off his balance. His legs now bent the opposite way, like a bird’s, or something. He tried to climb to his feet but he felt a stabbing pain in his groin.

“The best part comes last.” She laughed cruelly, pointing between his legs.

He had figured it was coming, with the boobs and all, but it was still horrifying to watch his dick and balls shrink away. He reached down to grab it as if he could somehow save it by holding on, but it slipped through his fingers only to be replaced by the female equivalent. 

He had a pussy. Somehow, that last part felt like a bigger change than growing, being covered in blue scales, growing wings, claws, or even the tits. She had turned him into a female half-dragon, just like her only blue instead of red.

The claws on his feet clicked against the stone floor as he stumbled to his feet, unsteady at first because of his changed center of gravity. He looked over at Alenia who was still grinning at him.

“Something about watching what makes you a man just… shrink away. Mmmm…” she rubbed her thighs together. “Just gets me so wet. I’m ready to go, especially now that you look oh so sexy! Just like me!” She giggled and sauntered over to him, her hips sashaying. She leaned up against the cage and looked him up and down.

“Why would I do anything like that with you?!” Steve asked, his voice now sounding just as feminine as he looked, and his crotch felt. Despite the fear he was feeling and his refusal toward her, he hadn’t stopped touching it since it had appeared there.

His pussy. He still couldn’t believe it. It felt different than any pussy he had ever felt, which were few in number. It was hairless, and there were no outer lips to speak of, just a slit with some smoother scales around it. His repeated rubbing was causing it to open up more and grow moist. He had already slipped a finger inside and was relishing the novel feeling of being penetrated for the first time. He was surprised that his claw hadn't caused any pain but he guessed dragon pussy was a lot tougher than a human's.

“Can’t stop yourself, can you?” she giggled, reaching down between her own legs to rub the crotch of her tight leotard. He could see the thin material beginning to soak through even from a distance.

He didn’t give her the satisfaction of a response. He just slowly, with some effort to resist the increasing pleasure, pulled his dripping wet hand away while glaring at her.

“You’re acting like you don’t appreciate this gift I have given you at all.” She frowned. “Don’t you want to try out your new beautiful body?” She said in her most alluring voice. “ I know it’s not as beautiful as mine, blue is a good color, second best to red. But I don’t give my playthings the privilege.” She giggled. “C’mon, I’ll show you a great time.” She stuck out her long tongue and flicked it at him. “And it’s a lot better than just sitting in a cage, waiting to be eaten, would you not agree?” She raised her brown eyebrows at him. “If you make it more fun, I’ll keep you around longer.” She turned her back and shrugged. “I may even let you go…” She started to walk away.

“Wait.” He sighed. He hated the idea of what he was about to agree to but didn’t seem to have much choice. “Come back.”

“Oh? A change of heart?” she turned back and asked in mock surprise grinning at him and licking her lips some more.

“Yes. I’ll do it,” he said, resolving himself to whatever fate this strange half-dragon woman had in store for him.wdsxAC

“So get over here, then.” She said sternly. “Before I change my mind.”

He slowly crept over to the cage, fear welling up inside him.  He noticed how his larger, fatter legs rubbed together as he walked. His hips felt different too, involuntarily sashaying the same way she had. There was an obvious presence missing from between his legs as his legs slid over each other, the lubrication leaking from his new pussy making the scales sliding together chafe less.
When he got to the cage, her expression shifted back to a smile. She pointed to the floor. “Lay down and spread ‘em,” she commanded.

He did as he was told and he sat down on the floor, spreading his legs wider than he could have before with his male equipment, giving her a good view of her handiwork. His now larger, feminine ass provided more of a cushion than he was used to, in addition to his new tail getting in the way, which made this whole experience feel even more awkward.

She shook her head and then beckoned him to come closer with her clawed finger.

Getting her meaning, he scooted up against the bars, with his crotch shoved up against them.

“That’s it,” she cooed. “Good girl.” Those words stung him as she leaned down until her snout slipped between the bars. He could feel her breath on the inside of his thighs. “I’m going to show you how to do thissss…” she drew out the ‘s’ sound and flicked her tongue onto the very edge of his new slit, making him shudder. “And then it’s your turn,” she added. “Now pay attention,” She flashed a wide menacing grin. “Because you had better get it right.”

He gulped, recognizing what she was insinuating.

She didn’t wait for a response. She leaned closer until she was almost laying on the floor, then stuck out her black tongue, sliding it around the edge of his slit again. He gasped, feeling it begin to slide into him. His slit was already moist and opened up from the earlier excitement, and she easily slipped in a few inches. She waggled the tongue back and forth, finding his clit- he was glad that he still had that much in common with a human’s anatomy- and making him twitch as the tip danced across it.

“Mmm… you taste wonderful if I do say so myself.” She giggled.

“Oh god!” he cried out when he couldn’t take the stimulation. It was like the head of his penis, which he had always enjoyed getting licked of course, but far more sensitive. He had to grip the bars tightly to keep himself from twitching and writhing too far away. He couldn’t get enough of what she was doing to him and didn’t want to miss a second of it.

“You like that, huh?” she asked, pausing for a moment. He whined as soon as she stopped which made her smile. “Sorry!” she added sarcastically and quickly resumed. 

In a matter of a minute or two, he was brought to the most powerful, body-shaking orgasm of his life. He cried out and convulsed for a solid minute before it died down and she never stopped licking him.

“Your turn,” she said a few moments later. She tore her leotard off and threw it to the side, then turned back to show her toothy grin again.

He looked up at her with a skeptical expression, and gave a gesture that said, “Really? Give me a second.”

“C’mon.” she gestured to her own crotch as she mimicked his position, scooting up so her crotch was pressed up into the gap between the bars.

He got down low, just like she had, and attempted to duplicate what she had done to him. It took a while and some abusive coaching on her part but eventually, he did give her a screaming orgasm of her own.

He had to admit that she did taste as wonderful as she had said that Steven now tasted. She probably used herself as a model. He didn’t have a mirror but he guessed that, other than the color, he looked almost just like her. 

“Are you done?” he heard that same disembodied voice shout from deeper in the cave. “You said you were going for food!”

“Grrr…” Alenia groaned. “I was going to go again! Can’t you get your own food?”

“You know I don’t have the magic you have to camouflage yourself! And besides, it’s your turn!” the angry voice replied.

Alenia rolled her eyes. “Fine!” She got up and walked to the edge of his vision to continue yelling. “But don’t touch my new toy! You want one, get your own!” 

The red half-dragon turned and opened her wings to take flight from the cave. As she lifted off, there was a kind of shimmer in the air and she disappeared. He surmised that must be the that this Lellandra had been referring to. That could be why he hadn’t seen her coming when she had taken him.

After a short time, he heard something huge making its way into the large cavern that had his cage nestled into the corner. He gasped when he saw it.

He had thought that this Lellandra was another half-dragon. But standing before him was a gargantuan winged lizard-like creature that could only be a full-on dragon. She had horns protruding from her head and large eyes with red pupils. She had massive wings, and a kind of fin running along her back. She had red scales just like Alenia, but the color was lighter, a kind of pink and each scale was far larger. He was terrified of this giant monster until he saw the look on her face. Somehow, she was able to convey pity and sadness with her inhuman features. It was all in the eyes. She moved with a certain beauty and grace that he hadn't thought possible for such a large bestial creature.

“I wish she wouldn’t do this. Our grandmother always said not to play with the food.” She said in a low voice. It was obviously the same voice he had heard before, confirming it was indeed Lellandra. “I always tell her to just stick with beasts. How can she do this when her own mother was a human?” she asked, coming over to the cage and laying next to it.

“I’m Steven,” he introduced himself. “Or at least I was before she changed me.” He couldn’t hide the sadness he felt. He didn’t know if he would ever be himself again.

“I’m Lellandra." She smiled, her obvious warm personality shining through, and then continued, "And yes, her mother was a human witch so she taught her some spells. That’s why she is tasked with getting the food. But she always comes back with humans and…” she turned away, looking even sadder. “I’ve always had a soft spot for you little mortals. I got it from my Grandmother. Her own children were the same way, hence how Alenia came to be.” She chuckled, which was the loudest chuckle he had ever heard. She had been keeping her voice down, but even that vibrated his whole body at the close distance he was from her.

“So…” he began awkwardly. “Are you going to let me go?”

“I could,” she said, sadly. “But I wouldn’t be able to change you back. Only Alenia can do that. Besides, I need her help to get by, up here. So many of our kind have been killed because they were discovered. As strong as I am, I wouldn’t last long if people were after me.” She reached a single clawed digit between the bars and stroked the side of his face. “I’m sorry. But I will keep you company.”

They talked for a while about all kinds of things: his life, his friends, her loneliness and tense relationship with her cousin Alenia. He actually enjoyed hearing about her growing up in the mountains, evading detection with the help of her cousin. Their arrangement had always been Alenia handled food and keeping them secret, and Lellandra would protect them from people if they ever were found out. As strong and capable as Alenia was, even with her magic, she wouldn’t be able to hold off a horde of enemies like Lellandra could.

They talked until Alenia got back and yelled at Lellandra to leave her toy alone. Lellandra gave him one last look, a sad smile, and then left the room.

* * *

This became the pattern of his life. He would be made to please Alenia, who would also take the time to pleasure him as well. He allowed himself to enjoy that part but it still felt wrong and kind of gross because he had no choice. He had become her sexual plaything. He had gotten used to his new body, even being female. He enjoyed the multiple orgasms that he could now achieve as a female.

She licked him, penetrated him with her clawed fingers, even fisted him. He was ordered to reciprocate everything that she did to him, which he dutifully attempted, though she would never be truly satisfied. She would constantly threaten to eat him if he didn’t do a better job, laughing at him cruelly.

When she was gone, Lellandra would come in and keep him company. She loved hearing about his life with his friends and family. She seemed so lonely herself, living in a cave in the mountains with only her abrasive cousin to keep her company. She talked a little about her own life, which was one of hiding up in the mountains, hoping that people didn’t come to kill her and her cousin. She didn’t have much else to say about herself, probably because there wasn’t much else to tell, he figured.

Sometimes, she would bring him little gifts that she requested from her cousin. Lellandra didn’t tell her cousin that the soda or candy bars, which was a nice change from the charbroiled meat that the three of them mainly subsisted on, were for the prisoner.

They began to grow close, their mutual loneliness bringing them together. Sometimes she would come and sit with him and they didn’t even talk. They would just lay against each other with only the bars to separate them. Whenever she heard Alenia approaching, which was way before him because of her amazingly good hearing, she would leave him, assuring him that everything would be okay and she’d see him again soon.

One night, he could just barely hear them arguing. He could hear their angry voices yelling at each other from deep in the cave.

“Why can’t you just turn him back and let him go?” Lellandra pleaded with her cousin.

“Why should I? Just because you’ve taken a liking to her? She doesn’t love you, you know. She’s only pretending because he hopes you’ll let her escape.” she laughed cruelly.

“Steven is not a she. Steven is a man. You should turn him back and let him go.” Lellandra protested.

“Stephanie loves her new form. I can tell. She loves the orgasms I give her every day.” She laughed again.

“Small moments of pleasure in his otherwise fearful existence,” Lellandra said sadly. “He deserves to go back to his life, to his friends.”

“Or,” Alenia responded enthusiastically. “I could bring them here to her. Give Stephanie some more company that is better than a giant dragon who just pities her. What do you think about that?


“Tell me about them, and I’ll go get them,” she taunted.

After a moment, Lellandra detailed most of what Steven had told her about his friends, that he lived with Robert and they were best friends. That a couple of other guys named Frank and Jared would come over to play video games with them a couple of times a week. The neighbor from across the street, Samantha, would join them from time to time.

Steven was shocked, thinking that this can’t be happening. He could hardly believe that Lellandra would do something like that. He struggled to remind himself that she was a nice dragon who was sweet to him.

“Look what I brought!” he heard Alenia say as she flew into the room from above, holding Robert, Frank, Jared, and even Samantha in some kind of net. She dropped them all into the cage.

“What the fuck is this?!” shouted Robert, looking horrified. The others seemed too terrified to even say anything. They just huddled in a corner.

“Your friend Stephanie- I mean Steven here,” she pointed at Steven. “Told us all about you. My cousin here,” she pointed to Lellandra, who was creeping slowly into the room, a look of total shame on her face. “Thought that he should have some company.”

They all turned to look at Steven in bewilderment and disbelief.

“Hey guys,” he said weakly.

Before they could express the disbelief written on their faces, Alenia spoke up again, ”Yeah, I changed him. And if you’re lucky, I’ll just change you too instead of just eating you.” She laughed. “Though me or my cousin will probably just eat you anyway. If you make this fun, you’ll stay around longer.” She giggled before leaving the room. “I know, I know,” she called from deeper in the cave. “Go get the food I was supposed to get. I’ll have my fun when I get back.”

As soon as she did, Lellandra approached the cage. “I’m sorry, Steven.”

“You’re really Steven?” asked Samantha, still in total disbelief. The others just gawked at him.

“Yeah,” he replied weakly. He hated himself for getting them into this. I could tell you anything you want to know to prove it.”

“Just believe that it is him,” Lellandra whispered. “And we don’t have much time.” She reached down and pulled open the cage door. “She’ll come back very soon and we need to be ready for her.”

“What is this?” demanded Steven. “You get my friends involved? Why?”

“To save you,” she replied, stepping back. “Follow me.”

Steven wanted to believe her so badly, so he followed. The others were right behind him. They eventually made their way through the cave to a chamber that had a pile of what looked to be treasure. Old coins, chests of silver, gems of all kinds. It was like an actual dragon’s hoard.

“Here.” She reached into the pile and unburied some medieval armor and weapons. “These were used by various adventurers who sought to kill us.” She pointed to one sword in particular. “That’s a dragon-slaying sword. I know because the man who used it said so before he killed Alenia’s mate. That’s why she is so cruel to humans.”

Robert picked it up, shaking his head in disbelief.

“And how do you have it now?” asked Jared. “He must have been killed.”

“Yes, by her. But she’s alone now. I won’t help her.” Lellandra said sadly. “I don’t know what I’m going to do without her, but I can’t let this go on any longer. And I care about Steven.” She looked at him longingly.

“Here, give it to me,” Steven said quickly. Robert obliged and handed it over, then picked up some kind of mace. “The rest of you grab some kind of weapon and back me up.”

After they were all armed, even Samantha with some kind of crossbow, they followed Lellandra back to the main cavern just in time to see Alenia drop into the room.

“Dinner’s ser- AHHH” she started to yell and then shrieked when a bolt from Samantha’s crossbow hit one of her wings. She crashed to the ground, the deer she had in her claws went flying.

“Take this, you bitch!” Steven yelled, jumping on top of her and driving the sword down toward her. She managed to jerk to the side so her other wing was impaled instead of her chest.

“Lellandra! Lellandra, help!” She called out, twisting her body so he fell off, but he managed to hold onto the blade. The rest of his friends brandished their weapons and prepared to attack.

“I am not helping you.” Lellandra entered the room. “If you agree to change Steven back, we’ll let you go,” she said sternly.
Alenia looked at the weapon in Steven’s hands, looking terrified.

“That’s not good enough!” Steven shouted, stepping forward and holding the blade to her throat. She was too scared to move as the rest of them surrounded her. She was cornered and couldn’t fly. “If you don’t change me back right now, we will kill you!” he shouted. “I may let you go after that!”

Lellandra nodded. “And don’t try anything.”

“What if I offered you my mom’s book of spells?” she asked, her voice wavering. “Then could I just go? Once you have that, you can be whatever you want to be.”

“Where is it?!” Steven demanded, shoving the sword harder against her throat.

She snapped her fingers and an old leather-bound book appeared in her hand. She quickly handed it over to Steven. “With that, you can change back or maybe into the buff guy you thought I would turn you into.” she turned to Lellandra. “I can’t believe you are doing this.”

Lellandra stood up a little taller. “I have told you how many times that I don’t like watching you be so cruel. Steven is a good man.” She looked over to him briefly before turning back to her cousin. “He doesn’t deserve to be… raped and then eaten!” she said, getting angry. “I could never hurt you myself, my own cousin-” She shook her head.  “What would Grandma say to that? But I am not going to help you anymore! I don’t even want to see you anymore!” she said, gaining confidence and volume as she spoke until she was bellowing.

“Fine! Fine! I’m gone!” Alenia shouted desperately. “Just let me go!”

Steven stepped back and gestured for the others to do the same. They all backed off and allowed her to walk out of the cave. They didn’t exchange another word as she walked off into the night.

* * *

“This is too weird Steven,” Robert said as Steven dropped him off back at their place. They had flown straight over in the night and seemed to avoid being noticed. Robert was the last one to be dropped off. “So you’re going to figure out how to change back, and then come home?”

“Actually, I’m staying with Lellandra.” Steven said, turning away, slightly embarrassed. “She is lonely. She needs some companionship. And I’m not sure if she can even learn these spells. She needs someone to help her get food and stuff, not be discovered.”

Robert shook his head in disbelief. “You are going to change back though, right?”

“Maybe. But I kind of like being able to fly.” Steven smiled. “And the multiple orgasms are a nice bonus.” They both laughed. “I’ll come by and visit.”

Robert turned and watched his friend fly off into the night, still smiling.


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